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Diablo 2 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Diablo 2

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We have several cheats for you to look through and includes modifying your items and money, magic resistant shield, how to get gold fast and getting better gems and jewels.

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We have 22 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Diablo 2 please send them in here.

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Game Saving Cheats

Avoid Death:
When you are about to die press 'Esc' then save and exit the game. When you reload, your game you will be at the starting location.
Quick Restore:
When you are near death save and exit the game making sure you are in Rouge's Encampment. Then, talk to Akara and she will give you full life and full mana.
Retrieve Items after Death:
When you have died save and exit the game. Then restart the game and your corpse will be in town allowing you to retrieve your possessions.
Better shield defense:
Raise your shields defense by putting perfect amethysts in it. For example, getting an ancient shield with three perfect amethysts will add 86 to the defense.
Avoid Dying from Poison:
If you are about to die when poisone..

More Experience

To get more experience press Enter then type "Players" then any number from 8 to 80, this should make the monsters a bit stronger, but they will give more experience points.

Level up!

The easiest way to level up is to go to an area and start killing as much monsters as you can and then save the game before you die and exit. Then reload the game and the monsters will be there again and repeat the process until you level up!
(try harder monsters to level up quicker)

Magic Resistant Shield

Take any shield with three sockets and stick perfect Diamonds in it or if you are just starting out any diamonds you find and it will protect you from all magical damage! Poison, fire, lightning, and Ice. What it does is it adds to the resistance to magical damage from all the above

How to get gold fast

First buy lots of scrolls of the portal. Next go to a place with lots of items like Trisma. Then kill enemies and get their items. Next warp back to town fix them unidentify them and sell them and thats how you do it.
NOTE: try it with higher levels like 15 and up.

Corpse in town: When you die from a battle save ..

Corpse in town: When you die from a battle save and exit then go back on your game that you played and your corpse will be in town.

if you're the paladin and if you're stuck in the..

if you're the paladin and if you're stuck in the secret cow level, try using magic hammer and huge chunks of cow will be killed in seconds

In act 1 after you conquer everything in Tristra..

In act 1 after you conquer everything in Tristram, make sure you save and exit. There you did find Wirt and other monster's that give you quite a good amount of money. After you save and exit you can return to Tristram and get the gold as many times as you want. Once you get all the gold in Tristram, save and exit, then try it again.


Always register your account but never tell anyone what your emial address is. If they know your email address they can get your pass. Always make your pass something that isn't obvious like your name or anything you used in your character names.

Better exp,items,gems,jewels

Alright, while your playing the game, at any time, just hit enter and type in /players x where is x is any number, if the number is above 8, it will automatically be set to 8, if the number is under(0 for example) it will automatically be set to 1.

Amazon is really weak at the first play, but you..

Amazon is really weak at the first play, but you will see the changes after a long journey.

she will be a very useful character, raise her passive technique to a higher level and you will see the difference.

[espeacially the tech that can evade missle and melee attack] raise these skills when you have no more skills to be raised!

Getting the Necromancers army:This is very us..

Getting the Necromancers army:

This is very useful when your surrounded with mosters or want to beat a boss. All you have to do is use the Necromancer's sceleton raise and upgrade it to level six. Then upgrade your golem to any level you want. Then hire a rouge. And if your into the bows and crossbows and stuff, go to Charsi and buy the socketed Hunters Bow from her. Then, put the green topez in it. Your Hunters Bow will poison your enemies. Your sceletons and your golem will go after your enemies in close combat and you and your rouge will pick them off from a distance. Cool huh?


Always register your account but never tell anyone what your emial address is. If they know your email address they can get your pass. Always make your pass something that isn't obvious like your name or anything you used in your character names.

Her is a hint that I figured out the hard way. ..

Her is a hint that I figured out the hard way.

1)When you first start a new game (Rogue) DON'T do not talk to eny one.

So when you beat the den go to the cold plains walk past the Rogue garding the path (she will tell you that you are not ready yet if you've played before).

Walk past her and use your Chain Lightning spell againts the monsters on that side when you do and they start coming after you kill all of them and they will give you extra exp.

Plus they don't hurt you as much and also they are getting hit by the Rogue!

2)After you do #1 go back to Akara and talk to her 2 times you get you'r well deserved skill and during they entire game they will jus..

Haephastor The Armorer

For those who have dificulties for deafeating Haphestor (i don't know the spelling) for the first timer (for those who play the game 1st time), theres a simple tips for you:
- when you meet him (that monster), first you shoul do is open a town portal.
- make sure you kill every monster that came with him first, don't go to deep to his place (the Hellforge). Bait him to follow you to that place taht have some sort of lava pool in the middle of it.
- hit him with everthing you got, ranged weapons are recommended.
- when he curse you (there will be a fire on your head; I mean on the charecter's head of course), make sure you run and enter to the town portal.
-go to Jamella and get recover, after that go back using the Waypoint; if you don't want to waste your Town P..

Easy Money and Exp

Here we go...
Ok, once you have unlocked Tristram, go there, kill every enemy, and collect all
Their items and money, selling the items for more money. Once they are all dead,
Save and exit, then get back into the game, go back to Tristram, kill all
Creatures, again, again, again and again, just keep repeating this process. Kill
Al, get cash, save, exit, start again. Before you know it, you will have gained
A few levels, and you will have lots, and lots of cash (maybe even some rare

Earn a lot of money

To get a lot of money in a short amount of time you need to collect highly valuated items like:
Rings,amulets, magical staffs, armors, rare or unique items (yellow or gold color).
A very important step after finding such items is to Identify them. Identifying items can rise their sell value significantly.
An unidentified staff with a value of ca. 150 gold can get a value of ca. 2000 gold after being identified.
Using this method helped me to get thousands of gold units in a short time. Over time my stash was storing 100.000+ gold.

HeyFor those of you who use shadowmaster with an..


For those of you who use shadowmaster with an ItemCreator here is some advice.

Ok if you want to make a really good helmet that gives you + to stamina FORGET IT you can't have a helmet that gives you fastest running etc.

Also if you are trying to make armor that gives you +'s to enything besides stats when you load that with shadow master it will have a question mark (thats why when you try to load your game it says Can't load game bad invontory data. or bad dead bodys) so don't try to creat an item that gives you something e.g. +1013 to defence if its a ring.


You can actually do the secret cow level more th..

You can actually do the secret cow level more than once per difficulty level.

All you have to do is repeat the process of transmuting Wirt's leg and a tome of town portal by going back to Tristram and retrieving Wirt's leg and going back to the Rogue Encampment to transmute them!

Easy Cash!!!

To get easy cash all you have to do is go to a area and start killing monsters and taking their items and then return to a town and sell all of those items then save the game and exit. Then go back in and the monsters will be back. Repeat the process for loads of cash!!!!!
Have Fun!!

Easy money (very easy)

Okay you gotta be in the second act to do it. Since it is a place you can return to, it is great for money.
At the end of act 2 you have to go into the arcane sanctuary, to slay the summoner. If you come back later on,infinitely (after you save and exit and reload the game of course) the dungeon restocks itself with monsters (and the summoner as well) Keep coming back clearing it out and reaping the benefits. I maxed out that amount of the money the stash could hold in under 2 trips to the sanctuary. Believe me, it works and it's a quick way to get yourself rich!!


I kinda find this out in the beggining and used it to my advantage!
You will see that in every level you have, there will be someone in town that will heal you when you talk to them (for example: Jamella, etc). So go out and kill lots of monsters to get experience and when your life gets low then just run to a waypoint or use a town portal to go back and talk to them. You'll get fully restored!!
Enjoy!!! (this makes the game alot easier)

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