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Follow the dark path or use the light
Breath of Fire 4 Pack Shot

Breath of Fire 4


Game Script

by Unos Hambalos

        oooooooooo.                                   .   oooo        
        `888'   `Y8b                                .o8   `888        
         888     888 oooo d8b  .ooooo.   .oooo.   .o888oo  888 .oo.   
         888oooo888' `888""8P d88' `88b `P  )88b    888    888P"Y88b  
         888    `88b  888     888ooo888  .oP"888    888    888   888  
         888    .88P  888     888    .o d8(  888    888 .  888   888  
        o888bood8P'  d888b    `Y8bod8P' `Y888""8o   "888" o888o o888o 
                     .o88o.    oooooooooooo  o8o                     
                     888 `"    `888'     `8  `"'                     
           .ooooo.  o888oo      888         oooo  oooo d8b  .ooooo.  
          d88' `88b  888        888oooo8    `888  `888""8P d88' `88b 
          888   888  888        888    "     888   888     888ooo888 
          888   888  888        888          888   888     888    .o 
          `Y8bod8P' o888o      o888o        o888o d888b    `Y8bod8P' 
                            ooooo oooooo     oooo 
                            `888'  `888.     .8'  
                             888    `888.   .8'   
                             888     `888. .8'    
                             888      `888.8'     
                             888       `888'      
                            o888o       `8'       
-------------------------Breath of Fire IV Game Script-------------------------
TRANSCRIBED BY: Unos Hambalos                              UPDATED:  01/05/2008
                [email protected]

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are
owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

This document is Copyright İ 2006-2009 Unos Hambalos (Angelito Bautista Jr.)

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GameFAQs Contributor Page:

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

        Hi.  This is a Game Script for the English version of the
Playstation game [Breath of Fire IV] by CAPCOM.  Aside from the
unskippable dialogues, it also contains the dialogues found
in some sidequests and while in camp.

        THIS IS A HUGE DOCUMENT OF SPOILERS.  If you don't like that
then, I say, don't read on.  If you don't care about plot spoilers
or you have already played the game then, I hope you will find this
Game Script useful.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

11/23/2007 : Started the transcript

12/16/2007 : Completed the Game Script from the start till the end

01/05/2008 : Transferred the camp transcripts to a 
             separate section as requested

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Chapter I: Awakening
 Signs and Portents...................[1.01]
 Missing Princess.....................[1.03]

Chapter II:  Endless
 The Broken Sword.....................[2.01]
 The Wind Dragon......................[2.02]

Chapter III:  Streams
 Fools and Men........................[3.02]
 The Path Ahead.......................[3.04]

Chapter IV:  That Which Passes
 Journey's End........................[4.01]

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

              It all stared on the third
              day after we had left the
              That morning,
              we had the Great
              Desert on our sandflier.

              We were heading toward the
              town of Synesta,
              the last known location
              of my sister, Elina.

              Synesta lies on the edge
              of the desert.
              All we had to do was cross
              the desert...

[It is night time.  A young Wyndian lady and a Woren are
 traveling through the vast desert on a sandflier.]

Nina:         "Look, Cray!  A shooting star!"

Nina:         "We'll find her... Won't we, Cray?

Cray:         "Don't worry, Nina.  We'll find her...  I swear it."

+ Chapter I:  Awakening                                                       +
/[1.01]  Signs and Portents/
[It is now Daytime.]

Nina:         "Whew!  It's hot out here!"

Nina:         "Oh...Don't worry, Cray--I'm all right!"

Cray:         "I was just thinking that it's probably better if we don't
              move around during the day..."

Cray:         "Let's find some shade and wait until the sun goes down."

Nina:         "Really, I'm all right, Cray.  Besides, I want to find my sister
              as soon as possible!"

Cray:         "Calm down...We've come this far...  It won't hurt to rest
              for a while--not much of a change if we get there today or

[Cray notices something ahead.]

Cray:         "What the...!?"

[A worm-like creature appears from beneath the sand.]

Cray:         "A dragon!?"

Cray:         "I'd heard there was a dragon in the desert, but I was hoping
              we wouldn't be lucky enough to find it!"

Nina:         "Here it comes!"

Cray:         "Hold on to something!"

[Cray manuevers the sandflier.  They turn around to evade the dragon.]

Nina:         "I've never heard of dragons attacking people before..."

Cray:         "Even if it doesn't mean to attack us, we can't let it hit us!"

Cray:         "Blast it!"

Cray:         "No use!  It's going to ram us!"

Nina:         "Ahhh!"

[The dragon rams the sandflier.]

- - - - - - - - - -

 ~~Crash Site~~

[Cray and Nina survive.  The sandflier appears to be stuck in the sand.
 Cray is trying to fix it.]

Cray:         "It's no use...  The sand's gotten into everything...!"

Cray:         "I can't fix it...  Not without any spare parts."

Nina:         "Do you think that dragon attacked us on purpose?"

Cray:         "Hard to say...  We haven't seen it since then, either..."

Cray:         "Well, whether it did or not, we should be thankful that we
              crashed near the edge of the desert, and not in the middle."

Cray:         "Here, we're in walking distance of the towns along the desert

Nina:         "Do you think we can find the parts we need at one of them?"

Cray:         "Probably...But there's one small problem."

Cray:         "If we leave our sandflier here, we run the risk of it getting
              stolen by bandits."

Cray:         "Not much point in going into town and coming back with spare
              parts if there's no sandflier to use them on!"

Nina:         "All right then, Cray--I'll go."

Cray:         "But, Nina..."

Nina:         "I can't live my whole life with you looking out for me.
              For starters, what would my sister think?"

Cray:         "All right, all right... You win, Nina."

Cray:         "Let's see... If I remember right, there's a town called
              Sarai to the south of here..."

Cray:         "You might be able to find some spare parts there."

Cray:         "Good luck, Nina.  I'm counting on you."

Nina:         "Don't worry.  I'll be back before you know it!"

Cray:         "Here--take this.  It's the King's Sword.  I hope you won't need
              to use it, but better safe than sorry, right?"

Nina:         "See you when I get back, Cray."

Cray:         "Safe trip, Nina.  You watch yourself, hear?"

- - - - - - - - - -

[Nina moves along. On her way, she sees a crashed carriage and a merchant in a
 huge crater.]

Merchant:     "Somebody...Somebody, help me!!"

[The merchant is able to get out of the hole but he leaves his goods behind.]

Nina:         "Whoa!  Look at the size of that hole!"

Nina:         "That merchant and his goods must have fallen in..."

[Nina trips and falls into the crater herself.]

Nina:         "...Just like this."

[Nina stands up and checks the goods.  She notices something behind her.]

Nina:         "There...There's something here!"

[A Dragon appears.  It seems to be weak and doesn't attack Nina.]

Nina:         "It's...not attacking?"

Nina:         "It's not a monster, I guess..."

[The Dragon grows wings on it's back and flies.  Then it suddenly

Nina:         "That was funny...  For some reason, I wasn't scared at all..."

[Nina notices a blue-haired lad lying on the ground.]

Nina:         "......A person!?"

[Nina approaches the lad.  The lad stands up.]
 Nina notices that the person is naked.]

Nina:         "Whoa!"

[Nina looks away.]

Nina:         "......Umm...."

[Nina glances back at the person but he is just looking at her without doing

Nina:         "If you wouldn't mind, do you think you could put on some
              clothes?  I'm sure you can find some in the carriage there..."

[The man nods.  Nina and the young man start talking.]

Nina:         "Oh, so you mean you're not working with that merchant who was

[The man finished putting on some clothes.]

Nina:         "How did you get inside this crater then?  Did you fall in?
              How did such a big hole get here in the first place, anyway?
              Did you see that monster that was here before?  You know, the
              one that looked like a dragon or something!?  I wonder what it
              really was...?"

[The man shakes his head.]

Nina:         "Oh...I'm sorry...  You probably don't know the answers to those
              questions any more than I do, do you?"

Nina:         "My name is Nina.  I'm from Wyndia.  What's your name?"

Nina:         "...Ryu?  ...All right then, Ryu...  Let's see if we can get out
              of here."

[Nina uses Ryu's back and jumps out of the hole.  Nina then, ties a rope
 to a rock and uses it to bring Ryu out.]

Nina:         "So, Ryu...Where are you heading to?"

[Ryu shakes his head.]

Nina:         "You don't know?  Then that means you're lost."

[Ryu shakes his head.]

Nina:         "Yes, it does.  Admit it--you're lost.  There's nothing to be
              ashamed about.  I got lost a lot when I was younger."

Nina:         "All right then, Ryu.  Why don't you come with me to the nearest

[Ryu receives the King's Sword from Nina.]

Nina:         "You can use this sword."

Nina:         "You might need it--to get to town, we have to go through areas
              populated by monsters."

Nina:         "Let's get going then, shall we?"

[Ryu and Nina move on.]

- - - - - - - - - -


Nina:         "Let's see...  We have to go over these cliffs to get to Sarai."

Nina:         "Let's hurry and try to get over them before it gets dark."

[Moving on...]

Nina:         "Looks like we've run out of road...  But don't worry.
              We'll should be able to jump over this."

Nina:         "All you have to do to jump is stand at a place where it's narrow
              enought to jump, and press the (X) button or move in the
              direction you want to jump using the directional buttons.
              Try it!"

[Ryu and Nina jump to the other side.]

Nina:         "......See?  It's easy, isn't it?  One more to go."

[Ryu goes ahead and jumps to the other side.]

Nina:         "Good thing you were able to jump--we're really high up!

Nina:         "Don't you just love that feeling you get looking down from a
              high place like this?  It makes me dizzy--it's so exciting!"

Nina:         "Ahh!"

[Nina falls.  Ryu jumps down to save her but Nina is fine all along because
 she has wings.  It's already too late when Ryu realizes this and lands face
 first to the bottom.]

Nina:         "Are...Are you all right, Ryu!?"

Nina:         "Did you do that because you thought I needed help?"

[Ryu stands up.]

Nina:         "You're not hurt are you?  I'm sorry.  I didn't tell you about
              my wings...  I can use them to fly a little, so I can survive
              a fall like that."

Nina:         "But it was very brave of you to do that, Ryu.  Very brave...And
              heroic.  Thank you."

[The sun starts going down.]

Nina:         "Looks like the sun's going down...  It's probably safer if we
              wait until it's light to climb up the cliff...  Let's look for
              a place we can sleep."

[Ryu and Nina find a small cave.]

Nina:         "Looks like we could camp here."

Nina:         "Now all we need is a fire..."

[They make a fire. Ryu and Nina start chatting.]

Nina:         "...And that's how I ended up here."

Nina:         "Where are you heading, Ryu?  Whoops... I forgot...
              You're lost, aren't you?"

Nina:         "Tomorrow, once we get to town, I'm sure we'll be able to find
              someone who knows you."

[Ryu nods.]

[The screen shows that the moon is full.]

- - - - - - - - - -

<Switch to Fou-Lu>


[The scene switches to an old temple.   A huge ray of light appears from the
 ground.  A dog-like creature (henceforth, called Won-qu) and a long-haired
 man, named Fou-Lu, come out from it.]

Fou-Lu:       "So...The time hath come..."

Won-qu:       "Yes, m'lord.  Majesty......  T'would appear that something is
              amiss.  Where art the courtiers?  The priests?  Why is there
              not a single voice raised in greeting at thy return?"

Fou-Lu:       "'Tis not of import.  They are mortals.  Were we to attempt to
              understand their mind, we should spend an eternity.  There be
              more praising matters to attend to."

Fou-Lu:       "Canst thou not sense it?  This prescence...  'Tis far...And
              still slumbering...  But 'tis what we have sought lo these many

Fou-Lu:       "Won-qu!  Guard our place of rest."

Won-qu:       "As you wish, sire."

[Won-qu moves to guard the hole where they came out.]

Won-qu:       "Majesty, wither art thou going?"

Fou-Lu:       "We shall go to our capital, as was planned."

Fou-Lu:       "We shall meet at the appointed place when the time hath come."

[Moving on...]

Soldier 1:    "Who goes there!?"

Fou-Lu:       "What...What be ye doing in this place?"

Soldier 1:    "Huh?  Who're you!?"

Soldier 2:    "They say a dragon or something's supposed to appear tonight...
              So we were told to watch this area."

Fou-Lu:       "...A dragon?"

Soldier 2:    "That's right--and not just any dragon either!  They say it's the
              legendary Dragon of Doom, which will bring ruin to the Empire!"

Fou-Lu:       "And...What be thy design for this dragon?"

Soldier 1:    "We will destroy it, of course!  Nothing can withstand the might
              of the Imperial Army!"

Fou-Lu:       "Thou believest thou can do such a thing?  Thou art but mere

[A ball of light appears from Fou-Lu's hand then from it a white Dragon

Fou-Lu:       "Thou dost not ken the power of that which you would destroy.
              This be a dragon."

Fou-Lu:       "A dragon 'tis force of nature unto itself.  Thou mayest as well
              seek to fight a volcano or the very earth itself!  Dragons doth
              give birth to thy kind, grant thee life, and verily taketh it
              away.  They are to thee as thou art to an insect.  In thy

[The dragon grows wings on it's back.]

Fou-Lu:       "They art gods."

Fou-Lu:       "...Wouldst thou fight a god?"

[The dragon breathes fire that kills the soldiers, making a crater in the
 ground.  That moment, Ryu wakes up, as if he had a bad dream.]

[The Dragon flies away.]

Fou-Lu:       "Tis as I thought...  It is not the nature of mortals to change
              their ways..."

[Moving on, Fou-Lu meets a mysterious man named Yohm.]

Yohm:         "Pardon my presumption, but I believe you are the God Emperor

Yohm:         "I have been expecting you...  Ever since I saw the flames rising
              from the woods where I had placed my soldiers on watch."

Fou-Lu:       "Thou sayest thou wert waiting for us?  Thou knowest of us and
              what we are then?"

Yohm:         "Yes, Your Majesty.  You are the first Emperor, Fou-Lu, who
              founded our great Fou Empire."

Fou-Lu:       "And knowing this, thou wouldst greet us with malice in thine
              heart and thine blade in hand?"

Yohm:         "I'm afraid...Times have changed, Your Majesty......"

[The man summons a huge red monster.]

[Fou-Lu defeats the enemy.]

Yohm:         "You appear tired, Majesty.  It is to be expected I suppose--
              you have just awoken from a long, long sleep, and you are not
              exactly...complete are you?"

[Imperial soldiers surround him.]

Fou-Lu:       "T'would appear thou dost mean not to fulfill thine duty, as thou
              art called upon to do by our promise?"

Yohm:         "Alas, it is as you say, my lord.  For now, we would have you
              sleep once more."

Fou-Lu:       "I wouldst call thee foolish...  But thou art mortal.  Thou
              cannot go against thy nature, no more than a fish could walketh
              upon the firmament."

[Fou-Lu jumps away.]

Fou-Lu:       "Still...Thou wilt find that our promise art not easily

Fou-Lu:       "Return then to thine master and tell him our words!"

[Fou-Lu disappears.]

Yohm:         "Trying to buy time are you, Majesty?"

Yohm:         "Set fire to the trees.  We must stop him before he recovers his
              full strength."

[The soldiers fire flaming arrows to the direction Fou-Lu went.]

Fou-Lu:       "They wouldst use fire against us?  Indeed, planned well have

[Moving on, Fou-Lu reaches a wooden bridge.  He finds the Imperial Guards
 waiting for him at the other side.]

Yohm:         "As I recall...  You Majesty has a strong affinity to

[He tries to turn back, but soldiers are also waiting for him there.]

Yohm:         "And, with your powers not fully returned...  It is unlikely
              that you will be able to survive battle with my creations in this
              raging fire."

Fou-Lu:       ".......We...wouldst know thy name, oh cunning one..."

Yohm:         "Yohm, General of the Fou-lu Imperial Army, at your service."

[Yohm summons a flaming hand that makes the bridge fall, sending Fou-Lu

Yohm:         "...I don't want to take any chances.  Find the body."

- - - - - - - - - -
/[1.02]  Associations/
<Switch to Ryu>

Nina:         "Whew!  Well, we managed to make it up, didn't we?  It's just a
              little ways more to the town."

- - - - - - - - - -

[Ryu and Nina travel south to Sarai.]


Nina:         "Well, Ryu...This is Sarai."

Nina:         "Does anything look familiar?  Does it bring any memories back?"

Nina:         "No?...... Well, I don't know what to say...  But, um........."

Nina:         "I need to buy some things, and get back to where my friend is,
              you know...  Will you be all right by yourself, Ryu?"

-> 1: Sure!
-> 2: I think so...
-> 3: I don't know...

1: Nina:         "Well, I guess that means we go our separate ways from here,
                 then...  Good bye, Ryu."

   Nina:         "I hope you get your memory back soon!"

  [Nina leaves.]

2: Nina:         "Well, I guess that means we go our separate ways from here,
                 then...  Good bye, Ryu."

   Nina:         "I hope you get your memory back soon!"

  [Nina leaves.]

3: Nina:         "I guess it's not that simple... is it?  Hmmm........."

   Nina:         "I've got an idea!  You can help me look for the things I need.
                 While we're doing that, maybe you'll remember something, or
                 we'll run into someone who knows something about you!"

   Nina:         "There has to be a shop here somewhere that sells parts for
                 sandfliers.  Let's see if we can find it."

[At the tavern, Ryu finds a bald man eating.]

Bar Patron:   "munch munch munch...  huh?  You want to talk to me?"

Bar Patron:   "Hmmm...munch munch  Well, if you want something from someone,
              you gotta have the right attitude, dont'cha think?

[Ryu buys the patron some food and drinks.]

Bar Patron:   "......... Buuuuurp!  biy, I'm full!  That was good!  All right
              then, I'll tell you what you want to know!  If you're looking
              for something, go talk to the information broker in front of
              the inn!  He can tell you where to find what you're looking for!
              burp! "

Bar Patron:   "I'm impressed!  Don't meet many young folks as generous as you!
              Here--I got something for you!"

[Ryu receives something from the man.]

[Outside, Nina is talking to a suspicious person.]

Nina:         "Ryu...This person says if we give him money, he'll buy us the
              parts we need for our sandflier!"

-> 1: Really?
-> 2: I don't know if we can trust him...

1: Nina:         "Now we'll be able to repair the sandflier!  I hope you'll be
                 able to find out something  about where you came from soon,

2: <Correct answer>

Nina:         "What?  But...Why?"

Nina:         "Ryu!  You found the parts we need!?  That's wonderful!  Thank
              you very much."

Nina:         "Excuse me...My friend Ryu was able to find the parts we need,
              so I'm afraid we won't be needing your help anymore.  I'm sorry
              to have troubled you."

Person:       "Huh?...Oh... um...  Sure!  No problem! A ha...Ha ha ha!"

Nina:         "So, Ryu...  Have you been able to find out anything about
              yourself or anyone who knows who you are?"

[Ryu shakes his head.]

Nina:         "Oh...I see...  Well then...How about we stay together after we
              get all the parts--I'll help you look, all right?"

[They go in front of the inn where a bearded-man with glasses is standing.]

Broker:       "Hmmm...Hmmm...  I'm an information broker.  What do you want to

-> 1: Who is Ryu?
-> 2: Nothing
-> 3: About Sandflier Parts

1: Broker:       "Who's Ryu?  That's easy...  I don't know.  Hmmm...
                 I can tell you he's not from this town."

2: Broker:       "If you decide you want to know, come see me again, hmm?"

3: <Correct answer>

Broker:       "Hmm....  Well, I haven't got any of those, but I do know how you
              can get some.  Interested?"

Broker:       "Hmm...  Now we're talking business.  You want information,
              you've got to pay for it.  If what you offer doesn't match how
              much the information's worth, the deal's off.  got it?  Hmm?"

[Ryu pays him some Zenny.]

Broker:       "If you're looking for sandflier parts, you have to go to the
              black market.  There's a man who sells parts behind the tavern.
              You'll have to find out the password to be able to meet him, but
              most traveling merchants will tell you if ask them.  I just saw
              one leave so I imagine he's  Hmmm...He's probably still close by.
              Try looking on the Highway outside of town."

[Ryu and Nina leave town and find the traveling merchant on the highway.]

Merchant:     "What d'you want? .........  What!?  Black market!?  In Sarai!?
              Humph!  So you want to know the password to get in, huh?
              ...Well, I suppose I could tell you, but I got my own business to
              take care of, you know.  Normally, I charge 1,000 zenny for info
              like that! ...But I'll tell you for free.  I mean, you did come
              all the way out here after me and all..."

[The party learns the password.]

Merchant:     "I don't know what it is you want that you need for, but good
              luck to you."

[The party returns to the tavern in Sarai.  They talk to the man in the

Man:          "You won't find what you're looking for here.  This is a tavern,
              not a..."

Man:          "Oh, you know about that?  Well now, that's different then, isn't

Man:          "Come this way."

[They enter the room behind the tavern.]

Merchant:     "You're probably wondering why we go to all this trouble aren't
              you?  That's because selling sandfliers is a dengerous business.
              See, sandfliers were originally designed as war machines.  If
              the Empiere found out we were selling them, the next time a war
              breaks out, they'd come after us!"

Merchant:     "I don't want this place to end up under a hex like Chamba or
              Synesta--no thank you!"

Nina:         "Does that mean you don't have any sandflier parts!?"

Merchant:     "Not exactly...  There's a place they call Sandflier Valley near
              here.  It's a junkyard, full of old, broken down sandfliers."

Merchant:     "If you go there and bring back some useable material, I'll make
              your sandflier parts.  Deal?"

Nina:         "All right then, we'll go to this Sandflier Valley, and get the
              material you need."

- - - - - - - - - -

  ~~Sandflier Valley~~

[Moving on, the party finds an old man carrying some shovels.]

Old man:      "Don't get many folks out here...  Ain't nothin' much here
              'cept for odds n' ends...  What can I do fer ya?"

Old man:      "Hmmm...I see Lookin' for parts, eh?  Well, I suppose ya might be
              able t'find whatcha need here..."

Old man:      "If yer lookin' fer that, there's plenty of it here."

Old man:      "The parts yer lookin' for are all buried in the sand.  Yer
              gonna need a shovel t'dig 'em out.  If'n ya have a dog that can
              scent them out, ya might be able t'find what yer looking for."

[Ryu borrows a shovel and finds the ship parts they're looking for beneath
 the sand.]

- - - - - - - - - -


[The party returns to the tavern where they see a captain interrogating
 the merchant Nina saw in the huge crater early in the game.]

Rasso:        "Don't be afraid...  I just want some information, that's all.
              I want you to tell me about the monster you say you saw."

Merchant:     "Heh!  I ain't got nothin' to tell you!  Pah!"

Rasso:        "Well!...  I'd try to be a little more cooperative if I were

[The soldier pushes the merchant.]

Rasso:        "Otherwise...Things might get a little uncomfortable...  And
              we wouldn't want that, now would we?"

Nina:         "What do you think you're doing!?"

[Nina checks on the merchant.]

Nina:         "Wh...Why are you doing this!?  I thought the war was supposed to
              be over!"

Rasso:        "Why?  Because I don't like people who try to hide things.
              Besides...  The war's not over.  There's been a cease-fire
              called, that's all.  Do you understand the difference, missy..."

Rasso:        "Wait...You're a Wyndian...  Well well, if it isn't the little

Rasso:        "We were sent out to find a dragon, but we found a little bird
              instead!  Grab her, men--no reason we shouldn't take her as

Nina:         "W...Wait!  Do you know something about my sister...!?"

[Rasso summons an armored spirit.]

Rasso:        "By the power granted in me, I command thee! Warrior spirit!
              Thou art summoned!"

Rasso:        "Joh...I want you to capture that girl.  Be careful not to hurt
              her...Too much."

[Nina defeats Joh.]

Rasso:        "My!  You're stronger than you look!"

[Ryu jumps to Nina's aid.]

Rasso:        "Ho...What's this?  A dashing knight, come to save the Princess?"

Rasso:        "How gallant. You know it's a knight's job to protect his lady,
              don't you?  Where have you been all this time?  Afraid, hiding
              in some closet or..."

[Ryu swings the King's Sword at Rasso, breaking it in the process.]

Rasso:        " dare you!?  You filthy little..."

Nina:         "L...Let's get out of here...!"

[Ryu and Nina run out of the tavern.]

Rasso:        "What're you just standing around for!?  After them!!"

- - - - - - - - - -

[Ryu and Nina run to the east.  They hide from some passing Imperial Soldiers.]

Nina:         "The Imperial Troops are here, too!?"

Nina:         "What are we going to do?  We can't go back, and we can't go
              on, either!"

Bird:         "Kueeeeh!"

[The merchant Nina saved earlier is behind them.  Ryu and Nina approach him.]

Merchant:     "Hey!  You there!"

Merchant:     "They said they was gonna try and cut you off...  Went on up
              ahead...  Lucky you didn't get yerselves caught!"

Nina:         "Yes...Still...  They've cut off our way out of here..."

Merchant:     "Hmmm...You got a point there...  Tell you what...  Seeing as
              you all helped me out back there, I wanna try and return the

Nina:         "......"

Merchant:     "Lemme see...  Maybe...If you took that road, you could get past
              'em...  Yeah, that's it!  You can get to the desert that way!"

Nina:         "You mean...There's another road!?"

Merchant:     "Well, it's kinda out of the way, but if you head north, go up
              to this big town called Chamba, you can get to the desert that

Nina:         "Really!?  Oh, thank you!  That means I can get back to where
              my friend is waiting!"

Nina:         "We'll try that route you mentioned.  Thank you very much!"

Merchant:     "No problem.  Just keep yer head low and try not to get caught,

[The party heads to Chamba.]

- - - - - - - - - -


Nina:         "Hmmm...I thought the town was bigger than this...
              Let's see if we can find someone who can help us."

[They find an old man.]

Old man:      "And who might you be?"

[Ryu asks the man something.]

Old man:      "......What kind of question is that?  Of course this is Chamba!"

Old man:      "Well, a part of it, at least.  Most of the town is still
              polluted by the hex and can't be used."

Nina:         "Hex?"

Old man:      "You've heard about how town all over the place were hexed during
              the war, haven't you?"

Nina:         "Uh...Yes...  I guess so..."

Old man:      "All you need to know is that ordinary folks like you can't go
              anywhere near someplace that's been hexed--it's too dangerous.
              If you need to go to Chamba for something, you'll have to wait
              until the hex is gone and...Hm? ...Looks like everyone's come

[A group of armored people enter the town.]

Boss:         "All right everyone!  That's it for today!"

Boss:         "We've got another early start tomorrow, so make sure you get
              some sleep!  All right, now get outta here!"

[The group disperses.]

Old man:      "Those folks that just come back are a group of Purifiers.  They
              go from town to town, purifying hexes."

Nina:         "So if we want to find out more about the hex, we should ask
              them, right?...Thank you for your help."

[They go to the house of the boss.  He is not wearing the armor anymore
 and is currently cooking dinner.]

Boss:         "Well now!  We don't get many visitors here.  I'm the leader
              of this bunch--my name's Tahb.  We're just about to sit down to
              supper, so whatever it is, it'll have to wait until after that."

-> 1: We'll go explore the town then.
-> 2: We'll wait here.

1: Tahb:         "Well, there's not much to see, but there's no harm in looking
                 around for yourselves, eh?"

2: <Correct answer>

Tahb:         "Hm?  You want to wait here?  Fine by me, but if I were you, I'd
              rather walk around town or something than watch a bunch of people

Ryu:          "We'll wait here."

Tahb:         "OK then...Excuse us, huh?"

[After supper...]

Tahb:         "Thanks for waiting.  Now, what can I do for you?"

Nina:         "We need to get through Chamba.  Is there any way we can do that
              before the hex disappears?"

Tahb:         "Nope, 'fraid not.  There's a lot of negative energy bound up
              in that mist...  You need special armor just to go inside."

Tahb:         "I figure it'll be at least another year before we can get rid of
              the hex completely and get Chamba back to normal..."

Tahb:         "Still...If you absolutely have to get through now..."

Tahb:         "There might be a way...  You could ask one of my workers here
              if they'd be willing to guide you through."

Nina:         "So all we need is a guide, then?"

Tahb:         "Yep."

[Nina and Ryu ask around for someone who can guide them but no one is
 willing to go through the trouble.  They find Tahb standing outside the

Tahb:         "Well?  Have you found someone who'll guide you?"

[Ryu shakes his head.]

Tahb:         "...That's what I thought.  It's just too dangerous to take
              unprotected inexperienced people inside!"

[A creepy sound approaches the gate.]

Nina:         "But...We have no other choice.  We can't get use any of the
              other roads!"

Tahb:         "I don't know why you can't, but I think I can guess why.  I
              mean, why else would anyone come here?  Still..."

[The creepy sound continues to get nearer.]

Nina:         "Would it be possible to borrow some armor from you?"

Tahb:         "Sorry, 'fraid not.  I mean, we need it to do our jobs, you

Tahb:         "Even if I did give you some armor, you'd need someone to help
              guide you."

Tahb:         "The mist in there is so thick, you can barely see your hand in
              front of your face!  Not to mention the fact that the streets
              are like a maze!"

Tahb:         "As if that weren't enough, the place is full of ghosts,
              specters, and other monsters!"

Tahb:         "I mean, we're just lucky they don't smash down that wall and
              attack us right now as it is!"

[Something is hitting the gate.]
 A little armored person opens it.]

Purifier:     "I have returned, Boss."

Tahb:         "It's you, Ershin!  Don't do that!  You scared the wits out of

Ershin:       "If you were surprised by that, you will be even more surprised
              in a moment."

Tahb:         "Uh...Yeah, whatever.  Um, this is Ershin.  She works with us,
              but, ah, to be honest, she's a little odd."

Ershin:       "Incorrect!  Ershin is not odd."

Ershin:       "Ershin is saying she will guide these two."

Tahb:         "Wh...What!?  Are you out of your mind!?  What would you do if
              something happens!?"

[Ershin looks straight at Tahb's face.]

Ershin:       "Nothing will happen.  Everything will be all right.  Ershin
              says everything will be all right so everything will be all
              right.  If Ershin says everything will be all right, it will be,
              for she is never wrong.  It will be all right, because Ershin
              is always right."

Tahb:         "OK, OK, I get the idea!  Fine, do whatever you want!"

Nina:         "Thank you so much!  You don't know how much this helps us!"

Ershin:       "Do not thank me.  You should thank Ershin.  Thank you, Ershin."

[Ershin joins the party.]

- - - - - - - - - -

[They go to the hex-infested area of Chamba.]

[Moving on, the party reaches an area with 2 crates.]

Ershin:       "I am told that it would be best if we split up here."

Ershin:       "Ershin will go down and walk through the mist.  Ershin says the
              two of you should move using the rooftops."

Nina:         "Um, are you sure we'll be able to make it across if we do?"

Ershin:       "Ershin is certain you will.

[Ershin separates from Nina & Ryu.]

Ershin:       "...If I stand on this, that one should rise.  Doing so should
              enable you to pass through."

[Ershin stands on one of the crates.]

Ershin:       "I see.  If Ershin stands on this one, the other will not lower,
              allowing you to pass, correct?"

[Nina and Ryu go past the other crate.]

Ershin:       "I see you have successfully made it through.  Do you see the
               valve over there?

[Ershin points to a valve near them.]

Ershin:       "She says that you must go there now."

Nina:         "You mean over where that lever is, right?  OK!"

[Ryu and Nina go to the location of the valve.]

Ershin:       "It would seem there is another valve on this level.  It would
              appear Ershin must go to it and turn it."

[Ershin proceeds to the location of the other valve.]

Nina:         "What should we do, Ershin?"

Ershin:       "I am told that if both vavles are opened simultaneously it will
              thin the mist somewhat."

Nina:         "That means we'll be able to get through it, right?"

Ershin:       "Apparently so."

Ershin:       "Let us begin.  One...  Two...  Three!"

[Ryu and Ershin turn the valve simultaneously and successfully thins the mist.]

Ershin:       "It seems that the mist will only recede for a brief time.
              I believe that means we should hurry."

[Moving on, a strange sound fills the air.]

Nina:         "Did anyone else hear that strange sound?"

