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FAQ/Strategy Guide

by Sublime_Skadi

~~~ Spore ~~~ 
Created by: Skadi
Version: 0.1
Date Started: 09/09/2008


Table of Contents
[1] Introduction
    [1.01] Introduction
    [1.02] Version History
[2] Creators
    [2.01] Creature Creator
    [2.02] Vehicle Creators
    [2.03] Building Creators
    [2.04] In game - Cell Creator
    [2.05] In game - Creature Creator

[3] Cell Stage
[4] Creature Stage
    [4.01] Befriending Others
    [4.02] Combat and Extinction
    [4.03] Unlocking Upgrades
    [4.04] Moving Nests
[5] Tribal Stage - coming soon
[6] Civilization Stage - coming soon
[7] Space Stage - coming soon
[8] Consequence Abilities and Traits - coming soon
[9] Cheats

[1.01] Introduction

This is my first "guide" but I have done walkthroughs and FAQ's for other 
games on my independent site.

[1.02] Versions

0.1 - Guide first created. 


[2.01] Creature Creator
(This creator is different to the one in gameplay)

The in game creature creator allows you to make creatures to share and enjoy
in your game. These creatures will appear in your game as other species from
the creature stage and beyond.

The creator gives you a good feel for the kind of things you can make in your
game and have all parts accessible immediately. Normally during a game certain 
features will be *locked* meaning you have to either befriend or kill another 
species before you can adopt that feature.

[2.02] Vehicle Creators
(This creator is the same in or out of gameplay)

During the Civilization stage you will need to have transport, the first one 
will need is the land vehicle, with water and air following. The type of 
vehicle you will need depends on the city it will be used for. The three types 
are Religious, Economic and Military.

There are 3 stats to each vehicle: speed, health and ability. So a religious 
city would have a vehicle with a religious ability, which could be used to 
convert rival cities.

Religious Ability: These are items like harps and loud speakers, used to 
convert rival cities to your team. The higher the religious ability, the 
quicker the conversion. Health is probably more important than speed, as you 
can be attacked by the rival cities turrets and defence, and may also be 
attacked by their vehicles if they are a military city. Religious vehicles can
also convert spice mines.

Economic Ability: These items show that your city is all about the Sporebucks 
baby. Diamonds and bling will adorn your vehicle. Economic vehicles can open 
up trade routes, leading to the eventual option to purchase the city. In the 
mean time, trade routes help bring in more Sporebucks. When you use an Economic
vehicle to set up a trade route, that vehicle will commute between the 2 cities
continually. Economic vehicles can also bribe spice mines to convert.

Military Ability: Guns, guns, guns. Firepower is the big key. You convert the
cities around you with might. Your vehicles can also be used to repel other 
military and religious attacks. Pretty straight forward.

Building your vehicle: There are no parts to unlock in this creator, so you can
use a vehicle that you downloaded online or created earlier. For air, land and
sea the each of the 3 main body parts will have a rating, so pick your hull, 
cabin and engine with the health and speed stats in mind. Once you find a 
combination that you like, add you ability item (religious, economic or 
military) slap some paint on and you are off.

NOTE: The space stage craft has no stats. It doesn't matter what you put on 
there, the actual health, speed and weapons come via upgrades. It can be a 
plain cube and still be functional. (Borg, anyone?)

[2.03] Building Creators
(This creator is the same in or out of gameplay)

Buildings are used in the Civilization and Space stages of the game. There are
3 building types: Town Halls, Housing, Entertainment and Factories. For these 
buildings to be functional they need to have at least 3 pieces. There is also 
an upper complexity limit controlling how many parts you can have. You do not 
need to add any of the type specific features to the buildings for them to be

[2.04] In game - Cell Creator

The cell creator is the first tool you come across when you are playing a game 
of spore from the very start. You are a blob with some defining features. When 
you first start out there will not be much to choose from; mainly just your 
mouth type (herbivore or carnivore). For the Cell to be able to survive it 
must have at least a mouth, eyes and movement (flagella to start with). As you 
progress you with unlock more features. Call your mate to re-enter the cell 
creator to upgrade your Cell. 
For more info see the Cell Stage.

