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How do you change your name on roblox for free?

Guest asks: Jun 21st 2014, ID #332749

How do you change your name on roblox for free?

I am giving my sister my account but she does not like the name. Is there any way I can change it for free?


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Guest answered: Added 23rd Jun 2014, ID #629634

As I am aware of, there is no legit way to change your username for free
The way that I know of is to buy 1000 R$ (10$) and then just, well, change your username.

I hope I helped!


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Guest said: 23rd Nov 2018 | REPORT
make a new account? or look on the internet maybe.
Guest said: 2nd Dec 2018 | REPORT
just dab on them haters
Guest said: 11th Jan 2019 | REPORT
hey guys i have a solution to get 1000 robux just go to oprewards and get points, thank me later
Guest said: 7th Feb 2019 | REPORT
Sorry but there is never a way to do something your not supposed to do without changing the game entirely, those vids on YouTube, well, 👎🏻🤢🤮.
Guest answered: Added 25th Oct 2014, ID #644066

Is no way… But it's only 10 dollars. You can't be that poor and have a fully working computer without any viruses from ROBLOX...

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Guest said: 14th Sep 2018 | REPORT
no sadly I hate my user
Guest said: 1st Oct 2018 | REPORT
Guest said: 15th Dec 2018 | REPORT
I don't like my user name in ROBLOX so i went to this website and it didn't help cause I don't understand stand it that much so I think didn't help me
Guest said: 1st Jan 2019 | REPORT
Damn I know your feels mon

Guest answered: Added 27th Dec 2014, ID #650916

Go to your locoal gamestop, buy a 12$ dollar roblox gift card ( as 10$ is only 800 RB) and change it, with the new 1000 robux.

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Guest said: 6th Jul 2017 | REPORT
It's probably because they're simulating how you need a lot of money to change your name in real life. Note that I said 'probably' and they could just be selfish money hungry people.
BloomDaBlossom said: 8th Jan 2018 | REPORT
Dude, the shops near me are like, Me : Roblox Gift Cards? Shop : What. Are. THOSE????
Guest said: 21st Jan 2018 | REPORT
Ask for a Game Card, not gift card. There's a diff.
Guest said: 14th Apr 2018 | REPORT
Guest answered: Added 18th Jan 2015, ID #653502

The only way I know is by paying, but, I heard news they are changing the name change price soon so hang in there.

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Guest said: 30th Jul 2018 | REPORT
It is WAYY overpriced ;-;
Guest said: 9th Aug 2018 | REPORT
Are you sure they're changing the price?? I mean, it's been 3 years and there's been no change in the price.
Guest said: 8th Oct 2018 | REPORT
its a stupid amount it should just be free :(
Guest said: 8th Nov 2018 | REPORT
Guest answered: Added 19th Jan 2015, ID #653582

Same thing, I have BC but I hate the name and it makes me sound like a Derpy Noob. (the name is lilyonroblox4) It's Dumb, Right?

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Guest said: 19th Oct 2019 | REPORT
You think y’all’s is bad?? Mine is ZaFrenchKittyKat and I’m not French
Guest said: 17th Nov 2019 | REPORT
Oh please. Mine is CilvySans. It's such an abomination of a username- I can't even.
Guest said: 26th Nov 2019 | REPORT
you all think yours is bad
mine is LilyJames (bcuz I’m a hp fan) and ppl keep calling me Lily and it gets so annoying!
Guest said: 3rd Feb 2020 | REPORT
wth mines is ugly its TRU3LUNAR3CLIPS3 because i used to be an ItsFunneh fan now im not
Guest answered: Added 18th Mar 2015, ID #658241

Sure there may be no way to change your roblox name, unless you use money, but, the amount is $10 real life, you will only need to change it once, hopefully so choose wisely, it's true they may be changing the price soon so wait or just pay the ten dollars now

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Guest said: 27th Oct 2018 | REPORT
roblox doesnt want players they want money
Guest said: 19th Aug 2019 | REPORT
2019 and it is still 10 bucks
Guest said: 29th Dec 2019 | REPORT
Guest said: 18th Feb 2020 | REPORT
is 5 years soon???
Guest answered: Added 22nd May 2015, ID #663142

As far as I know, the only legit way to change it is by using 1000 robux.

