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Follow the dark path or use the light

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood



by KyleGon



SECTION 1 - Version History
SECTION 2 - Introduction
SECTION 3 - Game Controls
SECTION 4 - Playable Characters
SECTION 5 - General Tips & Tricks
SECTION 6 - Battle Techniques
SECTION 7 - Chao Descriptions
SECTION 8 - Chao Egg Locations
SECTION 9 - Quick Mission Guide
SECTION 10 - Walkthrough
SECTION 10.1 - Chapter 1: Hostile Reception
SECTION 10.2 - Chapter 2: The Search for Knuckles
SECTION 10.3 - Chapter 3: Egghunt
SECTION 10.4 - Chapter 4: A Wolf in the Shadows
SECTION 10.5 - Chapter 5: The Battle for Angel Island
SECTION 10.6 - Chapter 6: Black Hole Sun
SECTION 10.7 - Chapter 7: The Quest for the Chaos Emeralds
SECTION 10.8 - Chapter 8: Sector Scylla
SECTION 10.9 - Chapter 9: Sector Charybdis
SECTION 10.10 - Chapter 10: Citadel Showdown
SECTION 11 - Frequently Asked Questions
SECTION 12 - Legal Details
SECTION 13 - Contact Details
SECTION 14 - Thanks to


Version 0.1
30/9/2008 - Guide started.

Version 1.0
4/10/2008 - First submission. Guide complete except for the walkthrough, quick
mission guide and Chao egg location sections.

Version 2.0
8/10/2008 - Walkthrough, quick mission guide and Chao egg location sections 
updated to include chapters 4 and 5. FAQ also updated, and spelling and 
grammar throughout the entire guide have been edited.

Version 3.0
10/10/2008 - walkthrough, quick mission guide, and Chao egg location sections
updated to include chapters 6 and 7. Legal stuff and character guide also

Version 4.0
13/10/2008 - walkthrough, quick mission guide and Chao egg location sections
updated to include chapter 8. Thanks to, battle technique and FAQ sections also

Version 5.0
16/10/2008 - likely to be the final update. All sections are now completed.

Version 5.1
1/11/2008 - just an update to announce that this guide is now available on

Version 5.2
8/1/2008 - this guide is now available on Also, I've
updated the FAQ.


As a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog right from the beginning (and that's been 17 
years, folks) who has been sorely let down by recent games (Sonic 2006. 'Nuff 
said), I was very excited to hear about Sonic's first official venture into 
the RPG world. After having played the game, I feel that finally Sonic the 
Hedgehog is finally back in a decent adventure. Whilst not terribly 
challenging, the game has a large enjoyment factor, and going back to try and 
find all the Chao and complete all the side missions gives it an extended 
playability factor. If you're a Sonic fan or just like the RPG gender in 
general, give this one a go.

Okay, plug done with. Let's move on. Sonic Chronicles centres around Sonic 
being called back into the action after having defeated Doctor Eggman and gone
on vacation. The Chaos Emeralds have been stolen, Knuckles has been abducted,
and a group being referred to as the Marauders are showing up all over the 
place, giving GUN all sorts of trouble. Looks like Sonic's day-saving 
expertise is needed again...


You won't need to spend a lot of time memorising different buttons for this 
game. The stylus and the touch screen are used for everything in this game, 
from controlling your character's movement to battling the enemy and 
navigating the game's dialogue. The only buttons used in the game are START to
activate the corner menu, and L or R to begin a conversation with someone 
you're standing next to (a speech bubble will appear above their head).
However, you can accomplish these with the stylus too.


The game has 11 playable characters in total, all with different abilities and
special attacks. If you haven't found them all yet, and are trying to avoid
spoilers, you may want to skip some of this. This section deals with each
character's abilities, stats and POW attacks, as well as what POW attacks I
recommend you buy when they level up. Here they are, in order of when they
join the team:

The fastest thing alive and the world's greatest hero, Sonic's constant
defeats of Doctor Eggman have helped ensure the world's safety. He never backs
down, never quits, and is always there to save the day.

CLASS: Power
Dash (max level III) - provides the ability to run through loops and other
speed areas.

Axe Kick: Sonic spinballs to deliver a powerful double kick to a single foe.
Whirlwind: Sonic runs circles around his foes, lashing them all with a
powerful wind attack. (Element: Wind)
Blue Bomber: Tails airdrops Sonic to deliver an extra powerful spinball that
has a chance to weaken the target. (Needs Tails on team)
Fastball: Amy uses her hammer to send Sonic spinballing into a foe for a
triple attack that might make the target sluggish. (Needs Amy on team)
Triple Tornado: Sonic, Knuckles and Tails join in on a powerful wind attack
that may leave targets sluggish. (Element: Wind. Needs Tails and Knuckles on
Hail Storm: Knuckles, Tails and Amy smash a spinballing Sonic careening at a
single target, potentially stunning the foe. (Needs Tails, Knuckles and Amy on

I suggest avoiding the wind element attacks, as many enemies aren't effected
by them. And whilst the multiple-character attacks do great damage (especially
Hail Storm - 7 hits if you can pull it off!), you always have to have the
right team members with you to use them. Axe Kick is a good, dependable, solid
POW attack, so when you level up, I suggest that you buy that one first.

A pink hedgehog who doesn't know when to quit, Amy is Sonic's self-appointed
girlfriend, despite the fact that he doesn't want her. Although this time
around, she's claiming to have a new boyfriend, Dexter. Believe what you

CLASS: Shifter
Dash (max level I) - provides the ability to run through loops and other speed
Smash (max level III) - ability to smash obstacles.

Low Blow: Amy tries to hit an enemy at its weakest point, leaving it
Spin Cycle: Amy and Cream attack their foes as a whirling dervish, hitting
multiple targets. (Needs Cream on team)
Tantrum: Amy delivers a series of concussive hammer attacks that may leave her
target sluggish.
Blow Kiss: Amy blows a kiss to a friend, empowering the friend to do his or
her best!
Tarot Draw: Amy foresees the future with her tarot deck, cursing a single foe
and causing the target to miss subsequent attacks.
Flower Power: Amy, Big and Cream team up for their most potent attack, likely
to leave a single foe stunned. (Needs Cream and Big on team)

I don't personally like to use moves that stun or poison enemies. I prefer to
hit them as hard and fast as possible, to knock them out quicker. I recommend
using either Low Blow or Tantrum.

Sonic's closest friend Tails is a two-tailed fox, and an engineer and inventor
whose talent and intellect rivals that of Doctor Eggman. Once needing Sonic to
always save him, Tails has these days become more indepent and self-reliant.

CLASS: Support
Fly (max level III) - ability to fly long distances.

Scan: Tails scans a target to find weak points, leaving it vulnerable.
Tinker: Tails sabotages enemy robots to leave them distracted and weakened.
(Only works on robots)
Medi Bot: Tails deploys a small robot equipped with healing tech to heal a
Shield Bot: Tails deploys a small robot equipped with a forcefield to fortify
a friend.
Flash Bang: Tails flies up to deploy a flash grenade that leaves a target
sluggish and distracted. (Non Robots only)
Adrenaline Field: Tails deploys a temporal field that gives a friend an extra
action and makes the friend hyper.

I don't like to use Tails in battle that much, mainly because he has no

offensive POW attacks. Tinker and Flash Bang can both be useful, but I prefer
to just use his regular attack. The Medi Bot isn't powerful enough to be a
decent healer - you're better off with Cream for that.

Rouge is an agent of GUN, but it is never entirely clear whether she's working
for the military or simply out for her own gain. She loves jewels of all
kinds, and has a reputation for trying to nab the Chaos and Master Emeralds
when she has the chance.

CLASS: Shifter
Stealth - ability to avoid detection.
Fly (max level II) - ability to fly long distances.

Tornado Kick: Rouge delivers a rapid series of kicks that creates a damaging
wind attack. (Element: Wind)
Jewel Storm: Rouge throws a handful of counterfiet gems at the opposing team.
These gems, while small, are armour piercing.
Rising Knuckle: Rouge and Knuckles team up for a double attack that may leave
the target stunned. (Needs Knuckles on team)
Plunder: Rouge feints an attack while stealing an item from her target.
Distract: Rouge tempts the enemy with her feminine wiles to keep their mind
off the fight.
Shriek: Rouge directs a shrill scream at her foe, leaving the target sluggish.

Rising Knuckles is a decent attack, but you have to be teamed up with Knuckles
to use it. And Tornado Kick is a wind attack, which doesn't effect many
enemies, such as robots or Kron. Jewel Storm isn't heavy hitting, but it's
probably the best of Rouge's attacks if you don't have Knuckles.

A large cat who enjoys nothing more than a quiet afternoon fishing with his
best friend Froggy, Big is sadly sitting on the opposite end of the I.Q. scale
to Tails or Eggman. However, he is a devoted friend and teammate who packs
quite a punch in battle.

CLASS: Support
Invulnerable (max level III) - ability to avoid most damaging effects.

Lure Whip: Big casts his line out to trip up a foe, potentially leaving the
target stunned.
Battering Ram: Big slams headfirst into a foe, causing damage and possibly
distracting the target.
Taunt: Big attracts one foe's attention away from Big's friends and fortifies
himself against damage.
Froggy Poison: Big deploys Froggy to kiss a target, leaving the foe poisoned.
Feel No Pain: Big gets so excited about the fight that he hardly even notices
incoming damage.
Froggy Rain: Big asks Froggy to summon his friends, causing a rain of frogs to
drop on the opposing team.

Big's a great battle character. Feel No Pain is an excellent healing move,
which restores health to you for three rounds. Offensively, Froggy Rain is
good for hitting several targets at once, but Battering Ram is the best attack
for doing lots of damage.

Knuckles is the guardian of Angel Island and the Master Emerald (which looks
surprisingly small in this game. What's up with that?). He has a long history
of rivalry with Sonic, as well as a reputation for being easily tricked or
fooled. He's a powerful fighter with a short temper and an unbreakable
devotion to his duty.

CLASS: Power
Fly (max level I) - ability to fly long distances.
Smash (max level II) - ability to smash obstacles.
Climb - Ability to climb some surfaces.

Uppercut: Knuckles focuses his best punch into an attack that ignores armour.
Quake Punch: Knuckles pounds the ground, causing an unavoidable earth attack
that may stun the entire opposing team. (Element: Earth)
Revolver Slam: Sonic sends Knuckles flying for a devastating punch that
ignores armour and may leave the target vulnerable. (Needs Sonic on team)
Knuckles Express: Shadow sends Knuckles flying for a sweeping attack that may
distract the entire opposing team. (Needs Shadow on team)
Knuckles Sandwich: Knuckles throws both Amy and Sonic as weapons in a brutal
attack that may stun the target. (Needs Sonic and Amy on team)
Hard Line: Knuckles teams up with Shadow and Shade to deliver a crushing
attack likely to distract the target. (Needs Shadow and Shade on team)

Like Sonic, Knuckles has a lot of POW moves which require others to be on the
team. They're great if you have them, but otherwise I recommend Uppercut,
which does a lot of damage. Quake Punch is good to, but as an elemental
attack, it won't work on everything.

A good friend of Amy's, Cream is followed everywhere by her Chao named Cheese.
Whilst she doesn't like fighting, she has come to terms with the fact that she
can help Sonic, and is one of the most useful characters on the team.

CLASS: Support
Fly (max level III) - ability to fly long distances.

Refresh: Cream performs a cheer that restores PP to her team.
Demoralise: Cream performs a cheer that distracts the opposing team.
Cure: Cream performs a cheer that will clear negative status effects on her
Revive: Cream performs a cheer that can revive a KO'd friend.
Heal: Cream performs a cheer that restores HP to her team.
Tough: Cream performs a cheer that fortifies a friend.

Cream is one of the most useful members of the team, as her Refresh ability
can allow you to use as many POW attacks in a battle as you want. Heal and
Revive are great too, but Refresh is definately the one you want.

An evil genius who boasts an I.Q. of 300, Doctor Eggman is Sonic's prime
nemesis. He takes great delight in building robots, all with one single
purpose - destroy Sonic the Hedgehog, and usher in Eggman's vision of world

CLASS: Shifter

Bombardment: Eggman calls down an artillery barrage on the opposing team,
potentially leaving them sluggish.
Sabotage: Tails joins Eggman to quickly and aggressively dismantle a robot.
(Needs Tails. Only works on robots)

Sabotage is a pretty powerful move - instant KO if it is pulled off
successfully. However, it only works on robots, and you need to have Tails on
your team (but neither of those are issues in chapter five). Bombardment does
a lot of damage, and to the whole opposing team. It's my preference.

The Ultimate Lifeform, Shadow also has a rivalry with Sonic. This guy is the
emo of the cast, who spent years after his freedom from incarceration
attempting to find his purpose. Unsure of whether he was supposed to be evil
or good, he dabbled in both before finding out that he was created to save the
world. He has since joined GUN and developed friendships with Rouge and Omega,
but he's still very much a lone wolf who does whatever he feels is best, no
matter what anyone else may think.

CLASS: Power
Teleport - teleport short distances.
Dash (max level II) - provides the ability to run through loops and other
speed areas.

Chaos Spear: Shadow hurls spears of raw chaos energy that ignore armour.
Chaos Rift: Shadow opens a rift in time and space meant to banish a foe. If
the target remains, he may become distracted.
Chaos Blast: Shadow delivers an explosion of chaos energy that may weaken
effected targets.
Atomic Strike: Shadow and Sonic rapidly spinball around the opposing team to
create a devastating electrical attack. (Element: Electricity. Needs Sonic on
Focus Field: Shadow and Omega combine their strongest attacks on one target,
damaging it and possibly leaving it vulnerable. (Needs Omega on team)
Metal Storm: Shadow and Rouge use Omega as a torpedo in a brutal attack that
has a chance to stun a foe. (Needs Omega and Rouge on team)

As I said before, I prefer to use the attacks not dependent on other
characters. But in the case of Atomic Strike, maybe I'd make an exception. It
does heavy damage to the whole team, and even if the opposing team isn't
vulnerable to electric attacks, if you boot it up to level III, it'll still do
a lot of damage. And because it's a team-up with Sonic, he'll always be on
your team, with the possible exception of Metropolis, Angel Island, and
Nocturne. (thanks to xShadowoftheNight for this tip!)

That said, in my opinion Chaos Spear is probably Shadow's best attack. Blast
is also good, but be wary of Chaos Rift. It completely neutralises a target if
it succeeds, but even on level III, that's only a 60% chance. If the move
fails, then you've wasted a turn and PP.

The final and most powerful of Doctor Eggman's E-Series robots, Omega carries
serious weaponry and a powerful grudge for his creator and former master. He
works willingly with Shadow and Rouge, both of whom have earned his respect,
but is reluctant to trust few others.

CLASS: Power
Smash (max level II) - ability to smash obstacles.
Invulnerable (max level II) - ability to avoid most damaging effects.

Flamethrower: Omega reconfigures his claws to deliver a fire attack that hits
multiple targets. (Element: Fire)
Beam Cannon: Omega reconfigures his claws to deliver a devastating laser beam
that ignores armour.
Blazing Tornado: Rouge channels Omega's fire attack into a fiery exploding
kick. (Element: Fire. Needs Rouge on team)
Wrecking Ball: Omega launches Big at a target, causing damage to and possibly
distracting adjacent foes. (Needs Big on team)
Temporal Field: Omega deploys a temporal field that phases a friend and makes
that friend hyper.
Machine Gunner: Omega reconfigures his claws as gatling guns, delivering 
full-auto attacks to the opposing team.

