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how to defeat clair the blackthorn gym leader

kayanne asks:
Added Apr 5th 2010, ID #149784

how to defeat clair the blackthorn gym leader

I have tried beaten her with my Pokemon I got with me,i got rid of the two of them,its just kingdra he's hard to beat because of it's hyrdo pump and dragon pulse,those two attacks always gets my Pokemon down and than I lose the battle,so how can I defeat her with my Pokemon I got with me,i got typhlosion,jynx,flaaffy,quagsire,graveler,pidgeotto.can you please help me and tell how to defeat her.


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Glaceon answered:
Added 6th Apr 2010, ID #328372

Kingdra is Water/Dragon type, so it's only weakness is Dragon. Most attacks are normal effective. Best way to defeat Kingdra is to use a status move such as Thunder Wave, Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, and a few others. Your Jynx and Flaffy can learn the aforementioned attacks, so train them a bit more. Good luck.

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Guest said: 2nd Dec 2015 | REPORT
bruh i got a lvl 53 typhlosion, level 33 gyarados,lv 37 togepi, lvl 23 electrode, lvl 35 bellsprout, and lvl 22 sudowoodo
Guest said: 22nd Mar 2016 | REPORT
I beat Clair with a level 71 crobat and a level 52 lapras. I got lapras at the safari zone.
Guest said: 16th Aug 2016 | REPORT
Where at in safari zone did lapras show?
Guest said: 21st Aug 2016 | REPORT
Rocky beach
nitemare007 answered:
Added 6th Apr 2010, ID #328376

I agree with Glaceon. Also I would try to catch the Legendary in your game, since you asked here I assume it's lugia. That will greatly add to your team's overall abilities because the Aeroblast attack, Lugia's signature, is strong and has a high critcal hit ratio. Training would help a lot too, as you have a few Pokemon who seem to be under leveled for this part of the game. I would think your Pidgeotto and Flaffy should evolve to their fully evolved forms of Pidgeot and Ampharos. That will help you as well

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Guest said: 29th Jan 2014 | REPORT
I think you get it after you beat the Elite Four...
Guest said: 11th May 2014 | REPORT
no, after Clair.
Guest said: 7th Aug 2014 | REPORT
yeah its after you defeat clai
20dillont said: 6th Mar 2015 | REPORT
weah I think so I don't even know

InvertAlpha answered:
Added 6th Apr 2010, ID #328404

Try inflicting a status effect on her Kingdra. If anything use a dragon type move if you have one.

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Guest said: 1st Jan 2014 | REPORT
Use embargo they can't use items then
Guest said: 24th Jan 2014 | REPORT
I tried beating Clair with typhlosion ,fearow, poliwhirl, gyrados, staryu, and sandslash
Guest said: 20th Dec 2014 | REPORT
I have the 3rd form of that first fire Pokemon I have a red Garuda a togetitcly a poliwhrile a Cilicia and geodude
Guest said: 28th Sep 2015 | REPORT
ITS TYPHLOSION. Not "third-form-of-fire-pokemon" lol
david_banner answered:
Added 9th Apr 2010, ID #328521

Judging by the fact you still have flaffy, and pidgeotto you need to get your levels up. That is probably the best way to beat her with your team. I mean waaaayyy up. Try combining paralysis and confusion together against kingdra making the 'parafusion' which is difficult to break through. All things considered, she is a hard trainer. Sometimes you need some luck, like I did. I killed her kingdra one hit KO with kadabra's psychic on a critical hit while he was my last Pokemon and only had 8hp left. So don't give up!

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Guest said: 1st Aug 2016 | REPORT
Dude my team is typhlosion, suicune, togetic, kadabra, pikachu, and rocky (onix) it's lit asf
Guest said: 16th Aug 2016 | REPORT
I've got typhlosion, swinub, ampharos, machoke, tentacruel, and pidgeotto. Any suggestions?
Guest said: 25th Oct 2016 | REPORT
I got Typhosion, Magneton, Kingler, Graveler, Nidoking, Quagsire, still have yet to beat Clair! The kingdra is real annoying.
Guest said: 16th May 2017 | REPORT
where did you get suicune
ash2.9 answered:
Added 21st Apr 2010, ID #328846

Just try to raise faaffly and in flict poison on kingdra and have a high level devenseive(ex. Koffing, weasing, milktank, snorelax, stealix) Pokemon sit and wait for it to faint.

