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How Do You Get Abducted By Aliens On The Sims 3

Guest asks: Added Jan 29th 2012, ID #244642

How Do You Get Abducted By Aliens On The Sims 3

OK, so I've typed it in Google but it never work it's just Sims 2 this Sims 2 that. So now I'm looking for your help!!!!! My Sim is on level 6 logic skill and it hasn't come up on the telescope that he can be abducted!!!! I'm wondering if anyone out there knows how to abduct him? (without extension packs) please help!!!!!


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Guest answered:
Added 30th Jan 2012, ID #478139

I've been searching for the same thing online and I haven't found much, it says that if your male sim gets his logic skill very high he can be abducted, he can only be ubducted after 7pm and there is a small chance of pregnancy with an alie. Try stargazing and search galaxy it. Takes hours upon hours but keep trying. Good luck! I hope to find out as much as I can about this topic as well I have been trying to get abducted to.

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Guest said: 16th Jul 2016 | REPORT
Guest said: 26th Dec 2017 | REPORT
you need the seasons expansion to get abducted and if a male sim is abducted they have a chance to get pregnant.
Guest said: 19th Feb 2018 | REPORT
You don't need any expansion packs
Guest said: 24th Feb 2018 | REPORT
why should you need expansion packs? you can just find a different way may I suggest getting to level 6 in your logic skill then google the restSmile jk idk how
Guest answered:
Added 8th Aug 2012, ID #530117

In The Sims 3, you can't get abducted. But The Sims 3: Seasons Expansion pack will feature aliens and alien abduction, but I don't know if you get abducted only by looking to the sky at night (saw at the trailer of The Sims 3: Seasons) or also with the telescope (probably yes).

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Guest said: 27th Apr 2015 | REPORT
I need help to I really want to have an alien baby
Guest said: 4th Jul 2015 | REPORT
Your hacking if you get abducted without seasons -_-
Guest said: 12th Jun 2017 | REPORT
Well I want to my male Sim to get abducted by aliens but I don't have any add-on packs but I really want to but if anyone knows how to plz tell me I really want it 😢 plz plz plzplz
Guest said: 15th Oct 2017 | REPORT
It isn't hard to get your sims abducted as I have tried several times as most of the other comments say you need into the futer Or season

Guest answered:
Added 15th Nov 2012, ID #551324

If you have seasons you can get abducted my male sim was star gazing and my pregnant female sim was abducted an it sped up the pregnancy by 2 days

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Guest said: 16th Nov 2012 | REPORT
I looked it up and it can only be done with the sims 3 seasons. Also you don't use the telescope to get abducted, Plus the male might get pregnant with a alien child.
Guest said: 25th Dec 2012 | REPORT
if we dont use the telescope how do they get abducted then?
Guest said: 2nd Jan 2013 | REPORT
it improves your chances caused i got an alain family!
Guest said: 2nd Feb 2014 | REPORT
i want to know if u can get abducted by aliens to i sugest look for a youtube video that shows u an aubduction and how to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest answered:
Added 15th Nov 2012, ID #551335

If you have seasons you can get abducted my male sim was star gazing and my pregnant female sim was abducted an it sped up the pregnancy by 2 days

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Guest said: 28th Jan 2015 | REPORT
Guest said: 18th Jun 2016 | REPORT
Guest said: 3rd Jul 2017 | REPORT
You can have an array of packs
Guest said: 5th May 2018 | REPORT
You HAVE to have seasons
Guest answered:
Added 15th Nov 2012, ID #551347

I just got the sims 3 seasons and was abducted. It was during a thunder storm in summer and my woman just happened to be outside and they took her. She didn't have any logic skill and she wasn't looking through the telescope or anything. I think it's just random. Unfortunatly she was already pregnant so I didn't get an alien baby =(

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Guest said: 11th Jan 2013 | REPORT
Only men can get pregnant when abducted. Women can be impregnated by an alien if you have control of him.
Guest said: 10th Jun 2013 | REPORT
If an alien baby is the goal, then that's easy - if you have Seasons. You need to load NRASS's Master Controller & then you can create an 'Instant Baby' with an alien as the donor. And Voila!
Guest said: 6th Jan 2014 | REPORT
what is NRASS?
Guest answered:
Added 16th Nov 2012, ID #551416

You cannot get abducted without an expansion pack. You need Seasons, Seasons introduced aliens into the game for the first time.

