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Spectrobes Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Spectrobes

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Check out our collection of cheats that include cube locations, card codes and how to get more platinum. We'll also tell you how to get a sapphire mineral.

More Spectrobes Cheats and Tips

We have 40 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Spectrobes please send them in here.

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Spectrobes Action Replay Codes

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Cube Locations

To unlock game features you must first locate the corresponding cube, below is a list of the cubes and where to find them.
Upsilon Cube - Enables Card Input:
When you have unlocked kollin go downwards from your ship and then right and you will eventually see a tree and the cube will be under it.
Sigma Cube - DS wireless Play:
Under the person you see at the entrance to the forest area on Genshi area 1.

Tau Cube - Wi-Fi:
When you have unlocked Nessa go to area 2 and then go right and search for a spire which is sticking out of the ground. The cube is under it.

Defeating the Final Boss

To do this you will need strong Spectrobes. Make sure you have your Flame Geo equiped and then attack the Boss with everything you have making sure you do not get too close otherwise it will blast you. When you get it's HP to about 630 stop attacking as it has an almost impenetrable barrier. Charge up your Flame Geo to three bars and press Y then X to break the barrier and then attack him again with everything you have again until his HP reaches 0.

Evolving Spectrobes

When you leave a Sepctrobe in the incubator you will begin to see blue dots flying over it after a period of time. When you see the blue dots tap on the icubator to evolve the Spectrobe. You can shorten the time it takes to make a Spectrobe evolve by petting it with your stylus when it is in the incubator. Alternately, if you cannot wait the amount of time required for the Spectrobe to evolve put it in the incubator, save the game, then turn off the Nintendo DS. Turn it back on and at DS system 'Main' menu select 'Settings' and change the time forwards however long is needed. Resume the game, evolve the Spectrobe, and take it out of the incubator. You can then set the time back to the correct value if desired.

Card Codes

Use the Upsilon Cube to unlock the card port machine located by the museum on Krollin 1 and then enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding effect. They can also be downloaded from the wi-fi downloads section for 1 point.

Use the above diagram to help you

A - The End of the upper Left Arrow.
B - Above the word 'the' on the first line of text.
C - Above 'port' of the word 'portion' on the first line of text.
D - The End of the upper Right Arrow.
E - To the Left of the first 'the' on the second line of text.

Giant Vortex Rewards

When you have beaten the game the Vortexes that award Geo become unlocked and you have to complete ALL the rounds in the sequence.
Unlock Ice Geo:
Complete Himuro Vortex
Unlock Wing Geo:
Complete Meido Vortex

Unlock Cyclone Geo:
Complete Daichi Area 1 Vortex
Unlock Evolve Mineral:
Complete Nessa Area 2 Vortex
Unlock Hammer Geo:
Complete Nessa Area 3 Vortex
Unlock Thunder Geo:
Complete Ziba Area 2 Vortex
Unlock Plasma Geo:
Complete Ziba Area 3 Vortex

Best Search Spectrobe

I have noticed that people have trouble finding rarer items and fossils, so I'm letting you in on a little secret of mine.
The best way to find fossils such as Mesa, Mossari, and Maesetto, is to use a Kasumi. Kasumi can be found on the moons of Ziba, final rooms.
What's so special about Kasumi is that he can only find fossils. This makes it easier to find fossils. But Kasumi also has an increased chance of finding RARE fossils. I know this must be true because I have found several rare fossils using Kasumi.
Kasumi can also used to find Chroma minerals. It may sound strange, since Kasumi can only find fossils, but he has his own unique search system. If you do find a mineral with Kasumi, the chances are that it is either a Chroma or Evolve. These are the o..

escavating ring thing to find mesa

The range of all baby spectrobes like a komainu is also judge by what you find
Like if you have a komainu which is a range 4 the less you can find
A tenkro has a range 3! He could find more things but his range ring is smaller
U know the masetto spectrobe? He has a range of 2 which is the lowest so if you go to table top mountain with him you might be able to find him
P.s. Masetto is on himuro
Plz rate this one and all the other ones!


To get messa go to thetop of tabletop mountian when you are there go left but in the purpule area you should find messa but if you don't just go in and out beliveve me I have 3 MESSA's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geo (sort of) before Genshi 2

For those of you who haven't realized this yet, Grildragos has one of the best Charge Attacks EVER!!
At point blank range it is deadly to nearly every boss, and is stronger than any Geo. At level 128, it does around 250 damage per hit, and Grildragos shoots five energy balls. It doesn't take down boss shields, but Rapidretch is good for all other damage-causing purposes (only use it at point-blank range, though).