Ershin:       "The hex is anger and fear, a person's hatred given form.  She
              says it is to be expected that strange noise would emanate from

Ershin:       "She also says that as long as it is only sounds, we have nothing
              to fear.  Come--let us continue."

[Moving on, a giant fish-like monster appears beneath the mist.]

Nina:         "Wh...What was that?"

Ershin:       "The malevolent energy of the hex has coalesced into a physical
              form.  Ershin says it is extremely dangerous!"

Nina:         "If it's dangerous, why are you laughing?  Shouldn't we be
              getting out of here?"

Ershin:       "Apparently so.  ...It would appear I was in error- I should not
              have laughed at that juncture."

Ershin:       "Very well, then.  Let us flee."

[Moving on...]

Ershin:       "It would appear is is following us."

Ershin:       "Ershin suggests that we should run."

[They run.]

Nina:         "Whew!  Good!  We made it!..."

[The monster appears behind them.]

Nina:         "Or maybe not."

[The party defeats the Skulfish and it disappears is into the mist.]

Ershin:       "The malice contained in the hex cannot be so easily dissipated.
              Even if it has been struck down, it will slowly grow larger
              within the area affected by the hex until it is strong enough
              to reform.  At least, this is what Ershin says."

Nina:         "I don't know why, but I feel sad for some reason...  This
              hex...It's horrible, isn't it?"

[Ershin starts to laugh.]

Ershin:       "It was humans who created the hex.  Ershin says you get what you

Ershin:       "We must move on.  use the ladder there."

[The party reaches the desert outside.]

Nina:         "Thank you very much for helping us.  Without you, we never would
              have been able to do it!"

Ershin:       "If you wish to thank anyone, you should thank Ershin.  Thank
              you, Ershin."

Nina:         "Um...Yes, well...  I'm afraid we don't have anything we can give
              you right now, but..."

Ershin:       "Nothing of material nature is required.  Ershin says she wishes
              to accompany that man."

Nina:         "You mean... Ryu?"

Ershin:       "Apparently so."

[Ryu nods.]

Nina:         "Ah...I see... Well, we need to get back to where Cray is
              waiting-- the sooner, the better.  If I know him, he's probably
              getting really worried by now."

- - - - - - - - - -

 ~~Crash Site~~

[Cray is seen lying near a tent.]

Nina:         "Cray!"

Cray:         "Nina!  Am I glad to see you!  I was beginning to worry that
              something had happened...!"

Nina:         "I'm sorry, Cray.  I..."

[Cray notices Ryu & Ershin.]

Nina:         "Oh, I almost forgot.  Um, Cray, this is Ryu, and Ershin."

Cray:         "...Hmmm...  Why don't you sit down and tell me all about
              what happened, hm?"

[Nina tells Cray what happened.]

[It's already night time and the party set up camp.]

Cray:         "I see......"

Nina:         "So, in the end...  I wasn't able to get the parts we need, and
              if it hadn't been for Ryu and Ershin, I probably wouldn't have
              made it back at all!"

Cray:         "Don't worry about the parts.  I'm just glad that you made it in
              one piece."

Cray:         "I never should have let you go off by yourself..."

Nina:         "Oh, Cray..."

Ershin:       "Ershin is saying that it appears as if your sandflier was
              damaged by a dragon."

Cray:         "That's right...  How'd you know that!?"

Ershin:       "It would appear that Ershin can sense such things."

Ershin:       "Ershin is very sleepy."

Cray:         "I'm sorry...You must be tired after your journey."

Cray:         "Well, I just want to thank for all you've done for Nina.  As
              you can see, I can't offer much in the way of style, but you're
              welcome to spend the night here."

- - - - - - - - - -

              That night...I had a dream.


Cray:         "This is it...!  This is the place they're holding Elina!"

Nina:         "Yes...  It's just like Ryu's dream showed us...  Right?"

Cray:         "Don't get your hopes up too much--we still need to find her.
              Let's go!"

[They move on...]

Cray:         "Somebody's coming!"

[The party hides.]

[Two people enter.]

Yuna:         "What then is the status of the sacrifice?"

Man:          "It continues to grow, Lord Yuna."

Yuna:         "Excellent, I am greatly pleased."

Cray:          "Blast!  They'll see us...  If we walk behind the curtain slowly
               enough, we should be able to get to the other side without being

[The party goes behind the curtain and reaches the other side.]

[The dream ends.]

- - - - - - - - - -

[The next morning, Cray, Nina and Ershin are awake while Ryu still sleeps.]

Cray:         "Dream!?"

Nina:         "Yes.  You were in it, and so was Ryu."

Cray:         "...A dream where we all went to rescue Elina?"

Nina:         "You mean...You had the same dream!?"

Ershin:       "Ershin says that that was Ryu's dream."

Nina:         "What do you mean, Ershin?"

Ershin"       "Ershin says...  It was a dream of a possible future, one seen
              through the Dragon's Eye.  A glimpse of what may be."

Nina:         "You mean...Wait a second..."

Cray:         "You mean, if we take him with us...  He can take us to the place
              we saw in the dream?  He can take us to Elina!?"

Ershin:       "Apparently so."

[Ryu suddenly wakes up.]

[Some time passes, Cray can be seen fixing their things.]

Cray:         "Call it an omen...  Call it a vision...  Call it whatever you
              want to--  I want to believe it's real."

Nina:         "Up until now, we haven't had much to go on..."

Nina:         "But now, I feel closer to my sister... Like we're finally on the
              right track...  And it's all thanks to Ryu, isn't it?"

Ershin:       "Ershin says that she will go where Ryu goes."

Cray:         "Well then, let's get moving.  We can't use the sandflier, so
              we'll have to go on foot.  We'll follow the coastline and head

- - - - - - - - - -


Cray:         "Kinda quiet 'round here...Where is everybody?"

Cray:         "I heard there was lots of people working here but I sure don't
              see 'em!"

Man:          "Who're you?  What're you doing here?"

[A big guy with a mustache approaches them.]

Nina:         "Um, excuse me...  We want to get to the other side of the river.
              May we cross?"

Man:          "Sure--don't need my permission t'do that!  But uh...  Wait,
              don't tell me you don't know what's happened?"

[A noise occurs.]

Man:          "You hear that?  There's a dragon running around in there."

Man:          "That dragon lives in the mud.  Normally, he swims near the
              bottom and doesn't bother anyone much, but for some reason he's
              been acting real crazy lately...  Evryone was afraid he'd break
              the gate, so they ran off."

Man:          "Well, there you have it.  You can go across if you want, but
              just be careful, you hear?"

[The man moves along.]

Nina:         "Thank you, sir.  We will."

Cray:         "All right, then--let's go!"

[Moving on...]

Worker:       "Who're you?  You looking for something?"

Cray:         "Sorry to bug you, but we need to get to the other side.  Can you
              tell us how to do that?"

Worker:       "The other bank?  Why would you come all the way to this place
              to do that?  Well, I guess that's none of my business."

Worker:       "Anyway, you want to get to the other side, first you have to
              close the sluice up there, then cross the river."

Worker:       "Once you're over the river, you can use the lift there to get to
              the top of the cliff."

Worker:       "Rhoppe's got the key to the sluice--go talk to him.  He's the
              one with the tube."

[The party finds Rhoppe.]

Rhoppe:       "Huh?  You want the key?  Yeah, I've got it... Here."

[The party receives: Sluice Key.]

Rhoppe:       "What d'you want the key for?  ...You want to go to the other
              bank?  Oh...  OK, well, be careful, huh?"

[The party uses the Sluice Key to close the sluice.]

Nina:         "We should be able to walk on top of the sluice now that it's

[Moving on, they try to close another Sluice but it stops.]

Nina:         "...... It stopped."

[A girl enters.]

Girl:         "Who's playing around the sluice?"

Girl:         "You want to close the sluice?"

Cray:         "Uh...Yeah...Yeah, we do, but this machine here..."

Girl:         "It stopped, right?  It's been a little stiff lately...  You
              have to turn it really fast to get it to work."

Girl:         "Here...I'll explain what you have to do."

Girl:         "First, you have to turn this flywheel here by hand."

Girl:         "Then, when the wheel's spinning fast enough, flip this switch

Girl:         "If you just want to close the sluice, it doesn't have to be
              spinning that fast.  But, the faster it goes, the easier it is
              to operate, so I wouldn't mind if you put a little extra effort
              into it."

[HELP]:       Use the directional buttons to make Ryu spin the flywheel.  The
              faster you press the directional buttons, the faster the wheel
              will turn.  Once the sound of the hweel spinning becomes high-
              pitched, press the (CIRCLE) button to start the machine.
              Be careful--if you work at it too long, you won't be able to keep
              the speed up.

[HELP]:       The trick to spinning the wheel is to start out slowly, then
              speed up.  You can turn the wheel in either direction.  When the
              sound of the wheel spinning becomes high-pitched, that's the
              signal to start the machine by pressing the (CIRCLE) button.
              However, you might want to see what happens if you don't press
              the button and let the machin continue to speed up for a while.
              If Ryu begins to sweat, that's the sign he's getting tired.
              Press the (CIRCLE) button when the time's right--don't try to
              overdo things.              

Girl:         "All right then, let's get started.  One of you has to turn the
              wheel, while someone else has to come over here to puch the

[Ryu turns the wheel while Cray presses the switch.  The sluice is closed.]

Girl:         "Looks like it closed...  You should be able to go across the top
              of the sluice now.  Also, it loks like it's runing a lot smoother
              now.  Thanks a lot!  I'd like to give you something for all your
              work.  Here--hope you can get some use out of it!"

[The party receives: Toad.]

Girl:         "Have a safe journey."

[The party returns to the Worker who told them to get the key earlier.]

Worker:       "Oh, you're back, eh?  All right, I'll work the lift for you,
              but first, you've got to give me back the key, all right?"

[Ryu returns the Key.]

Worker:       "Hey, Rhoppe!  Go up and open the sluice, OK?"

Rhoppe:       "Roger!"

[Rhoppe leaves.]

Worker:       "See...If we don't open the sluice, we can't do any work.
              That's why we're waiting for you to get outta here so we can get
              back to work!"

Worker:       "All right, then...  Let me work the lift for y..."

[A crashing noise occurs.  A Mogu worker rings the bell.]

Mogu Worker:  "The sluice has broken!  The mud's overflowing!!"

Worker:       "Well...I was gonna work the lift for you, but it looks like I
              got more important things to worry about now!"

Cray:         "But...But...Wait!  We've got to get to the other side!"

Worker:       "Look...I'd love to stay and help you, but I've gotta get outta
              here!  You'll have to work the lift yourselves!  Here--use this!"

[The party receives: Crank.]

Worker:       "All you have to do is attach that to the box in front of the
              lift and pull on it a few times.  I'd think about gettin' outta
              here too if I was you!"

Worker:       "Anyway, good luck to you!  See ya!"

[The worker runs.]

[The party goes to the lift and uses the crank.  The lift activates for a while
 but stops.]

Nina:         "......It's not moving!  Maybe we need to move the handle some

[They move the handle some more.  However, a wave of mud begins to sweep
 across the dam.]

Nina:         "Hurry!"

[The party is able to ride the lift up before they get hit by the landslide.]

Cray:         "Whew!  That was a close one!

[Ryu nods.]

Cray:         "For their sake, I hope all those people got out in time!"

[The mud continues to flow.   Rhoppe is still there but is safe because
 of the tube he is wearing.]

Rhoppe:       "Yahoooo!"

Nina:         "Thank goodness...It looks like everyone got out safely."

[Ryu nods.]

Cray:         "Yep...Come on then, let's get going!"

- - - - - - - - - -

[They move north. They reach the shore and watch the sun as it sets.]

Nina:         "It's beautiful..."

Cray:         "There's a village called Kyria to the east of here."

Cray:         "We should be able to get to Synesta from there."

[A Dragon appears.]

Nina:         "Isn't that...?"

Cray:         "It's that dragon that destroyed the dam..."

[The Dragon seems to take a liking to them.]

[A mysterious woman with a guitar gets their attention.]

Woman:        "Never seen a dragon come this close to the shore before."

Woman:        "Looks like your paths have become intertwined with the

Nina:         "Do you know a lot about dragons, ma'am?

Cray:         "Is this the same dragon that destroyed the dam?"

Woman:        "Dragons don't attack people dear...  This one just wants to tell
              you something."

Nina:         "Really?  I wonder what he wants to say...?"

Woman:        "Dragons are beyond the understanding of mortals like us...  What
              we know of them comes to us in songs from ancient times."

Woman:        "Do you want to hear one of my songs?  It won't cost you much..."

[The party pays 10 zenny.]

Woman:        "Heh heh...Thank you kindly.  All right, here's a song for

              A baby frog is not a
              frog, not a frog
              It's a tadpole
              Tadpole, tadpole
              Baby frog is called a

Woman:        "Heh heh...  Guess that wasn't the 'Song of the Dragon', was
              it?  Want to hear another song?  It won't cost you much..."

[The party pays another 10 zenny.]

Woman:        "10 zenny again?  Not exactly big spenders, are you?"

              A swarm of bees in May
              Is worth a load of hay;
              A swarm of bees in June
              Is worth a silver spoon;
              A swarm of bees in July
              Is not worth a fly.

Woman:        "Heh heh...  Guess that wasn't the 'Song of the Dragon', was
              it?  Want to hear another song?  It won't cost you much..."

[The party pays another 10 zenny.]

Woman:        "10 zenny again?  Not exactly big spenders, are you?"

              Sniff sniff
              Sniff sniff
              Smell the flowers
              But don't pluck them!
              Leave them for someone
              Else to smell.

Woman:        "Heh heh...  Guess that wasn't the 'Song of the Dragon', was
              it?  Want to hear another song?  It won't cost you much..."

[The party pays another 10 zenny.]

Woman:        "Boy, you sure keep a tight grip on your money, don't you?
              Still, I'm out of songs, so I guess I have to sing you the
              real 'Song of the Dragon'."

              From the world's dawning
              to its end,
              The Endless open the
              You who hear their call,
              Abandon yourself to fate,
              and surrender yourself
              to all

[The Dragon seems happy.]

[The Dragon disappears.]

Cray:         "I don't get it!  What was that supposed to mean!?"

Woman:        "It means that when the dragons move, the world follows.
              Everything the dragons do changes the world in some way...
              And you all have been caught up in that change..."

Cray:         "I'm sorry, lady, but we're kind of in a hurry.  We don't have
              the time to sit here and talk about dragons or whatever."

Nina:         "Thank you for singing to us, ma'am."

[The party leaves.]

Woman:        "Heh...Your path is more than just tangled up with a dragon's...
              You've got one walking around with you!"

- - - - - - - - - -


[The party reaches Kyria, a town full of traps.  They enter the mayor's
 house and talk to the parrot there.]

Parrot:       "Drop-in's, bonza!  How's about a flutter?"

Parrot:       "Can't do it, mate, time's a-wasting!"

Parrot:       "Got him, yes!"

Parrot:       "What?"

Parrot:       "No good, mate, but you sure put in the big ones!"

-> We really have no time for this...

Parrot:       "Now I'm chuffled.  You gonna play with me?"

-> No

Parrot:       "Hold on a minute--are we on or aren't we, then?"

Parrot:       "What's this then?  You're pulling a flyer?"

-> No

Parrot:       "Bewdy, Newk!"

Parrot:       "Up there with Cazaly, that one--you're really got ticker!"

-> Not really.

Parrot:       "Good on ya, mate.  It's been bonza."

Parrot:       "How can I do you?"

-> Where's the mayor?

Parrot:       "He's in the woods out back west.  You want a chat, that's the

- - - - - - - - - -


Townsperson:  "I said you can't come in..."

Townsperson:  "Huh?  You're looking for the mayor?  Ummm.........  There's
              a small problem...  I mean, the mayor of Kyria is here...  But
              he's, um, well, lost."

Townsperson:  "Some really fierce wild animals moved into this forest a while

Townsperson:  "Me and the mayor figured we should get rid of 'em...  That's
              why we came here...  But we only know how to make traps, see?
              We're not too good at hunting.  I'm afraid we haven't had much
              luck so far..."

Townsperson:  "I think we laid too many traps...  Kind of got hoist on our own
              petard, know what I mean?"

Townsperson:  "I don't know what to do anymore..."

Nina:         "Um...So, do you have any idea what's happened to the mayor?"

Townsperson:  "Well...He's either gotten stuck in one of his own traps..."

Townsperson:  "Or he ran into that monster..."

Townsperson:  "If you want to go in there looking for him, I won't stop you...
              Here--take this with you."

[The party receives: Apple.]

Townsperson:  "Try putting that Apple on a stump in the woods.  You should
              be able to lure the monster out with it."

Nina:         "So if we find the monster and follow it..."

Townsperson:  "...You should be able to find the mayor...I hope."

Townsperson:  "But...Be careful--there are lots of traps in the woods."

[Moving on, they encounter an old bearded man looking at something.]

Nina:         "Um, excuse me, but are you the mayor..."

Mayor:        "shhh!"

[A small Maman comes and gets caught in an explosive trap.]

Mayor:        "Wah ha ha ha ha!  It worked!  My trap worked!"

Mayor:        "You saw it, didn't you!?  That stupid animal just walked right
              into it!  Do I know how to make traps or what!  Ha ha!"

Mayor:        "Ha ha ha!  That's what you get, you dumb furball!  How'd you get
              so stupid, anyway?  Run in the family?"

[A bigger Maman comes.] 

Mayor:        "Ulp!  That would be the"

[They defeat the Maman.]

Mayor:        "Well, I must say, I am in your debt.  Thank you!  Oh, and by the
              way...  Who're you?"

Nina:         "Um...You're the mayor of Kyria, right?"

Mayor:        "Yes...Yes I am.  You wanted to see me, did you?  Well then,
              let's go back to the village and we'll talk."

- - - - - - - - - -


[At the mayor's house...]

Mayor:        "Bet you've never seen a village like this before!"

Nina:         "Um...Well, no..."

Mayor:        "Well, there's a good reason for all the traps.

Nina:         "You mean because of the passageway to Synesta?"

Mayor:        "Oh...Knew about that already. did you?"

Mayor:        "That's right!  There's a passageway to Synesta here."

Mayor:        "A lot of people from Synesta fled here during the way using it."

Mayor:        "Even though the war may be over, it's our job to protect it, in
              case anyone ever needs to use it again."

Cray:         "That's why we're here, Mr. Mayor.  We want to use it ourselves."

Mayor:        "Well......  Sure, why not?  You don't look like Imperial

Mayor:        "I'll open up the passageway tomorrow morning.  You can stay at
              the inn until then."

- - - - - - - - - -

<Switch to Fou-Lu>

[Fou-Lu wakes up in a cabin.  He coughs.]

[Fou-Lu exits the cabin.  He finds a big man outside.]

Big man:      "You're awake, eh?"

Big man:      "How do you feel?  You were asleep for a long time, you know."

Big man:      "You must be wondering where you are.  My name is Bunyan.  I live
              here, in the Zhinga Mountains."

Bunyan:       "I found you a few days ago, collapsed down by the river.  I
              brought you here, and dressed your wounds."

Fou-Lu:       "Then w...I am in your debt...Bunyan, yes?"

Bunyan:       "No need to thank me.  More important, are you all right?"

[Fou-Lu starts to walk.  He collapses.]

[Bunyan carries Fou-Lu to a bed.]

Bunyan:       "Don't push yourself too hard.  I've seen men die from burns as
              bad as yours."

Bunyan:       "You should rest some more.  Unless, of course, you've got
              somewhere to go..."

Fou-Lu:       "Fou-Lu."

Fou-Lu:       "Mine name."

Bunyan:       "Fou-Lu, you say?  That's interesting...  Same name as the First
              Emperor, eh?"

- - - - - - - - - -
/[1.03]  Missing Princess/
<Switch to Ryu>

Nina:         "Thank you for letting us use the shortcut, Mr. Mayor."

Mayor:        "No worries.  Be careful and all that.  The entrance to the
              passageway is up that road there."

Cray:         "All right then, let's get going."

[Cray gets caught in a trap hole.]

- - - - - - - - - -

[The party goes through the cave and reaches their destination.]


Cray:         "So...This is Synesta...  This town took the brunt of the
              fighting during the war."

Nina:         "They told us that, like Chamba it had been contaminated by a hex
              during the war."

Nina:         "It's certainly a lot livelier than Chamba, though..."

Cray:         "Yeah...It's also where Elina disappeared."

Nina:         "Don't worry, Cray.  I'm sure we'll find something here that
              will help us find her."

[They enter the orphanage.  Seems like princess Elina was here
 and gave clothes to the children.  They talk to a nun there.]

Old nun:      "Hello there.  I'll be glad to talk to you, but first I have to
              see to the children's meals."

[They leave the orphanage.]

Nun:          "Chino!  you come back here right now!"

[The nun is chasing after a kid.  She trips.]

Nun:          "Haaa...fooo...I've got catch...

[The party talks to Chino.]

Chino:        "What?  You think you can catch me!  No way!  I'm the fastest!
              No one can catch me!"

[HELP]:       Help Catch Chino.  You can catch Chino by getting close to him
              and talking to him.  He'll run in the opposite direction if he
              sees you coming, so get ahead of him and cut him off.

[The party catches Chino.]

Chino:        "Whoa!  You got me!  All right, all right...I'll go home with the

[The party takes Chino to the orphanage.]

Old nun:      "I see you've come back...And you've got Chino with you."

Nun:          "Yes, Sister Lyta.  These people here were kind enough to help
              me find him."

Lyta:         "Well...thank you very much for your help."

Lyta:         "All right, children.  Now that everyone's here, let's eat."

Lyta:         "Now then...Why don't we go upstairs and talk?"

[They go upstairs and talk.]

Lyta:         "...Yes, it's true.  Her Highness Princess Elina did honor us
              with a visit."

Lyta:         "She was very kind to the children, who as you know lost their
              parents during the war.  She left them many gifts of clothing
              and other things.  I was very impressed with her compassion and

Cray:         "What then?  Where did Elina and the people with her go when they

Lyta:         "Well...I'm terribly sorry, but..."

Nina:         "Please--we'd be grateful if you could tell us anything!"

[Chino comes upstairs.]

Chino:        "I know!"

Lyta:         "Chino..."

Nina:         "Chino...Do you know where my sister...  Where the Princess went
              when she left here?"

Chino:        "You bet I do!  But..."

Chino:        "I won't tell you!  You caught me when we play tag before.  This
              time, you have to play hide and seek with us!  If you can find
              all of us, I'll tell you where she went!"

[Chino runs downstairs.]

Chino:        "Hey, everyone!  Hide and seek!"

[The kids rush out of the orphanage and hide all over town.  The sister tries
 to stop them but she couldn't.]

Lyta:         "Oh dear...I'm sorry.  I didn't intend for you to have to..."

Nina:         "It's all right, Sister.  Besides...  If Chino does know what
              happened to my sister, I'll do whatever I have to get him to tell

Nina:         "Well, let's go try to find them."

[HELP]:       The children from the orphanage are all hiding somewhere in
              town.  To catch them, find them and talk to them.  You can see
              how many you have left to catch by returning to the orphanage
              and counting how many children are there.

[And so they look for the kids.]

[They find 7 of the kids. They return to the orphanage.]

Sister:       "Um...It looks like there's one child still missing...  It's
              Chino, isn't it?"

Sister:       "I suspected as much.  As you know, he's very good at running and
              hiding from us."

Kid:          "Chino?  He said he was gonna hide in the cellar or something."

Sister:       "This town has a large number of underground rooms that are not
              currently in use."

Sister:       "As you may know, during the war,  we were the target of a hex
              attack.  Although the city above ground has been purified,
              apparently the monsters still thrive underground."

Sister:       "It's possible that Chino may have snuck past the guard, and is
              hiding underground."

Nina:         "Well, we'll go look for him then."

Sister:       "You will?  Oh, thank you so much!  Good luck and be careful."

[They go to the entrance of the cellar and talk to the guard there.]

Guard:        "What!?  One of the orphans went down there?"

Guard:        "That's impossible!  I've been standing here watching all day!
              Or are you saying I'm not doing my job!?"

Guard:        Whew!  I'm really thirsty now after all that shouting.

[The guard gets a drink from the water lady.  While he's at it, the party
 sneaks in the cellar.]

 ~~Synesta Underground~~

[The party finds Chino in one of the cells in the dungeon.]

Chino:        "Drat!  You found me!  I thought no one'd be able to find me

[They take Chino back.]

Nina:         "All right then, Chino...  Will you tell me about the Princess

Chino:        "OK, a deal's a deal..."

Chino:        "When the Princess--did I tell you how pretty she was?  Anyway,
              when she was getting ready to leave town..."

Chino:        "I followed her...  I ran after her, all the way to the gate."

Chino:        "When I got there, I saw these people come up and start talking
              to her..."

Cray:         "What!?  Who was it!? Who was there!?  Tell me!"

Chino:        "I don't really know, but one of them was Marlok, the shop

Lyta:         "Marlok is a merchant who lives here in the town.  He owns a
              large sandflier of his own.  Some people say he even has dealings
              with the Empire."

Nina:         "The Empire!?  You mean, Elina's been taken to the West?"

Cray:         "'Scuse me Sister, but do you think you could tell us where we
              can find this Marlok?"

Chino:        "Marlok's got this big house in the middle of town.  He's got a
              bodyguard too, who stands in front of it."

Cray:         "Looks like we should have a little talk with this Marlok.
              Thanks for your help."

[The party leaves the orphanage.]

[They head to Marlok's house.  A big man stands in the way.]

Kahn:         "This house belongs to the magnificent Mar...  What!?  You want
              to meet with Mr. Marlok!?"

Kahn:         "No way!  Forget it!  He doesn't meet with anyone but his
              business partners!  If you're not selling or buying something,
              he won't see you!"

Kahn:         "If you insist, you're gonna have to go through me!"

[The party takes bodyguard Kahn down.  After the battle, a cigarette-smoking
 Manillo applauds them.]

Marlok:       "My my...Very impressive, my friends."

Marlok:       "I am Marlok.  You are wanting to see me, yes?  Well then, come
              inside zat we can talk."

[They go inside.]

Marlok:       "What?  A Wyndian princess, you say?"

Marlok:       "Now zat you mention it, I did carry a person who looked like
              zat on my sandflier."

Nina:         "What did you do with her!?"

Marlok:       "Non, non, my little birdie.  You misunderstand! I was asked to
              take 'er to zee West, you see."

Cray:         "Listen, mister-- you'd better start making sense and fast!  Tell
              us exactly what happened--now!"

Marlok:       "Zere is nozing to tell!  Zee Empire asked zee Princess to come
              to zee capital!"

[Cray grabs Marlok.]

Cray:         "What the!?  Why would Elina go there, huh?  What reason would
              she have to go to the heart of the enemy's country!?"

[Cray puts Marlok down.]

Marlok:       "You are asking zee wrong person, eh?  Besides...  I am thinking
              zat you will be wanting my 'elp in looking for zee princess, no?"

Marlok:       "If zat is soo...  Zen I think you should be a little more
              polite, eh?"

Marlok:       "Well...If you are wanting my 'elp, I am not an unreasonable
              man...  But before I 'elp you, I need you to do some work for

[Marlok tells the details of the work he wants the party to do.]

Cray:         "So he wants us to go catch some thief, huh?"

Cray:         "Merchants!  They can't think about anything but money!  We're
              trying to find a missing princess, and he sends us off to his
              missing money!  What does he think we are, anyway--handymen or

Ershin:       "Ershin reminds me that we were responsible for the loss of his
              bodyguard, and she says that it is unrealistic to expect
              someone like Marlok to provide us with service for no cost'."

Cray:         "Uh...Well, I guess you've got a point...  Still, I think it's
              asking a little much to have us leave Nina behind like that!
              She's a princess herself, not a maid!"

[Meanwhile, inside Marlok's house...]

Nina:         "Um...Mr. Marlok?  What exactly is it that you, um, want me to

Marlok:       "Hmmm?  Well, until your friend comes back with zee items zat
              were stolen from me, I was thinking zat maybe you could some work
              around 'ere.  You know, 'elp take care of zee 'ouse... And me."


Cray:         "Well, anyway, we should probably think of what to do next."

Ershin:       "I have been told that we should find the thief as quickly as
              possible that we may return and continue on our mission without
              further delay."

Cray:         "All right then let's go ask some of those traveling merchants
              if they know anything about this thief..."

[They talk to a merchant near the gate.]

Merchant:     "What!?  A bandit? ...Well, I don't know if he's the man you're
              looking for, but I saw a fellow with a big, heavy-looking bag
              over his shoulder heading out of town on the Eastern Highway."

- - - - - - - - - -

[They leave the town and head east.  Along the way, they encounter a
 suspicious man with a big bag near the oasis.]

Cray:         "Hmmmm...  If it's true what they say about there being bandits
              in these parts...  And you were a merchant, you wouldn't just be
              out walking with your goods out in the open...  Would you?"

[They approach the man.]

Man:          "Ho there!  Where you folks headed to?"

Man:          "What's that?  Bandits?  Hmmm...Nope, haven't heard anything
              'bout that."

Cray:         "Oh...  See, we were asked by a merchant in Synesta named

Man:          "Marlok!?"

[The suspicious man runs.]

Cray:         "Wait a minute...!  You mean he was the thief Marlok was talking

[The trio run after him.]

[Meanwhile, at Marlok's place...]

Marlok:       "Let me see...  For now, why don't you rub my shoulders 'ere,

[Back to Cray's group...]

Cray:         "This is where he ran into..."

[HELP]:       Catch the Thief!  To catch the thief, get close to him and
              press the (X) button.  He's fast and hard to catch.  Try blocking
              the passageways!

[The party catches the evasive thief.]

Thief:        "Le...  Let me go!  This is my stuff!"

[The thief tells his story to Ryu's party.]

Cray:         "So what you're saying is...  That was all yours to begin with?"

Thief:        "That Marlok sent these really big fellow after me...  Made me
              sell 'em everything for next to nuthin'!"

Cray:         "Hmmm...I guess it's not really stealing if you're just taking
              what's already yours...  Looks like we need to go back and have
              a little talk with Marlok.."

[Back at Marlok's...]

Marlok:       "Mmmmm... enough with zee shoulders...  Now, why don't you give
              me a foot massage, hm?"

[The party returns at Marlok's place.]

Marlok:       "......What!?  And so you come back jus' like zat!?  Eh! "

Cray:         "You didn't tell us the whole story!  According to that man,
              you were the one who..."

Marlok:       "Idiot!  No matter 'ow much I pay for it, what's mine is mine!
              I 'ave a right to get it back, yes?"

Marlok:       "...Never mind."

Marlok:       "All right, zen...  This time, I 'ave you do some work where
              thinking is not required, yes?"

[Marlok tells everyone the next job.]

Cray:         "Do some work where thinking is not required...' Bah!"

Cray:         "Who does he think he is, anyway!  Fat greedy son of a...Thinks
              he's smarter than us..."

Ershin:       "Ershin says that we did fail the first job assigned to us.
              She also says it is unrealistic of you to expect to be given
              something for nothing."

Cray:         "All right, all right...I get your point!  Poor Nina...  Because
              of me, she has to do even more work..."


Marlok:       "Very good, Miss Nina...  Now how about a back massage?"


Cray:         "Well, it's no use standing here moping about it all day!"

Ershin:       "I have been told that we should complete our assigned task as
              quickly as possible, that we may return and continue on our
              mission without further delay."

Cray:         "You're right.  He said we should go to the Sandflier Wharf
              north of here, right?  Let's go."

- - - - - - - - - -

Foreman:      "What's that you say?  You're here to help?"

Foreman:      "Well then let's not waste any time!  I've got a job for
              you right here!"

Foreman:      "First I need you to clean up this storeroom.  You need to move
              all the barrels and jars and line them up where they're supposed
              to go.  We don't need the old barrels anymore, so you can just
              break them if they get in the way!  Pretty simple, huh?  All
              right, get to it!"

