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Please rate my team. Scizor: Ability: Techn..

Lolheads1238 asks:
Added Nov 18th 2011, ID #229544

Question for Pokemon White

Please rate my team.

Ability: Technician - Powers up the pokemons move that have a power of 60 or less.
Moveset: SwordsDance, IronHead, X-Scissor, BulletPunch
Item: MetalCoat

Ability: InnerFocus - This Pokemon is protected from flinching.
Moveset: DragonDance, DragonClaw, Fly, Waterfall
Item: DragonFang

Ability: LiquidOoze - Damages attackers that use HP draining moves.
Moveset: HydroPump, SludgeBomb, IceBeam, Surf
Item: BlackSludge

Ability: Blaze - Powers up fire type moves in a pinch.
Moveset: Will-O-Wisp, Eruption, Flamethower, FocusBlast
Item: Charcoal

Ability: PoisonPoint - Contact with this Pokemon wight poison the attacker.
Moveset: Toxic, EnergyBall, Venoshock, ShadowBall
Item: MiracleSeed

Ability: Technician - Powers up the pokemons moves that have a power of 60 or less.
Moveset: BulkUp, FakeOut, AerialAce, TripleKick
Item: Leftovers


Warrior13 answered:
Added 18th Nov 2011, ID #456694

Your team is great! I would rate it 10/10! Great Job!

Hope this helps!

richmond1210 answered:
Added 19th Nov 2011, ID #456762

Great team. I like how Scizor and Hitmontop has Technician. A few change ups and you should be fine.


Garet Jax answered:
Added 21st Nov 2011, ID #457470

I'm sorry if I seem like a meanie but here is my honest opinion of your team.

Scizor: Great job here, I can only complain about your SwordsDance because he doesn't need that. I would suggest a bug move instead for those pesky Psychic types... Who can't do much against steel. Also try to have more moves under a power of 60, like Bullet Punch.

Dragonite: Solid choice here. But try not to have all those HM moves. He doesn't need Waterfall, in fact that move doesn't help much at all. He is already anti fire because he's dragon. I'd recomend giving him Ice Beam. This will make him better. That way you can also get rid of Fly. I would replace Fly with a more powerful attack such as Earthquake. This will really create an all attack Dragonite.

Your Tentacruel is a wall, and not even close to being the best wall. Unfortunately I would say ditch it for some other Pokemon, such as Dusknoir. This is a wall to be proud of, it can learn moves very similar to your Tentacruel and will last longer in a fight.

Your Typhlosion is also going to be said no to. He is one of the better starters but I'd have to go with one of the other fire Pokemon here. Ninetales is a good choice, but I would even say no fire types and go with Lucario, which I think most people would agree is an amazing choice.

Your Roserade is also a very poor choice, but liveable. I would invest in a different grass type here. In fact I would even say a starter is ok if it's grass. Also if you want something that is vunerable to fire you might as well go with Abomasnow. Much more diverse than Roserade is and can KO more types than Roserade. It also can hit Steel types which are a pain when fighting them with grass. Just as a side note Shiny Pokemon are in no way better at fighting then non shiny, they just look much cooler.

Your Hitmontop is also solid, but not as good as Lucario. If you did replace either your Typhlosion or Hitmontop out for Lucario this would leave you a spot to fill with another good pokemon. I would recomend Tyranitar...

Please remember this is just an opinion of someone who's played Pokemon since '97. And thanks for not using any of the new pokemon. They are really just the first 150 with a face lift and a little tweaking.

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exploding typhoon said: 23rd Nov 2011 | REPORT
Abomasnow can't hit Steel types at all. Not only does he have a horrific amount of weaknesses, but he brings Hail into play- something this team is not built for. This creates a bit of a mess, and can screw either side of the battle over. If he brings Abomasnow in, the entire team needs to be redone.

The same goes for Tyranitar, though to a slightly lesser degree, as Scizor is immune to the damage, and Lucario would be too if he was brought in.

On the subject of Lucario, replacing Typhlosion with him doesn't seem to be the best idea. He already has Hitmontop in there, and a second Fighting type would just be redundant.
exploding typhoon answered:
Added 23rd Nov 2011, ID #457965

First, if you want your team rated you should go here.

Now, your team isn't bad, but it does need some work. For starters, your Scizor has Technician, but you're using X-Scissor and Iron Head on him. Here's what I recommend.


Ability: Technician
Item: Leftovers
Nature: Adamant/Jolly
252 HP, 176 Def, 80 Atk.
Swords Dance
Bullet Punch
Bug Bite/you-Turn

This is a bulky Scizor I came up with, and works pretty well. Swords Dance is an invaluable part of this set, as it not only lets you boost your Attack stat to massive levels, it lets you use Superpower without worrying about your Attack falling too much. You still have to be wary of your Defense though, so remember that. The Bug Bite/you-Turn option is yours. U-Turn lets you scout your opponents team a bit, but Bug Bite has sheer power going for it.

Your Dragonite also needs some work done. I agree with Jax in that he does not need Waterfall or Fly, which is a terrible move in general. Here's what I would recommend.


Ability: Multiscale
Nature: Jolly
Item: Leftovers/Lum Berry
EV's: 252 HP, 212 Spd, 44 Atk.
Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw/Outrage
Fire Punch

This is a bulky D-Nite I put together after talking with another player for a few tips. It's quite simple: Set up with D-Dance to boost your stats, Roost off any major damage, while also getting your Multiscale boost back, and sweep. Dragon Claw is your best STAB move on this set, as it allows you to use Leftovers as well. However, if you insist on using a more powerful move, Outrage is there. Be aware that you have to use the Lum Berry if you go with Outrage though, as you do not want to hit yourself after D-Dancing. Fire Punch will take out any Ferrothorns looking to wall you, or Scizors looking to end your sweep early.

Your Typhlosion isn't bad, but it could also use some work.


Ability: Blaze
Nature: Modest
Item: Choice Scarf
EV's: 252 Sp. Atk, 252 Spd.
Focus Blast
HP Grass

Eruption is your main attack on this set, dealing large amounts of damage before most things can touch you. Your biggest concern with him his STAB Aqua Jet, which is rather uncommon. Focus Blast gives you coverage against Rock and Dark types, Flamethrower gives you a more reliable STAB move if your HP gets low, and Hidden Power Grass lets you hit the Water and Ground type Pokemon that Typhlosion fears.

I like the Hitmontop, but Hitmonlee outclasses him, so I recommend switching the two.

Roserade isn't bad, but she's a better annoyer than a sweeper. Try this.


Ability: Poison Point/ Natural Cure
Nature: Calm
Item: Leftovers/Big Root
EV's: 252 Sp. Def, 176 HP, 80 Sp. Atk.
Leech Seed
Giga Drain
Toxic Spikes
Ingrain/Sleep Powder/Shadow Ball

This allows you to set up some entry hazards, and recover your lost HP while stealing your opponents. The last move is up to you. You can put them to sleep, and give yourself more time to set up Toxic Spikes or just steal more health, you can use Ingrain to recover more HP per turn, or you can use Shadow Ball for slightly more coverage. Be aware that it's unlikely you'll be able to hit many of the top Psychic threats with this EV spread, but it should let you hit Magic Guard Reuniclus fairly well. Be aware that if you're using Ingrain, Natural Cure will be useless.

Tentacruel should either be replaced, or have his moves redone. I would recommend Eviolite Dusclops over him if you want a wall.

I really do recommend you look at our team rating forum, as it can be quite helpful.


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