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The Sims Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for The Sims

The Sims 3 Getting Started Guide
The Sims Guide
A complete guide to The Sims 3, covers getting started and finding your way around Sunset Valley, an in-depth look at careers, relationships and the..
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A huge collection of cheats for you to try out including how to place and delete objects anywhere in 'Buy' and 'Build' modes, get money quicker and see you Sim naked without the censor.

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We have 99 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for The Sims please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : GameCube : Xbox

You can also ask your question on our The Sims Questions & Answers page.

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During play, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C to bring up ..

During play, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C to bring up the cheat window. Now type in one of the following:
KLAPAUCIUS Gives you 1000 Simoleons

! Repeats last cheat

; Type between codes to enter several at the same time

(ex. after klapaucius, enter !;!;!;!;! for 5000 Simoleons)
WATER_TOOL Puts water around your home

SET_HOUR (1 to 24) Set time of day

SET_SPEED (-1000 to 1000) Set game speed

AUTONOMY (1 to 100) Change how much the Sims think on their own

INTERESTS Change interests and personality

GROW_GRASS (1-150) Set grass growth level

MAP_EDIT ON/OFF Toggle map ed..

Money Cheat

Enable 'Cheat' mode and enter 'klapaucius;:' or 'rosebud;:' (case sensitive and without the quotes) as a code. Then hold 'Enter' so that 'No such cheat' flashes on the screen. Keep the 'Enter' key held and you will gain up to 99 million Simolians.

Increase Budget Per Hour

When you are in Singele-Player mode in Sand Box mode press Ctrl + Alt + W to increase your budget per hour by $5,000.

Buff Types (Mood Buffs)

The following are mood buffs which become enabled with the 'sims.add_buff' cheat command. Type the command (without the quotes) to activate the corresponding mood buff.
+1 Confident / 4 Hours:
Type 'WeenieRoastHost_Bronze'
+1 Focused / 6 Hours:
Type 'ConstellationFormations'
+1 Happy / 2 Days:
Type 'CampingForest_Refreshed'
+1 Inspired / 6 Hours:
Type 'WalleyeSurprise_Inspired'
+2 Confident / 4 Hours:
Type 'WeenieRoastHost_Silver'
+2 Happy / 2 Days:
Type 'CampingForest_LovesOutdoors_Rejuvenated'
+2 Happy / 4 Hours:
Type 'HappilyEverAfter_GreatStory'
+2 Happy / 4 Hours:
Type 'AGreatScare_Great..

Place and Delete Objects Anywhere in 'Buy' and 'Build' Modes and

At any time during gameplay press Crtl + Shift + C and type 'move_objects on' without the quotes (to disable the cheat enter 'move_objects off').

Quick Navigation

Hold the Alt key and press the cursor keys to navigate quickly.

Get lots of money quickly!

All you have to do to get as much money as you like is type in the code to get the cheat bar up, (Shift + Ctrl + Alt + C), and type in "rosebud ; ;" hold down enter and watch the money pile up! This is so much quicker and easier than the "rosebud !;!;!;!;!" cheat, but it is up to what you prefer. !!!WARNING!!! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENTERED ROSEBUD(SPACE);(SPACE); OTHERWISE CHEAT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. UPPER CASE DOES WORK AS WELL AS LOWER CASE WHICH ONE IS USED DOES NOT EFFECT CHEAT.

Money money money

Yes yes yes loads of it to
Just hit ctrl + shift + c all at the same time and type
rosebud !;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;

Naked Without Censcores!

Hiya! Jackieboy here.
Did you know that whilst in that cheapest shower, the pixellised buff deactivates? You can use this to your advantage.
1) Activate move_objects on cheat
2) Command your Sim to go into the cheapest shower you can buy
3) Once your Sim is in the shower, pick up your Sim from the shower!
They'll have no censcores covering they're parts!

Get a car

You can get a car but you can't drive it of coarse! First click control shift and c all together then type in the gray box at the top move_objects on then go to buying things click the car and it's yours you can have junk ones buses army trucks you can even make a garage!