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Guest said: 2nd Nov 2014 | REPORT
If you play In Game then you won't get a Snorlax until the Kantor Region
Guest said: 4th Apr 2015 | REPORT
ycluna answered:
Added 18th Jun 2010, ID #332812

you can also try a feraligator that's how i beat her using crunch 2x that killed her. i was going to save when my ds died.
i freaked out so i have to battle again when i charge my ds

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20dillont said: 6th Mar 2015 | REPORT
wow people are really talking on here I need help please someone give me advice I have a red gyrados and a typhloson level 51 and I can't beat Clair in soul silver
Guest said: 19th Apr 2015 | REPORT
I beat her with a lv 63 feraligator. I first used victorybell's sweetscent. I then used pidgeot's sang attack and mud slap. feraligator finished 'em up with blizzard.
Guest said: 10th Dec 2015 | REPORT
Guest said: 4th Oct 2016 | REPORT
its victreebell i think
Guest answered:
Added 28th Jun 2010, ID #335417

im having trouble beating her as well the team that i have is... An Onix at Lv 32 with Strength Rock Polish Rock Tomb Rock Smash a Lv32 Delibird with Present and Avalanche a Vulpix with Confuse Ray Payback Flamethrower Wil-O-Wisp a Pidgeotto at lv30 with LFy Twister Quick Attack Roost a Togetic at lv 31 with Fly Wish Extresensory Metronome and a Feraligatr at lv33 with Ice Fang Crunch Surf and Whirlpool(so far hes may best shot).

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Guest said: 5th May 2013 | REPORT
ok.ok. I need help as well. i mean i had already beaten the game twice, but i cant remember how i beat her!
My Team:(so far and also in order)
Typhlosion lv. 42 male
Moves: Blast Burn, Lava plume flame wheel and flamethrower.

Ampharos lv 37 female
Moves: Charge Beam, rock smash, thunderpunch, charge.

Gyarados(shiny) lv 33 female
Moves: whirlpool(i have my reasons), dragon rage, surf and ice fang.

Crobat lv 32 female
Moves: Fly, bite, wing attack, confuse ray.

Eevee lv 29 male
Moves: sand-attack, growl, quick attack and bite.

im leaving a space open for a suggestion pokemon and what moves i should teach meh Eevee o-o
Girrpuppy said: 5th May 2013 | REPORT
ok.ok. I need help as well. i mean i had already beaten the game twice, but i cant remember how i beat her!
My Team:(so far and also in order)
Typhlosion lv. 42 male
Moves: Blast Burn, Lava plume flame wheel and flamethrower.

Ampharos lv 37 female
Moves: Charge Beam, rock smash, thunderpunch, charge.

Gyarados(shiny) lv 33 female
Moves: whirlpool(i have my reasons), dragon rage, surf and ice fang.

Crobat lv 32 female
Moves: Fly, bite, wing attack, confuse ray.

Eevee lv 29 male
Moves: sand-attack, growl, quick attack and bite.

im leaving a space open for a suggestion pokemon and what moves i should teach meh Eevee o-o
Guest said: 23rd May 2013 | REPORT
Take your Ampharos to Lv 39 and your Gyrados to 35.
evolve your Eevee into either Vaporeon or Jolteon and make it lv 35-37

Choose some good moves for all of them(few status moves suggested) and youll beat her easily.
Guest said: 18th Jan 2017 | REPORT
I accidentally let me eevee evolve into the physics form instead of any of the other ones.
Guest answered:
Added 30th Jun 2010, ID #336179

I failed two times, I've got one ultimate power and all the others are all normal, so how can I defeat the gym leader. My ultiamte power is fireblast. My best guy has flamethrower, ember, and flamewheel.