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Guest said: 3rd Feb 2017 | REPORT
I wanna change my username (LoanGoesToTheCityV2) but I don't have enough robux. I wanna change it for free!
Guest said: 22nd Feb 2017 | REPORT
Sorry, don't think there's a way to do that :(
Guest said: 6th May 2018 | REPORT
This is kinda stupid that you have to friggin BUY something to change a name. Like, you have to make a simple thing on a game cost mOnEy. Like, that is messed up.
Guest said: 18th May 2018 | REPORT
My parents won’t let be buy robux they’re like “it’s useless”
Guest answered: Added 3rd Jun 2015, ID #663888

So really I hate my username too I was typing to fast and I spelled fighterjet678 wrong it is figterjet678

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Guest said: 6th May 2018 | REPORT
Mostly for safety, I would think.
Guest said: 15th Jul 2018 | REPORT
Y not u open another account with the username u want and buy builders club. Then u trade the items u bought in the other account and bring it to ur new account. At least it’s less than 10 dollars
Guest said: 26th Jul 2018 | REPORT
How about the progress of the game?
Guest said: 16th Nov 2018 | REPORT
Buying a BC on both accounts in order to transfer your limiteds is 11.90$, so it's better to just buy 1 000 R$ with 10$. Cheaper and better.
Guest answered: Added 6th Jun 2015, ID #664094

If your sister username is too personal, you can ask roblox to change it but how, well you can use at email like gmail, outlook and etc.

ROBLOX email: [email protected]

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Guest said: 14th Apr 2017 | REPORT
No way
Guest said: 8th Apr 2018 | REPORT
Damn it feels good to be lied to
Guest said: 2nd Sep 2018 | REPORT
damn it feels good to have linkmon99 visit u right???
Guest said: 20th Sep 2018 | REPORT
Damn it feels good to be scammed
Guest answered: Added 6th Jun 2015, ID #664102

No the amount is NOT $10 real life. Thus if you buy a gift card It will only give you 800 Robux.
You HAVE to Be In Builders CLUB,OBC, or TBC to get 1000 robux otherwise it will give you only 800 Robux.

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Guest said: 6th Feb 2018 | REPORT
well that means you have to spend 6 more dollars
Guest said: 10th Apr 2018 | REPORT
or you could buy TWO
Guest answered: Added 1st Jul 2015, ID #665703

I h8 my name. Playforlife20!? I must have been mad when writing that. Plus I have good stuff in my inventory. AND. Mah fakin dad wont get me a card.

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Guest said: 21st Nov 2015 | REPORT
U don't gotta blame it on ur dad now that's mean
Guest said: 19th Sep 2016 | REPORT
What I would do if I were you was make something and sell it around where you live but dont put anything at an expensive price otherwise the person you're selling to will say, "Oh.. N-no thanks....." and shut the door on you. Trust me, It's happened to me before .~.
loleris answered:
Added 4th Jul 2015, ID #665963

[b]I found out a cheat on a game from this specific user:nixonrahul. Search him up, join his game player point pythonater. There is a help button click it, and it will say a number of things. Click the 7 one, change username for FREE it, type in old username, input new one. Then press submit. You will lose connection, but to find out you're username is now changed!

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Guest said: 1st Jan 2017 | REPORT
LOVE <3 Xd
Guest said: 21st Jan 2017 | REPORT
Log out
Guest said: 9th Apr 2017 | REPORT
I might try it but it sounds like a hack soooo I'll just tell my friend before I do that xD
Guest said: 6th May 2018 | REPORT
i cant find the original, i can only find ones with other letters behind it or numbers
Guest answered: Added 18th Aug 2015, ID #669144

Call roblox tell them you wanna change your name for free I did it and one of the guys said only one time just because youve been with us for 7 years

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Guest said: 30th Mar 2016 | REPORT
So we have to be at ROBLOX,for,7 years to change a name for free?
No way.
I'm fine with my name.. (PEPPAPOOP)
Guest said: 20th May 2016 | REPORT
I've been with roblox for 4
Guest said: 26th Sep 2016 | REPORT
Guest said: 20th Oct 2016 | REPORT
I realy hate my username its DEEZ NUTS! Lmfao :0
Guest answered: Added 12th Dec 2015, ID #674464

I also agree that it should be free. My name on Roblox is xGrotesque, I didn't know what it meant at the time, I just liked the sound of it. Now I know what it means and I want to change it because I don't think that I am ugly or disgusting, haha.

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Guest said: 9th Jul 2016 | REPORT
Guest said: 4th Oct 2016 | REPORT
Guest said: 17th Feb 2017 | REPORT
Guest said: 3rd Apr 2019 | REPORT
But you changed your name right?To lustre
Guest answered: Added 19th Feb 2016, ID #677126

Answer: HEHE quit roblox, wait for 1 week, play roblox again, click settings
Then change username for free, that's the WAY I know,

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Guest said: 26th May 2016 | REPORT
Guest answered: Added 25th Feb 2016, ID #677300

You go to the settings menu in your account you can choose to change your username and/or password.I hope this helped

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Guest said: 9th Jul 2016 | REPORT
Guest said: 24th Oct 2016 | REPORT
banana foam answered:
Added 16th Mar 2016, ID #677815

You don't

Guest answered: Added 14th Jan 2017, ID #686676

Pay for it ;)

Works Everytime!

