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by Mykas0

"Spore Creatures" for Nintendo DS, "FAQ/Walkthrough"
By Mykas0
version 1.15

BE SURE TO READ THIS FIRST PART! You can read this faq as long as you
don't change ANY part of it (including this small introduction). Also,
you can print it but only for use at your home, you may NEVER sell 
this stuff or else you will make me really mad and maybe I won't work
anymore! Finally, if you want to use this faq on your site (or use any
part of it for other things, like writing your own faq or something) you
have to mail me and ask me for it, I will almost surely grant it to you!

0~. Version History
1~. Introduction
2~. Walkthrough
   2.1~. Planet Tapti
      2.1.1~. Region Fryse
      2.1.2~. Region Trunkle
      2.1.3~. Region Noodlin
      2.1.4~. Region Zager
      2.1.5~. Region Bowltektos
      2.1.6~. Region Zager
   2.2~. Planet Pangu
      2.2.1~. Region Flimmil
      2.2.2~. Region Muckluck
   2.3~. Planet Baysee
   2.4~. Planet Flubit
   2.5~. Planet Zencrie
      2.5.1~. Gar'sKuther's Lair
   2.6~. Freezle
3~. Creature Creator
4~. Sporepedia
   4.1~. Badges
   4.2~. Species Guide
   4.3~. Planet Guide
   4.4~. Saved Creatures
   4.5~. Summary
5~. Information on how to acquire parts
6~. Trading
FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
B_END. Special Thanks
END. Contacts

0~. Version History

-> version 1.15 <-
- Fixed incorrect information concerning some body parts.
-- Added extra information on how to win the "Social Reject" badge, see
   the "Frequently Asked Questions" section for such information.

-> version 1.1 <-
- Added the last missing Badges.

-> version 1.0 <-
- Added the location of all Planet Tokens;
-- Added some more Badges;
--- Corrected some information.

-> version 0.92 <-
- Added some more information on the "Flubit" planet;
-- Added some extra information on the "Muckluck" region;
--- Added more information to the "Trading" section.

-> version 0.9 <-
- Added the location of some more Planet Tokens;
-- Added more information on "Badges" and "Planets".

-> version 0.85 <-
- Added the location of some more Planet Tokens.

-> version 0.8 <-
- Completed the walkthrough;
-- Added some other sections to this guide;

-> version 0.1 <-
- Started the walkthrough.

1~. Introduction

If you have read some of my other guides, you've probably noticed that I
tend to include this section in every guide I write. Here, you'll find
information that I strongly suggest you read before starting the actual
game, as it will certainly prove useful during your adventure. Without
further delay, here we go:

- Changing your creature at Nests is free. So, there's no reason why you
  shouldn't visit such location as often as possible, since the many level
  ups you tend to gain increase your Weight Points and make it even easier
  for you to add new parts to your creature.

- There's a huge difference between doing cute things and going for useful
  ones. Often, you may want to design a cute creature, but by adding an
  extra pair of arms, three mouths and one other pair of eyes your
  creature will be better fit for combat. Since, in this game, combat is
  more important than cuteness, think about it when designing a new

- Often, you'll face extra goals, which aren't required for you to
  complete the area you're currently in. Instead of just advancing for the
  next area, take your time and complete those extra goals, which not only
  awards you extra experience but may also give you extra parts. There's
  really no reason to skip them, you know?

- Apart from the extra goals, you may also want to fully explore every
  area that crosses your path. Often, digging in an unsuspected place, or
  turning around a particular corner, may take you to a place where you'll
  find something new, something good, and that's why you should certainly
  try to explore everything before advancing to the next area.

- Although exploring everything is certainly great, there are areas (and
  certain puddles of dirt, for example) that you can only access later in
  the game. Once you complete the game once, you'll be allowed to save
  your game and replay all the areas you've visited before, which allows
  you to get to places you couldn't reach before. So, I suggest you play
  across the entire game (at least...) twice, in order to unlock
  everything this game has to offer.

- Eating Sporelings, or attacking your own friends, may seem like an awful
  thing to do, but be sure to remember that you also gain bonus from doing
  so, and some of the badges even require you to follow such line of
  action. Don't be afraid to do so, since you'll gain extra life and/or
  more experience for it.

- Since some puddles of dirt are only visible when your creature's
  eyesight is improved, some of the puddles mentioned in this guide may
  not be seen by your creature. If that's your case, add some part to your
  creature that improves its eyesight, and you're more likely to spot the
  stated puddle. That's another reason on why you should replay the game
  more than once, in order to try and see all the puddles and gather the
  bonuses that come from them.

That's all for this section, I guess.

2~. Walkthrough

This section of the guide covers the game's main storyline. It basically
tells you about everything you've gotta do, but let's face it - this game
is very easy, your next location is usually pinpointed with a big red
beacon, and unless something requires you to think for a while, I highly
doubt you'll need to read this. However, if (for some reason) you're stuck
in a particular part of the game, keep on reading and I'm sure you'll find
the answer you seek.

2.1~. Planet Tapti

First planet in the game, nothing to see here, just keep on reading.

2.1.1~. Region Fryse


- Find and Collect the Mouth Part

- Attach the Mouth Part at the Nest

- Befriend the Lone Taptup

- Defeat the Striklet Blocking the Way


- Fight and Defeat all the Striklets (4)

- Make Friends with all Taptups (3)

Planet Tokens:

- There's one right in front of the cave.

- In the "Replay" mode, you can find one in the lower right island, but it
  requires your creature to have legs that allow it to cross deep water.