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Guest said: 19th Jan 2014 | REPORT
Fire isn't very effective against dragon...
Guest said: 22nd Jan 2014 | REPORT
I have a lvl 49 Typhlosion and lvl 46 Onix. Onix has DragonBreath, Rock Smash, Dig, and Curse. My Typhlosion has Blast Burn, Rollout, Lava Plume, and Flamethrower. Those two are my best Pokemon. BUT CLAIR HAS A BUNCH OF WATER TYPE MOVES!!!!! SO DARN ANNOYING!!!!
Guest said: 7th May 2014 | REPORT
same for me had a typhlosion that died in 2 hits!
Guest said: 17th Feb 2015 | REPORT
I've typhlosion, graveler, weepingbell, lapras, pidgeotto, furret. Do I need to train my electric pokemon - type such as flaafy
Guest answered:
Added 23rd Jul 2010, ID #342702

blast burn would also do it

Guest answered:
Added 23rd Jul 2010, ID #342710

@ nitemare007 how can u get lugia/ho-oh if you havmt defeated 8 gym leaders and kimnono girls? huh...

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Guest said: 30th Sep 2010 | REPORT
You cant use blizzard to beat all of them, i tried using it too. Sometimes they dodge the attacks and you cant use blizzard to beat kingdra with one or 2 shots because the gym leaders heals him
Guest said: 31st Aug 2011 | REPORT
Do you think i could beat clair with a meganium typhlosion feraligatr nd deoxys?
Guest said: 29th Feb 2016 | REPORT
Guest answered:
Added 23rd Jul 2010, ID #342814

I taught blizzard to me Feraligatr and KOed all of them.

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Guest said: 10th May 2012 | REPORT
thats not logical since Gyardos is Water and flying and Kingdras only weakness is Dragon so blizzard wouldn't 1KO like Dragonair well if your pokemon were a higher level than hers then it maybe would work
Guest said: 1st Jan 2013 | REPORT
well i got a shiny gyarados lvl37 typlosionlvl47 nidoqueenlvl? its in the day care! anf the rest are real low level so im bad
Guest answered:
Added 24th Jul 2010, ID #343224

use eletric moves to baet garados and kingdra

Guest answered:
Added 5th Aug 2010, ID #346595

I need to defeat Clair too. I have a Level 53 Typhlosion (well, he should be a Typhlosion but I don't want him to evolve so I gave him an Everstone), a Flaaffy, a Pidgeotto, a Togetic, a Geodude and a Sudowoodo but they never help. I keep having to put them in the Day-Care centre and waiting for ages.

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Guest said: 26th Jun 2011 | REPORT
when quilava evolves into Typhlosion its stats get a lot better
Guest said: 22nd Oct 2011 | REPORT
You have to beat the previous seven gym leaders and disband Team Rocket from Goldenrod.
Guest answered:
Added 7th Aug 2010, ID #347339

get an antheros

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Guest said: 27th Oct 2012 | REPORT
i only have crobat lv 42 with sludge bomb poison fang fly and bite
typlosion lv 42 with blast burn fire blast lava plume and swift >:(
what else should i put on my team
Guest said: 3rd Jan 2013 | REPORT
Guest answered:
Added 10th Aug 2010, ID #348129

I beat the entire gym with a level 54 Typhlosion with the moves; Swift, Lava Plume, Flamethrower and Flamewheel

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Guest said: 14th Feb 2012 | REPORT
Guest answered:
Added 29th Sep 2010, ID #358396

i need 17 master balls can you gys help me

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Guest said: 7th Sep 2014 | REPORT
Is there even a way to obtain more than one masterball? (Sorry for a stupid question, I'm new to the games)
Guest answered:
Added 3rd Oct 2010, ID #359225

Im trying to beat her too {even though I haven't entered the gym yet}. I'm training a swinub that has snow cloak. I taught it hail so it has high evasion when used. anyone know where tm blizzard is?