Guest answered:
Added 20th Nov 2012, ID #552484

It will be more likely to get abducted by aliens if you have space rocks on your home lot. Get at least two rocks and keep looking good luck! =D

Guest answered:
Added 22nd Nov 2012, ID #552779

I filled my house up with space rocks, I've gotten my sims full logic skill, They even have a freakin alien space car. AND THEY STILL WONT GET ABDUCTED!! I'm so confused and frustrated right know, I looked at someone's comment and they were like oH Spacerocks Really Work, I think they are so great for aliens! NOT WORKING! Can't their just be a cheat, All I want is a freakin alien baby :(

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Guest said: 31st Dec 2012 | REPORT
My male sim got abducted with 2 space rocks in his inventory.And return pregnant.He was abducted on leisure day I think.
Guest said: 7th Jan 2013 | REPORT
I played on my family and the girl was on a treadmill late at night - 12 ish - and then these rainbow sparkle things appeared outside so she stopped on the treadmill and ran outside to look at it, then a spaceship came and took her and she came back when it was light outside. there was no way of stopping her look at it though and it automatically cancelled every thing she was doing. The sims 3 wikia says there is a 2 chance a Sim will get abducted at night. An additional +13 chance will be added if the Sim stargazes through a telescope, and an extra +38 chance will be added for each space rock in a Sim's inventory- not placed onto the home lot.
Guest said: 27th Jan 2013 | REPORT
Well if all you want is an alien baby use testing cheatsenabled true shift click on the mailbox and press make me know everyone once that is done scroll to an alien and click on them and press invite over but make sure it is the opposite sex alien from your sim it works I did it
Guest said: 8th May 2016 | REPORT
It works great it did it for me and my sim knows 5 aliens
Guest answered:
Added 22nd Nov 2012, ID #552884

There is only a 5% chance of getting abducted by aliens to increase this 5 youll need 5 space rocks which will increase by 15%. It usally happens from 12am to 3am they stay for about a half hour and then vanish. When and alien is about to abduct your sim your sims wil go observe these sparkels that appear if youdon't want them to get abducted I suggest going on build and putting a box around them. If you see an alien past 3 they are probaly returning to their ship.Remember it is very unlikely that they will visit but I hate using this cheat but if you are very eager to get abducted press shift ctrl alt at the same time and type in testingcheatsenabled true and wait one night or atleast until 3 am and hold down shift and click the mail box but remember to keep your finger on shift and click make me know everyone until you see a dark shaded box that doesn't have the symbol for france or egypt or china. And drag the bar all the way up and that will also increase your chance of getting abducted. TIP don't live alone or else it will say game over.

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Guest said: 6th Feb 2013 | REPORT
I keep clicking make me know everyone and I don't see a dark shaded box!?
Guest said: 26th Jan 2014 | REPORT
You have to look under the relationships tab for the greyish images. Those are the aliens. A grey box doesn't pop up on the screen if that's what u we're looking for.
Guest said: 1st Aug 2014 | REPORT
How does it work I don't have seasons so how do you do it
Guest said: 6th Sep 2015 | REPORT
Does any of this work for sims 3 (xbox 360)? I've tried for a year. I've even erased her house so she's always out side surrounded by telescopes, space rocks in inventory, with high skills!!!!
Guest answered:
Added 25th Nov 2012, ID #553614

My sim got abducted on a Halloween night and sparkles were on my lot, I could not control my sim and she was abducted about three seconds later she came back with a probe, she also had her bf in the house, I think that it is completely random and there is a higher chance if there are more than one sim in your house and that it's a Halloween night.

