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Special Missions Guide

by _Ultimate_Sora_

Pokemon Ranger!

by xxultimate.soraxx

Hello all! wellcome and thank you for reading my guide to completing all of 
the extra missions. If you have any questions about this guide please e-mail
me at [email protected]. If you would like to put this guide on your
website please e-mail me and ask me first! I will most likely say yes =D.
Please do not pass this guide as your own but feel free to show it to your
friends. Thanks for reading this, hope my guide helps you complete all of the
missions. This guide is directed to help you capturing Manaphy! for all of
you who are planing on getting Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond. Manaphy
can be transfered to your Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond for use of
battling. Manapahy comes with a special power that only Manaphy can use!

Sites allowed to host this guide:

|	Table of Contents		       [tbl]    |

Wanna get to a specific section? just hit ctrl and F at the same time and
search for the extensions.
ex: I wanna get to Extra mission 1:kyogre so I hit ctrl+F then type in ex1
then enter then i click on find next and BAM! I'm right where I wanted to be!

Table of contents.........................................................[tbl]
Extra Mission 1: Kyogre...................................................[ex1]
Extra Mission 2: Groudon..................................................[ex2]
Extra Mission 3: rayquaza.................................................[ex3]
Ranger net Missions.......................................................[rnm]
Ranger Net Mission 1: Gain Deoxys's Trust!?..............................[net1]
Ranger Net Mission 2: Celebi.............................................[net2]
Ranger Net Mission 3: Mew................................................[net3]
Unlocking the Secret Mission..............................................[usm]
Secret Ranger Net Mission: Manaphy........................................[smm]
Transfer Manaphy to Diamond and Pearl....................................[tmdp]
Ending and Credits........................................................[eac]

|	Intro				       [int]    |
Well congrats! you finished the game! fighting the 3 legendary dogs was hard
huh? but you pulled through and captured them! good job! now more challenging
captures await you. The legendary pokemon; Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Deoxys,
Celebi, and Mew. Sound hard? most of them are but with the right pokemon it'll
be a piece of cake.

|	Glossary			       [gsy]    |
Level 1 stun-Minun's attack at one partner bar
Level 2 stun-Minun's attack at two partner bars
Level 3 stun-Minun's attack at three partner bars
Level 4 stun-Minun's attack at four partner bars
Level 5 stun-Minun's attack at five partner bars

|	Extra Mission 1: Kyogre		       [ex1]    |
|	Recomended Pokemon: Minun                       |
Okay so when you load your game after your credits you end up in the Ringtown
headquarters after your little catch up with Spenser Prof. Hastings comes in
and gives your Styler a cool new program, Records, now you can check all
sorts of things you've done through out the whole game. Pretty cool if you ask
me. After the cutsceen go upstairs and take the Dragonite Bus to Fall City.
Once there walk to the door of the Fall City Headquarters, you'll then recive
a text message from Prof. Hastings asking you to go to his lab to talk about
your adventrues. Go to Prof. Hastings lab and talk to him, he'll ask you to
spend the night at his lab to talk to him about your past adventures. After
the cutsceen go back to the Fall City Headquarters and talk to Joel, he'll
give you a new mission at the harbor. 

After the cutsceen you'll start at the
harbor, a sailor will run up to you and give you the status report, there seems
to be something wrong with the lighthouse. After the cutsceen go down the
ladder and follow the path, you'll see four(4) Staryu that you have to capture
all at once. After the small cutsceen (Well Aria seems like a very good ranger
huh? scared of little Staryus). This capture shouldn't be to hard just use your
Minun to paralyze them all when they're in the center shouldn't be to hard =D.
After you capture the Staryu and set them free and climb back up the ladder.
You'll hear a loud scream coming from the Tourist Center, Head there next.
This battle shouldn't be do hard just four(4) very slow crabbys just use
your Minun's Discharge to paralyze them and capture them. After the battle and
the cutsceen head down a little and you'll hear another cry coming from the
port down to the port then to the right and the owner of the Lapras will tell
you what's going on. it seems there are four(4) Carvanha, to capture them all
you need to do is use Minun's charge again a small charge should be good enough
but if your Minun doesn't have enough power to paralyze them just try to
capture them one at a time wait for one of them to head away from the other
this shouldn't take long to do.

