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More than 8 sims on a lot

Guest asks: Added Jul 6th 2010, ID #155740

More than 8 sims on a lot

Ok so I want to make my house on the sims 3 but there are more than 8 people in my family, so I was woundering if there's any possible way or cheat to have more than 8 people living in one house

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funkycat answered:
Added 7th Jul 2010, ID #338212
Somebody mentioined a glitch but it might be rezolved now. Try doing this: Make a family of 8, put them in the chosen house. Then make another family you want into the house. Put then in a different house. Now get a sim and go to inventory clikc on the phone and click move. Now move then to the other house. (Sorry if this does not work, another person on Sims said that they had a glitch where it let them do that. But Sims might have fixed it by now.)
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Guest said: 6th Jul 2016 | REPORT
Hey can someone link me to the mod. im doing the 100 baby challenge and its gonna be harder without the mod. ;v;
Guest said: 13th Aug 2016 | REPORT
Same. :D
Guest said: 4th Nov 2016 | REPORT
Lol I'm doing 50 goals haha
Guest said: 8th Feb 2017 | REPORT
I need this without a mod! I'm doing 100 baby challenge and i need the recording stat! If I don't get something thats not a mod I will have to cancel this series.. I Don't want to do that to anyone watching!
Guest answered:
Added 17th Jan 2011, ID #381877
I had a household with more than 8 and I wanted to move them too...but instead of having them move I went into edit town mode and evicted them from their house...then i just moved them from the clipboard into the house i wanted them to move into and voila! now of course, evicting them makes it so that you have to change households and all of their wishes are deleted, but meh...they'll think of more! hope this helps answer your question...
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Guest said: 14th Jul 2016 | REPORT
Do you have to have all the expansion packs to have the mod?
Guest said: 3rd Jan 2017 | REPORT
I I don't think so

Guest answered:
Added 24th Apr 2011, ID #401119
KK well I dunno if it works but make as many people as you want than go into gameplay (make sure the families are moved into houses) than press ctrl shift c then type in "testingcheatsenabled true" then hold down shift and click on the other household that shud be living next door to you then you can click make part of household.
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Guest said: 18th Sep 2015 | REPORT
What is it?
Guest said: 21st Jun 2016 | REPORT
Guest said: 16th Jul 2016 | REPORT
Guest said: 12th Aug 2016 | REPORT
Hi I need to
Guest answered:
Added 8th Sep 2011, ID #439489
Or if you was in tha game made your parents then started having kids but make sure you get enough life time points and get tha fertile treatment and you will have twins each time and name,them you're brothers and sisters you will have eight sims promise lol I do it all thA time
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Guest said: 27th Feb 2014 | REPORT
this made absolutly no sense... 1st. "tha" is not a word... 2nd "if you WAS in THA game made your parents then started having kids" go back to school please..
Guest said: 5th May 2014 | REPORT
I agree with the person who wrote the Report Smile
Guest said: 7th Jun 2014 | REPORT
Guest said: 27th Dec 2016 | REPORT
i don't what to say because I didn't read it!!!!!!!!!
Guest answered:
Added 2nd Oct 2011, ID #444548
Shure I guess it might work but I'll try it and I'll see if it works
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Guest said: 7th Jun 2015 | REPORT
No it doesn't
Guest said: 7th Jun 2015 | REPORT
Does it??? I want to make a family of ten but I don't know if I can. I have pets.
Guest said: 21st Aug 2015 | REPORT
Yeah if you have pets it well let u have ten some in all including pets so you can just have ten people and no pets.
Guest said: 2nd May 2016 | REPORT
I don't think it does let you, because I tried to make 5 cats and 2 sims and it said my cat couldn't have kittens
Guest answered:
Added 28th Dec 2011, ID #467101
Ok so this is what you do-

1.hold Shift+Ctrl then press
2. A blue box should then appear at the top
3.type in - testingcheatsenabled true
4. When you see a person you want in your family hold shift and click on them of the options should be add to active household that and it's added to your family

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Guest said: 3rd Apr 2016 | REPORT
It doesn't matter what colour box
Guest said: 26th May 2016 | REPORT
Its Blue tho! xD
Guest said: 10th Oct 2016 | REPORT
It's blue guys
Guest said: 19th Feb 2017 | REPORT
Sometimes it's blue and sometimes It black
Guest answered:
Added 25th Feb 2012, ID #485908
Actually make a family and move them into you're prefered home. Go to edit town and make a new family or use a previous family and merge them with your family I've done it
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Guest said: 14th Aug 2012 | REPORT
This will not work if you are trying to put more than 8 sims in one household. It caps you at 8.
Guest said: 21st Mar 2013 | REPORT
very helpful
Guest said: 27th Oct 2013 | REPORT
it wont work the only thing you do is delete the sim
Guest said: 7th Sep 2014 | REPORT
It worked
Guest answered:
Added 27th Mar 2012, ID #493484
Is there a cheat that allows you to add more than 8 people to your household if you know please help!!
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Guest said: 22nd Apr 2014 | REPORT
you can make thouse people in 4 houes
Guest answered:
Added 27th May 2012, ID #510390
You can make those people in 2 houses and then using testingCheatsEnabled true make them move to one of those houses
Guest answered:
Added 22nd Jun 2012, ID #517489
HI I been playing on Sims 3 on the PC and the EA or SIMS creaters should make it so more that 8 people can go in a house bc everyone had been complaining about it and theirs rely no cheat for it if their is one please some one tell me. Can you kill you're baby on sims 3