Good Leveling and easy Adult + Evolved form

I found this out because I couldn't even beat the first REAL boss (one that attacks your base). Go to the ruins on Nessa Area 3. ***Be Sure to have a child that has the ability to search at least Corona and Minerals***. CHECK EVERY CORNER OF EVERY ROOM IN THERE!!! You will find LOTS AND LOTS of minerals. Now back to the Corona abilty search, if your lucky, while searching, search fossils, you might be lucky to be able to find a Danawa, it's decent and the best child that can find ANYTHING, cubes, minerals, flash/corona/aurora spectrobes it has a range of 6!

Getting hundreds of minerals

How I do this is by the ruins in area three of the dessert planet
Go to the ruins right then after that go to the place where the rooms split there will be one room where the two checkpoints go to the one on top and start excavating for minerals there should be a total of 9 minerals in there.
Then go to the bottom room there should be a total of 16 or higher #of minerals

Get loads of gura in a few minutes

Go to planet Daichi and go to the mountain part (the part with the brown land) keep searching around there and you should find at least one pearl mineral there. Sometimes if your lucky you will find two or three. After you find the pearl mineral go to planet Nessa area one and sell the pearl mineral to the mineral guy. Then go back to planet Daichi and search the mountain. The pearl mineral should respawn. Keep repeating this process and you'll have loads of gura pretty soon.

How to kill the final boss

For people that are having a hard time killing the final boss because of the shield thing. There is a way... When you reach the final battle don't use your geo yet. The boss doesn't use the shield until it has 600 life points left. Use your spectrobes to attack until it's life points reach the 600's. Then the shield will start acting up. Use the geo to break the shield. Then start attacking it. Keep using special attacks or combo attacks. Soon it will start healing every second. Use your blaster to attack it so it will get stunned and won't heal for a few seconds and in that time use it to charge your spectrobes. Keep doing that until it's dead. Congratulations!! You beat the game!!

Evolve mineral in ground

You know after you beat the game go to area 2 on nessa keep heading east till your a little past the cone shaped rock (actually just a big rock with a triangle on top) search with your spectrobe above the three little rocks near the big 1 and youll probly find something like an evolve mineral but only a few times

Easy money

Find a cube on nessa near a cone topped pillar, if you sell the cube you will get 100 Gura.
Go to the same spot again and there will be another cube excavate it and sell it, you can do this as much as you want.
This may work on any planet with any cube (haven't tested any other planets). Now become a millionaire!

Want the same Minerals/Fossils/Cubes?

If you want the same minerals or fossils or cubes, look in the same place where you exacavated them from.

Get Minerals and Fossils without having to search

When you find a mineral, fossil, or cube, remember the spot you find it in. Go into the spaceship. When you come out, go to the same spot and it will have a mineral/fossil/cube, just like before! This way, you can get lots of minerals and fossils easily!

Easy money

Go to planet nessa and look around till you fin d the black vortex go in thirty battle do 29 then quit then come back later it's ther again repeat

How to get load of gold in few minutes

1st you go to planet himuro the 6th planet in the system go to the west part using the teleport pads go down were you landed and search for another road going up stop on the two lines like letter S with sharp edges in the middle there is the gold mineral but it is only 20% gold mineral if you don't have the gold there go in the temple and go out there
Repeat the steps until you got load of gold
Happy hunting Smile

evolve mineral

You can go to nessa area 2 you should see a vortex go into it beat 30 battles and you have an evolve mineral!


----[ I ]--[J]--[K]--[L]----
If you need help on where to tap...
A - The end of the upper left arrow
B - Above the word "the" on the first line of text
C - Above "port" of the word "portion" on the first line of text
D - The end of the upper right arrow
E - To the left of the first "the" on the second line of text
F - The letter "d" of the word "card" on the second line of text
G - The second "the" on the second line of text
H - The letter "s" of the word "arrows" on the second line of text
I - The end of the lower left arrow
J - Below the "T" of the word "Touch" on the third line of text
K - Below ..

Great Team

For those who (somehow, you're at a cheat site, Hello) can't get two Vilakaroma, I recommend a Spikanor and a Segulara. Spikanor's long-range attack is terribly inaccurate, so Segulara's long-range attack compensates. Plus you can have Segulara roll (attack menu, press a) and use Spikanor's tail smack to knock foes into the spinning Segulara, dealing extra damage and protecting Segulara from melee attacks (man are Krawl stupid)

Good spectrobes

These are really good spectrobes:
-Vilakroma I got this using an input card.
-Windora I got this using an input card.
These spectrobes become really powerfull by the time they become evolved spectrobes.