Beam Cannon for the win. This attack does serious damage to the enemies.
Machine Gunner and Flamethrower are good too (keep in mind that elemental
attacks aren't always effective though), but Beam Cannon is definately the one
you want.

One of the highest ranked Marauders, this echidna rebelled and joined Sonic's
team after learning that her master, General Ix, was looking for more than
freeing their people. Whilst Knuckles is stunned and thrilled at the prospect
of having a fellow echidna as company, can the team really trust this
mysterious stranger?

CLASS: Power
Teleport - teleport short distances.
Stealth - ability to avoid detection.
Climb - Ability to climb some surfaces.

Cloak: Shade activates her cloaking field, making her faster and harder to hit
in combat.
Blade Rush: Shade rushes the enemy and delivers a brutal five-hit combo with
her leech blade.
Echidna Rush: Shade and Knuckles team up to deliver a powerful attack that
ignores armour and may also leave the enemy distracted. (Needs Knuckles on
Blade Drop: Sonic propels Shade into her target to deliver a leech blade
attack that ignores armour. (Needs Sonic on team)

Unless you have Sonic or Knuckles on your team, Blade Rush is Shade's only
offensive POW. But it does decent damage.


Here are some ideas that I hope will help you with progressing through the
game. For help with battles, see section six.

Explore the area maps thoroughly. There are Chao and item boxes littered
across the landscape, all of which can help.

Items can be not only bought in stores, but also sold. If you're short on
rings and carrying lots of items you won't use, trade them in for a quick

Try to assemble a team which will be able to progress through any area without
having to return to a point where you can switch team members. Invulnerable,
sneak and teleport aren't used that much in the game except for several
specific areas, so don't worry too much about teammates who can use them.
Ideally, you want a team with dash (which you get with Sonic anyway), climb,
fly, and smash to get you through just about any environment.

Alternatively, you can always go back with different characters to access
areas that others could not, if you prefer to go with characters such as Big,
Omega, or Shadow. Whilst not always useful in the field, they can be very
handy to have in battle. Go with what you feel more comfortable with.

Take the time to assist people with side missions. Once completed, you'll be
awarded with extra items and experience points.

Be aware that when you switch to a lower levelled team member, they will
receive the same amount of experience points that the rest of your team has
(although everyone levels up at different numbers - thanks to QA Monkey for
this tip!) This is great, since you don't have to keep switching teammates and
battling them to level up all at the same time.

Also something to keep in mind is that your team will occasionally have two
objectives, requiring you to split into two teams of four. Choose carefully
who you want on each team, because you won't be able to switch characters
after a certain amount of progress.You'll find that the two characters
assigned to each team will have the abilities needed to get to the main
objective, so you may want to focus on balancing each team for battle. On the
other hand, keep in mind that a team without abilities such as smash or climb
may lose the oppurtunity to complete side missions or collect hard to reach
items and Chao.


This section describes how battling works, and gives you some general tips and
ideas to prevail.

When you encounter an enemy in the field, you are taken to the battle screen.
If your team's speed and/or luck are higher than the enemy's, then you may
ambush them, which means that each character on your team gets a sneak attack
in before the battle begins. However, they get the same chance if their stats
are higher. 

You begin by choosing what actions you want each of your characters to take
for the round.

Attack - if you choose this option, each of the turns your character has for
the round they will use their standard attack on whichever enemy you choose.
If that enemy is knocked out prior, your character will pick another enemy
remaining at random to attack. If your character has more than one turn per
round, you can get them to use a POW move or an item first and then attack, if
you want.

POW moves - You pick one of your character's special attacks, and select a
target to use it on. If it's a defensive move, such as heal, you may use it on
yourself if you wish. You can use as many POW moves per round as turns you get
- for instance, Sonic can use Axe Kick up to three times per round, but Big
may only use Battering Ram once per round. After choosing who to use a POW
move on, if your character will have another turn left that round, you may
then choose what that character will do next. POW moves use up PP (for
instance, Sonic's Axe Kick costs 3 PP), so you can't use a POW move if your
character doesn't have enough PP. You can restore PP by using the Defend
option, using an item such as POW Candy or Gum, or by getting Cream to use her
Refresh POW move.

Defend - choosing this option will make your character adopt a defensive
stance for the whole round. They will take less damage if an enemy hits them,
and will regain some PP for each turn they have that round. If you want to use
an attack or item that round as well as defending, choose defend last.

Items - you can pick from a range of items you're carrying to use during your
turn, and who to use them on. These are things that will improve your
character's health, PP, or stats, or to revive them if they've been knocked
out. You can use as many items as your character has turns - for instance,
Sonic may use three items per round.

Flee - if you don't want to battle for some reason (maybe you're getting or
will be severely beaten, or you're just in a hurry), you can attempt to
escape. This will involve all your remaining conscious characters running away
to the left. There will be obstacles in their path though, so whenever your
character approaches one, tap them with the stylus to jump it. Hitting an
obstacle will slow you down and take health from that character. Running over
a dash ramp speeds you up, so don't jump them. If the enemies don't catch up
to you, you escape. If they catch you though, they get a whole round to attack
you without being attacked themselves. However, this works for both sides. If
the enemies flee and you catch them, you get a free round to attack them.

Once you've chosen your moves for each character, the battle begins. The
character with the highest speed (on either team) will go first, and then
progress will proceed to the next fastest character and so on. Depending how
much faster a character is, they may get their second attack in before the
slower characters even have their first. The aim of battling is obviously to
knock out all of the opposing team. You do this by hitting them either with
standard attacks or POW moves to chip away their HP. Battle will continue
until either team has been completely knocked out. If you win, you'll be
rewarded with exerience points and a random item. If your team is defeated,
you'll be given the option to retry the battle for a cost of twenty rings, or
to reload the game from your last save.


Cream is an invaluable addition to your team. She not only has the ability to
heal and revive your party members, but she can also restore their PP with her
POW move Refresh, allowing them more POW attacks. Add her to your team as soon
as you can - which is pretty much as soon as you rescue Knuckles.

When you use a POW move, you'll be required to tap a number of circles on the
touch screen to successfully activate it. There are three different types of
patterns this may involve. The first is where blue circles appear on the
screen, with a blue ring around them that slowly gets smaller until it hits
the circle. When it does this, it will turn green. You need to tap the circles
in the order they appear, ONCE THEY TURN GREEN. Tapping them before that
doesn't work. The second pattern will have a line of red dots, and a blue ring
approaching it. You have to trace the ring's progress from the start of the
line to the end, at the same time that the ring moves across it. The third
pattern involves a larger circle with smaller red dots inside of it, and a
larger ring getting smaller around it. This one is the easiest. You need to
quickly tap this circle eight times before the ring hits it. Once the tapping
patterns are done, your character will complete the POW move, depending upon
how accurate you were.

Learn the patterns used for each POW move - they're always the same.
Remembering what the pattern is makes it easier to tap.

The enemies can use POW moves too, but you will get a chance to defend
yourself. The same three tapping patterns will appear on the touch screen. If
you tap them all correcty, you'll take no or minimal damage. You can save
yourself a lot of health and grief by remembering the patterns to expect from
their POW moves as well as your own.

Chao can be a huge help to you in battle. Once bonded to a character, they can
lend you a special skill to make battles go smoother for you. Familiarise
yourself with them and bond them to your party. Some of the most useful Chao
for battle are:

Bobo - you'll get an extra item after battle.
Choopaloo - increases the amount of experience points you get after battle.
Ferox - bonded character's POW moves are always successful.
Joy - regenerates some HP for the whole team after each round

My personal recommendation is if you catch a Ferox, you should bond it with
Cream. Her POW moves can be tricky, and there's nothing worse than not being
able to heal your party when you're fighting a boss just because you can't tap
the right pattern.

Try to Memorise the names of any POW moves or items you might want to use in
battle, as once the battle commences, there are no descriptions for them
available. It's really frustrating to find you've selected the wrong POW move,
or if you want to revive a character to full health, and use a revival ring
instead of a ring of life.

Don't be stingy with using items if you need to. You can almost always buy
more later, so use them when you need them.

Consider your strategy when you battle. Usually it is better to focus your
team on the enemy with the lowest HP first, to knock it out quicker. Then
proceed to the enemy with the next lowest HP. This means there will be fewer
enemies to attack you when it's their turn.

Alternatively, the enemies with the higher HPs are usually the ones with the
stronger attacks - bosses especially. In the case of bosses, it's usually
better to take out the stronger opponent first, then worry about the weaker

Also consider how many turns each character gets per round, and use that to
your advantage. Do you want Sonic to attack or defend for all three of his
turns, or would a combination be better? You could use an item, use a POW
move, and defend yourself all in the one round - although if you wait until
the third turn to use Defend, chances are that none of your enemies will have
any turns left for that round by then, so you'll still have fully taken any
damage they hit you with prior.

Some enemies have the ability to revive themselves (such as Swatbots), or
revive others (usually bosses) after being knocked out. If you're facing an
opponent who can revive others on its team, then you need to take down that
guy first. It's no use knocking out the other enemies if this guy's just going
to wake them up again. Knock him out, and he can't work his hoodoo any more.
Self-reviving enemies need to be saved for last. Knock out the ones that won't
wake up, then finish the revivers. If there are two enemies that can revive
themselves, you'll need to finish both off them in the same round, otherwise
the one you knock out will come back for more.

Don't avoid battles if you can help it. They can get a bit tedious after
awhile, but you'll need the experience points to level your characters up to
the point where they can survive fighting stronger enemies later in the game.

I think that's about it, really. A lot of battle strategy comes down to
personal proferences - what you feel you ought to be doing. The above is
nothing more than advice. Feel free to use it as you wish.

And if you want to know my character preferences, check the FAQ section. ;)


There are currently 40 Chao to find in the game which, when bonded with a
character on your team, will give them a special benefit in battle or the
field. When you pick up a Chao egg, it will hatch randomly a few minutes later
into one of the following:

Increases maximum HP of bonded character.

Bonded character is much harder to hit.

One enemy will automatically attack the bonded character instead of other team

Bonded character does much more damage in battle.

Bonded character will always find an extra reward item after combat.

Greatly increases luck of all team members.
(Cheese does not hatch from an egg, and can only be found by adding Cream to
your team)

Bonded character does more damage in battle.

Bonded character regenerates PP at the start of each combat round

Increases XP gained from each battle.

Bonded character has a better chance of hitting targets in battle.

Increases the chance that the team will catch a fleeing opponent.

Bonded character automatically succeeds using their POW moves.

Increases odds that Chao eggs will hatch into rare or unique Chao.

Bonded character's attacks do water damage.

Bonded character has greatly increased resistance to damage.

Bonded character's attacks do Ice damage.

Regenerates PP at the start of combat round for all team members.

Chao creates an earth shield to protect against damage.

Regenerates HP at the start of every combat round for all team members.

Reduces the team's chance of being ambushed.

Increases the odds of enemies fleeing from battle.

Chao creates a shield of lightning to protect against damage.

Bonded character is harder to hit.

Chao creates a shield of fire to protect against damage.

Greatly increases Maximum PP of bonded character.

Bonded character has a greatly increased chance to hit targets in battle.

Increases Maximum PP of bonded character.

Bonded character is automatically revived once during a battle.

Chao creates a shield of water to protect against damage.

Bonded character's attacks do fire damage.

Greatly increases maximum HP of bonded character.

Bonded character has increased luck.

Chao creates a shield of wind to protect against damage

Bonded character's attacks do wind damage

Bonded character's basic attacks may cause instant KO against enemies.

Bonded character regenerates HP at the start of every combat round.

Bonded character's attacks do earth damage.

Bonded character has increased resistance to damage.

Bonded character's attacks do lightning damage.

Increases the team's chances of ambushing opposing teams.

Thanks to SonicTrainer, who gave me the information regarding the ones I was
missing at the time I wrote this (although I now have all 40).


Here's where to find the Chao eggs hidden throughout the game. See the
walkthrough for a more detailed description. More locations coming in each

#1 - Just above the first loop of the game.
#2 - Near where Amy first appeared and smashed the boxes, on the right.
#3 - Near the bridge switch puzzle, on the right
#4 - At the top of the middle series of small cliffs - the one with the dash
#5 - Near the top of the tall mountain range to the west - near the dash ramp.
(Needs level II smash)
#6 - On the middle island in the south east corner. (Needs fly)
#7 - On the bottom part of an island in the north west corner. (Needs fly)
#8 - Inside the abandoned Eggman base in the middle of the map screen. (Needs
#9 - At the top of the climbing wall just to the left of the Central City
entrance. (Needs climb)
#10 - Jump up the stepping stones of the uppermost of the small cliffs, and
fly across the gap. Climb up the wall, smash the boxes, and get the egg.
(Needs fly, climb, and smash level II)
#11 - From the last egg, go over the dash ramp, across the ledges to and down
the next dash ramp. Then fly over to the ledge on the right.

#1 - To the right of Tails' workshop.
#2 - Where you fight the Swatbots for the Mechanical Muggers mission. (Needs
#3 - On the rooftop where you fight the queen wasp. (Needs dash and fly)
#4 - On a rooftop to the right of where you land after going down the pipe's
dash panel (Needs dash and fly)
#5 - From the previous egg, fly to the roof on the right. (Needs dash and fly)
#6 - From #5, use the dash ramp on that roof. (Needs dash and fly)
#7 - Behind some boxes near the abandoned manhole Eggman base. (Needs level II
#8 - At the top of a climbing wall behind some boxes. Get there from the road
leading to Mystic Ruins. (Needs climb and level II smash)

#1 - In the building in the north west corner of the map. (Needs invulnerable)
#2 - On a ledge above where your plane lands. (Needs invulnerable)
#3 - On an island to the right of egg #2. (Needs fly)
#4 - From there, go down to the island below you, and you'll find the egg
behind the gas cloud. (Needs fly and invulnerable)
#5 - On the broken dock at the top of the map, near egg #3. Get there from
shore on the right. (Needs fly)
#6 - In the south east corner of the map. Go through the gas cloud and use the
dash ramp to get to it.
#7 - Outside the building where Knuckles is held captive. Solve the fan puzzle
to reach it. (Needs fly)
#8 - Inside the prison, behind some boxes. From the entrance, go into the
corridor, and it's the first door on the left. (Needs fly and smash)
#9 - From there, go back to the corridor, through the door on the left, and
through the electricity into the next room, and smash the boxes. (Needs fly,
invulnerable, and smash)
#10 - In Knuckles' cell. You'll have to come back for it after you free him.
(Needs fly)
#11 - In the top room of the tower in the south west area of the map. Go
through the gas cloud near the fans as Big, dash across the ramp, and climb up
the wall to get there. (Needs invulnerable, dash and climb)

#1 - On the roof of the building next to the guy who wants you to warn the
power plant. Get there by jumping on the red stepping stone to the left of
him, and flying up. (Needs fly level II)
#2 - Jump back down the rooftops, and you'll find a fly point on the roof
right next to the stepping stone you used to get up there. Fly to the green
roof, and follow the rooftops in a northeast direction. Use the spring, and
fly to a tower where the egg is. (Needs fly level II)
#3 - On the left of the path underneath the old man who wants you to find
#4 - On the ledge to the right of #3. Follow the path to the right and use the
#5 - Take the spring on the ledge where you found #4, and take the fly point
to another ledge. (Needs fly level II)
#6 - Inside the well on the west side of the map.
#7 - Use the dash ramp near #6, and fly across to the ledge to the left. Take
the spring to the egg. (Needs dash and level II fly)
#8 - Take the dash ramp near the power plant, and you'll find the egg at the
far end of the ledge, behind some boxes. (Needs level II dash and level II
#9 - Take the dash ramp near egg #8 and jump on the spring. (Needs level II
#10 - Jump off the balcony at the factory, and you'll find the egg on the far
right. (Needs level II smash)

#1 - The far right end of the first tunnel after you select your teams.
#2 - On a ledge above the building on the lower left. Climb up to it, and fly
up to a spring that will take you to the egg. (Needs climb and fly)
#3 - On the roof to the right of the roof under #2. (Needs climb)
#4 - Up the stairs near where you first enter the city with Sonic's team.
#5 - Along the path up past the stairs to egg #4, and the first left fork.
#6 - At the top of the climbable wall just to the right of the airbase. (Needs
#7 - Just under the item box where you find the weapons parts in the north
side of the city.
#8 - Climb the escalator in the north part of the city, and take the fly point
on the right side. (Needs fly level III)
#9 - From the escalator tower, fly to the tower on the left. Take the top fly
point, and take the fly point from there. (Needs level III fly)
#10 - From the escalator tower, fly to the tower on the left. Jump to the
bottom ledge, and take the left fly point. (Needs level III fly)
#11 - From #10, fly over the railing on the right and jump down to the roof.
It is near the spring. (Needs level II fly)

#1 - On an island just to the left of the starting point. (Needs level II fly)
#2 - On the left side of the island, on a rock near a spring.
#3 - The top part of the map, on the top of a climbing wall. (Needs climb)
#4 - The bottom right corner of the map, beside a creek.

