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The Sims

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VxMarauder5512th Jul 2006, ID #353
The sims is a game where you create a sim and dress them up,lead them through live or kill them off,they must bathe,sociliaze eat have fun comfort and sleep!! Don't forget to use the bathroom.........

Rating: 52%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

ID #3327

It's time you moved out of Mum's house and spread your wings as a Sim. You'll need to find a job, a flatmate ans a new place to live. Meet life's challenges and you could meey your soul mate and retire to the ultimate party mansion.

*Create a sim and go from rags to riches in seven challenging levels.

*Challenge a friend for love and money or co-operate in an open-ended game.

*Fill their homes with everything from giant screen TV's and stereos to wet bars and swimming pools. Host parties, insult the neighbours, hire a maid or handyman, play in the hot tub, or even get married and have kids.

ID #3326

this game rocks but id say to get it on computer if you have one this game id give it 9/10 for playstation 2 p.s if you get it on computer though get the expansion pack that you can get pets on that rocks even more

The Sims!!!!Added 24 Jul 2006, ID #9107

Good gameAdded 4 Aug 2004, ID #5071
The fifth game in the WWE series is by far better than all the other games. THQ have made a brilliant job of creating this game.

The only thing that disappointed me was that there were some good characters like The Bashams or F.B.I. The thing I liked was that there were some good legends like Sgt. Slaughter and Old School Undertaker.

The new season has been improved like the option to either to attack taunt or respect after each match. some new games have been added to the game like the Elimination Chamber and the Bra and Panties match.

The new feature that I loved the most was the blood it really does make the game more fun and life-like, so obviously if there is blood in the game what type of match do you think there would be yep it's the First Blood Match.

The create a character is pretty much the same so there is no point in talkin about it. This game has got to be one of the best I've seen so the rating is 96% it only gets this due to the fact that there have been characters left out. Otherwise buy this game now because it is brilliant.

Hope you liked this review because it's my first. Hope you have fun when you buy the game.

ItAdded 27 Jan 2004, ID #4024
OK, listen up tony hawk was allways a great game, I have been playing it since 1 and every time I was having a wonderful time becuse this game never got boring.

So why should 4 be difrent? well its not
neversoft and activision
did a wonderful job
though I wasn't sure that
it can get much better, then 3 apparently it can.

New awsome tricks has been aded and the mission based game also known as career mode is completley
diffrent than the other
games, becuse it was made
that you can wonder around and select you're own goals whitout a time
limit which is a great feature cuz the levels are pretty big.

Also I just love to skitch which means that you can catch behind a car or
maybe an elephant and just ride very fast which can help, gaps and combos
ok so I'm too lazy to write
some more.

So see ya later

By the way buy this game its great!

The simsAdded 14 Nov 2003, ID #3625

Unlock Every Level:

(you need to have a saved game)

at the main menu, select "resume game" and highlight your save. now press: UP, DOWN, DOWN, UP, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN.

Unlock Big Head Mutator:


Unlock Stealth Devices

when activated, all players are equipped with stealth devices.


Unlock Fatboy Mutator


Level Skip

pause the game and press: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, CIRCLE.


pause the game and press: SQUARE, CIRCLE, LEFT, RIGHT, CIRCLE, SQUARE.

Maximum Amount Of Ammo

pause the game and press: LEFT, RIGHT, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, RIGHT, LEFT.

999 Ammo For The Redeemer

get the REDEEMER then do the MAX AMMO cheat.

Added 26 Oct 2003, ID #3545
At the zoo, there is a goal in the aquarium. The guy in the koala bear outfit says its closed, but there is a hole in the roof. You need Jango Fett's

specialty called "Jango Jet Jump". If you do it off the building by the chicken house you won't make it. The special move buttons are left, right the circle.

ID #2887
If you can't do a mission no matter how much you try what you should do is get the FASTEST plane you have (with boost) the jest fly full power along untill you run out of gas or when you land.

