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Basic Minecraft Survival Guide

by turtlemaster6000

                How to Survive and Prosper in Minecraft

	First thing you always want to do is get wood. As they say, punching trees gives me wood!
 You will want to continue punching trees and getting wood until you have about thirty, 
then you place the wood in the crafting square (hit E), just one square filled, no others,
And get four planks for each block (a bargain!).

	Next, place one plank in each of the four crafting squares to create a crafting table, 
which gives you a 3x3 crafting square. I recommend you make two. Before you place your crafting 
Table, you need to build a house with your remaining wood (it has to be closed off or else it won’t
protect you from mobs).You might want to create a door so you can enter your new house (mobs cannot
enter doors). To use your crafting table, right-click it. now place planks in the left and center 

	Once you have built a house two layers high and waited through the  Night (you should 
have also placed your crafting table inside the house), get more wood, about one tree’s worth, 
and, using your crafting table (right-click), fill up the vertical center’s bottom squares with 
sticks (two planks vertically)and fill the top row with planks. The result will be a wooden pickaxe.

	Now time to find some coal! Just find a natural cave formation or mine into the side of a 
mountain (by the way, coal has black spots all over it) and find some coal. This can take some time, 
so be patient. On your quest for coal, You should definitely mine some stone as well, as it lets you 
make better pickaxes and things (stone pickaxe: replace planks with cobblestone).

Time to make torches! Once you have mined coal, put a stick under a piece of coal in a 
crafting square to make a torch. Torches make mining much easier, and they never run out.

	You do not always have to suffer through the night not doing anything, though. If you want 
it to stay daytime, you need a bed. Get three wool from a sheep and three planks of wood. Using a 
crafting table,place planks on the bottom row and wool above the planks. You can sleep in it by 

	By this time, you’re probably wondering where to put your excess items. Just use a 
crafting table and fill the perimeter of the squares (leaving the center one blank) and viola! 
A chest. Place two right next to each other to create a large chest.

				I hope I helped someone!