#1 - To your immediate left from the start.
#2 - On the roof of the building on the far left of the map. (Needs climb)
#3 - In the generator room at the top of the ramp on the building in the south
east corner.
#4 - In the bottom right corner of the Hazard Vault, where you get the
dimensional buffer. (Needs level III smash)
#5 - Take the dash ramp outside the Hazard Vault, and use the spring it takes
you to. (Needs dash)

#1 - Up a ramp to the right of the ship. (Needs level III smash)
#2 - Near Nestor the Wise's cave.
#3 - In a pit to the left of where you fight the Kron who thinks you're
#4 - Inside the first cave that leads to the Kron foreman. (Needs level III
#5 - Outside the cave where you got #4, follow the path all the way to the
right. (Needs level III smash)
#6 - Just south of the spring that takes you to the conveyor belt. (Needs
level III smash)
#7 - Nearby when you get off the conveyor belt. (Needs level III smash)
#8 - From #7, follow the path until you come to a fork, and choose the right
path. (Needs level III smash)

#1 - Near the start, in a slime pit in the bottom right corner of the map.
#2 - To the right of the N'rrgal who wants you to find the source of the
poisoning. (Needs level III invulnerable)
#3 - In a pit under the dash ramp on the left side of the map. (Needs level
III invulnerable)
#4 - In the top right corner of the map, behind a box to smash. (Needs level
III dash, level III smash, and level III invulnerable)
#5 - On the ledge near the N'rrgal Queen's cave. (Needs level III dash and
level II invulnerable)

#1 - In an alley behind the item store.
#2 - On a rooftop you reach through the doorway in the lower right corner of
the map.
#3 - On the roof of the citadel. Use the fly point next to the ramp above the
citadel, and then use the next fly point to get there. (Needs level II fly)
#4 - On a ledge you get to from a dash ramp by the number puzzle, and then by 
jumping down from the roof. (Needs dash)
#5 - Take the dash ramp near the fly point that took you to egg #3. (Needs 
level II dash)

#1 - Directly south from your starting position.
#2 - In the top right corner of the map, inside the pink crystal. (Needs
#3 - In the house next to egg #2.
#4 - In a pink crystal on the left side of the map. Take the teleporter behind
the dash ramp near egg #2 to get there. (Needs teleport)
#5 - Take the teleporter south of egg #4 to reach an island at the top of the
map for this egg. (Needs teleport)

#1 - From the start, teleport off the ledge to the left, teleport out, and
you'll find it on the ledge beneath you.
#2 - In one those pink crystals you teleport into on the left side of the map.
(Needs fly and teleport)
#3 - To the south of #2. Teleport into the pink crystal on the left that has a
spring. (Needs fly and teleport)
#4 - To the right of #3. Go to the pink crystal on the right, teleport in, and
teleport to the next one on the right. (Needs fly and teleport)
#5 - In the bottom left corner of the map, behind a box. (Needs teleport, fly,
and level III smash)
#6 - In the bottom right corner. Teleport into the pink crystal next to the
dash ramp, then go down the path and teleport into the next one. (Needs
teleport, fly, and level II dash)

#1 - From the start, go through the doorway on the left (once you've unlocked
it). Inside, use the spring. There's a doorway near the deactivated gizoid. Go
outside and take the level III fly point to the egg. (Needs level III fly)
Thanks to Shane (Mayor_Quimby) for the tip!
#2 - Go back to the room where you found the doorway to egg #1, but instead of
using the spring, take the path to the right. Outside, the egg is to your
#3 - From egg #2, go back to the left and through the second door you see (at
the top of the ramp). Inside, the egg is on a ledge to the far left, use fly
to get it. (Needs fly)
#4 - On Knuckles' team, after passing the laser turret, go around to the right
instead of through the door. Fly across the gap to the egg.
#5 - From #3, climb the wall then go to your left and use the fly point to
reach another ledge. Climb the wall at the end, and the egg is up there.
#6 - Go along the first dash ramp with Sonic, and it's right there when you
#7 - Once you reach the underwater area, go all the way along the path to the
upper left to find the next egg.
#8 - From there, go back and take the doorway on the right. In that room, take
the right doorway again, and the egg is on the right.
#9 - After defeating Scylla with Knuckles, go through the door. You'll find
the egg in the left corner.
#10 - After getting control of Knuckles again, leave the room, go up onto the
rooftop and jump down to the platform. The egg is at the far right.
#11 - After going up the elevator with Sonic, go around to the ledge on the
right, where there's a spring. It will take you to the egg.


I provide for you here a brief rundown of all the missions available to be
activated in each chapter. See the walkthrough for a more detailed description
of how to complete them.

Hostile Reception - you need to make your way to Central City, then meet with
Tails, Rouge and the GUN Commander.
The Tired Old Woodsman - chop a few logs of wood for an old man right near the

The Search for Knuckles - investigate abandoned Eggman bases to find
communicators that will lead you to where Knuckles is being held prisoner in
the Mystic Ruins.
Mechanical Muggers - Destroy a group of Swatbots in Central City that have
been giving GUN trouble.
Queen of the Swarm - Defeat a queen wasp on the rooftops that has been
terrorising the city.
Cream and Cheese - Find Cream's pet Chao, Cheese.
Stop the Signal - Deactivate three signal projectors in the Green Hill Zone
which are making the local wildlife turn vicious.

Egghunt - follow your new tracking device to try and track down Eggman.
Norton is Missing! - search the Green Hill Zone to find four frogs. No matter
what order you find them in, the last one is always Norton.
Chasing Shadow - follow Shadow to Mystic Ruins, and find out why he's giving
off an Eggman signal.
The Forgetful Swatbot - talk to the Swatbot outside one of Eggman's old bases
you searched earlier in Central City.
Strange Eggman Devices - Each of the signals you find leads to a strange
device. Find all five of them to get past the forcefield in Green Hill Zone.
Buyer Beware! - Meet the storekeeper and retrieve his prized stapler for him,
which he traded to a sneaky conman hanging around the Green Hill Zone.
A Young Boy in Trouble! - rescue a boy in a cave in Green Hill Zone from giant
scorpions, and return him to his father in Central City.
Attack of the Roboarmadillos - roboticised armadillos are appearing in Mystic
Ruins. Find the source of the problem and stop it.

A Wolf in the Shadows - make your way through the Blue Ridge Zone to
Deliver the Warning! - head to the power plant and warn them before the turn
the power on, then return to the worker who warned you.
Man in the Booth - bring the man in the outhouse a copy of the Blue Ridge
Times from the item shop.
The Search for Omega - find and reactivate Omega in a building in north west
Timmy's in Trouble! - find the well where Timmy is, and escort him home.
GUN Escort - escort the GUN Official back to Station Square.

The Battle for Angel Island - split your team in two. Sonic's team needs to
catch a ride to Angel Island and stop the Nocturnus from taking the Master
Emerald. Tails' team needs to scour Metropolis for weapons parts and play
backup for Sonic's team.

Black Hole Sun - restore power to the city by reactivating three generators,
and bring the dimensional buffer to Tails and Eggman.

Journey into the Unknown - meet the Kron foreman, Krag, then gain entry to the
factory where the first Chaos Emerald is being held.
Secret Operations - bring Rouge five pieces of Nocturnus tech.
Relics of the Past - gather Nocturnus relics from the colonies, and bring them
back to Nestor.

Sector Scylla - defeat the Zoah general to win their Chaos Emerald, then
return to N'rrgal Colony to get the third emerald.
Poisoned the N'rrgal Supply - go into the cave on the left side of the map and
destroy the Swatbot poisoning the spawning ponds.
The Argus Event - find the precursor tablets scattered across the colonies,
and bring them to Nestor to decipher.
The Nightstalker
The Nightstalker :Haniman
The Nightstalker :Telra - get information from friendly Zoah about the
Nightstalker, then talk to Haniman and defeat the "beast" when it attacks.
Pirates of the Twilight Cage
Pirates: N'rrgal Shipment - gather information about the Twilight Cage
pirates, then deliver the shipment from N'rrgal to Kron Colonies, defeating
the pirates when they try to steal it from you.

Sector Charybdis - liberate the Voxai from the control of the Overminds.
Overmind Interference - find the Nocturnus blocking Croesius' link to the
Overmind and take them out. Not for a nice dinner. :P

Citadel Showdown - Defeat the gizoid prefects Scylla and Charyb to get the
last two Chaos Emeralds, then face Ix for the final battle.


This area will walk you through the entire game, telling you how to find every
ring and egg, and complete every mission. If you notice any mistakes or errors
I've made in this walkthrough, please email me to let me know, so that I can
fix it! - [email protected]



After the Intro, you'll have your first experience at making conversation, and
you'll discover that you can regularly choose from several different things to
say. Generally, the first option is usually the way to end a conversation
quickly if you're in a hurry, but you'll get more information by picking
others, so explore your options.

MISSION: Hostile Reception

With the current emergency, finding Knuckles is the highest priority. You need
to meet with Tails, and to Sonic's dismay, his foxy friend has decided to send
Amy to escort you to his workshop. You'll find yourself standing on an island
off the north shore of Green Hill Zone, and standing on the first of the
area's 185 rings. Collect as many of these as you can, as you use them for
buying items in stores. Follow the trail of rings - three more will lead you
to a classic Green Hill loop. A button with a downwards pointing arrow will
appear, indicating you can jump onto it. Tap the button, grab the rings, and
when you approach the loop a dash button (two right-pointing arrows) will
appear. (Ring Count: 13) Tap it to speed through the loop. As you zoom
through, you'll spot more rings and Chao egg #1 to the north. Go grab them.
This is the first of eleven eggs in the area. Go back and run past the man
standing there. To his left is an item box - run over to it, and press the
button that appears to open it. Then go back to the man and have a chat with

MISSION: The Tired Old Woodsman

This is an easy mission, but then it'll be the first you do, so that's to be
expected. After you finish talking, go over to the woodpile and tap the button
a few times to chop the wood for the guy. Then talk to the guy again, and
he'll reward you with 50 experience points and a POW candy.

MISSION: The Tired Old Woodsman COMPLETE

Walk onto the dock, and call the raft by standing on the switch. Jump onto the
raft, and sail across to the mainland. There you'll be confronted by a grumpy
armadillo and have your first battle (and that was totally Sonic's fault for
asking what could possibly go wrong!). It's a pretty easy battle, so don't
stress. After you win follow the path, and you'll find your way blocked by
boxes. Luckily, Amy will arrive to clear your way with her smash ability.

Get the rings you missed (Ring Count: 16), and Chao egg #2 on the right. Then
follow the path to two pillars, where you'll be attacked by a sentry drone.
Then it will change its mind, giving you your first chase. Jump the boxes in
your path by tapping each character until you catch the drone, then battle as
usual. After the battle, you'll notice a cliff to your right that you can fly
to, but you'll have to come back with another character. Fight the armadillo,
and you'll notice that this time it has help - two wasp pairs. They shouldn't
be a problem. Get the rings and the items, and follow the ring trail around to
your right and up towards a boar (Ring count: 31). Beat it, and you should see
a man nearby, next to a bridge. There is a switch puzzle here to restore the
bridge, but you'll need two more characters in your party before you can do

Follow the trail to the right, get two more rings and egg #3, and fight
another armadillo. You may notice on your right a couple of cliff faces with
upwards pointing arrows carved into them. You'll need another character to
climb these. Continue on between the two cliffs, get the rings around the
tower, fight another boar, and go to the shoreline on the right to get more
rings. By the shore you'll find a runway, which you'll be using later. Follow
the trail of rings at the end of the runway, and you may notice some islands
to your right. You need a flying character to get to them. Around to the left,
follow the trail of rings up the cliff face and take the spring for a few more
rings and an item box. Jump back down, and go around to the next closest cliff
area - this one has stepping stones leading up to it. Jump up there, get the
rings on the right, then use the dash ramp to get more rings and Chao egg #4.

Go up the next cliff face's stepping stones - there are rings and an item box
at the top (Ring count: 75). You can't progress any further until you have a
flyer on your team though.

Go back to the pillars near where you got your second Chao egg, and you'll see
a steep mountain path on the left, with more rings. Up you go! When the path
forks, take the upper path for more rings, but you'll find a dead end. If
Amy's levelled up to the point where she has level II smash you can break the
boxes, but you'll need a climber to make any progress here. Go back to the
fork and follow the path to find more boxes, with Chao egg #5 on the other
side. Smash them if you can and get the egg. Then switch back to Sonic, and go
back a little to find a dash ramp. Use it for more rings, and you'll zoom back
down to sea level to find even more rings.

There are some boxes to the left you can break if you have the power, but
you'll need a flyer to go any further. Go right, past a climbing wall, and get
the rings and item box (Ring count: 105). When you reach the bridge, you'll
meet your first boss - a Marauder Scout. You can fight it now if you want, but
you're also given the option to leave and go earn some more experience
fighting easier enemies if you prefer. Once you beat the Marauder, your path
is clear to Central City.

If you've been following my directions, your total for Green Hill Zone should

RINGS: 105/185

The Tired Old Woodsman

Hostile Reception


When you reach the city, follow the trail of rings (8) to Tails' workshop.
Head inside and meet Tails, who'll suggest you go meet the GUN Commander, and
will also join your team. Tails' workshop works as a stronghold for your team,
where you can come to be fully healed, and to switch team members if you have
more than 4. You can do this any time you want, so if you're low on health or
PP, or need to switch teammates, come back here.

Once you leave the base, you'll immediately face off with a Swatbot. It will
regenerate when you knock it out, so take down the wasps first so it won't
revive itself. Once they're out of the way, grab 2 rings and Chao egg #1 to
your right. Then follow the road down to meet Rouge, and she'll take you to
see the GUN Commander. Hey, that's the first chapter done already!