This first level is really easy to complete, just follow the many tutorial
sequences you're presented and you'll be fine. Also, the last two goals
aren't required to complete this level, but I suggest you complete them
both before entering the cave, since doing so will award you some more
experience, and new parts.

Go back to the nest as many times as you want, since that location allows
you to change your creature, and be sure to make the strongest (or cutest,
depending on what kind of player you are) creature before finally entering
the cave, which takes you to the next region.

2.1.2~. Region Trunkle


- Leave Nest Island

- Eat a Piece of Fruit

- Show Meepers Attached Meepers Arm

- Find the Meepers' Friends

- Investigate the Crash Site

- Defeat the Blue Supupie


- Race the Kimpoko!

Planet Tokens:

- Inside one of the huge boulders, which you must destroy by throwing a
  small rock.

- In a puddle of dirt (you need to have around 60 sight).

This region starts with a tricky part. Start by going to the water. Sure,
your creature will suffer some damage, but the cave leading to yet another
place will open up. Next, attack the tree, select the proper icon and eat
the fruit. Use the 'Burrow' ability, and equip the new arms you've just
acquired, but be sure to notice that you don't have to unequip your
previous ones, if your body weight isn't that high yet.

Go southeast to find another Meeper, and look around the island for some
more elements of that same species. From there on, this region is pretty
easy to complete, there's just the race and the final boss battle. For the
race, I suggest you place yourself in the route of your opponent and only
talk to him when you're ready to go. There's no way to add quick legs to
your current creature, and so the best way to beat your opponent is by
constantly being in front of him, which is even easier to do if you take
your time to learn all the course by heart.

As for beating the boss battle against the Blue Supupie, I suggest you
edit your creature and make it as strong as possible, giving him as much
attack power as you can handle. At level 7, it was extremely easy for my
creature to defeat this opponent, and provided you make yours an offensive
beast, you won't have any trouble with this battle, either. Putting some
sort of healing part in your current creature is also a good idea.

Once you've completed everything else, grab the spaceship part, make your
creature the strongest you can get and look for Planet Tokens. The only
one you can get in your first playthrough is inside one of those huge
boulders, which you can only get by grabbing a small stone and throwing it
at the boulder; don't be scared if you don't know how to do it just yet,
that's a more "advanced" (or so it seems...) technique that you will learn
only later in the game, and you may want to come back here, and grab it,
only in the "Replay" mode.

2.1.3~. Region Noodlin


- Defeat Bully then Befriend Bushleys

- Cross the Bridge

- Befriend the Jungu Nest

- Find the Missing Spaceship Part


- Uncover Bushes Hidden in the Sand (8)

- Win the Tree Knocking Competition (4)

- Break all of the Spaceship Debris (4)

Planet Tokens:

- In an underwater puddle of dirt, in the area where you face the "Uncover
  Bushes Hidden in the Sand" goal.

- In the lower left area you'll see some spaceship debris. Destroy all
  four parts, by throwing rocks at them, and this token will be revealed.

There's a very basic plotline behind this region, and assuming that you
follow all its steps, completing all the aformentioned goals becomes
very easy. However, there are two parts for your creature that you MUST
get, "Stump Legs" and"Jungu Eyes" - the first allows you to easily cross
the poisonous path, while the second one makes it possible for you to
ultimately find the missing spaceship part - and which you can get by
completing some of the goals this level has to offer.

As soon as you're taught how to escavate the puddles of dirt, be sure to
escavate all the puddles available in this region. Some of them appear as
part of one of the optional goals, but the others tend to give you an icon
which awards you extra experience, making it a lot easier for your
creature to increase its level, increasing its weight points and making it
easier for you to develop a stronger creature, which you'll certainly need
in order to successfully defeat the group of three Whiplies.

After completing all this, try to find the Planet Tokens and take the cave
to yet another new region.

2.1.4~. Region Zager


- Return Skuzzalope Sporeling to Nest

- Follow the Digging Skuzzalope

- Find the Taktos' Hideout

- Feed the Old Skuzzalope


- Take the Desert Legs from Microlope

Planet Tokens:

- Capture the upper right Nest and you'll be given this one.

- Befriend all three Macroneer, the creatures on the upper right Nest, and
  be aware that this seems to be a prerequisite to another Token, that you
  can get later on.

After the scene, start by going to the right, to an area where a new
creature is eating some meat. Defeat it to acquire the all important
"Skuzzalope Leg", which allows you to cross areas composed by hot sand,
which would normally hurt you. After that, talk to the creature placed all
the way up and QUICKLY get him all three sorts of fruit he asks for. Then,
start going down and you'll soon be given your next goal. Search for a
moving red beacon nearby, and you'll easily find the sporeling, which you
should take back to the proper place, before pressing the egg that comes
out of his head.

From there on, this region is also easy to complete. You're even pointed
where you should go next, and that's not hard at all. When you're given
the third goal, don't instantly go for it. Instead, take your time to
conquer the two nests and defeat all the major enemies available here, as
doing so will give you lots of experience and new parts. However, when you
are finally ready to continue, grab the Planet Token and take the new
cave, as you've done before.

2.1.5~. Region Bowltektos


- Defeat the Taktos


- Clear Path to Mushroom Cliffs (5)

Planet Tokens:

- To the right of the place where you've started this region, in the
  middle of a few breakable boulders.

- Befriend the three Macroneer in the previous region. Then, head to the
  right of the very first nest in this area, past a small passage, and
  another Macroneer will appear. Befriend him, and you'll get this Token.