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Guest said: 20th Mar 2017 | REPORT
hi mga migo pahinge rs
may vip po kayo mga migo
ako po si toby123357 at ej_atchup addfrien po nyo yan
BloomDaBlossom said: 8th Jan 2018 | REPORT
Guest answered: Added 27th Feb 2017, ID #687754

Your have to make a new account or pay ten bucks

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Guest said: 12th Mar 2017 | REPORT
I spent the $10.... i can believe i wasted all that money, (even though it was only $10 i could of bought a Jeep.)
Guest answered: Added 28th Mar 2017, ID #688671

It's impossible to change your name without paying the price of 1000 R$, unfortunately. Perhaps ROBLOX could lower the price by around two hundred for BC members, having them pay for the membership already. It would make a nice perk.

Glad I changed my name to Serena_Yvonne, Noodles2412 was, um.. Embarrassing..

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Guest said: 12th Nov 2018 | REPORT
Can someone hook me up with robux? Just reply to this and send my a group I can join so I can change this stupid ass username to tacoyeezy. Smh "Czwdean"
Guest said: 17th Mar 2019 | REPORT
yea but my name is long and too many x's and i really wanna change it
Guest said: 12th Feb 2020 | REPORT
My username sucks- (Coolsophie911)
Guest answered: Added 9th Apr 2017, ID #689061

I think you can contact ROBLOX's Email to change your username. However, you must have a valid reason other than giving your account to your sister. In fact, you'd probably be banned for it as of it is against ROBLOX's rules and possibly even the law. The only valid reason I can think of is if it's your real name, which is against the ROBLOX rules yet again. It doesn't matter if this helped or not, I'm just saying that's the only way.

Guest answered: Added 17th Oct 2017, ID #693211

I found out that there is absolutely no way to change your username for free

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Guest said: 1st Apr 2019 | REPORT
Yep tutelage.
Guest answered: Added 2nd Mar 2018, ID #695410

When we change our name, does our friends go away

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Guest said: 10th Aug 2018 | REPORT
Untrue, I have a friend on roblox and im still their friend. It was EnergeticBoss but they changed it to DC_MUGGA
Guest said: 28th Nov 2018 | REPORT
Yup its easy to change your username in roblox when you have tons of robux. so thats why your friend, DC_MUGGA change her/ his username because he's rich. right?.
Guest said: 22nd Feb 2019 | REPORT
Guest said: 19th Oct 2019 | REPORT
It Does Not take away your friends
Guest answered: Added 26th Dec 2018, ID #700103

I'm really sorry, but as far as I know, the only way is to purchase 1000 Robux in order to change your username. I think. I've tried it before, and am still looking for free ways to do it. Or perhaps a better solution would be to delete your current account and help your sister create a new one. Then she can refill all the details again to her liking. Do note that Roblox only allows users to change their name once, unless you have Robux of course.

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Guest said: 28th Dec 2019 | REPORT
Follow me on rob lox I am mellowcoco123
Submission removed pending moderation
Guest answered: Added 18th Mar 2019, ID #701629

Omg same. My name is Logan and I got an account from a friend named Cameron as xMasterCamboi. It sucks.

Guest answered: Added 17th Apr 2019, ID #702515

U can’t you need to pay

Guest answered: Added 19th May 2019, ID #703316

I know uninstall then get a new account

Guest answered: Added 2nd Jun 2019, ID #703674

You will need 1,00 Robux to change it!

Guest answered: Added 6th Jul 2019, ID #704624

You can’t do it for free. You have to have a thousand robux. You might be able to get it with oprewards.

Guest answered: Added 22nd Jul 2019, ID #704946

Short answer, you can't change it for free. Sad to say, but you will need 1,000 robux to change it.

Guest answered: Added 28th Jul 2019, ID #705097

If your inquiry has already been resolved or you didn't mean to contact us, that's OK! You don't need to reply to this further. However, if you do still need assistance, please provide us with more information and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Submission removed pending moderation
Guest answered: Added 9th Aug 2019, ID #705394

I know this is a little late but the only thing you can do without spending 1000 roux is to create a whole new account. Though it may seem annoying it's the only way if it's a new account and you don't have any roux or friends or history on your new account.

Guest answered: Added 8th Dec 2019, ID #707594

There is a way to contact roblox email and ask them to change your username because of privacy concerns, it works I can’t remember how to it all tho look it up


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