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Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness

We have 10 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness please send them in here.

You can also ask your question on our Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Codes

During game play press Enter to display the two player message box then type any of the following codes to unlock the corresponding effect and then press Enter again to activate. Enter the code again to disable the effect. These codes will affect ALL players in Multi-player mode.

Enable Level Select:
Instant Win:
Unite the clans
Instant Loss:
You pitiful worm
Armor and Weapon Upgrades:
Deck me out
Spell Upgrades:
Every little thing she does
Skip to Specified Orc Level:
Orc (Level Number 1-14)
Skip to Specified Human Level:
Human (Level Number 1-14)
Increase Gold, Wood and Oil:
Glittering prizes
Increases Oil:
Faster Building, Upgrades and Unit Production:
Make it so
Boost Unit Strength:
It is a good day to die
Faster Wood Chopping:
FIEF mode:
Faster Demo Screens:
Disable Orc Traps:
Display Map (Except for Fog of War):
Display Multi-Player Map:
Allow Multiplayer Game Surrender:
Disable Total Victory:
Never a winner
Win Entire Game:
There can be only one

God mode

This cheat works on warcraft 2 4 the pc
click enter, type in it's a good day to die and there you go your a god!
But this code doesn't work against magic so if magics used on you will die!!!

If you have a building under construction repair..

If you have a building under construction repairing it with slaves builds it faster.

Cast invisibilty and flame sheild on a unit.

The unit will stay invisible since flame sheild is doing the damage.

Put runes between the opponents gold mine and his town hall.

Caste haste on catapults.

Put a sub or turtle on an untapped oil patch.

I haven't tried this but it makes sense.

If you're playing multiplayer with humans and orcs allied then cast unholy armor and bloodlust on a unit/some units. Then you can use palidins to heal them.

Heroes-Orcs-Deathwing-800 hp & 13-35 attack

Grom Hellscream-240 hp & 3-22 attack

Dentarg-300 hp & 3-24 attack

Teron Gorefiend-180 hp & 8-16 attack

Korgath Bladefist-240 hp & 3-22 attack

Best to worst-Deathwing, Dentarg, Hellscream & Bladefist, & Gorefiend.

Heroes-Humans-Kurdran & Sky'ree- 250 hp & 13-35 attack

Alleria- 120 hp and 9-28 attack

Danath- 220 hp & 4-23 attack

Turalyon- 180 hp & 3-19 attack

Khadgar- 120 hp & 8-16 attack

As you can see Orc heroes are way stronger than human heroes.

If you're having trouble with human mission 13 (tides of darkness) I hope this helps. At the start of the scenerio take all your ships and gryphon straight west.

Sink the 2 orc destroyers and sail north. Find the oil platform and destroy it. Put a destroyer there. Look southeast of it and sink the 2 juggernuaghts with the griffin.

Then go slightly north and look for a few transports and sink them. then go over to the reds (to the east) and destroy their platform. Also destroy the catapult.

Now your trouble with the seas is over except for some roaming warships.

Hiya guys, these hints are really great.1. Wall-..

Hiya guys, these hints are really great.

1. Wall-in

Use wall-in, it's SO good. Right, this is really simple... use farms/towers/barraks/mage towers etc. (anything that trains fighting units - best with buildings that train land units, so no gryphon aviaries or dragon roosts, thank you very much)

Just surround your town in them.

2.Foundry hide 'n' Seek

Well, your Foundry has less hit points than your Shipyard, AND without the Foundry, no more battleships or transports. And if you have any sense in that brain of yours you'd have more than one shipyard. Ok, here goes.

Hide your Foundry. That's it, it's that simple.



GLITTERING PRIZES = 10000 to gold, wood and oil

MAKE IT SO = build more quickly

VALDEZ = 5000 oil

DISCO = change music

every little thing she does- spell upgradeGlitte..

every little thing she does- spell upgrade

Glittering prizes- 10,000 pieces of gold

There is only one winner- immediate victory

hatchet- chops wood in 2 seconds

Deck me out- upgrades all weapons

On screen- shows all of the map

it is a good day to die- invincibility

unite the clans- opens ending (all level victory immediatly).

1) every little thing she does= all magic2) it i..

1) every little thing she does= all magic

2) it is a good day to die=invincability

3) deck me out=upgrades everything

4) you pitiful worm= insant loss

5) hatchet, axe, and saw= tons of lumber

6) hatchet= chops wood faster

7) UCLA= states "go bruins"

8) unite the clans= instant win

9) valdez

10) glittering prizes= 10,000 everything

Hatchet axe and saw does no allways work (sorry). Trust me these all work because i have got the book and there all in the very back

Ucla, computer says GO BRUINS Noglues, disables ..

Ucla, computer says GO BRUINS

Noglues, disables magic

Spycob, Valdez-oil

Allowsync, surrender in multi player

Day, computer says FIEF

Netprof, makes a lazer in the background

Title, disables cheats

Hogleus, go though magic traps

You pitiful man, you pitiful worm-atomatic lose

Tombstone, disables orc traps

Tigerlily, enable mission jump

There can be only one, if your orc it shows orcs beating humans,if your human

it shows humans beating orcs.

Never a winner, keep playing even though your enemey is dead

Unite the clans, atoatic win

Disco, new music

Valdez, 10,000 oil

Unite the clans, beat the level

Deck me out- gives all weapons/armor upgradesGli..

Deck me out- gives all weapons/armor upgrades

Glittering prizes- increases speed dromaticly

Hatchet- "chop chop" chops wood with 2 strokes

It is a good day to die- gives invinibility.

But can be killed by spells.

Make it so- builds structures and units faster

on screen- shows whole map

unite the clans- wins stage instantly

Good Luck

To upgrade magic= every little thing she doesGet..

To upgrade magic= every little thing she does

Get more oil= spycob

Get more everything= glittering prizes

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