After the scene, start by going all to the right, and defeat all the
Taktos. Keep on going and, eventually, you'll find some other species,
which asks for you to destroy five large boulders. Now, this may be a
problem, since you're never explicitly told how to do it, but it is way
easier than it looks - you just have to throw small stones at them, three
are enough to destroy those huge boulders. Look around, they're not that
hard to find, and you will soon destroy the five of them, one of which is
actually required to complete this region.

Besides, there's a Planet Token to the right of the place where you have
started this region, use the same method to destroy the boulders and you
will be able to get it. Grab the Spaceship Part, take the cave from before
and you will be back outside.

2.1.6~. Region Zager


- Return Skuzzalope Sporeling to Nest

- Follow the Digging Skuzzalope

- Find the Taktos' Hideout

- Feed the Old Skuzzalope


- Take the Desert Legs from Microlope

Planet Tokens:

Probably none, but it may be possible for you to get the ones you've
missed the last time you came here.

Yep, this is the same place as before. Simply grab the last Spaceship
Part, enter the yellow portal next to it and you'll leave this planet.

2.2~. Planet Pangu

Second planet you'll get to visit, there's nothing to see in this section.

2.2.1~. Region Flimmil


- Find Clues to the Space Alien

- Find the Space Alien

- Challenge Gar'Skuther!


- Collect 4 Frozen Fish (4)

- Dig up the Flabawaba Treasure

- Cure all Nests (3)

Planet Tokens:

- On eastern part of the islands, the ones on the left side of the map.

- After crossing the icey bridge, on the left.

- After crossing the icey bridge, go south of the cave, near the water.

- After crossing the icey bridge, on the upper right corner, near the

- After crossing the icey bridge, on the upper right corner, near the

- After crossing the icey bridge, on the upper left corner, to the right
  of the place where you face a boss battle.

Start by talking to the lone creature in the left side of the island, who
will ask you for fish. Grab four stones, destroy the four icebergs, get
the four fishes and bring them back to the creature who requested them, to
receive the important "Fyristook Leg". While you're at it, visit the
islands on the left, and mainly talk to the creature on the lower one.

Back to the mainland, grab a small rock and throw it to the strange
machine. After the scene, wait until the spaceship goes away and attack
that same machine yet again. Grab another rock, cross the icey bridge and
destroy three machines in the next few areas (be careful not to run out of
energy), advance to the upper left corner and QUICKLY destroy the ice
blocking your path. Enter the cave nearby, which opens a new path to a
cave you may have seen before. Destroy the other machines, so that all of
them are damaged at the same time.

Now, you can either go back to the previous place, visit the islands on
the left (if you do so, be sure to defeat all the creatures and heal their
Nest) and explore them for some extras, or continue playing. When you're
ready to continue, go to the upper left corner of the mainland and you'll
get to face your main enemy. Listen to all the blabber and hit the enemy's
spaceship with a rock.

You'll have to face a strange monster on the left. After beating him, the
main enemy will run away, but he will also drop a map, which you should
get. Don't go back to your ship yet. Instead, try to explore all that this
region has to offer. There are plenty of other goals for you to fulfill,
all of which give you good parts, and which you may want to have in the
future. There are also lots of Planet Tokens here, you should obviously
try to grab then all. Besides, some extra experience is always good, don't
you agree?

2.2.2~. Region Muckluck


- Find a Way to Get to the Mainland

- Save the Bubleebu food supply (6)

- Restock the Food Supply (9)

- Protect the Bubleebu's Food Supply (9)

- Dig up the Starmap

Planet Tokens:

- To the southeast of the place where you begin this region, inside the

- Inside the very first Nest.

- In the mainland's upper left corner.

- In the mainland's upper section, where the grassy areas cross the icey

Start by going all the way down, until you manage to conquer the first
nest, and grab some new legs. From there, change your creature and head to
the mainland. Talk to the creatures around and you'll now have to do two,
very simple, tasks, before taking a more complex one, where you'll have to
keep the enemies away from your own banana supply. That's the hardest one,
and failure in doing it properly (you'll have to face three waves of
enemies) will take you back to the previous step, which is sometimes
rather frustrating, but keep on trying and, eventually, you'll manage to
do it. If, in the task where you have to collect bananas, the Bubleebu
refuses to take them, simply grab one of those fruits and throw them at
that creature's head, he will certainly take it away after such action.

For the Starmap, look at the map in the upper screen, and dig in that
exact location, but underwater. Yes, it works exactly like in the soil,
just dig underwater and, soon, you'll reveal the map. After that, go back
to the spaceship and you'll be taken to a new planet.

2.3~. Planet Baysee


- Investigate the Cause of the Blight

- Cure the Infected Nests

- Bring a Small Meat to the Spierter


- Water the Trees on the Highlands (6)

- Return the Missing Sporelings (2)

- Collect Meat for the Spierters (3)

Planet Tokens:

- Placed right in front of the waterfall.

- Complete the "Collect Meat for the Spierters" goal, you'll get this one
  at their Nest.

- In the lower section of this planet. You'll have to throw a rock at a
  broken stomp, to get it.

- In the northern part of the map, inside one of the huge boulders, throw
  a small rock in order to get it.

- In the northwestern part of the map, inside one of the huge boulders,
  throw a small rock in order to get it.

- In the southwestern part of the map, inside one of the huge boulders,
  throw a small rock in order to get it.

- Complete the "Water the Trees on the Highlands" goal to get this one.

- Dig a puddle of dirt for this one (you need to have around 60 sight), in
  the northern part of the map.

- Dig a puddle of dirt for this one (you need to have around 60 sight), in
  the southern part of the map.

- Dig a puddle of dirt for this one (you need to have around 60 sight), in
  the southwestern part of the map.