Dont Have 2 pay Bills!!

When your sim puts the bills on the table, just push control + shift+C and a grey box will appear where you can insert cheats. Then, type "move_objects on" into the grey box and go to buy mode. Just click on the bills and then you can delete them!!
Smoothe!! Smile

Swimming in streets

Ok first buy a swimming pool. Buy a diving board too.
Now, tell your sim to dive in. Right when the sim dives in, he has to be atleast halfway in the water, switch to build mode and click hand tool (the hand icon).
Then grab your sim and put him in the middle of the street. He'll still be swimming around!
P.S. This only works if the move_objects_on cheat is on. Activate it by pressing and holding shift,c,alt,and,ctrl all at the same time, which will bring up the cheat box at the top left hand corner of the screen.
Thanks for reading!

Never Miss Work

Are you too busy to go to work, or wutever you do on the game??? Well then type ctrl-shift-c and type in move_objects (just like that). Then go grab the mail box and put it on the side of the road your carpool arives on.
It will not leave until you move the mail box. The only downside is the car will be sitting there Honking until you move the mail box. It sucks I know
P.S. This works with any object (beds,trashcans, walls, ect.)

Peace out Mutha

Santa is coming

Ok if you want santa to come first buy a christ mas tree buy a fire place and put cookies near the three then put you're sims to sleep santa comes but you don't see himm in the morning u see gifts under the christmas tree

"tragic clown" Painting

Think it's a normal painting? Its not... If you buy it, a clown will come out of the picture at any time if one of yours sims on the lot is realy sad. There are no advantages to this painting. I recommend getting rid of it!!!


Don't put a rug in front of a fire place VERY BAD IDEA I was petting a dog in a cold room an put a rug under us and then went back to pet the dog and the whole rug was on fire and I was in the middle SAVE OFTEN I went to neighborhood while on fire it said do you want to save I said no and I'm happy back by a little bit but not dead after all my hard work and promotions!!

Haunted House

Step 1: create a large sim family (for time consuming purposes)
Step 2: build a large pool with ladder and order sims to swim.
Step 3: go to cheat menue (ctrl+shift+c) and enter move_objects on. Remove ladders and watch your sims squirm!!!
Step 4: urns or gravestones will appear after the sims expire. So build a house move in sims, and watch the frightfest.
P.s. For more ghosts repeat steps 1-3 but be careful of your evil ways if the sim you move into the haunted house is too frightened he will move out, thus DELETING YOUR CREATED SIM PERMANENTLY!!!!!

Here is a tip about potionsBlue potion= 3 ..

Here is a tip about potions

Blue potion= 3 randomly stats go all the way up.

Yellow potion= Your sims personality will be perminitly reversd.

Purple potion= Your sim will turn into a monster. Then the monster will break everything in your house that is breakable. But if you dont want him to break your sims computor, just move the chair so it cant sit in it.

Green potion= all of your sims stats will go almost to the bottom, except room.

orange potion= your sim will turn invisible.

red potion=if you have neighbors one of the oppisite se..

Perfect Sims

I would imagine that this cheat will work with all expansion packs, I have all of them and just figured it out. But lets begin,
1. Create your family, but give them no attributes.
2. Next, buy the potion maker, and make potions until you get yellow, which will reverse all your attributes, so your attributes will be maxed. (note-this could take a while.)
3. Now, enter the move objects code by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C then typing move_objects on
4. Now when you receive a skill, such as 1 logic skill from making potions, save the game and go to buy mode. Delete your character and go back to play mode. Click on your characters icon and he will be back with all of his previous skills due to the save and your characters will also be happy ..

