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Spore Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for Spore

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We have a collection of cheats which includes improving relations with other empires, reheal buildings and begin Tribal stage with domesticated animals. We also have console codes for you to enter.

More Spore Cheats and Tips

We have 25 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Spore please send them in here.

You can also ask your question on our Spore Questions & Answers page.

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Console Cheats

During gameplay press Ctrl + Shift + C to bring up the console screen and then type the following codes (without the quotes) and press 'Enter'. To close the console press 'Escape' or the red X.
Add 150 DNA Points:
Type 'addDNA'
Increases your Money in Civilization or Space Stages:
Type 'moreMoney'
Replenish Depleted Health and other Motives:
Type 'refillMotives'
Unlock ALL Superweapons for your Civilization Type:
Type 'unlockSuperWeapons'
Unlock and Recharge ALL Space Mode Creation Tools:
Type 'spaceCreate'
Set Consequence Trait:
Type 'setConsequenceTrait' (trait name)
Sets Time of Day at the Avatar's position and can be used as a Speed Multiplier:
Type 'SetTime' (1-24),(..

Cheat Codes

Add 150 DNA Points:
Bring up the cheat menu in 'Creature Edit/Create Mode' by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C simultaneously and then type 'addDNA' (without the quotes) and press 'Enter' and your DNA points will increase by 150.
List Codes:
Bring up the cheat menu in 'Creature Edit/Create Mode' by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C simultaneously and then type 'help' (without the quotes) and press 'Enter' to see a list of ALL the cheats in the game.

Begin Tribal Stage with Domesticated Animals

Finish Creature stage with members of other tribes in your pack and they will become domesticated animals in your tribes pen when you advance to Tribal stage.

Get all regular and Exoskeleton limbs!

Download the Spore patch that gives you exoskeleton limbs. When playing Spore, go to Creature Creator instead of playing the five stages thing. Then there will be every limb including exoskeleton limbs!
P.S. If you create something you really like, you can use the ''EcoAdvantage'' cheat to play with it in the five stage thing.

allying the grox

To ally with the grox you must destroy planets.Then you do 5-7 of their missions.Then you use the super happy ray on one of their colonys.Then you should have allied with the grox.*warning*If you ally with them almost every colony will turn against you.


First go to the main menu and in the top left corner there will be three options, Play/Create/Share. Click 'create' and you will be able to choose a creator (all creators will have all parts possible to make a creature with everything maxed out (see my 'how to get past the creature stage in no time' cheat to max out all stats)do not use 'freedom' or you will not be able to get it later. When you are finished with creating your creature however you like, save and pick a planet to play on. When choosing a creatures food type (carnivore/omnivore/herbivore) type in 'evoAdvantage' in the cheat console (ctrl, shift 'c') choose the one that you made in the menu. (if this cheat does not work for some reason, you probably need to download the latest spore patch at '' and..

reheal buildings

To reheal buildings in civilization and space stage, sell the building that is damaged, then rebuy it and it should be at full health (this won't cost you any money, because it will still sell for max price). The game won't give you the joker badge for doing this.

Getting Sporebucks + DNA

Hi ya Spore Fans!
To get sporebucks simply bring up the cheat screen (Ctrl+Shift+C) and write moremoney. In the Civilization stage you will get 2,000 sporebucks. In the Space stage you will get 1,000,000 sporebucks.
To get DNA in the Creature stage you bring up the cheat screen (Ctrl+Shift+C) and type adddna. You will Get 150 DNA.
P.S. For these cheats to work you must be creating something

How to Beat the CREATURE Stage in no time

Step 1) Start with any creature and find the largest skeleton you can find.
Step 2) Once you find your skeleton, open the Cheat Console (control, shift, C).
Step 3) In the Cheat Console, type in freecam and press Enter you should be able to move the camera anywhere.
Step 4) As soon as you click the skeleton, Zoom Out until BOTH your character AND the skeleton DISAPPEAR.
Step 5) When you Zoom In to your creature, the skeleton should still be there.
Step 6) Repeat steps 4-5 until you have found ALL of the parts (When finished, all of the skeletons will disappear all around your world).
Step 7) Go to your nest and open the Creature Tweaker (press Mating Call and click on the creature with the hearts all around it).

Creator faces

When you go to the file select hold down one of the side arrow keys () until the screen flashes yellow, after this happens some pictures of the Spore staff's faces will float out of the center of the galaxy.(Different faces will pop out almost every time you do this)

See spore creators XD

Do you wanna see spore creators for fun XD
It is simple
1)First go to the menu
2)Then just turn around the screen over and over and over... FAST
3)And do it until you see pictures
4)happy turning ;D

How to Conquer any Space Empire

To do this cheat, you must be in the Space stage. Open the console by pressing CTRL + LSHIFT + C and typing in "setConsequenceTrait space_zealot" and hit Enter. Please note that you can only do this while you are on the planet and not orbiting it.
Continue to conquer planets in this way for as many times as you want.
Also, it is highly recommended that you use the "refillMotives" cheat in addition to "setConsequence" to prevent being blown up and starting from scratch all over again.