Strangely, this one is pretty straight forward. Each time you complete a
specific goal, a new one tends to appear, and you just have to move to the
next red beacon. Continue doing that until you finally get the Starmap,
but try to get as many Planet Tokens as possible - this planet is filled
with those. Don't forget to check the southeastern part of the map, where
a stomp blocks the entrance to an area - destroy it by throwing a rock at
it, and you can then gain access to yet another goal, near the entrace to
what seems to be a cave.

2.4~. Planet Flubit


- Investigate the Tremors

- Clear the Volcanic Vents


- Conquer all Nests Before Time Up (3)

- Beat Nest Bosses Before Time Up (2)

OR (you can only complete two of these four)

- Challenge the Prunebug Elder

- Win Lileepa's Mimic Game 

Planet Tokens:

- Next to the place where you parked your spaceship, right in the middle
  of the hall.

- In the southwestern corner of the map.

- In the northern part of the map, near a Nest.

- Near the northeastern corner of the map.

- Right of the main lava pit, in an enclosed room with a single creature

- In the cliffs, near the southeastern corner of the lava pit.

- In the southern part of the map, next to a Nest.

- Eastern part of the map, south of yet another Nest.

- In the northern part of the lava pit, placed on top of the lava.

- Next to the last Volcanic Vent, in a puddle of dirt (you need to have
  around 60 sight).

From your starting point, exit by the passage on the left and start going
north. Soon, you'll be given your first goal, which you should try to
complete as quickly as possible. From there, go up and around, destroy all
the other boulders as you'd normally do (i.e. throw rocks at them). You
can also conquer all Nests and defeat all Bosses before taking the last
boulder (the one in the middle of the lava) down, which takes you to some
extra goals, but failure to do so gives you two other extra goals, as
shown in the initial part of this section.

Crossing the lava may seem hard, but this planet makes it easy for you to
gain a pair of legs that allows you cross lava (and it is even possible
that you already have another, although weaker, one). Besides, there are
plenty of Planet Tokens in this area, you may want to get them all before
finally boarding the spaceship and proceeding.

Oh, and... about the red Prunebug that may follow you for a while, you can
feed him all the three items he wants, and then look for another element
of his species, which will only be available if you didn't beat the two
Nest Bosses before clearing the final Volcanic Vent. Talk to him and
follow from there, it's not that hard.

2.5~. Planet Zencrie


- Discover the Landmarks (3)

- Find and Cure the Koth Nest

- Find Gar'sKuther's Cave


- Defeat the Starspeck Thief

OR (you can only complete one of these two)

- Befriend the Lost Starspeck

- Feed the Starving Broogus (2)

- Find the Starspeck Sporelings (3)

Planet Tokens:

- Complete the "Defeat the Starspeck Thief" goal.

- Complete the "Befriend the Lost Starspeck" goal.

- Dig a puddle of dirt for this one (you need to have around 60 sight),
  near the entrance to the cave blocked by three huge boulders.

- Dig a puddle of dirt for this one (you need to have around 60 sight),
  near the upper left corner of the map.

- Dig a puddle of dirt for this one (you need to have around 60 sight),
  near your spaceship.

- Dig a puddle of dirt for this one (you need to have around 60 sight),
  inside the cave blocked by three huge boulders.

- In the cave blocked by three huge boulders, inside the icey boulder,
  throw a small rock in order to get it.

- In the lower right corner of the map, under the stone bridge.

The first goal is very easy to complete, simply walk around the mainland
and you're very likely to find them all. For the Koth nest, simply destroy
the three big boulder seen in the southern part of the mainland and enter
that small cave, you'll have to cure the Nest placed inside, by any means
necessary, if you know what I mean. As for the mentioned cave, go to the
lower right corner and you'll find it. Not hard at all, hum?!

As for the extra goals, the Starspeck Thief can be found in the upper left
corner of the map, and he is not that hard to defeat. For the second of
those goals, QUICKLY (yep, there's a time limit) grab two bananas and
throw them at the elements of the Broogus species, the ones that are
placed near their own Nest. There's one banana near your spaceship, and
another near their Nest, and the main problem there is the time limit. For
the Sporelings, they're harder to find, but they're all under puddles of
dirt, which you can only see when your creature has high vision.

2.5.1~. Gar'sKuther's Lair



Planet Tokens:

- Dig a puddle of dirt for this one (you need to have around 60 sight).

- Dig a puddle of dirt for this one (you need to have around 60 sight).

Try to grab the map, and a cutscene will take place. Defeat the two
creatures (you can try to befriend the second one, but that's extremely
hard to do) - if you can't really manage to beat the second one, lose the
battle twice and two allies will appear, making it easier for you to beat
your enemy - grab the starmap and you'll then see the ending of the story
mode. Wait for a while, after the story sequences, and you'll be able to
activate the replay mode, which makes it possible for you to go back to
the areas you've played before.

2.6~. Freezle

(This planet only becomes acessible after you've completed the game. Pick
the "Replay" option, available in the main menu, and you'll see this new
planet in there)


- Find All S Pollinated Creatures (5)


- Unearth All of the Dig Locations (9)

- Destroy Every Iceberg (9)

- Visit Each Island (4)

Planet Tokens:

- Dig a puddle of dirt for this one.

- Dig a puddle of dirt for this one.

- Dig a puddle of dirt for this one.

- Dig a puddle of dirt for this one.

- Dig a puddle of dirt for this one.

- Destroy an Iceberg for this one.

- Destroy an Iceberg for this one.

- Destroy an Iceberg for this one.

- Destroy an Iceberg for this one.