[HELP]:       Put Cray in front, and use him to move the jars and barrels.
              The jars need to be put in front of the sign in the north end
              of the room, and the barrels need to be put in front of the
              sign in the south end of the room.  To get the old barrels out of
              the way, put Ershin in front and press the (TRIANGLE) button to
              destroy them.  Move all jars and barrels quickly enough and you
              might earn a bonus!  One way to finish the job quickly would be
              to move one jar and one barrel and then destroy the rest.  If
              you leave the room, all the jars and barrels will reset.

[The party finishes cleaning the storeroom.]

Foreman:      "Well, it looks like you got everything straightened up pretty

Foreman:      "OK!  Follow me--I've got another job for you!"

[Meanwhile, at Marlok's place...]

Marlok:       "Ah....Thank you.  I feel much better now.  'Ow about you, Miss
              Nina?  A little tired out, hm?"

Nina:         "Huh?  Um...Yes, I guess so..."

Marlok:       "Oh, zen you are, eh?  Well zen...  I'll 'ave to give you a
              massage, zen, won't I?"

[The screen turns black.]

Nina:         "Ah!"

[Back at Cray and the others.]

Foreman:      "OK, for your next job...  You do see the crane over there, don't
              you?  Use this crane to load all those crates into the

Foreman:      "We don't have much time until we set sail--get to it!"

[HELP]:       Use the crane to load the freight onto the ship.  Use the
              directional buttons to move the crane arm.  When the hook is
              directly above a container, press the (CIRCLE) button.  If you're
              on target, the hook will catch and you can lift the container.
              You can lower the containers you've picked up into the ship
              by pressing the (CIRCLE) button again.  The ship can carry up
              to 10 containers.  Try to load as many as you can in the time
              limit.  Hint:  Use the hook's shadow to guide you as you move
              the crane.  You get extra points for putting a container on
              spaces marked with a blue square.

[The party finishes the job.]

Foreman:      "Thanks for your help.  Pretty good--for a beginner!  Right then!
              Looks like we're ready to pull out.  All we have to do now is..."

Nina:         "Ryu!  Cray!"

[Nina runs toward them,  Marlok follows.]

Marlok:       "Humph!  Well, 'ow did it go, eh?  Did zey do a good job zis

Marlok:       "I see!  It looks like you actually did some work, eh?  Well zen,
              I will give you a tip for a jobe well done."

[The party receives: Straw.]

Marlok:       "Ere--go get something good to eat with zis, eh?"

Marlok:       "All right then!  I will let you ride on zee sandflier, as I
              promised!  And, I will give you zee VIP room, eh?"

- - - - - - - - - -

[Everyone gets on the sandflier.]

[The sandflier heads to its destination.]

Cray:         "Blast it!  That low-down, good for-nothing...!"

Cray:         "VIP room?  shyah!  Some VIP room this turned out to be!
              Stuffing into these wooden crates like this...  What does he
              think we are--cattle!?"

[Marlok goes near the crate.]

Marlok:       "'Allo in zere!  I would remind you...  I am smuggling you into
              zee enemy territory, yes?"

Marlok:       "We must all make sacrifices, yes?  Be a little more patient,
              eh?  At least zis way, no one will find you, yes?"

Cray:         "Grrrrr!  Why you greedy low-down...!"

Nina:         "Whoa!  Cray!  Calm down!  Don't rock the crate like that!"

- - - - - - - - - -

<Switch to Fou-Lu>

[Fou-Lu is in Bunyan's house.  He gets ready to leave.
 He exits the house.]

Bunyan:       "Well, you're looking a lot better."

Fou-Lu:       "Thank you for your accomodations, Bunyan.  The time has come
              for me to quit this place."

Bunyan:       "Fou-Lu...  Looks like you're in a hurry over something...  I
              don't need to know, but tell me this--  You were on the run
              from someone, weren't you?  Does this mean there's going to be
              another war?"

Bunyan:       "I did my time...  I've seen my share of fights.  Something tells
              me that there's a big one brewing."

Fou-Lu:       "Thou...wert a soldier?"

Bunyan:       "Yeah...I was.  Maybe it's just because I'm older now, but when I
              look back on it now, it all seems so pointless."

Bunyan:       "I mean, sure, maybe when the First Emperor started it, that war
              had some kind of purpose, but it went on so long, it was as if
              the war itself became the purpose.  None of us knew what we were
              even fighting for.  The war took on a life on its own."

Fou-Lu:       "The mortals...  They understand not..."

Fou-Lu:       "Forgive me...I merely spoke aloud mine thoughts.  Farewell."

[Fou-Lu goes down the mountain.  He encounters Yohm with some Imperial

Fou-Lu:       "How...By what means didst thou find us?"

Yohm:         "Even if Your Majesty is still not fully recovered... you are
              still a god, one of The Endless.  Even if you do not avail
              yourself of your powers, the act of simply speaking your own name
              creates a ripple in the world large enough that those sensitive
              to such things can sense your presence immediately."

Fou-LU:       "T'would appear...  That thou wouldst not have us enter the
              Capital by any persuasion."

Yohm:         "Indeed.  Time has not blunted My Lord's perceptions."

[Yohm summons a huge flying creature (henceforth, called Khafu).]

[Fou-Lu defeats Khafu.]

Yohm:         "I should have known that toppling Your Majesty would not be so
              easily achieved.  I had not realized you powers had returned to
              such an extent."

Fou-Lu:       "While 'tis true that we have recovered but a portion of our

Fou-Lu:       "Thou should knowest that thee, a mere mortal, poseth no danger
              to us.  One such as I cannot be vanquished by one such as thee."

Yohm:         "Perhaps.  The creature which Your Majesty just defeated is but
              one of many I command."

Yohm:         "Furthermore...  Unless I am mistaken, I believe that your other
              half is but recently born, yes?"

Yohm:         "Even if he should be a god like yourself, he would be
              somewhat easier for us to deal with, would he not?"

Fou-Lu:       "Verily...Though I wouldst fane admit it, thou speakest truly.
              My path then is clear--  I must hasten to the capital ere thou
              findeth him!"

[Fou-Lu transforms into a dragon and flies away.]

Yohm:         "Blast!  Already, he has enough power to fly!  After him!  Don't
              let him escape!"

[Yohm's Khafu follows Fou-Lu.  Fou-Lu and the Khafu fight in midair.
 The Khafu defeats Fou-Lu, sending him into the forest below.]

- - - - - - - - - -

<Switch to Ryu>


[The sandflier arrives at its destination.  Marlok leaves the crates,
 including the one where the party is in.]

Marlok:       "Thanks much."

[Marlok leaves the area.]

[Two Imperial Soldiers are talking to each other.]

Soldier 1:    "Marlok again...How many trips does that make this month?  I
              don't I've seen anyone who cares about making a profile as much
              as he does!"

Soldier 2:    "Tell me about it!  Just look at the size of those crates he's
              bringing in!"

Soldier 1:    "Yeah, well, I suppose you have to be like that to make the
              kind of deals he does...  We're on opposite sides, remember?"

[The soldiers leave.]

Cray:         "......Looks like the coast is clear."

[The party leaves the crate.]

Nina:         "It looks like everything went as planned."

Cray:         "Yep...  Now that we've come this far, there's no way we're
              going back without Elina!"

 ~~Imperial Causeway~~

[They reach the top.]

Cray:         "So...This must be the Gateway. huh?"

[The lift the party rode goes down by itself.]

Nina:         "The lift!"

[Lightning strikes the ground.]

Cray:         "What the...!?"

Nina:         "It looks like it's been activated..."

Cray:         "Well, what are we waiting for, then?  I guess we're supposed to
              jump there.  Come on!"

[The party goes toward the Gateway.  However, the captain that Nina & Ryu met
 at the tavern in Sarai stops them.]

Rasso:        "That's far enough!"

Rasso:        "...All right, then."

Rasso:        "And just who taught you people your manners, hmmm?  Who do you
              think you are?  This belongs to the Empire!  Did you think you
              could just walk right up and use it without asking?  Hm?"

Cray:         "We don't want any trouble...  I don't suppose you'd be willing
              to let us go, would you?"

Rasso:        "I'm afraid not.  I owe that runt there for what he did to me.
              That hurt, you know!"

[The captain refers to Ryu slashing the King's Sword at him back in Sarai.]

Cray:         "All right, if that's the way you want it then..."

Cray:         "You must be pretty brave, coming after us by yourself...
              Brave...Or stupid!"

Rasso:        "Sticks and stones, sticks and stones!  I came alone for a

Rasso:        "Because I don't need any help to deal with the likes of you"

Rasso:        "By the power granted me, I command thee!"

Rasso:        "Ymechaf!  Warrior spirit!  Thou art summoned!

[The party defeats Ymechaf.]

Rasso:        "Ymechaf...But...But how!?"

[Nina looks behind.]

Nina:         "Look!"

Cray:         "The gate!  It's closing!"

Cray:         "Move!  Go!  Go!  Go!"

[They run toward the gate and into it.]

Rasso:        "A dragon...?...  But...That's not possible!"

- - - - - - - - - -

[The party reaches the other side of the gate.  The gate closes.]

Cray:         "Well...I guess that means there won't be anyone coming after us
              for a while, at least..."

Cray:         "Still, I don't think the Empire will give up that easily!
              We'd better keep our guard up, just in case."

Cray:         "All right, let's get going.  Elina's here somewhere, and I
              intend to find her!"

- - - - - - - - - -

 ~~Astana Aqueduct~~

[Moving on, they encounter a mole person.]

Mole Person:  "You must be the repairmen, right?  Hold on--I'll power up the

-> 1: Never mind
-> 2: Please

1: Mole Person:  "Huh?  OK...  Well, when you want to use the gondola, tell me,
                 all right?"

2: <Correct answer>

Mole Person:  "All right, just a second..."

[Moving on...]

[Text]:       There's water flowing--do you want to jump in?

[The party jumps in.]

Cray:         "This is it...!  This is the place they're holding Elina!"

Nina:         "Yes...  It's just like Ryu's dream showed us...  Right?"

Cray:         "Don't get your hopes up too much--we still need to find her.
              Let's go!"

[They move on...]

Cray:         "Somebody's coming!"

[The party hides.]

[Two people enter.]

Yuna:         "What then is the status of the sacrifice?"

Man:           "It continues to grow, Lord Yuna."

Yuna:         "Excellent, I am greatly pleased."

Cray:          "Blast!  They'll see us...  If we walk behind the curtain slowly
               enough, we should be able to get to the other side without being

[The party goes behind the curtain and moves on.]

Man:   "Yes, Lord Yuna.  At the present rate..."

[Yuna suddenly disappears.]

Nina:         "Whew!  Looks like they didn't see us..."

Yuna:         "Ah, but we did."

[Yuna appears.]

Yuna:         "Well now, we can't have this, can we?  This building belongs to
              the Fou Empire.  And you are Easterners, are you not?"

Cray:         "We're...looking for someone."

Nina:         "Yes--we're looking for my sister.  Her name is Elina.  We were
              told that she had come here..."

Cray:         "What do you know about her!?"

Yuna:         "Now now now...Don't get too close, hmm?"

Yuna:         "You mean Princess Elina, yes?  Yes, she was here."

Yuna:         "She was a very kind person--she said she was here on a good-will
              visit to see people injured during the war.  However..."

[Imperial Soldiers approach from behind.]

Yuna:         "She is no longer with us."

Yuna:         "I'm afraid it's the truth.  Now then!"

Yuna:         "I think it's about time you were on your way, my Eastern

- - - - - - - - - -

              And so we were captured
              and sent back to the

              We were chastened by the
              King of Ludia
              for acting without

              and Cray was forced
              to stand
              before a tribunal to
              explain his actions...

+ Chapter II:  Endless                                                        +
/[2.01]  The Broken Sword/
Old Man:      "Chief Cray of the Worens.  They are ready for you now."

[Cray nods.]

[Meanwhile, Ryu is in a room in Ludia.
 Nina enters.]

Nina:         "Are you awake, Ryu?"

Nina:         "Kind of depressing weather, isn't it?  I wonder if they're
              still questioning Cray...?"

Nina:         "Why don't we go to the castle?  If we're lucky, they might let
              us see Cray."

[Nina and Ryu go down the stairs.]

Nina:         "By the way, this is Scias.  He's been assigned to watch over us
              so we don't run off."

Nina:         "Not like we'd leave anyway...  I would never leave Cray behind."

Scias:        "I'm k-k- keeping watch."

Scias:        "W-w- Where are you going?  I'll go with you."

- - - - - - - - - -

[They head to the castle.]

Guard:        "The prisoner is currently under investigation.  No visitors are

[A short old man approaches.]

Ilgor:        "I'm afraid that's the way it has to be, Princess Nina."

Ilgor:        "Master Cray is the leader of the Woren nation...  Unlike you,
              he must be kept under strict guard."

Ilgor:        "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to leave.  Scias,
              keep your eye on them!"

[Ilgor leaves.]

[The party leaves.]

Nina:         "It's no use...  There's nothing we can do...  Poor Cray...
              This is all my fault..."

Nina:         "......  We can't just sit here and do nothing!"

Nina:         "I know!  Let's go to Worent!  That's where Cray is from!"

Nina:         "They have a guard to watch us.  Still, they never said we
              couldn't go anywhere...Right?"

Nina:         "Let's go.  Worrent is to the south of here, past the forest."

- - - - - - - - - -


[Moving on...]

Nina:         "Did you hear something?"

[Ryu shakes his head.]

Nina:         "Is it just me, or is the mist getting thicker?"

Ershin:       "Ershin says she has a strange feeling about this place..."

Nina:         "Me too.  Let's hurry up and get out of here as quickly as we

[Nina shrinks.]

Nina:         "Wh...Huh!?"

[Scias heads to Nina's direction, almost stepping on her.]

Nina:         "Eeeeeekkkk!!"

Ershin:       "Hee hee hee hee!  Did you see that?  Nina disappeared!
              How amusing!"

Scias:        "D...  D...Disappeared!?  That's not g-good!"

Ershin:       "Ershin says it would seem seh did not fall."

Nina:         "Wh...What's going on?  All of a sudden everything's gotten..."

[A bird approaches.  It circles around Ryu and the others and then leaves.]

Scias:        "L...  L-Let's l-look for her."

[Ryu, Ershin and Scias move on.]

[The scene switches to three faeries.]

Ludy:         "It worked, just like we planned!  We shrunk that girl!"

Mamu:         "Come on!  Let's think of something to do to the other three!"

Rass:         "Yeah!  Let's see...  What should we do?  I know!  Let's poke
              them in the eye!"

[The faeries approach the party.]

Mamu:         "Wa...Wait a second!  This one's looking at us!"

Ludy:         "No way!  That's impossible!  Mortals can't see us!"

[Ershin headbutts one of the Faerie.  The others become visible.]

Mamu:         "You saw us!?  How!?"

Ludy:         "Hey, no fair!  He's got a Dragon's Eye!"

Rass:         "That explains how he was able to see us!"

Ershin:       "Ershin is asking, 'What you have done with Nina'"

Ludy:         "Well, now that you found us I guess we have to tell you..."

Mamu:         "We shrunk her, see?  Made her really tiny..."

Rass:         "And then she got carried off by a bird!"

[Meanwhile, Nina can be seen in a bird's nest sleeping with some eggs.]

Rass:         "You should look for a tree with a bird in it."

Mamu:         "If you find one, shake it--maybe she'll fall out!"

Ludy:         "Don't worry--she won't stay small forever.  It'll wear off in

[The faeries disappear.]

Faeries:      "See you later, Dragon Boy!"

Ershin:       "Ershin says we should listen for a bird singing, and follow it
              to the tree where it lives, then have Ershin hit the tree."

[Ershin hits a tree where a bird is singing.  The bird flies away.]

[Nina wakes up.]

Nina:         "This is a bird's... nest?"

Nina:         "Wh...What's happened to me?  I..."

Nina:         "I've shrunk!"

Nina:         "  Why?  What happened?"

Nina:         "I can worry about that later.  I've got to get out of here
              before that bird eats me!"

[Nina leaves the nest.  He encounters the bird as she moves along the tree's

Nina:         "Uh...H...Hi there, birdie!  D-don't eat me!  I wouldn't taste
              very good anyway!  I...:

[Nina runs away from the bird.  A caterpillar falls on her path.]

Nina:         "A c-c-c-caterpillar!?"

Nina:         "Wait...You mean because I have wings, you think I'm one of your
              chicks, so you're bringing me food!?"

Nina:         "Um...Listen to me, birdie... I'm, um, not a bird, so...Um...
              I don't really like bugs, see, and..."

[The bird attacks Nina.]

[Nina defeats the sparrow.  The sparrow leaves.]

Nina:         "I appreciate what that bird was trying to do for me, but I'm
              not ready to try eating a bug!"

Nina:         "Now I need to figure out how to get down from here!"

[Nina goes down with the use of a vine.]

Ershin:       "There is no sign of Nina.  Perhaps we should try again?"

[Ershin hits the tree 2 more times, causing Nina to fall.  At that moment, the
 shrinking spell wore[ off that she falls safely on Ryu.]

Ershin:       "It would appear we have found Nina."

Nina:         "I-I'm so sorry!  Are you all right!?"

Ershin:       "Ershin says that it would be wise to leave now, before the
              faeries do something else to us."

[The party leaves the forest.]

- - - - - - - - - -


[The party heads to the house of the Elders.]

Elder 1:      "Hmmmm...  Sounds like Cray's gotten himself into quite a fix!"

Elder 2:      "How dare Ludia treat you like that!  This is an insult to the
              entire Woren nation!  This means war!"

Elder 3:      "That's right!  We'll show them they can't treat us that way!"

Elder 1:      "Hold it!  Hold it!  Don't get your gur up!  That's always been
              the problem with us Woren-- too many people that are hot under
              the collar!"

Elder 3:      "That's right!"

Elder 2:      "Humph...So what should we do, then?  I mean, Miss Nina came all
              this way to tell us about the trouble that cub managed to get
              himself into."

Elder 3:      "That's right!  It's been a long time since we saw you, little
              Nina.  You've grown!  Why, I can remember when you were only this

Elder 1:      "Enough of that!  There'll be time for that later!  We need to
              think about what to do!"

Elder 2:      "Hmmm...If only Tarhn were here!  She'd know what to do!"

Nina:         "Um, excuse me...Who is Tarhn?"

Elder 3:      "She's the wife of the previous chief, rest his soul.  In other
              words, she's Cray's mother."

Elder 2:      "When Cray became Chief, she decided to leave the village...
              Went out to live on the Golden Plains."

Elder 3:      "Decided to live a nomad's life, she said."

Elder 1:      "Tarhn might have been able to think of something, but I'm afraid
              there's nothing we can do..."

Elder 3:      "If I were younger, I'd get on a horse and go looking for Tarhn
              myself, but I'm too old for that now..."

[Ryu tells something to Nina.]

Nina:         "I see...So you're saying that we should go see Tarhn, right?"

[The party leaves the house.]

Kahn:         "Waaaaiiit!!"

[Kahn comes, jumping from above.]

Kahn:         "Huuuuuh!  I've been miserable every minute of every day since
              you beat me in Synesta!"

Kahn:         "That's why I came here--to study with the Woren, the strongest
              warriors in the world!  I've worked day and night, training and
              studying their ways.  I'm stronger than I was before!"

Kahn:         "If you think you can defeat me again, you've got another thing
              coming to you!"

[The party wins a great victory.]

Woren Woman:  "Kahn?"

Kahn:         "That voice...Master Una!  Forgive me, Master--I lost."

Una:          "Hey, you!  Don't pick on Kahn like that!  He's not as strong as
              he think he is!"

[Una and Kahn talk in a house.]

Una:          "I told you not to get into fights, Kahn!  You're going to have
              to face facts--you're not exactly a strong fighter, you know."

Kahn:         "Huh!?  B-but Master...You...You mean...I'm weak?"

Una:          "Well...I wouldn't say that exactly...  Um...You'
              I don't know..."

Una:          "If you stay here and help me around the house and all, you'll
              probably strengthen up pretty good...I guess."

[The party talks to a man to borrow a horse.]

Man:          "You say you want to borrow a horse?"

Man:          "Headed to the Golden Plains, are you?  Wait there just a

Man:          "By the way, who's going to ride the horse?"

Man:          "What?  None of you have ridden a horse before?  Forget it
              then...Do you know how long it takes to learn how to ride?"

[A whelk approaches Ryu and starts to circle around him.]

Nina:         "Um...  Well, what about the whelk?  Could we take that instead?"

Man:          "Whelks are a lot harder to control than horses!  And I've never
              seen one that wasn't hard to handle!  They're unfriendly,

Nina:         "Ummm...  It seems to like Ryu...  Don't you think?"

Man:          "Um...Well...  Maybe...  Well, if you're going looking for Tarhn,
              I guess you can take the whelk.  Tahn's camp is somewhere in the
              northeast-- look for the smoke from her campfire."

- - - - - - - - - -

 ~~Golden Plains~~

Nina:         "We'll wait here, Ryu.  Be careful, and have a safe journey."

[Ryu rides the whelk and leaves.  Not long after, Ryu falls from it.]

Nina:         "Ryu!?"

[Ryu stands up.]

Ershin:       "Ershin says that while you can use the Dragon's Eye to control
              the whelk, it may take some time to get used to riding it."

Nina:         "That may be true...  But the Golden Plains are too big to try
              and search on foot.  Ryu and the whelk are our only hope."

Nina:         "Good luck, Ryu.  We're counting on you."

[Ryu falls again.]

Scias:        "Why...?  Why do you do this?  There's nothing in it for you."

Scias:        "And y-y-you d-don't even know if it will w-work!?  So w-why?"

Nina:         "Well, you're right...  There might not be any benefit for us.
              And it's true that we don't know if out plan will work...
              Still it just wouldn't feel right to sit around and do nothing."

[Ryu finds Tarhn's camp.]

Tarhn:        "If you're a friend, come up by the fire!  If you've come to
              steal something, you won't find anything here!"

[Ryu shows up.]

Tarhn:        "Well now, I guess that makes you a friend, eh?"

Tarhn:        "Don't see many people riding whelks around here...  In fact,
              the only place you could get one would be Worent."

Tarhn:        "Did you come from the Worent?"

[Ryu nods.]

[Ryu tells her the situation.]

Tarhn:        "I see..."

Tarhn:        "Sounds like Cray has got himself into quite a fix..."

Tarhn:        "Considering what's happened... I imagine they'll execute him."

Tarhn:        "Hey, I was just kidding!"

Tarhn:        "If they really did execute him, it'd mean war between Ludia
              and the Woren, and I'm sure they wouldn't want that."

Tarhn:        "It might take some doing, but I have a feeling that one way
              or another, we'll be able to work something out."

Tarhn:        "I'll try and think of something.  It's late now...You should
              get some rest.  Go ahead--use the tent."

[Ryu sleeps.]

Tarhn:        "He must be pretty tired.  I suppose that's not surprising,
              considering how he got here.  Most people can't ride whelks that

Tarhn:        It's good to know Cray's got friends like that..."

- - - - - - - - - -

[Meanwhile, at Cray's trial.]

Ludian Prince:"Not only do you sneak into the Empire--with whom we currently
              have a truce, I might add--but you are caught doing so and
              deported.  I ask you, is this conduct becoming of a warrior,
              one who claims to lead the mighty Woren nation!?"

Ludian Prince:"Not only have you shamed yourself--and us--but I am told you
              have lost the King's Sword, the symbol of the Alliance..."

Ludian Prince:"Do you have any idea what your rash, thoughtless actions will
              cost us and the entire Alliance in our dealings with the
              Empire?  Do you!?"

Cray:         "All you're worried about is your dignity and pride!"

Cray:         "But how can you just sit there like that, when a member of one
              of the Alliance's royal families...When Elina has been kidnapped
              by the Empire!?"

Ludian Prince:"We have a grater responsibility to protect the members of the
              entire Alliance!  We can't afford to worry ourselves over one
              person, even if she is a princess!"

[Cray is trembling in anger.]

- - - - - - - - - -

[Ryu wakes up at Tarhn's tent.  He leaves.]

Tarhn:        "Good morning.  Did you sleep well?"

[Ryu nods.]

Tarhn:        "We've got to do something, but what?"

Tarhn:        "Hmmm...What?  Have you thought of something we could tell them
              about that would get Cray out of his predicament?"

-> 1: Tell her about Elina
-> 2: Tell her about the fight with the troops
-> 3: Tell her about the King's Sword

1: Tarhn:        "Hmmm...Princess Elina, huh?  It's true that Prince Morley is
                 engaged to marry her. but he's the kind of person to worry
                 more about Ludia and her standing with the Empire and other
                 countries more than about any one person.  Bringing up
                 Elina probably wouldn't do much good..."

2: Tarhn:        "What!?  You were in a fight with Imperial Troops?  What were
                 you thinking!?  If you tell them that, it'll just make Cray's
                 situation worse!"

3: <Correct answer>

Tarhn:        "The King's Sword?  You mean Cray lost that?  That explains a lot
              then...That sword is a symbol of the Alliance--losing it wouldnt
              exactly make him popular."

Tarhn:        "What?  Oh, he didn't lose it?  You broke it?"

Tarhn:        "...Wait a minute!  That's it!  If the sword, which was
              supposed to have been lost, was to turn up again, that'd be one
              less thing they could hold against Cray!"

Tarhn:        "It'll work!  And I know just the person to help us!"

Tarhn:        "There's a volcano called Mt. Glom south of here."

Tarhn:        "There's a smith that lives inside the mountain.  He could make
              us a copy of the King's Sword!  Someone back at Worent should
              be able to tell you how to get to Mt. Glom.  Will you go?"

[Ryu nods.]

Tarhn:        "Thanks!  Good luck!"

- - - - - - - - - -

[Ryu returns to where Nina and the others are.]

Nina:         "Another King's Sword...?"

Nina:         "With this, we might be able to help Cray get out of trouble!
              Thank you, Ryu!"

Nina:         "I'm sure someone in Worent will be able to tell us how to
              get to Mt. Glom."

Nina:         "Let's get back to Worent as soon as we can!"

- - - - - - - - - -


[They go to the Elders' house and asked them how to reach Mt. Glom.]

- - - - - - - - - -

 ~~Mt. Glom~~

[Moving on, they reach the dwarf smith's house.]

Smith:        "Hi ho!?  And who might you be?"

Nina:         "Excuse me, we're sorry to bother you, but we need you to make
              something for us."

Smith:        "Ho!  The King's Sword!  Of course I know what it is!  I made
              it!  No, no--wouldn't be hard to make another one just like it!"

Smith:        "But...I need certain materials if I'm going to make one."

Nina:         "What do you need?"

Smith:        "Ho ho!  There's a rare metal called a Faerie Drop...  It can
              only be found in the realm of the faeries.  The only problem is
              that, as you know, faeries can't be seen by ordinary folk like

Ershin:       "Ershin was able to see them."

Smith:        "Ho ho!  Well then, that makes things easier, doesn't it?  All
              you have to do now is find some faeries, and bring back a Faerie

- - - - - - - - - -


[As they enter the forest, they hear faeries' laughing.]

Nina:         "I heard a voice... Did you?"

[Moving on, they see glitters.  A Faerie appears.]

Rass:         "Hey!  What're you doing!?  We won't do anything to you!

[The party tells the Faeries that they need a Faerie Drop.]

Rass:         "What!?  A Faerie Drop?"

Rass:         (to the other Faeries)  "They say they want a Faerie Drop!"

Mamu:         "There aren't any around here..."

Ludy:         "There used to be a lot where we lived..."

Rass:         "...That's it!  Do you want to come to where we live and get
              a Faerie Drop?"

[The party says yes.]

Rass:         "OK then, turn around!"

[The party turns around.]

Mamu:         "Normal people can't go to where we live."

[A flowerpot appears on the Mamu's hands.]

Ludy:         "But since you've got a dragon with you, you can!  Probably...I

[A barbel appears on the Ludy's hands.]

Rass:         "It'll only hurt for a little bit!"

[A rock appears on the Rass's hands. The three faeries go above them and
 drop what they're holding on their heads.]

- - - - - - - - - -

[The party appears to be in a different forest.]

  ~~Faerie World~~

Rass:         "Thanks for coming!"

Mamu:         "We faeries used to live here, in the Land of Dreams!"

Ludy:         "But then, those big meanies came, and..."

[A loud snoring can be heard.]

Rass:         "Did you hear that?  That's them!  That's those nightmares

Mamu:         "They're big and nasty and ugly too!  They attacked us and drove
              us out of our homes!  Mean old nightmares!"

Ludy:         "All right, Dragon Boy.  We'll give you a Faerie Drop if you
              promise to get rid of them for us!:

[Ryu nods.]

[The party follows the snoring sounds and attacks the Nightmares.]

-Chkom:       "Welcome, travelers to the Land of Dreams.  Hello...And

-Kyo:         "What a good, refreshing nap that was!  I'm glad you're here--I
              could use some exercise!"

-Udy:         "You must be tired after doing so much work for the faeries.
              Why don't you take a rest?  A long, permanent rest."

-Nmago:       "I'm very glad to meet you.  Why?  I was getting tired of the
              taste of faerie...  I think I'll have you instead."

-Bokta:       "So...You've come to help the faeries get back their homes,
              you say?  I'm terribly sorry, but what's ours is ours, and
              what's theirs is ours too.

[After defeating the Nightmares, a huge bouncy creature with a big nose
 falls from above.]

Fantam:       "I see you have gone to all the trouble to defeat all my little
              helpers.  I would like to show you my appreciation by
              defeating you."

[The party defeats Fantam.]

Rass:         "You did it!  You really did it!  Thank you so much!  Now we
              can live here again in peace!"

Rass:         "Whoops!  I almost forgot!  I promised you I'd give you something
              didn't I?  Wait just a second!"

[The faerie leaves to get something.]

Rass:         "Uuuuuuu......"

[The faerie carries it to the party.]

Rass:         "Whew!  That was a big one!  Here you go!"

[The party receives: Faerie Drop!]

Nina:         "A Faerie Drop...  Look at all the colors...It's so

Rass:         "Hey!  Don't stare at it like that--it's embarrassing."

- - - - - - - - - -


[The party is back at Wychwood.]

Rass:         "Thanks, Dragon Boy!  Come back and play with us again
              sometime!  Bye!"

[The faerie leaves.]

Nina:         "Now we can have another King's Sword made.  Let's go!"

- - - - - - - - - -

 ~~Mt. Glom~~

[The party returns to the house of the smith.]

Smith:        "Ho!  What's this?"

Smith:        "Just look at that color!  That shine!  This is one of the most
              beautiful Faerie Drop I've ever seen!  Now that I've got this,
              I can make another King's Sword for you!"

Smith:        "You wait right there!  I'll have this done in a jiffy!"

Smith:        "Huuuuuuunh!  Hiyaaaaahhh!  Fuwaaaaahh!"

Smith:        "Whew!  Well, what do you think?  I told you it'd be ready in a
              jiffy!  Not a bad job, if I say so myself!  Here you go!"

[The party gets: King's Sword!]

Nina:         "Thank you very much, sir.  With this, we might be able to help
              Cray.  Let's get back to the castle!"

- - - - - - - - - -


[They head to the castle.]

Guard:        "I'm sorry but this area is being used for the inquiry of Chief
              Cray.  No one is allowed entry."

Nina:         "I have vital information regarding Cray!  It's about the King's

Ludian Prince:"The King's Sword?  Why, it's right here!  It was just returned
              to us by the Empire.  In exchange for its return...  They have
              made several difficult demands to us...  Among them, changes to
              our treaty-- changes that we have little choice but to accept!"

Nina:         "But...My sister... We were going to..."

Ludian Prince:"Silence!  This is no longer a matter you need concern yourself
              with.  Know this--Cray's punishment will not be light!"

[The man leaves.]

Nina:         "Oh, Cray..."

[The guards escorts the party outside.  Ilgor talks to Scias.]

Ilgor:        "Scias!  Can't you keep your eye on them!?  You let them go off
              and make a fake sword like that...  What were you thinking!?"

Scias:        "You said to w... w...  To watch them...  You didn't say anything
              about s-stoping them."

Ilgor:        "Grr....  The next time they try to do something, let me know
              immediately!  understand?"

[Scias nods.  He leaves the castle.]

Nina:         "I guess our only hope now is to get Cray out of there
              ourselves!  You'll help me, won't you, Ryu?"