Loads Of Money

to get loads of money press alt + shift + control + c all at the same.
A cheat box should appear at the top left hand corner. type in 'klapaucius' and keep repeating ;!;!;!;!;!;! over and over again.
Make a mistake at the end for example type ;;;! or !!;!! and hold enter.
It will say 'no such cheat'. Ignore this and look at your money, it will rise to 9,999,999 simoleons

Road build

Have kids or can't be botherd to work no problem
You don't have to go to school or work and you can build on the road with one cheat
Ctrl + shif + c all togetthe then type move_objects on
And delete trash can and mail box then for loads of money rosebud
And then put your walls on the road school bus can't come up nor can a carpool
So have fun

Easy living

1. Money
First, you have to activate the cheat box. (ctrl+alt+shift). Type rosebud in and click enter. Next, activate the cheat box again. Type !;!;!;!;!;!;!;etc. until you're fed up and type something wrong in the end,in fact anything! example(..!;!;!;!;B) and the no such cheats should appear.Keep your hand on the Enter key and your your money will mutiply until it reaches infinity. I've done it each time I play.
2. For those who can't activate the move_object on cheat, try this. It would only work if you have the sims unleashed.Bring your Sims or pets to the old town. Find the palm reader and get her to read yours or your pet's palm. If she says something good, your mood will all go up except bladder. It's 20$ a go but it's worth it.

Getting Rid of Garbage (the easy way)

You know all the complicated procedures to get rid of your trash? Well, here's how you can make money off it.
Sell your trash can when it gets full, and then buy a new one.
Ta-da! No taking the garbage out of the trash can, canceling the action, and blah blah blah. Ha ha ha ha hee hee hee.
I love adding drama to things.

You can buy Grandmas Choclate Chip Cookies for 9..

You can buy Grandmas Choclate Chip Cookies for 9-10 dollars, eat them and sell it back for 9- 14 dollars, are the amounts I have gotten.It works and your Hunger goes up and you get your money back!!


To enter a cheat, press ctrl, shift, and C.
A little Box will pop up at the top. Enter: Rosebud for 1,000 dollars!
If you want more than that, Then put: Rosebud;:
And keep holding enter, even if it says no such cheat, it still gives you money!
Do it for as long as you like.

Delete mail box

To delete your mail box you need to hold ctrl, shift, c this opens o cheat box tipe move_objects go to buy mode click on your mail box and press delete warning this could make it so you can't talk to peaple you invite over.

Burglar!!!What to do man?

If a burglar is about to rob your house and your sims appear to do nothing that would help you the best thing to do is if you ever build a house.Build the house and decorate it.If your house is to fancy like if it has all expensive or a particular expensive object\objects.Then you should keep a burglar alarm ready in the house and it should be located next to the door.Hope I helped in your burglar troubles.

Quicker Money Cheat

When playing the game press [ctrl] + [shift] + c to get the cheat box up.
Type in the cheat you want to use, for example rosebud or klapaucius (both money cheats) then enter it.
Get the cheat box up again and type !;!;!;!; ( ! Is to do previous cheat and ; is so you can enter more than one cheat) then highlight the !;!;!;!; and hold [ctrl] and press c (which copys it).
After that click beside the !;!:!:!; and hold [ctrl] and press v (which will paste it).
Press v as many times as you want to paste it.
Happy cheating =)

Move objects

To do way cool stuff type moveobjects_on just how it is there. To make a Sim really happy do the following; SAVE THE GAME! (must do this!), go to buy mode, bring up cheat console type in moveobjects_on, and then delete your sim.
Don't worry!!! The sim hasn't been killed you will see a little red X in the corner of your sims image just click on the image and your sim will appear happy as ever!!!
Happy cheats!

Stop the buglar

If a burglar comes you have no phone your sims are asleep or the police wont come in time just first pause the game with the p button on the keyboard then open the cheat the cheat box (cntrl+shift+c) then put in the move _objects cheat then delete the burglar! But if he has already stole something theres no point but it's up to you so be quick.

Hope I helped (\/) (heart)
Animal crosing \/

Increase skills for multiple sims with one item at the same time

First, activate the move_objects on code. Then buy something that increases the skill you want to increase. Have the first sim use it and then move him and have the next sim use it. The first sim is still "using" the item, but now the other sim can to. Repeat as necessary.

The sims CheatsTo get the cheats to work type CT..