- Destroy an Iceberg for this one.

This one is terribly easy to do. Just find all the creatures, get back to
your spaceship and it will be over. The Dig Locations are slightly harder
to find, but keep on looking around and you're very likely to find them

3~. Creature Creator

Like in the big "Spore", for your PC, this game also features an option
that allows you to create your own creatures. It's not as detailed and
complex as its big brother, but it still allows you to create some
interesting creatures. I'm probably not the best kind of player to assert
on this kind of option (I'd rather have powerful creatures than funny
ones), but I guess I can give you some tips on this mode.

First of all, this console's upper screen constantly shows the finalized
look of your creature, alongside with all sorts of statistical information
on it. Be sure to play special attention to the bar in the left side of
the screen, since that's what limits what kind of parts you can add to
your creature (however, there's a maximum number of parts you can use in a
single creation). In the upper side of that same screen, you see the name
of the current creature, what kind of food it can eat, and what types of
hazardous soils it can cross, including "Magma", "Hot Sand", "Poisonous
Ground", "Deep Water" and "Ice". Below that information, there are the
stats of your creature, which are the following:

Social     Attack     Defense 

"Social", usually found in "Eyes" parts, controls how hard it is for your
creation to befriend other creatures.
"Attack" and "Defense", as usual, determines how much damage your creation
can cause, and how much damage it can take. The first attribute generally
comes as part of "Arm", "Mouth" and "Tail" parts, while the second one is
almost always found in "Legs" parts.

"Metabolism", which only comes in "Mouth" parts, increase the life (and
energy) you gain by eating food.

"Sight", which is obviously inserted in the "Eyes" parts, makes it
possible for your current creation to see certain puddles of dirt, which
may not be visible unless you have a certain value in this particular

"Energy", which is sometimes an element of "Tail" parts, control how
quickly your creature's energy refills over time.

"Critical", the last stat, which usually comes included in "Tail" parts,
increases the chance of performing critical hits (i.e. ones that deal
twice the damage) in the battlefield.

Concerning the lower screen, that's where all the fun takes place. On the
left, you can see all equipable parts, which include "Eyes", "Mouth",
"Arms", "Body", "Legs", "Tail" and "Fin". You don't have to use them all
in a single creature, nor are you limited to a single part of each kind,
if you are wondering about it. In order to unlock more parts, you have to
play across the game's story mode, and unlock them all in the middle of
your adventures. Once you've picked a part and attached it to the main
body, be sure to notice that you can move two sliders - the one in the
upper limit allows you to rotate the element you've just attached, while
the second one, seen on the right, makes it possible for you to change
that element's size. Not all parts can be rotated, with the "Body" one
being the more basic example of such problem.

Next to the "Eyes" button, you can see a small paint brush. That's the
option that you should click to paint your creature, with the first
button allowing you to pick basic patterns, the second one making it
possible for you to change certain colours in the pattern you've picked,
and the third one allowing you to quickly colour your creature with one
out of 18 different patterns. To close that menu, tap the paint brush once

If you want to remove a part, simply drag it to the upper right corner, to
the shiny trash can there place, and action which instantly removes that
part away from the edition screen.

Finally, there's the toolbar on the right. The first two buttons are the
classical "Undo" and "Redo" ones, I bet you know what they're for. Next,
there's the "Save" button, which also serves for an obvious purpose, but
also allows you to quickly load other creatures, or change the current
one's name. The question mark, "?", allows you to quickly access the
in-game tutorial, with all sorts of important information. The last two
buttons allow you to discard, or save, all the changes you have made to
the current creature, with confirmation always being needed to complete
that action.

Now that you have all this information, it's up to you to come up with all
sorts of interesting creatures. Go ahead, take what's given to you, put
your own brains to work, and try to design all sort of cute, silly, dark,
powerful, friendly or agressive creatures. It may sound like nothing more
than a cliché, but... the power is in your hands!

4~. Sporepedia

The "Sporepedia" is a place this game features with all sorts of extra
information about the game. Although the pieces of data it has to offer
aren't transcribed in this guide, the next few sections explain what each
option has to offer.

4.1~. Badges

By selecting this option, you'll be able to see the five different types
of badges that this game has to offer, apart from visiting two different
kinds of shops, where the only currency accepted is "Badge Points", which
are awarded as you gain new badges.

For the five different kinds of badges, which are basically this game's
achievement awards, you have "Goals", "Creature","Combat", "Social" and
"World", which are pretty self-explanatory. Most badges have some text
attached to it, explaining what you have to do in order to unlock them,
but others only appear after you've acquired them, and they're slightly
harder to get. In fact, it's almost magical - you're doing something, and
suddenly a badge pops-up, for hardly any reason at all. Be aware that some
badges are only made available by trading with other players, making them
terribly hard to get by players who have no access to a Wi-fi connection,
or have no friends who also carry this same game.

Concerning the shops, there are two different kinds, "Cheat Shop" and
"Part Shop". The first one allows you to acquire cheats codes, with all
sorts of hilarious results, or "simply" making your creature invencible,
which is as useful as it sounds. In order to activate (or deactivate
codes), simply come back here and tap that particular code, to change its
status. The second one lets you purchase unique parts for your character,
ones that you can't get on the wild, such as parts taken from the final
boss, or rather unique ones.

Here is a listing of the many badges, and purchaseable content, you can
get in this game:

---------------------------------------- Goals (12/12)

---------- Goals Badge Master

Quantity Required: 11

Text: Earn all of the badges from the Goals category.

---------- The Graduate

Quantity Required: N/A

Text: Complete all of the instructional goals.