[Ryu nods.]

Nina:         "Thank you.  All right, let's wait until dark in our room."

[Nina notices Scias behind them.]

Nina:         "Oh!  Don't worry, Scias.  Everything's fine.  Let's go.

- - - - - - - - - -


[The party goes back to their room in Ludia and waits for nightfall.]

- - - - - - - - - -

<Switch to Fou-Lu.]

[Fou-Lu is lying in bed.]

Mami:         "I wouldn't be movin' too much if'n I was you...  I d'no' thin'
              I've ever seen a person as bad off as you."

- - - - - - - - - -

<Switch to Ryu>

[Night time comes.]

Nina:         "All right then...  Let's go!"

Scias:        "..."

[They sneak into the castle.  They see one guard not far from them.]

Nina:         "He cartainly is keeping an eye on us, is he?  I suppose it
              wouldn't do much good talking to him, would it?"

Nina:         "Aren't you going to try and stop us, Scias?"

Scias:        "I w-w-was t-t-told to t-t-tell them if you did anything.  They
              d-didn't t-tell me to st-stop you."

Nina:         "......  Thank you, Scias.  I guess you're one of the good guys."

[HELP]:       Defeat the Guards!
              You only have 1 turn before the guards call for help!
              Use combo attacks to defeat them quickly!

[Moving on, they find Cray.]

Cray:         "Elina...  How could I let this happen!?"

Nina:         "Cray!"

Cray:         "Nina!?  How...What are you doing here!?"

Nina:         "We came to help you get out of here!  To help you escape!"

Cray:         "Huh?  What good would that do?  I mean, in the first place,
              where would we go, anyway?"

Nina:         "It's just that if you're... ex... executed...  The Worens
              will try to take revenge and break the alliance!"

Nina:         "Besides...As long as it's with you, Cray...  I'd go anywhere!"

Cray:         "Maybe...Maybe you're right, Nina...  No...You are right."

Cray:         "And if we're stuck here, who's gonna look for Elina?  Nobody
              else cares!  I mean, even if everyone gives up hope, we can't,

Nina:         "...Right!"

Cray:         "We've got to get to Worent.  I have to make sure they don't
              do anything stupid!"

[They leave the castle.]

- - - - - - - - - -
/[2.02]  The Wind Dragon/
 ~~Tarhn's house~~

Cray:         "I'm sorry...  If I'd been more responsible..."

Tarhn:        "Cray...  I know I'm your mother...  But you're old enough now
              that you don't need to apologize to me if you've done something
              wrong...  You're not a child anymore.  You did what you felt you
              had to do... Right?"

Nina:         "That's right.  Cray did what he did because he wanted to help
              find my sister."

Tarhn:        "Princess Nina... I know the loss of your sister must be
              difficult, but whatever you do, don't give up hope.  She could
              turn up anywhere, anytime.  In any event, you all must be tired.
              You can figure out what to do next tomorrow."

[The next day...]

Tarhn:        "I see everyone's awake.  Good.  Let's think about what we should
              do now."

[Ryu nods.]

Tarhn:        "So the Empire is using you as an excuse to try and get the right
              to enter the lands controlled by the Alliance whenever they want,
              huh?  As treaty conditions go, that's pretty ridiculous.  They're
              up to something...But what?"

Cray:         "I don't know, but it seemed they were looking for something..."

Nina:         "You know what?  I've been thinking, and I think I've figured
              out what they're looking for. I think they're looking for Ryu."

Nina:         "When we were in that town in the desert, that captain from the
              Empire said they were looking for a dragon, right?  Think about
              it...  I found Ryu naked in the middle of the desert, the
              Mud Dragon suddebly became violent around him, he has a Dragon's
              Eye...  Nothing about him is normal!"

[Ryu looks down.]

Nina:         "Um...That's not to say that I don't like you or anything like

Tarhn:        "Hmmm...If that's true...  If they really are looking for Ryu..."

Tarhn:        "He could be used by either the Empire or Ludia against the
              other.  Sounds to me like you need to figure out if that's true
              or not."

Nina:         "Maybe if we take Ryu to meet the Wind Dragon in Wyndia, he can
              tell us what we need to know."

Tarhn:        "Makes sense to me.  If you want to know about a dragon, then
              best place to ask is another dragon.  I'd say it's worth a try!"

[The party receives: Jadestone!]

Tarhn:        "You can use that to get through the ruins to Wyndia.  I don't
              know if your friend Ryu is a dragon or not...  But I know the
              way to find out is to ask the Wind Dragon."

- - - - - - - - - -


[The party places the Jadestone in an indention in the altar.
 They reach the other end of the dungeon.]

- - - - - - - - - -

[The party camps near Wyndia.]

Nina:         "We'll be in Wyndia soon, Ryu.  Elina and I were born and raised
              inside Castle Wyndia..."

Cray:         "I'm sorry, Nina...  I didn't mean for us to end up like this,
              coming back to Wyndia without Elina..."

Nina:         "But we had to!  If you're captured by Ludia again, we'll never
              be able to find Elina."

Cray:         "I suppose you're right...  And who knows?  We might be able to
              find some more clues as to Elina's whereabouts here."

[Ryu notices something.]

Rass:         "There you are!  Finally!  I've been looking all over for you!"

[Rass, the faerie, appears.]

Rass:         "You've got to help us, Dragon Boy!  We were able to get back to
              our home, but...  We've been done from our homes so long, we
              don't know what to do anymore!  We need you to help us!  Will
              you come help us?"
-> 1: Yes
-> 2: No

1: <Correct answer>

2: Rass:         "You're not being nice!  Please come help us!"

   -> 2.1: All right
   -> 2.2: No

   2.1: <Correct answer>

   2.2: Rass:       "Don't be a big meanie!  Come and help us!"

        -> 2.2.1: All right
        -> 2.2.2: No
        2.2.1: <Correct answer>

        2.2.2: Rass:   "You're a big meanie, just like those nightmares!  Come
                       help us--pretty pretty please?"

Rass:         "Really!?  Hooray!  Thank you!"

[The party is teleported to the Faerie World.]

[The party helps the faeries for a while.]

- - - - - - - - - -


[They head to the castle.]

Guard:        "Ordinary citizens are not...Huh?  Princess Nina!  Welcome home,
              Princess Nina!"

[The guards make way.]

Guard:        "Everyone has been worried about you."

[They head to the King's chamber.]

Butler:       "It...It's Princess Nina!  Go on in, Princess--you can see the
              King anytime!"

[Nina enters the King's chamber.  She hugs her father.]

King:         "I didn't know what to think when I received word from Ludia that
              you'd been captured.  What was I supposed to think?  My daughter
              goes out in search for her missing sister, only to be caught
              tresspassing in enemy territory...  How did this happen?"

Cray:         "I beg your forgiveness, Majesty.  It's all my fault.  If it
              hadn't been for me..."

King:         "Enough.  What's done is done.  Regardless of what happened, I
              owe you my thanks, Chief Cray.  As you have probably discovered
              for yourself, our neighbor and supposed ally Ludia is more
              worried about their relationship with the Empire than in helping
              me search for my daughter.  However, in spite of all obstacles,
              not the least of which being your responsibilities as leader of
              the Woren nation, you chose to search for her yourself...
              Not many other men could do what you did."

King:         "So, what do you intend to do now?  Sooner or later, the Ludians
              are bound to discover you are here.  We will of course do
              everything we can to protect you..."

Nina:         "Father...There's something we'd like to do while there's still
              time, before the Ludians come.  We want to meet with the Wind
              Dragon.  We have questions that only he can answer."

King:         "P'ung Ryong, the Wind Dragon...  The patron god and protector
              of our people..."

Nina:         "Yes, we need to speak with P'ung Ryong.  Only he can tell us
              what we need to know about dragons."

King:         "I see...But...  Even though I am king of Wyndia, I have no
              control over the dragon...You know that."

Cray:         "We believe that if the dragon can tell us what the Empire is
              searching for, then we mightbe able to think of some way to
              stop them."

King:         "Hmmm...I see...  Very well.  Go to the woods east of here.
              There you will find the Oracle of the Wind, a priestess who
              serves the Wind Dragon."

King:         "I shall inform her you are coming.  Rest tonight--you can begin
              your journey in the morning."

[The next day...]

King:         "The oracle lives in the forest to the east of Wyndia.
              Don't worry--should the Ludians enquire about you, we will think
              of something to distract them."  

- - - - - - - - - -

  ~~Kasq Woods~~

[They move deep in the woods and find the house of the Oracle.]

Oracle:       "I am the Oracle of the Wind.  I hard the voice of the dragon
              P'ung Ryong as it is carried on the wind."

Oracle:       (To Ryu)  "Hmm...You have a magnificent Dragon's Eye!  Although
              it is rare to see someone with only one..."

Nina:         "You mean...Ryu is a dragon?"

Oracle:       "Not all those who have the Dragon's Eye are dragons...  Still,
              those one has about him a powerful aura...  I feel he is close
              to P'ung Ryong."

Oracle:       "Once, a long time ago, P'ung Ryong told me of a dragon that
              appears only once in hundreds of years...A dragon called the
              Yorae Dragon...  The 'Dragon of the Future!"

Oracle:       "It is said that this Yorae Dragon will have a great effect upon
              the the world and those living in it.  That he will bring great
              joy...  Or terrible destruction."

Cray:         "So that's what the Empire's after...  They must want the Yorae
              Dragon's power themselves!"

Oracle:       "I have told you all I know.  The rest, you must ask P'ung Ryong
              yourselves.  You must search below Castle Wyndia, and find the
              Wind Flute.  With it, you will be able to enter Pung'tap, the
              Tower of Wind."

- - - - - - - - - -

[The party camps for the night.]

Cray:         "Let's see...First we have to go below Castle Wyndia and find the
              Wind Flute, then use it to get into the Tower of Wind...Right?"

Nina:         "That's right.  There's a device in the Tower of Wind that will
              take us far above the earth.  If we use it, we should be able to
              meet P'ung Ryong."

[Nina looks around.]

Nina:         "Wait a minute...  Where's Scias?"

Cray:         "...He was being paid by the Ludian to watch over us... He's
              probably gone to tell them what we're up to!"

Nina:         "What!?  But I thought..."

Cray:         "Looks like we'd better hurry."

- - - - - - - - - -


[They go to Castle Wyndia and speak to the King.]

King:         "If the Oracle says you must have it, then have it you shall.
              You have my permission to take the Wind Flute."

Man:          "The Wind flute is an ancient holy relic, needed to enter the
              Tower of Wind, which is sacred to the Wind Dragon.  It is kept
              in a safe place beneath the castle."

King:         "I will inform the guards that you are coming.  Go now--time is

- - - - - - - - - -

 ~~Wyndia Tunnel~~

[The party gets the Wind Flute and leaves.]

- - - - - - - - - -


[Meanwhile, Scias is reporting to the Ludians.]

Ilgor:       "...Tower of Wind, eh?  Well, now that we know where the dragon
              is headed, it should be an easy enough matter to capture him."

[The Ludian puts a bag of money on the table.]

Ilgor:       "You've done a good job.  Here--take that and get out of here!"

[Scias takes the money.]

Grunt:        "Master Ilgor...  Are you sure it's safe to let him go just like

Ilgor:        "He's no threat to me, or my plans.  All that fool cares about is
              money.  Still, he confirmed what I suspected...  That 'boy' is a
              dragon...  We must find him and capture him for Ludia before the
              Empire finds him!"

- - - - - - - - - -


[The party plays the Wind Flute.  They are now able to move on.]

[They reach the top.]

Nina:         "See that winged gondola over there?  We used that to go even
              higher than we are now.  If we do, we should be able to go find
              the Wind Dragon.  Well, let's go."

[They go to the gondola's direction.  Suddenly...]

Ilgor:        "That's far enough!  Did you really think you could escape?
              I don't think you full understand the gravity of the situation,
              my friends."

Ilgor:        "You, Cray, and Nina have greatly inconvenienced the Alliance...
              However, at the same time, you've also given us something we can
              use against the Empire... Your friend Ryu there...  Or should I
              say your friend the Yorae Dragon?"

Ilgor:        "I'm willing to make you a deal.  If you hand him over to me,
              we will overlook your transgressions.  What do you say?"

Cray:         "Hand him over?  Are you crazy?  Never!"

Ilgor:        "Really?  Don't lie to me."

Ilgor:        "You were planning to hand him over to the Empire yourself once
              you'd met with the Wind Dragon!  Am I wrong?"

Nina:         "But...!  But we're just...  Ryu is our..."

Ilgor:        "...Your what?  Your friend?  Your companion?  Humph!"

[3 grunts enter.]

Ilgor:        "If you will not hand him to me, I shall simply have to take him

[The party defeats the grunts.]

Ilgor:        "Hmmm...It appears you are stronger than I thought..."

[3 more grunts enter.]

Ilgor:        "But how long can you hold out?"

Scias:        "Wa...  Wait."

[Scias is above the tower.]

Ilgor & Nina: "Scias!?"

[Scias jumps down and puts down the bag of money.]

Ilgor:        "What!?  You mean you're breaking the contract?  But why?  Why
              would you do such a thing?  There's no merit in it for you...Why
              do you side with them?"

Scias:        "I d... ...Don't know.  I just...  Felt like it...
              I guess."

Ilgor:        "Bah!  Enought of this.  Kill them.  Kill them all!"

[The party defeats the enemies.  Ilgor runs away.]

Scias:        "I'm"

Nina:         "It's all right, Scias.  After all, it was your job to watch us,
              right?  Besides, you helped us in the end.  Thanks--I knew you
              were all right!"

Cray:         "We'd better get out of here before they come back with

[They ride the gondola.]

Nina:         "Here we go!  Hold on tight!"

[The gondola flies.  They are above the clouds.]

Nina:         "The Wind Dragon is up here somewhere..."

[The Wind Dragon appears.]

Nina:         "...P'ung Ryong?"

P'ung Ryong:  "My little Winged One...Thou who art named Yorae Dragon...
              We have awaited thy coming."

Nina:         "We...We wanted to talk to you about the dragons..."

P'ung Ryong:  "Thou who seeketh knowledge...  Thou wishes to know of Ryu's
              true nature, yes?"

[A small creature appears before them.]

P'ung Ryong:  "Mayhap this form be more fit for thine eyes."

P'ung Ryong:  "Ryu is of our kind...  He be one of the Endless."

Nina:         "You mean...He's not an ordinary person?"

P'ung Ryong:  "He is a dragon...  In thy terms, he is like unto a god."

P'ung Ryong:  "Yet he is at the same time mortal...  At least, for now."

Nina:         " a god!?"

P'ung Ryong:  "We of the Endless are summoned to this world by mortals.  They
              that summon us have the power o'er us.  'Tis they who determine
              how our power shalt be used.  'Tis their desires that shape us.
              The Endless be not good, nor be they evil.  The Endless are.
              They become gods or devils according to the desires of those who
              summon them.  The Yorae Dragon, having been brought to this world
              only recently, be like unto a blank slate.  He hath neither form
              nor purpose as of yet."

Nina:         "You mean...The Empire was trying to summon Ryu so they could
              start another war, with the power of a god on their side!?"

P'ung Ryong:  "We knoweth not the answer to thy question, little one.  However,
              the Yorae Dragon...He whom thou hath named Ryu...Is incomplete.

P'ung Ryong:  "To become whole, young Ryu, thou must join to the Place of

P'ung Ryong:  "In respect of our bond, I shall carry thee there."

- - - - - - - - - -

[The dragon takes them to a snowy mountain.]

P'ung Ryong:  "These mountains be in the heart of the land.  At the base of
              this crag, thou wilt find a hamlet.  They who have passed the
              Spell of Evocation from generation to generation, down through
              the ages, dwelleth therein.  Seekest thou that village, that thou
              might learn of The Endless... And of thy true nature, Ryu."

Nina:         "Mighty P'ung Ryong, please wait!  If Ryu is one of They Who
              Endure, what must he...What should we do?"

P'ung Ryong:  "Listen, o child of mine, that thou might learn wisdom.  We
              possess a power so great that thy mind cannot fathom it--indeed,
              a power so great that here, we are as gods.  And yet, how that
              power is used--be it for good or ill--rests in thy hands, little
              one.  For this world is thine, not ours."

P'ung Ryong:  "But now, thou needeth knowledge that thou might understand the
              events that are to occur.  Thy paths have crossed with Ryu's.
              thou are as much a part of this now as is he."

[The dragon leaves.]

Cray:         "Paths, huh?"

Nina:         "Yes, well...  For now, we should go to the village that
              P'ung Ryong told us about."

- - - - - - - - - -
/[2.03]  Mysteries/

[The party enters a house.  There, they talk to an old woman.]

Abbess:       "Why...You're the Yorae Dragon, aren't you?  Which god has
              guided your path to our humble village?"

Nina:         "The Wind Dragon said that we should come here."

Abbess:       "P'ung Ryong told you to come here?  That would mean you must be
              from Wyndia, yes?  Oh, I'm sorry--my eyesight isn't what it used
              to be.  Oh, I can see you just fine...  I just can't tell what
              you look like, that's all."

Abbess:       "I know that might not make much sense, so I'll try to explain
              it.  You see, each of us has a powerful force inside of us...
              Those attuned to it can see it...  to us, it looks like a pillar
              of shining light.  Each person's light is different...
              It's color, size, the way it glows...  All these depend on the

Abbess:       "This pillar is each person's life stream, the path their life
              will take--their lifeforce itself."

Abbess:       "When people come together, their streams intermingle, join
              together, and that in turn creates a another new stream."

Abbess:        "Now, the stream of one of The Endless is very large, very
              powerful...  So powerful, it can affect the stream of the world

Abbess:       "Any stream that gets close to such a large and powerful stream
              gets caught up in it, affected by it, changing its original

Abbess:       "The largest of these streams, the ones that can affect all the
              others, these are what we call gods."

Cray:         "Some of what you've said we already know...  What we want to
              know is, what should we do now?"

Abbess:       "Well...  I think perhaps that once you understand where the
              gods...  Where the dragons came from, and their place in the
              world, that question will answer itself."

Abbess:       "For now, however you should rest.  You must be tired from your
              long journey.  We will talk again later."

[The party rests.]

- - - - - - - - - -

[Ryu wakes up and finds himself alone in the house.  He leaves the house.]

Abbess:       "Ryu!  I didn't want the others to hear me, so I had them sleep.
              Here, in your dreams we can talk openly."

Abbess:       "I know what you are.  You can't hide it from me--I know you are
              one of the Endless."

[Ryu nods.]

Abbess:      "The real question is, who are you and where did you come from?
             For centuries, we here in this village have summoned gods...
             Summoned The Endless to this world.  P'ung Ryong, the Wind
             Dragon, Ni Ryong, the Mud Dragon, Sa Ryong, the Sand Dragon...
             It was we who brought them here."

Abbess:      "But you...You are different.  You were not summoned by us.
             What are you?  Who brought you here?"

[Ryu shakes his head.]

Ershin:      "Ryu does not know the answer to that question

[Ershin is seated above the house.]

Ershin:       "That is what Ershin says."

[Ershin jumps down.]

Abbess:       "Wha!?  But...But how...!?"

Abbess:       "You...Are you also one of the Endless?"

Ershin:       "No.  Ershin is Ershin."

Abbess:       "I can sense your aura--it is a god's but it's weak...  Like it's
              being dampened somehow.  Are you sealed within that armor?"

Ershin:       "Yes.  That is why Ershin says to let her out now.  Ha ha ha ha
              ha!  Bwa ha ha ha ha!"

Ershin:       "It would appear I laughed at an inappropriate time."

- - - - - - - - - -

[Ryu wakes up in the house alone.]


Nina:         "B-but, Cray!  You mean you're going to trade Ryu to get Elina

Cray:         "I didn't say that!  All I mean is, we got people talking about
              gods and changing the world and stuff...  It's too big for me
              to understand!  For any of us!  And it's not like we can all
              stay togetehr forever, right?  What were you thinking?"

Nina:         "Well, I was thinking that since Ryu has no place to go...
              Once we found my sister, maybe we could take him back with us..."

[Nina notices that Ryu is awake and is near the door.]

Nina:         "G-good morning, Ryu..."

Cray:         "That old woman said we should go see her once you woke up...
              Well, you're up, so let's get going."

[Cray, Nina and Ryu goes to where Ershin and the old woman are.]

Cray:         "I thought we were gonna talk about what we should do next...
              What's up with Ershin?"

Abbess:       "It would appear you all have a stronger connection to The
              Endless than you believed.  Ershin here has something in common
              with Ryu...  They're both one of The Endless."

Nina:         "You mean... Ershin is also a...a god?"

Abbess:       "I've never seen anything like this myself.  That's why I want to
              release Ershin.  Maybe then we can learn about what's occured."

Cray:         "Release...?  You mean, Ershin's trapped inside that armor?"

Ershin:       "It would appear to be so.  At least, that's what she says."

Abbess:       "Will you help me free her, Ryu?"

[Ryu nods.]

Abbess:       "Place your hands on Ershin...  Close your eyes..."

[A black hole appears.]

Abbess:       "Reach out and touch Ershin's mind!"

- - - - - - - - - -

 ~~Ershin's Mind~~

Abbess:       "Can you hear me?  You are now inside Ershin's mind.  If you want
              to come back to the waking world, just come back and enter the
              light.  The real Ershin, the one that's been locked inside the
              armor, should be somewhere in the heart of the dream world you're
              in now.  If you can find her, you should be able to free her.
              Good luck!"

- - - - - - - - - -

 ~~Ershin's Mind~~

[Moving on, they reach the place where a goddess is sealed.]

Ershin:       "As you can see, I'm trapped in here.  I'd really appreciate it
              if you could get me out of here."

Nina:         "Um...Are you Ershin...?"

Ershin:       "Who else do you think it could be!?  Of course I am!  Now get
              rid of those pillars and get me out of here!"

[The party gets rid of the pillars surrounding them.]

Ershin:       "Finally!  I thought I'd never get out of there!"

[The seal breaks.]

Ershin:       "First, let me thank you for helping me.  There's still one
              little problem, though...  You see, well, I don't have a body."

Ershin:       "That means I can't leave here.  That's why I want you to find me
              a medium who can loan me a body, OK?"

Ershin:      "Don't worry--this is where they summon gods and whatnot!
              There's bound to be lots of mediums around!"

[They leave Ershin's mind.]

- - - - - - - - - -

Abbess:       "I have called for a medium, as was requested."

[A kid approaches.]

Rhem:         "Abbess?  I'm ready."

Abbess:       "Rhem is the strongest medium in the village."

Rhem:         "Hello.  The Abbess has told me what's happened.  I'll help you
              as best as I can."

Abbess:       "All right, then.  Rhem, sit down in front of Ershin.  You should
              make contact with the Endless any moment...!"

[Suddenly, lightning strikes and the lid of Ershin's armor opens.  A
 a black spirit comes out of it and goes into Rhem's body.]

Ershin:       "Humph!  I was hoping for a better body than this.  Oh well,
              I guess it will have to do."

Abbess:       "Rhem...Or rather, Ershin...  Can you tell us about you, and
              about Ryu?  What are the two of you doing together?"

Ershin:       "Hey, wait just a minute!  I've been cooped up in that armor
              forever!  I'd like to relax for a while, OK?  How about giving
              me some food and drink?  Is this any way to treat such an
              important guest?  Where are your manners?"

- - - - - - - - - -

<Switch to Fou-Lu>

Mami:         "You be restin' there now...  I'll bring ye o'er some food jus' a

[Fou-Lu finds himself lying on a bed inside a small house.
 A woman is cooking.]

Mami:         "Oh my!  Sorry 'bout that...  Got a little smokey there,
              didn't it?  Me oven ain't it used to be, I'm afraid!"

- - - - - - - - - -

<Switch to Ryu>

[Ryu, Cray, & Nina are near Ershin's armor.]

Nina:         "It's like Ershin is a completely different person outside the

Cray:         "Well, can you blame her?  I mean, being stuck in that armor for
              so long..."

Nina:         "I wonder if Ershin has finished eating yet.  We should go check
              and see."

[They head to the Abbess's house.]

Abbess:       "Did the food meet your...satisfaction, Ershin?"

Ershin:       "...Look, you wanted to talk to a god, right?  If you ask me,
              this comes with the territory.  Every god needs an offering or
              two, right?  ...burp!"

Abbess:       "Very well, then...  Now will you tell us about Ryu and Ershin?"

Ershin:       "All right...  Ryu and I are not human.  We are Endless."

Ershin:       "Now, who here knows what that means?  How about you, little
              birdie?  Do you know?"

Nina:         "Um...Well...That means you were summoned here...  And you're
              what other people call dragons, or gods...Right?"

Ershin:       "Well I'll be...!  You do know!  Not bad, my little chickadee."

Ershin:       "We are called...  summoned from other worlds...And brought here.
              But do you know why we are called?  Well, do you, kitty?"

[Cray shakes his head.]

Ershin:       "All right, then, imagine the world as a giant ship.  What
              happens to the ship if there's no wind?"

Cray:         "Um...The ship can't move?"

Ershin:       "Very good.  Maybe there's hope for you yet.  Anyway, we're like
              that wind--we move the world. ...  Now, imagine what you could
              do it you could control that wind as you pleased.  Hmm?"

Abbess:       "That's why we have kept this village's location and what we
              we know a secret...Were the ability to summon The Endless fall
              into the wrong hands, it would be disastrous.  Whoever can
              control the dragons can control the world."

Abbess:       "Which is why I need to know--who betrayed our secret!?  Who
              summoned the two of you!?"

Ershin:       "... We were summoned by the Fou Empire."

Abbess:       "The Empire knows the Spell of Evocation?"

Ershin:       "Not exactly...  The Empire has come up with its own method of
              summoning.  That's how Ryu and I got here.  But it's not
              perfect.  They brought us here but we were incomplete."

Ershin:       "I wasn't able to manifest completelt and got stuck in that
              armor.  As for Ryu...  He was split into two by his summoning."

- - - - - - - - - -
/[2.04]  Prophecy/
<Switch to Fou-Lu>


[Fou-Lu goes out to leave the farming village.  A man stops him.]

Landlord:     "Hey!  Yer that fella that Mami's been takin' care of, ain'tcha?"

[The man doesn't notice that Mami has returned and is behind him.]

Landlord:     "Who are ya?  Where d' ya come from, eh?  We don't take kindly
              t'strangers 'ere..."

Mami:         "Ryong?  Ryong!"

Landlord:     "Mami...What'cha be doing with this 'ere..."

Mami:         (to Fou-Lu)  "I thought I tol' ye to stay in th' house an' rest!
              Ye should not be walkin about like this!"

Mami:         (to the man)  "This 'ere be my cousin.  His name's Ryong.  He was
              at Kyoin an' got 'urt, see?  He came back 'ere an' I been takin'
              care o' 'im."

Mami:         "'E'll be stayin' with me 'til 'e's better.  He, uh, got hit on
              the 'ead, so if'n he asks any funny questions, jus' be nice and
              answer them, OK?"

Mami:         "Come on, Ryong...  Let's go."

[Fou-Lu and Mami go back to the house.]

Mami:         "Oh boy...I di' no' mean for the landlord t'fin' out about

Fou-Lu:       "There wilt be repercussions?"

Mami:         "Well...It'll prob'ly be fine, long as we keep pretendin' ye be
              m' cousin...  Ye should be worryin' more about yerself than me!
              Yer wound ain't fully healed yet!  Ye shouldn't be walkin'
              around in th' first place!"

- - - - - - - - - -

<Swicth to Ryu>

Nina:         "Split in two?  What does that mean?"

Cray:         "You mean there's another Ryu out there somewhere?  Is he in the

Ershin:       "Yes...  But Ryu and his other half aren't separated only by
              distance...  They're separated by time as well."

Abbess:       "By time...?  Are you saying that Ryu's other half is...No!"

Ershin:       "Yes.  Ryu's other half--the other god-- is the first emperor
              of the Fou Empire... Fou-Lu."

- - - - - - - - - -

<Switch to Fou-Lu>

Mami:         "Callin' you m' cousin was the first thing I thought of...  But
              ye really be...  Ne'er mind...Forget I asked."

Fou-Lu:       "Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there came to this
              earth a god named Fou-Lu."

Fou-Lu:       "Many were the nations of the world then, and they didst make
              terrible war upon each other.  The peopleof those lands prayed
              to Fou-Lu, that he might create for them a world at peace,
              a world with no war."

[Mami stands up.]

Fou-Lu:       "Fou-Lu heard their plea, and gathered together the nations, and
              thus didst he forge them into an empire. and thus didst Fou-Lu
              became the First Emperor.  But then, after having used his
              powers to achieve this feat, he fell into a deep slumber.  For
              Fou-Lu was not complete...Not whole."

Fou-Lu:       "However, even as he dreamed, Fou-Lu realized a terrible truth.
              Even were he complete, he wouldst not be able to fulfill all
              the people's desires!  Indeed.  Any why not?  For people are..."

Mami:         "Umm...!"

Mami:         "I'm sorry...  I be just a simple farmer...  I dunnot ken what ye
              be saying...But..."

[Mami sits near Fou-Lu.]

Mami:         "But I canno' stand t' see ye look so sad..."

[The next day...]

[Fou-Lu wakes up.  He is alone.  He leaves the house and on the way, he
 encounters Mami.]

Mami:         "R-Ryong!"

Mami:         "Where ye be headin' off to?  Y'shouldn't be up--not yet..."

Fou-Lu:       "I must journey to the capital...To Chedo.  Wert thou wise,
              woman, thou wouldst have nothing more to do with me!
              Thou shouldst not involve thyself in mine affairs!"

Mami:         "B-but...  If'n I didn't want t'be...involvin' myself with you,
              I wouldn't've helped you in the first place!"

Voice:        "Arrrrgggghhhh!"

[A growl can be heard.  Fou-Lu goes to the woods and meets Papan, a
 huge mammoth monster.]

[He defeats Papan and it transforms into a harmless animal.]

Fou-Lu:       "T'would appear this be not a monster, but in truth a normal
              beast of the field...  Mayhap this is a result of exposure
              to the powerful aura of The Endless..."

[Fou-Lu goes back to the village.]

Villager 1:   "You kilt that thing?"

Villager 2:   "You the fella that Mami's been takin' care of ain'tcha?  I heard
              you's still lied up in bed all hurt, but looks like you're
              better now, eh?"

[Mami comes.]

Mami:         "Ryong!  Is you all right!?"

- - - - - - - - - -

<Switch to Ryu>

[Everyone is just outside the Abbess's house.]

Nina:         "But even if Ryu's other half is the First Emperor...  He's
              dead, right?  I mean, it's been centuries..."

Abbess:       "Not necessarily...  If he also is one of The Endless, he would
              not die so easily, and certainly not simply by the passing of

Cray:         "So...Where can we find him?"

Nina:         "Even if she knew, Ershin has been asleep ever since she
              finished eating."

Cray:         "Doesn't that beat all...  That kid's turning out to be more
              trouble than i thought...Maybe more than he's worth..."

Nina:         "Cray!  I don't think of Ryu as trouble to anything like that!"

Nina:         "Ryu is very special...  and we've just gotten caught up with
              him, that's all."

Nina:         "I don't know how to explain it very well, but...  The reason
              I'm here with Ryu right now is...  It's because I want to be!
              That's all!"

Cray:         "...Well...  No matter what, we need to find out more about
              what's going on.  And the only way to do that is to talk to
              Ershin some more...  Let's go--she should be awake by now."

[They enter the house.]

Nina:         "Ershin, wake up, please!"

Cray:         "Looks like she ain't getting up for nothin'!"

Abbess:       "Well, there is a way to wake her, but...  Forcing a god awake
              is not the safest thing to do...  Were she to wake up in a bad
              mood, the results could be...unpleasant for us."

Abbess:       "She can be woken the same way you freed her-- simply travel into
              her dreams, and wake her from there.  Do you want to try?"

-> 1: Yes
-> 2: Not now

1: <Correct answer>

2: Abbess:       Come back and tell me when you're ready, then."

- - - - - - - - - -

 ~~Ershin's Mind~~

[Moving on...]

Ershin:       "Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Ershin:       "Hee hee hee hee..."