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Guest said: 29th Mar 2014 | REPORT
My sim female got pregnant but i canceled her preganancy, she just got a job. and she was eatting dinner 1 day after then at like laste that night, she saw something out the window and ran to it. glowing lights i couldn't stop her. my male sism wouldnt go to it, he stayed isnide taking care of himself, my horses were safe at the horse center sleeping. my sim hasn't gotten back, idk how she got abducted by an alien, i thought they were only aleins on sims 2. on sism 2 my sism never got abducted but now im not even gonna try to get them abdeucted, because my sism hasn't gotten back from abduction but it says she is alive. I wish I deleted her beofre that incident.
Guest answered:
Added 2nd Dec 2012, ID #554672

My sims have been abducted multiple times now. My male sim who I am trying to get pregnant by aliens hasn't had that happen yet. He has been abducted 3 times though. He looks through the telescope in the day, he has 3 large space rocks in his inventory and then he looks through the telescope between 12 and 3am. His daughter was abducted once too but she has no logic, no space rocks and was not looking through the telescope so I think she was random.

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AbiF said: 26th Dec 2014 | REPORT
If you want your male sim to get pregnant, theres something you can do. After he gets abducted, before the 'Abducted' trait leaves save your game about 1hr/less than one hour left. After doing this he will gain the 'Getting heavy' trait I think and vallah. Pregnants.
Guest said: 20th Nov 2016 | REPORT
I tried and my sim did not get pregnant
Guest answered:
Added 5th Dec 2012, ID #555125

Look up Carl's sims 3 guide and walk-through Aliens and it tells you all you need to know about Aliens and how to get abducted by them! It's really good!!!

Guest answered:
Added 29th Dec 2012, ID #560218

I just put 5 space rocks outside on my Sims lot, stargazed, saw some sparkles and then was abducted. This was about 2:30 a.m. I got all these ideas from Carl's Sims 3 Guide
Now it's the next night and she went out in the yard just before 3 am and was abducted again. She is pregnant now.

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Guest said: 15th Apr 2017 | REPORT
But what is her logic level? I have a theory that it happens like getting arrested for the criminal career track.
Guest answered:
Added 30th Dec 2012, ID #560669

There sadly is no cheat to getting aliens(yet), I'm not for cheating personally I juss don't believe in it! But finding aliens makes me want to!!!!
You should check out carl's guide he den't eactly tell you were you can find them buttt-----, he does mention the times you can look.Every Morning I search I alaways make it late!!! DAMN But wish me luck!

Guest answered:
Added 31st Dec 2012, ID #561043

Have 2 to 8 space rocks in your male sims inventory and make him stargaze at 12:00am to 3:00am.If you befriended a alien it will increase chances.Your male sim has 33% chance of returning pregnant.Save when he gets abducted or before the feels probed moodlet goes away.If you get the unexpected weight gain moodlet,then your male sim is pregnant.

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Guest said: 15th Apr 2017 | REPORT
If you keep your sim from going to the bathroom (don't let him go) before the moodlet disappears the chances increase
Guest answered:
Added 12th Jan 2013, ID #564242

Aliens and alien abduction return in The Sims 3: Seasons. Sims can investigate anomalies and get abducted by aliens. They will gain a negative moodlet from the abduction for 10 hours. There is a 2% chance a Sim will get abducted at night. An additional +13% chance will be added if the Sim stargazes through a telescope, and an extra +38% chance will be added for each space rock in a Sim's inventory, up to +75%
-from the Sims Wiki on Abduction

Guest answered:
Added 13th Jan 2013, ID #564599

My sim got abducted twice when pregnet it saw a bunch of colorful lights

Submission removed pending moderation
Xxpokechick answered:
Added 16th Mar 2013, ID #577042

Sorry it might not work because that sims 3 I was talking about.

Guest answered:
Added 24th Mar 2013, ID #578622

You can't get abducted by aliens I the Sims 3 with out the Sims 3 Season Expansion pack. But if you happen to get it, you can encrease chances by a lot by collecting space rocks, and of course looking through telescopes.

Guest answered:
Added 30th May 2013, ID #590163

From what I have heard,have some spacerocks in the house/yard but there is a slight chance that your male sim could get pregnant with the alian. No matter what, none of my sims will get abducted, but it is easier on the sims three.

Guest answered:
Added 24th Jun 2013, ID #593644

You need to have at least two large space rocks in your inventory and at least two on your lot.Make sure your doesn't have a fence and then stargaze from between 12 till 3.

