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Diablo 2

Diablo 2 Cheats for PC

We have 7 cheats on PC

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Easy money (very easy)Added 5 May 2008, ID #12540
Okay you gotta be in the second act to do it. Since it is a place you can return to, it is great for money.

At the end of act 2 you have to go into the arcane sanctuary, to slay the summoner. If you come back later on,infinitely (after you save and exit and reload the game of course) the dungeon restocks itself with monsters (and the summoner as well) Keep coming back clearing it out and reaping the benefits. I maxed out that amount of the money the stash could hold in under 2 trips to the sanctuary. Believe me, it works and it's a quick way to get yourself rich!!

Magic Resistant ShieldAdded 20 Oct 2007, ID #11695
Take any shield with three sockets and stick perfect Diamonds in it or if you are just starting out any diamonds you find and it will protect you from all magical damage! Poison, fire, lightning, and Ice. What it does is it adds to the resistance to magical damage from all the above
Better exp,items,gems,jewelsAdded 3 Sep 2007, ID #11530
Alright, while your playing the game, at any time, just hit enter and type in /players x where is x is any number, if the number is above 8, it will automatically be set to 8, if the number is under(0 for example) it will automatically be set to 1.
More ExperienceAdded 22 Jun 2006, ID #8873
To get more experience press Enter then type "Players" then any number from 8 to 80, this should make the monsters a bit stronger, but they will give more experience points.
Game Saving CheatsAdded 2 Jun 2006, ID #8665
Avoid Death:
When you are about to die press 'Esc' then save and exit the game. When you reload, your game you will be at the starting location.

Quick Restore:
When you are near death save and exit the game making sure you are in Rouge's Encampment. Then, talk to Akara and she will give you full life and full mana.

Retrieve Items after Death:
When you have died save and exit the game. Then restart the game and your corpse will be in town allowing you to retrieve your possessions.

Better shield defense:
Raise your shields defense by putting perfect amethysts in it. For example, getting an ancient shield with three perfect amethysts will add 86 to the defense.

Avoid Dying from Poison:
If you are about to die when poisoned, quickly make a town portal and go through. You cannot die in town. This also works with hirelings.
How to get gold fastAdded 6 Dec 2004, ID #5547
First buy lots of scrolls of the portal. Next go to a place with lots of items like Trisma. Then kill enemies and get their items. Next warp back to town fix them unidentify them and sell them and thats how you do it.

NOTE: try it with higher levels like 15 and up.
ID #971

Corpse in town: When you die from a battle save and exit then go back on your game that you played and your corpse will be in town.


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