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Super Princess Peach Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Super Princess Peach

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Several cheats for you to check out including how to unlock unlimited Vibe power, hidden toads, easy money and Dash Attack Kassa.

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We have 18 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Super Princess Peach please send them in here.

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Unlock Level 8-6:
Collect ALL the Toads available in each area.
Unlock Toad Mini Game:
At the 'Press Start' screen hold R and press 'Start'.

Hidden toads

On hoo's wood there are two pipes that are in the ground to access them go down the pipe at the end of the level and cry on a blue water wheel with a face on will then say a loud noise came from somewhere then go back through the other pipe and get those toads.

Easy Health

At the shop buy the 'Natural Power' item and then when you need to refill the yellow bar below your heart look for a safe place to stand still that has no enemies nearby that can harm you. If you then allow Peach then to remain idle by not using the touch screen or controls the umbrella will cover Peach's head and the bar will refill.

Unlock Dash Attack Kassa

To be able to do this move you first have to beat the game once. This move will allow you to attack while Peach is Dashing. To do the move press 'B' or 'Y' when you are moving.

Unlock Unlimited Vibe Power

When you have managed to collect everything in the game the Unlimited Vibe Power option will become available at Toad's shop.

Defeating Dry Bones

These skeletal versions of Koopa Troopas will keep re-building themselves no matter how many times you jump off their head. To get rid of them permanently you have to throw something at it or stand next to it and use Joy or Rage.

Hammer Bros, Bowser's Villa

When you are attacking the hammer bros, use fire. It kills them a lot faster and you take hardly any damage. Absorb some if you don't have enough gauge. For the general, wait till he's above or next to you before using fire.

Easy money

First beat big boo.
Then go back and do the mini gane.
Now get as much coins as you can then leave and do it again until you have the amount you need.

Endless Fever

This item enables your Emotion gauge to always remain full so it's worth trying to get. To make this item available at the shop at no cost you have to first complete these tasks.
1) Complete ALL the the levels twice
2) Complete ALL the mini-games once
3) Clear the Music History and Puzzles

High Coins

In Ladida Plains 1-3 and if you have enough power in your vibe gauge go where the bridge is and use the joy vibe to fly up and find coins floating above donuts.

What To Do When Your HP Is Low

When your HP is low use Calm to restore it.

Easier Money

Go to the beach stage two. Slide down the hill and jump when you see the second starfish. You will find a lot of koopas. You need the ability that lets you get coins for defeating enemies. Kill them all then they will keep reapearing. Now I got about 20000 gold.

Where is the star??

The Star can be found in the following stages:
5th stage in Hoo's Wood
5th stage in Wavy Beach
4th stage in Gleam Glacier.

Flying Mushrooms and Dancing Flowers

Remember how which one goes 1st , 2nd , 3rd and 4th then go to the flowers and hit the flowers in that sequence.

Level 7-6

All you have to do is have music power to beat the boss.

Perry's dreams

In order to get more of perry's dreams unlocked you have to beat an island, heres a hint when you get to the final level in bowsers villa you can not play it until you have all of the toads in each level on every other island.

Find the little star you have to deffet.

In Hoo's Woods level five the second part the star may be swimming in the water he will jump out of the water try and hit him as many times as possible.
If the star is not there it may be in glacer glave level four the secon room it will be on the platform over your head if you see him then cry and run up the hill and jump on the platform it wil slide under the block it run's to you have to run after it and slide under that same block and try to hit him with your feet.
It only showes up in these places 30% of the time if you go to both and it is not in ether one then go out the tunnel before you went in to that room you do not have to leave the level.

Beat bowser

To beat bowser you get a bomb and when it explodes throw it at bowser and one of his lives will go and do this until all his lives have run out

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