MISSION: Hostile Reception COMPLETE


MISSION: The Search for Knuckles

The GUN Commander asks you to search four of Eggman's old bases in Central
City and the Green Hill Zone. Leave the HQ, and outside you'll find two stars
on your map, indicating where the bases are. Outside you'll also find a
soldier who asks you to destroy some robots for him.

MISSION - Mechanical Muggers

A third star will have now appeared on your map, to the left. Let's take care
of that one first. Get the rings around the roundabout (Ring count: 18), then
head to your right, back towards the entrance to the city. Before you go
outside the walls, take the downward path to find a dash ramp. Use it and it
will take you to the area on the far left. Get the item box near you, then go
up the path to fight the Swatbots. Once you're done with that, the GUN soldier
will reward you, then you can grab Chao egg #2 and go back down the dash ramp.
You may want to go back to your stronghold to restore your HP and PP.

MISSION - Mechanical Muggers COMPLETE

Next to the dash ramp is a path leading south, with a trail of rings. This
leads to Mystic Ruins, but you're not allowed through at this stage. Get the
rings anyway (Ring count: 25). Then go back to the roundabout and take the
south path for more rings. On the right, you'll find a man asking for help.

MISSION - Queen of the Swarm

The guy wants you to get rid of the queen wasp on the rooftop. We'll get to
that in a minute, but first you should keep following the ring trail (Ring
count: 30). It leads to a store where you can and should buy at least one bug
spray, an item which will help you defeat the queen wasp. Head back towards
the entrance to the city, and you'll see a man between two buildings, who'll
help you get up onto the rooftops. Don't pay for advice though, not when I
can tell you how to do it!

You'll find your team in the construction yard nearby. Get all the rings you
can reach (Ring count: 39), and run up the ramp onto the roof with Sonic.
Switch to another character, and stand on one of the switches nearby. Switch
to a third character, and make them stand on the other button to activate the
crane. Then switch to Sonic to activate the switch, which will position the
crane hook above the missing pipe portion. Switch to your fourth character,
run over to the pipe section, and attach the hook. Then get Sonic to push his
switch again, and hey presto! Pipe in place!

Use Sonic to dash through the pipe, then down the dash ramp. Beat the wasps
that attack you, then follow the rooftops along to the left, getting the rings
and flying over the gap. Another wasp swarm will attack; beat them and follow
the ring trail across the rooftops. You'll fight another wasp group, then have
two choices - jump to the roof on the right, or the one upwards from you. Take
the right option, and you'll find the queen. You may want to save before you
approach her. The first thing you should do in the battle is hit the queen
with your bug spray - this will make it much easier to knock out. Get the
rings and egg #3 after you beat the wasps, then jump up on the ledge for the
ring on it (Ring count: 60).

Now follow the rooftops in an upward direction, gathering the rings. Go
through the door near the climbable wall, and then go across the top of that
wall to a doorway. There's an item box in there for you. Back outside, jump
off the wall to the left and beat the drones. Get the rings and go into the
hideout, where you will be confronted by some Swatbots. They will drop a
communicator, oddly. You'll be finding one of those in each of the hideouts.
Get the items and the ring, and head back out (Ring count: 73).

Go back across the rooftops to where you first landed on the roof from the
dash ramp. Fly over the gap on the right and continue across to get the rings
and egg #4. On this ledge there's a fly point to another roof with more rings
and egg #5. Get them all, and go up the dash ramp for egg #6. Get the rings
up there, then run to the edge of that roof where you'll find two fly points -
one going up, and one going left. Take the left one, then move to the top of
that roof to get another fly point - this one will take you to a single ring
(Ring count: 89).

Jump down from the roof and go over to the man who told you about the wasps to
complete that mission and get your reward.

MISSION: Queen of the Swarm COMPLETE

Now head out of the city proper, to the road leading to Tails' airstrip. Go
right from here, down towards the remaining star on your map. You'll find
another ring trail to follow, with boxes at the end for Amy to smash. Chao
egg #7 is behind them. Once you have it, go back to the manhole you passed and
go inside. Beat the Swatbots to get another communicator, then get the ring
and the item and leave (Ring count: 104).

You've done all you can in Central City for the moment. It's time to go back
to Green Hill Zone.

Your total for Central City so far should be:

RINGS: 104/110

Hostile Reception
Mechanical Muggers
Queen of the Swarm

The Search for Knuckles


Back in the Green Hill Zone, make your way over to the shoreline near the
runway, and use Tails or Rouge to fly to the series of islands on the right.
Start at the bottom one, and work your way across, picking up the rings and
Chao egg #6. Go into the base, and as usual you'll find two Swatbots with a
communicator, a single ring, and an item box (Ring count: 113).

Now look at the series of cliff faces you went up earlier - the ones with the
stepping stones. Climb the top one again, and fly over the gap to the next
cliff to get 3 more rings. You can't go any further without a climber though.

Go back to the incomplete bridge you could not cross, and talk to the guy next
to it. It turns out to be another team puzzle. It's pretty easy to solve -
just get Sonic and Amy to stand on the two switches this side of the bridge,
and Tails and Rouge to fly to the two switches on the other side. Then get the
rings on that cliff and fight the wasps. Follow the ring trail to the cave,
but there's nothing in there except another boar to fight. Fly over the
waterfall on the right for more rings, then fly back. Fly over the waterfall
to the left, and follow the trail of rings to find Cream the Rabbit.

MISSION - Cream and Cheese

Cream's Chao Cheese has gone missing, and your task is to find him.
Unfortunately that requires the services of a teammate you've yet to recruit,
so for now Cream will stay where she is. Go beat up the Swatbot nearby, and
get the rings (Ring count: 143), then use the dash ramp to land next to a
wounded Professor.

MISSION - Stop the Signal

Professor Madden has found the cause of why the animals in the area are acting
so hostile - there are three signal projectors in the area using a sonic wave
or some such. They need to be shut down. Two of them you can currently reach,
but the star in the north east corner will have to wait until later. Go across
the tiny little bridge on the right, get the rings on the ledge, and fly to
the next ledge to get some more (Ring count: 150). That's as far as you can go

Go back to the island you began on at the start of the game, by taking the
raft back across the water. Go to the far left of the island, fly to the next
island, and get the rings. Fly to the next island to get more rings, and at
the bottom of the island you'll find more rings and Chao egg #7 (Ring count:
160). On this island is also the first of the projectors you need to
deactivate. You may want to heal your team with items and save before you do
this, because this triggers a battle with giant raptor hawks, who have 100 HP.

The second projector is the the south west corner of the map, near the boxes
you saw earlier. Go via the high cliffs and dash ramp on that side, and get
Chao egg #5 if you couldn't smash the boxes earlier. Then when you get back
down, jump and fly across the stepping stones to reach the second projector,
which will summon more ravens when you deactivate it.

You still have one more Eggman base to infiltrate, and it's the star on your
map with the grey building on the small single cliff in the middle of the map.
Fly up there, fight the drones outside, and enter. There's another lone ring
and item box here to pick up, but this time a Chao egg (#8) as well.You'll
have to destroy the Swatbots to get them first, as well as the communicator
they have.

Now that you have all four communicators, Tails is able to pick up a signal
from the Mystic Ruins. That means it's time to head back to Central City.

Your total for Green Hill Zone should now be:

RINGS: 161/185

The Search for Knuckles
Cream and Cheese
Stop the Signal


Once you return to Central City, follow the path by the dash ramp towards
Mystic Ruins to find that the guard still won't let you through. Go back to
Tails' workshop, and after you go in and come back out, you can fly in his
plane, the Tornado, to get to the Ruins.


You'll find yourself surrounded by rings - get the one to your right first,
and you'll be met by Big the Cat, who will happily join your team. His ability
is invulnerability, which can get you through the clouds of gas surrounding
this area. You'll be taken to the character select screen, where you can
choose who to put on your team. Sonic and Big are already selected, so pick
two more, and then get the rest of the rings to your left (Ring count: 8). Go
through the gas cloud on the left and into the building on the other side,
where you'll find two item boxes and Chao egg #1.

Back outside, go back through the cloud and back to the plane. There's a ledge
above it which you can fly to and fight more giant wasps. Go through the gas
cloud up there for Chao egg #2. Jump down to the ground, go around the broken
dock, and fly to the island to fight another wasp. Pick up the rings and Chao
egg #3. Jump to the island below you and fight the millipedes, then jump to
the next island and go through the gas to get egg #4

Go back to the top island, and jump to the shore on the right. There are two
rings there (Ring count: 12), but before you move, now's a good time to save.
A colossal worm will pop out of the ground, and it's a toughie. After you beat
it, fly to the island on the left, and fly to the broken dock for egg #5. Fly
back to the right shore, go through the gas cloud, and follow the trail of
rings, fighting a millipede group along the way. Stop when you get to the big
fan (Ring count: 23), and go through the gas cloud nearby.

Take the dash ramp, then jump down and get egg #6 and the rings. Then go
through the door and follow the ring trail. You'll find another giant wasp
group along the way, and another giant worm at the end, past the gas cloud
(Ring count: 29). Go back through the gas cloud and continue around to the
left. Go around to the right when the path forks for the rings, then go back,
and go through the gas cloud for more rings to end up back at the start. Go
through the gas again, and talk to the guy to activate another switch puzzle.

Follow the path down to the switches, and use three characters to stand on
them. Leave the top left switch free. This will cause a power pole to pop out
of the bottom duct to your left. Run down there to it with your fourth
character, getting any rings left along the way (Ring count: 45), and you'll
find a green fuse inside the pole. Take it, and then switch to the character
standing on the lower left switch. Move them to the upper switch, and the
power pole will be replaced by one at the top duct. Run over to it as the
character who took the fuse, put the fuse in, and then move your characters
off the switches until the pole goes back into the ground. This will turn on
the giant fans.

Hop onto the stepping stone in the middle of the fans, and you'll now be able
to fly to the upper ledge. Get the rings (Ring count: 50) and Chao egg #7,
then head inside. Get the two rings in the first room, and move on. Run down
the stairs and fight the Marauders, get the rings (Ring count: 54), and go
through the door on the left. Inside you'll find Chao egg #8, behind a number
of boxes. I hope you brought Amy to smash them!

Go back out into the corridor and take the door to the left. There's another
Marauder group in here to fight. After they're done with, use Big to get
through the electricity, and go into the next room. Chao egg #9 waits behind a
pile of boxes. Go back to the corridor, and take the door near the one you
first came through. You'll find Knuckles in the middle of a jailbreak. There's
a Chao egg in his cell, but you can't get it right now. Knuckles'll join your
team, and now you can begin the next chapter!

MISSION: The Search for Knuckles COMPLETE

Your Mystic Ruins total should be:

RINGS: 54/60

The Search for Knuckles

Cream and Cheese
Stop the Signal



MISSION - Egghunt

Back at your stonghold, you'll have a discussion of what to do next. Tails
rigs the communicators to be a tracker that will beep when you get near an
Eggman signal. It's time to go find Eggman, but have a chat with the others
standing around before you leave. Big is definately one you want to talk to,
as he has a sidequest for you, which offers extra items and experience points
once completed.

MISSION - Norton is Missing!

Froggy is apparently worried because his friend Norton is missing, and Big
wants to find him. Well, why not? I mean, do you have anything more important
to do? :P Leave the airbase, and assemble a team which has Knuckles, Amy and
one of your flyers on it - preferably Tails. Now that you have climbing
abilities, you can get all the goodies that you missed earlier.

Start by running down the road leading to Mystic Ruins, and you'll find that
the roadblock is gone now. You will get mowed down by Shadow as he zooms past,
giving off an Eggman signal, but you can worry about that later.

MISSION - Chasing Shadow

If you look at the road, you'll notice there's a gap in the guard rail that
you can jump over to a climbing wall. Use Knuckles to get to the top, grabbing
rings as you go, then smash through the boxes to get more rings and Chao egg
#8. That should be all the rings and eggs for this area.

Jump back down, and go over to where you met with the GUN Commander. Behind
that area is a climbing wall Knuckles can scale. When you do, your tracker
will go off. Jump down the other side, and go to the door where you fought the
Swatbots for the communicator earlier. You'll find another Swatbot outside,
feeling rather confused.

MISSION - The Forgetful Swatbot

Talk to the Swatbot, and you'll find that it has forgotten its purpose. What
you do here is your call - if you want to fight it, then tell it it was built
to serve Eggman. If you don't want to fight, tell it that it is free. Either
way, you'll get a strange Eggman device. You're going to need to find more of
these before Tails can work out what they're for.

MISSION - The Forgetful Swatbot COMPLETE

MISSION - Strange Eggman Devices

Head down to the Items Store, and go past it into the building on the left.

MISSION - Buyer Beware!

The guy in there is upset because a conniving conman gave him a bizarre device
in exchange for his prized stapler. He's willing to let you have it, but wants
you to bring back his stapler first. Sounds fair enough. You're done in the
city for the moment, so head north to the Green Hill Zone.

Your Total for Central City should now be:

RINGS: 110/110

The Forgetful Swatbot

Strange Eggman Devices
Cream and Cheese
Stop the Signal
Norton is Missing!
Buyer Beware!


The first thing you should do is go over to your left a little ways (assuming
you walked here instead of flying), where you'll find a climbing wall. Up the
top there's 2 rings (Ring count: 163), and Chao egg #9.

Now move over to the star on your map near the runway, and you'll find the
conman who took the stapler. Threaten him and he'll give it back pretty
quickly. You can take it back to the guy in Central City later though; you
have work to do here still. On the far right side of the map, near the shore,
there's a climbing wall you can scale as Knuckles. Go into the room at the top
and you'll find an item box and Cream's missing Chao Cheese. Jump back down
and go right to the waterline, and you'll find a frog. Not the one you need
though, so keep looking.

Climb up the stepping stones by the uppermost series of small cliffs, fly
across the gap, and climb up the wall. Smash the boxes, and get the rings and
Chao egg #10. Zoom up the dash ramp to the high ledge, and you'll find another
frog, but not Norton. Get the rings, and fly over the gap. Get the rings up
here, and jump on the spring to find the third signal projector. Deactivate it
to fight another raptor hawk group. Now all you have to do to complete that
mission is go talk to Dr. Madden.

Jump off the ledge and use the dash ramp. You'll get rings as you go through -
fly over the gap on the right to get the last remaining rings, and Chao egg
#11. Fly back to the previous ledge, and jump over the left side. You'll find
a third frog there, but sadly, it's not the one you're looking for. Go over to
Cream and chat with her. She'll be so happy to have Cheese back that she'll
offer to join your team and help you beat people up. Let her join, and you can
choose your team again. I recommend replacing Cream with Tails, as she has the
same flying abilities, and her healing POW moves are a life saver in battle.
Make sure you get her Refresh move.

MISSION - Cream and Cheese COMPLETE

Use the nearby dash ramp, and speak with Dr. Madden to complete his mission.
Now there won't be any more boars or armadillos attacking you. In their place
are Swatbots.

MISSION - Stop the Signal COMPLETE

Next, jump down to the nearby cave that was empty before. Now there's a little
boy inside, calling for help. He's been cornered by two giant scorpions, so
you may want to save before going in to fight them.