---------- Oh the Sporemanity!

Quantity Required: N/A

Text: Fail to save the planet Flubit from destruction.

---------- Planet Tapti Complete

Quantity Required: N/A

Text: Complete all of the continents on planet Tapti.

---------- Planet Pangu Complete

Quantity Required: N/A

Text: Complete all of the continents on planet Pangu.

---------- Planet Baysee Complete

Quantity Required: N/A

Text: Complete all of the continents on planet Baysee.

---------- Planet Flubit Complete

Quantity Required: N/A

Text: Complete all of the continents on planet Flubit.

---------- Planet Zencrie Complete

Quantity Required: N/A

Text: Complete all of the continents on planet Zencrie.

---------- Planet Freezle Complete

Quantity Required: N/A

Text: Complete all of the continents on planet Freezle.

---------- Gar'skuther Served

Quantity Required: N/A

Text: Defeat Gar'skuther through dance.

---------- Gar'skuther Vanquished

Quantity Required: N/A

Text: Defeat Gar'skuther through combat.

---------- Savior of Flubit

Quantity Required: N/A

Text: Save the planet Flubit from destruction.

---------------------------------------- Creature (12/12)

---------- Creature Badge Master

Quantity Required: 11

Text: Earn all of the badges from the Creature category.

---------- Snack Master

Quantity Required: 200

Text: Eat lots of food.

---------- Sporelivore

Quantity Required: 25

Text: Eat lots of Sporelings.

---------- Part Master

Quantity Required: 200

Text: Find most of the parts.

---------- Species Spotter

Quantity Required: 31

Text: Fill 100% of the Species Guide.

---------- Reckless

Quantity Required: 50

Text: Defeated many times in combat.

---------- Bio-Powerful

Quantity Required: N/A

Text: Attach all of the Bio-Powers.

---------- Careless Consumer

Quantity Required: 15

Text: Get sick many times.

---------- Welcome Wagon

Quantity Required: 20

Text: Befriend many creatures gained through pollination.

---------- King of the Planet

Quantity Required: 20

Text: Defeat many creatures gained through pollination.

---------- Creature Collector

Quantity Required: 10

Text: Receive many creatures from other players.

---------- Species Spreader

Quantity Required: 50

Text: Send many creatures to other players.

---------------------------------------- Combat (12/12)

---------- Combat Badge Master

Quantity Required: 11

Text: Earn all of the badges from the Combat category.

---------- Big Bully 

Quantity Required: 31

Text: Defeat one member of every species in combat.

---------- Tag Team Partner

Quantity Required: 30

Text: Win combat with 1 friend many times.

---------- Loner

Quantity Required: 60

Text: Win combat alone many times.

---------- Battle Rumble

Quantity Required: 60

Text: Win combat with 2 friends many times.

---------- Duck and Cover

Quantity Required: 30

Text: Retreat from combat many times.

---------- True Friend

Quantity Required: 20

Text: Allow many friends to flee from combat.

---------- Combat Champion

Quantity Required: 200

Text: Defeat many creatures in combat.

---------- Not the Face!

Quantity Required: 1500

Text: Receive tons of damage from other creatures.

---------- Dr. Meepers, M.D.

Quantity Required: 1500

Text: Heal many life points.

---------- Troublemaker

Quantity Required: 10000

Text: Deal tons of damage to other creatures.

---------- Loose Cannon

Quantity Required: 15

Text: Pick a fight with many friends.

---------------------------------------- Social (11/11)

---------- Social Badge Master

Quantity Required: 10

Text: Earn all of the badges from the Social category.

---------- Pied Piper

Quantity Required: 30

Text: Return Many Sporelings to their home nests.

---------- Dance Master

Quantity Required: 75

Text: Dance with many creatures.

---------- Two Left Paws

Quantity Required: 25

Text: Fail many dances.

---------- Social Butterfly

Quantity Required: 100

Text: Befriend many creatures.

---------- Cuddle Up

Quantity Required: 200

Text: Successfully cuddle with many creatures.

---------- BFF

Quantity Required: 31

Text: Befriend one member of every species.

---------- Twinkle Toes

Quantity Required: 50

Text: Win many dances.

---------- Nest Sweet Nest

Quantity Required: 20

Text: Gain access to many nests.

---------- Hoarse-Throated

Quantity Required: 300

Text: Social call many times.

---------- Social Reject

Quantity Required: 5

Text: Fail to socialize many times.

---------------------------------------- World (19/19)

---------- World Badge Master

Quantity Required: 18

Text: Earn all of the badges from the World category.

---------- Sporeling Fun Factory

Quantity Required: 35

Text: Throw lots of Sporelings.

---------- Rock Jockey

Quantity Required: 150

Text: Throw lots of rocks.

---------- Smash Masher

Quantity Required: 60

Text: Break many things with rocks.

---------- Shrub Shaker

Quantity Required: 500

Text: Run through many bushes.

---------- Biology Student

Quantity Required: 200

Text: Chase many small critters away.

---------- Lumberjack

Quantity Required: 80

Text: Shake lots of trees.

---------- Risk Taker

Quantity Required: 100

Text: Take a lot of damage from hazardous terrain.

---------- Fire-Walker

Quantity Required: 150

Text: Prevent damage from hazardous terrain.

---------- A Series of Tubes

Quantity Required: 100

Text: Open many "?" pages.

---------- Holey Moley

Quantity Required: 125

Text: Dig many times.

---------- Desinfector

Quantity Required: 9

Text: Cure many nests.

---------- The Tapti Collection

Quantity Required: 10

Text: Find all planet tokens on planet Tapti.

