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Follow the dark path or use the light
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Pack Shot

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Cheats for PC

We have 9 cheats on PC
We also have cheats for this game on:   Xbox

All Cheats - Latest First

How To Defeat Darth Malak Without Ever Taking A HitAdded 1 Aug 2011, ID #16435
When battling Darth Malak, every time you hit him, quickly bring up the menu and save. Then, load that save, and it is automatically your turn to hit Malak. After you attack, quickly save again, then load it, and you can hit Malak first again!

Bottomline, every time you hit him, save, load that save, and every time you load up a save, it is automatically your turn, so you hit him before he can hit you.

Do this over and over, and you get beat Malak without ever taking a hit!

Cassus Fett's Armor in the Courtyard of Dantooine LevelAdded 18 Mar 2011, ID #16041
When reach the third Jedi trial you will see a merchant near where the Kath Hounds first ambushed you. Talk to the merchant who sells armor and weapons and ask to see his stock. He will have Cassus Fett's armor which will cost 15,000 credits. This armour must be purchased before you are taken prisoner by Saul as it will be unavailable after that.
Defeating Dark JediAdded 18 Mar 2011, ID #16040
Select Force Resistance and the next one after that when you level up and choose a new Force ability. If you then cast Force Resistance when you know you are about to fight a Dark Jedi their Force powers will not be able to hurt you.
Questions and Answers for Master Zhar's 1st Test on Dantooine LeAdded 18 Mar 2011, ID #16039
Question #1:
There is no emotion...

Anwser #1:
There is peace.

Question #2:
There is no ignorance...

Anwser #2:
There is knowledge.

Question #3:
There is no passion...

Anwser #3:
There is serenity.

Question #4:
There is no chaos...

Anwser #4:
There is harmony.

Question #5:
There is no death...

Anwser #5:
There is the Force.
Make your char dance with sabersAdded 22 Jan 2007, ID #10640
Get lightsabers out and keep pressing x it's look like he/she is danceing with lightsabers enjoy Smile
More CodesAdded 19 Jul 2006, ID #9076
To use these, press [~] and then type:

Giveitem codes- type giveitem before the code provided. Ex-
Giveitem g_w_dblsbr002

Light Sabers
Blue Double Light Saber- g_w_dblsbr001
Red Double Light Saber- g_w_dblsbr002
Green Double Light Saber- g_w_dblsbr003
Yellow Double Light Saber- g_w_dblsbr004
Purple Double Light Saber- g_w_dblsbr005
Bastila's Light Saber- g_w_dblsbr006
Blue Light Saber- g_w_lghtsbr01
Red Light Saber- g_w_lghtsbr02
Green Light Saber- g_w_lghtsbr03
Yellow Light Saber- g_w_lghtsbr04
Purple Light Saber- g_w_lghtsbr05
Darth Malak's Light Saber- g_w_lghtsbr06
Blue Short Light Saber- g_w_shortsbr01
Red Short Light Saber- g_w_shortsbr02
Green Short Light Saber- g_w_shortsbr03
Yellow Short Light Saber- g_w_shortsbr04
Purple Short Light Saber- g_w_shortsbr05

Rubat- g_w_sbrcrstl01
Damind- g_w_sbrcrstl02
Eralam- g_w_sbrcrstl03
Sapith- g_w_sbrcrstl04
Nextor- g_w_sbrcrstl05
Opila- g_w_sbrcrstl06
Jenruax- g_w_sbrcrstl07
Phond- g_w_sbrcrstl08
Luxum- g_w_sbrcrstl09
Firkrann- g_w_sbrcrstl10
Bondar- g_w_sbrcrstl11
Sigil- g_w_sbrcrstl12
Upari- g_w_sbrcrstl13
Blue Saber- g_w_sbrcrstl14
Yellow Saber- g_w_sbrcrstl15
Green Saber- g_w_sbrcrstl16
Violet Saber- g_w_sbrcrstl17
Red Saber- g_w_sbrcrstl18
Solari- g_w_sbrcrstl19