After the battle, you can choose whether to let the boy get home by his own
means, or to take him home yourself. Take him with you - it's easy experience
points. Now head back to where you first started the game, and you'll find
another frog where you got your first Chao egg. Finally, the one you've been
looking for! Big's happy now, so you can stop looking all over the place for

MISSION - Norton is Missing! COMPLETE

Go up to the mountain on the left side of the map, and climb that wall you
went past earlier. There's a doorway up there, but it's blocked by a
forcefield. You'll have to come back later. For now, it's time to head back to
Central City.

Your total for Green Hill Zone should be:

RINGS: 185/185
CHAO EGGS: 11/11

Cream and Cheese
Stop the Signal!
Norton is Missing!

Strange Eggman Devices
Chasing Shadow
Buyer Beware!
A Young Boy in Trouble!


Head towards the shopkeeper whose stapler you're holding, and on the way,
you'll pass the little boy's father, who wants to reward you for bringing back
his son.

MISSION - A Young Boy in Trouble! COMPLETE

Now go to the shopkeeper and return his stapler. He'll trade you your third
Eggman device in gratitude.


Okay, now you need to go back to the Mystic Ruins. But first, stop by Tails'
airbase to change your team. You'll need to have Knuckles and Big, as well as
a flyer.

A Young Boy in Trouble!
Buyer Beware!


Assuming you flew here, head to your left. If you ran from Central City, then
get to the runway. The first thing you'll see is a roboticised armadillo,
which will attack you.

MISSION - Attack of the Roboarmadillos

Follow the path to the left, through the gas and into the building. You'll
have to battle more roboarmadillos inside, but your reward for beating them is
another Eggman device.

MISSION - Attack of the Roboarmadillos COMPLETE

Next, go down to the fans you used to get into the prison, and your tracker
will go off again. Don't fly up there - instead, start to go down the path to
the switches, and Shadow will come out to confront you. Have a chat with him,
and then you can decide whether or not you want to fight him now. Either way,
he'll leave an Eggman device with you - the last one you need! Fit together,
the five devices make a pattern generator which Tails believes will get you
past the forcefield in the Green Hill Zone.

MISSION - Strange Eggman Devices COMPLETE

You can go back in a minute, but you should take the time to get the last Chao
eggs and rings from here first. Use your flyer to go up into the prison, and
go into the cell where Knuckles was kept for Chao egg #10.

Leave the prison, and go to the cloud of gas near the fans. Go through it with
Big, then switch to Sonic to get over the dash ramp. Climb the wall where you
land with Knuckles, and go into the room at the top to find Chao egg #11, the
last 6 rings, and a millipede group to fight. Okay, now you can go back to
Green Hill Zone.

Your total for Mystic Ruins should now be:

RINGS: 60/60
CHAO EGGS: 11/11

Attack of the Roboarmadillos
Chasing Shadow
Strange Eggman Devices



Go up the mountain to the forcefield, and use the field generator to stop it.
A group of laser drones will then jump you. After you beat them you may want
to save, as you'll have your next boss battle on your hands inside. Go into
the base, and you'll be attacked by Mk. II Swatbots, which have almost twice
as much HP as their predecessors. Don't forget when you battle them that they
can revive themselves at the start of the next round if you knock them out.
When you beat them, the man with the moustache appears, and you're done with
Chapter 3!



SECTION 10.4 - CHAPTER 4: A Wolf in the Shadows

MISSION: A Wolf in the Shadows

With Eggman on your team, your new objective is to reach Metropolis, by way of
the Blue Ridge Zone. Being across the water from your current location, the
only way there is by air. Leave Tails' workshop, and take the Tornado to Blue
Ridge. If you flew to Green Hill to confront Eggman, your plane will still be


When you land in Station Square (which looks a lot smaller than in Sonic
Adventure, strangely...) you'll find yourself right near the items store.
Stock up on anything you need, and go through the gap between the buildings on
the left. You should see a man nearby who wants to talk.

MISSION - Deliver the Warning!

This genius has left the breakers on at the power plant, so you have to go and
warn his coworkers before they blow everything up. Oh joy. Nearby is a red
stepping stone which you can jump on to reach the rooftops. You'll need a
flying character to reach Chao Egg #1 on the roof. You'll probably notice
Shadow standing around nearby. Jump back down, but stop on the first roof
after the red stepping stone. There's another fly point there to use. Jump
down to the green roof at the other end, and follow the rooftops northeast
over a couple more fly points, and up a ramp to a spring. Use it and then fly
to your left for Chao egg #2.

Jump down and get the rings, then follow the path around to the left to
confront Shadow. You'll fight him (for the second time, if you were hostile in
Mystic Ruins), and then he'll try to get away from you. You'll chase him as
only Sonic, and then have to fight him again alone. Fortunately when you catch
him, you get a free round to hit him in which he can't fight back. Remember,
that's three attacks as Sonic!

MISSION - The Search for Omega

Shadow will join your team after you beat him, as he's looking for Omega and
also trying to get into Metropolis. Follow the path to the left, getting the
rings, and you'll bump into a shield pawn. Be careful fighting these guys, as
they have high defense. This is a good time to use POW moves. Keep following
the path to the left (Ring count: 17), and you'll find a Dragodon to fight.
Where the path curves back around, there's a trail of rings below you that
leads to a cottage (Ring count: 24), where you'll find a worried old man.

MISSION - Timmy's in Trouble!

Timmy's fallen down the well - how cliche. Well, guess you'll have to save
him. There's a path between the bushes just south of you - take it to the left
and you'll find Chao egg #3. Take the path to the right and jump on the
spring. Get the rings and Chao egg #4. Get the rest of the rings (Ring count:
30) and fight the raptor hawk. To the left you'll find another spring which'll
take you to a ledge. Fly from the right edge of it to get egg #5.

Jump down to the ground and follow the main path to a large rock formation
near a billboard. Jump, fly and climb to the top, and you'll find three rings
(Ring count: 33) and a raptor hawk to fight. Jump back down, and go under the
arch on the left. Follow the trail of rings to find the well. Go inside, and
you'll find that Timmy didn't actually need rescuing. Take him with you
anyway. There's also two rings (Ring count: 40) and Chao egg #6 down here.

Take the dash ramp outside, fight the hawks, and follow the trail of rings to
the left. Fly over the gap and take the spring to Chao egg #7. Take the spring
back to the ledge the dash ramp deposited you on, and go to the right end to
find a spot to jump down. Watch out for the shield pawn. Have a word to the
man standing nearby.


This guy is a GUN Official who needs to be escorted back to Station Square. No
problem! Head back that way, getting the rings you missed between there and
the rock formation by the well, and return Timmy to his dad. Be sure you to
choose Sonic's winky chat item when the old man thanks you! ^_^

MISSION - Timmy's in Trouble COMPLETE

Take the main path back towards Station Square, but stop at the bridge where
you added Shadow to your team. You may notice an outhouse standing nearby -
get close enough, and you'll find that it's occupied.

MISSION - Man in the Booth

The guy in there is looking for some reading material, so he asks you to pick
up a copy of the Blue Ridge Times. But later. Cross the bridge, fight the
Dragondon, and follow a path along the rivershore to get some more rings. Go
back and follow the river the other way, getting more rings (Ring count: 62)
and taking the dash ramp. This'll take you to a ledge where you'll find Chao
egg #8 behind a group of boxes on the end. Smash through them to get the egg,
then take the dash ramp to a spring which will take you up to Chao egg #9.

Go back to the area over the bridge, and smash the boxes on the main path to
get access to the power plant. Talk to the guy there to warn him, and get the
rings, then fly over the gap on the left to get some more (Ring count: 71). Go
back to the factory, jump over the ledge on the right, and go all the way
right to find Chao egg #10.

Jump on the spring to get back to the factory, and go back to Station Square.
The GUN Official will thank you and be on his way.


Go back to the guy you talked to when you first got here to finish the power
plant mission.

MISSION - Deliver the Warning COMPLETE

Run to the items store and pick up a copy of the Blue Ridge Times, and take it
back to the outhouse. He'll give you some prune juice as a way of thanking
you. :P

MISSION - Man in the Booth COMPLETE

Head back to where you got Chao egg #9, and follow the rings along the path to
the North and around (Ring count: 81). Be careful you don't miss the two
hiding behind the smoke columns. You may want to save when you get to the end
of the rings, because you'll be confronted by the mysterious Marauder, Shade.
When you beat her, she'll make a roadblock, cutting off your way into
Metropolis. Eggman knows another way though - a cave entrance near where you
picked up your seventh egg. Head back that way and talk to the guy you meet to
begin another switch puzzle.

This one's a bit trickier than some of the other puzzles you've done. There
are six switches, each with a different pattern. A screen above the door will
show you the full pattern you need to open the lock - it's a combination of
some of the other patterns.. You'll need to step on the two switches that
match it.  Each switch shows a different pattern of red boxes. Look at the
screens as grids of 25 squares - 5 by 5. Go to the door first and push the
button to get the first pattern. The easiest figure this out is to start in
corners. If the main screen has any red blocks in the corners, find the
switches with those corners first. Then look where the other blocks are, and
switch to another character to stand on the switch with the same patterns.
You'll have to match the main screen three times - first with two characters
on switches, then three, then four.

Once the puzzle is complete and the door is open, make sure you've done
everything you want to do here, as well as in Green Hill, Central City, and
Mystic Ruins. Once you go through that door, there's no going back (until you
defeat the final boss in Chapter 10, and get to start at the beginning with
Sonic at whatever level you've gotten him up to by then). If you're ready,
begin Chapter Five!

MISSION - A Wolf in the Shadows COMPLETE

Your total for Blue Ridge Zone should be:

RINGS: 81/81
CHAO EGGS: 10/10

A Wolf in the Shadows
Deliver the Warning!
Timmy's in Trouble!
GUN Escort
Man in the Booth

The Search for Omega



MISSION - The Battle for Angel Island

Talk to Knuckles first, who's kind of freaking out about the fact that he's no
longer the last of his kind. After you chat, go over and talk to Tails to
discuss battle plans. You'll have to split your team in two - Sonic and
Knuckles will be on team one, and Tails and Eggman will be on team two. You're
free to add any other two characters to each team that you wish. I would
suggest putting Amy on Tails' team, and a flyer on Sonic's team that can at
least handle level II.

You'll begin with Sonic's team, with the objective of getting to Angel Island
before the Marauders do. Go to the far right of the tunnel for Chao egg #1,
then go up the stairs and outside.

You'll switch to Tails' team now. Take the downward fork in the tunnel, and go
through the door. In the next tunnel, you will find the weapon part you are
seeking in the first room to the left, as well as an item box. There's another
item box in the tunnel to the left, past the shield pawn patrolling, but it
you don't get it now, you can always get it when you switch back to Tails'
team. Once you find the weapon, you switch back to Sonic and Knuckles.

You'll find yourself out on the streets of the city, with the aim of stowing
airboard one of the airships about to leave. Climb the wall to your left, and
get the rings up there (Ring count: 8). Head around to the far left and grab
the item box. Then go around to the back of the platform, and fly up several
boxes to a spring. It will take you to egg #2.

Jump back down to the rooftop, and run around the top to a red ramp on the
right for some more rings (Ring count: 11). Then jump down to the next rooftop
for Chao egg #3. Go back down to the ground, and go up the stairs on the right
for some rings and Chao egg #4.

Go back down the stairs and head upwards, following the trail of rings, and
fight the gun pawn on the left. Behind him you'll find more rings, and Chao
egg #5. Continue north for awhile to find more rings, and a wall you can climb
to reach Chao egg #6.

To your left you'll see your target - the airbase. If you wish to change your
teammates (other than Sonic and Knuckles), now's the time to go back to the
stronghold and do it. If you don't, you're stuck with those four until this
chapter's boss. If you go up the path beside the ramp leading up to it, you'll
find an itembox you can take at the end. Go up the ramp and get the rings
(Ring count: 36), fight the Marauder, and climb the wall to infiltrate the

You'll switch back to Tails' team now, with the objective of finding the other
part you need for your weapon. Get the item box at the bottom of the tunnel if
you didn't before, and then head for the exit on the right.

Outside, start by heading onto the roof of the door you just came out by
jumping and flying up the boxes on the left. Go back down, and up the ramp to
the left. Take the upward path and use the spring to grab three rings, then
fly to a platform with three more rings, and from there to another platform
with three rings (Ring count: 45). Ignore the path leading down - it will just
take you back to the south side of the city that you explored with Sonic and

Go back to the previous platform, and you can fly back to where you were. Go
up the ramp nearby for rings and an item box, where you'll find the weapon
part you need. You need to take it to the lab in the south part of the city,
but there's more work to do here first. Back down the ramp, you'll find Chao
egg #7.

Go back down onto the main part of the rooftop, and on the left side you'll
find a man to talk to. He'll activate a switch puzzle for you to figure out.
Get the rings first, then turn your attention to the puzzle. There are four
switches involved - one for each character to use. Use Tails (or any other
flyer with you) to go up the ramp in the lower left corner, to the yellow
switch, and from there, fly to the platform where the red switch is. Then
position one of your characters at the yellow switch, and one at the blue
switch on the right side. Leave your fouth character at the switch where you

This character should flip that switch to begin the puzzle. You'll be shown
three lights - yellow, red and blue. Four lights will be flashed - what you
need to do is remember the pattern and push the corresponding switches in the
same order. Get the combination right, and you'll be shown another sequence,
this time with five lights. You'll then have to remember a sequence with six
lights. Once you get that one right, an escalator will be put into place next
to the red switch.

At the top of the escalator you will find three rings (Ring count: 57) and a
Marauder to fight. Take the fly point on the right side to find Chao egg #8.
Follow the trail of rings around, fly over the gap, and get more rings (Ring
count: 65). You'll find a pair of boxes at the end of this ledge, which you
can smash to get back down to the rooftop, if you brought Amy with you. If
not, fly back the way you came and you'll end up on the roof of the airbase.
You can make your way back to the tunnels to get back to the north side of the
city from here.

Get back up to the top of the elevator, and take the fly point on the left
this time. This will take you to a platform with two fly points on the left.
Take the top one to reach a ledge with some rings (Ring count: 70), and a
doorway leading inside to where you'll find Omega. You'll have to fight some
drones first, then reactivate Omega, and you'll be able to select him any time
you go back to your stonghold.

MISSION - The Search for Omega COMPLETE

Go back outside to the fans, and you'll find another fly point. Take it up to
some pipes which you can jump up to get to Chao egg #9. Go back to the top of
the escalator, and fly to the tower on the left. Jump to the ledge below you,
and you'll find two fly points - one on the left, and one on the right. Take
the left one to reach Chao egg #10, and five rings (Ring count: 77). Fly over
the railing on the right, and follow the ring trail (Ring count: 82). 

Jump down to the rooftop, and get the item box, Chao egg #11 and three rings
near the spring. Now you should go to the weapons lab (the star you can see on
the map). Head over there, and you'll switch to Sonic's team.


This area is still considered a part of Metropolis. Get the last two rings
(Ring count: 85) and take out the Marauders aboard. The leader at the bridge
will sound an alarm, resulting in a group of Marauders taking out your weapons


Switching back to Tails' team, your new objective is to get to the cannon to
give Sonic some ground support. It's near where you found the last two Chao
eggs. Go back up the escalator and to the tower on the left. Jump down to the
ledge, and this time take the right fly point. Now's a good time to save -
when you approach the cannon, you'll be attacked by a guardian robot. Once you
defeat it, you'll switch back to Sonic's team.