Easy badges

In space stage, when you just start, fly around to other star systems and when you get to the planets, it may turn out to be a rare space nebula or something, or on some of the planets it may show yellowish lines coming off from it, if so go to the planet and follow the scanner. This will help you get 4 badges( frequent flyer, sight seer, and the third and fourth ones I can't remember what their called but their from get getting galactic objects and discovering new species.

Imprving relations with other "Space" empires

To do this you have to have some spice, first you sell it all (or if you don't belive me just a little) then buy it al back with the money you got this will bring up the "Trade" part of the empires like list about you the keep doing this until it wont go up anymore.

Finding The Earth!

To find earth I can help you.find the shortest belt in the galaxy and the go two galaxy bands over there is were you will find sol if you get 5 interstellar easygoing sol is a yellow orange star when you find two worm holes the one farther away from the center is the key to finding sol go to it and look for a planet along your flight reach wing it should be yellow that's sol.happy blowing up earth also sol area is heavy pacted with three different level5 space Bering people if you blow it up you must run like roadrunner cuss omg 3 different species are going to kill you .badabing-badaboom

List of cheats

To open up the cheat menu press ctrl+shift+c
Play as a creature you made in the creature creator for tribal stage---evoadvantage
Make creatures look like lego blocks---blocksmode
Play in any stage---levels
Make everything black and white---styleFilter-filmNoir
More cheats---help
Add as many parts as you want---freedom
Remove all hints---killallhints

Begin Tribal Stage with Rogue pets

You can begin Tribal Stage with a rogue as your pet. Here's how.
1.Look for a rogue
2.Impress the rogue and ally with it's species
3.Impress the rogue again to add it to your pack
4.Keep the rogue alive for the rest of the Creature Stage
5.When you start the Tribal Stage you should look behind your hut and find the allied "pet" rogue. Pets keep other creatures and tribes away from your stuff.

How to Survive a WAR in Space Stage

Stuck in a War with another Empire? Spaceships too powerful for you? Need help defeating their home planet?
Then use this cheat!
First, fly in to their home planet. (It is usually a T-3 planet)
Next, open up the Cheat Console (Control+Shift+C)
Then, type in "refillMotives" without the quotation marks, but DON'T PRESS ENTER!
After that, pull out your MEGA LASER! (If you don't have one, buy one from another empire.)
Next, start shooting your Laser! I recommend destroying turrets, then destroy any two buildings before targeting the City Hall. (The big building in the middle.)
After that, rival spaceships will start flying at you! Shoot them down with your Laser or Missles!
Then, if your health is low, PAUSE THE GAME..

Max out stats!

(you shall need the cheats freedomadddna, and evoadvantge)
Had a rough time on a another planet, or you just want to win that bet on "complete the game on hard mode? Simple! Just click on the creature creator,add all level 5 parts.(bite, charm, ect) and save!

Hidden Face

The official spore game isnt out yet but if you have the spore creature creator when you are viewing the galaxy if you spin the galaxy fast enough by clicking the left or right mouse fast enough and let it free spin a face will appear

Start creature stage with more evolved creatures!!!

When starting a new game, select the planet you want and then hold Crtl, Shift, and C. Enter the cheat "evoadvantage" (without the quotation marks) and then select creature stage, select the diet of THE CREATURE YOU WANT TO PLAY AS...and then find the creature and have fun!

Tips On Defeating Empires in Space

1. Make sure you have health upgrades and powerful weapons. I reccommend having the Laser, mini Bomb, Auto Blaster, and Missles.
2. Make sure you know the locations of all the empire's star systems.
3. Target the planets with colonies first. Use your missles to destroy all of the Spaceships, and then use Mini Bombs and Lasers to destroy each colony.
4. After you destroy all of the empires Star Systems, buy some Atmospheric tools from another Empire. You'll need them later.
5. Go to the Homeworld of the Rival Empire.
6. Use your Atmospheric Tools to lower the T-Score to T-0. This will leave only one city on the planet.
7. Use your weapons as described in step 3, and you will win the war against the empire.

Don't worry, I spelled everything right.

Here's a very long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, and long, hint.
Just kidding, it's actually a very short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, hint.
Oh, you just want to hear the hint? Well here it is. You know that arrow on the yellow circle around your spaceship? It's going to always be pointing to the center of the galaxy. So? So, that means that all you have to do to to get to the center of the galaxy is always go in the direction that the arrow..

Perfect Spore City

In the Space Stage, scroll over the city hall building in the desired city/colony and click the button that appears.Copy the layout in the picture below and your city happyness should be maxed and so should be your city's strength.

how to beat civilization stage

Ok if you are stuck on civilization stage,when the game first tells you to get a spice geyser,do it,but ignore the next thing for now and get all the spice geysers you can.soon,another city will be founded on the landmass your city is do what it says,and on the city planner and put 1 house and one entertainment.after that,buy all the ecenomic vehicles you the thing that says economic on the normal view,then right click on the other city and select propose trade route.if they say yes,right click the city and select trade with city.if they say no,give them gifts by right clicking and choosing communicate with city.after a while they might say yes.after the trading is complete,right click and press purchase city.if it was a military city,choose military as it's

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