[Ershin is lying on a beautiful bed surrounded by some macho servants.]

Ershin:       "Drat!"

[Ershin gets up.]

Ershin:       "I was just having a good dream, and you have to show up!  You
              humans have the worst manners...!"

Nina:         "Uh, I'm sorry, Ershin.  There's, um, something we wanted to
              as you..."

Ershin:       "Sigh...  Let me guess--'Oh, mighty goddess, tell us what we
              should do!'  Am I right?"

Ershin:       "Humph!  That's always the way it is, isn't it?  Can't figure
              it out for yourselves so you come pester us!"

Nina:         "I...I'm sorry..."

Ershin:       "What's up with this world, anyway?  I've never heard of a world
              where they needed to summon gods in the first place..."

Ershin:       "I mean, why can't you handle your own problems yourselves?
              Why do you have to drag us all the way here to do it for you!?
              ......  I guess there's no use complaining about it...  What's
              done is done."

Cray:         "Um, it's not that we don't know how you feel...  It's just that
              we're kind of at a loss as to what to do, you know?"

Ershin:       "I bet you are...  I guess I would be too, what with two
              incomplete gods following you around...  But understand this,
              my striped friend...  What happens to you is tied up with what
              happens to your little friend Ryu there."

Ershin:       "Ryu is the missing half of the Emperor...  He was meant to
              become one with the Emperor and use his power of the Empire's

Cray:         "If the Empire manages to control a god, it'll mean another war!
              We can't let them have that kind of power!"

Ershin:       "What will be, will be.  Still...  If part of the Emperor is
              in Ryu...  That means that part of Ryu is in the Emperor."

Ershin:       "The two halves will meet--that destiny cannot be changed.
              However, if Ryu is as strong as the Emperor then..."

Nina:         "...If he's as strong as the Emperor, you mean he might be able
              to stop the Emperor from doing what he wants?"

Ershin:       "Something like that, little bird."

Nina:         "But...  What do we have to do to make Ryu stronger?"

Ershin:       "Don't worry--there's a way.  For that, though, I'll need to
              wake up.  That means you have to get out of here.  I can't
              wake up as long as you're in my dreams."

[The party leaves Ershin's dreams.]

- - - - - - - - - -


Ershin:       "Yawn...  I could've used a little more sleep, but I guess
              there's work to be done.  Well, then, shall we go?"

Ershin:       "What did I just tell you?  You're going to need help if you
              want to ge through with this.  There's a shrine around here
              you use to summon The Endless, right?"

Abbess:       "What?...Oh, yes.  The Yorae shrine."

Ershin:       "OK, Ryu, that's where we're going.  We have to call the other

Ershin:       "Dragons were once gods, just like us.  You could say we're
              distant cousins.  We'll call them, and ask them to help you

Nina:         "Does this mean that you'll help Ryu as well, Ershin?"

Ershin:       "I suppose so...  It's not like I've got anythig better to do..."

Ershin:       "By the way, you can keep calling me Ershin if you want, but my
              real name os Deis."

Nina:         "Deis...?"

Deis:         "Ershin is what that armor called me.  I think it means "Master"
              in the language of the Empire."

Deis:         "Anyway, we need to be getting to the Yorae Shrine."

- - - - - - - - - -

[On their way to the Shrine, they hear a familiar voice from behind them.]

Ershin:       "Ershin!  Ershin...  Where are you going?  Why are you leaving
              Ershin behind?"

Deis:         "Oh brother...You mean you can still move?"

Ershin:       "It would appear so."

Deis:         "This is the armor I was trapped in, see?  Some of me..My power
              must have rubbed off on it, enabling it to move and talk by

Ershin:       "Hee hee...Heh heh.  I am saddened by the fact that you have
              left, Ershin."

Deis:         "Oh yeah?  I couldn't be happier now that I'm out of there.
              Good riddance, I say!"

Nina:         "Um...Ershin?  I mean, Deis?  Are you sure you want to just leave
              him?  Don't you want to take him with us?"

Deis:         "Are you kidding!?  You want me to get back inside that tin
              can!?  Forget it!"

Deis:         (at Ershin)  "You...You can just stay where you are.  You're
              a suit of armor--start acting like one!"

[Deis moves on.]

Ershin:       "Does this mean you no longer need Ershin?"

Nina:         "Huh?  Ummm... Well..."

Ershin:       "I see.  Heh heh heh heh!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  ......
              It would appear that was an inappropriate time to laugh."

Ershin:       "Nina...  What should I do in order to act like a suit of

Nina:         "Um...Well...Let me see...  Armor is meant to protect the person
              wearing it, right?  If you ask me, that's what acting like armor
              means.  For now, Ershin, I think you should wait in the village
              until we get back."

- - - - - - - - - -


[They reach the altar at the end.]

Deis:         "So...  This is where The Endless are summoned...  It's permeated
              with a powerful aura...I can feel it...  Countless gods...
              Dragons...  I bet we'll be able to speak to the dragons here."

Deis:         "Don't worry--it's not too hard.  Remember how you freed me from
              that armor?  It's just like that.  All right, here we go.  Close
              your eyes..."

[They close their eyes.]

- - - - - - - - - -

<Switch to Fou-Lu>


Fou-Lu:       "What is this!?  I feel a presence...  'Tis like unto one of the
              Endless...  doth it mean the time hath come?"

[The ground shakes.  Fou-Lu moves on.  He finds Mami.]

Mami:         "Ah!  Ryong..."

Fou-Lu:       "Is something amiss?"

Mami:         "The mountain over there's started smokin'...  Looks like it
              might be makin' ready t' blow..."

Villager:     "Whene'er that there mountain starts a-smokin', it means the
              god o' the mountain's angry at somethin'."

Fou-Lu:       "...God?"

Mami:         "A-yuh.  They say there be a god livin' inside the mountain.
              An' that if he gets angry, there'll be a horrible disaster...
              At leas', that's wha' the stories say..."

[Fou-Lu moves toward the exit of the village.]

Mami:         "Where ye be goin'?"

Fou-Lu:       "I doth wish to meet with this 'god'."

[Fou-Lu moves along.]

- - - - - - - - - -

 ~~Mt. Yogy~~

[A boulder is in the way.]

Fou-Lu:       "...A god, eh?"

[Fou-Lu gets rid of the boulder.]

[Moving on, Fou-Lu finds a golem.]

Fou-Lu:       "Thou are the one that claimeth to be a god?"

Marl:         "Me god.  Who you, tiny man?"

Fou-Lu:       "Thou art not a god. Thou are but a mere shadow...Something that
              hath drunk of the dregs of the power of gods and believe that
              doing so maketh you a god yourself.  Thou hast been affected by
              our and the others' power, that is all."

Marl:         "Me not understand puny man.  Puny man talk funny.  Does this
              puny man think me stupid?"

Fou-Lu:       "Perhaps...Perhaps the word needeth not gods?  What sayest thou?"

Marl:         "Puny man not making sense.  Me not understand puny
              man  Me kill puny man."

[Fou-Lu defeats Marl.]

Fou-Lu:       "The Endless are summoned to this sphere...  This changeth the
              very balance of Nature herself, flooding the world with energies
              both powerful and dangerous, and doth cause those beings easily
              influenced by it to think themselves gods..."

Fou-Lu:       "What then do mortals thinketh?"

[Fou-Lu goes down the mountain.]

Landlord:     "Wha...You!  What did you do!?"

Landlord:     "What'd you do to t'god o' the mountain!?  Normal folks don't be
              going around, doing stuff like that...  Who are ya?  No-- what
              are ya?"

- - - - - - - - - -

<Switch to Ryu>


[The dragons are summoned in Sinchon.  They are in their smaller forms.
 Deis is in her goddess appearance.]

Deis:         "I thought you'd show up if we called to you here.  You're the
              dragons that watch over this world, right?"

P'ung Ryong:  "Indeed, young dragon.  Thou hath already met us.
              P'ung Ryong, The Wind Dragon."

Deis:         "As you probably already know, I called you here so we could talk
              about Ryu here."

Ni Ryong:     "The Yorae Dragon...He whose role is not yet set."

Deis:         "As you know, Ryu is incomplete.  I'd like you to share your
              power with him...  If he is able to gain the powers of the
              ancient dragons, then maybe Ryu can become whole."

Sa Ryong:     "Whilst we do not seek to see thee fail in thine endeavor, Deis,
              know this...  Thou who art without form of thine own...

Ch'o Ryong:   "As thou art aware, the other half of the Yorae Dragon
              be the First Emperor of the Fou Empire, Fou-Lu."

Rock Dragon:  "Already, he hath awakened."

P'ung Ryong:  "Ryu shall become complete...  By joining with Fou-LU shall he do
              so.  This destiny he cannot escape."

Deis:         "What do you mean he can't escape it!?  We don't want him to join
              with his other half!  That's why we called you-- to help us
              prevent that from happening!"

Nina:         "Um...This might be a stupid question, but...  Why do you want to
              prevent Ryu from meeting the Emperor?  is it really that bad?"

Deis:         "...Listen, dear.  You remember what the Abbess in Chek told you
              about the 'pillars of light' and all, right?"

[Nina nods.]

Deis:         "Think about it for a second...  Here, we've got Ryu--just born
              fresh out of the gate.  On the other hand, we've got Fou-Lu,
              who built the Empire and has been alive for centuries.  Who light
              do you think is bigger?  Is stronger?"

Nina:         "You mean...If they merge, Ryu will be...  be swallowed up by
              Fou-Lu and disappear?"

P'ung Ryong:  "Hear us, Deis.  we who watcheth over this sphere must e'er
              strive to maintain a position of neutrality.  It matters not
              which becometh a god, does it not?"

Deis:         "It matters a lot to me!  Once he becomes a full god, I need Ryu
              to send me back to where I came from!"

P'ung Ryong:  "Thou wouldst use a god's power for thine own benefit?"

Deis:         "And how are the people in this world any different!?  They yank
              us from our worlds and make us into their gods!  They make us
              work for their benefit!"

[Deis assumes the body of the kid, Rhem.]

Deis:         "Are you tryng to tell me I should stay like this, in this
              borrowed body, forever!?"

- - - - - - - - - -

<Switch to Fou-Lu>


Landlord:     "Hey!  I wanna talk to'ya!  Not jus' anyone can pacify th' god o'
              th' mountain!"

Landlord:     "Who are ya!  What're ya doin' here!?  Mami says yer her cousin
              that been a guard in Kyoin, but I bet that ain't true, now is

Mami:         "Now, now...Don't be worrying yer head o'er little things like
              that...  We should just be glad that th' mountain's quited

Mami:         "Ryong...  Ye mus' be tired...  Go back home an' rest a spell
              now, eh?"

[Fou-Lu heads to Mami's place.]

Fou-Lu:       "Methinks it not be wise that thee...  That we persist in this...

[Mami enters.]

Mami:         "Ryong...  Don' let what th' landlord said bother ye...  All the
              folks in the village're thankful for what ye did...  An' so am

[Fou-Lu rests.  The next day...]

[Fou-Lu exits Mami's house.  Over at the village entrance, he sees the lardlord
 showing some Imperial troops to the village.]

Landlord:     "He...He be this way, sirrah."

Fou-Lu:       "T'would appear I must needs fight mine way out...  Nay...Mayhap
              I can still escape unnoticed by yon soldiers..."

[Fou-Lu re-enters Mami's place.]

Fou-Lu:       "What is this?  What matters is this village to me?  Why dost I
              hesitate?  My path be clear-- Defeat yon troops and make mine way
              to Chedo...  And yet..."


Soldier:      "So this is where you've been hiding him, eh?"

Landlord:     "H-hiding!?  We didn' know 'e was wanted!  I...I told all th'
              folks in the village t' get anything tha' could be used as a
              weapon...  We'll 'epl you capture 'im, all right?  Heh heh..."

[Mami runs toward the house.]

Landlord:     "Mami!?"

[Mami enters the house.]

Fou-Lu:       "Thou wouldst do such a thing?  Thou wouldst protect me--hinder
              their attempts to encage me?  Thou art taking a great risk.
              What whilst thy fellows think of thee?"

[Mami shuts the door.]

Mami:         "I knew...I knew as soon as I saw ye that there was sumthin'
              different about ye."

Mami:         "An' I thought, maybe if'n ye hid out here, with me...  Ye might
              be able t'live a normal life...With me...  I know it's silly--
              it canno' be...  But I wished so hard it would!  Forgive me...
              I ne'er shoulda make ye stay here...!"

Landlord:     (outside)  "Mami!  What ye be doin'!?  Open the door!!"

Mami:         "The oven wall be broken... Ye can crawil through it t'get
              outside...  Hurry!  When ye get outside, go t' th' shrine in th'
              woods.  Be careful they don' see ye.  There be a road behind th'
              shrine ye can use!  Go...Go, while ye still can!"

[Fou-Lu crawls through the crack in the wall and escapes from behind the

[Meanwhile, the Imperial troops have broken through the door.]

Soldier:      "There was only this woman inside!"

Yohm:         "You were hiding Fou-Lu, weren't you?  Did with him?
              Take her back to Astana.  We may be able to use her in the

- - - - - - - - - -

<Switch to Ryu>


P'ung Ryong:  "Thou sayest thou shall return to thine own world, Deis..."

Ni Ryong:     "Thou sayeth this as thou knowest not our way...  Once
              we hath served our purpose, once our time as gods hath passed,
              we become as you see us now--dragons."

Sa Ryong:     "And thus do we watch over the world.  'Tis our fate...  And

Deis:         "Fate!  You keep using that word!  Is that all you can talk
              about!?  Look, are you going to help us or not!?"

Deis:         "In case you've forgotten, unlike you, neither I nor Ryu are
              complete!  I for one have no intention of turning into some
              ugly dragon and spending the rest of my days watching over
              this stupid planet!"

Ch'o Ryong:   "Verily, thou art imperfect."

Rock Dragon:  "It be both in our power and nature to succor thee.  However..."

Ni Ryong:     "The Yorae Dragon... Ryu will meet with his other half fou-Lu.
              That destiny cannot be avoided!"

Sa Ryong:     "Before that destiny be fulfilled, seek thee our true selves that
              thee might gain our power."

Nina:         "Um...Where can we find you all?"

Sa Ryong:     "Once before we met, in the barren sands.  I regret any harm
              I may have caused thee then."

Ni Ryong:     "We live within and throughout the world.  Seek us out that thee
              might have our strength."

[The dragons, except P'ung Ryong, disappear.]

P'ung Ryong:  "When Ryu joins with his other half, mayhap our strength will
              be of use."

Deis:         "Just tell me one thing...  When you were all brought here,
              didn't any of you think about trying to get back home?"

P'ung Ryong:  "One cannot swim agains the river of fate, Deis.  Come what may,
              with Ryu, we shalt watch o'er the fate of this world."

[Ryu is now able to draw upon the Wind Dragon's power!
 Ryu learned: Rainstorm!]

Deis:         "Fate, huh?...  They make it sound like they wanted to come

Nina:         "Um, Deis?  Why do you want to return to where you came from so
              strongly?  is it because you don't like it here?  ...What about
              you, Ryu?"

Deis:         "Of course I want to get out of here!  Think about it, little
              birdie.  What would you do if you were suddenly pulled into
              some world you'd never even heard of, and asked to become their

Nina:         "I think...  I think I'd do my best to help the people of that

Deis:         "Oh, brother..."

[They leave Sinchon.]

- - - - - - - - - -


[Inside the Abbess's house...]

Ershin:       "Someone is knocking on my head, Ershin."

[The Abbess is knocking Ershin's head.]

Ershin:       "I had forgotten...  Ershin is no longer inside me."

Abbess:       "Thank goodness you're awake!"

Abbess:       "The Imperial Army is here!"


Rasso:        "They told me this was the village where the secret of
              summoning the dragons was kept.  I come all the way out here to
              see for myself..."

Rasso:        "And what do I find?  A deserted village!  Our sources told us
              the Yorae Dragon would be here..."

[In the Abbess's house...]

Abbess:       "They must have come here looking for Ryu!  I wouldn't be
              surprised if they're after who was with him as well-including
              you.  I had the village evacuated a while ago--they're safe.
              Come on--we should get out of here before they find us."

[The Abbess leaves.]

Ershin:       "Ha ha ha ha ha!  It would appear we have a problem."

[Ershin leaves the house.]

Soldier 1:     (at the Abbess) "Hey, you there!"

Soldier 2:    "H-huh!?"

[The soldiers see Ershin.]

Ershin:       "Ha ha ha ha!  It appears we have been discovered."

Abbess:       "Don't worry about me!  You've got to get away!  Run!"

Ershin:       "If someone told you to escape, leaving them behind, what would
              you do?"

Soldier 1:    "What would I do?  Huh?  What're you talking about?  Who the heck
              are you, anyway!?"

Ershin:       "Hmmmm...Since Ershin is no longer here, I find myself at a loss.
              I am unsure of what I should do."

Soldier 2:    "Huh?  Who cares!  Get him!"

[Ershin defeats the enemies.]

Abbess:       "Forgive me...If it weren't for me..."

[Ershin sits down and opens his lid.]

Ershin:       "I recommend grabbing on to me.  I will help you escape."

Rasso:        "Well I'll be...  Isn't that the same person who was with the
              dragon?  I knew he was here!  All of you--after that armor!"

[The soldiers surround Ershin.]

[Ershin defeats the soldiers.]

Rasso:        "Well...  You certainly did a lot of damage to my troops,
              didn't you?"

Rasso:        "However...  I'd be willing to forgive and forget if...  If you
              tell me where I might find your friend the dragon."

Ershin:       "It would be prudent not to tell you that information.  That
              is what Ershin says."

Rasso:        "It doesn't really matter...  Your friend can't have gotten
              too far--  they're probably hiding around here somewhere."

Rasso:        "I could take you hostage, and use you to draw them out..."

Rasso:        "But I don't like the way you look...Like a trash can.  You won't
              make a very good hostage."

[Rasso fires at Ershin.]
[Ershin is immobile on the ground.]

Rasso:        "And since I can find the dragon myself...  we won't be needing
              you anymore, no will we?  Ta-ta."

- - - - - - - - - -


[The party enters Chek.]

Cray:         "It's quiet...  Too quiet!"

[Ershin goes to them slowly.]

Nina:         "Ershin!"

[After a while...]

Abbess:       "It was the Imperial Army...They came to the village..."

Cray:         "What!?  You mean...  What happened to the people in the

Abbess:       "I was able to get them to hiding before the soldiers came.
              But Ershin...  He stayed behind to protect me."

Deis:         "He's used up almost all of his power reserves...  That's what he
              gets for trying to show off!"

Nina:         "Isn't there anything we can do to help him?"

Deis:         "Well, if I went back inside of him, that would give him enough
              energy to move around again...  But there's no way you're getting
              me back in there!  I've had enough of being trapped inside that
              tin can!"

Nina:         "Does that mean...  Does that mean Ershin... will... die?

Deis:         "Die?  How can he die!?  He's just a piece of armor--he wasn't
              even alive to begin with!"

Nina:         "How can you say that!?  How can you be so...  So cold!?"

Ershin:       ".......Ershin...  Ershin is ....correct.... I...I am but a suit
              of armor...  I received my power from Ershin...  I am glad I had
              the chance to experience life.  Ha ha ha...  Thank you,
              Ershin.  ha ha...Ha ha ha ha .........  was that... an
              appropriate time to laugh?"

[After some time...]

Cray:         "Well, if the Army's been here looking for us,  it's probably
              a good idea if we hightail it out of here ourselves.  Even so,
              I'm worried about the villagers."

Abbess:       "You mean...You think the Army might do something to them?"

Cray:         "We should probably go check on them in the morning.  It can't
              hurt, and we can leave after that."

[The next day...]

Abbess:       "...Good morning. Everyone should be in the abandoned village
              in the mountains to the north."

Abbess:       "The Army commander said they were looking specifically for the
              Yorae Dragon.  Even if it means leaving the villagers behind,
              you should make sure they don't capture you."

Abbess:       "Just remember to be careful.  Ryu may be a dragon, but he is not
              whole.  you cannot count on his power to save you...Understand?"

- - - - - - - - - -

[The party moves on.]

[They camp for the night.]

Cray:         "At this rate, we should get to the abandoned village by
              tomorrow...  I just hope the Empire hasn't found anybody yet..."

[Cray approaches Nina.]

Cray:         "Nina... I know you might think this is a little harsh, but...
              You've got to remember...  Ershin is...Was nothing more than a
              suit of armor to begin with."

Nina:         "What does that mean, Cray?  Does that mean the Ershin we knew
              never existed?"

Nina:         "I can't believe that...I don't want to believe it..."

Nina:         "I'm sorry...What am I talking about?  We've got the people
              from the village to worry about..."

-Cray:        "Looks like Nina's getting a little worked up...  I guess I
              can't blame her...  I kind of know how she feels, I guess."

-Scias:       "D-During the w...  the war, a l-lot of people died...  There
              was no t-time to g-grieve..."

-Nina:        "I wonder...Where did the Ershin we knew go?  Is it a different
              place from where we go when we die?"

[The party rests.]

- - - - - - - - - -



Deis:         "I'll never understand humans...  They hate each other...  They
              kill one another...  They do horrible things to themselves and
              their fellow human beings without a second thought..."

Deis:         "And yet...  They feel compassion and sympathy for this...
              An animated suit of armor--something that shouldn't even be

Abbess:       "Perhaps...  Perhaps it is because we know that it too will
              pass...  It is because everything must come to an end that it
              can be said to be beautiful."

- - - - - - - - - -

[Ryu wakes up from Nina's scream.  He leaves the tent and finds Imperial

Ursula:       "You're Ryu, aren't you?  I am Ursula, of the Fou Imperial Army."

Ursula:       "We know you are the Yorae Dragon.  You will come with us--now."

Cray:         "What's happened to the villagers!?  What have you done with

Cray:         "Did you torture them to find out about us!?  Huh!?  I swear,
              if you've harmed even one of them, I'll..."

Ursula:       "What are you talking about?"

Cray:         "Don't play games with us!  Just look at what you did to Ershin!
              That tells me all I need to know about you!"

Nina:         "Please...Listen to me.  If you follow this trail, there's an
              abandoned village. That's where the people from Chek are hiding."

Nina:         "Just let us go there and make sure they're all right!  Please!"

- - - - - - - - - -

  ~~Abandoned Village~~

Rasso:        "Ursula!?  I don't believe it!  The Yorae Dragon!"

Rasso:        "You were able to get away from me, but not Ursula, eh little

Ursula:       "What are you doing here, Captain Rasso?"

Rasso:        "Hoooo  What's that tone I hear in your voice, Captain Ursula
              ma'am?  Feeling a little superior because we found the dragon
              first, are we?"

Rasso:        "What am I doing here?  Isn't it obvious?  Looking for the
              dragon--as per orders!"

Ursula:       "I have been told that there are people somewhere here in these
              ruins...  Have you seen them?"

Rasso:        "Well, gee, let me think..."

[A child passes by and collapses behind Rasso.  Ursula comes to the child's

Rasso:        "I just asked them where I might find the dragon."

Ursula:       "You would use force against innocent women and children!?"

Rasso:        "What is it to you if I do?  They don't matter....  Their lives
              mean nothing."

Nina:         "You're wrong."

Nina:         "Every life is important!  Every life has meaning.  How can you
              say such a thing!?"

Rasso:        "Ha ha ha!  How touching, Princess.  How compassionate, how
              caring...How dross.  Who are you to talk to me in such a way?
              Just because you got lucky once, don't think you can talk down
              to me like that."

Rasso:        "Ooohhh, look at the scary dragon!  Come on, boy...Don't be
              afraid--show me what you can do."

Ursula:       "What are you doing!?  Our orders are to find the dragon and
              return with him to the Empire!"

Rasso:        "You don't have to remind me what our orders are! They don't
              say he has to be in one piece, though.  I figure we can make him
              a little more... cooperative, if you know what I mean!"

[A warrior spirit descends from above.]

Rasso:        "Come now--let's settle our score.  I don't like losing..."

[The party fights Ight, the warrior spirit.  In the middle of the fight, Ryu
 transforms into a dragon.]

Rasso:        "He...he's out of control!"

[The Kaiser Dragon breathes fire at Rasso and Ight.]

[After the fire, Rasso and the warrior spirit cannot be seen anymore.]

Ursula:       "Wha...What are you doing!?  Arrest them!"

[The dragon takes out the soldiers.]

Ursula:       "Why you...!"

[Ursula aims at the dragon.]

Ursula:       "Uh...uhhh..."

Ryu:          "Aaaahhhhhh...."

Ryu:          "Uuuurrrrrraaaahhh!!"

[Nina grabs onto Ryu.]

Nina:         "Ryu!  Ryu, stop!"

- - - - - - - - - -

              Watching what happened, I
              knew that something was not
              right in the world.
              That something...was out of
              And, for the first time,
              when looking at a dragon...

              I felt afraid.

+ Chapter III:  Streams                                                       +
/[3.01]  Awakenings/
<Switch to Fou-Lu>


Villager:     "Wh...What're ya still doing around here!?"

Fou-Lu:       "What of the woman!?"

Villager:     "She let herself go and be arrested so's that you could get
              away!  If she means anythin' to ya, ya gotta get outta here!

Villager:     "If them soldiers find ya, all o' us are gonna get in trouble!
              Ya gotta leave-- go on, get!"

[Fou-Lu receives Ivory Bangle from the villager.]

Villager:     "That's all I can do for ya.  There be an old shrine, like a
              sanctum, on th' other side o' the woods.  I hear that if ya
              goes inside it, it leads to some town or somethin' somewheres."

- - - - - - - - - -

[Fou-Lu heads for the sanctum to the south.]


              Ye who would enter this place, prepare ye a sacrifice

Fou-Lu:       "Humph!  Methinks this be a false god, one that doth borrow
              the name of a true god, that it may cower mortals into
              proffering unto it that which it would otherwise be unable to

[A beast goes near Fou-Lu.]

Fou-Lu:       "Hold...T'would seem to be the very beast that hath been changed
              by falling under the shadow of my power... Thou...hast followed

[The beast seems to be fond of Fou-Lu.]

Fou-Lu:       "What?  What dost thou in thy earnestness attempt to do?"

[The beast tries to make an entrance by banging its head at the door.]

Fou-Lu:       "Hold!  Enow!"

[The beast continues to bang the door until loses conciousness.
 The door opens.]

Fou-LU:       "Why?  Why wouldst thou sacrifice thyself for me?"

Fou-Lu:       "Humph!  T'would appear that regardless of mine own desire, I
              affect the lives of innocents, pulling them along with me as if
              caught up in some mighty river's current...  Verily, a river...
              For is it not the nature of the Endless to shape the course of
              the world itself?"

[Fou-Lu goes in.]

[Moving on, he finds a crystal.]

Fou-Lu:       "What is this!?...  Do mine eyes deceive me?  No! 'Tis a dragon!
              One whose shell hath faded with the years, leaving its very
              essence only..."

[Fou-Lu gets the Water Gem Dragon Crystal!  He gains the power of the Serpent!]

[Fou-Lu reaches the other side of the shrine.]

- - - - - - - - - -


Fou-Lu:       "'Tis quiet here... Indeed, almost unnaturally so..."

[Fou-Lu coughs.]

Fou-Lu:       "Hold!  What is this sense of foreboding that assails me?"

- - - - - - - - - -

[Meanwhile, the Empire has been doing something to Mami.]

Yuna:         "Well.  Has the sarcrifice been properly prepared?"

Man:          "Yes, Lord Yuna.  We can proceed at any time."

Yuna:         "Excellent."

[Yuna leaves.]

[Yuna heads to a control room.]

Yuna:         "You may fire when ready, General Yohm."

Yohm:         "Very well.  Prepare the Carronade!  Target...  The southern
              continent--the Soma Forest!"

Yohm:         "Carronade armed!"

Yohm:         "Fire!"

- - - - - - - - - -


Fou-Lu:       "Argh!  This...What is this malefic prescence!?"

Fou-Lu:       "'Tis a hex!"

[The energy from the Carronade rains down on Fou-Lu.
 After a while, the forest darkens.]

Fou-Lu:       "The mortals... wouldst use this against us?"

[Fou-Lu weakens.]

Fou-Lu:       "A weapon so powerful... That simply using it dost place them
              in jeopardy...?"

Fou-Lu:       "Verily...Their folly is greater than even I hadst thought..."

[Something shiny falls down near Fou-Lu.]

Fou-Lu"       "Ha ha ha ha...  Bwah ha ha ha ha!"

- - - - - - - - - -

<Switch to Ryu>

[Nina is looking at Ryu as he sleeps.  Then, she goes to where Cray and Scias
 are.  They tied Ursula.]

Cray:         "How is he?"

Nina:         "He's back to normal.  He's sleeping for now."

Ursula:       "What are you planning on doing with that dragon?  Are you going
              to use him to go war on the Empire!?"

Cray:         "Is that all you Imperial types can think about!?  I hate to
              burst your bubble, but we're not like you...  We have no
              interests in  fighting with you..."

Ursula:       "Is that so!?  I've heard that the only reason there is no
              permanent truce between us is because Ludia keeps arguing over
              the details!"

Cray:         "So?  Nothing's wrong with that!  What about your friend Rasso
              did, huh!?"

Cray:         "Torturing innocent people...  And the way he was chasing after
              Ryu and baiting him like that, it's no wonder he went berserk!"

Cray:         "I don't care what you say...  There's no way I'll let the Empire
              get ahold of a dragon!"

Nina:         "Cray...I've been thinking about what happened...  We all saw
              how Ryu lost control like that.  I wonder...Is it because he's
              not whole?  I mean, maybe because of that, he's...  I don't know,
              unstable or something."

Nina:         "So maybe if he were to meet with the other Ryu, the one in the

Cray:         "Are you crazy!?  Are you saying we should just hand Ryu over
              to the Empire!?"

Nina:         "No, not hand him over...  I mean go with him into the Empire

Nina:         "We were told that it is Ryu's destiny to meet with the First
              Emperor, right?  If that's true, then why don't we seek him out
              instead of waiting for him to come to us?"

Nina:         (to Ursula)  "Besides, if we say we're going to go peacefully,
              then we won't have to fight with you anymore, will we?"

Ursula:       "Um...Hmmm..."

Cray:         "Well...I guess you've got a point.  Let's see what the Abbess
              has to say about this.  There's just one thing...  What are we
              going to do about her?"

[Scias draws his sword and frees Ursula from being tied.]

Scias:        "It's not g-g..  It's not g-good t-t-to t-t-tie up women."

Cray:         "Um...Right...Anyway, let's get back to Chek.  Do you think Ryu
              can move, Nina?"

[Nina checks on Ryu.]

Cray:         (to Ursula)  "And don't even think about trying anything funny,
              OK, girl?"

Ursula:       "My name is Ursula."

- - - - - - - - - -


[They talk to the Abbess.]

Abbess:       "So...You intend to go to the Empire after all."

Nina:         "Yes...  I think that maybe the reason Ryu did...what he did
              is because he's not whole...Because he's divided."

Abbess:       "Hmmm...It makes sense...An incomplete god would not have
              full control of his power.  I take it your plan then is to
              journey to the Empire, and find the other Ryu--the First Emperor,
              that is--in hope that doing so will give Ryu control over his
              power.  Is that it?"

Ursula:       "First Emperor?  Are you talking about the God Emperor?
              Fou-Lu?  I hate to tell you this, but Fou-Lu, Father of the
              Empire, may his name be blessed, is dead!  He founded the Empire
              centuries ago!  You won't find anything of him except maybe his

Nina:         "We know who he is.  We also know that Fou-Lu is like Ryu...
              They are both Endless, both...gods."

Ursula:       "I don't really know what you're talking about... And I'm not
              sure I want to know.  but you're asking me to help you get to
              the Empire, right?"

Nina:         "Yes...  So we can find the other Ryu."

Ursula:       "Humph!  I don't care why you want to go.  My mission is to bring
              the dragon back to the Empire.  And that's what I intend to do!
              The fact that he wants to go himself simply makes my life, and
              his, a little easier."

Cray:         "Huh?  I wouldn't be cool if I were you!  Take a look around...
              you're basically our prisoner!"

