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Roblox PC Cheats and Tips

We have 34 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Roblox please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox One

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How to get robux

Go to trades and go to promotion and go to a game you will see a bar at the top of the compter it will say the game name and on the mouse click the right side on the mouse it will say stuff click copy then go back to promotion it will say roblox url then press the right side on the mouse it will say stuff click paste

Zombie riot

click on a zombie with your copier tool and then delete tool and zombies shoot from the ground

On two player war tycoon to get in to admin

Jump off the map. Count to 4 a little slow. Click teleport to vip you should be stuck in the ground if not try again. Go under the invisable wall for admin get the badge so your noticed and get whaat you want it works with all vips!

Two player war tycoon | JOIN KE FOR VIP

Go up to the mega vip door then go over the the side of the transparent part of the door that you can see and push your self agains that and pash forward to you left and keep pressing agains the wall until your spawn force sheald apears as soon as it alepers pull away from the wall or I might disappear follow derections exsactly or the trick wont work

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Fly with block

First you go to building on roblox, then click whatever game on building,click play and wait for second, press 1 to get the building tool,then you pick to block,one block down one is up,you put toilet on block up,next you seat on the toilet,and then you put a lamp on your body,remember to went you put lamp on your body,a 3d is on your hand,after you put a lamp on your body ,you press (space), and then you delete down block and have a fly! Bye


With a certain gear equipped,(such as Metal Guitar of Awesomeness or Bone Crusher) press the 'Q' button and see what it does! Discover them all!

Trap a noob

You need to take a normal chair then turn it so it's facing downwards. Try it you should be upside down jump and youll die then take that chair, out it on a noobs ship then he will sit on it and be down wards. (if it's a building ship game, let the ship go after he sits)

Sword Fly Glitch

You will need a fast computer to do this and fast hands.

1. Lunge (Click 3 times fast) With a sword

2. Jump in the air in the same time

3. While in air press backspace

This may only work with certain places that have the updated sword.

How to get Sandbox super V.I.P.

To get sandbox V.I.P is to first type Sandbox (NBC). Then you click it and then click on the creator's name, then, you go down and click T-shirts,then the last step is you must buy both the T-shirts 1£ and 2£.

"/e" Animations

"/e" Animations are animations triggered from a chat from any player. This works on every single place regarding anything but there is one requirement. You will need your privacy settings to be set off. Else why it won't work due to the hashtags. There are some I know and these are all I know.

/e dance

/e laugh

/e point

/e cheer


First buy a jetpack.then reset yourself back to hobby.then leave the jetpack there and go into a big you green circle with writing on it then reset yourself and you have a jetpack.remember the one you left it again and again.if it is not their someone took it or you left it too long.

Walk sideways

If you want to walk sideways go to menu push options then change classic mode to shift lock.After that close the menu then push shift.Use asdw to move.Thats the new way.

ROBLOX MALL by Nightcaller

Ok this is how to get unlimiteds of money:

1. Go into lasertag. (team red)

2. Press 1 and wait for standing normal.

3. Go into the wall left.

4. Press backspace.

5. Go to the light grey wall.

6. Press backspace.

7. Now go to the enter of the mall.

8. Go to the right of the mall.

9. Now go to that first place at left.

10. Press backspace.

11. Go upstairs.

12. Now walk on the blue squares.

Your welcome!


Robloxiaville Cheat.

This cheat is simple. All you have to do is buy a t-shirt for 20 tix which is "drivers license" by playrobot and if you wear this to the game you will be let into super vip

Avatar glitch

Go to mortal kombat on roblox play the one maded by itlivesinthewall and choose the first avatar in mortal kombat avatar and run in to the spikes and there you go

Roblox (The tales of Kitteh's cape) level hack

First if you saw a hacker do not act like a noob to him but friend request him if he talks say to him change me level to 9001 rpg to get to any teleports places swords I got secret too Dragon sword will never be found >Smile

Hide and seek red coins

First if it's the backyard field you go inside the house and go to the fish tank. If it's oceanside field go to the second houde and jump on the roof inside then you will be teleported to the ship then go in the room

Thats it for now thx

ROBLOX: 2 Player Gun Factory Tycoon, SMG!