Guest answered:
Added 18th Oct 2013, ID #605839

If you have the Sims 3 Seasons you can be abducted. I don't think it's ambitions

Guest answered:
Added 13th Dec 2013, ID #610448

You need Seasons. THEN get your logic skill high enough to where you have the option to "Search Galaxy". To increase your risk, search the town for space rocks and have them In your inventory. It may take a few days, but now you have a better chance!

Guest answered:
Added 29th Jan 2014, ID #615857

I just got randomly abducted while my male sim was in the house but he was part of the science career and had no logic skill or anything so I think it just randomly happens

Ekayla03 answered:
Added 9th Aug 2014, ID #635907

So everyone is right and wrong because 1. You do need to have the sims 3 seasons.
2. If you have got abducted by an alien you have eather gliched out the game or you have supernatrual which lets you get abducted by aliens because you have high logical skills or you have a rare rock.
3. You guys are all just lying and you didn't get abducted at all.
- Ekayla03 on the sims 3 website

Guest answered:
Added 15th Feb 2015, ID #655729

You need sims 3 Seasons to be abducted. If you look through a telescope or have a space rock it just increases the chance of getting abducted. Only male sims can get pregnant from being abducted but it won't show up as a pregnant icon it will show up as unexpected weight gain. After the male sim has givin birth you can choose to give the baby back or keep it. Supernatural sims can not get pregnant from being abducted and, I'm not sure if they can be abducted in general. But all in all there is no cheat code for getting abducted.

Hope this helps!

Guest answered:
Added 6th Jul 2015, ID #666098

Sorry, but you can't get taken by an alien in just the sims 3. You HAVE to have the seasons expantion pack. There's no cheats either. You can try and try, it just won't happen.( I know, I did the same thing you did but it didnt work. I checked everywhere and EVERY SINGLE ONE said that you have to have the seasons expantion pack.)

Guest answered:
Added 3rd Jan 2016, ID #675439

YOU NEED THE SIMS 3: SEASONS EXPANSION PACK. It is impossible to get abducted without it. Only male (and human, I believe) Sims can get pregnant, but either gender can be abducted. To increase the chances of getting abducted:

A. Have the sim be out at night from 12-4pm. (note: They cannot use the telescope if they are too tired, hungry, etc.)

B. Have the sim use the telescope during the entire time period of 12-4 (they must sleep during the day). Using the telescope increases their chances of being abducted to 15-20%

C. Have the sim collect space rocks. There are 3 ways to achieve this, #3 being the most efficient:

#1: Finding space rocks with a telescope. The sim will be using a telescope, when a pop up will come up explaining that the sim found the rock. You can then get to it from Map View.

#2: Finding them around the Map. Rocks will not normally appear from Map View, but the Sim can walk around the Map to find them (or you can just scroll with your mouse). This is not as hard as it sounds, as these rocks are very shiny and emit huge beams of light. They can be found in outdoor public lots (parks, graveyards, etc), but they seem to be more common off of lots.

#3: Using the collection helper. The collection helper is a Lifetime Reward item that appears in the Sims inventory and costs 40,000 Lifetime Happiness. It can be used to find any collection item in Map View, such as seeds, rocks/gems, and small pets (with the Pets expansion pack). So, to use it to find space rocks, you click on it in your sims inventory, click on "Rocks and Gems", exit to Map View, and voila! There will be about two dozen little gem pop ups, click on one and it will zoom in on either a rock or a gem. A space rock will be a grey/black chunk, while a gem will have gems of different colors jutting out. I am not sure if gems will work, so I suggest using rocks.

After you find up to two rocks, have your Sim bring them home. Having two rocks can give the Sim a 90% chance of being abducted! This seems to wear off, so I would suggest having your Sim go out collecting every day.

Well, there you have it! In summary, to give you Sim the best chance to be abducted, have them collect up to two space rocks every day and use the telescope between 12 (midnight) and 4am. I know this was long, but most other answers were quite vague.

Oh! One more thing. After getting abducted, a male sim has a 33% chance of becoming pregnant with an alien baby. If you really want your male sim to fall pregnant, save about 20 minutes before the "Abducted" moodlet wears off. That way, if the "Abducted" moodlet wears off and the sim does not gain the "Unexpected Weight Gain" moodlet right away, you can reload the game and try again.

Okay, I'm done now. GOOD LUCK!!


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