Ursula:       "Is that so?  I don't remember you capturing me.  Care to try?"

Nina:         "...At any rate, with your help, Ursula, it shouldn't be too hard
              to get to the Empire, right?"

Abbess:       "I just realized something.  We haven't yet told Deis about
              what's happened.  She's probably sleeping somewhere in the
              village.  You should find her and wake her up."

[The party finds Deis (Rhem's body) lying beside Ershin's armor.]

Deis:         "Mmmm...  Oh, it's you.  Wait just a minute, OK?"

[Ershin suddenly moves.]

Deis:         "There we go.  I figured that if I'm going to go with you, it's
              easier this way.  Don't get the wrong idea!  It's not because I
              enjoy being in this armor or anything!  I can't go around
              borrowing that girl's body forever anyway."

Deis:         "There's not much I can do by myself anyway...  I mean, what
              good's a god without a body, eh?  It's up to you, Ryu."

Deis:         "Well, let's get this show on the road, then!  You're going to
              the Empire, right?  We better get down from this mountain then."

Deis:         "Don't worry about Rhem.  She's just sleeping, that's all.  I
              must have worn her out.  Come on, then, let's go!"

[Ryu and the others went ahead of Ershin/Deis.]

Ershin:       "Ershin!  Ershin, you've come back!  Thank you!"

Deis:         "Oh...You're awake, eh?  I decided to stick around with them for
              a while longer.  That means I'll need you again.  Hope you don't

Ershin:       "Of course not, Ershin!  Ha ha...Ha ha ha ha!"

Deis:         "What're you laughing for!?  I didn't come back because I
              wanted to!"

Ershin:       "......Yes, Ershin.  I am just gladdened by your return.  Ha ha
              ha ha ha!"

[Ershin moves on.]

Deis:         "Sigh...All right, all right...Enough already.  Listen to
              me--from now on, I want you to call me Deis, OK?"

Ershin:       "Yes, Ershin."

Deis:         "What did I just tell you!?  Things'll get too confusing if we
              both use that name.  You can have it, all right?"

- - - - - - - - - -

 ~~Mt. Ryft~~

[They get on a raft.]

[HELP]:       Use the Right/Left byttons to maneuver the raft down the river.
              Everytime you hit the bank, a little piece of the raft will come
              loose.  If the raft is completely destroyed, you'll have to
              start over, so be careful!  You can get extra points by
              picking up the bags you see floating in the river.

[After the raft ride...]

Nina:         "Well...  At least we were able to make it down the mountain!"

Cray:         "Right...  Now all we have to worry about is figuring out how to
              get a sandflier so we can get across the desert."

Nina:         "That's right...  Our sandflier was destroyed by the Sand Dragon,
              wasn't it?  With all that's happened since then, I'd almost
              forgotten about that."

Cray:         "Well, for now we should probably head for Shyde...  We might
              be able to hire a sandflier there."

- - - - - - - - - -


[In a house, they find a blue mannillo sells sandfliers.]

Manillo:      "You're looking for a sandflier?  Well, sure, we've got them,
              but they're not cheap!  If you don't have enough money to buy
              one, you should ask one of the traveling merchants to let you
              ride on one of theirs.  If you wait, one should be along soon

[They leave the house.  They saw a flier about to leave.]

Cray:         "Drat!  The 'flier's already leaving!"

Ursula:       "It's a simple enough task to stop it."

[Ursula runs and Scias follows her.  They hop aboard the leaving sandflier.]

Cray:         "Wh....What are you doing to do!?"

Voice from flier:  "Thieves!  Hijackers!"

[Noises can be heard.]

Voice from flier:  "Whoa!!"

[Ryu and the others see two of the sandflier's crew leaving.
 They go to the sandflier's location.]

Marlok:       "What do you zink you are doing, eh?"

[Ursula and Scias capture Marlok.]

Marlok:       "It would zeem you 'ave a new line of work, yes?  You go to zee
              Empire and come back as robbers?  Well, at least you are keeping
              busy, eh?"

Cray:         "Uh...Sorry, Marlok.  We meant to ask if we could have a ride,

Nina:         "We're sorry, Mr. Marlok.  We need to get back to Hesperia and
              we're looking for a sandflier to take us there."

Marlok:       "If all you want is a sandflier, zere are ways to get zem wizout
              attacking people, you know.  If you go to Shyde zey sell zem
              zere, no?"

Cray:         "Well...We...Um...  We don't have that kind of money."

Marlok:       "I see.  I 'ave 'erd zat money is zee root of all evil, but in
              your case zee opposite seems to be true."

Cray:         "Please, Marlok... We need your help again.  We've got to have
              a sandflier!  We'll do anything you ask...Any job you want!"

Marlok:       "What do you zink I am, a charity service?  I am a busy Manillo
              yes?  I do not 'ave zee time to be giving you a ride whenever
              you are needing one!"

Marlok:       "Still...  I would not want someone zat I know to become a zief.
              It would be bad for my reputation, no?"

Marlok:       "So, I will 'elp you buy a sandflier.  'Ow's zat?  Ere--take

[The party receives: Bond!]

Nina:         "Wh...What!?  You mean it, Mr. Marlok!?  Thank you!"

- - - - - - - - - -

[Marlok and his crew leave.  Aboard their sandflier...]

Marlok:       "You know why I... I, zee great Marlok, loaned zem zee money
              zey needed?  Hm?"

Marlok:       "......  It is because I see zem doing great things.  Zey have
              a destiny ahead of zem...  And I intend to be zere to collect
              zey realize it!"

- - - - - - - - - -

Cray:         "I don't believe it.  Who would've thought that greedy old
              trader would do something like that!?"

Nina:         "I know what you mean...  Still, now that we've got the money,
              let's sure use it!"

[They go back to the Manillo businessman's house.]

Manillo:      "What!?  You want to buy a sandflier?"

Manillo:      "Huh!?  This Bond...  One......four...Six...Wow!  That's a lot of

[After some time...]

Manillo:      "Thanks for waiting!  Here's your very own sandflier!  Before I
              can let you take it out, though, I need you to read the operating
              instrictions.  Safety regulations--you understand."

[HELP]:       Use the Right/Left buttons to control the heading of the
              sandflier.  Press the (O) button to accelerate.  You will
              continue to accelerate for as long as you push the button.
              Press the (X) button to brake.  The brakes will begin to work as
              soon as the button is pressed.  You can jump by driving over the
              sand dunes in the desert.  Try moving the directional buttons
              in a circle while jumping!

Manillo:      "You'll get the hang of it soon enough once you try it out.
              If you forget, or have any questions, come back any time.  Have
              a safe trip!"

[The Manillo leaves.]

[They ride the sandflier.]

- - - - - - - - - -

<Sidequest: Mud Dragon>

[They find the Mud Dragon in the area north of the Dam.]

Ni Ryong:     "I...a, Ni Ryong.  From the bottom of the Sea of Mud, I watched
              o'er this world.  I hear the earth speaking in her dreams, and
              I doth guide the boundaries of the land.  Tell me, young Yorae
              Dragon...Dost thou need my strength?"

-> 1: Please help me!
-> 2: Not right now

1: <Correct answer>

2: Ni Ryong:     "So be it...  I shall continue my vigil...Alone..."

Ni Ryong:     "Very well...  Let us then stand witness to the fate of the
              world together..."

[Ryu is now able to draw upon the Mud Dragon's power!  He learns: Mud Flow!]

- - - - - - - - - -

<Sidequest: Grass Dragon>

[They head to Tarhn's tent in the great plains.]

Tarhn:        "What?  You've come to meet with the Grass Dragon?  Yes, it's
              true he lives here, but not in any one place.  If you want to
              find him, you should look for a shining bird and follow it."

[They meet with the Grass Dragon.]

Ch'o Ryong:   " Ch'o Ryong, from the boundless plains, I watcheth o'er
              this world.  I knoweth the cycle of the seasons, the rythm of the
              earth, and I can counteth e'ery drop of rain as it falleth.  Tell
              me, young Yorae Dragon...Dost though needeth my strength?"

-> 1: Please help me!
-> 2: Not right now

1: <Correct answer>

2: Ch'o Ryong:    "So be it...  I shall continue my vigil...Alone..."

Ch'o Ryong:   "Very well...Let us then stand witness to the fate of the world
[Ryu is now able to draw upon the Grass Dragon's power!  He learns: Healing

- - - - - - - - - -


Guard:        "I don't know who you are, but can't use the Causeway.  Some
              people caused some trouble here a while back...  They did
              something to the gateway and caused it to shut down."

[The party returns to the sandflier.]

Ursula:       "What!?  You mean it was you who snuck into the Causeway and
              started the big fight there!?  You didn't stop to think what
              effect that might have on the gateway device, did you?  I don't
              know what to say..."

Ursula:       "Huh?  Who's there!?"

[They spot a man near their sandflier.]

Man:          "Hey--is this your sandflier?"

Man:          "Really?  Look, I need to get to Shikk.  Think you could take
              me?  I need to get to Hesperia, but the Causeway's not working,
              right?  I hear there's like a big lake or something near Shikk
              that goes all the way to the western continent.  So I figure
              if I can get to Shikk, I should be able to get to Hesperia
              one way or another.  So, what do you say?  Will you take me

Man:          "Really?  Thanks a lot!"

- - - - - - - - - -

[They reach the Shikk region.  They camp.]

Man:          "Thanks a lot for your help!  I can walk the rest of the way
              from here.  Thanks again.  Whoops!  I almost forgot...  Here--
              it's not much but let me give you this as a thank-you."

[The party receives Silver Top.]

Man:          "By the way, a friend of mine named Stoll's around here
              somewhere...If you see him, tell him I said hi, all right?  See
              you around!"

Cray:         "We should be getting on to Shikk and see if we can find some
              way to get to Levant."

[Ursula aims her gun.]

Ursula:       "That's simple--all we need is a ship, right?"

-Ursula:      "Looks like we have to take the long way around.  Still, I don't
              care how we get back as long as we do."

-Ershin:      "Ershin says she hopes we can find a way to get to the West from

-Scias:       "I've n-never seen an ocean w-without any m-m-mud."

- - - - - - - - - -

<Sidequest: Sand Dragon>

[While riding the sandflier, they find an oasis on the road between
 Shyde and Shikk.]

Sa Ryong:     " Sa Ryong.  I watcheth o'er this world, and all things
              within it.  Not e'en a single grain of sand in this, my desert,
              shifts without my knowing it.  Tell me, young Yorae Dragon...
              Dost thou needeth my strength?"

-> 1: Please help me!
-> 2: Not right now

1: <Correct answer>

2: Sa Ryong:      "So be it...  I shall continue my vigil...Alone..."

Sa Ryong:     "Very well...Let us then stand witness to the fate of the world

[Ryu is now able to draw upon the Sand Dragon's power!  He learns: Onslaught!]

- - - - - - - - - -


Huge Man:     "Say there...  You folks wouldn't be thinking about trying to get
              to Shikk, would you?"

Huge Man:     "You won't be able to get through--they won't let you!
              Apparently, some of the Alliance countries are fighting with each
              other, so Shikk's closed the road!"

[Ursula aims her gun.]

Ursula:       "We'll wait until dark, then attack.  We should be able to handle
              the guards easily."

Nina:         "Um...Ursula?  I don't know if that's such a good idea."

Ursula:       "Why not?  If we strike in the dark, the advantage is ours."

Cray:         *facepalm*  "Let's try to keep things a little more quiet, OK?
              Ryu, you keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't do anything
              stupid, all right?"

[Ryu nods.]

Cray:         "I mean, sure, there might be a littl misunderstanding right now,
              but we're still on the same side, right?  I bet they'll let us
              through if we just talk to them."

[Cray goes to the guards.]

Guard 1:      "Huh?  Wait a minute!  You're Cray aren't you!  Chief of the

Guard 2:      "It is him!  He's wanted by the Ludian Kingdom!  If we let him
              through we'll be in a lot of trouble!"

Guard 1:      "No kidding!  Come on, let's get him out of here!"

Cray:         "Whoa!"

[Cray defeats the guards.]

[More guards appear.  Cray runs back to the others.]

Cray:         "I'm sorry..."

Nina:         "It's all right...  Besides, I was thinking..."

Nina:         "Couldn't we somewhow use those wagons to get over the gate?"

Cray:         "Huh?  Hmmm...  Maybe.  Let's give it a try."

[The party gets past the checkpint by jumping on the wagons.]

- - - - - - - - - -


[They talk to a sailor named Zig.]

Zig:          "Whaaat!?  You wanna ride on our ship?  Hey, I dunno who you
              think you are, but we don't let jus' anyone on our ship, y'know!
              Besides...  We can't let anyone who doesn't have the blessing
              of the God of the Sea come with us--it's bad luck!  Now be off
              with ya!"

- - - - - - - - - -


Sailor:       "What!?  You want the blessing of the God of the Sea so you can
              become sailors yourselves!?  Well then, that's a different story,
              now isn't it?  Go on ahead."

[They get a Wave Stone at the end of the cave and throw it at a spring.
 A pillar of light comes out of the spring.]

Hae Ryong:    "So...We meet again, young Yorae Dragon.  We are Hae Ryong...
              One of the dragons of old..."

Nina:         "So the God of the Sea is just an avatar of one of the dragons?"

Hae Ryong:    "Forsooth.  Though our powers be faded with time, there art many
              of us who are glorified as deities still..."

Nina:         "Um, we came here because we, um, need a ship..."

Hae Ryong:    "Thou seekest my blessing?  Very well.  Thou shalt have it.
              Once thou walk the whaleroad, seek us out.  We shall give you
              another blessing thenm young dragon.  We dwell in the wild
              deep places, those protected by hard rock and stone.  Bend your
              sails there, and thou shalt find us."

[The party receives: Salt Stone!  They can show it to the sailors as proof
 they've received the Sea God's blessing!]

- - - - - - - - - -


Zig:          "Whaaat!?  You say you went to the Fane of the Sea God!?  Well
              I'll be... This is a Salt Stone!  If you have this, it means the
              God of the Sea must have appeared to you!  This must be an
              omen...  A sign of the God of the Sea's wishes...  All right
              then, who am I to argue with the God of the Sea?  You can come
              with us on our ship if you want!"

[They leave the bar and go to where the ship is docked.]

Zig:          "Whoa!  Wait just a minute there...  Don't tell me these ladies
              here are coming too?"

Cray:         "Why wouldn't they?  You got a problem with that?"

Zig:          "Yeah...I do.  We can't let women on board our ship!"

Zig:          "It's an old sailor's rule--no women!  It's bad luck!  So, I'm
              sorry, but you'll just have to wait here!"

Nina:         "Um...But...Isn't there anything we can do?  I mean, we've been
              through a lot just to get here.  No matter how bad it might be,
              I'm sure we can handle it!"

Zig:          "Nope!  Not a chance!  Look, it's nothing personal, but 
              sailing is a man's job!  A sailor needs to be brave, determined,
              and strong..."

Kahn:         (off-screen) "Exactly!"

[Kahn is standing on the mast of the ship.]

Kahn:         "Whew!  Haaaaa!  We meet again, eh?  After you defeated me the
              second time, I wander the world until I came here, where I
              became a sailor!  A sailor is a man's man!  It's not a job for
              the weak!  Only a real man can become a sailor!  And now I'm
              gonna show you exactly what a real man can do!"

Zig:          "You friends of his or something?  He came here a little while
              ago...  We gave him a job cleaning the ship."

Ursula:       "Hey.  You there.  You were just talking about how a sailor has
              to be strong.  If we take him out, will that be proof enough that
              we're strong?"

Zig:          "Huh?  Ummm...  Ahhh..."

[Ursula fires at Kahn.]

Kahn:         "Gack!"

[Kahn falls into the water.]

Ursula:       "......Well?"

Zig:          "Well...That's not exactly what I had in mind...  See, I'm
              talking about more like physical strength...  Like what if we
              run into pirates, and you have to fight while on the masts or
              something?  Think you can do that?"

Nina:         "Um, all right.  I'll do it."

[Nina and a sailor gets on the mast.]

Iggy:         "W...Well?  How do you like being so high up?  Pretty scary,
              isn't it?  You can still quit if you want to!"

Nina:         "The view from here is wonderful!"

Nina:         "Oh, I forgot!  We're here to fight, aren't we?  I'm ready
              anytime you are, Mr. Iggy.  May the best, person win!"

[HELP]:       You can win if you can push Iggy off the mast before time runs
              out.  Press the (X) button to jump.  If you jump on his head, it
              will stun him for a moment.  Use the (SQUARE) button to build
              up speed to ram him!

[Nina rams Mr. Iggy down the mast and wins.]

Zig:          "Um......  OK, OK, you've made your point.  I can see how strong
              you are.  But, I still don't think you can handle the open sea.
              I mean, you don't know what it's like..."

Nina:         "Then show us!  We'll do anything!  Don't worry--whatever
              is is, we can handle it!"

Zig:          "Well...If you say so... I know a way I can show you what
              it's like on a ship...  But I'm warning you, it ain't pretty!
              Don't say I didn't warn you!"

[Nina looks at Ursula then nods.]

Zig:          "All right then, come talk to me when you think you're ready.
              I'd quit now if I was you, though..."

[The party gets ready and talks to Zig.]

Zig:          "So you still want to go through with this, eh?  I figured you
              would.  All right then...  Come with me."

[Zig shows Nina and Ursula inside.]

Zig:          "This is the way to the hold.  That's where you'll be spending
              the night."

Zig:          "You might think that'll be easy...  But it's pretty creepy
              down there.  It's dark, and wet, and who knows what lives down
              there.  When that Kahn fellow showed up, we put him down there
              too.  He was crying like a baby!  If you want to quit, this is
              your last chance..."

Nina:         "No!  We'll do it! But remember, a promise is a promise!  If we
              stay there all night, you have to let us on board!"

[Nina and Ursula goes down the hold.]

Nina:         "Me and my big mouth...  I had no idea it would be this dark,
              or this humid down here...  It really is kind of creepy down
              here, isn't it, Ursula?"

Nina:         "I wonder...  Think there are any ghosts or anything down here?"

Ursula:       "Who knows?  I've heard that they usually appear in dark, dark

[They hear a creepy sound.]

Ursula:       "That was just the hull creaking... Wasn't it?"

[A ghost appears behind Nina and attacks them.]

[Nina and Ursula defeats the enemy.]

Nina:         "Wow!  That really frightened me!"

[Outside the hold...]

Iggy:         "I'll bet they come running out of there scraming any minute
              now, eh Capt'n?"

[Back at the hold...]

Nina:         "There...There aren't any more, are there?"

Ursula:       "If that's the worst of it, it's not as bad as I imagined.
              Losing your head and giving into fear is a good way to get
              yourself killed in battle."

[A rat passes behind Nina.]

Nina:         "Whoa!  Um, Ursula?  Would you mind not moving your tail like
              that?  It tickles..."

Ursula:       "What?  I'm not moving my tail..."

[Nina and Ursula stand and find a lot of rats from where they were seated.
 They get rid of the rats.]

Nina:         "Haaaa...I was just thinking...  I'm glad I'm here with you,
              Ursula.  I couldn't have asked for a better partner!"

Nina:         "I've heard about people who aren't afraid of ghosts, but can't
              stand rats.  Or people who can't eat broccoli, no matter what...
              What about you, Ursula?"

Ursula:       "I'm not afraid of ghosts...Or rats, for that matter.  I like

[The ship rocks and something falls from the ceiling.]

Ursula:       (shaking)  "Wh...What's that!?"

Nina:         "I-I've heard about those...They're called sea lice..."

Ursula:       "L-l...Lice!?"

Nina:         "I-it's all right...  They don't bite or anything like that..."

[The ship rocks again and more lice falls down.]

[Ursula screams.]

[The next day, at the pub...]

Cray:         "I wonder how Nina and Ursula are doing...  Maybe we should go
              check on them..."

[Cray, Ryu, Scias, and Ershin talk to Zig.]

Zig:          "Those girls are tougher than I thought!  They made it through
              the whole night."

[Inside the ship, Nina and Ursula leave the hold.]

Nina:         "Are you all right, Ursula?"

Nina:         (To the sailor)  "All right, you'll let use on board now,
              won't you?"

Kryrik:       "Ummm...That's up to Zig to decide!"

[Nina and Ursula leave the ship.]

Nina:         "Ryu!  Cray!"

Cray:         "You're looking a little pale there, Captain.  You all right?"

Ursula:       "I...I'm fine!"

Zig:          "Well, I must say I'm impressed.  You're strong...  You're
              brave...  You girls are really something!"

Nina:         "Does this mean you'll let us on board, then?  Mr. Zig...?"

Zig:          "All right, all right--you win.  I thought you'd give up if you
              had to spend the night in the hold"

Nina:         "You mean...?"

Zig:          "Yeah...If you're that determined, there's no way I can say no--
              tradition or no tradition!  Let me know when you're ready to go,
              and we'll set sail."

Zig:          "Ready to go?"

Zig:          "All right then, let's get going!  Iggy!  Kryrik!  Hoist sail!"

- - - - - - - - - -

[The ship sails.]

Zig:          "How do you like the feel of the ocean breeze on your face?
              All right then, what's our heading?"

Cray:         "We need you to take us to the Empire."

Zig:          "The Western Continent, eh?  Well, we can't take you there
              directly by ship.  But we can take you to one of the islands
              close by.  I've heard you can walk over the tidal flats from
              there to the mainland.  I don't know if it's true or not, but
              you should be able to find some way there."

Zig:          "It'll take us a few days to get there, so sit back, relax and
              enjoy the trip!"

[The ship continues to sail.  Kahn is swimming behind it.]

Iggy:         "All clear!"

Nina:         "It sure feels good to be out on the ocean like this, doesn't it,

[Ryu nods.]

Nina:         "Why don't we take a look around the inside of the ship?"

-Ershin:      "Deis says,"

 Deis:        "This is my first time on the ocean too."

-Scias:       "Zzzz..."

-Cray:        "Right now, we're heading for a town called Lyp, in the
              Northern Islands.  From there, they say we can cross over the
              shallows to Hesperia."

-Ursula:      "I hate the ocean.  This salt gets into everything, including
              my guns.  Then there's those... Those bugs."

[Ryu and Nina goes down the hold.]

Nina:         "This is where Ursula and I had to stay.  It was kind of scary!
              There were ghosts, and these sea lice..."

[The ship rocks.]

Nina:         "Wh...What was that!?  It sounds like there's something hitting
              the bottom of the ship!  We'd better tell Zig!"

[Nina & Ryu climb the ladder.  They see Ursula above.]

Ursula:       (shaking)  "Wh...What was that noise!?  Is it them?  They're back
              aren't thet!?"

Nina:         "Ursula!  Calm down!  It's all right!  Don't worry!  It's not
              the sea lice!"

Nina:         "It sounds like there's something hitting the bottom of the
              ship!  We'd better tell Zig!"

Ursula:       "R...Right.  Sorry." 

[Ryu, Nina, and Ursula go to the deck.]

Cray:         "There's something chasing after us...  It looks like it's
              hitting the ship."k

Zig:          "A whale?...Dolphin?  No, it's too small...  What is that!?"

[Kahn makes a dramatic leap from the ocean to the mast.]

Kahn:         "Ha ha ha ha!  Did you think I was going to give up that
              easily!?  It takes more than that to get rid of Kahn!  You may
              have beaten me before, but if you think I'm the same man you've
              fought in the past, you're in for a big surprise!  Hrraaaarrrrh!
              Defend yourselves!"

[Kahn attacks.  The party defeats him.]

[Kahn falls into the ocean.]

Nina:         "Um...Is it all right to just leave him like that?  Shouldn't
              we help him or something?"

Zig:          "He came to us a while back, saying he wanted to learn how to be
              a sailor...  But as you can see, all he was intrested in was
              getting into fights."

Zig:          "Getting whalloped by you is just what he needed, if you ask me.
              I wouldn't worry about him...One of the dolphins will probably
              help and take him back to town..."

              After that,
              our journey by ship
              continued without incident.

- - - - - - - - - -
/[3.02]  Fools and Men/
[Ryu wakes up.  He goes to the ship's deck.]

Zig:          "I wish I could tell you there's nothing to worry about, but the
              wind's stopped.  It shouldn't have though...Not here."

Nina:         (On the mast)  "Zig!  I can see an island ahead!"

Iggy:         "Island?  You mean...?"

Zig:          "Yep...It looks like we ended up exactly where we don't want to
              be...  Blast!  How could I have let this happen!?"

Zig:          "We've come close to an island called Island of Fire.  The
              sea around here is said to be haunted by some kind of monster..."

Iggy:         "They say there's a powerful spirit that lives on the island.
              And it can make the wind stop, or cause tidal waves.  A lot of
              ships have been lost here!"

[Nina flies down from the mast.]

Zig:          "So, until the god of the island changes his mind and makes the
              wind blow again, we're stuck here."

Nina:         "Spirit?  God of the Island?  What do you think, Ryu?  That
              sounds like it might be an avatar of one of the dragons!"

Nina:         "Excuse me, Zig?  Do you think we could go into this island?"

Zig:          "Well, I don't see why not, but are you sure you want to?
              I mean, you heard what we said, right?  I don't think it's
              exactly a safe place you know?  If you really want to go, we
              can let you use the dingy.  Iggy!  You go with them and row
              the boat!"

Iggy:         "Come talk to me when you're ready to go to the island, I'll
              get the dingy out for you."

[They are now ready to go to the island.]

Iggy:         "You ready to go to the island?  You want me to get the dingy

Iggy:         "All right, let's go then!"

- - - - - - - - - -

Iggy:         "You can go ashore from this cove.  I'll wait here for you.
              Come back here when you're ready to go back to the ship."

[They enter an abandoned ship.  There's a will-o'-wisp inside.]

[HELP]:       It's a will-o'-wisp!  It looks like it's trying to tell you
              something, but what?

[The will-o'-wisp guides them so they won't fall.]

[Moving on, they enter a cave with a golem (Glebe) in it.]

Glebe:        "Humans bring sacrifice for god?"

Nina:         "Um...H-hello...  Are you, um, the Sea Dragon?"

Ershin:       "Deis is wondering if this is even one of the Endless..."

Deis:         "Nope...It's not one of the Endless.  It doesn't have the right
              feel to it."

Ershin:       "Says Deis."

[Nina nods.]

Glebe:        "Hom?  You no got sacrifice?  You talk funny--you make fun of
              me!  Me kill humans!"

[Glebe attacks.  The party defeats him.]

Deis:         "When the power of the Endless increases in the world, it begins
              to affect creatures sensitive to their aura, like that one.
              They absorb some of that power, and think themselves gods.
              And since Ryu is not whole...Since there are two of him, the
              balance of power may be out of whack as well."

Ershin:       "Thus says Deis."

[They return to where Iggy is waiting.]

Iggy:         "You want to go back to the ship?  Let's get going then.  I hate
              this place anyway...  Being around all these sunken ships gives
              me the creeps."

- - - - - - - - - -

[The ship sails again.]

Nina:         "Looks like the wind's picked up again."

Ershin:       "Deis says,"

Deis:         "Anything that gets affected by the aura of the Endless like that
              thing back on the island is nothing but trouble!"

[Ryu rests.  After some time, Ryu wakes up and talks to Zig in the deck.]

Zig:          "We should see Lyp anytime now!"

[The ship reaches its destination.]

Nina:         "Thank you for everything, Zig!"

Zig:          "It was nothing!  'Course, you still got a long way to go."

Zig:          "Much as we might want to, we can't help you get to Hesperia,
              you know."

Cray:         "You're already helped us enough by letting us use your ship.
              Thanks again."

Zig:          "No worries, eh!  Let us know if you need to borrow our ship
              again, OK?  Take care!"

- - - - - - - - - -

<Sidequest: Sea Dragon>

[They find the Sea Dragon in an island while sailing in the ocean.]

Hee Ryong:    " Hae Ryong.  From the depths of the eternal blue, I
              watcheth o'er this world.  My domain toucheth e'ery part of the
              land, and surrounds it.  I knoweth the name of any who dost have
              fin or scale.  Tell me, young Yorae Dragon...Dost though needeth
              my strength?"

-> 1: Please help me!
-> 2: Not right now

1: <Correct answer>

2: Hee Ryong:     "So be it...  I shall continue my vigil...Alone..."

Hee Ryong:    "Very well...Let us then stand witness to the fate of the world

[Ryu is now able to draw upon the Sea Dragon's power.  He learns: Flood Tide!]

- - - - - - - - - -

[The party finds a pabpab (henceforth, called Poko) on the area outside Lyp.
 The pabpab are furball-like creatures.]

Poko:         "......Tapuru, palu palu.  Pocco rikuku, kappelu, Paketo
              tapulu, palu plau."

It's probably saying...

-> 1: It's hurt, so let's give it medicine!
-> 2: It's in trouble, so let's give it money!
-> 3: It's just babbling, so let's ignore it!
-> 4: It's hungry, so let's give it some food!

1: Poko:         "Rikuku, no.  Tapulu, palu palu."

   [It looks like it's happy...  Probably...]

2: Poko:         "Napa, ko...  Rikuku kappelu?"

   [It looks like it's happy...  Probably...]

3: <No dialogue>

4: <Correct answer>

Poko:         "Nah! Peluku, peluku!  Nah, mau! Peluku poto!"

It's probably saying...

-> 1: Thanks for the food!
-> 2: Please give me some more food!

1: <No dialogue>

2: <Correct answer>

Poko:         "Nah! Peluku, peluku!  Nah, mau! Peluku poto!"

It's probably saying...

-> 1: Thanks for the food!
-> 2: Please give me some more food!

Poko:         "Nah!  Peluku, peluku!  Nah, mau mau!  Poto ii, nah peluku!

It's probably saying...

-> 1: Thanks for the food!

-> 2: Please give me some more food!

1: <No dialogue>

2: <Correct answer>

Poko:         "Nah!  Peluku, peluku!  Ah peluku, pelutaka.  Poto leh, nah

It's probably saying...

-> 1: Got some more food?
-> 2: Thanks, I'm stuffed!

1: Poko:         "Nah!  Peluku, peluku!  Oh, mau mau Tapulu, bonbon paketo

   It's probably saying...

   -> 1.1: Give me more!
   1.1: Poko:       "Nah!  Peluku, peluku!  Oh, Tapuru, bonbon paketo pelukta!
                    Parulu ei!  Tapulu ei!"
   OK, it must be saying...
   -> 1.1.1: I'm full, but I want to eat more!
   -> 1.1.2: My stomach hurts--give me some medicine!

   1.1.1: [The pabpab doesn't eat the food anymore.]

          Poko:        "Nah, no.  Tapulu ei!"

   1.1.2: Poko:        "Tapulu piluta!  Nah, rikuku santo!  Pokko, ni, purechi! 
2: <Correct answer>

Poko:         "Tapulu piluta!  Nah, rikuku santo!  Pokko, ni, purechi!

[They leave the area.]

- - - - - - - - - -


[As soon as they enter, arrows rain down on them.]

[The pabpab they fed earlier comes.]

Poko:         "Temi, no!  Topu, pomi!!  Koh, purechi.  Temi, no!"

[A man comes out of a tree house.]

Beyd:        "What's all the noise about?  Poko, is that you?"

Beyd:        "We'll I'll be... Visitors!  Please, please--come in!"

[The party goes in Beyd's tree house.  There are a lot of furballs inside.]

Beyd:         "I see...So you're trying to get to the mainland, huh?  I've kind
              of settled down now, but back in the day, I was quite the
              adventurer myself.  I came here from the mainland several years
              ago.  Then of course I met my wife, and I ended up staying here."

Beyd:         "I'm sorry--I haven't properly introduced myself!  How rude!
              My name is Beyd, and this is Sen, Shami, Rinpo, Poske, and Peso.
              They wanted to see you-- we don't get many visitors here, you

Beyd:         "And this is Poko, my wife.  Pretty cute, isn't she?"

Poko:         "Pokko, pyuui!  Ni, waama poto pyuui!"

Beyd:         "She says your wife is also beautiful."

[Ryu scratches his head and looks away from Nina.]

Cray:         "Um...Anyway...  Can you tell us how we can get to the mainland
              from here?"

Beyd:         "Oh, that's right!  I'm sorry!"

