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Half-Life Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for Half-Life


We have 16 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Half-Life please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2

You can also ask your question on our Half-Life Questions & Answers page.

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Half-Life cheats

Console Codes:
Load the game using the '-DEV ?TOCONSOLE' (HL.EXE ?DEV ?TOCONSOLE) command line parameters. If the text does not disappear press the tilde key '~'.
During game-play press the tilde key '~' and type 'sv cheats' at the console window to activate cheat mode. For this code to take effect you must either die or reload your game.
All Weapons and Ammo:
Enable Cheat mode. Then press '~' and enter '/impulse 101' at the console window.

Monster spawn

Did you know that you can spawn monsters? Now you do!
-give monster_x
Replace x with any of the following:
The following ones are only for Opposing force:

Regular cheats

These are the regular cheats found in Half-life:
God = Invincible on/off
Notarget = NPC's can't see you (Invisible on/off)
Impulse 101 = Spawn all weapons, ammo, a hazard suit and a battery
Noclip = No clipping (can fly and phase through walls)
Kill = Suicide
Note: You don't need to use capitals while typing in the cheats.

World physiques

Here are some of the cosole commands that can change the physiques in the Half-life world:
-sv_gravity x
Replace x with numbers: 0 = No gravity, 800 = Default, -800 = Reversed gravity.
Note: It's gravity the way you want it
-sv_accelerate x
Replace x with numbers: Changing the numbers higher than 10 won't affect your speed. But try to put in negative numbers like -200 and your speed will certainly be affected but it will also revers your controller so up means down etc.
Note: Revers your controller before using the accelerating code and there will be no reversed controll.
-host_framerate x
Replace x with numbers: 0 = Default, 0.2 - 100 = Faster and faster gameplay, 0.02 and down to 0.001 = True matrix style (ultra slow).

You must follow the following directions to get ..

You must follow the following directions to get these cheats to work
1. Start Half-life Using The Command Line "Hl.exe -console". You Can Now
Access The Console Using The "~" Key.
2. Enter The Command "Sv_cheats 1" In The Console. Cheats Are Now Enabled.
3. Here's A Partial List Of Cheats.
/impulse 101

/God - Godmode (Invincibility).

/God 0 - Godmode off

/Noclip - No Clipping (Walk Through Walls, Etc.)

/notarget - Opponents

/Map C#A# - Go To Any Map. Entered In The Form C1a1, C1a2, Etc.

/Give Xxxx - Gives Any Item. In Place Of "Xxxx", Fill In One Of The Following:





Impulse commands

Here are all impulse commands I know about:
Impulse 76: Use Grunt-o-matic. Type in the command and quickload the game and it will work, If you don't quickload the game will freeze if you type it more than once.
Impulse 100: Turn on or off flashlight.
Impulse 101: Spawn weapons and ammo.
Impulse 102: Spawn Giblets.
Impulse 103: Check NPC status when looking at them with the crosshair for any weapon. The crowbar has a crosshair but it's invisible.
Impulse 104: Check global entities list.
Impulse 105: Turn stepsound on or off. On = Default.
Impulse 106: Check sprite or NPC status.
Impulse 107: Texture information.
Impulse 109: Controll on-screen NPC. (May not work in some versions)
Impulse 195-198: AI nodes (guidelines).


Once you are there select game and on the lefthand side of your screen there is a large list of all sorts of stuff.
Find (whatever game you are looking up cheats for)guide ,then go to console comands.
Click on cheats and impulses, and you now have a huge list of cheats for your Half-Life games!!!

Addition to monster spawn

I made a mistake in my "Monster spawn" submitted cheat. I wrote "gonore" in the monster list but it should be "gonome". Sorry for that.
I also forgot to write this one:

How to get all weapons

Press ~ and type in sv_cheats 1 to enable cheats. Then type in impulse 101.

In order to get past the three green tentacles w..

In order to get past the three green tentacles without any ammo(and your desperate).

When one or two of thhtentacles is looking the other way or has gone down run as fast as you can and you will confuse it.

Half-Life:When you face the three Tentacles in t..


When you face the three Tentacles in the test chamber, remember that they only hear you, theyre blind, so dont fire guns.

The best weapon is the grenade, it lures the Tentacle away from you.

When battling Nihilanth, you have to destroy his wall-mounted power sources before aiming at him. A full charged Gauss blast will take it out if youre lucky.

Then concentrate all your firepower on nihilanth. Once you do enough damage, Nihilanth's head wil open and shut.

Equip a fully loaded Shotgun, and jump on an organic trampoline to get above nihilanth.

Fire a couple of secondary fire shells into his brain, and soon enough, Nihilanth fal..

How to pass on the beginning

You must complete the test after you see the weird things.Go on the door with the guard(You will notice that the guard is dead).Then pass through the monsters.If you see the scientist hiding on a trash can(A big one), just leave him there.

Enter the cheats under gameplay by pressing or..

Enter the cheats under gameplay by pressing or |. Then you should get a screen coming down, if not, try reinnstall Half-Life.
God: This cheat makes you invincible.
Notarget: Your ennmies can't see you
Impulse 101: Ammo, weapons and armor.
You don't have to enter the cheats everytime you need ammo or other things, you just press the up button (not w but the other)
Have fun!

Cheat Action /go..

Cheat Action
/god invisibility
/impulse 101 gives weapons and stuff.
/give item
eg. /give_9mmhandgun 357
If it says command unknown that means you wrote it wrong and if it does nothing that means you have to right sv_cheats 1 and save it and load it.

impulse 101 -weapons and ammo-type again and aga..

impulse 101 -weapons and ammo-type again and again until it reaches full ammo(if you want).

god-cannot die(this is a cheat if your 4-6 year old brother is playing. you will not feel the push. I f you are above this age 18, and use this cheat.... it is no meaning (meight as well don't play it...)

noclip- flys through walls.

A cool cheat

You gotta try this one!
-sk_plr_(weapon)(skill) x
Replace (weapon) with any weapon like these: (The number is the default power so don't type it in yet)
Rpg 100
Satchel 150
Tripmine 150
Crowbar 10
Buckshot 5 (shotgun ammo)
Gauss 20
Replace (skill) with the current difficulty level you play 1 = easy, 2 = normal, 3 = hard. This one is necessary.
Replace x with a number. The number you type in is the ammount of damage the weapon can cause. If you simply put in -sk_plr_(weapon)(skill) you will se the default power for the wepons.
It will look like this if you change the crowbar while playing on easy:
-sk_plr_crowbar1 10
Note: Try replacing the power of the satchel with 100000000. Now ta..

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