Special Items
**These are things you can only get on the Yavin 4 shop!!**
Light Exoskeleton- g1_a_class5001
Baragwin Shadow Armor- g1_a_class5002
Environmental Bastion Armor- g1_a_class6001
Heavy Exoskeleton- g1_a_class8001
Baragwin Stealth Unit- g1_i_belt001
Advanced Droid Interface- g1_i_drdcomspk01
Composite Heavy Plating- g1_i_drdhvplat01
Baragwin Droid Shield- g1_i_drdshld001
Baragwin Flamethrower- g1_i_drdutldev01
Baragwin Stun Ray- g1_i_drdutldev02
Baragwin Shield Disruptor- g1_i_drdutldev03
Advanced Stabilizor Gloves- g1_i_gauntlwt01
Advanced Sensory Implant- g1_i_implant301
Advanced Bio-Stabilizor Implant- g1_i_implant302
Advanced Combat Implant- g1_i_implant303
Advanced Alacrity- g1_i_implant304
Advanced Bio-Stabilizor Mask- g1_i_mask01
Medical Interface Visor- g1_i_mask02
Advance Agent Interface- g1_i_mask03
Heart of the Guardian (Gold) Light Saber Crystal- g1_w_sbrcrstl20
Mantle of the Force (Aqua) Light Saber Crystal- g1_w_sbrcrstl21
Baragwin Heavy Repeating Blaster- g1_w_hvrptbltr01

Genoharadan Junk
Mesh Armor- geno_armor
Poison Blade- geno_blade
Blaster- geno_blaster
Datapad- geno_datapad
Power Glove- geno_gloves
Stealth Unit- geno_stealth
Visor- geno_visor

Quest Items-
Rakghoul Serum- ptar_rakghoulser
Sith Base Passcard- ptar_sbpasscrd
Sith Armor- ptar_sitharmor
Sand People Clothing- tat17_sandperdis
Kryaat Dragon Pearl- tat18_dragonprl
CodesAdded 18 Jul 2006, ID #9074
Here are some cheat codes for the game. To activate this just type the "~" symbol at any point in gameplay and type in any of these cheats:(Note- these are ones that I use in my game and highly recommend)

Giveitem codes (type "giveitem" before typing any of these)
(Exar Kun's Battle Suit) g_a_class6006
(Darth Revan's Robes [dark side only]) g_a_mstrrobe06
(Star Forge Robes [light side only]) g_a_mstrrobe07
(Calrissian's Utility Belt) g_i_belt009
(Infiltrator Gloves) g_i_gauntlet09
(Gizka Poison [very useful on taris]) g_i_gizkpois001
(Sith Regenerator) g_i_implant308
(Beemon Package) g_i_implant309
(Double Lightsaber) g_w_dblsbr001-006
(Light Saber) g_w_lghtsbr01-06

More later!
UnlockablesAdded 15 Jun 2006, ID #8761
At your game dir edit swkotor.ini and under (Game Options) add EnableCheats=1 then during game play press ' to bring down the console and enter any of the following codes to unlock the corresponding effect. The 'giveitem' code must be included for these item codes to work. Example: 'giveitem g_w_lghtsbr01', 'giveitem g_w_mstrrobe06'

Add Dark Side:
Adddarkside (Number)

Add Level:
Addlevel (Number)

Add Light Side:
Addlightside (Number)

Add XP:
Addexp (Number)

Adrenaline Stimulator:
Giveitem g_i_belt011

Advanced Aural Amplifier:
Giveitem g_i_mask09

All Limited Use Items now never Expire:

Aural Amplifier:
Giveitem g_i_mask08

Baragwin Heavy Repeating Blaster:

Bavakar Cardio Package:
Giveitem g_i_implant301

Bavakar Memory Chip:
Giveitem g_i_implant303

Bavakar Reflex Enhancer:
Giveitem g_i_implant302

Beemon Package:
Giveitem g_i_implant309

Bio-Antidote Package:
Giveitem g_i_implant304

Biotech Package:
Giveitem g_i_implant201

Bothan Perception Visor:
Giveitem g_i_mask03

Bothan Sensory Visor:
Giveitem g_i_mask05

Breath Mask:
Giveitem g_i_mask12

Calrissians Utility Belt:
Giveitem g_i_belt009

Cardio Power System:
Giveitem g_i_implant305

Changes Darth Malak into a Female Dancing Twi'lek:

Characters Speed Increases:

Circlet of Saresh:
Giveitem g_i_mask22

Strength Enhancer:
Giveitem g_i_belt012 CNS

Combat Sensor:
Giveitem g_i_mask18

Cyber Reaction System:
Giveitem g_i_implant310

Demolitions Sensor:
Giveitem g_i_mask17

Electrical Capacitance Belt:
Giveitem g_i_belt013

Eriado Stealth Unit:
Giveitem g_i_belt010

Give Cardio Package (Implants):
Giveitem g_i_implant101

Give Money:
Givecredits (Number)

Gives 100 Advanced Repair Kits:

Gives 100 Computer Spikes:

Gives Blue Color Crystal:
Giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl14

Gives Blue Saber:
Giveitem g_w_lghtsbr01

Gives Bondar Crystal:
Giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl11

Gives Cassus Fett's Armor:
Giveitem g_a_class9009

Gives Cassus Fett's Armor:

Gives Damind Crystal:
Giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl02

Gives Darth Malak's Light Saber:
Giveitem g_w_lghtsbr06

Gives Darth Revan Robe (01=Master Jedi Robe):
Giveitem g_a_mstrrobe06

Gives Eralam Crystal:
Giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl03

Gives Firkrann Crystal:
Giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl10

Gives Green Color Crystal:
Giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl16

Gives Green Saber:
Giveitem g_w_lghtsbr03

Gives Jenruaux Crystal:
Giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl07

Gives Light Saber (01=Blue, 02=Red, etc):

Gives Light-Scan Visor (02, 03, etc. For Different Head Gear):

Gives Luxum Crystal:
Giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl09

Gives Malak's Saber:
Giveitem g_w_lghtsbr06

Gives Mines
Giveitem g_i_trapkit001

Gives Nextor Crystal:
Giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl05

Gives Opila Crystal:
Giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl06

Party Selection screen becomes Available:
Giveitem g_i_implant204

Gives Phond Crystal:
Giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl08

Gives Red Color Crystal:
Giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl18

Gives Red Saber:
Giveitem g_w_lghtsbr02

Gives Rubat Crystal:
Giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl01

Gives Saber Crsytal:

Gives Saber Crsytal:
Giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl01

Gives Sapith Crystal:
Giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl04

Gives Sigil Crystal:
Giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl12

Gives Solari Crystal:
Giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl19

Gives Stealth Field Generator (Change Numbers for Different Belts):

Gives Upari Crystal:
Giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl13

Gives Upari Wookie Amulet:
Giveitem kas25_wookcrysta

Gives Upgrade Items:

Gives Upgrade Items:
Giveitem g_i_upgrade001

Gives Violet Color Crystal:
Giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl17

Gives Violet Saber:
Giveitem g_w_lghtsbr05

Gives Yellow Color Crystal:
Giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl15

Gives Yellow Saber:
Giveitem g_w_lghtsbr04

God Mode:
Invulnerability (number)

Gordolan Reaction System:
Giveitem g_i_implant306


Interface Band:
Giveitem g_i_mask16

Interface Visor:
Giveitem g_i_mask21

Jurgan Kata's Power Suit:
Giveitem g_a_class9007

Kryaat Dragon Pearl:

Light Scan Visor:
Giveitem g_i_mask01

Mandalorian Assault Armor:
Giveitem g_a_class9010

Memory Package:
Giveitem g_i_implant103

Motion Detection Goggles:
Giveitem g_i_mask02

Navardan Regenerator:
Giveitem g_i_implant307

Nerve Enhancement Package:
Giveitem g_i_implant203

Neural Band:
Giveitem g_i_mask10

Pistol Targetting Ooptics:
Giveitem g_i_mask23

Responce Package:
Giveitem g_i_implant102

Retinal Combat Implant:
Giveitem g_i_implant202

Reveals the Entire Map (Press M):

Set Consitution:
Setconstitution (Number)

Set Dexterity:
Setdexterity (Number)

Set Harisma:
Setcharisma (Number)

Set Intilligence:
Setintelligence (Number)

Set Strength:
Setstrength (Number)

Set Wisdom:
Setwisdom (Number)

Set Awareness Skill Level:
Setawareness (Number)

Set Computer Use Skill Level:
Setcomputeruse (Number)

Set Demolitions Skill Level:
Setdemolitions (Number)

Set Persuade Skill Level:
Setpersuade (Number)

Set Repair Skill Level:
Setrepair (Number)

Set Security Skill Level:
Setsecurity (Number)

Set Stealth Skill Level:
Setstealth (Number)

Set Treat Injury Skill Level:
Settreatinjury (Number)

Sith Armor:

Sith Mask:
Giveitem g_i_mask14

Sith Regenerator:
Giveitem g_i_implant308

Sonic Nullifiers:
Giveitem g_i_mask07

Stabilizer Mask:
Giveitem g_i_mask15

Star Forge Robes:

Stealth Field Enhancer:
Giveitem g_i_mask19

Stealth Field Reinforcement:
Giveitem g_i_mask20

Teta's Royal Band:
Giveitem g_i_mask13

Thermal Shield Generator:
Giveitem g_i_belt014

Vacuum Mask:
Giveitem g_i_mask06

Verpine Headband:
Giveitem g_i_mask11

Verpine Ocular Enhancer:
Giveitem g_i_mask04
Console CheatsAdded 30 Jan 2004, ID #4060
NOTE: These are the main codes for Knights of the Old Republic that are usually applied by typing text in-game, or by bringing down the game console. Please find the instructions on how to use these cheats below.

Find the file called "swkotor.ini" in your Knights of the Old Republic game folder. Edit the file with Notepad and under the line [Game Options] add the following line:

While playing, press [~] to bring down the console then type any of the following cheat codes where # is a number: (Numbers are 1 - 999)

heal - Heal selected party member
setcomputeruse # - Set "Computer Use" skill
setdemolitions # - Set "Demolitions" skill
setstealth # - Set "Stealth" skill
setawareness # - Set "Awareness" skill
setpersuade # - Set "Persuade" skill
setrepair # - Set "Repair" skill
setsecurity # - Set "Security" skill
setstrength # - Set "Strength" skill
setdexterity # - Set "Dexterity" skill
setconstitution # - Set "Constitution" skill
setintelligence # - Set "Intelligence" skill
setwisdom # - Set "Wisdom" skill
setcharisma # - Set "Charisma" skill
addlevel # - Add indicated number of levels (negative values lowers it)
addlightside # - Add the indicated number of Light Side points (negative values lowers it)
adddarkside # - Add the indicated number of Dark Side points (negative values lowers it)
addexp # - Add indicated number of experience points (negative values lowers it)
turbo - Press [W] or [S] to move faster
invulnerability - Invulnerability
bright - Brightens screen
revealmap - Reveal map
givecredits # - Get indicated number of credits
giveitem - Spawn indicated item (you can find the full item list in the Codes FAQ listed above)
givemed - Spawn medpacks
giverepair - Spawn repair packs
givecomspikes - Spawn computer spikes
givesitharmor - Spawn Sith armor
restartminigame - ?
warp - ?
infiniteuses - ?
whereami - ?
dancedancemalak - Turn Malak into a dancing Twi'lek in the last fight
[Tab] - List all commands

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