Beyd:         "Well, the people who told you that you can get there from here
              by crossing the flats were right--you can."

Beyd:         "However, you can only do so when the tide changes and expose
              the road through the flats.  You have to time is just right,
              before the road disappears."

Cray:         "Well?  When is that?"

Poko:         "Purechi, suru ko!  Taan, kalu.  Pokko kairu ni.

Beyd:         "She says you should stay here for a while.  She'll tell you when
              the time comes and take you there."

[Ryu and company explore the village.  In a house, they find a sick pabpab.
 They return to Beyd's house.]

Beyd:         "What!?  Someone's sick?"

Nina:         "Yes, in that room over there.  One of the Pabpabs was crouched
              over and moaning."

Beyd:         "The truth is...  None of the herbs around here can be used to
              cure that disease.  I've tried everything, but..."

Nina:         "Then...What's going to happen to him!?"

Beyd:         "Besides, the Pabpab say 'pukapuka'...
              'What will be, will be'...  It's their way of life...
              Dying doesn't seem to bother them much."

Nina:         "Well, it bothers me!  We can't just let him die!  We'll go get
              the herbs you need!  Where can we find them?"

Cray:         "We can't just sit around here waiting, doing nothing.  Let us
              do something to help pay back your hospitality."

Beyd:         "All right then...  First, you'll need to go to Lyp.  The herbs
              we need can be found somewhere on the ocean.  Someone in Lyp
              should be able to tell you where to find it."

- - - - - - - - - -


[The party asks around for someone who knows about the medicine.]

Old man:      "Huh?  A medicine you can find at sea?  I heard about something
              like that on the Nameless Island, to the east of here...  It
              was called Mozweed or something liket that..."

- - - - - - - - - -

 ~~Nameless Island~~

[The party gathers some mozweeds and leaves.]

- - - - - - - - - -


[They go the house where the sick pabpab is.]

Beyd:        "Did you find the herbs?  Thank you so much.  Come along--let's
             go give to him and see what happens."

[Ryu gives the mozweed to the pabpab.]

Blue Pabpab:  "Uuuhhh..."

Beyd:         "Um...Thank you.  I don't know of it will work, but pukapuka...
              We'll just have to wait and see, won't we?"

Beyd:         "It's late.  You should rest.  We'll see how he feels in the

[The next day...]

Nina:         "Look!  It looks like the herbs worked!"

Blue Pabpab:  "Santo, rikuku! Piluta, piluta!  Tatoru, pukapuka paketo
              rikuku pukapuka!  No, purechi pabpab pukapuka ni pukapuka poto!"

Beyd:         "He says that although he might have gotten better just by
              dancing, he's sure the herbs you bought helped him, so he'd like
              to thank you very much."

Pabpab:       "Pukapuka, pukapuka!"

Beyd:         "As I was saying, 'pukapuka' is their way of life.  It means
              what will be, will be...  It also has another meaning--
              that things will all work out in the end."

Pabpab:       "Ni, purechi santo pukapuka!"

Nina:         "Well, we're just glad he got better.  Um...He is happy he
              got better, isn't he?"

[The party leaves the hut.]

Poko:         "Purechi!  Purechi!"

Beyd:         "It looks like the tide is going out.  You'll be able to cross
              the flats very soon."

Poko:         "Taam, kalu!  Pokko kairu purechi!"

Beyd:         "Please, you must hurry.  The road through the flats
              will only be exposed for a little while!"

Nina:         "Thank you for letting us stay here, Mr. Beyd!"

Beyd:         "Poko will show you the way to the flats.  Good luck to you!
              Purechi pukapuka!"

- - - - - - - - - -

Poko:         "Koh, Saldine.  Ni, kohl ueshi!"

Nina:         "You mean, if we follow this, we can get to the mainland?
              Right, Poko?"

Poko:         "Ni, Purechi.  Kohl ueshi!"

Poko:         "Pokko, kohl pabpab.  Ni, purechi Pukapuka!"

[Poko goes back home.]

Nina:         "Let's go!"

[Moving on...]

Nina:        "Uh-oh!  It's getting dark!"

Cray:        "Looks like we'd better hurry."

[The party runs.  That night...]

Nina:         "Hmmm...  Looks like this is as far as we can get today."

[The party camps.]

Cray:         "I wonder how much further we have to go?  We can't afford to
              waste our rime sitting around like this!"

Nina:         "There's no use in making a big deal out of things you can't
              do anything about.  Let's rest here tonight.  We can make up
              for any lost time tomorrow."

Cray:         "I guess you're right..."

[Then next morning...]

Nina:         "Cray...The road!!"

Cray:         "Blast!  The tide must have changed during the night!
              We shouldn't have stopped!  We should've kept going through the
              night, no matter how risky it was!"

Nina:         "I'm sorry, Cray.  It's my fault...  If I hadn't suggested
              we rest for the night..."

Ursula:       "Calm down!  Shouting won't do us any good!  And neither will
              moping!  The road we came on may be gone, but that doesn't mean
              all roads are closed to us."

Ursula:       "There might still be places on the flats we can cross.
              Everybody, look around!  Hurry!"

Nina:         "C-come on!  Let's do as she says!"

[Moving on...]

Ursula:       "Judging by the lay of the land, I'd say this is where the flats
              connect to the mainland."

Ursula:       "It's no use...  We can't go this way either."

Nina:         "You mean..."

Ursula:       "Until the tide changes and the flats reappear...  We're
              stuck here."

- - - - - - - - - -

<Switch to Fou-Lu>

 ~~Chedo, the Imperial Capital~~

[Fou-Lu reaches the capital.  A person sees him.]

Man:          "Hey there, fella...What's the matter?  You look like you've had
              a rough time!  Are you all right!?"

Fou-Lu:       "Tell me...  This be Chedo?"

Man:          "Yep.  This is Chedo all right.  Built by the mighty God Emperor
              Fou-Lu to be the capital of his Empire."

[Fou-Lu walks slowly.]

- - - - - - - - - -

<Switch to Ryu>

[It is night time.  The party camps.  Ryu is sleeping.]

Cray:         "How can you be so calm!?  We have no idea when the tide will
              change again!  Who knows when we'll be able to get off  this
              island!  Who knows?  Maybe we'll never be able to get off!  We
              might die here on this hunk of sand!"

Deis:         "Chill out, Cray!  We'll get out of here--you can count on it.
              Remember, Ryu is fated to meet with the Emperor Fou-Lu.  At the
              very least, Ryu won't die here."

Ershin:       "Ershin has spoken."

[The next day...]

[Ryu wakes up.]

Nina:         "Oh...Good morning, Ryu."

[Ryu is about to leave the camp.]

Nina:         "Ryu!"

Nina:         "Are you going off to explore the island?  I hope you don't
              mind if I come with you!"

Ursula:       "I'll go with you."

Cray:         "Uh...Hey...I..."

Ursula:       "Calm down!  Gett a hold of yourself.  You're supposed to be
              the leader of this little expedition, aren't you!?  .........."

[Ryu, Nina, and Ursula leave the camp.]

Scias:        "Pukapuka..."

Deis:         "Remember what the Pabpab said?  Pukapuka...What will be, will
              be...  That's a good lesson to learn, pretty kitty..."

Ershin:       "Indeed."

[Meanwhile, Ryu and Nina are near a spring.] 

[Ursula comes.]

Ursula:       "It looks like we needn't worry about water, at least."

Nina:         "We were just talking about going to look for some food.

[Moving on, they find a fishing spot.  Ryu goes fishing.]

Nina:         "Were you able to catch anything, Ryu?"

[Ryu shows the fish to Nina.]

Nina:         "Well, that means we don't have to worry about food then.
              We should go back and tell everyone what we found."

[Ryu's group goes back to the camp.]

Nina:         "We were able to find fresh water, and it looks like there's a
              place we can catch fish, so it looks like we'll be all right for
              a while."

Cray:         "That's good...  I'm sorry, Nina.  I don't know what happened...
              It's just...When I thought we were trapped here, I just...I don't
              know, I panicked."

Nina:         "Don't worry, Cray.  We just have to be patient, that's all."
- - - - - - - - - -

<Switch to Fou-Lu>


[Fou-Lu is at the castle gates.]

Guard 1:      "Hey there!  This is the Imperial Castle!  It's not a place for
              people like you to be in!"

Fou-Lu:       "This be the Emperor's Castle?"

Guard 2:      "That's right--this is the castle of the Thirteenth Emperor of
              the Fou-Empire, His Majesty Emperor Soniel.  Now go--get out..."

[Fou-Lu takes the soldiers down with his magic.]

[Inside the castle...]

[A dog-like creature appears.]

A-tur:        "Who dares?  Who dares enter the sacred grounds of my Master?"

A-tur:        "I am the guardian of this place.  I bid thee leave, intruder,
              lest thy life be forfeit."

A-tur:        "Can it be?  Do mine eyes see true?  Majesty!  Thou hast
              returned!  My lord...The mortals that hath folowed you on thy
              throne...  They disparage thee with each passing generation...
              Truly didst I fear they wouldst not fulfill their promise with
              thee.  It gladdens my heart to see thy safely restored to thy
              proper place, my lord."

Fou-Lu:       "The promise must be fulfilled.  Once more shall I ascend to
              godhood over this world..."

Fou-Lu:       "I am tired, old friend.  Tired of this world...And of its

Fou-Lu:       "A-tur...  Go now.  I wish you to destroy the city."

A-tur:        "The city...?  Dost thou meanest the capital, my lord?"

Fou-Lu:       "Indeed.  This shall be mine final labor as a god.  I shalt
              destroy the Fou Empire.  Now go!"

A-tur:        "By your command!"

[A-tur disappears.]

- - - - - - - - - -

<Switch to Ryu>

[Back at the party's camp...]

Nina:         "Ryu...Why don't we go fishing?"

- - - - - - - - - -

<Switch to Fou-Lu>

 ~~The Imperial Castle~~

Yohm:         "M...Majesty!?  You...You survived even the Carronade!?"

Yohm:         "Hiyaaahh!"

[Yohm summons a monster: Kahbo.  Fou-Lu defeats it.]

Yohm:         "Haaaaaa!!"

[Yohm summons another monster: Kamyu.  Fou-Lu defeats it.]

Fou-Lu:       "Art thou finished?"

Yohm:         "I...Now that your power has returned, Majesty, thee is none of
              us that can match you."

Fou-Lu:       "Didst thou truly believe thou couldst strike me down?  That
              thou couldst kill a god?"

Yohm:         "Forgive my words, Majesty.  But the current Emperor, Soniel..."

Fou-Lu:       "Thinketh that gods are needed not, yes?  Humph!"

Yohm:         "I knew when I accepted this mission that there would be a
              steep price.  One does not lightly undertake such a task
              as to slay a god."

Yohm:         "While one old man's life may not be enough to atone for what
              we have done, still I offer it."

Yohm:         "For it is the nature of mortals that they pass quickly through
              this world.  This time comes to all of us--it is up to us only
              to choose when and how."

[Yohm is engulfed in flames.]

Fou-Lu:       "Mortals...They Who Pass..."

[Fou-Lu warps to the inner sanctum of the Castle.]

[Moving on, he encounters a pair of guards.]

Guard:        "Who goes there!?"

[Fou-Lu defeats the guards.]

[Meanwhile, at the throne of Soniel...]
Soniel:       "Yuna... I say, are you there, Yuna?"

Yuna:         "Yes, Your Highness.  Right here."

Soniel:       "It...It would appear that something is happening...  Would
              it not, Yuna?"

Yuna:         "It would indeed, Highness.  I shall go investigate the
              disturbance myself."

[Yuna is about to leave.]

Soniel:       "Yuna!"

Soniel:       "Are you certain we need not surround our self with guards?  We
              are concerned for our safety!"

Yuna:         "Well, Highness...  I'm afraid all the guards in the world
              wouldn't make much difference should the God Emperor appear."

[Yuna walks toward Soniel and hands him a sword.]

Yuna:         "Do not worry, Highness.  Why, between your power and that
              of the Dragonslayer, I am sure even the God Emperor cannot
              stand before you long."

Yuna:         "Besides, I, ever your faithful and devoted servant, will lay
              down my life to protect you by confining the Emperor Fou-Lu in
              a web of magic.  Please, Highness, let your heart be at ease!"

Soniel:       "Very well.  We are counting on you, Yuna."

[Yuna leaves.]

[Back to where Fou-Lu is...]

Guard:        "Arrrrghhh!"

[Fou-Lu sends the guard flying.]
 Yuna appears in his way.]

Yuna:         "Well!  If it isn't Fou-Lu, the God Emperor...  Allow me to
              congratulate you on your triumphant return, Your Majesty.  I..."

Fou-Lu:       "Begone!  Thou art of no concern to us.  Our business be with
              thy master.]

Yuna:         "Well!  I'm afraid I can't let you through, Majesty.

[Two men are behind Fou-Lu.]

Yuna:         "Today, your journey ends here.  Do not worry--we will merely
              seal off your power and return you to your place of rest."

[Imperial soldiers attack Fou-Lu.  He transforms to defeat the enemies.]

Yuna:         "Well!  I suppose I should have known better...  It would appear
              that here, in this castle you built, your powers have fully

Yuna:         "Well then, far be it from me to stand in your way, Majesty."

[Yuna disappears.]

[Fou-Lu enters Soniel's chambers.]

Soniel:       "We...I have been awaiting your return, oh Great Lord..."

Fou-Lu:       "Thou hast forgotten our promise...  Thou hast not fulfilled
              the promise."

Soniel:       "M...Majesty, how can you say that!?  Of course we have not
              forgotten!  Now that you have returned, why, the Empire is
              yours!  I would never think of..."

Fou-Lu:       "Enough.  Thine prattle tires us.  Begone with thee."

[As Fou-Lu walks, Soniel stabs him with the sword that Yuna gave him.]

Soniel:       "Wah ha ha ha!  This is Dragonslayer!  I did it!  I killed a god!

[Fou-Lu looks at the blood that comes out from his body.]

Soniel:       "Ha ha ha ha ha!  What of your promise now!?  It is old and
              meaningless... Just like you!  All this belongs to me now!!"

Fou-Lu:       "Ha ha...Ha ha ha ha!  Foolish mortal!"

[Fou-Lu takes the sword out of his body and uses it to behead Soniel.]

- - - - - - - - - -
/[3.03]  Levant/
<Switch to Ryu>

[Ryu is fishing.  Nina is watching him.]

Nina:         "Ryu...  Ryu...?  Looks like you've got one!"

Nina:         "What happened, Ryu?  Did you fall asleep?"

[Ryu casts the rod to the lake.]

Nina:         "Ryu...  I don't know if I've told you this before......But...
              I...I think I'm in love with Cray...

Nina:         "But I know he doesn't feel the same way about me...  I mean,
              ever since we were kids, he and Elina have been really close...
              I always figured they would get married someday...  He's been
              like a brother to me..."

Nina:         "I think maybe...I look up to him more than love him...
              I mean, he's strong...  There's nothing he can't do...He's
              funny...But now that we've been traveling together for so long,
              I realized something...  He gets confused, angry, hurt...
              Just like me..."

Nina:         "Doesn't look like they're biting today, does it?"

Nina:         "Well, maybe we should be getting back..."

[Ryu and Nina go back to the camp.  They rest.
 The next day...]

Cray:         "Hey!  Look!  The tide...!"

Nina:         "It looks like it's going out.  Let's go see!"

[Moving on...]

Nina:         "The flats have reappeared!  This means we can get to the

- - - - - - - - - -

 ~~Shan River~~

[HELP]:       The gondola moves while the (X) button is pressed, and stops when
              it is released.  Avoid the logs and move the gondola forward.
              You can jump onto a log by moving the gondola close to it.

- - - - - - - - - -


Fu Chuman:    "I m Fu Chuman.  My business be rare and collectable items.
              I come home to this humble hamlet searching of these things.
              You wishing to go to capital?  Yes, I am knowing way.
              But business here not being done--need more items.  You bring
              me item, my business done.  You bring me item, I tell you
              how to get to capital.  What is good item to bring?  I explain."

-> 1: Relic from ruins
-> 2: Koshka pottery
-> 3: Fish for shisu
-> 4: Never mind / We know

1: Fu Chuman:    "Near Koshka village, there are ruins.  Many rumors of
                 treasure hidden inside."

2: Fu Chuman:    "Unique jars being made in Koshka village.  Very popular in
                 capital, but take long time to make."

3: Fu Chuman:    "Shisu very popular food in capital!  To be making shisu,
                 need 3 of any of these fish: MartianSquid, Salmon, or
                 Sea Bream.  Even just one of each OK."

4: Fu Chuman:    "You are bringing even one of these, I tell you way to

[The party gets one of the items that he wants.]

Fu Chuman:    "You are finding items?  Oh!  The story of the treasure in
              ruins was true!? I never see treasure like this before!
              Please will you give this to me?"

-> 1: OK
-> 2: No

1: <Correct answer>

2: Fu Chuman:    "Am being much sad.  You want to know how get to capital, be
                 giving me items, OK?"

Fu Chuman:    "Then I tell you how you get to capital.  To south of this
              village is long, long river.  I make river to move items to
              capital.  You follow river south, you get to capital."

- - - - - - - - - -


[HELP]:       Use Cray to move the boxes floating in the river.  Use them to
              make a path across the river.  The water level can be altered
              using the valves on the locks.

[They get to the other side of the river.]

- - - - - - - - - -

<Sidequest: Rock Dragon>

Nameless One: " the Nameless One.  I watcheth o'er this world from within
              its spine.  I know where lie the gems and metals that mortals so
              covet and where to find the rock that burns.  All the earth's
              secrets are known to me.  Tell me, young Yorae Dragon...Dost thou
              needeth my strenght?"

-> 1: Please help me!
-> 2: Not right now

1: <Correct answer>

2: Rock Dragon:  "So be it...  I shall continue my vigil...Alone..."

Rock Dragon:  "Very well...Let us then stand witness to the fate of the world

[Ryu is now able to draw upon the Rock Dragon's power.  He learns:

- - - - - - - - - -


[They head to the tent of an old man who is said to had been to the capital

Woman:        "Travelers eh?  You say you want to go to the capital?"

Woman:        "In that case, you'll need to talk to Gramps...There's one small
              problem, though.  Little while ago, his pet chicken Tak ran off,
              and ever since then, he's been despondent--doesn't talk to

Woman:        "I was trying to make a fence to keep Gramps chickens in,
              but they were too fast for me and ran off...  If you go to the
              Western Plains, you can probably still catch up with them."

[The party leaves Pauk.]

- - - - - - - - - -

[They head to the plains where the coop is.]

[HELP]:       Chase Tak, the brown chicken, into the coop in the middle of the
              field.  Once Tak is inside, the gate will automatically close
              and the game will end.  You can get extra points by chasing the
              other chickens into the coop.

[The party captures Tak.]

- - - - - - - - - -


[They go back to the tent of Gramps.]

Gramps:       "Thank you so much for finding my Tak!  You say you want to go to
              the capital, yes?  Hmmm...In that case, the quickest way is
              to go east and go through the gate at Kwanso...  You might not
              be able to get through now, though..."

Gramps:       "I've heard there's something going on in the capital, and
              they're going to close all gates."

Nina:         "Isn't there any other way to get to the capital?"

Gramps:       "Well...  There's the First Emperor's Tomb to the northeast..."

Cray:         "The First Emperor's tomb!?"

Gramps:       "That's right...  There's a road there that will take you to

Nina:         "All right, we'll try that then.  Thank you very much!"

Gramps:       "You're welcome.  By the way, miss... Have we met somewhere

Nina:         "What?  Me?  No...I don't think so...Why?"

Gramps:       "Hmmm...Oh well, no matter.  You be careful, through--the Tomb is
              haunted!  No one knows what kinds of monsters are there!"

- - - - - - - - - -
/[3.04]  The Path Ahead/
 ~~Emperor's Tomb~~

[The party goes to where a statue is guarding the entrance to
 an underground path.]

Won-qu:       "Who goes there?!  Who dares enter the sacred resting place of
              my master?"

Won-qu:       "Wait...Thou also are one of The Endless...?"

Won-qu:       "No matter!  No one, nay e'en though they be brother to my
              master, may be allowed entrance!"

[Won-qu attacks. The party wins.]

[Moving on, the party reaches a dead end.  Something is written on a stone

Writing:      Ye whoulst walk the path, seek ye first the key.

[Two cube-shaped beings fall down from above and attack.  The party
 defeats the enemies.]

[After the battle, Won-qu appears out of nowhere.]

Won-qu:       "That I, Won-qu should be humbled by one other than my master...
              Thou art the one my master awaits.  ...This then is rightfully

[Won-qu dffisappears.  The party gets Won-qu's Gem from the ground.]

[The party reaches the exit.]

- - - - - - - - - -

[Moving on, the party goes down the mountains.
 Once they reach the bottom, they set up camp.]

Nina:         "Do you think...  Do you think the monster that appeared in the
              capital has something to do with the other Ryu?"

Cray:         "It's possible, I suppose...  There's something more I'm more
              curious about, though...  And that is why Captain Ursula here
              hasn't turned us over to the Imperial troops yet?  What're you
              up to, eh?  What's your plan?"

Ursula:       "I have no 'plan'.  I am simply going to meet the general who
              have me my orders and to place you under his custody.  That is

Cray:         "So that's why you're heading toward the capital, eh?  You've
              heard the same stories--the capital's been laid waste.  How can
              you be sure this general of yours is still alive?"

Ursula:       "General Rhun is a veteran of many campaigns!  It will take
              more than some monsters to kill him!  I'm sure he is waiting for
              me at Army headquarters."

- - - - - - - - - -


[Several soldiers are guarding the highway.]

Soldier:      "Captain!  Are you trying to get to the capital?"

Ursula:       "That's right.  I need to see General Rhun."

Soldier:      "Captain, the capital is all but lost!  The General's pulled back
              to Astana."

Ursula:       "What's the current status of our forces?  How many troops do
              we have left?"

Soldier:      "I don't know, ma'am.  You'll have to go to Astana and talk to
              the General."

[Ursula nods.]

- - - - - - - - - -


[They enter a building.]

Ursula:       "I was told I could find General Rhun here."

Soldier:      "Looking for the General, ma'am?  Then you should go through here
              and up to the building on the hill."

[They go down the stairs.]

Cray:         "Hey!  What do you think you're doing!?  You're just going to go
              up there and hand Ryu over to them, just like that!?"

Ursula:       "I told you from the beginning that's what I intended to do."

Nina:         "Look at it this way, Cray...  If we don't find out all we can
              about the Empire, we won't know anything about Ryu's other half,
              the first Emperor, either."

Nina:         "Besides, I think Ursula has also realized that even if the
              Empire does get a hold of Ryu, they can't do anything with him."

Ursula:       "..."

Nina:         "Look at it this way: We're all right as long as we have Ryu with

[The reach the building at the top of the hill.]

Nina:         "Cray!  This place...  Isn't it...?"

Cray:         "Yep...It's where we came looking for Elina before..."

Cray:         "Doesn't look exactly like the headquarters for the Imperial
              Army, does it?...  Wait!"

[A group of monsters attack them.  The party defeats the enemies.]

Cray:         "What would be a monster like that be doing in a place like
              this?  Well...I guess we've got no choice but to go on..."

[Moving on, they find out that the place is infested with monsters and
 the soldiers are fighting against them.]

[The party reaches a room where it looks like the insides of a living

Cray:         "What...What's this?  It looks like some kind of...of organ."

[They see a rubbery thing blocking their path.  Ryu tries to cut it with his

Woman:        (off-screen)  "You will not be able to sever that...Not with your

Cray:         "E...Elina!?"

Nina:         "Elina!?"

Elina:        "Cray...  Nina...!?"

Cray:         "Elina! Hold on!  We'll be right there!  What should we do?
              How can we get to you!?"

Elina:        "You cannot cut that with a normal blade.  It can only be
              severed with the Dragonslayer."

Nina:         "But...Where can we find that?"

Elina:        "The courtier named Yuna holds it.  You must find him."

Cray:         "Yuna..."

Nina:         "All right then...  We'll find this Dragonslayer, Elina--
              I promise!"

Nina:         "Cray!  Elina...!  She...  She..."

Cray:         "I know.  Still all we can do now is find this YUna...  And get
              the Dragonslayer from him.  Come on!  Let's not waste any time."

[The leave Astana.]

- - - - - - - - - -


[The town is closed for civilians.]

Ursula:       "Excuse me, but I'm looking for Lord Yuna."

Guard 1:      "C-captain!  Lord Yuna, Minister of Thaumaturgy, is here,

Ursula:       "Very good.  Now, open the gate."

[The guards open the gate.  The party goes inside.]

[They immediately find Yuna.]

Cray:         "You!"

Yuna:         "Well!  If it isn't those Easterners again!"

Cray:         "You dirty...!  You're the one who kidnapped Elina, aren't you!?"

Yuna:         "Elina?  You saw that then, did you?"

Nina:         "We want my sister...  We want Elina back!"

Ursula:       "Lord Yuna.  We need the Dragonslayer in order to enter that

Yuna:         "Well!  And you are...Let's see...  Captain...Ursula, isn't it?"

Yuna:         "I see.  You went looking for the dragon, and not only did you
              find him, but your path joined with his."

[Ryu & Cray moves near Yuna.]

Yuna:         "Calm yourselves!  I am a scholar and a pacifist!  I have no
              intention of fighting you."

Ursula:       "If that's true, give us the Dragonslayer."

Yuna:         "Well!  Let's see...  Where did I put that..."

[Ryu swings his sword at Yuna.]

[Yuna drops the Dragonslayer.]

Yuna:         "No violence!  Remember, I'm a man of the arts!  Ha ha...Ha ha

[Yuna suddenly disappears.]

Nina:         "We've got to get back to Astana as fast as we can!  We've
              got to get Elina out of there!"

- - - - - - - - - -


[The party goes back to the mansion at the top of the hill.]

Nina:         "The feeling of evil is stronger here...!"

[They head back to the area where the rubbery thing is.  Ryu uses the
 Dragonslayer to cut it.  Moving on...]

Yuna:         "Well!  I've been expecting you."

Cray:         "You...!  What have you done with Elina!?"

Yuna:         "As I've told you before, Elina is no longer here.  However,
              what she left behind is here in this room."

Ursula:       "Where is General Rhun?"

Yuna:         "Ah, Captain Ursula.  I'm afraid you just missed him.  The
              General has left for the capital."

Ursula:       "What?  Why?"

Yuna:         "I'm afraid the General and others like him would not be able
              to appreciate what I'm trying to do..."

Cray:         "I don't care about the General or what he thinks!!  What did
              you mean when you said Elina isn't here!?"

Yuna:         "Now now...I have no intention of fighting with you.  Why don't
              you go see for yourself?"

Cray:         "Wait!"

[Yuna leaves.  Ryu, Nina, and Cray move on to the room.]

[Elina is lying on a bed.]

Elina:        "Cray...You came...Just as I'd prayed that you would..."

Cray:         "Elina!  You don't know how glad I am to see you!"

Nina:         "Come on, Elina--we can all go home together now."

Elina:        "Thank you for coming for me, Cray...Nina...  But..."

Elina:        "I'm afraid I can't leave here..."

Nina:         "Why not!?  The capital's been attacked--the Empire is
              distracted!  We could get away before anyone noticed!"

Cray:         "She's right.  Let's go, Elina.  We'll protect you--I swear it!"

Elina:        "The world is changing...I can feel it...  And you, Cray, and
              Nina and the rest...  You're all caught up on the path that is
              causing that change.  You're part of it."

Cray:         "Elina...?"

Elina:        "You must continue your journey...  You are needed in a certain
              place, at a certain time...  You must be there!"

Nina:         "Elina..."

Elina:        "Nina...  Could you leave us alone for a moment?"

[Nina nods.]

Elina:        "Thank you, Nina.  Oh, and Ryu?  Would you mind leaving the
              Dragonslayer here?"

[Ryu places the Dragonslayer on the bed.]

Elina:        "Thank you."

[Ryu and Nina leave the room.]

Nina:         "Wait a minute...  How did Elina know your name, Ryu?"

Ershin:       "Deis is telling me something..."

Deis:         "She has the same kind of aura as the dragons,"

Ershin:       "she says."

[Inside the room...]

Cray:         "Elina...?"

Elina:        "Cray...  I've already told you how you're part of the great
              change that's coming...  How you're caught up in a powerful
              stream carrying you along."

Elina:        "One of the streams that is moving the world is Ryu...  But
              there's another stream...  The other Endless."

Elina:        "When these two streams meet, then you shall learn the true
              meaning of your journey."

Cray:         "What do you mean, Elina?  How can you know these things?
              And why can't you leave here?"

Elina:        "Cray...It's because...  Because I'm..."

Yuna:         (off-screen)  "Because she is one of The Endless."

[Yuna appears.]

Yuna:         "I have transformed her into an Endless."

Cray:         "Transformed...?  What are you talking about!?"

Yuna:         "Allow me to explain.  At first, I had considered using Princess
              Elina as a sacrifice for the Carronade."

Cray:         "A sacrifice!?"

Yuna:         "Yes...As I'm sure you're aware, the stronger a connection the
              sacrifice has to the target area, the more potent the hex
              becomes.  Given her popularity amonf the people of Levant, Elina
              was the best choice to use as a sacrifice.  However, we have
              always had problems when preparing a sacrifice."

Yuna:         "A hex is formed from the negative thoughts and emotions of the
              sacrifice.  In order to produce these feelings, we must
              properly condition the sacrifice.  We torture the sacrifice
              in the most painful ways possible.  However, all too often,
              the sacrifice dies as a result of the conditioning."

Yuna:         "So, I had an idea...  What if we gave the sacrifice a body that
              could withstand any amount of suffering no matter how great?
              And so, I gave her a new body...An immortal body!"

[Yuna removes the blanket covering Elina's body.]

Cray:         "No..."


Nina:         ".........  And so, Elina became engaged to marry the Prince of
              Ludia.  Of course, if Cray had stopped them, by now..."

Nina:         "Cray's been in there a long time...  What could they be
              talking about that's taking so long?"

[Inside the room...]

Cray:         "NOOOOOO!"

Yuna:         "Well!  What do you think? I took parts from various creatures
              and merged them using ancient rituals and spells.  Unfortunately,
              her body became more powerful than I expected, and grew at a
              phenomenal rate.  You recalled the organs you passed through as
              you came here?  Those are hers...  Her body has become part of
              this structure."

Yuna:         "She can withstand any amount of pain and not die.  She is the
              ultimate sacrifice...  She is Endless now."

Yuna:         "In other words...  I have created a god!"

Cray:         "You...You...Maniac!  Monster!  I'll kill you with my bare

Yuna:         "You would kill... me!?  Me...I can create gods!  You can't kill

Yuna:         "I have a destiny!  I shall use my knowledge to change the

[Yuna disappears.]

Elina:        "Cray..."

Elina:        "Cray... It's...It's too late for me."

Cray:         "Elina...I...  I'm sorry...If I'd only gotten here sooner...I..."

Elina:        "Cray...  I had Ryu leave the Dragonslayer here for a reason.
              I don't want to live forever like this, Cray.  Please, Cray...
              Don't let me suffer any more."

Cray:         "I...I can't do it!  Elina...I...I love you, Elina!"

Elina:        "I know.  That's why I'm asking you, Cray.  You're the only one
              I can ask to do this."

Elina:        "I'm happy knowing that your face is the last I'll see."

- - - - - - - - - -

              When he came back...
              He said nothing to

              I knew then
              that I would never see my
              sister again.
              And so we began
              the last leg of our
              as always, ever under the
              shadow of The Endless.

+ Chapter IV:  That Which Passes                                              +
/[4.01]  Journey's End/
[The party camps.]

[Inside the tent...]

Ershin:       "Are you unwell, Nina?"

Nina:         "I don't know how to describe what I feel...  My sister...
              When we didn't find her at first, people told us to give up...
              But I still hoped...  Then, to be told she's dead..."

Ershin:       "When Ershin...When Deis left me...  I do not know how to express
              it...  I felt empty.  But..."

Nina:         "You are trying to make me feel better, aren't you, Ershin?"