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Guest said: 30th Jun 2015 | REPORT
Babies can't die. No. I've tried.
Guest said: 6th Jul 2015 | REPORT
Try to use trigger age again and again to kill ur babies
Guest said: 31st Jul 2015 | REPORT
or you could put them outside and build walls around them, click ctrl-shift-c and type in testingcheatsenabled true then lower all of the hunger and hygiene and social things and a social worker might come and take the baby away however the sims parents might be upset for a while after that.
Guest said: 9th Mar 2016 | REPORT
They can die leave them in a room in their take the door away so the other sims can't go in and give the baby their needs
Guest answered:
Added 25th Jun 2012, ID #518134
You can't get anymore people unless you can find a cheat to get more land for a house
Guest answered:
Added 23rd Jul 2012, ID #525099
I don't know how to in sims 3 but in sims 2 I got over 50 sims in a household by just adding them using boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
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Guest said: 21st Dec 2014 | REPORT
because there is supposed to be only 1 l in enabled not 2
Guest said: 7th Jun 2015 | REPORT
Guest said: 20th Aug 2015 | REPORT
In sims 3, you don't do boolprop. Its just testingcheatsenabled true
Guest said: 14th Aug 2016 | REPORT
Make a 64 by 64 lot and build house,surely you can get more sims in one house.I have 30 sims in my house
XxHeatherxX answered:
Added 25th Jul 2012, ID #525728
Try making the family but in two so 8 in one and how many others in the other one move them into different houses then go on the edit town and try merging the two together. Might work hope this helped xx
Guest answered:
Added 27th Jul 2012, ID #526111
I want to create a family that has 12 people, two grandpas, 4 parents and 6 children and then I want the children in the same house the 2 parents and 1 grandpa in another house and the other 2 parents and grandpa in another one. How is that possible?
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Guest said: 19th Feb 2013 | REPORT
Ok ive done this before, when you have the people youve selected to move out, theres a button that says make active household or sumthin like that, you click it if you want that household, but if you want a bunch of people i understand if your confused. Wiki has a website with it only about sims and all the expansion packs. Check it out! Hope i helped!
Guest answered:
Added 3rd Aug 2012, ID #528519
Make a mom move her in to a house then make a dad move him in to a different house. Play one and find the other one you made mom or dad which ever one you are not playing then have a kid.
Then go find a then move in with her after the baby is born move out with the kid. Have another baby and leave it to her.
Then have another In till her family has 7 people.
Then move In there will be 9 counting your kid!
Then move out with 3 other kids have baby's a till her family has 7, 7 so you can move in, so you keep going a till you and your mom have 8 kids each ( well... Do your mom 7 kids do you can move in )
Then your have 15 kids 😊 hope you enjoyed
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Guest said: 25th Mar 2015 | REPORT
I know there is mod but no cheat
Guest answered:
Added 13th Aug 2012, ID #531847
I know that in the Sims3 pets expansion pack you can have ten sims. You can have 8 human sims and 2 pet sims. But I do not know a way to get anymore
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Guest said: 12th Apr 2014 | REPORT
You can have up to 6 pets, not 2.
Guest said: 21st Jun 2014 | REPORT
i actually have 2 parents and six kids on of which is and alien and another on its way the way i did it was once the babies were toddlers i had the parents try for a baby and i got the jingle now she is pregnant so i have another on the way but thats how i did it
Guest said: 13th Aug 2016 | REPORT
You can actually have 7 pets if you only have 1 sim
Guest said: 11th Nov 2016 | REPORT
I have 6 dogs and 2 Sims and one on the way
Guest answered:
Added 26th Dec 2012, ID #559464
I used the cheat ( the force sim into house) but it cut off my mother and I tried to force her into the house as well, but then I accidentally killed her.
Guest answered:
Added 31st Dec 2012, ID #561008
Another idea if you would like to control a bigger family is to have them in two different households and keep going from the town to edit town mode? (just an idea)
Guest answered:
Added 14th Feb 2013, ID #571060
I like making mom having a bunch of kids, so what I do is make the lifespan for a sims into short mode, or medium if you want. Then I made 2 house right next to each other. Then once a kid got to a young adult I move them right next door, so my mom can still have babies, and still see her kid. So she can have many kids, you just can't control them. If you want the mom to have twins, or triplets all you need to do is get apples or watermelons. 1 apple=I boy, 2 apples= twin boys, 3 apples triplet boys, and the exact same thing but with watermelons for girls. You need to eat them all in a row when she has a baby belly. You would also need to watch the kids tv AND dance to the kids station to get better luck.Or you could use the lifetime wish fertile treatment thing. I hope I helped Smile
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Guest said: 3rd Jan 2014 | REPORT
This is so incorrect it is depressing. All fruit does is force gender... you had the fruits right,but you need like, ten apples to guarantee a boy or ten watermelons for a girl. Forcing multiples requires a lifetime reward, and without mods, being family-oriented is also helpful.
Guest said: 14th Aug 2014 | REPORT
actually watching the kids channel and listening to the kids station gives you a better chance of having twins or triplets, i tried it once and my sim had 3 girls
Guest said: 16th Aug 2016 | REPORT
Actually, one time my Sims had twin girls without any fertility treatment or eating fruit. It was pretty random yet awesome!
Guest answered:
Added 10th Mar 2013, ID #575854
It only works when you have seven sims. So far there isn't a cheat. People are developing one for a possible release date of June 2013-January 2015 so fingers crossed Smile anyway hope that helped. Personally if I even have three or four sims and at least two have jobs and one is younger than a child and free will is off and no cheats I can't bear it!
Guest answered:
Added 31st Mar 2013, ID #580220
Well if you do itll delete some sims just split up your families into a different household then click edit town and you can choose the household you want to play
Guest answered:
Added 19th Jul 2013, ID #597338
Like the person said before
1.hold Shift+Ctrl then press
2. A blue box should then appear at the top
3.type in - testingcheatsenabled true
4. When you see a person you want in your family hold shift and click on them of the options should be add to active household that and it's added to your family

