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Project IGI: I'm Going In

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Hints and tip for Project IGI: I'm Going In

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For Get Priboi. Sneak around the hut you see at the begining (go to the right) and get behind a tree facing a window with two guys behind it. Crouch down.

On the right of your vision you can see a long row of crates. There'll be a guy walking in front of them. Get out your submachine gun (press 3), zoom in and shoot him. Then shoot one the guys behind the window. The other will set the alarm off, but don't worry.

Shoot the other guy, then reload. Another guy will run out of the hut and stop where the two lines of fence join off to your right.

Kill him. You will have to do this two more times. Move of to the left until you are in front of the door. Carry on edging right until you can just about see a guy in a suit. Shoot him once.

If he doesn't die, carry on shooting him, but only tap the button. He won't move. You will have to shoot the camera by the door beforehand.

Open the door, go in and position yourself to the left of the next door. Open, and kill the guy in front of you.

Go through the rest of the rooms, picking up any guns, turn off the alarm, pick up the missile launcher and shoot the camer when you walk out. Pick up the guns lying around.

Run to the concrete wall in front of you aqnd go to the edge. Get out the missile launcher. Walk round the corner, blow up the tank, then run back around the corner.

Wait for a couple of seconds, then walk out. On your left will be an opening. Walk in, and run straight for the camera.

Get underneath it and shoot it. Pick the lock on the door next to you. As soon as you have done that, step to your left. Slowly inch around the door until you can see part of a man in a suit. Shoot him until he dies.

Pick up the shotguan and medipack. Use the medipack if you have to. Wait until you hear gunfire, then in the next door.

Run to the crates. Inch around the corner until you can only just see a man in a suit. Shoot him, run ou tpick up the gun, and pick up one pack of ammo from the crate in front of you. Go back around the green crate.

Wait until both guns are firing, then walk out and headjob the guy at one the guns with the submachine gun. You should be able to see two other people.

If they don't react, headjob them. Carry on moving around the crate until everyone is dead. If they do react, duck back around the crate and get out your shotgun (press 5).

Move until yu cn see one, shoot him and duck back. Carry on doing this until everyone is dead. Pick up everything in site and search the trucks.

Go out the loading entrance. Go over to the crates and shoot the guy walking around. Pick up all ammo.

Go back out the entrance, and turn right. There are green crates over by the fence.

Go over to them, get out your Dragunov (press 6) and shoot the guard in front of the generator building as he is walking around.

Then shoot the camera. Go over to the reinforcement building, and plant a proximity mine by the door. Go back to the generator building and open the gate and the door.

Go down the ladder to the control panel and turn off the generator. Go back out and go to the pylon.

It leads to another pylon. Shoot the guy on top of the other pylon with a dragunov. Go up your pylon. Halfway up the door to the hut will open, but the proximity mine will kill the guards.

Slide down to the thid pylon, kill anyone below you, get down and run away to the depression behind you. Follow it to the end.

Kill anyone you see with the dragunov. Go over to the fence behind the fuel tanks kill anyone in sight, climb over, plant the bombs, an climb back over. Then run.

After you hear that Priboi is running, go over to thebuilding nearby and climb the fence. Go in the door nearest. Using a shotgun, kill anyone inside.

Go through all the rooms, searching everything. Go through the loading doors, an kill everyone, but don't go in after opening the doors.

Go to the left of the door and kill the guy in the mini - wachtower in the right of the room. Go and search that building.

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