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Guest said: 5th Dec 2010 | REPORT
at the department store.... im training a lvl 50 weipinbell but cant beat her. good luck with blizzard! ;)
Guest said: 22nd Aug 2011 | REPORT
lol, u buy it at the department store
Guest said: 17th Jan 2012 | REPORT
the department store
Guest answered:
Added 23rd Oct 2010, ID #362488

The only way I can beat her is if I have a bastiodon.

Guest answered:
Added 28th Oct 2010, ID #363639

just use typhlosion. i have him and stock up on revies and potions.

Guest answered:
Added 8th Nov 2010, ID #365880

I would say just train your pokemon with blood, sweat, and tears till they get to at least level 40 if you wanna beat clair

Guest answered:
Added 28th Nov 2010, ID #369344

use eletric moves and ice moves to take outs the gyarados and the two dragonairs,put any bad effect on the kingdra,a atrract have enourmos effect, and atack them with some powerfull moves

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Guest said: 17th Jan 2012 | REPORT
how many pokemon does clair have?
Guest said: 9th Feb 2012 | REPORT
It's easy to beat her you just give your main pokemon a dragon or electric [ assuming it can learn one of those
Guest answered:
Added 4th Dec 2010, ID #370683

sav b4 battling clair so u can try again if you lous. But it's HARD! Typhlosion and Kinya(fiarow) is my only hop. but thnkz 4 tha "parafusion" thing david. i gotta rmbr that

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Guest said: 29th Jun 2012 | REPORT
y would you do tht just keep battling her so you can get exp then the pokemon get exp and lvl up and evolve hopefully
Guest said: 7th Sep 2014 | REPORT
Well yeah, but think of all the money you lose......
Guest said: 19th Apr 2015 | REPORT
who cares 'bout money?
Guest answered:
Added 5th Dec 2010, ID #370736

how do you deafeat clair, i have a lvl 50 weipinbell that cant.... im putting in in the daycare untill lvl 100!

Guest answered:
Added 13th Dec 2010, ID #372773

Use a lapras and teach him ice beam avalanche and give him a Nevermeltice. Avalanche is bp 120 when it attacks after the foe, and on a lapras, it always does. Kills dragonairs in 1 hit.
Any thunder type move will kill Gyrados.
Dragon moves destroy Kingdra, but after that, you just need strong moves/good pokemon/good ev's/and STAB - essenatially a strog team, and you'l win.

Guest answered:
Added 14th Dec 2010, ID #372965

Ice moves, electric moves, and a lot of luck on Kingdra. Im just about to try to take her on myself....unfortunately i'm doing the Nuzlocke challenge, so if someone faints....they die. I'm scared to even try this battle since i know i'm gonna lose some of my best men

Guest answered:
Added 29th Dec 2010, ID #376871

its better if aLL OF YOUR pokemon are lv 50 and you at least have one fire and ice pokemon

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Guest said: 4th Sep 2015 | REPORT
redd gyrados can learn any time of thunder move
Guest answered:
Added 15th Jan 2011, ID #381321

you should use a vileplume to get kingdra. i used sleep powder and used mega drain

Guest answered:
Added 19th Jan 2011, ID #382231

My team is typhlosion, togekiss, glaceon, bellossom, and poliwrath all at lvl 37 and i still cant beat her. (got a water stone and shiny stone from my pearl game and traded eevee to pearl to get glaceon) it seems hopeless, she keeps getting critical hits on hydro pump which took out everyone but poliwrath who has water absorb. I think i'll go catch a flaaffy and train to an ampharos. My advice is electric, dragon, grass, and ice moves and hyper potions and revival herbs (get on certain days in goldenrod tunnel)