---------- The Pangu Collection

Quantity Required: 10

Text: Find all planet tokens on planet Pangu.

---------- The Baysee Collection

Quantity Required: 10

Text: Find all planet tokens on planet Baysee.

---------- The Flubit Collection

Quantity Required: 10

Text: Find all planet tokens on planet Flubit.

---------- The Zencrie Collection

Quantity Required: 10

Text: Find all planet tokens on planet Zencrie.

---------- The Freezle Collection

Quantity Required: 10

Text: Find all planet tokens on planet Freezle.

---------- Shortcutter

Quantity Required: 40

Text: Burrow to the nest many times.

---------------------------------------- Cheat Shop

---------- Big Eyes Mode
- Price: 25

---------- Big Mouths Mode
- Price: 25

---------- Giant Throw Rocks
- Price: 25

---------- Giant Butterflies
- Price: 25

---------- Butterfly EXplosion Mode
- Price: 25

---------- Paintball Mode
- Price: 25

---------- Giant Sporelings Mode
- Price: 25

---------- Scaling Parts Mode
- Price: 50

---------- Spinning Parts Mode
- Price: 50

---------- Alternate Food
- Price: 50

---------- Random Color Mode
- Price: 50

---------- Meat Trees Banana Beasts
- Price: 100

---------- All NPCs Are Meepers
- Price: 100

---------- Exploring Sporelings
- Price: 125

---------- Always Hard Dance
- Price: 200

---------- Alternate Creature Mode
- Price: 200

---------- Real Animals Mode
- Price: 200

---------- Always Easy Dance
- Price: 400

---------- Super Vision
- Price: 400

---------- Auto-play Dance
- Price: 500

---------- Super Attack
- Price: 500

---------- Ignore Poison Terrain
- Price: 500

---------- Terraform Mode
- Price: 600

---------- Ignore Body Points 
- Price: 800

---------- Invincibility
- Price: 1000

---------------------------------------- Part Shop

---------- Lvl 2 : Fuzzy Tail
- Price: 5

---------- Lvl 1 : Sticky Digits
- Price: 5

---------- Lvl 5 : Polka-dot Tail
- Price: 5

---------- Lvl 8 : Lugger Legs
- Price: 10

---------- Lvl 8 : Globe Tail
- Price: 10

---------- Lvl 8 : Prickly Tail
- Price: 10

---------- Lvl 10 : Tough Body
- Price: 10

---------- Lvl 11 : Curvy Leg
- Price: 15

---------- Lvl 11 : Club-lub Tail
- Price: 15

---------- Lvl 14 : Eye-eye Tail
- Price: 15

---------- Lvl 14 : Bendy Leg
- Price: 15

---------- Lvl 15 : Spiked Chin
- Price: 15

---------- Lvl 15 : Gar'skuther Fin
- Price: 5

---------- Lvl 17 : Triclops Eye
- Price: 15

---------- Lvl 17 : Arty Tail
- Price: 15

---------- Lvl 19 : Spiked Horns
- Price: 5

---------- Lvl 20 : Tip-toe Legs
- Price: 25

---------- Lvl 20 : Claw Tail
- Price: 25

---------- Lvl 20 : Fisher Tail
- Price: 30

---------- Lvl 20 : Wavy Tail
- Price: 30

---------- Lvl 20 : Big Mouth
- Price: 30

---------- Lvl 23 : Arclart Horn
- Price: 5

---------- Lvl 23 : Pouncer Leg
- Price: 50

---------- Lvl 23 : Bullwhip Tail
- Price: 50

---------- Lvl 26 : Crystal Tail
- Price: 75

---------- Lvl 26 : Spiky Tail
- Price: 75

---------- Lvl 29 : Buzzsaw Tail
- Price: 100

---------- Lvl 29 : Dino Tail
- Price: 100

---------- Lvl 30 : Gar'skuther Body
- Price: 35

---------- Lvl 30 : Gar'skuther Eye
- Price: 200

---------- Lvl 30 : Gar'skuther Mouth
- Price: 200

---------- Lvl 30 : Gar'skuther Leg
- Price: 200

---------- Lvl 30 : Round Tail
- Price: 100

That's all for this section. No more silly listings?!

4.2~. Species Guide

This is the option that makes it possible for you to check this game's
"Pokedex". There are 31 different creatures in the game, each of them with
their particular strenghts and weaknesses, all of which you can read about
by pressing this particular option. You're allowed to see how many times
you've befriended/killed/fed a beast, what parts of that particular
creature you have already acquired and, by pressing the lower left option
in the lower screen, you'll also be able to toggle between two other
menus, which display that creature's biography (yep, the usual blabber
that never matters) and its statistical data.

Each time you find a new creature, all its information is magically added
to this listing, and you don't have to do anything about it. This kind of
option appears to be here just for sheer curiosity and nothing else, it
plays no important part in the game, but you may want to read it just to
spend some of your free time with something unimportant.

4.3~. Planet Guide

Here, you can see the six planets available in this game, alongside with
two pieces of data - how many differenty parts are still available in that
particular planet, and how many tokens you've collected. Also, if you have
already completed the game once, you can use this very same screen to get
back to a previous planet, simply by selecting the planet you want to
travel to and picking the lower left option, but be aware that doing so
will cancel your progress in your current planet, if any.

The six planets available in this game are the following:

-------------------- Tapti

- Parts: 122

- Tokens: 10

- Text: The planet Tapti is one of the largest planets in the known
        galaxy. Having a fairly warm ecosystem, it has become a birthing
        ground for many new species.