ID #2886

Unlock Copain

Finish the game using Femme

Get Extra Camera Options

Finish the game with a SS ranking

Unlock Scene Select Mode

Finish the game using all 4 characters

ID #2885

To do a forward or backward flip easily and fast do this hold down the L2 or R2 button before going up a ramp than ollie up the ramp holding th L2 or R2 button then heyprestio this allso works with the rotionanall buttons L1 and R1

ID #2884

Various Cheats

Go to the character select screen and HOLD L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and then put in a code below while holding these buttons

All Levels: Triangle, X, Square, Circle

All Skaters: Circle, Triangle, X, Square

All Boards: X, Triangle, Circle, Square

Homer with a Big Head: Circle, X, Triangle, Square

Homer in Tights: Triangle, Circle, X, Square

Bart with Big Head: X, Square, Circle, Triangle

Frink with Big Head: Square, X, Triangle, Circle

Lisa with Big Head: Square, Triangle, X, Circle

Frink Cool: X, Circle, Triangle, Square

Krusty Businessman: Circle, Triangle, Square, X

Otto in Shades: Square, X, Circle, Triangle

Wiggum Big Head: X, Circle, Square, Triangle

Wiggum Man Eater: Triangle, Circle, Square, X

Get $99: Triangle, X, Circle, Square

Get Fuzzy Skaters: X, Triangle, Square, Circle

Marge a Demon: X, Square, Triangle, Circle

Lisa Gangster: Square, Triangle, Circle, X

Bart a Gangster: Circle, X, Square, Triangle

Nelson Big head: Triangle, Square, Circle, X

Nelson as a Ballerina: Triangle, Square, X, Circle

ID #2883

If u like Crazy Taxi, you will definintley like this game. Includes destroying things and you can hit people. You can even drive through the school!

ID #2882

Go to Evergreen Terrace and go to the elementary school and look to the right of the front door and you will see a windoow open in a room and it's the same room that Bart Simpson writes on in detention then look at the black board and it will say "Is this a clue or is it"

PS:if you find it out tell me

ID #2881

If you don't want to get in trouble by you're Aunt that has two kids that go to Religous school DON'T PLAY THIS GAME INFRONT OF THEM!!!

If you don't have the same story as me you're okay. After I was done playing this game with them thay were swearing the few words they said in the game.

I think you would like this game a lot inless you don't like The Simpsons then SCREW IT!!!

ID #2880

If you are a simpsons fan you'll love it!

PS:You can ride through the school, Duff Brewery,and Brun's Mansion

ID #2879

Simpsons Road Rage

I am writing this short review on how bad the loading times are.

When you are entering a level the loading times are can be up to 1 MINS!!!!!!

I eventually get off to play a better game !

ID #2878

Donít have a cow man I will get you there!

O.K. Fine, I will talk about a game called Simpson road rage now. O.K this game has mainly good points and very few bad points. In the first part of this amazing review I will tell about the Graphics, Gameplay, Storyline and more.

Graphics 6/10

The graphics are great because of drivers are 3d and they are really easy to see From long and short distances. Why I am giving it six is because things can go through walls and other not very good things like that. Not the greatest graphics of all time hey!

Gameplay 9/10

The gameplay is the best you can have, which means there is no things wrong with the gameplay. Isnít it just great to have nothing wrong with it?

Storyline 1/10

I am giving 1/10 because it does not have one. Well it does not need one really, it is not that type of game!

Difficulty Level 4/10

This game should defiantly go in the easy category or ranking because all you have to do in Road Rage mode is collect money to get more places to ride in or to get more characters to play with. The hardest part is if you are attempting Mission mode, where you have to do what they say, such as hit all the light posts in 20 seconds!

In part 2 of my review I will be talking about Age Recommend, long loading times, lots of characters and more!

Age Recommend

This game is sutible for all ages, which means any one can play. Even on the front cover on the box says the same thing as me. The only thing for little kids is if you get stuck in a tight spot it is hard to get out of them (I can just barley get out).

Long Loading Times

This game can have very long loading times at some points. Sometimes the time you spend waiting can last up to an amazing 1 Minute. Sometimes it can get boring but I still play!

Lots of characters and places

This game has heaps of characters, which include all simpson family (besides Magie) Aldo (the bus driver) and heaps more.


This is a Great game, if you are a Simpsons lover or you are not one.

To sum up:

Graphics 6/10

Gameplay 9/10

Storyline 1/10

Difficultly Level 4/10

Overall 7/10

I hope you like my review!!!!

PS, Donít have a cow man I will get you there is what Bart sometime says when you are using him!

ID #2877

This just great for almost anyone it is really a better version of crazy taxi some people say but with all new simpson special effects it really has that edge on other driving games but remember you have to be time for donoghts Homer !!

ID #2876

I think this game is a good game it has a few problems like it takes to long to load it is a very fun and funny game the games story is kind of dumb just like homer it is kind of hard for little kids though and some times its hard to get out of places because you get stuck there but other wise it is a really fun game

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