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Follow the dark path or use the light
Final Fantasy Hub
Thank you for printing this page from Remember to come back to check for more great content for Final Fantasy IX.

for Final Fantasy IX

Wow...I got tons of stuff.

First things first...

To Lily Shevlin, I'm not sure if you know already but for you others.

The Fire Shrine entrance is South-East of Esto Gaza (On the Ice Continent)

But it's impossible to enter till you go to IPSEN'S CASTLE (Hilda tells you the location, on the World Map) In Ipsen's castle you find the mirrors beat the boss get out of the castle...and evenually back on the Hilda Garde 3 you can enter the Fire Shrine (Note: Only Amarant and Freya enter)

To Sephgaroth:

I think this is Final Fantasy 7...

You're in luck! In the part you're stuck in go to the Excavation site and make sure you have the Lunar Harp. Go to the Forgotton City, there should be a music box thingy. You need a key to activate it (It's underwater somewhere, I can't remember) and hopefully you can find your way form there.

W-Summon, Quad Magic, AP, EXP Plus Materia can only be gotten at the Gold Saucer, in the Battle Arena. I think that going in there 8 times you fight a special battle, if you finish it, the lady at the desk will give you the W-summon materia, everything else can be received from the points exchange machine.

Ruby Weapon is hidden in the deserts of the Gold Saucer, only you see a red moving thing. Ultima Weapon is in the air.

Just navigate with the Highwind gotta keep him in sight, when he stops just bump into him and battle, when he finally lands around Gongaga/Cosmo Canyon battle him once more, he'll die and you get Ultima Weapon (Clouds Ultimate Weapon)

Okay...back to FF9

I got some news.

There's indeed a 13th Stellazio!

(Has anyone mentioned it?)

Take all 12 Stellazios to Stella

(The Bird lady in Treno)

She will ask you if there is a 13th Stellazio, say yes, she will give you the rest of the Stellazios to find the 13th one.

The 13th one is where you find Scorpio (In Quan's Dwelling) the 13th one is Opiuchus give this to Stella and you'll receive the Hammer.

Right, for Eiko.

Personally, I like her Summons.

But it's disappointing that she only has 4 (Carbuncle, Fenrir, Phoenix and Madeen)

Apart from Ruby Light (Carbuncle)

and Terrestrial Rage (Fenrir) There are other summoning Techniques that they can use. Depending on the Add-on equipped to Eiko.



Emerald- Will use "Emerald Light" Which will cast Haste on the whole party

Diamond- Will use "Dia Light" Casts Vanish on the whole party.

Moonstone- Uses "Pearl Light" casts Protect and Shell on all party members.



Maiden's Prayer- Uses Millenial Decay I know this works, but I haven't tried it yet.

I'm supposing most of you have encountered the "Ragtime Mouse" (The weird dude with the Red Circle and the Blue Cross) He'll ask you questions about the History and Facts about events in the game.

He'll ask in no particular order questions. If you get it right, if not you lose the battle and you correct questions percentage will go down.

You can encounter this guy in any forest in the world.

All you do (My sure-fire encounter rate with this method is about 99.5%) When at a forest just tap the controls so you don't see the leaves rustle around Zidane. You should eventually see him. In all he'll ask 16 questions.

If you get them all right, the 16th time you encounter him and get the answer right, he'll faint and you'll get the Protect Ring, 23852 EXP. and 59630 Gil.

Last thing.

If you locate all the Spirits of Gaia (Friendly Monsters) Ozma, the strongest boss in the game will become easier to beat, also if you meet their demands you get tons of AP.

Nymph- North of Cleyra, Asks for 3 Ores, you get 30 AP and 2 Emeralds.

Mu- Forest near Dali, asks for 1 Ore, you get 10 AP.

Ghost- Forest Area near Treno, Asks for 1 Ore, you get 10 AP.

Ladybug- Forest around Black Mage Village, Asks for 2 Ores, you get 20AP and an Ether.

Yeti- Found near Madain Sari, requests 2 Ores, you get 20AP an Elixer and a Yeti Card.

Feather Circle- Outside Esto Gaza, wants a Moonstone, you get 30 AP and a Lapis Lazuli.

Garuda- Forest up from Gizamaluke's Grotto, asks for a Lapis Lazuli, you get 40 AP and a Diamond.

Jabberwock- Forest east of Oeilvert, asks for Emerald, you get 40 AP and a Moonstone.

Yan- (You must encounter him last) Found at Vile Island Forest, asks for a Diamond.

WARNING: DO NOT GIVE ANYTHING TO GIMME CATS! He'll say "Haha suckers!" and run off.

Feel free to email me, hope you're not scared off 'cause I type too much.

Added by: Beatrix
, ID#2507


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