Now one sim should be unselectable, you can fix this by using the mastercontorller
Once the mastercontorller is saved as a package file you click your sim and a new option will appear that says Naars your click that and you will get many options, you click selectabilty and it makes the person selectable
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Guest said: 28th Feb 2014 | REPORT
so fake did not work at all
Guest said: 15th Aug 2014 | REPORT
To the guest above me... This does work because I kidnapped every little kid in town. So please check yourself before you comment.
Guest said: 16th Sep 2014 | REPORT
Go on dif website guys there is cheat which forces twins so get seven in ur family then forcetwins hope I helped Smile
Guest said: 24th Sep 2014 | REPORT
it's ctrl+shift+c, not shift+ctrl
Guest answered:
Added 10th Aug 2013, ID #600324
There's an Nraas mod for this. You need a Portrait Panel so you can access all the people. Tweaking numbers isn't going to do anything for you unless you modify the viewable # of portraits down the left side of your screen. The base game caps at 8.
Guest answered:
Added 16th Aug 2013, ID #600932
Twallans master controller mod does it
KingofCorn answered:
Added 26th Aug 2013, ID #602000
No there is no cheat around that
Guest answered:
Added 9th Oct 2013, ID #605091
If you have supernatrual, you can buy the philosopher sotne for 40,000 lifetime reward points, and bind a ghost. You can do this for sims and animals.
Guest answered:
Added 27th Oct 2013, ID #606554
That wont work the only thing I can do is delete the sims

Guest answered:
Added 4th Apr 2014, ID #621432
Watch this video. It explains how to do it in detail. You'll have to use mods though.
Guest answered:
Added 12th Apr 2014, ID #622056
I really wanted to make a household with a mom,dad and three kids. Then I wanted to move them into a huge house with a huge garden. Then I wanted to make 40 workers who could take care of the huge house and the huge garden..... To bad you can only do that in the sims 2 and not in the sims 3. :(

Guest answered:
Added 24th Apr 2014, ID #623033
Yeah you can make 2 separate households and put them in two separate houses than type 'testingcheatsenabled true' then shift click on the separate people in the household and add to active household.
You can make a household of 8 and then change some of the children to YA and then move them out then you can have more children and then add the others back to active household so then they are all your biological family then you can change them back to teenagers using 'testingcheatsenabled true' then shift click on the sims and then edit sim in CAS and then change those are the only ways that I know...
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Guest said: 20th Apr 2015 | REPORT
I can only get 7 sims in a household
it's vrry odd
Guest answered:
Added 13th Nov 2014, ID #646234
Save two families of 8 in France.Swap the home town files in Sims 3 document files.Return home families added together!

Submission removed pending moderation
Guest answered:
Added 9th Apr 2015, ID #659952
I think you can, using testingcheats true make another sim then use the option: Add to family.
Guest answered:
Added 13th Feb 2016, ID #676989
Accidentally got Sim Nr.9 on my family by getting twins in family of seven.
No cheats used.

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