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Breath of Fire 4 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Breath of Fire 4

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We have several cheats including how to level up quickly and get all the items.

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We have 8 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Breath of Fire 4 please send them in here.

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Sea dragon

Ok for all the people who don't know where the sea dragon is I'm going to tell you. go to the top most part of the sea and you will see a red flag.
Go left a bit and you should see some rocks which look like this ---^. Once you have found them go to the mud on the left and he should be there.

Best Equipment

Know this thing ?? It's Fou-Lu Equipment, right ??
Royal Sword
Royal Armor
You can use them though!! Steal'em in the last battle with Tyrant and Astral, and you won't regret it.
Another thing, if you trade 99 cards in Mannillo shop, you get Render for Scias, which is the most powerful weapon in the game. It's attack stat calculation is: 50+[encountered monster/20]. In simpler terms, if you encounterd 3000 monster, it's attack stat will be 50+3000/20 =200 attack power. The more monster you encountered, the more powerful it will be!!!!

Quick Level-Up

To do this go to Sinchon, then wander around to find Bot(s). In here, just use magic Firewind= Burn+Eddy or Sever. They will do nothing for three rounds and their EXP will be doubled!!! Do this ten times and heal them so they don't get KOed and you will get more than 60,000 EXP !!!! The more Bots you find the more EXP you get !!!

Have all itens


Loads of Experience

First give Cray Eddy and give Ershin Burn, then go to the yorae shrine or Sinchon.
Fight Bots and use Burn Eddy then use vitalize. Use defend for two turns then repeat it noticing that the experience doubles each time.
You can get anything from 65535-196605(very handy).

If you dont know what to do with the fairies' ho..

If you dont know what to do with the fairies' houses then read this carefully:

Maybe you are wondering why there is a sign "NEW JOB AVAILABLE", then when you look it's only for the food, for the building of houses and plow.

Thats where the houses takes place! All you have to do is to select a fairy and then put it on a house then select what kind of job you want it to do.

You can read the instructions at the "HELP" sign when you already chose so that you'll know what kind of things will the fairys do. And that is all!

You can buy a sword called the render in the man..

You can buy a sword called the render in the manillo shops for 99 stamp cards. I advise you try to get this as it is the best weapon in the game.

It also has a hidden ability in it-it takes your total encounters/20 + 50 and turns that into power!And then you get anoter hit...

This is better than mike the dragon slayersfirst..

This is better than mike the dragon slayers

first get the abilities fairy charge,fairy attack and war shout.

Give these attakcs to ppl who have good accuracy.

at fairy land go to the menu and click on a completed house.

Select switch and then select barracks put all 20 fairies into a barrack house and then go to the ? north of chek.

Use warshout, fairy charge, fairy attack.

this is a 120 hit combo and does roughly 30,000 damage so the master in warrat, buyun, wolf, and krikk.

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