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Follow the dark path or use the light
Super Princess Peach Pack Shot

Super Princess Peach


Glossary Guide

by djword

                        Super Princess Peach DS
                             Glossary Guide
                               by: djword


Version 1.05--5/14/06--This should be the last update.  I made a minor
correction and added a little info and the Special Thanks section.

Version 1.00--4/23/06--I'm done!  Enemy locations complete.  
Terminology edited to reflect instruction manual.  Minor editing.
I can't think of anything else I could put in here, unless someone 
suggests something.

Version 0.95--4/15/06--Monster locations complete through World 7-9.
At least one location is listed for each monster at this time, so it's 
basically complete.  Some minor editing done.

Version 0.80--4/10/06--Never done one of these before.  Monster
locations are almost complete.  Wanted to submit it before I wasted
any more time on it.


Table of Contents-

1.  Intro/FAQ
2.  Enemy List with Descriptions
3.  Enemy Locations
4.  The "Starfish"
5.  Contact Info
6.  Special Thanks
7.  Legal Info

1.  Intro/FAQ

I decided to make this FAQ because I was only a couple of enemies 
away from completing my Glossary and reaching 100% on Super Princess
Peach for the Nintendo DS and had no idea where I had missed them.
I checked the FAQ, but it had no such information, and I looked at 
various message boards, which were filled with similar questions about 
other enemies.  I finally decided to just make a guide to the 
Glossary myself.


-Why should I complete the Glossary?
 No reason really, except to complete 100% of the game.

-What do I get when I finally complete the Glossary?
 Nothing at all, except the satisfaction of completion.

-How do the enemies appear in the Glossary?
 Most enemies will only show up in the Glossary once you have killed
 them, through any method at all.  Some enemies I'm not sure about.  
 I certainly don't remember ever killing a Podoboo, a Lil' Sparky, or 
 a Thwomp, but they are in my Glossary.  I think a few of them will 
 show up once you beat their level for the first time.

-How do I kill (such-and-such)?
 Most enemies that can be killed will be easily wiped out with the
 Rage Vibe.  If that doesn't work, try another Vibe.

-What is this crazy "Starfish" I keep hearing about?
 See the Chapter of this Guide entitled The "Starfish".


