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Crash Team Racing Pack Shot

Crash Team Racing

Game Reviews for Crash Team Racing


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Cipher_Wizard18th Oct 2005, ID #196
In my opinion, the game is great. It's quite time-consuming, as we have relic challenges and ghost records to keep us busy in the game, and there are some mysteries that make the game more exciting..

Rating: 88%Read Full Review

Quick Reviews

Really cool game Added 14 Jun 2005, ID #12915
We all know that there have been a lot of crash bandicoot games but i have to admit this is most definetly one of the funnest.CTR (crash team racing) is a highly respected game by many. Now you can play as many characters not just Crash.
Plenty of unlockables, characters,levels for multiplayer, trophies,gems, etc....
The adventure mode is what really grabs your attention by what i like to call nicotine---I mean speed!!!!!!

All in all my overall score would be 9/10
And i know there is a crash racing game for PS2 aswell...........

See you dudes, Peace.
This is a fantastic game! Added 13 Jun 2004, ID #11777
Crash Team Racing is a Crash Bandicoot game created by the Naughty Dogs.

However, if usually Crash use 'adventure' as its genre, then this one is different.

The previous Crash games are Crash Bandicoot (adventure), Cortex Strikes Back (adventure), Warped (adventure), and Crash Bash (battle adventure).

This game is a 'racing' game, but is unique and fun.

If you usually have to beat racers by passing them in hoping that they fall into pit, or lost in the middle of a race, then this one is better.

Because, you can shoot missiles and set the trap itself!

In adventure mode, you can unlock 6 characters and 2 characters can be played by using 'Time Trial'. With 8 original characters, this game is fun and very challenging.

Also, the bosses in adventure mode can drive fast and set traps, despite of having a spesific item each boss.

The Bosses:
Ripper Roo (stage one)
Using TNT and Nitro as trap. The items he set will explode after a while.

Papu Papu (stage two)
Using green and red potions as trap. He can throw them, but only to the back.

Komodo Joe (stage three)
Using TNT and Nitro as trap. The items he throw explodes the moment it lands.

Pinstripe (stage four)
Using deadly bombs as trap. He roll them backwards.

N. Oxide (stage five)
He has all items that the 4 bosses has.

After you defeat a boss, you receive a key. Up to 4 keys can be owned. These keys are needed to unlock a door that leads to a stage.

Here are the abilities that each racer has (1 is the lowest, 6 is the highest).

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, Professional.

CRASH Bandicoot (Intermediate)
Speed: 4
Accelerate: 4
Turn: 4

N. CORTEX (Intermediate)
Speed: 4
Accelerate: 4
Turn: 4

TINY Tiger (Advanced)
Speed: 6
Accelerate: 2
Turn: 1

COCO Bandicoot (Intermediate)
Speed: 2
Accelerate: 6
Turn: 3

N. GIN (Intermediate)
Speed: 2
Accelerate: 6
Turn: 3

DINGOdile (Advanced)
Speed: 6
Accelerate: 2
Turn: 1

POLAR (Beginner)
Speed: 2
Accelerate: 3
Turn: 3

PURA (Beginner)
Speed: 2
Accelerate: 3
Turn: 3

Ripper ROO (Advanced)
Speed: 4
Accelerate: 6
Turn: 5

PAPU Papu (Advanced)
Speed: 3
Accelerate: 6
Turn: 6

KOMODO Joe (Expert)
Speed: 5
Accelerate: 5
Turn: 6

Speed: 5
Accelerate: 6
Turn: 6

FAKE Crash (Expert)
Speed: 6
Accelerate: 5
Turn: 5

PENTA Penguin (Advanced)
Speed: 5
Accelerate: 5
Turn: 5

N.TROPY (Expert)
Speed: 6
Accelerate: 6
Turn: 4

N. OXIDE (Professional)
Speed: 6
Accelerate: 6
Turn: 6

That's all. N. Oxide is the best racer.
This game rules! Added 7 Jan 2004, ID #11025
This is the best racing game I've played, they've got a wide selection of characters and characters that you can unlock too, very addictive!

I can't get off it, 10/10!
Brilliant Added 3 Jan 2004, ID #10974
I usually dont like playstation games there to boring (but playstation 2 games are cool) but even if the other games are boring this game is better than any other playstation 1 game I've ever played it is such a brilliant game I begged my nan for it and surprizingly she bought me it.
SUPER AWESOME Added 22 Sep 2003, ID #10486
This is a must have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U gota get it! It has batteling! But that not all! it has 18 race tracks!It has 15 racers!

Also it is one of the greatest games! It is one my favrite games!
But you must buy this game!I know you would take this as one of your
favrite games!
Coolest since mario racing!!!!!!!!!!! Added 12 Aug 2003, ID #10238
I think that it was the greatest racing cartoony game ever, it looks fabulous the way they haven't repeted nothing it, is quiet fast there are loads of cheats and shortcuts.

It is a wicked game so check it out to everyone.

I loved the battle mode to it has been the best since mrio racing and lots of more cool racing games.
ID #1134

A Great Game, In Fact The Best Ever Buy It Now Only 19.99 It Features Crash and Co And
A New Character Penta Its a Racing Game And The aim Is To get All Relics Tokens And Trophys

ID #1133
CTR is absoluteley BRILLIANT!!!, it's really fun to play, but it's a bit slow, especially if your used to fast games, but you'll get used to it!

ID #1132

ID #1131

This was not the greatest Crash but it was totally awesome and addictive but very frustrating at times I d say that If you haven't got it rent it.

ID #1130

This game is cool. The only problem is the racers are to slow, and some of them suck at speed, turning, and excelleration.

Overall the game is really cool.

ID #1129

What a Game! Only 15 for hours o' fun.

And so satisfying to finally kick Oxide's green alien butt.

Bet ya won't beat these times-

Crash Cove (Time Trial)-1:33:97

Roo's Tubes (TT)-1:36:71

Sewer Speedway (TT)-2:35:23

Coco Park (TT)-1:47:59

Oxide Station (TT)-3:39:55

Turbo Track (TT)-2:15:37

Gotta go!

ID #1128

These are our best times in some of the tracks

oxide station: 3:31.10

turbo tracks: 2:02.09

crash cove: 1:35.55

and me and my dad have beaten oxide four times no cheats

ID #1127

Adventure 75/100

Sound 70/100

Graphicks 70/100

OVERALL 70/100

ID #1126
The people that gave the code to get that freeky robot dude thank you!Because now I never lose to my sister on battle and/or arcade!

Any way this game is good if you like racing and attacks.

I'l give it a 84 out of 100 because you can only jump off of players heads if you have one of the super speed power-ups[I don't know why there are 2 super speed power-ups it's really really stupid did you know that]?

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