Your total for Metropolis should be:

RINGS: 85/85
CHAO EGGS: 11/11

The Search for Omega

The Battle for Angel Island


The Marauders have already beaten you to the shrine. You have to get there and
stop them from taking the Master Emerald. Get the five rings you're standing
near, and fly across the two islands on your left to get Chao egg #1. Fly back
and jump down to the ledge on the right to get another ring and an item box.
Climb the wall and get the rings, fighting any Marauders that get close. Get
Chao egg #2 on the rock to the left by taking the spring, and get the three
rings nearby (Ring count: 13).

Follow the path to the right, over a bridge, and get the rings. Climb the wall
to get two more rings and Chao egg #3. Get the rings on the right, and an item
box. Jump down from the ledge for more rings (Ring count: 26) and to fight a
Marauder. Smash through the boxes on the left, and follow the path. You'll
find more rings and Marauders to fight. When you get to the boxes, smash
through them and follow the ring trail to the right. Jump over the creek to
where the rings are, and jump from there to Chao egg #4.

Get the rings up on the brick ledge on the right, and from there fly to the
left ledge where you can get two more rings and an item box. The spring will
take you to a dash ramp, and that will take you to the shrine. You may want to
save here before you grab the last two rings and confront the Marauders - or,
as they call themselves, the Nocturnus. You'll have to fight four Nocturnus,
then you'll switch to Tails' team again.

Your total for Angel Island should be:

RINGS: 50/50


Get down to your Stonghold, and you'll prepare for travel to Angel Island.


You'll have to face another four Marauders here before Tails and Eggman arrive
to join the fight. Now you can choose any of your team of ten to fight the
Nocturnus leader, Ix, and two regular Nocturnus grunts. I'd recommend Omega on
your team - his beam cannon does excellent damage. Take out Ix first, as he
can revive the Nocturnus grunts should you knock them out first. Once you
defeat Ix, you've completed chapter five!

MISSION - The Battle for Angel Island COMPLETE

The Battle for Angel Island




You'll find yourself in the ruins of Metropolis, with your new teammate Shade
superglued to you. Pick two more characters for your team (I recommend Amy and
a level III flyer), and prepare to go in search of the three generators you
need to switch on.

From where you are, get the ring on the left, and Chao egg #1 which is just
past it. Go back, get the two rings on the grass, and use the fly point. Jump
down to the hole in the roof and go inside. Get the ring, turn on the
generator, and leave. Go back to the starting point, and jump down to the
ramp. Get the two rings, and then find the fly point on the right and use it 
to get the ring.

Fly back, jump over the gap in the ramp, and follow the ring trail to the
ground. Take the trail on the left, and get the rings (Ring count: 13). Turn
around and go right until you find Eggman's headless statue, then follow the
ring trail under it. You'll have your first encounter with a Bomb Pawn on the
way. Go down into the bottom right corner of the path, and enter the building.
There's another ring and generator inside - switch it on and head back

Keep following the ring trail left, and you'll go past your stronghold where
you can change your team and replenish your health, if you want. Get the rest
of the rings on the left, and go up the climbing wall of the building on the
far left for three rings (Ring count: 27) and Chao egg #2.

Go up the ramp above where you activated the second generator, getting the
rings (Ring count: 36) that lead to a door. Inside you'll find Chao egg #3,
and the third generator. Switch it on, and Tails will ask you to retrieve
Eggman's dimensional buffer from the Hazard Vault. Luckily, that's pretty
close by. Go back outside and jump up the springs to a door. Inside, follow
the rings past a bomb pawn (Ring count: 40) and into the Hazard Vault, where
you'll have to fight a robotic Eggman (you may want to save before you go in).
Beat it to get the dimensional buffer.

In the bottom right corner of the Hazard Vault, you'll find Chao egg #4 and an
item box behind a row of boxes that only Amy can smash through. Go back
outside and up the dash ramp, getting the rings. That takes you to a spring
which gives you access to Chao egg #5 and the last three rings (Ring count:
45). Now take the dimensional buffer to Tails, and you're ready to go after Ix.


Your total for Metropolis Ground Zero should be:

RINGS: 45/45

Black Hole Sun



MISSION - Journey into the Unknown

The next part of your quest begins on the Kron homeworld, where you'll be
immediately thrown into battle against a Kron. You'll probably find out pretty
quickly that your regular attacks don't do a lot of damage against these guys
- not entirely surprising, considering that they're made of rock. You'll need
to rely on your POW moves a lot here, so you may want to take Cream along with
you. After the battle, go back inside the Cyclone and talk to Rouge.

MISSION - Secret Operations

Rouge is on a secret assignment to bring GUN back any Nocturnus tech she can
find. And by she, I mean you. After battling any Nocturnus or gizoid, there's
a chance you'll get some tech as a reward after the battle. You may have
already picked some up. If so, hand it over to Rouge. Give her five pieces,
and she'll give you some items and experience points. There's no sure way to
tell when you'll get some, so the best advice I can give you is to fight
Nocturnus any oppurtunity you get, and to equip Bobo to one of your party,
which will give you an extra item after every battle. That increases your
chances of getting some tech.

Leave the ship (you'll need Amy on your team) and head out to your right. There
are three rings and a Kron to battle nearby, and to the north, a ramp that
leads to Chao egg #1. It's blocked by boxes that only Amy can smash through.

Head along the path going south, getting the rings (Ring count: 11), and
you'll be confronted by a Kron who believes you're Nocturnus. After you defeat
him, he'll advise you to speak with the Kron foreman. As it's your only way of
getting the Chaos Emerald you need to leave this world, that's a pretty good

Head to your right first though - you'll find a trail of rings (Ring count: 15)
leading to Chao egg #2. To the north from the egg you'll find a cave, which you
should enter. Inside you'll meet Nestor the Wise, a fabled echidna scholar and

MISSION - Relics of the Past

Nestor was banished from the Nocturnus for speaking out against Ix (much like
Shade was), and is feeling somewhat lonely. He wants you to bring him back any
Nocturnus relics that you may pick up during your journey through the Twilight

Leave Nestor's cave, and head back to where you fought the Kron who pointed you
towards the foreman. Just left of there is a pit with four rings and Chao egg
#3. Go into the cave on the left, and use Amy to smash through the boxes. Beat
up the Kron, get the rings, and go around to the ledge on the right for Chao 
egg #4. Go through the door at the end, get the rings (Ring count: 28) and go
through the next door.

Outside you'll find a Nocturnus roaming around, and three rings just south of
you. Follow the path right as far as you can, getting the rings (Ring count:
37) and Chao egg #5. Back track to the previous fork in the path, and take the
path upwards. There's another Kron to fight, then just follow the path to the
end, fighting more Marauders and gathering rings (Ring count: 43). Talk to the
Kron at the end of the path, and he'll let you into the cave to speak to the

Follow the ring trail through the cave towards foreman Krag at the end (Ring
count: 51). He needs your help to liberate the Kron from Ix's forces. The
Nocturnus have taken over Krag's factory, and set up a forcefield to stop the
Kron from entering. Your job is to get inside and take that forcefield down.
Leave the cave - but you may want to have a word with the first Kron you go
past on the way out. He's the storekeeper for this world, and has some
exciting new items on offer. Med emitter and refresher wave are both
particularly useful, restoring a decent amount of your entire party's HP or

Go back to the cave you used to get to this path, but take the path leading up
from it this time. Go all the way along the path to get some rings (Ring
count: 57) and Chao egg #6. Nearby is a spring that will take you up to your
next puzzle. Talk to the Kron standing around at the top to activate it.

Get Sonic to stand at the end of the platform, where the dash icon appears.
Have your other three characters stand at each of the switches, and push them
once. Then get Sonic to dash, and he'll probably run head first into the first
crusher and fall over. Switch to the character at the blue switch and push it
again, then try Sonic's dash again. If you get through, you'll probably be
stopped by the next crusher. Get the character at the yellow switch to change
it until Sonic can run under that one too, then change the red switch as
necessary. In my experience, the combination changes every time, but each
button uses a different pattern.

After you get off the conveyor belt, you'll find Chao egg #7 nearby. Follow the
path around, and you'll bump into a gizoid. These guys can be annoying - you'll
find them using your own POW attacks against you. You'll come to a fork in the
path - take the right path to get rings, another gizoid fight, and Chao egg #8
hiding behind some boxes (Ring count: 64).

Go back to the fork and take the other path. Get some rings and fight the
gizoid, then go through the door. Jump off the ledge and get the rings on the
lower ledge, then circle back and go through the door. Inside you'll find two
rings (Ring count: 75) and the forcefield you need to switch off. Once you turn
it off, go through the top door and meet foreman Krag. He'll now be allies with
you, meaning no Kron will attack you any more. There will be Nocturnus in their
place, but if you're looking for tech for Rouge, that suits your purposes

Go through the door on the right into the factory. Follow the path around,
fighting any Nocturnus you meet on the way, and take the left path when you
reach the fork. You'll find an item box that has one of the Nocturnus relics
Nestor wanted inside. Go back and take the right fork, getting the last of the
rings (Ring count: 80) and the first Chaos Emerald.

Now that you have the Chaos Emerald, you can explore other territories. Head
back to the Cyclone and you're done with the Kron for now, but you may want
to stop by Nestor's cave first, and give him the Relic you found. You should
also give Rouge any Nocturnus tech you have gathered. When you're ready, go to
the computer and fly to N'rrgal Colony.

MISSION - Journey into the Unknown COMPLETE

Your total for Kron Colony should be:

RINGS: 80/80

Journey into the Unknown

Secret Operations?
Relics of the Past



MISSION - Sector Scylla

Pick a team to explore this world (you'll need Big for this one, and I'd
recommend Amy too, for one of the eggs), and head outside. Your ship will
instantly be set upon by a group of N'rrgal drones. They don't damage the ship
at all, but they do take away its power. You get to choose what to do here.
If you don't want to battle, you can just let them be. Alternatively, if you
walk over to them you can battle them anyway. But if you choose in your
conversation to fight them, they'll mutate into N'rrgal warriors before the
battle begins, which have over twice as much HP as the drones do.

Go down the ramp and you'll immediately be approached by a drone, who'll tell
you that you need to go and have a word with the Queen. Sounds fair enough...
in a threatening sort of way. Take the path around to the right first, and
get the rings on the ledge going right. Jump off the ledge at the end to get
Chao egg #1, then run through the slime and up the ramp, getting two more

Go back towards the start, and take the upper path. You'll come across an
electrical beam that only Big can get past. Go through, and take the right
path. Follow the rings around, and you'll come across a large N'rrgal not
doing anything in particular, just standing there. Have a word of her.

MISSION - Poisoned the N'rrgal Supply

There's a problem with the spawning ponds - they're being poisoned somehow,
and the N'rrgal are blaming their longtime enemies, the Zoah. You're being
asked to investigate the source of the poisoning and stop it. First, head
around to the right, through the electricity. Get the ring (Ring count: 8) and
Chao egg #2.

Go down to the spring near by and bounce up to the ledge. Get the rings up
here (Ring count: 15) and fight the N'rrgal if you want. Then jump back down
to where the spring is, and take the upper path leading around to the left.
Get the rings and fight the N'rrgal. Ignore the spring - instead, go back to
the ramp and go down it. Down here you'll find rings (Ring count: 27), an item
box containing the second Nocturne relic, a N'rrgal to fight, and Chao egg #3.

Go back up the ramp, and jump down into the slime pit nearby which has a
spring in it. Get the rings, and follow the path along to the left, where
you'll come across some N'rrgal spawn to fight... spawn that are strangely
black. After the battle, Tails will notice that the spawn didn't seem quite
right. Follow the path along to the left and into a cave, and you'll find the
source - a Swatbot that somehow got here. Take it down, and you'll find a
strange tablet.

MISSION - The Argus Event

You should take this to Nestor the next time you're able to get back to Kron
Colony. In the meantime, you've destroyed the source of the poisoning. Take
the item box and return to the N'rrgal who wanted you to find the poisoning to
finish the mission.

MISSION - Poisoning the N'rrgal Supply COMPLETE

Go back to the ship, and take the path around to the left. Follow the path of
rings around past a N'rrgal warrior to a dash ramp (Ring count: 37). Dash
across, then go through the beam to the left, around and into the cave. Inside
you'll find the N'rrgal Queen, who'd like a word. She has a Chaos Emerald that
she's willing to give you, but she wants you to do something first. Their
enemies, the Zoah, have a secret weapon she's worried about. If you can bring
it back to her, the Emerald is yours.

Leave the cave, and follow the path around to the right, getting the rings.
You'll come across a N'rrgal just hanging around, who'll mention that Shadow
has been zooming around, if he's not on your team. This N'rrgal will give you
a side mission later, so remember where he is. Go past him, and use Amy to
smash through the box blocking your access to Chao egg #4.

Keep going along the path, smash through the boxes at the other end, and get
the last of the rings (Ring count: 45). Then go back to the Queen's cave, and
take the spring outside to reach Chao egg #5. Use the spring on that ledge, and
go back to the ship. You'll find that while the power has been restored, the
nav computer has been meddled with, allowing you to go to only one place -
Zoah Colony. Well, you'd better get going.

Your total for N'rrgal Colony should be:

RINGS: 45/45

Poisoned the N'rrgal Supply

Secret Operations?
Sector Scylla
Relics of the Past
The Argus Event


Pick a team (bring a decent flyer) and head down the ramp, where you'll be
confronted by a Zoah brute who isn't exactly thrilled by your arrival. You'll
battle, of course. Once you win, head down the ramp and you'll see a Zoah
hanging around, who'll warn you of the Nightstalker.

MISSION - The Nightstalker
MISSION - The Nightstalker: Haniman

Some sort of monster is terrorising the Zoah population. You need to talk to
more Zoah to find out what's going on. Get the rings and avoid the cannon in
the corner - it will shoot out lasers that drain your HP if they hit. You may
want to have Rouge or Shade on your team, as they can use stealth and avoid
being spotted by the cannons. I don't personally find it that useful, but
that's just my opinion.

Head around the corner and get the rings surrounding the building near the
cannon, and talk to Zoah nearby on the corner. This one will mention pirates
wreaking havoc around the Twilight Cage. Talk to him a few more times, and
he'll also mention the Nightstalker, and someone named Telra.

MISSION - Pirates of the Twilight Cage
MISSION - The Nightstalker: Telra

Go around the corner to the item store, fighting the Zoah and getting the
rings (Ring count: 14). If you want to stock up on items, now's a good time.
Go back to the Zoah you last spoke with, and go down the ramp near him and
through the door on the left. There's a Zoah inside to fight, and an item box.

Back outside, there's another Zoah you can talk to and get information out of.
You can question him to get more information on the pirates, the Nightstalker,
and also General Raxos and the secret weapon. Get as much information out of
him as you can, then go up and around the corner, getting the rings, to find
Haniman. Talk to him about the charms and the Nightstalker until you're
attacked by what turns out to be just a hologram of a Dragodon. As a bonus,
you'll get another Precursor tablet that you can take back to Nestor later.

MISSION - The Nightstalker COMPLETE
MISSION - The Nightstalker: Telra COMPLETE
MISSION - The Nightstalker: Haniman COMPLETE

Keep going around, go through the door, and get the rings and the item box
inside. Outside, you'll find a few more rings (Ring count: 24), and Chao egg
#1 on the left.