2.  Enemy List with Descriptions

Below you will find a list of each enemy in the Glossary with a 
very brief description.  Some enemies come in different versions 
reflecting different moods.  You will only get credit for the 
original form of the enemy no matter what form it is in when you
kill it.  For instance, if you wake a Calm Cannon and then kill it, 
you will get credit for a Calm Cannon only.  Or if a Parabomb lands 
and turns into a Bob-omb, you will get credit for the Parabomb only.  
Generally (not always), Mad enemies are red and have steam coming 
out of them, Sad enemies are blue and have tears and move really
fast, Glad enemies bounce with joy and have music notes, and
Calm enemies are sleeping and have "z"'s.
 1-Goomba--a walking brown mushroom
 2-Mad Goomba--a Goomba that is reddish brown with a big frown
 3-Sad Goomba--a blue Goomba with some speed
 4-Paragoomba--a flying Goomba
 5-Sad Paragoomba--a blue flying, crying Goomba
 6-Red Paragoomba--a reddish brown flying Goomba 
 7-Mad Red Paragoomba--a Red Paragoomba that is freaking out and mad
 8-Green Koopa--a turtle with a green shell
 9-Mad Green Koopa--a reddish Koopa with a scowl and steam
10-Red Koopa--a turtle with a red shell
11-Glad Red Koopa--a bouncing Red Koopa with a big smile
12-Paratroopa--a flying Green Koopa
13-Mad Green Paratroopa--a flying Mad Green Koopa
14-Red Paratroopa--a flying Red Koopa
15-Glad Red Paratroopa--a flying Glad Red Koopa
16-Lakitu--a weirdo in a cloud that throws stuff at you
17-Calm Lakitu--a sleeping Lakitu
18-Spiny--a turtle-like thing with spikes on its shell
19-Sad Spiny--a Spiny streaming tears and moving fast
20-Mecha-Spike Top--looks like a Spiny, but with only one spike
21-Mad Mecha-Spike Top--a Mecha-Spike Top that shoots steam
22-Hammer Bro--a Koopa with a helmet thats throws hammers
23-Calm Hammer Bro--a sleeping Hammer Bro
24-Amazing Flying Hammer Bro--a Hammer Bro that rides on a flying
25-Calm Amazing Flying Hammer Bro--same as 24, but asleep
26-Spike--a goofy looking fat green duck-thing thats spits at you
27-Mad Spike--a Spike that jumps and spouts steam
28-Piranha Plant--a big ole red man-eating flower
29-Glad Piranha Plant--a Piranha Plant that grins and jumps
30-Nipper Plant--little white Pac-Man plants
31-Sad Nipper Plant--Nipper plants that stream tears
32-Ptooie--a green smallish Piranha Plant that blows a spiked ball
33-Glad Ptooie--a Ptooie that is red, spins, and dances
34-Volcano Plant--a non-moving plant that spits little lava balls
35-Calm Volcano Plant--a sleeping Volcano Plant
36-Pokey--a brown moving cactus
37-Mad Pokey--a red angry Pokey that shoots up
38-Cheep Cheep--red fish that jump out of the water
39-Sad Cheep Cheep--a Cheep Cheep that cries and jumps higher
40-Blurp--a green fish only found underwater
41-Mad Blurp--a Blurp moving fast and shooting steam
42-Blooper--a white squid
43-Glad Blooper--a Blooper that bounces happily around
44-Urchin--a spiny underwater blue creature
45-Boo--a little ghost
46-Mad Boo--a Boo that scowls and vibrates
47-Big Boo--a giant ghost
48-Mad Big Boo--a really mad giant ghost
49-Dry Bones--a skeleton Koopa
50-Sad Dry Bones--a crying Dry Bones that throws bones
51-Fishing Boo--a ghost of a Lakitu which fishes from a cloud
52-Calm Fishing Boo--a sleeping Fishing Boo
53-Podoboo--a fireball which jumps from lava
54-Lil' Sparky--a spark that encircles blocks
55-Hothead--a giant version of Lil' Sparky
56-Thwomp--a block with spikes that smashes down from above
57-Torpedo Ted--a black torpedo
58-Glad Torpedo Ted--a tan torpedo that moves around
59-Bullet Bill--a black bullet
60-Mad Bullet Bill--a reddish black bullet that's fast
61-Banzai Bill--a giant Bullet Bill
62-Mad Banzai Bill--a giant Mad Bullet Bill
63-Cannon--a walking cannon that shoots cannonballs
64-Calm Cannon--a sleeping Cannon
65-Bob-omb--a walking bomb
66-Glad Bob-omb--a bluish Bob-omb with happy eyes
67-Parabomb--a Bob-omb with a parachute
68-Glad Parabomb--a Glad Bob-omb with a parachute
69-Chain Chomp--a black Pac-Man with teeth tied to a chain
70-Calm Chain Chomp--a sleeping Chain Chomp
71-Big Chain Chomp--a giant Chain Chomp (but no chain)
72-Fang--a blue bat
73-Glad Fang--a bouncy blue bat with happy eyes
74-Raven--a small black "bird"
75-Sad Raven--a blue Raven that's crying
76-Rex--a little blue dinosaur
77-Sad Rex--a crying Rex
78-Walruss--a giant white walrus
79-Starfish--a smiling star with shades
80-Boss Piranha Plant--a giant boss Piranha Plant
81-Hoo--a giant owl
82-King Boo--a giant Big Boo with a crown
83-Wiggler--a giant segmented worm
84-Gooper Blooper--a giant Blooper
85-Blizzaurus--a giant blue dragon
86-Giant Kamek--a giant witch
87-Army Hammer Bro--angry Hammer Bro with black armor
88-Bowser--yes, him
89-Bowser 2--Bowser, but bigger


3.  Enemy Locations

I have listed the first four levels that each of the enemies appears
in.  If you don't find it in one, try another.