[2.05] In game - Creature Creator

The creature creator in the second stage of Spore is very familiar to the one 
you access from outside of gameplay with one important difference: Not 
everything is unlocked. You will only have access to improvements that you
have earned and that are suitable for your creature. If you are a herbivore 
after the first stage, you won't find Omnivore or Carnivore mouths here. Find
your nest and your mate (the one with the hearts) to re-enter the creator.
For more info see the Creature Stage.


[3.0] Cell Stage - Welcome to the tidal pool.

While this stage seems quiet simple it will set you up for the rest of the 
game. Here you start out in the tidal pool. First decide if you are going to 
begin as a herbivore or a carnivore. This can be changed later during this 
stage with a bit of effort.

As you swim around the tidal pool, you earn DNA points by feeding on your 
respective food. This also advances the game meter. Soon you will see that 
some of the other cells have the golden shields which give you part upgrades. 
The only way to unlock these upgrades is by killing them. Carnivores simply
need to bite them 2 to 3 times.

Herbivore hint: If you have started out as a herbivore, invest in a set of 
spikes, if you have enough DNA points, grab 2. The only way you are going to
get part upgrades are by killing the other cells. A pair of spikes near your 
filter mouth work well, better if they are long. You can bump into the other 
cells that have unlockables (shown by the mini gold shield in their name tags
when you hover your mouse over them) and if you bump them 2 to 3 times, they 
will pop and you will unlock the part. The second set is for your tail area,
particularly if you don't have jets. You can be chased quite often and this 
way they will hit your spikes instead of you. 

Omnivore tips: If you want to be an omni, there are two ways to do this. Pick 
a mouth to start with, and eat to build DNA points, but try to keep a tally of
how many you have eaten. You can then either add the other type of mouth, 
close to your existing mouth or aim to unlock the omni mouth: the proboscis. 
This is a tricky mouth to find, it's a long needle like mouth and you really
have to look for the cell to be able to find it. Then eat the opposite type 
of food until you have eaten equal amounts. If you eat too much of one type,
you will end up starting the creature stage as that type, missing out on 
being an Omnivore.

Further down the line you will unlock the poison and electric abilities. These
tend to make it easier to kill other cells, and help you to be left alone by 
predators. Spikes, poison and electric emitters all follow you to the next 

Eventually your cell with grow a brain and become sentient. Time to move to 
the next stage. You will now have the opportunity to remove your fins and 
add legs. All the legs have the same speed rating and are worth 50 DNA points
in the next level.

Enjoy the cutscene of your Creature making landfall!

Consequence abilities earned at this stage:


[4] Creature Stage

This stage is harder than the Cell Stage, but you have legs now, what did you
You have a health and hunger meter to keep an eye on (health is green, hunger 
is orange). If you are a herbivore, you will eat the fruit that is found on 
the trees and shrubs. This is also shown on your mini map by the little apple 
with a bite out of it. If you are a carnivore, you eat the other creatures, no
free food there. Omnivores can eat either, but you must eat more to make up 
for the choice.

To earn DNA points you must complete the little mini-missions that pop up on 
the upper left and corner. These will differ depending on what your Social 
Stance is. Red is combative, green is friendly. Your actions will determine 
your Consequence abilities. 

Consequence abilities earned at this stage and how to get them:
Predator - Kills most other creatures, makes them extinct.
Social - You earn almost all your DNA points by making friends and allies.
Adaptable - You have a fairly even split of allies and extinctions.

Depending on what Consequences you earned in the last stage, you will have 
one of the following abilities:

Carnivore -> Raging Roar: Makes other creature run in fear for short amount 
of time.
Herbivore -> Siren Song: Makes other creatures enchanted, increases Social 
Omnivore -> Summon Flock: Summon creatures to help you socialise or fight 
for a limited time.

[4.01] Befriending Others

To befriend another creature either double click it or right click it while 
your social stance is set on green. This will start a the social interaction. 
Your creature needs to mimic the other creature’s actions. There are 4 types of
actions, with 5 levels each.

Sing: This is the first action you can do. Singing level is determined by your 
creatures mouth. The better the mouth, the better your singing. This is a 
fairly easy interaction to spot.

Dance - Feet control your dance skill. Also an easy interaction to spot.

Pose - Pose is controlled by your hands/graspers. If you don't have hands, your 
not going to be able to pose. Graspers/hands can be put on to legs, but this
essentially turns them into arms. You can run on all fours with graspers/hands
on. Pose can look really similar to charm, but is more of a bow with arms out 
depending on what your creature looks like) they do have slightly different 
sounds to them though.