Steps to get a SMG:

1)Finish the tycoon

2)Go to Paradise Island

3)Go to Helicopter Spawn with the path

4)If you see a dark grey wall, like a metal 1 walk up to the corner of the right side

5)Zoom all the way in

6)Look straight down

7)Click and hold

8)Grab a few SMGs

Go up a cliff

9)Get Mystery Badge

10)Repeat steps 4-7 and then get in your base

11) Kill with the SMG!

Ro-torcycle glitch

I think much people know it, but I did a kinda update. Just take your ro-torcycle or hyperbike in you're hand and do this: (in case of your bike is in slot 1) 1 space 1 space 1 space and keep repeating that. Much people know that already, but you can glitch through ceilings! Just stand under a ceiling and do the 1 space 1 space trick and look up. If it's good you can glitch through! And with fastest speed you can glitch through some walls by just riding into it (works best by a corner!).

Thank you!

Moon walk

Zoom in all the way so you can not see you're guy then walk back and people see you doing the moon can do it on game on the website

Trade Currency Hint

To make a lot of money off the Trade Currency, do the following trick:

Say the rate is 1 Robuck for 10 Tickets. Make a limit order trade for 1 Robuck for 15 Tickets. Then, make a limit order of 8 Tickets for 1 Robuck. The trick to this is that when an expensive LU item is released, the Trade Currency rate goes up high, then drops low, then back to normal. Yes, it may take a while to make money, but it works.

Globot Scuba

Wanna have a cool roblox spy hat, yes?. Ok, lets begin.

First: you need 150 tix and 25 RX. Second: buy Super Scuba (25 RX) and Globot (150 tix). Third: set them up both at one time. And then you have Globot Scuba

How to glitch on Deathrun Summer Run

Ok so first go on Roblox and log in to your account ( If you have one) Then go on DeathRun Summer run by Wlsy. Then wait for the jungle map and if you are killer that glitch will work. Ok so now you go to the fence and push down the up arrow key and then you can't be killed by the killer and you will win 25 coins!

How to fly in town and City places

First go to actions then jump and click sit then stay holding (space) then stay clicking on sit and holding jump and you will fly.

How to kill helper bot

First go to Welcome to Roblox building, then go to an edge of your base plate, then put 4 blocks 1 on top of each other, then put spikes in the two places you can place a spike then you delete the 4th block on top, then wait for helper bot to come and he will delete one spike and die (tip, he can respawn after dying).

Methhod to build on roblox

First open up studio mode then go on your game in edit mode then click on the little box on the toolbar on the top of the screen then a menu pops up click on the scroll down menu then under roblox sets open up bricks and they are the bricks to build with.

Tag games invisible hiding places

Get hide head hide arms hide torso and hide legs.then go to a corner if you see someone tag a player walk side ways to the walls and make him free if his far walk side ways again.if your the it take your hat off hide to a corner then if his far or near just tag them or use your items

Money cheat on robloxiaville

Buy a house when you do NOT have enough money then get off of the houses lawn then sell and you will get money

How to make yourself a plane

Use the move tool and then put a car seat on your back and let a friend get on.then use the fly tool to fly with your friend on your can use this same trick to give your friend a piggy back rid.

May not work all the time.

Outragous Builders Club

There two Types of builders club Builders club and Turbo builders club. But I discovered the recent THIRD builders club witch is Outragous builders club. Ok so go to Builders club bar and click then see right above the life time regular builders club and next to the hint button you'll see a yellow and black hat and click on it. Then you can look at the mysterious cool thing

Well Bye.

(P.S. This is the first post for roblox on super cheats!!!!)


Heres how you can make yourself a Hoverboard!!!

First , go to a game where it has skateboards

Second , then get on your skateboard you got

Third , then get your Military Experimetal Jetpack on ( whether you have one or not ) and start flying in the air with your jetpack and skateboard at the same time !!! P.S - I was the first one to find out!

Escape high school obby

1.waterjumps 2.laserhall disaster 4.lavahall 5.whichway 6.clutteredhallway 7.sticky balance 8.movesomestuff 9.throughthevents 10.whichone 11.giantlocker 12.waterspill 13.morevents 14.canteenjumps time 16.jumpy tricky 17. The run home 18.winner

Free Robux

On the main menu screen, press and hold the E key, then press 3, G, and 6, then choose the amount of Robux you want.

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