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Diablo 2

Game Reviews for Diablo 2


Quick Reviews

10/10Added 19 Oct 2004, ID #5395
Daiblo II is by far the best game I have ever played, I rank it 10/10.

I don't own the game but I've played it many times and my favourite character is the sorceress. The graphics are amazing considering it was made so long ago, however it would likely not be appropriate for younger gamers because of the blood and gore.

The skill system is amazing as well. The game is massive and with, the possibilitys are endless, while playing I could only think of one flaw

You don't actually get to customise your characters appearence like change thier hair or anything.
Other than that the game is perfect!

Amazing!Added 20 May 2004, ID #4635
This is my FAVOURITE GAME! I just love the online version, but my internet keeps on crashing. I would reccomend this game to everybody, especially those who are goth-type personalities. This game gets much better with the expansion, but it's a great game even without it.

Best P.C RPG EverAdded 6 Nov 2003, ID #3585
10/10 to blizzard entertainment this game rocks add Diablo 2 LoD Exp to this game and you have the best game ever.

It may be aging but no matter it still rocks BUY THIS GAME ENJOYMENT GARENTEED.

I would like to say this game has only 1 rival that is almost the same but with a few slight twists.

From revolver ocelot(Duo)

The best game madeAdded 27 Oct 2003, ID #3548
I would give Diablo2 10 out of 10.The only cheat that does work is the secret cow level.None of the "getting infinate stuff" without the hex editor does work.The people who do write something without using a hex editor are no good and have to make there name stand out on a website

Great gameAdded 13 Oct 2003, ID #3493
This is a straight-forward review for Diablo 2.

The Good(!!!): The numbers of hours that you spend in this game can be huge! This game is addictive, and the sound is great too. The numbers of skills (30 for each character) are huge, but the skill points are ard to come by. Each skill has 20 stages, and the limit of levels in diablo 2 is 99, which can take a year to get. The game offers a constant reward system, and I found that the amount of gold I carried until level 30 was much more than enough than the stash can carry(your chest in the middle of each town).

There are soo many items to find, and much much more with the expansion pack: you'll never regret it. There are 5 classes ( 7 with expansion pack), and each class gets their own bonus, more with the expansion. The barbarian can hold two weapons at the same time, and is the best beginer character. In the expansion, ppl have exclusive items for them ( bows, helmets, wands, masks, claw-weapons). This is a great deal of fun, and its bound to suck you in until you loose your job, fail at school, or loose your girlfriend. The game world is randomly generated for each character and difficulty, and so are the monsters and the loot and items. Some monsters are Unique and have special abilities, but are worth more xp.

This really adds to the replay of the whole game. Unless you have a fear of addictive games with blood in them(lots here), then you should definitely buy. Multiplayer is strong with this game: lots of oprions, but other players always seem to get all the items before you do.

The bad:
Until level 25, skills are easy to come by, but then, levels are hard to get, especially if you want to level-up before you fight Baal or Diablo (Frosenstein, a set unique monster, took my 35-lv barbarian down to half health in one hit, along with about 6 of his minions, and he was just a minor quest boss).

I found a sound glitch with a barbarian: when frozen and doing a double-swing, you hear an extra "swoosh". This sometimes throws off my timing of clicking repeatedly.

The clicking can get really annoying when you watch someone play, otherwise, you don't notice.

The plot is already set, with the quests being mandatory. Of course, you could skip a couple of select quests, but each quest has a reward, and the xp for beating all the monsters there.

The game is too linear, and you have to beat and re-beat areas just to be strong enough, and for the items, of course. Some areas are goldmines everytime (maggots lair).

Your character cannot carry very much of anything: the stash will always seem small, and the inventory is not large enough to carry all the stuff you can find while adventuring.

Conclusion: the flaws become apparent only after you have devoted hours of gameplay to this great game, but then you find a great item, and you forget all about it. This game would recieve a 9/10 from a very critical perspective. I love this game, and hopefully will get to level 99 with several characters before I die.

ID #1016

This is a mind-blowong game. The first one could not amount to this one a million times over.

The graphics, the choice of 5 characters, the story line the items, and every choice you make are all part of the limitless gameplay.

If you have not tried this game yet go buy it, I garuntee you will not be dissatissfied.

If you already have the game, ROCK ON!!! if you're on my account name is kaballah.

ID #1015

At first I never thought Diablo would be so much fun to play. But after playing it for a while I really started to like it. I think there are not much games which can be better than Diablo2.

You must really give it a TRY because you won't regret it.

ID #1014

For those new to the game-it rocks. The best character for a beginer is the barbarian. He has good skill choises and is powerful in combat. on the other hand, NEVER start with the paladin. They are week and the skills are only good if you know what your doing.

For those who have the game-great. If you dont have the expantion though, your missing out on a ton!!!!!!! with the new characters and act the possibilities are endless.

For more info go to


the site is informative but is a slight spoiler site. I learned a lot of usefull info on my first time there. There is infor about the monsters, skills,shrines, characters, quests, items and horodric cube resipies to name a few.

ID #1013

This game is really cool and adicting! i'v player it for a year and i love it so much i'v even figured out a couple of loop holes on bosses and the game play is so cool!

if u dont have it then go buy it! but dont play hardcore i lost a level 31 barb and i am still sad about it.

u take like a few hours of your day in wut seems like minutes and if your eyes can only c the sceen and nothing else then u think your really there!

the chara classes are sweet but u must try it all to find wut u like! c u online if u buy the game! oh yeah i just forgot this but i should tell u that all charas arnt very good at the start but get WAY WAY better later on!

P.S. if u find any easy way to beat diablo other then some cowardly tactics tell me or ask me cuz i know all the tricks in the book abou this game!

ID #1012


This game is kind of dumb after you know how to play its pretty simple kill everthing in sight and repair your weapons when they get damaged, but I have some complements, the graphics are good enough to be called real.

If you like extreamly long games like morrowind for xbox this might be the game for you.


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