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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

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Check out our cheats to find out the order to unlock the bonus characters. We'll also tell you how to unlock New Game+

More Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Cheats and Tips

We have 12 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood please send them in here.

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Unlock Bonus Characters

Complete the following tasks having Knuckles for Cream and a flying Character for both in your team.
Unlock Cream the Rabbit:
Have Knuckles in your team and go to Cream who will be at the center of the Green Hill Zone. When you then find cheese in the tower to the South East she will join your team.
Unlock E-123 Omega:
In the North East of Metropoplis complete the side quest and acend to the top. Then fly to the West with Tails and E-123 Omega will be in a underground room.

Unlock New Game+

This feature becomes unlocked when you have completed the game once. In New Game+ you keep everything you collected in your previous playthrough.

Recommended Items and Chao

Below is a list of recommended items and Chao for each of the characters
Speedy Sneakers, Golden Gloves, Spooky Charm, Joy.
Swift Boots, Golden Gloves, Voxai Teleporter, Spartoi.
Speedy Sneakers, Lucky Gloves, Blaze.
Speedy Sneakers, Golden Gloves, Angel Amulet, Gibber.
Alloy Slippers, Golden Gloves, Pretty Dress, Hayda.
Alloy Slippers, Sparkly Gloves, Pretty Dress, Cheese
E-123 Omega:
Oily Hydraulics, Titanium Claws, Zoah Shield, Ferox.
Swift Boots, Golden Gloves, Nocturne Blade, Beglog.
Dr. Robotnik:
Lucky Gloves, Be..

Dexter is imaginary!

Depending on how you interact with the characters within the game can change how they interact with you. I'm sure there are more characters than Amy that you can do this with, but I don't know which. Here is how you get Amy to admit Dexter is imaginary, be nice to her up until the point where you go to Nocturnus. You may have to go through some of the questions instead of the skip response, but she should ask to be alone with you for a moment. Yet again, go through the remarks correctly and she wil admit Dexter was made up to make you jealous. I don't know anything specific, but you may have to go through other remarks in the game to basically say that she made him up. Just be nice to her when ever, and I'm sure you will reach the secret of Dexter.

The Champs

The best team overall is defintly Sonic, Shadow, and Shade. The fouth is either Cream, Amy, Omega, or Knuckles depending on who you prefer.

The Best Teams

When you are underground I chose Sonic and Knuckles' team as Shadow and Amy. Then Eggman and Tails' team is Cream and Big. Sonic's team needs to be strong because they will be fighting a lot. Eggman's team gets Big as the strongest member so in case of a fight that is unexpected.

Argus's Realm

In Chapter 10, you head for Kron to have a meeting with other races(Zoah, N'rrgal, Kron, Voxai). In Nestor's Home, Nestor the Echidna can recite your Relics and Tablets for you. After he has all 5 Relics, he hands over the last Tablet, and starts decphering the 1st one;

#1- A race called the Precursors lived in the Nocturnus Realm before Ix controlled it.They left Tablets that showed their studies of the Nocturnus Realm. They soon saw all the races were strong and powerful.

#2-The Precursors thought this realm was a prison, and the races were brought there to suffer.

#3-This Tablet said that a being brought them there. Could it be Argus, a supreme being, who was thought of by prophecies, who took them there..

Max attacks for Sonic

Here is a list of pows

Axe Kick-600 damage-Sonic delivers a kick while spinning.
Whirlwind-125% attack-hits everyone-No Miss-Sonic runs circles around his foes.
Blue Bomber-500 damage-80% chance of lower attack-Tails airdrops Sonic to deliver a speeding spinball
Speedball-675 damage-80% lower defense-Amy hits Sonic into many baddies.
Triple Tornado-675% damage to all baddies-80% lower defense-Sonic, Taiils, and Knuckles combine a whirlwind to obliterate foes.
Ultimate Move-1575 damage-40% No Move-Amy, Tails, and Knuckles send Sonic into a foe.
Field Moves- Dash, Sprint, Mega Sprint

Power Class, Chapter 1, 3 Actions, Max level's-



How to open the forcefield in green hill zone in Chapter 4

Go in central city then go into the empty workshop. This time it won't be empty. Talk to the man in the corner of the workshop. After you receive the mission, Go to greenhill zone and to the saleman. He will give you the stapler. Go back to central city and talk to the worker. Then he will give you the very last eggman device. Go to the forcefield and open it.
Hope you have fun.


Chapter 10

For chapter 10 in the game, here are the teams I recommend:
For Sonic and Tails, the other two should be Amy and Big. Amy is pretty strong, and Big's got the highest defence in the game, and is really only able to be matched by E-123 Omega, and not even that bag of bolts can do as well as Big can (well at least for me!)
As for Knuckles and Shade, use Shadow (NO MATTER WHAT!!!!), because his speed is A. MAZE. ING. The last character for this team, I always use Cream just because she's cute and with that little Cheese by her side she can help you get at least a little higher chance of an Ambush, and, go figure, Ambushes can be a huge help! Even though she can only move once per Round, Cream is fairly good. But then again, all my characters are Level 22 and beyond (Rouge is Level ..

Chapter 10 teams

Here's what I recommend
For Sonic and Tails' team, use Amy and Big. Amy packs a powerful punch, while Big is a flipping brick wall when it comes to his armour stat, and for me, even outperforms E-123 Omega!
For Knuckles and Shade's team, use Shadow for sure. His speed is awesome, and is second only to (of course!) Sonic himself. And for the final teammate, I have always, always, ALWAYS used Cream. She's got luck on her side, especially with her pet Chao, Cheese. But her low damage power is an obstacle in combat, as she can only attack once per round. But it can be worth it (the main reason why I really use her is because she's cute XD). But if you don't like Cream, try E-123 Omega. Like Cream and Big, he can attack only once per round, but according to the Codex, he has the hig..

early order of characters unlocked(first 4)

First you unlock Amy in green hill zone
Then Tails in central city
Then Rogue in central city
Then Big at the next stage unlocked
That is all I unlocked

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