The sims Cheats
To get the cheats to work type CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+C then type
KLAPAUCIUS : Gives you 1000 Simoleons
WATER_TOOL : Puts water around your home
SET_HOUR : (Values 1-24)
SET_SPEED : (Values -1000 - +1000 )
INTERESTS : Lets you change personalitys & interests
AUTONOMY : (Values 0-100)How much Sims think on own
MAP_EDIT ON : Edit Maps on
MAP_EDIT OFF : Edit Maps on
ROUTE_BALLOONS ON : Self explainitory on
ROUTE_BALLOONS OFF : Self explainitory

How To Get A Alien Baby!

For a boy hit Ctrl + Shift + C and then type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true Then hit Shift and click on your adult sim (female OR male) then hit spawn alot of things come up but find the tombstone of L and D then hit more and click Make Me Alien Pregnat or whatever way you type it and then wait a few days or speed it up and you have an alien baby!

To get the cheats to work type CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+C ..

To get the cheats to work type CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+C then type.

klapaucius: Gives you 1000 Simolens.

WATER_TOOL: Puts water around your home

SET_HOUR : (Values 1-24).

SET_SPEED : (Values -1000 -+1000 ).

INTERESTS : Lets you change personalitys & interests.

AUTONOMY : (Values 0-100)How much Sims think on own.


MAP_EDIT ON: Edit Maps on.

MAP_EDIT OFF: Edit Maps on.

ROUTE_BALLOONS ON: Self explainitory.

ROUTE_BALLOONS OFF: Self explainitory.

!: Repeats last cheat code entered.

How to get a free pizza!1-press and hold ctrl+sh..

How to get a free pizza!

1-press and hold ctrl+shift+c.

2-Type in move_objects on.

3-Then call the pizza man and order a pizza.

4-When the pizza man comes, before you greet him and get the pizza, go to buy mode and take the pizza from the pizza man, delete him, and there you have it...a free pizza.

STOP!THIEF!If a thief breaks into your house go ..


If a thief breaks into your house go stand in front of the Front door. keep standing there until the cops come. The thief wont be able to get out. the cops will arrest him and you'll get paid for the robbery stop.

press ctrl (control) shift and c at the same tim..

press ctrl (control) shift and c at the same time to open the green cheat box in the top left corner.

type in:

rosebud - then push enter to get $1000

rosebud;; - then hold down enter and you will get money pouring in

move_objects on - then push enter and then in buy mode or in the hand tool in build mode you can move your mailbox, metal trash can, and you can even move your poeple! Also, you can delete trash and new or old newspapers.

With this code you can also delete your poeple but don't worry because if you go into live mode and click on your persons head at the bottom of the screen and they will reappear some where in your lot but.....they will ..

I got a cheat off supercheats and it worked but ..

I got a cheat off supercheats and it worked but but now by sims can't talk to ANYONE!!!!

I used the cheat "rosebud".

I used the cheat "!;!;!" were you keep pushing, making your money go up!!!!Now my sims life is perfect only they can't talk to ANYONE!!!!

Tell me what to do!!!!Thanx for your time, Kimberly

Now for a cheat!!!!

Hit Alt, Ctrl, c all together to get a box in the top left corner to appear. Then enter move_objects in that box and hit enter!!!!Then hit ecsape and go to buy mode.Once you are in buy mode take and pick up your mailbox and delete it!!!Now you'll never have to pay bills again!!!!!!

If you press alt,ctrl,shift, and c a gray box w..

If you press alt,ctrl,shift, and c a gray box will appear in the top left
hand corner.
In that box type move _objects on and then enter. Go to build
mode and using the hand grab your sim and delete them.
Then go back to live mode. By your sims picture a red cross thing will appear. Double click on your SIMs PIC and your sim will appear and be 100% happy.

This isn't really a cheat, but it's the easy w..

This isn't really a cheat, but it's the easy way around. to get two sims to love each other right away, make two sims of the same astrolic sign (like cancer and cancer) compliment each other and do other stuff until they want to kiss. then have them kiss ten times or so to make them love each other, and presto love on the first day.

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