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Guest said: 13th Feb 2011 | REPORT
i have a lvl 57 typhlosion that knows blast burn eruption flamethrower and rock smash,a lvl 17 swinub that know really rubbish moves,a lvl 25 togetic that knows hyper beam, a lvl 90 magnezone that knows thuder and dragon pulse(dont ask me how cause i dont know)and i still cant beat clair cause every time i nearly beat her kingdra she uses a hyper potoin then hyper beam and knocks me out. ive lost so much money to her aswell!!!!!!!!!!
Guest said: 5th Sep 2011 | REPORT
also use typhlosion teach it blast burn that will help on the dragon types and catch a gyarados and teach it thunder
Guest said: 17th Jan 2012 | REPORT
you should try raising their levels more. it would help a-lot.
Guest said: 3rd Jan 2013 | REPORT
i have a lvl 39 typhlosion 23 swinub 37 butterfree and 37 amphros wat can i do too beat her ???
Guest answered:
Added 25th Feb 2011, ID #389202

I would sudgest having lots of different kinds of medacines around.

Guest answered:
Added 16th Mar 2011, ID #392861

First off you can't get Lugia without beating the 8th gym.... Just sayin and how do you get a lapras?

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Guest said: 30th Jul 2012 | REPORT
you can get a lapras on fridays in union cave in the basement in azeala town but one of your pokemon need to know surf
Guest answered:
Added 1st Apr 2011, ID #396106

I used a lvl 30 amphardos for gyrados, and for kindra(for kindra I needed to keep healing my Pokemon) and for dragonair I used blast burn from lvl 44 typhlosion

Guest answered:
Added 18th Apr 2011, ID #399712

If you have Feraligatr, teach Dragon Claw (you can get it every Sunday in Goldenrod Departement Store, if you're lucky enough to win the first prize) and with a helpful nature that raise it's attack stat (Brave, Lonely, Adamant, Naughty, etc) it can 1KO-HIT Kingdra. Mine has Dragon Claw with Naughty Nature and lvl. 45, it can kill all Claire's Pokemon without losing any health. Good luck with Feraligatr !

Guest answered:
Added 23rd Apr 2011, ID #400788

Just get a team full of lv.50 Pokemon and keep battling and Gyarados does learn the TM Thunder which you get at the Department store

Guest answered:
Added 13th May 2011, ID #405158

I defeat Kingdra using Shiny Gyarado lv 31 and typhlosion lv 49

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Guest said: 21st Jul 2012 | REPORT
Will you please trade me your shinny Gyarado for my Vulpix?
Guest said: 24th Dec 2012 | REPORT
Shiny Gyarados (I think she's reffering to the "red" Gyarados at the Lake of Rage). Just battle it and catch it.
Guest answered:
Added 12th Jun 2011, ID #411984

I've beaten Clair two times. Try evolving your Flaffy into an Ampharos so it can learn Thunderpunch and you could even buy Thunder at the Goldenrod City Department Store. If you can, catch a Swinub (and evolve if you like,)or a Jynx and teach it some decent ice moves to attack Kingdra. I also suggest leveling up your Pokemon if they are a lower level than 30.

Guest answered:
Added 26th Jun 2011, ID #415958

You get lapras at union cave only on fri
You have to go to the bottom left water on the main floor and surf forward you'll get there soon

Guest answered:
Added 1st Jul 2011, ID #417602

I have 2 swinubs a togitic an arcanie corsola and a typhosion and stll cannot beat the plz help.

Guest answered:
Added 13th Jul 2011, ID #421557

I used heracross's close combat lvl 37 killed kingdra in one hit. My heracrosses atk. Is really high cause of protiens. Hope this helped! Smile

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Guest said: 14th Jul 2011 | REPORT
good answer
Guest answered:
Added 14th Jul 2011, ID #422007

If you started with typhlosion (cyndaquil) gyarodos will be a problem. I figured out that it is four times weak to eletric so use lantern! Or chinchou! And don't use a fire type Pokemon! (typhlosion).

Guest answered:
Added 15th Jul 2011, ID #422427

Um massive awesome idea you should catch a lapras and train it up to like lvl 40 make sure you have all your Pokemon and use perish song tada bye bye kingdra....