-------------------- Pangu

- Parts: 42

- Tokens: 10

- Text: Originally a grassy planet with a large ocean, this planet has
        recently been exposed to extreme weather shifts and new species
        better suited for the new cold weather.

-------------------- Baysee

- Parts: 19

- Tokens: 10

- Text: The landmasses of the planet are covered with strange purple
        foilage that appears to consume the countryside. The highlands, in
        contrast, are dotted with sparse green grasses and dust.

-------------------- Flubit

- Parts: 21

- Tokens: 10

- Text: A small volcanic planet with extremely hot temperatures, the
        planet Flubit has slowly become populated by creatures who have
        adapted to these harsh conditions.

-------------------- Zencrie

- Parts: 21

- Tokens: 10

- Text: An eerie yellow haze veils the atmosphere of this ringed planet.
        The rotting soil doesn't seem to be able to support that much
        life, and only the snow-capped mountains region appear habitable.

-------------------- Freezle

- Parts: 0

- Tokens: 10

- Text: This sparsely populated planet is almost completely engulfed in
        water. Only a few meager plots of land are able to reach the
        surface in the polar regions of the planet.

That's all for this section...

4.4~. Saved Creatures

By picking this option, you're allowed to see the many creatures you have
saved, up to 36 for profile. Simple, hum?

4.5~. Summary

This option simply makes it possible for you to check all sorts of data
concerning your current creature. The pictograms make it very easy for you
to understand each piece of data, with number-based data presented in the
upper screen (mostly statistics), and text-based intepretations of that
same data in the lower one.

5~. Information on how to acquire parts

In general, parts are acquired by defeating creatures, befriending them or
completing quests. However, others are also made available by means of
environmental elements - sometimes, digging in a puddle of dirt, or
destroying large boulders, may give you extra parts.
No, this guide won't feature all the available parts, alongside with
information on how to unlock them all. Instead, there's a not-so-magical
way to know that kind of information - access "Sporepedia", enter the
"Species Guide" and you'll get to see, on the right side of the upper
screen, what parts of each creature you're missing. Then, find that
particular creature and try befriending and/or attacking it, eventually it
will drop the part you seek. Not as hard as it seemed, right?

6~. Trading

I wasn't able to try much of this particular option, but I was told that
it allows you to trade your own creature designs with other people, either
via local wireless or by going online, via Nintendo's Wifi service. Then,
after you've fulfilled a few conditions (I was told that your current
weight points must be higher than the ones of the creature you've
received), those same monsters will be "pollinated" into your game,
meaning that they will appear in random spots of your adventure. Nothing
too fancy, but be aware that you can get two different medals by using
these functions.

FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions you, readers, may have.

Q: Is this a Nintendo DS' version of "Spore"?

A: Not really. This is an adapted version of the game, where you only get
   to play across the "Creature" phase. However, you still get to create
   your own monsters, and share them with other people worldwide.

Q: Why are a few Planet Tokens missing from the lists?

A: So far, I couldn't find the missing ones. If you have seen any of
   those, please mail me about it.

Q: Where can I find [insert part here]?

A: Read the "Information on how to acquire parts" section of this same

Q: Hey, I don't want to! Just tell me where is [insert part here], NOW!

A: I can't. It's not like I have them all written down, ok? That's not the
   purpose of this guide, and the previously-mentioned section of this
   same guide has an interesting tip on how to get those extra parts. If
   the part you're looking for just isn't any of those, try visiting the
   "Parts Shop", available in "Sporepedia"'s "Badge" menu.

Q: How can I befriend [insert creature here]?

A: The dances you have to perform aren't always the same, you can retry
   to befriend them and, hopefully, the next time you'll face an easier
   dance. If this just doesn't work for you (like, for example, in the
   final boss), I suggest you go to the "Cheat Shop", purchase the
   "Auto-play Dance" cheat (it costs 500 Badge Points), activate it and
   you'll instantly win any dances, but you'll be called "Cheater", which
   is not a problem, unless you care about bragging rights.

Q: How can I win the "Social Reject" badge?

A: This is a tough one. As you probably remember, you can "talk" to other
   creatures by pressing a particular in-screen button, which will also
   show how much they like you. So far so good, but in order to fail a
   socialization you need to have that particular bar at its minimum level
   (the easiest way to do this is by getting into a battle and then run
   from the battle without attacking it) and, when you call the other
   creature, he will sometimes reject your call, displaying a rather
   unique icon. Continue doing it and, soon, you'll reach the goal you
   seek. This isn't as easy as it sounds, so you'll have to try it several

Q: What's the maximum level that my creature can have?

A: Creatures can only reach level 30.

Q: What do I get for collecting all 10 Planet Tokens?

A: You're just awarded a new badge, nothing major, unlike I was expecting
   to find.

That's all for now...

B_END. Special Thanks

I want to thank the following people:

- Everyone who made this game;

- Patrick D., for more information on this game's trading functions;

- Slaw, for information concerning a missing badge, and some information I
  had missed;

- Senkrad Luna, for information concerning three missed Planet Tokens;

- Michael Q., for some information on a few Badges I had missed;

- Alex C., for telling me about incorrect info concerning body parts;

- Everyone who likes my works, it's for those people that I like to work
  in this type of project.

END. Contacts

If you want, you may see my web page, just check it at the HTML 
address .
My e-mail is Mykas0 [at] , you can send me some questions you
may have or contributions to this guide, but please try not to ask any
questions that aren't about this guide. Also, use the following subject
or I may NEVER reply.

Subject: "SPOREC GUIDE" for posing questions or providing contributions

Thanks and until the next version!!!!!!