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How to rack up points quick in zombies without hacking + tips hint for Call of Duty: Black Ops

How to rack up points quick in zombies without hacking + tips

This can also be done on the xbox 360 (meant to make the guide for that lol but finger slipped), PS3 and even the wii but I can only help with kino for that as that is the only map on wii.

A crawler is your best friend, keep one alive at higher rounds, alone or not

1)Nacht Der Untoten
Back in the days of World at War, when the zombies weren't on steroids and they literally sucked, nacht was a piece of cake. Now that it has been remastered in black ops, there are now some tips that can be used.
There are two ways we can go at this, easy for the first 20 rounds or mostly easy throughout. The first way we can do this, is rack up alot of points and by round four, open up the help door and hit the box. I used to do that until I found out that it only lasts me up to round 35 this way, after that, you open up the stairs and camp by the grenades. The second tactic, is more indirect. Buy the carbine off the wall once you acquire the points, and buy the stairs, not the help door. Around round 10 you can buy the second stairs and should have more than enough money for the box. Camp in the help room running rape trains and when you are getting desperate, purchase the door and run a long rape train through all three rooms. You can even buy mule kick if you want Smile
In co-op I only do it one way and it gets us pretty damn far. Rack up points in the main room until you all have 5000 you stay in that room because it only has five windows. About round ten at most I suggest opening the help door. Once the help room is opened, you can spam the box till you get some good weapons. When you get your guns, open the stairs in the help room and three people stand at the grenades while the fourth covers the window. That is your safest bet up till round 30 at least, I highly recomend buying mule kick as on Nacht Der Untoten three people can get the Ray gun, and three people can get monkey bombs.

8-shots to the leg then you give 'em a knife... Best strategy for round one on all maps by the way

I used tohate thi map in [email protected] but now it's one of my favorites.
Haha, not much I can say except I hope you spawn on the left side. Rack up your points till you can open the door and buy the MP40. Then just make your way to power hit it up, buy some jug, and always ALWAYS stay on the move. I used to hate that this map was big yet isolated, but that's the best part now!
Let the left room open up to power, it's always better. Use my instructions up to jug for solo. When you all have jug, camp in the power room but don't open thendoor to butcher shop. This I sort of the same as Nacht Der Untoten except that whoever is watching the window can be screwed at any moment lol. One person watches the window downstairs while the other three watch the door, fall back when needed.

Did you know that you can keep restarting the game on solo until you get the perk you want or until you spawn on the side you want? Or even to move the box to where you want it! Hurr durr durr derp! :D

Shi No Numa:
I hate you burn in hell
SOLO: I can't help you much but I pray you get the wundawaffe... Lol
Again, get the wundawaffe and monkeys, all I can say lol sorry... :P

Notice how I'm not giving you a tip, that shi no numa
Der Riese:
Home of the Die Glocke! Wundabar!
I used to take the trench gun approach back in the day... But then I saw how effective the thomson could be. I don't suggest buying anything until your first dog round. Once dogs come, buy the Thompson and you should be able to take out the dogs easy. By your first dog round, you should have enough points for jug. Buy some jug get some revive and you can survive, in fact, you will survive!
Screw you, any goow WAW fan knows his way on Der Riese. I suggest camping on the stairwell or catwalk whatever you want to call it and make sure you all have a wonder weapon and hell the crossbow is pretty damn useful when upgraded.

When you revive someone and you have an explosive weapon, while reviving them, press Y... Switch your weapon and shot the ground like no tomorrow and you'll still revive while blowing your suroundings to smithereens!

Kino Der Toten:
This was revolutionary, first thing I did when I played black ops.
Y'know what? All my tips for solo are going to be the same throughout now, just stay on the move, never give the zombies a chance to corner you my friends.
This is really simple, just don't buy any guns until you open up to the MP40 room. You see I have like an MP40 fetish or something it seems. So I obviously want you to start opening from the top stairs. You have a 25% chance that the random box will be in that room anyways. So buy that quickly get jug, and hell buy the Bowie knife for the helluvit, I can't really help much except give you two strategies. From the stage, open the door to the alley up until you get the the window and camp there. Three people watch the alley while one watches the widow, BOOM!

Have you noticed that most of my co-op strategies involve one person watching a window with three watching the main oppening? Lol there's one for Der Riese as well but it's a death trap so I don't suggest it.

I don't really want to talk about this
This is the only map where I'm going to say to not turn on the power, if you know what I mean... *wink* *wink*
I'm not sure why you'd play this map... Sorry I can help you except to say not to turn on the power, but if you do, when the pentagon their comes, shoot him like mad while yelling like a little biatch and when he comes to take your gun, switch to your crap gun.

All the bosses can be beaten if you waste enough ammo! :D

In Dead Ops Arcade... Don't stand still...
Just stay moving and spam bullets, don't worry, you won't run out of bullets...

You can use the hacker device on moon for many useful things, I.e. Return perks, flip prices, lock yourself in a cage, change powerups, give money, all that cool shiz!

There is no power, unt no color...
Look to Kino Der Toten
I suggest going through the top way and dot really buy perks unless you have to, but the monkeys will screw everything up for you. I suggest you all stay by the PHD Flopper. Three of you stay in the room and cover the window, and the fourth person stays outside and runs a train. Stargglers may be killed by those inside the room.

Lol see how I flipped the switch on that one? Lol, oh yeah, trade places when the need comes.

Call Of The Dead:
COTD, one of the funnest maps where you can play as a girl!
Make your way to the box no matter what, then when you get what you want hit the power and run trains my friends, I suggest a train in front of the lighthouse area, move when George gets too close for comfort.
I suggest going the lighthouse way, the power can wait. Open up the long way to the front of the light house and ten open the boat, turn in the power, get jug, and everyone runs his/her own train.

In COTD the scavenger is a useful sniper, when reviving someone, shoot the ground with three bullets if you have P.h.D. Flopper and any zombie that gets close to you while reviving will be blown into oblivion!

Shangri La:
I love this map! I don't see why people hate it so much! D:<
Use the restarting tactic until the jug machine is in the best possible spot for your liking.
All I can say is I hope jug is to your right. Open up all the doorsbuntil you get to the bridge, yes this is a long and costly way, but it is worth it. When at the bridge, if you get a power up, the monkey has to walk a long way around to get back to the temple, so you can stalk it until you get the power up you want! :D just camp at the bridge, buy spikemores as well.

Quick Revive gives you three free lives! I mean you can buy it three times in solo and you get those lives back, but after that you can die...

This may have revolutionized the way COD games will play out. As you can see I believe they even used some things from moon on MW3 on the plane level.
You can run your little rape train at the beginning, use my restarting method to make speed cola the first perk so you can get jug later.
Speed cola needs to be the perk on earth for the same reason stated above. I do not recomend running a train here. Once you get on the moon everyone should have at least 1000 points. First round, two people take the windows and they open up the frat two doors. It doesn't matter which way you choose. Whenyou get all the doors open, all I can suggest is two people camp on the moon, and two people camp in the bio dome.

Make sure you are the first to grab the hacker devce, the longer you have it, the more points you get after every round and whenever you go to earth! ;)

I hope you liked my huge zombie guide!!! :D

Added by: snocown
Mar 26th 2012, ID#17022


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Ps3 unlimited ammo how?

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