Guest answered:
Added 18th Jul 2011, ID #423236

Arbok has the move "Glare"which glares at the foe so much it can also be learned by others and mew"if you have one lol:

Guest answered:
Added 21st Aug 2011, ID #434463

I have all but one Pokemon lvl 60 one I waited like 2weeks might be less to lvl 100 that Pokemon is...Togepi! (no joke!) I gave it everystone to stop evolving now it lokks weak it's the best

Guest answered:
Added 30th Aug 2011, ID #437125

I am saying this just because every one has said just about anything else possible.Her kingdra has low PP moves.So get like 50 hyper positions and keep using them until she runs out of PP.Just giving you more ideas.Of course by now you must have already beaten the game.

Guest answered:
Added 11th Oct 2011, ID #446771

I have a pidgeotto level 31, piloswine level 25, sandslash level 32, machoke level 33, gyarados level 31 (who actually KO'd kingdra all by itself even with clair using a hyper potion!) and typlosion level 42. It can be done just you need the technique.

Guest answered:
Added 30th Oct 2011, ID #451985

With the tm 27 return teach to last starter Pokemon evoles megamuin[grass]feilgatar[water]typhlosion[fire]and teach one return to rule[teach ulitmate move at blackthorn]thats how to rule

Guest answered:
Added 4th Nov 2011, ID #453161

I killed it in one hit with My Shiny Rhyperiors Horn Drill (horn drill is a 1 hit K-O move btw)

Guest answered:
Added 13th Dec 2011, ID #463265

I have a lvl 33 onix : headbutt dig dragonbreath rock smash a lvl 35 gyarados whirlpool ice fang strength waterfall a lvl 36 pidgeot twister you-turn fly roost a lvl 36 feraligatr crunch ice fang surf hydro cannon a lvl 36 magneton spark thunder magnet bomb flash and a lvl 30 ponyta fire blast stomp ember flame wheel and can't get past her kingdra it's really annoying my ferligater and gyarados know ice fang which covers the dragonairs my magneton and/or pidgeot cover gyarados but kigdra always kills my Pokemon or clair heals him and then my Pokemon die any advice?

Guest answered:
Added 28th Dec 2011, ID #467288

Save before you battle her so if you lose you can turn off the power and etc until you get a critical hi and finish her

Guest answered:
Added 1st Feb 2012, ID #478418

I won with low-30s Pokemon, so it can be done! They were:
Larvitar lvl 27
Espeon lvl 31
Magmar lvl 31
Dragonair lvl 31
Victreebel lvl 34
Feraligatr lvl 35

Good luck guys!

Guest answered:
Added 8th Feb 2012, ID #480865

I beated her with my Pokemon:superman,jxny,sucker,poilwrath,staru and pikachu


Submission removed pending moderation
Guest answered:
Added 28th Apr 2012, ID #502163

I used my dragonair to defeat clair's two, a... Cant remember (elecrtic type) to deafeat garydos and my kingdra to defeat hers.... Cloooose battle ;D

Fight fire with fire (or dragon with dragon :D)

Guest answered:
Added 10th Jun 2012, ID #514540

I havent quite battled clair yet but my bro beat her with pretty much just his feraligatr and it's ice fange! I chose chikorita though and it's now meganium. I also have ampharos(quite slow but strong at the same time),crobat,lanturn,eevee(training in progress) and a heracross which I think is a pretty good team! Anyway good luck to all who havent battled clair yet!

Guest answered:
Added 23rd Jun 2012, ID #517534

It's very easy to beat Clair. I only used 2 Pokémons:
Jinx (lvl 30) just need two hits to beat each Dragonair and Gyarados (lvl 30) just need to use three times Dragon Rage to kill Kingdra! :D

TheDarknessPendant answered:
Added 23rd Sep 2012, ID #540751

Use something with Ice Fang or Ice Beam. And train more.