 1: appears in 90% of the levels
 2: 1-1,1-9,2-3,4-2
 3: 1-1,1-2,1-5,2-5
 4: 1-3,1-5,2-1,2-8
 5: 2-4,3-1,3-7,5-8
 6: 1-2,1-3,2-3,5-9
 7: 3-8,4-2,5-5,6-5
 8: 1-2,2-4,3-1,3-3
 9: 1-4,2-5,2-8,4-5
10: 1-4,1-7,2-1,2-9
11: 1-2,1-5,1-7,2-2
12: 1-2,2-3,2-5,2-7
13: 1-9,2-1,2-2,2-3
14: 1-3,2-1,2-2,2-4
15: 2-5,3-9,4-4,4-7
16: 2-2,5-1,5-3,5-4
17: 2-7,5-5,7-3,7-4
18: 2-2,2-3,2-4,5-3
19: 1-7,2-2,2-7,3-7
20: 5-1,6-4,7-4,8-2
21: 4-4,4-9,5-1,5-4
22: 5-2,5-8,6-2,6-4
23: 5-2,5-4,6-2,6-4
24: 7-1,7-4,7-5,8-7
25: 2-7,5-9,7-3,7-4
26: 2-9,3-7,4-3
27: 1-7,4-2
28: 1-4,1-5,1-9,2-3
29: 1-9,2-3,2-5,4-8
30: 1-4,1-6,2-2,2-4
31: 1-7,2-1,2-4,5-1
32: 1-8,5-3,5-7
33: 2-4,2-5,5-9
34: 1-3,2-3,2-7,5-2
35: 2-7
36: 5-2,5-4,6-9
37: 5-3,5-8
38: 1-5,2-1,2-2,2-4
39: 5-1,5-2,5-3,5-4
40: 2-9,5-2,5-3,5-5
41: 1-9,2-9,5-3,5-5
42: 2-9,5-3,5-5,5-7
43: 1-9,2-9,5-5,6-8
44: 1-9,5-2,5-3,6-2
45: 3-1,3-2,3-5,3-9
46: 3-5,3-7,3-8,3-9
47: 3-3,3-4,3-8,8-8
48: 3-5,3-8,8-4
49: 3-1,3-2,3-3,3-4
50: 3-1,3-2,8-1
51: 3-2,3-3
52: 3-5
53: 4-1,4-2,4-3,4-4
54: 3-3,3-4,3-5,3-8
55: 2-8,3-3,3-4,3-5
56: 1-9,4-7,8-1,8-2
57: 5-3,5-5,6-8,7-5
58: 5-5,5-7,7-5,8-3
59: 1-8,2-1,4-5,5-1
60: 2-8,7-7
61: 2-3,5-7,6-3,7-2
62: 1-8,8-9
63: 3-8,5-4,5-5,5-8
64: 3-8,5-5,8-2
65: 1-4,1-5,2-5,3-3
66: 5-2,5-4,6-2,6-3
67: 1-5,2-9,4-2,5-4
68: 4-2,5-4,7-5
69: 6-2,6-4,7-3
70: 2-8,5-5,8-2
71: 1-7,5-2,5-4,5-5
72: 3-2,3-4,4-1,4-4
73: 1-7,2-7,3-3,3-4
74: 2-2,2-3,4-5,5-7
75: 2-4,3-7,5-1,5-5
76: 4-1,4-3,4-4,4-5
77: 1-9,4-4,6-8
78: 6-1,6-5
79: see The "Starfish" below
80: 1-6
81: 2-6
82: 3-6
83: 4-6
84: 5-6
85: 6-6
86: 7-6
87: 8-6
88: 8-6
89: 8-6


4.  The "Starfish"

The Starfish is the most elusive enemy in Super Princess Peach.  The 
enemy, a yellow star wearing sunglasses, is actually a cameo 
appearance of a character called Stafi who has his own set of Japanese
games (the Densetsu No Stafy series). Big thanks to 8-Bit Elektro-
plankton for filling me in on the series and the origins of the
Starfish.  It is in the game purely for one reason:  to make it 
difficult for you to complete the Glossary.  You have to kill him in 
three different worlds, and he's a little tough to kill, and he only
appears once in a blue moon.  But if you follow these instructions it
will be a piece of cake:

First, kill him in World 2-5.  He'll be near the beginning of the 
level.  Go all the way to the right on the first screen to the pipe
going downward at the right of the screen.  When you go through the
pipe, look in the waterfall.  If he's there, you should see him 
in the water.  A yellow star.  If he's not there, go back through the
pipe and try again.  His appearance is rare and completely random.  
There were times I tried 20 times in a row and didn't see him, and 
then saw him twice in a row.  Keep looking, he'll come.  When you see
him, you can kill him by following him around on the platforms above
him, and then jumping on his head when he shoots up to the sky.  You
gotta be quick.  When you do it right, you'll know, it'll make a 
sound, but he won't die.  He just moves on to the next spot.

Secondly, kill him in World 5-5.  He's near the very end of the very 
long level, on the last screen with the end posts.  As you go through
the pipe, you should see the Starfish sleeping in the sand.  If he's 
not there, you'll know it's the right place if you see the help block 
that tells about him.  Just keep trying until you find him.  In and
out of the pipe.  It might take a while.  When you do see him, creep
up to him with the L or R buttons (about the only time I used those
buttons in the whole game), and then just smack him or jump on his

Lastly, kill him in World 6-4.  Again, he's gonna be near the end.  
Go through several tunnels until you see the help block.  That's the
right screen.  Go back in and out of the pipe until you see the 
Starfish up on the top level.  When you do see him, don't move!
Turn on your Gloom Vibe before you move an inch.  Once you turn on the
Gloom Vibe, run to the right, and run up the hill a little bit, and
turn back and jump onto the top level going the other direction.  
You should reach him in plenty of time to jump on his head or whack
him.  Congrats!  He's now in your Glossary.


5.  Contact Info

E-mail address:  [email protected] (Mark G. Sanders)

This is my first FAQ; any suggestions or questions are welcomed. 


6.  Special Thanks

Very special thanks to 8-Bit Elektroplankton for telling me about the
Densetsu No Stafy series and the origins of the Starfish character
(even sending me a screenshot).

Special thanks to Matt Pochodzay, David Mitchell, and [email protected]
for letting me know what the "A." stands for in Enemies #24 & 25.
(from the Super Mario World game)  It was really bugging me.


7.  Legal Info

Personally, I don't care what you do with this FAQ, as long as you
keep it intact and keep my name on it.

Any and all trademarks and copyrights contained in this guide are
owned by their respective trademark/copyright holders.