Go down the path, around and down to a doorway. There are three rings inside,
and another item box. Outside, follow the path around to the right, along the
ledge, getting the rings and going through the door. This will take you to
Chao egg #2 (Ring count: 37). Go back to the fork in the path and go left. Get
the couple of rings, and go through the door above you. There's another Zoah to
fight inside, as well as an item box containing the third Nocturne relic.

Go around to the left and get the rings, and go through the door on the right.
There's a Zoah inside to fight, and four rings (Ring count: 48). Go back
outside, and take the ramp on the left. Get the rings up here (Ring count:
51). Right at the top of the ramp you'll find a fly point. Use it, and then
take the next fly point to get to the roof of the citadel. In the corner
you'll find Chao egg #3.

Jump down from the roof, and run over to the other end of this area to find a
dash ramp. Use it, and you'll be bounced around to a roof. Jump down from
there to get the last four rings (Ring count: 55), and Chao egg #4.

Now to get the Chaos Emerald. There are two ways to go about this - when you
approach the guard at the door of the citadel, you can choose what to say. If
you say that you want to issue a challenge and apply for citizenship, then
you'll be taken directly to the major battle. If you say you want the Chaos
Emerald, then you'll have to take a detour to get there. It involves fighting
more Zoah along the way, as well as solving a puzzle (Beware, it involves
maths!), but you'll also get more item boxes on the way.

If you want to fight the guard, then after the battle go over to the Zoah
standing by the dash ramp that took you to egg #4. He'll activate the puzzle
for you, which only requires two of your party. This puzzle took me awhile to
figure out - thanks to both Evildarknight and SpacePirateKhan for taking the 
time to explain it for me.

You'll be given an example first - 9, 1, 4, 6. The number on the right, 6, is
bigger than the other three. What you're looking at is a mathematical equation
- three numbers that when added and subtracted together properly, will give
you the answer in the fourth circle. 9 + 1 - 4 = 6. Make one character stand
on the switch on the left. Three new numbers will appear - perhaps 8, 2, and
7. Have your second character stand next to the other switch and push it.
Numbers will scroll in the answer circle. To complete the puzzle, you need to
hit the switch when the answer the other three numbers add up to appears. So
if you have 8, 2, and 7, then the answer you want is 3: 8 + 2 - 7 = 3.

The door will unlock, and you'll be able to enter the citadel. Go around to
the right where you'll have to fight a Zoah. When you get to the intersection,
you'll find an item box on the left. The upper path leads to another Zoah and
item box. Take the right path next, dodging the lasers from the cannons, and
you'll find the second Chaos Emerald. Of course, taking it isn't that easy.
You'll be teleported into an arena where you instantly get into a fight, so
you may want to save before you approach the Chaos Emerald.

If you issued the challenge at the door, then this is where you come in at.
Issuing the challenge rather than fighting the guard at the door gives you the
chance to run around the arena and gather the items in the boxes before you
fight, as well as to save before you begin. You'll start with one single Zoah
to fight, then another two right after the single. (You come in after those
two battles if you fought the guard at the door)

Then you'll have to fight the champion - a Zoah commander - and two brutes.
Once you beat them, you have to face General Raxos in a one on one battle as
Sonic. The idea may be confronting, but if you can use axe kick well by now,
you should be fine. Beat Raxos, and you'll win the Chaos Emerald. You'll be
taken back outside, and are allowed to select your team members again. If you
want, you can go back inside the citadel for any item boxes you missed before.
You'll have to complete the number puzzle to get back in though, if you didn't
fight the guard at the door before.

You'll find that the Zoah brutes are gone and that the cannons will not fire
at you any more. Nocturnus and gizoids are hanging around instead, which is
good news if you're looking for more Nocturnus tech for Rouge. Head back to the
ship by way of the ramp just north of the citadel. At the end of that platform
is a dash ramp that will take you to Chao egg #5.

Jump down from the ledge and head into the ship. The N'rrgal programmed the
ship for a return journey, so for the moment, the only place you can fly to is
N'rrgal Colony.

Your total for Zoah Colony should be:

RINGS: 55/55

The Nightstalker
The Nightstalker: Telra
The Nightstalker: Haniman

Secret Operations?
Sector Scylla
Pirates of the Twilight Cage
Relics of the Past
The Argus Event


You may want to have a word with Shadow before you head out, about his running
around when not on your team. It doesn't result in a side quest or anything,
but it's interesting. Pick your team - don't forget Big - and head out. You
won't get far before the N'rrgal Queen bounds up, eager to hear how you went.
When she sees that you've taken the Chaos Emerald from the Zoah, she'll hand
hers over too. Sweet! Now the N'rrgal will no longer fight you, but again,
you'll have Nocturnus and gizoids to deal with.

Use the dash ramp in the lower left corner, and go over to speak with the
N'rrgal near where you got Chao egg #4 (top right corner of the map). He'll
complain about the pirates raiding their shipments, so you can offer to
deliver the shipment to Kron yourself.

MISSION - Pirates: The N'rrgal Shipment

You'll be given the shipment deliver. With no other pressing business here for
the moment, you should now return to the ship, and head for Kron Colony.

Sector Scylla

Secret Operations?
Pirates of the Twilight Cage
Pirates: N'rrgal Shipment
Relics of the Past
The Argus Event

Before you're even given a chance to put in your destination, the pirates will
come to raid your ship. Pick your team, and give them a good thrashing. You'll
get a Precursor tablet out of them when you win - which should be the third
you've found so far. Now go to the computer and select Kron Colony.


First, head down to Nestor's cave and deliver the Nocturne relics and
Precursor tablets to him. Then head for the item store (where you met with
foreman Krag) to deliver the N'rrgal shipment. You need to take it to the
first Kron you see when you enter the cave.

MISSION - Pirates of the Twilight Cage COMPLETE

Now return to the ship and go back to N'rrgal Colony.

MISSIONS COMPLETED: Pirates of the Twilight Cage

Secret Operations?
Pirates: N'rrgal Shipment
Relics of the Past
The Argus Event


Return to the shopkeeper and take the payment back to him to complete the

MISSION - Pirates: N'rrgal Shipment COMPLETE

Head back to the ship and plug in the coordinates for Voxai Colony.

Pirates: N'rrgal Colony

Secrets Operations?
Relics of the Past
The Argus Event




Pick your team (you'll need someone who can use teleport - either Shadow or
Shade) and head out of the ship. Get the rings up here and jump down. You'll
notice Voxai hovering around, but they're peaceful for the moment so you don't
need to worry about them battling you if they get close. In fact, you'll find
that they don't have much on their minds at all if you try speaking to them.
If you talk to three of them, it will become clear that they're under some sort
of mind control.

If you go through the door on the left, you'll be confronted by a Voxai who
does want to battle - note that the peaceful ones are purple, and the angry
ones are red. Get the item box in here and leave. Go south from here to get
some rings and Chao egg #1. Follow the rings around to the item shop (Ring
count: 8) and stock up on anything you need.

Go back around to your ship, and get the rings to the right - follow the trail
around to the dash ramp. You'll see Chao egg #2 inside a large pink crystal
nearby. Switch to your teleporting character and you can go inside to get it.
In the house on the right, you'll find Chao egg #3.

Back outside, go to the little blue stone next to the dash ramp you can use -
it'll teleport you to an island in the bottom right corner (you don't need to
use your teleporting character). From that island, take the next teleporter,
get the rings (Ring count: 19), and jump up onto the ledge. Go into the house
on the left and open the item box to find your fourth Nocturne relic.

Back outside, you'll find another pink crystal you can teleport into for Chao
egg #4. Get the rings, go inside the next house, and get the item box. Outside
this house is a Voxai you should talk to.

MISSION - Overmind Interference

Croesus has been cut off from the Overmind, and asks you to investigate the
lurking Nocturnus for him. Go down to where the rings are (Ring count: 25),
and take the teleporter here to reach an island where you'll find Chao egg #5,
and the meddling Nocturnus. Beat them up, then take the teleporter back to
where you started.

Go back to the dash ramp in the corner of the map and use it to meet Thebes,
who'll invite you to discuss what to do next at his home. Get the rings at the
bottom of this cliff, and take the teleporter to the next cliff, right next to
the one with Thebes' home. You can't reach it from here though. Get the rings
(Ring count: 35), and jump across to the mainland. Use the teleporter near the
dash ramp, and go have another chat with Croesus.

MISSION - Overmind Interference COMPLETE

Use the dash ramp nearby to get to Thebes' house. Grab the last ring nearby
(Ring count: 45), 
and go inside. Grab the fourth precursor tablet from the
item box, then talk to Thebes to discuss how you'll grab the Chaos Emeralds.
Unfortunately, your plans are interrupted when Thebes' friends are
assimilated, and you'll be forced to fight them.

Head back to the dash ramp that will take you to the Alpha transporter (top
right corner of the map). You'll find that the Voxai have been turned against
you now, and are an angry red colour. They'll battle you now, should you run
into them, but they're easy enough to avoid.

You may want to save before you use the dash ramp, because once you get to the
transporter you'll be launched into battle against Thelxe, a high-level Voxai
operative, and two others. Thebes will give you their Great Emerald once you
win, as well as the teleporter code to allow you to go to Colony Alpha. If you
need to switch your team, now's the time to do it. On Alpha, you'll need a
teleporter and a flyer, and you'll have an easier time if you take a climber
and Amy as well (This might be a good time for me to point out that Shade has
both teleport and climb). Once you're ready, approach the transporter and let
'er rip!

Your total for Voxai Colony Beta should be:

RINGS: 45/45

Overmind Interference

Secret Operations?
Sector Charybdis
Relcis of the Past
The Argus Event


Begin by teleporting off the ledge on your left into the pink crystal,
teleporting out on the ledge, and jumping down to grab Chao egg #1. Jump down
and run around to the right, where you'll find a hostile Voxai ready to fight.
You won't be finding many friendly Voxai here, I'm afraid.

Run back to the start, getting the rings, and teleport off the ledge on the
left again. Teleport out, get the rings, and fly to the next ledge. Get the
rings (Ring count: 11) and fight (or dodge, whichever you prefer) the Voxai.
Jump up the ledge, and follow the path around to the left. Teleport down to
the next area, and you'll find Chao egg #2 in another one of those pink
crystals you can teleport into nearby.

Follow the path down, getting the rings (Ring count: 16), and near the bottom
of the map there's a pink crystal with a spring to teleport into. Go inside,
and it will bounce you to Chao egg #3. Jump back to the mainland, and teleport
into the pink crystal on the right. From there, you can teleport to another
crystal right of there for egg #4.

Teleport back to the left, and grab the item box in the corner to find the
fifth and final Nocturne relic. Then follow the rings to a box Amy can smash
to reach Chao egg #5. Go around and use the dash ramp, then teleport into the
pink crystal. Go down the path and teleport into the next crystal to get Chao
egg #6.

Get the rings nearby (Ring count: 23) and go through the doorway in the ramp
to get an itembox. Go back up to the top of the ramp, and get the rings in the
area (Ring count: 29). On the right, you'll find the first docile Voxai you've
seen on Alpha. Talk to him to begin another puzzle. Have one of your characters
hit the switch, and the other three go to the switches down the hill.

The key to solving this puzzle is by counting the number of times the lights
flash. One of the colours will light up - if it flashes once, then have your
character standing on that switch push it. If it flashes twice, then don't
push anything. Each time you get the button pushing or non-pushing right, the
number will count down from ten by one. Once you get down to zero, you'll now
be able to access the arena in the middle of the map - which will be the only
dark area left on the map to you by now.

If you have a climber with you, you can save yourself some time and effort by
using the climb wall nearby to get back to the start. Then you just run to the
left edge of that ledge and jump down. If you came here without Knuckles or
Shade, you'll have to go all the way back around. If you go to the bottom of
the dash ramp and through the doorway again, you can teleport back into the
pink crystal where you found Chao egg #4. Go back around the ledges until you
find a place to jump down in the arena - but it's boss time again, so you may
want to save.

You'll now be pitted against three Overmind Voxai, who hold the Chaos Emeralds
you're looking for. Beat them up, take the Emeralds, and then go to the bottom
of this area to get the last six rings (Ring count: 35). Okay, now you're done
here. Go back through the transporter to Colony Beta, and head back to Kron

MISSION - Sector Charybdis COMPLETE

Your total for Voxai Colony Alpha should be:

RINGS: 35/35

Sector Charybdis

Secret Operations?
Relics of the Past
The Argus Event



MISSION - Citadel Showdown

The time has come to attack Ix, but without the cooperation of the four alien
races you've met in the Twilight Cage, it will never happen. But first, there
are a few pending missions you might as well finish. Head to Nestor's cave
and hand over the remaining relics and precursor tablets you've gathered.
You'll get a nice, healthy dosage of experience points in return!

MISSION - Relics of the Past COMPLETE

Now head over to Krag's cave and sit in on the Twilight Congress. Convince the
groups to work together, and you've just bought yourself a ticket to Nocturne.
You won't be able to get back once you leave, so now is the time to stock up
on any items you want to buy - and the storekeeper just happens to be in this
same cave. 

Head back to the ship once the meeting's finished. If you haven't finished
Rouge's mission yet, now's probably the best time to do that. There are plenty
of Nocturnus around - just fight them until you get the amount of tech you
need, then go back to the ship and talk to Rouge.

MISSION - Secret Operations COMPLETE

Talk to Tails when you're ready, and you're off to the final level.

Secret Operations
Relics of the Past
The Argus Event

Citadel Showdown


Touch down on Nocturne, and you'll be confronted by two gizoid prefects, who
happen to have the last two Chaos Emeralds you need. Knuckles wants to split
your team up again, so pick two to go with Sonic and Tails, and another two to
go with Knuckles and Shade. You don't need to worry about map exploring
abilities - the ones already on each team should have everything you need, so
concentrate on who you want to be battling with.

You start with Sonic's team. Get the rings and cross the bridge, fighting or
avoiding the Nocturnus as you please. You might notice the Nocturnus here are
a bit tougher than those you've fought before. You need to go through the door
on the left, but you'll find it locked. Go through the other door where
another Nocturnus will jump you. Follow the rings around to a switch (Ring
count: 12), turn it on, and jump onto the ledge to grab the item box. Then go
back outside, and through the door you unlocked.

You'll switch to Knuckles' team now. Follow the rings to a fly point (Ring
count: 17). You can't go any further for the moment though, and you'll switch
back to Sonic. A Nocturnus will come charging at you, so fight or dodge him
and get the rings down here, then use the spring to jump onto the ledge.
There's a red arrow nearby, next to a deactivated gizoid. It's a doorway you
can go through. Outside you'll find a fly point which Tails can use to get to
Chao egg #1 and two rings (Ring count: 25). Fly back to the start from there,
and go through the door on the left again. This time ignore the spring, and
follow the path around to the right past a gizoid and outside. Collect the
rings and Chao egg #2, then go to your left and get those rings (Ring count:
32) and go through the door.

Get the rings in this room, and you'll find Chao egg #3 on a platform on the
left side of the room. Tails can fly up and get it. Then go back to the door
you just came through and go outside again. A Nocturnus will charge at you
when you go through the door. After the fight, go around to your left, getting
the rings (Ring count: 41) and then flip the switch to help Knuckles out.

Fly over the gap as Knuckles (or any other flyer you brought), and deal with
the Nocturnus on the other side. There's an item box inside the building, if
you want it. A gizoid will get in your way if you go in though. Go back out
the way you came and get the rings, then fly over the gap to get more rings
(Ring count: 46) and Chao egg #4.