P.S There was a spider on me and I face planted on- to the floor....

vasos1 answered:
Added 13th Oct 2012, ID #544382

If you have an ice type since thats super effective on water and dragon I suggest you get one

Guest answered:
Added 24th Oct 2012, ID #546509

I only used two Pokemon to beat her,
Magneton Lvl 45
Magnet Bomb
Thunder Wave

Feraligatr Lvl 42 (Please note that my Feraligatr is EV trained and his attack is at max. You might have to level him up a bit more - he was at 115 attack during the battle.
Ice Fang

What I did is throw Magneton out first. Discharge will take care of Gyrados. He'll faint, and she will always switch in Dragonair. Switch in Feraligatr and Ice Fang will take Dragonair out in one hit if you have 115 attack. When Dragonair faints, she'll send in the other, identical Dragonair, so repeat.
Once they are both taken out, she'll switch in Kingdra. Switch in Magneton. He will be able to take a few Hydro Pumps, and hopefully one of the discharges you pull off will paralyze. If he faints, Feraligatr can handle the rest.

A lot of the problem is how under leveled a lot of you are. You can not go in there with all of your Pokemon below 32 and expect to win. You will have to train a little bit. The guest who used Jynx and Gyrados is either lying or his Pokemon are EV trained. It's not a matter of how to knock them out - ice attacks will work. Jynx nor Gyrados will not outspeed Kingdra who will just Dragon Pulse them to death. Even an Sp Atk EV trained Jynx would need more than Ice Beam to OHKO Clair.

Guest answered:
Added 15th Nov 2012, ID #551194

WOW! I thaught my Pokemon where behind. I like to keep my Pokemon above the level of the gyms. If the gyms are lvl 40, I will make my Pokemon lvl 45. Some really good recomendations are.... The place outside the safari zone (tourus gives you 600+ exp), ice cave, below blackthorn city and lake of rage(surf until you find a gyriadose 1000+ exp)

Guest answered:
Added 23rd Nov 2012, ID #553086

I used just my dragonair that I got as a dratini from goldenrod city game corner which made beating her easy.

My team:
Typhlosion lv45
Feraligatr lv 45
Meganium lv 45
Ampharos lv45
Crobat lv47
Dragonair lv49

sz781 answered:
Added 17th Dec 2013, ID #610937

Hello youll need a dragon type that means....another kingdra or something else Cause that would be good..And try to get your jynx to lvl 78 learn it hypnosis flaffy lvl 67 cotton spore Decrease some speed and make your turn faster and deacresing your Pokemon to faint Ok thats all I know and my team is
Jolteon lvl 100 Shiny
Flareon lvl 100 Shiny
Arceus lvl 100
Typloshion lvl 100
Suicune lvl 100 Shiny
Milotic lvl 100 Shiny

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sz781 said: 17th Dec 2013 | REPORT
+get a dragonite
20dillont said: 6th Mar 2015 | REPORT
I can't find one
Guest answered:
Added 2nd Mar 2014, ID #618649

Personally I like curse corner from gengar, but for you my suggestion is to try and paralyze kingdra then confuse it. Most likely that will buy you some free turns, take that time to use stat boosting moves, or heal, then go in for a direct assault. Hope you get that badge Clair is much harder than Whitney in my opinion.

20dillont answered:
Added 6th Mar 2015, ID #657343

I know exactly I have the same exact okemon and I can't defeat her so I wen to my pokedex and found the most coldest ice type Pokemon that I had and I kept using the coldest move and thn I won hope this helped you see you later

Typhlosion.Queen answered:
Added 9th Apr 2015, ID #659955

When I went and defeated Clair on my third go I only had my Ampharos and Gyarados (plus my Typhlosion (lvl - 62) as backup). My Ampharos was lvl - 47 and my Gyarados was lvl - 41/42. I only used Ampharos and Gyarados, didn't even need to use Typhlosion or any others.

I used moves such as:

Thunder shock.
Thunder punch.
Thunder wave.

Dragon rage.
Ice fang.
Hydro pump.

Plus I made sure I had at least 1-2 revives in my bag.
Hope this helps!


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