Get the ice geo

I personaly think that the ice geo is the best at fighting because there isn't anything really that is good against ice.

Easy money

Find a cube on nessa near a cone topped pillar, if you sell the cube you will get 100 Gura.
Go to the same spot again and there will be another cube excavate it and sell it, you can do this as much as you want.
This may work on any planet with any cube (haven't tested any other planets). Now become a millionaire!

faster excavating

When you're excavating quickly move the stylus up and down over the screen I've made it go all the way to 100% in 5 seconds.

Easter eggs: misspelling

If you have at least one geo (1) go to the lab system (2) go to the library [looks like a computer chip] (3) go to the spectrobes database [looks like a book] (4) go to the second tab in the upper left corner (5) and finally drag any geo[they are numbered 1-7] and drag it to the blue button thats at the top in the middle[if you look closely it looks like an old computer]

action replay warning

If you decide to new game and use the AR BEWARE!!!
Dont use the max/infinite minerals or you'll be stuck on daichi
You can use it after but if you don't mind not being able to go to ziba
You can still beat the game just no ziba
Your also going to need the max/infinite items cheat too
Here they are
Max/infinite minerals (all)
D5000000 63636363
C0000000 0000000F
D6000000 0212BF24
D2000000 00000000
Max/infinite items (all)
D5000000 63636363
C0000000 00000007
D6000000 0212BF74
D2000000 00000000

how to get a saphire mineral

This is where you get the saphire minaral you go to the planet that had the flame geo and go to the place you got the flame geo at (in the lava lake that you emtyd) make shure you have a spectrobe that can serch for minerals and serch where the flame geo was and dig up that mineral and if it's not the saphire mineral then go back to your ship and try again.

Linkicecold3000 fear the name grr

recomended team

Get 2 nagupods and awaken them! Put them in the incubator until they evolve
Get zeta cube when you give cirus the keystone! Scan it
Give the evolved nagu's minerals till there on lvl 48
Leave them for 2 to 3 hrs and they will be able to evolve
These are the best team BUT there flash so they can't survive on table top mt.



go to daichi area 1 and go in to the danger sign at the top of the mountain go to the place where you got the diamond mineral and search in the open space everywhere and you will find a messapond which is the rarest spectrobe in the game evolve it and its a dragon!

Easy Gura

If you want to make money like really easily, but you're too lazy to fight, go to table top mountain on planet Daichi, in the first area's after a sort of spider thing, search with your little spectrobe , and then you'll find a pearl, who you can sell for 10.000 gura, on planet Nessa (area 2) , to a guy who loves to buy minerals and stuff. I'm not sure how many times you can take up that pearl, but it is actually rather helpful!

Giant baby spectrobe

Ok for those who say gejio is fake then you haven't fully searched himuro. Gejipod is on one of himuro's polar moons. And yes gejio is bigger then rallen. Iv personally found, excavated, and awakened gejio. I use danawa as my search spectrobe and iv found like eight gejios, 3 harumi's, 5 kasumi's, and 7 masetto's.

How to get more platinum

When you get to the planet nessa just go to area 3 then save and turn off the game. Then you turn the game back on, leave the ship and, go south to the first place you can excavate at and one of those should have the platinum in it wich sells for 3,500 at area 1 on nessa. You have to save and turn off your game to redo this. Hope it helps anyone that needs money.

Best combo attack!

Use the spectrobes Zozanero and Vilanox to get the meteorite attack.


There are 7 geo's and I know where they are instead of using cheats to get them!
You get the flame geo in genshi! The vortex's are in daichi (table top mt), ziba's two moons, I think there are two in himuro and in meido!

Easy evoilution

Feed your spectrobes mineral till it is level three than wait a day and it will evolve

How to get gold in few minutes

1st you go to planet himuro the sixth planet in the nanairo star system go to the west part of it using the teleport pads then go down and look for another road going up and stop on the two lines like letter S in the middle is the gold mineral but it is only 20% gold mineral
Happy adventure

Earn Windora with no card!!!

This is VERY simple, it may take a few tries, if you DIDN'T get Windora (Just plain Windora) go to page 56 in you're book thing that came with the game, that is the correct 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 thing, because I did this I now have Windora Sindora (one of my cards) and Windora

mesa, mossari and emerald mineral

There all on the top of table top mt.
Mesa is in the purple area (bottem left)
Mossari is along the right side
Emerald is at the top right
Go out of the room and go back in and check again
Happy excavating


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