Nina:         "I think I know what you mean...  I may feel alone, but I'm not--
              I've got all of you...  All my friends."

[Outside the tent...]

Ursula:       (to Cray)  "I...  If it had been me in her place...  I would have
              asked you to do the same thing."

Ursula:       "What you did...  For what it's worth...I think you did the
              right thing."

Scias:        "I t-t... think so too."

- - - - - - - - - -

[The party uses the highway to reach the Empire's capital, Chedo.]


[Moving on, they see Won-qu punishing the Imperial troops.
 As soon as the party come near, A-tur attacks them.]

[The party defeats A-tur.]

Ursula:       "General!"

Rhun:         "Ursula!?"

Ursula:       "General Rhun!  As per orders, I have returned with the

Rhun:         "I see...It's all right, Ursula. So...That's the dragon, eh?"

Ursula:       "Yes, sir!  I am told he is properly called Yorae Dragon, sir."

Rhun:         "I see...Then...  We were right..."

Rhun:         "On behalf of my troops...  I offer my apologies for any...
              trouble caused you, young dragon..."

Rhun:         "Ursula...  Have you seen Yuna?"

[Ursula nods.]

Rhun:         "It was our pride that doomed us..."

Rhun:         "To make a god...  And attempt to destroy the ancient gods..."

Rhun:         "What were we thinking?"

Rhun:         "Even if we knew not what we were doing, we aided him in his
              pursuit of power...  We helped him in his attempt to kill a
              god...  I suppose it is only fitting that we should suffer the
              god's anger..."

Rhun:         "Still...Argh!  We cannot allow...the entire world to be
              destroyed...  For the sake of one man's ambition..."

Nina:         "And that's why you tried to meet with the First Emperor?"

Rhun:         "Uuhhh...Yes...  Still...  I thought we were done for..."

Rhun:         "But there is still hope...  There is still...the Yorae Dragon."

Rhun:         (to Ryu)  "You, too, are a god...  Oh mighty god...We...  We are
              foolish...  We are but simple mortals... We deserve this fate for
              what we tried to do..."

Rhun:         "Still, oh mighty god...  If there be even a sliver of mercy in
              your soul...  Punish not our hcildren...for what we have done...
              Let them have...a future...uh!"

Nina:         "General...  I don't know hot to say this well, but...  Ryu..."

Ershin:       "She says, 'Ryu is under Nina's thumb', so there's nothing to
              worry about.

Nina:         "Wh...What do you mean by that!?"

Rhun:         "Ha ha ha ha!  It is well that the Yorae Dragon has you all as
              friends...  Perhaps there is yet hope for us..."

Rhun:         "You've done well, Captain Ursula.  I want you to take them...
              All of them... To the Imperial Castle...The God Emperor waits

Ursula:       "Yes, sir!"

Ursula:       "The Castle is that way.  Let's go!"

[Everyone, except Ursula, proceeds.]

Rhun:         "Don't worry about me...I'll be fine. More importantly...
              I'd like to hear you call me like you used to...Once more."

Ursula:       "Gen...  Grandfather!"

Rhun:         "My dear Ursula...  I wasn't able to do as much for you as I
              wanted to...  You deserved so much more than this old soldier
              could give."

Ursula:       "Grandfather, I..."

Rhun:         "Listen to me, Ursula...  If there is a tomorrow...
              I want you to live every day...Each moment...  To the fullest...
              Be happy, Ursula...  uhh!"

Rhun:         "Go now.  What happens next... is up to you...  You, and the
              Yorae Dragon."

[Ursula proceeds.]

Rhun:         "That's it...  The world belongs to the children..."

Rhun:         "Time...for this old fade away..."

- - - - - - - - - -

 ~~Imperial Castle~~

[A-tur appears.]

A-tur:        "Please forgive my actions earlier."

A-tur:        "I see now that thou art the other half of my master."

A-tur:        "I shall carry thee to the Castle, where my master awaits thee."

[A-tur takes the party.]

A-tur:        "I am permitted to take you only this far."

A-tur:        "Walk safely, young master."

[Moving on, the party reaches the throne.  This is the same place where Fou-Lu
 was stabbed by Soniel.]

[As they enter, a ray of light heads directly to Cray.]

Cray:         "Arrrrgggghhh!"

[Another light hits Nina and takes her down.]

Fou-Lu:       "Thou art come at last...Thou who art me..."

Fou-Lu:       "But what is this?  These...mortals thou hath brought with thee
              have no business here."

[Fou-Lu's magic takes down Ursula, Ershin, and Scias.]

Fou-Lu:       "Come...Come hither, thou who art me..."

[Ryu runs toward Fou-Lu.]

Fou-Lu:       "Ryu!  'Tis I!  The time hath come for us to unite, that we
              may become a true god at last!"

Fou-Lu:       "Discard that shell of flesh thou wearest and free thy spirit!
              Join with me!"

Fou-Lu:       "Yes!  Come to me!  Then...Then, we shall bid farewell to this
              wretched world."

[Ryu swings his sword at Fou-Lu.]

[Fou-Lu disappears.]

Fou-Lu:       "T'would appear that thou hath lived among the mortals far too
              long...Ryu.  We must sever thine ties with this world...
              Untangle the paths that hath tangled...  I shall await thee, Ryu,
              in the place where this all began."

Nina:         "Ryu!"

[Nina runs toward Ryu.]

Nina:         "I was so scared, Ryu--I couldn't move at all!"

[The rest of the party come.]

Nina:         "But it looks like we're all all right now..."

Cray:         "So...Was he really here at all?  Or was that some kind of

Ershin:       "She says that Ryu has become too caught up in this world,
              and with mortals...  He was unable to merge with the Emperor."

Nina:         "Well...I guess we've got no choice but to keep on going.  Let's

- - - - - - - - - -

[Moving on, the party reaches an altar.]

[Ryu goes toward Fou-Lu alone.]

Fou-Lu:       "O'er six centuries ago...  An interminably long span of time
              as mortals reckon, but a brief twinkling for us..."

Fou-Lu:       "To this earth a god was summoned."

Fou-Lu:       "But as the summoning was not perfect, that god was cleft in
              twain, split asunder into two bodies."

Fou-Lu:       "'Tis strange...  To meet one's self in this fashion..."

Fou-Lu:       "Thou knowest what I am thinking, dost thou not, Ryu?"

[Ryu nods.]

Fou-Lu:       "I can feel thy thoughts..."

Fou-Lu:       "I see...  I see thy memories of thy journeys with the mortals
              as clearly as if they were mine own."

Fou-Lu:       "Hear me, Ryu, thou art me...  They are nothing compared to
              thee!  They be caught up in thy path, nothing more!"

[Fou-Lu and Ryu enter battle.]

Fou-Lu:       "Thou seekest to protect the mortals and their world?"

Fou-Lu:       "Thou wishest to bequeath a future to them, dost thou not?"

Fou-Lu:       "Can thou withstand mine power?"

Fou-Lu:       "Should ye fall, who then shall protect those behind thee?"

[The battle ends.]

Fou-Lu:       "How much longer can thee defend thyself against me?"

Nina:         "Ryu!"

[Nina runs toward Ryu and heals him.  The rest of the party comes near.]

Fou-Lu:       "Ryu...Thou art confused."

Fou-Lu:       "Dost thou truly think this world be worthy of thy protection?"

Fou-Lu:       "Thou hast seen it with thine own eyes!  The mortals' joy and
              their anger...  Their mirth, and their grief...  Their lives and
              their deaths."

Fou-Lu:       "But thou doth not understand the truth, Ryu!  All that...All
              they of no consequence to us!  We are Endless!  What
              be these things to us other than petty diversions?"

[The background turns black, showing only Fou-Lu and Ryu with their streams.]

Fou-Lu:       "They...The mortals art ignorant, prideful animals...  They doth
              lie to one another, injure themselves and their fellows, and they
              kill each other and all around them for sport!  Their folly is

[A short flashback shows Fou-Lu as he escaped from Yohm and his troops.]

Fou-Lu:       "Thou understandeth dost thou not, Ryu?  They are selfish yes?"

-> 1: Maybe so...
-> 2: I don't know...

[Another flashback shows Cray at his trial in Ludia.]

Fou-Lu:       "Were this mortals thou hast encountered not cruel?"

-> 1: Maybe so...
-> 2: I don't know...

[Another flashback shows their encounter with Rasso before Ryu went berserk.]

Fou-Lu:       "Were they not foolish?"

-> 1: Maybe so...
-> 2: I don't know...

[Another flashback shows the scene where Yuna exposed Elina's body to Cray.]

Fou-Lu:       "Open thine eyes, Ryu."

Nina:         "Ryu!"

Nina:         "Ryu...  I like this world the way it is...  The way it is with
              you in it..."

Nina:         "In spite of all its problems, and all of what's wrong with it,
              I want to believe in my world!"

[Ryu nods.]

Fou-Lu:       "Be that the best ye can do?"

Fou-Lu:       "Thou sayest thou believeth in this world?  That thou dost find
              it favorable and pleasing?"

[A flashback shows how Mami has taken care of Fou-Lu and let him escape
 from the Imperial troops.]

Fou-Lu:       "These be but fleeting sentiments!  They mean nothing."

Fou-Lu:       "Come, Ryu.  The time hath come for us to become one one god at

1: <If the player chose 'Maybe so...' in the previous choices.>
  Fou-Lu:       "Thou knowest in thine heart, dost thou not, Ryu?  They be
                 unworthy of our guidance." 

2: <If the player chose 'I don't know...' in the previous choices.>

   Fou-Lu:       "Open thy eyes to the truth thy heart showeth thee...
                 The mortals be unfit for our favor."

[Ryu can feel Fou-Lu's despair permeating his thoughts...]

-> 1: Maybe so...
-> 2: I don't know...
-> 3: You're wrong!  (Only available if the player selected
                     "I don't know" in the previous choices.)

1: Ryu:          "Maybe so..."

   [Ryu is absorbed into Fou-Lu.]

   Nina:         "Ryu?"

   Fou-Lu:       "Yes...  I am that which was once Ryu.  I am also that which
                 was once Fou-Lu.  And I am neither I am."

   Cray:         "But which one is dominant?  Was Ryu absorbed into Fou-Lu!?"

   Fou-Lu:       "If he was?"

   Cray:         "We won't let you get away with what you're planning!"

   Nina:         "If there's even a little of what was once Ryu in you,
                 then there's hope!"

   Fou-Lu:       "A futile endeavor."

   [The Infini dragon appears and kills the party.]

                 "I know my path is the correct path."

   [The game ends.]

2: Ryu:          "I don't know... 

   Fou-Lu:       "I knoweth full very well that 'tis our duty as god to
                 protect the mortals.  But they be not worthy of that
                 protection!  They are beyond salvation!"

   Fou-Lu:       "Admit the truth thou knowest in thy heart, Ryu.  There be
                 no hope here."

   Fou-Lu:       "What be thy answer?  'Tis as I feared...  I must remove that
                 which clouds thy perceptions."

3: Ryu:          "You're wrong!"

   Fou-Lu:       "So be it.  T'would appear thou has lived amongst the mortals
                 too long."

   Fou-Lu:       "However, that shall be remedied anon."

[Fou-Lu summons Tyrant.  The party battles against Tyrant and wins.]

Fou-Lu:       "Why, Ryu!?"

Fou-Lu:       "We art one mind, if not one body!  Yet I cannot fathom thy

Fou-Lu:       "How doth this world appear to thee?  What dost thou seeth in

Deis:         "This world of yours...  It might not be as bad as you think it

Ershin:       "Says Deis."

Nina:         "You're right...  People are sometimes foolish and weak...
              Sometimes they do the wrong thing...  But not everyone is like
              that!  You can't give up hope for a better world!"

Fou-Lu:       "They that called me here did say much the same as thee."

Fou-Lu:       "But their deeds did not liveth up to the promise of the
              flowerly speech their tongues professed!  They didst see to use
              my power to make war upon their fellows, to kill their enemies!"

Fou-Lu:       "Enow.  Let this end now."

[Fou-Lu transforms into Astral Dragon.]

[The party defeats Fou-Lu.]

Fou-Lu:       "So...'Tis I that was blind to the truth..."

Fou-Lu:       "I seeth now for the first time through thy eyes.  The mortals
              are indeed weak... Foolish...  Verily, a collection of
              contradictions...  And yet...  They are magnificent."

[Fou-Lu is absorbed into Ryu.]

              I realized then
              that that Ryu who had
              traveled for so long and
              so far with us
              was no longer with us.

Nina:         "Ryu...?"

              But at the same time,
              I knew in my heart
              that is was still Ryu.

Nina:         "You are Ryu...  Aren't you?"

Ryu:          "Yes, Nina.  I am Ryu...But...  I am also Fou-Lu."

Cray:         "So what next?  What's going to happen to the world now?"

Ryu:          "I understand now what Fou-Lu was trying to tell me."

Ryu:          "What he really wanted to say is that this world does not need

Nina:         "Ryu...You don't mean...!?"

Ryu:          "That is why......  I'm going to cast them out."
              Just like you wanted me to, Deis."

              Ryu said...
              he was going to cast out the

              They would lose their power,
              and live out their lives as
              ordinary mortals.

[Ryu casts out the gods.]

- - - - - - - - - -

[Meanwhile, in Astana, Yuna is watching as the gods fade away.]

Yuna:         "Well! What is this?  The Endless are fading away.
              It would seem that the gods are dead.  But we needn't worry
              about that...  I can make as many gods as we want...Or need...

- - - - - - - - - -

[Back at the altar...]

Deis:         "Driving out all the gods in this world...  That's a pretty
              radical solution."

Deis:         "Now you, Ryu are also a mortal, who will grow old and someday

Deis:         "Me?  Oh, I decided I'd stick around.  I'm interested in seeing
              what happens after this.  I guess being inside this armor's not
              so bad after all."

- - - - - - - - - -

[The next scene shows the mysterious woman who sang the 'Song of the Dragon'
 to the party when they met the Mud Dragon.]

Woman:        "The dragons leave us...
              The end of an age is upon us..."

- - - - - - - - - -

[The party is in Chedo.]

Ursula:       "The finished. But there is still work to be
              done here."

Nina:         "You mean...  This is goodbye then, Ursula?"

Ursula:       "Yes.  There are things I have to do...Like find General Rhun."

Cray:         "Um, Ursula?  Thanks for everything.

Ursula:       "Wha?  I was only doing my duty as..."

Cray:         "I know.  Still, we're allies now, not enemies...Right?"

[Ursula and Cray shake hands.]

- - - - - - - - - -

              Even though this was the
              first we had heard of this
              terrible event...
              Somehow, I had the 
              strangest feeling...
              Like I had known it was 
              going to happen.

              What if the gods--
              the beings that guide and
              shape our world--
              were to disappear?  I don't
              know the answer to that.

              But there's one thing I do
              And that's that it will all
              work out in the end...

Nina:         "Right, Ryu?"

[Ryu, Nina, Cray, Scias, and Ershin continue traveling together.]


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

[These are the dialogues that trigger when Ryu talks to
 each party member whenever they camp.]

+I. Awakening+

<From Crash Site to Cliffs>

-Nina:        "Don't worry, Ryu.  There's bound to be someone in town who can
              help you."

- - - - - - - - -

<From Cliffs to Sarai>

-Nina:         "I hope we'll be able to get the parts we need...."

- - - - - - - - -

<To Chamba's Hex Infested Area>

-Nina:        "Just thinking about those hexes scares me...  I mean, to be 
              unable to survive it without special armor..."

-Ershin:      "The hex was made by humans.  Ershin says it is difficult to
              understand humans.  Why would they make such a terrible weapon
              and use it on others of their own kind?"

- - - - - - - - -

<After the Dream when they found Cray>

-Cray:        "Right now, the only thing I care about is finding Elina.  If
              something can help me do that, even if it's a dream, I'll take

-Nina:        "Thank you, Ryu.  I'm so glad you'll help us look for my sister!"

-Ershin:      "Ershin wants to know if you believe in the dream shown to you
              by your Dragon's Eye, Ryu."

 -> 1: I do.
 -> 2: I don't know.

 1: Ershin:       "I see.  Ershin says that for now, you should believe it, for
                  it is all you have."

 2: Ershin:       "I see.  Ershin says that if you choose not to believe, that
                  is your decision."

- - - - - - - - -

<After they met the old woman who sang the Dragon Song>

-Nina:        "The old woman who sang the songs...  She...ate our money,
              didn't she?"

-Cray:        "Kyria is just on the other side of Synesta.  I've heard people
              talk about a route that goes between them."

-Ershin:      "Our paths have intertwined with those of the dragons...
              Ershin says that elderly woman has a way with words."

- - - - - - - - -

<From Kyria to Woods>

-Nina:        "The people in that village really like traps, don't they?
              I wonder if any of them get hurt in their own traps?"

-Cray:        "We don't have the time to be hanging around here like this!"

-Ershin:      "Ershin is very sleepy."

- - - - - - - - -

<While they were working for Marlok>

-Cray:        "I was prepared to do anything...  Pay any price if it meant
              getting Elina back...  But I wasn't prepared for this!"

-Ershin:      "She says that one should never deal lightly with a businessman
              like Marlok."

- - - - - - - - -

<After the Imperial Causeway>

-Nina:        "I've never really been outside the castle before... I never
              have imagined I'd be making a trip to Hesperia!"

-Cray:        "Well, I've done it now!  There's supposed to be a truce between
              the Alliance and the Empire...  If anyone finds out we've snuck
              into the Empire, we'll all be in a lot of trouble!  But now that
              we've come this far, there's no way I'm going back without

-Ershin:      "Ershin says she is impressed by that device.  To be able to move
              things across continents in an instant is an impressive feat."

- - - - - - - - -

+II. Endless+

<When the party wanted to see Cray at the castle in Ludia>

-Scias:       "Wh... Where are you going?"

-Nina:        "I'm worried about Cray...  Come on, Ryu--let's go to the
              castle and see him."

-Ershin:      "Ershin asks, where are you going that you would leave Cray

- - - - - - - - -

<From Ludia to Wychwood>

-Nina:        "We've got to think of a way to get Cray out...  We should go ask
              the Woren for advice."

-Ershin:      "There are many political factors to consider.  Cray's trial
              could take a very long time to complete.  At least, that is what
              Ershin believes."

-Scias:       "D......  Don't get any strange ideas.

- - - - - - - - -

<After Wychwood>

-Nina:        "I can't believe what happened to me!  I never knew that there
              were faeries living here, either."

-Ershin:      "There are many political factors to consider.  Cray's trial
              could take a very long time to complete.  At least, that is what
              Ershin believes."

-Scias:       "D......  Don't get any strange ideas.

- - - - - - - - -

<From Worent to Golden Plains>

-Ershin:      "Ershin says that there is not much we can do until we meet
              with Tarhn."

-Scias:       "A w...war with the W...Woren...  That w-wouldn't be so bad...
              I'm a m-mercenary.  I'd make a lot of m-money..."

-Nina:        "Cray and I have been friends ever since we were both children...
              I've also met the Woren Elders many times over the tears."

- - - - - - - - -

<After they decided to make another King's Sword>

-Scias:       "W...  Why do y-you d-do thins y-you d-don't have to?"

-Nina:        "If we get lost on the way to Mt. Glom, we should go back and
              ask the Woren Elders for help."

-Ershin:      "The plains are very big, are they not?  ha ha...Ha ha ha ha."

- - - - - - - - -

<While they were looking for a Faerie Drop>

-Nina:        "I didn't know you needed a Faerie Drop to make a sword...
              I guess we'll have to find those faeries, won't we?"

-Ershin:      "Ershin says we are most likely to find the faeries where we
              encountered them before.  If Ershin says they are there, they
              must be."

-Scias:       "Y...You move around so m-much...  I d-didn't know that
              w-watching you w-was going to b-be this hard."

- - - - - - - - -

<After they found the Faerie Drop>

-Nina:        "Now all we have to do is take that to Mt. Glom, and have the
              smith there make us a new King's Sword!"

-Ershin:      "Ershin says we have not seen the last of the faeries."

-Scias:       "T...That's a...  A piece of f-faerie......  Sh......"

- - - - - - - - -

<After they brought the King's Sword to Ludia>

-Nina:        "We should wait until nightfall in the city instead of here.
              It'll be easier to get into the castle that way!"

-Ershin:      "Ershin says that she believes in order to save his nation's
              face, the prince is likely to be dealt a harsh sentence.  Isn't
              that funny?  Hee hee hee..."

-Scias:       "........."

- - - - - - - - -

<After they freed Cray>

-Cray:        "I'm sorry I had to put you all through so much trouble...
              When we get back to Worent, I'll talk with the Elders... And
              my mother."

-Nina:        "I'm glad we were able to get Cray out of there...  But I
              didn't think about what would happen if we did...  What are
              we going to do?"

-Ershin:      "Ershin says we can now count Ludia among our enemies.
              Ha ha ha.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha."

-Scias:       ".........."

- - - - - - - - -

<After they decided to find the Wind Dragon>

-Ershin:      "Ershin explains that there are some dragons that can speak as
              well as understand human language.  The Wind Dragon in Wyndia is
              one such dragon."

-Nina:        "I'm sure that if we meet the Wind Dragon, he'll be able to tell
              us something about you, Ryu."

-Cray:        "Wyndia is Elina and Nina's home.  I'd like to avoid causing any
              trouble there...if we can."

- - - - - - - - -

<Near Wyndia>

-Ershin:      "Once you talk with the Wind Dragon, the path you must take will
              be revealed to you.  If Ershin says it, it must be true."

-Scias:       "The f-f-faeries looked l-like t-they w-were having f-fun."

-Cray:        "Wyndia is Elina and Nina's home.  I'd like to aviod causing any
              trouble there...If we can."

-Nina:        "I wonder what the faeries meant when they said that reality 
              isn't different from a dream?"

- - - - - - - - -

<To Kasq Woods>

-Cray:        "Is it just me, or is it like wherever we go, a dragon shows

 Ershin:      "Ershin says that it is just as the song said."

-Ershin:      "I am told that it is merely proof that we have become tangled
              in the dragons' paths."

-Nina:        "The Oracle of Wind is a priestess who serves P'ung Ryong.  Even
              my father would not say or do anything against her."

-Scias:      "D-dragons.......  Big and qu-quiet...  Like me.

- - - - - - - - -

<Before diving into Ershin's mind>

-Nina:        "So, the reason Ershin was acting so strange is because she's
              a god... Right?"

-Scias:       "I w... wonder... what she really looks like."

-Cray:        "So I've been traveling around with two gods, huh?  Maybe that
              explains what's happened to us..."

- - - - - - - - -

<After diving into Ershin's mind>

-Nina:        "Ershin--the real Ershin--is like a completely different
              person, isn't she?"

-Cray:        "I had trouble believing you were a god...  But now you're
              trying to tell me Ershin's a god too?  I don't know if I want...
              If I can believe that."

-Scias:       "I l...liked the old Ershin better."

- - - - - - - - -

<After they decided to go to Yorae Shrine>

-Cray:        "If it's true that your other half is responsible for creating
              the Empire, maybe you're the god of war, Ryu."

-Nina:        "I always thought of gods as beings that watch over the world,
              like P'ung Ryong."

-Deis:        "You know the dragons you've already met, like the Wind Dragon
              and the Mud Dragon?  They were all summoned here, at the Yorae

-Scias:       "De...  Deis...  I like goddesses."

- - - - - - - - -

<On their way back to Chek after the Yorae Shrine event>

-Cray:        "Meet the dragons and borrow their power, huh?  Sounds like that
              might take a while...  It's worth a try, though, I suppose."

-Deis:        "I don't really look like this, you know.  I need you to help me
              get my real, beautiful body back!"

-Nina:        "You like our world...Don't you, Ryu?  .........
              I wonder what the other Ryu thinks about it..."

-Scias:       "D-dragons...  G-gods...  W-why does everything have t-to b-be
              so confusing?"

- - - - - - - - -

<After they found out that Rasso attacked Chek>

-Nina:        "I understand what Deis means when she says Ershin was nothing
              more than a suit of armor...  Still, I don't think she's right."

-Cray:        "It looks like the Empire is going all out in their search for
              the dragon, and they don't care who gets in their way...  I just
              hope nothing's happened to the villagers..."

-Scias:       "Armor..."

- - - - - - - - -

+III. Streams+

<After the event at the Abandoned Village where Ryu went berserk>

-Ursula:      "........."

-Cray:        "Blast!  I just feel bad for the people of Chek."

-Nina:        "Something tells me that even if we don't do anyting ourselves,
              Ryu will eventually meet his other half.  I just want to be there
              when he does to see what happens."

-Scias:       "We've been c-c... Captured..."

- - - - - - - - -

<After Deis went back inside the armor>

-Deis:        "It's probably a good idea to meet with all the other dragons
              before going to see Fou-Lu."

 Ershin:      "So says Ershin...  I mean, Deis."

-Nina:        "I'm so glad Deis decided to return to Ershin!"

-Cray:        "The first thing we need to do when we get off the mountain is
              get a hold of a sandflier so we can get to Hesperia."

-Scias:       "The Emp-p-pire..."

-Ursula:      "Don't worry.  as long as you say you're going to the Empire,
              I won't go anywhere."

- - - - - - - - -

<From Mt. Ryft to Shyde>

-Ershin:      "Deis says that perhaps the reason the Sand Dragon destroyed
              Nina's sandflier was so the two of you might meet."

-Nina:        "We have to cross the desert to get to Hesperia, so maybe we'll
              have a chance to meet the Sand Dragon."

-Cray:        "Shyde is where all the merchants with sandfliers go.  With a
              litte luck, we should be able to get one there."

-Ursula:      "The fastest way to get to the Empire is to use the Imperial

-Scias:       "The raft w-w... was kinf of f-f... fun."

- - - - - - - - -

<After they bought a sandflier>

-Ershin:      "Deis says that the merchant Marlok is another person whose life
              has been affected by his contact with the dragon."

-Scias:       "I thought she w-w... was g-going t-to st-teal that flier for

-Nina:        "Well, we were able to get our hands on a sandflier without too
              much trouble...  Next stop, Kyoin!"

-Cray:        "When we get to Kyoin, I hope our Captain friend is able to pull
              the right strings for us...!"

-Ursula:      "You needn't worry.  I'll make sure nobody stops us until we get
              to the capital."

- - - - - - - - -

<To Shikk>

-Scias:       "Are going to get into another f... fight?"

-Ursula:      "I'll give you credit for your bravery in sneaking into enemy
              territory, but... I think you went a little too far in destroying
              the gate."

-Nina:        "It looks like the Causeway has been shut down since the last
              time we were here, when we had that fight with Captain Rasso."

-Cray:        "That was pretty stupid of us...  Without that gate, it's going
              to take us a lot longer to get to Hesperia."

-Ershin:      "Deis says she hopes we'll be able to find a way to get to the
              West from Shikk."

- - - - - - - - -

<To Pabpab>

-Scias:       "This is a long trip."

-Ursula:      "The border of the Empire is far to the south of the Northern

-Nina:        "I wonder how much further we have to go until we reach

-Ershin:      "Unlinke sandfliers, it appears that sailing ships are dependent
              upon wind power for propulsion."

-Cray:        "I guess the islands are linked by land bridges, which can be
              walked over to get to the mainland."

- - - - - - - - -

<From Pabpab to the flats>

-Ershin:      "Ershin says that the closer we get to Fou-Lu, the stronger
              the aura of the Endless will become."

-Cray:        "They said the flats only appear for a limited time.
              We should hurry."

-Nina:        "I wonder...If the flats appear when the tide changes...  What
              happends to them when the tide changes again?"

-Ursula:      "Crossing the flats will take us to the northern edge of the
              continent.  We've got a long way to go to get to the capital."

-Scias:       "Purechi, pukapuka.  That means, 'Be well, friend'."

- - - - - - - - -

<After the flats reappeared>

-Deis:        "The aura of the Endless is slowly getting stronger..."

 Ershin:      "Says Deis!"

-Ursula:      "Chedo, the Imperial capital, is in the southern part of the

-Cray:        "I've got to be more responsible...  Everyone's counting on

-Nina:        "Well, we were finally able to get off that island.  I thought
              it was kind of fun, though...  I'm not the only person who
              thinks so, am I?"

-Scias:       "I I-I...liked that island!"

- - - - - - - - -

<After they got some information in Chiqua on how to get to the capital>

-Cray:        "If I remember right, the place we arrived at when we used the
              Causeway was to the east of here."

-Scias:       "Shisu..."

-Nina:        "We need to keep going south, right?"

-Ershin:      "Deis says that it is only natural that there would be
              dragons here as well."

-Ursula:      "I've heard of this 'shisu'... I've never tried it, though."

- - - - - - - - -

<After the Chicken event in Pauk>

-Scias:       "T-Tak..."

-Ursula:      "I'm worried about what's happening in the capital.  If only I
              could find some troops to question..."

-Nina:        "I wonder why the checkpoint is closed...  At least we can get
              through the Emperor's Tomb."

-Cray:        "Those people in the village said they sell horses and whelks
              to the Empire...  I can understand that, but why would they
              sell monsters as well?"

-Ershin:      "Deis says,"

 Deis:        "The First Emperor pretended to die and was entombed here.  He
              was actually waiting for you to appear."

- - - - - - - - -

<After they got past the Emperor's tomb>

-Nina:        "That strange feeling inside the tomb...  I guess that must be
              the aura of the Endless that Deis keeps talking about..."

-Cray:        "Well, at least we were able to get around the checkpoint."

-Ursula:      "We can follow this to the capital.  I'll finally be able to take
              you to headquarters and complete my mission!"

-Scias:       "I have a f-f... feeling that a big f-f... fight is coming."

-Ershin:      "It appears that after awakening, Fou-Lu went to the capital."

- - - - - - - - -

<To Astana>

-Cray:        "Looks like the attack on the capital has thrown the Empire into

-Nina:        "I remember Astana...  That's where we came before, when we
              used the Causeway...  And it's where Elina is..."

-Ershin:      "Deis says that the people of the capital must have done
              something to anger Fou-Lu, and so he destroyed the capital."

-Scias:       "M-monsters..."

-Ursula:      "You'll see for yourselves just how strong General Rhun once we
               get to Astana."

- - - - - - - - -

<While they were looking for Yuna after the Astana event>

-Ursula:      "What's happened to General Rhun?"

-Scias:       "I remember everyone was t-t... talking about it when P-princess
              Elina d-d... disappeared."

-Ershin:      "Deis has told me that the aura of the Endless us out of balance

-Cray:        "I'd almost given up hope...  But I knew we'd find Elina

-Nina:        "Oh, Ryu!  I can't believe it!  Elina's alive!"

- - - - - - - - -

<After they met Yuna in Kwanso>

-Ursula:      "My path has joined with the dragon's?  I am just following 

-Nina:        "We've got to get back to Astana and help Elina!"

-Cray:        "We've got to get back to Astana!  Now that we have the
              Dragonslayer, we can get into the area where she's being held!"

-Ershin:      "Deis says she has a bad feeling about this..."

- - - - - - - - -

+IV. That Which Passess+

<After the event in Astana with Cray and Elina>

-Cray:        "........."

-Nina:        "My sister told me to see this through to the end...
              And that's what I intend to do!"

-Ursula:      "Our mission is clear--we must go to the capital."

-Ershin:      "Deis says that she has lost her faith in humans...  Ha ha ha
              ha ha.  I believe there is no other appropriate response."

-Scias:       "Sacrifices... Hexes... .........They're wrong."

- - - - - - - - - -

<Before going to the Imperial Castle>

-Nina:        "Maybe it's just a coincidence that I've come all this way...
              Maybe my path was swept up by Ryu's...  Still...I don't think
              I'm here by mistake."

-Cray:        "Elina said that we were in the middle of a great change, that
              we were part of that change... I guess we can't back out now!"

-Deis:        "Fou-Lu must be truly mad to do this to the same capital he
              himself built...  Good luck, Ryu!"

 Ershin:      "Says Deis.  I hope your luck is indeed good."

-Scias:       "L-l Let's go."

-Ursula:      "General Rhun adopted me after my parents died.  He was more than
              a parent to me...He was everything.  I would do anything for him.
              If it's his wish, I'll stay with you until the end."

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