Charm - Charm level is controlled by your details, the cute-ish little bits 
that you can add on. Charm looks like a little spin around with a small 
flourish (which is why it looks similar to pose). My creature did a bit
of a spin with a wiggle and flap of its wings.

For non-alpha creatures you normally get 3 interactions to fill the friendship
bar. If you get one of them wrong, or your level in that action isn't high 
enough, it won't fill. The other creature will only fill the bar to half way,
you however, can go beyond that if your actions are impressive enough.

Alpha creatures normally have the unlockable items. Befriending them is 
normally 4 or 5 actions long and they are not as impressed by your actions
as non-alphas or babies.

A good trick is to have an ally creature in your pack. It can be one of your
own species, which can be better once you have high level parts. If there are
2 or 3 of you, it is much more impressive and easier to make friends.

[4.02] Combat and Extinction

Your other option is combat. When upgrading your parts you are looking for 
high levels in bite, charge, spit and strike. Again these are available from
level 1 to 5, depending on the level of your parts. If you have graspers, 
you can throw things at the other creatures.
Attacking a creature will lower your score with all of that species.

Bite - Controlled by your mouth

Charge - Controlled by weapons and feet

Spit - Controlled by weapons

Strike - Controlled by weapons and hands/graspers

Again, killing Alpha Creatures will be harder, but will unlock parts for you.

[4.03] Unlocking Upgrades

There are 2 ways of unlocking upgrades, social/combat interactions and 
searching bones. You will see piles of glowing bones scattered across the land,
and normally around carnivore/omnivore nests. Clicking on these will give you 
an unlock. The bigger the bones, the better the unlock in general. You will 
not be able to get all the unlocks this way though, you will still need to 
unlock via interacting with an Alpha.

Unlocking via Creatures: As you go though this stage you will see the number 
of Alpha creatures increase. You can tell how many there are by the number on
the top left corner of their info panel when you hover over them. Aim to 
interact with the Alphas first to ensure you get the most unlocks possible. 
Sometimes you may not be able to find the 3rd Alpha as they are off wandering.

[4.04] Moving Nests

Through out this stage your species will migrate to different nests. This 
happens approximately every 2 times you enter creature creator. You must make
a cross country trek to the new nest, frequently going past nests of creatures
who don't like you and may attack, or going past epic creatures which attack 
pretty much everything. Watch your hunger and health during this time.
There is a dotted trail on the mini-map which gives you a path to follow, 
and also a dark black trail on the landscape where your brethren have walked
before you. Once you reach the new nest, clicking on it will claim it.


[5.0] Tribal Stage

Coming soon


[6.0] Civilization Stage

Coming soon


[7.0] Space Stage

Coming soon

[8.0] Consequence Abilities and Traits.

Coming soon


[9.0] Cheats

To open the cheat console, press ctrl + shift + c . Type the code and hit enter
to repeat the same code, press the up arrow key.

capturePlanetGIF        Captures a spinning GIF of the planet you are 
                        currently on. Saved to your Animated Avatars folder.

setConsequenceTrait (trait)   Changes consequence traits. Options are:
                              cell_carnivore, cell_herbivore, cell_omnivore,
                              creature_agressive, creature_social, 
                              creature_mixed, tribe_agressive, tribe_social,
                              tribe_mixed, civ_military, civ_economic, 
                              civ_religious, space_bard, space_ecologist, 
                              space_zealot, space_diplomat, space_scientist
                              space_trader, space_shaman, space_warrior,
                              space_warrior, space_wanderer, space_knight

levels -unlock        unlocks all levels

moreMoney             Increases your Sporebucks in the Civ and Space stages

refillMotives         Replenishes your health and hunger/energy

addDNA                Increased the DNA amount you have to spend in the creator

unlockSuperWeapons    Unlocks all super weapons for your civ

help                  Gives a list of all console commands

help -full            Gives a list of all commands, plus information about 
                      command parameters.


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site other than GameFAQ's or, or as a part of any public 
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. If you wish to 
redistribute please contact me at skadi AT sublimesims DOT net for permission.

Copyright 2008 Vivian Humphrey