You might want to take a moment to save here. Then climb the wall you're
standing next to. At the top, some gizoid centurions will confront you. You'll
probably notice how sparkly they are - they have forcefields that you're
unable to penetrate except with POW moves. Use them if you want, but all you
really have to do for this battle is wait them out. After two rounds, you'll
come to the conclusion that they're unstopable, and radio Tails for help.

Switching back to Sonic's team, you need to go back through the first door you
come to. There's a deactivated gizoid nearby that you need to inspect. Tails
wants to find more of them though, so start with the one on the other side of
the room, next to where you found egg #3. Then go through the doorway nearby
and down the stairs. You'll find yourself on the ledge with the door that took
you to the first egg. There's another gizoid nearby to look at. The last one
you need is found by jumping down from the ledge, and going down the passage
on the right.

You'll switch back to Knuckles' team, and now that the gizoids have no shields
it will be a fairer fight. Fly over the gap on your left, where there's
another Nocturnus to fight. Follow the rings to a climbing wall, and go up.
There's a gizoid up here, guarding Chao egg #5 and several rings. Follow the
ring trail around to your right, past a climbing wall, and to a doorway. Go
through the door and it will take you to a path with more rings (Ring count:
63), and another gizoid to face. Go back to the climbing wall and climb up
to confront Scylla. Don't worry about saving - you switch back to Sonic's team
before the battle begins.

Head outside now, back to the point where you flipped the switch earlier to
help Knuckles. There's a dash ramp nearby which will take you to Chao egg #6, 
but make sure you're happy with your team before you use it, as you will be
unable to return to the Cyclone once you pass this point. Get the rings near
where the gizoid is patrolling, then use the next dash ramp. Get the rings
here and deal with the gizoid, then go up the ramp and inside.

Charyb is here to confront you, and rather unsportingly floods the building
with water. Whilst underwater your PP will decrease until empty, and then your
HP will follow suit. Also, you won't be able to use POW moves in battle. Go
left along the corridor, and you'll come to a pocket of air bubbles. These will
fully restore your PP, but not your HP, so make sure you use them regularly in
here. Follow the rings around to a fork in the path, offering to let you go
up or right. Go up, past the Nocturnus, and at the end of the passage you'll
find Chao egg #7.

Go back to the air bubbles, and into the room on the right where a Nocturnus
is on guard. There's an air pocket at the back of the room, and rings in the
middle. Go through the door on the right, and on the right side of the passage
you'll find Chao egg #8. Go to the air pocket in the doorway, where the
wandering Nocturnus will probably attack you.

There's nothing to the left in this passage, so go back into the central room,
and take the upper door on the left this time. Get the rings (Ring count: 90) 
and restore your air, then go through the door on the right.

Run over to the air pocket and restore yourself, then you should probably
save. Go up the ramp and around to confront Charyb. This fight is similar to
the one Knuckles had earlier with the gizoid prefects, in that it's mainly a
waiting game. You can do regular attacks on Charyb, but because you're unable
to use your POW moves, it doesn't do a lot of good. Concentrate on surviving
for three rounds, through use of items and Tails or Cream, if you brought her,
then you can switch to Knuckles' team.

Knuckles has his own problems though, fighting Scylla. Fortunately, there's no
shields to worry about here, and you can use as many POW moves as you have PP
for. It's just a standard boss fight, with a Chaos Emerald as the prize for
winning. After you win, you might want to save, as apparently there's a glitch
that can happen in the next room which will stop you from getting one of the
Chao eggs.

Go inside, and get the rings (Ring count: 101), as well as Chao egg #9 in the
left corner, and an item box in the right corner, then flip the valve switch.
You'll switch back to Sonic's team, and now be able to battle Charyb in a fair
fight, with no POW restrictions. You'll get the last Chaos Emerald once you
defeat him.

Back on Knuckles' team, if you need to change anyone on your team, now will be
your last chance to go back to the Cyclone to do it. If you're happy with who
you have, go back out the door and around to the left. Jump onto the roof,
then run across to the opposite side and jump down. Follow the path to the
right to find Chao egg #10, then backtrack and take the upper path, gathering
the rings and dealing with a Nocturnus and a gizoid as you go (Ring count:
111). Where you fight the Nocturnus there's a climbing wall - don't go up
there until after you've finished getting the rings. When you do, it will take
you to Ix.

Back on Sonic's team, go back to the central room you were in earlier when
everything was underwater. You'll find a lift at the back of the room - take
it. Upstairs, go around to your right and bounce on the springs to find Chao
egg #11 and some rings (Ring count: 117). Bounce back, and you'll find some
rings outside the door to Ix's lair, guarded by a Nocturnus. The last rings
remaining are to the left, where another Nocturnus is hovering (Ring count:
124). Go back to the door and save. When you're ready, go inside to confront

Your total for Nocturnus should be:

RINGS: 124/124
CHAO EGGS: 11/11

Citadel Showdown

You'll have to fight Ix first as Knuckles' team. He fights you without any
teammates for now, however he does have two power pylons that will restore
health to his throne at the end of every round. You can destroy them if you
want, but Ix can easily use one of his POW moves - Restoration - to restore
them. That said, if he's using that move, then that's one less attack you have
to worry about. I personally prefer to do as much damage as I can to Ix as
quickly as possible - the pylons will be able to restore some of that, but not
all. You don't even have to completely knock him out - the battle will end
when you get him down to around 800 HP - half power.

You finish this fight as Sonic's team. It's pretty much exactly the same fight;
the only difference is that Ix only has 860 HP this time around. Then you'll
get to pick your team for round 3. Knuckles is trying to get to the Master
Emerald, so you can't use him. Anyone else is fair game. Having lost his
silly-looking chair, Ix will summon two gizoid guardians to fight you. But
first, they're going to try and stop Knuckles. Usually when you fight a boss,
you're unable to flee from them. This time it's the bosses who are fleeing,
and you have to chase them down. There's no boxes to jump this time, but black
orbs which do 25 damage to anyone who doesn't jump them. Once you catch up to
the bosses, take down Ix first - he still has that Restoration move. Once he's
out of the way, the guardians shouldn't give you much trouble.

The final battle is Super Sonic vs Ix. This battle doesn't give you any
choices as to what to do, but instead, has both opponents using just the one
POW move each round. You'll need to have gotten pretty good at the stylus
tapping required of POW moves by now, because you pretty much need a perfect
score to knock Ix out. You have to completely take his PP in the one round,
because he is able to fully restore his HP at the end of every round. Try to
memorise the tapping sequence - this makes it easier to get the sequence

Citadel Showdown

Once you've won the battle you can watch the ending sequence and then choose
whether or not to read the credits, which is mildly amusing. After that, you
start from the beginning of Chapter 1 again with all of the Chao and items
you've gathered, and on your current level. This gives you the oppurtunity to
go back through the game to get any rings or Chao eggs you missed, finish all
the side quests, and have all your characters reach the elusive level 30.

That's it! Yay!


If you have a question you'd like answered here, email me
([email protected]) and I'll add it in. 

Q: Is this game worth buying?
A: I can't answer that for you, as everyone has a different opinion. I think
it's great myself, but I'm a major Sonic fan, and I also enjoy the occasional
RPG. I find this game a lot better than Sonic '06, but then that doesn't take
much. I'd recommend this game, but when push comes to shove, you can only
judge for yourself whether or not you'll like it. 

Q: Who should I have on my team?
A: This also comes down to personal preferences, but I like to focus on attack
power in battle, keeping field exploration in mind, but making it secondary.
My favourite team to use is Sonic, Cream, Omega, and either Shadow or 
Knuckles, depending on my mood and the environment.

Q: Which Chao should I equip?
A: Again, this comes down to personal preferences, but I personally like a
combination of any of the following:
Bobo - you'll get an extra item after battle.
Choopaloo - increases the amount of experience points you get after battle.
Ferox - bonded character's POW moves are always successful.
Joy - regenerates some HP for the whole team after each round.
Hayda - regenerates PP at the start of combat round for all team members.
Fess is also a good one to have equipped, if you're trying to find more of the
rare or unique Chao.

Q: I've completed the game and followed your guide to get all the eggs, but I
haven't found all 40 Chao! How come?
A: When you pick up an egg, what it will hatch as is determined randomly. You
can increase your chances of finding a rare or unique Chao by equipping Fess to
your party. You may want to check the list in my guide, and figure out which
ones you're missing - if they're not rare, then Fess won't help you much.
Another method is to save just after you get an egg, and if you get a Chao you
already have when it hatches, then switch off the power and try again - you
should get something else instead. Combining this method with having Fess on
your team ought to do the trick. Good luck!

Q: How do I save the game?
A: Go to the menu by tapping the little icon in the corner, then tap the
laptop icon.

Q: What do you mean by "Shifter" class in your character profiles?
A: I have no idea, quite honestly. That's Bioware's term, not mine. Check the
character profiles from the menu if you don't believe me.

Q: Where are the Central City hideouts in chapter two, and how do I get to
A: Mission objectives are marked with stars on the map. You can usually find a
fly point nearby that will get you to where you need. Explore the whole map,
and you should find a way. That said, the hideout most people miss in Central
City is reached by the rooftops - you need to complete the pipe switch puzzle
to gain access.

Q: How do I get that one ring near the pipe puzzle in Central City?
A: After finishing the pipe puzzle, go through it and down the dash ramp with
Sonic. Then switch to Tails or Cream (whichever of them has Fly II), and go
back up the rooftops you passed during your dash. There's a fly point up the
top. See the walkthrough for a more detailed explanation.

Q: How do I get to the left side of Central City, to fight the Swatbots in the
Mechanical Mugger mission?
A: There's a dash ramp near the road that leads to Mystic Ruins that takes you

Q: How many Eggman devices are there in Chapter 3, and where do I find them
A: 5 in total. You get two in Central City: 1 from the forgetful Swatbot near
the Eggman base, and one for returning the storekeeper's stapler. There's
another in the Green Hill Zone which you get by fighting the scorpions in the
cave near Dr. Madden. And there's two in the Mystic Ruins: one you get from
the roboarmadillos in the north west building, and one which you get from
Shadow, by the fans.

Q: Where's this storekeeper I have to find the stapler for?
A: Go to the item shop in Central City, and follow the path past it to a
building on the left.

Q: How do I defeat the two Swatbots Mk II in Eggman's base? They keep on
regenerating whenever I knock them out!
A: What you need to do is chip away at their HP one at a time until they both
only have a little left, and then finish both of them off in the one round. If
you only defeat them one at a time in a round, then as you discovered, they'll
keep using self repair. So whittle away at them until their health is close to
zero, then finish them off.

Q: How do I get the Chao egg above the south entrance to the underground in
A: You need to complete the switch puzzle in the north side of the city, and
gain access to the escalator. Fly from the left fly point at the top to a
tower, and jump down to the ledge. On the left side of that ledge is a fly
point that will take you to the egg.

Q: How do I get the egg on the roof of the building where you fight the Zoah
A: There's a small ramp to the north of that roof, and there's a fly point
right next to it at the top. From there you fly to a roof which has another
fly point. That one will take you to the egg.

Q: How do I open the item box in Thebes' house?
A: You have to complete a side mission first, called Overmind Interference.
Look for a tame Voxai on the left side of the map called Croesius. Full details
are in the Walkthrough section.

Q: I can't get Knuckles' last egg on Nocturne - as soon as I turn the water
off with Knuckles, I get taken to Ix. What's going on?
A: This is a glitch in the game apparently; it seems there's a couple. I've
heard of one in Metropolis too. Mayor_Quimby, who put me on to this particular
glitch, theorises that this glitch happens by either:
1. Running past the switch with the valve to drain the water, or
2. Spending too much time in the room with the valve.
He recommends that you if run out of the room as soon as you switch off the
valve, you should be fine. Thanks, Mayor_Quimby!

Q: What's this you said about a SonAmy scene?
A: I haven't seen it for myself, but apparently if you are nice to Amy for the
whole game, she and Sonic have a moment on Nocturne. I can never resist being
mean and rude to her though!

Q: Does Super Sonic appear in this game?
A: Yep. As usual, he shows up for the finale.

Q: I don't like the ending to this game. Is there any way to change it?
A: Not as far as I know. Maybe if you max out every character's level and POW
moves, find all the rings and Chao eggs, complete every side mission, and be
nice enough to Amy to get the SonAmy scene... but I doubt it.

Q: Do the rings come back when you begin the game again? If not, how can I
raise money for items?
A: The only rings that respawn are the ones that you missed in your previous
playthrough of the game. If you got all but 3 rings in Green Hill Zone, for
instance, then only those 3 rings will be there still. The best way to make 
cash is by selling off items you won't use - so go around to all the item
boxes, and battle as much as you can to build up items. You'll find when you
return to Green Hill Zone, on level 18 or so, you won't need to buy many items
for awhile, as you'll be able to beat the enemies here so easily.
Mayor_Quimby had a great suggestion that you can attach Bobo to each of the
four characters on your team (assuming you have four Bobos), and that will
give you five items after every battle. This can really help you raise some
money. Thanks for the tip, Mayor_Quimby!

Q: How can I get up to the maximum level for my characters (level 30)?
A: This is tricky, considering that once you get up to a certain level, the
amount of experience you get from battles takes a serious dive - first to half
as much, and then down to only 10 experience points. The best experience points
you can get are from fighting bosses, enemies in the later levels, and by
completing puzzles and side quests. Of course, you'll get the most experience
from fighting the bosses on Nocturne. Once you've levelled up to a certain
point, apparently they're the only ones who'll give you decent experience any
more. (Thanks to Hypersupersonicthehedgehog for this tip!)


Sonic the Hedgehog and co., and Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood don't
belong to me; they're the property of Sonicteam, Bioware and SEGA. This game
guide DOES belong to me, however. I intend to publish it on,,,, and ONLY. Feel free
to save it to your hard drive for easy access, or link to it on your website,
but you may not put it on your own website and claim it as your own work.
That's piracy. And I know that piracy is what the internet is all about, but
there is a creed between guide writers.

At least, I like to think there is.

In summary: this guide is the property of Matt Sutton (better known online as
Kyle Gon Jinn or Scruffy). Read it, save it, refer to it as often as you like,
but don't claim it as your own work, yadda yadda yadda. If you want to put it
on your website, email me first and ask. I won't say no unless I have a good


If you're having trouble with this game (or just want to say a quick
cheerio, and how much this guide helped you out), then don't hesitate to get
in touch with me. The best way to contact me is by emailing me - my address is
[email protected] Any input or questions about this guide or the game
it's written about would be greatly appreciated, as will the pointing out of
any errors I may have made. Hate mail... not appreciated so much. :oP


I'd like to thank the following...

- Sonictrainer, who gave me the full Chao list when I still hadn't found them
- xShadowoftheNight, for his tip about Shadow's Atomic Strike POW move.
- Shane (Mayor_Quimby), for finding the Chao egg I couldn't track down on
Nocturne, and also alerting me to the water valve glitch and his tip on
raising further money when you've found all the rings.
- QA Monkey, for his tip on how the experience and level up system works.
- Hypersupersonicthehedgehog, for his tip on maxxing your characters' levels.
- Evildarknight and SpacePirateKhan, for explaining the Zoah number puzzle to
-, for always having answers when I'm struggling with a game.
- and you, for reading. Seriously, I thrive on attention. :P