When your done capturing the Carvanha and setting them free Aria willtell you
to use the Lapras to go check out the whirlpools out in the sea. Hop on the
lapras and take a ride down to the whirlpools Lapras will try to escape them
but fails and gets sucked in, you'll then end up in Kyogre's chamber. After the
cutsceen the battle with Kyogre will start. the only attack Kyogre has are his
big waves of water. Eventually they will stop, this is your time to strike!
either spin around him very fast and hope to capture him, he only has 11 HP
after all, or use your Minun to Paralyze him, a level 2 stun should be good

Congrats! you captured Kyogre and clamed it down! now the sea and Fall City is
calm again. When you come out you'll see a cutsceen of Aria showing some
feelings for your Ranger, looks like she really likes you haha. Once that
cutsceen is over you'll see another cutrsceen back at the base. Your Ranger
will tell Joel how Aria was crying and she denies it of course haha. Now we're
off to Ringtown.

|	Extra Mission 2: Groudon	       [ex2]    |
Take the Dragonite Bus to Ringtown and go inside the Ringtown base and talk to
Spenser. Looks like Cameron really set you up for a nice Vacation! not to
mention with Solana, haha. once you arive at Summerland you'll run into the
Base and have a talk with Cameron, it seems that Solana went into the
Jungle Relic a while back to investigate and hasen't come back yet...I wonder
what happened to her...Cameron asks you to go find her and investigate what's
causing these earthquakes (so much for your vacation >.>). Remember to save
before you go anywhere. After you save head outside. 
You somehow start out inside the temple where the Entei was. Follow the path
(save if you want, also catch the Electike on the way there just incase you
need it) until you hit the lava pool, from there go to the left. keep going to
the left until you hit the stairs that led to the wind challenge, a small
cutsceen will apear. You'll notice Solana's Plusle standing next to a big pile
of rocks, it seems that Solana is trapped behind the rocks. Capture the nearby
Rhydon and use him to break the rock. Solana will then walk out of the cave.
After the small reuinion go into the cave Solana came out of and capture two(2)
Poliwrath this is really important you'll need them to capture Groudon, after
you capture the two Poliwrath head outside the cave and go up back to where the
wind challeng was and capture the Manectric then go back to the pool of lava,
and if possible capture the Rhydon you use to break the rock again it'll help
alot use one of your Poliwrath to harden it(be sure to keep the other one
you'll need it).

From here capture as many pokemon you want I suggest capturing the Graveler
who's in the little penninsula to the left higher up just wait for him to pop
back up. After capturing him head into the cape up ahead and capture the
Graveler infront of you, then head up, you'll notice a go-rock grunt blocking
up one of the staircases avoid him for now and climb up the other staircases
and capture the Manectric, use your Electrike at this point if you want or you
can save him up for the battle too. After you capture him head up more and
capture the Rhydon. Your team should look like this at this point 
Poliwrath, Manectric, graveler, Graveler, Manectric, Rhydon. If that's your
team your ready for Groudon and that weak Go-Rock member looks like he went
solo haha. Now the Metang he uses are pretty thought to beat but since you have
two(2) Graveler you can use one of those to help you. 

After that battle head up
the stairs and follow the path all the way down 'till you hit some stairs, go
down them. Go allllll the way to the left avoiding the pokemon or escaping from
the battles until you hit the stairs go up them. You'll see two Charmander go
to the right and follow the path avoide the Rhydon and capture the Charmeleon
then release it (this was just to fill in your browser) then catch the Rhydon
and head back to the stairs you went up and go down them. use your Manectric if
you need to at this point and capture the other one below you. After that go
to the left until you see a saving machine at this point your party should be;
Poliwrath, manectric, Rhydon, Graveler, Rhydon, Rhydon, and Manectric. If it's
not that exactly it's okay as long as you have one(1) Manectric, one(1)
Graveler, one(1) Rhydon and one(1) Poliwrath your okay. Save and head up the
stairs. Avoid the Slugma and head up if you cant avoide them just battle them
and escape but do capture the Magcargo for your Browser then relase him after
the battle. Go up to the next area and get ready for Groudon! haha!
that's not a Groudon is it!? it's an Arcanine! capture it anyways haha.
Arcanine ins't so tought he only has 7 HP just wait for him to stop, once he
stops circle him like crazy, that should be enough to capture him. If you need
help just use one of yout Gravelers. now go all the way back to the room
where the Chatmander and the Charmeleon were remember to save when you go down
the stairs. Go back around where the Rhydon was, in the corner you'll see a
small hole, drop into it. A small cutsceen plays and a door opens up for you.
can you guess who your about to fight? Groudon! haha. get ready! go inside the

He looks kinda big and strong doesn't he? well he isn't to tough so don't worry
about it, with the pokemon you have with you this should be a piece of cake.
After the small talk walk up to it to start the battle.
he starts off by shooting four(4) Earthquake rings that are easy to avoide then
he starts to walk around this is your time to stike! either use a Graveler to
help, a Rhydon or your Poliwrath either works he has 17 HP so you have to work
fast (reminds you of anyone? Salemance?) if you circle him after a while he'll
use his Hyper Beam. Whatch out for that, if you can't capture him with your
ground pokemon use your Poliwrath but be quick, you only have one(1) after all.
After you capture him a small cutsceen plays. You then arive back at the Base
and another small cutsceen plays.

Congrats! you just caught Groudon! ready for the next one?

|	Extra mission 3: Rayquaza	       [ex3]    |
Take the Dragonite Bus to Wintown and talk to Elita who is standing outside the
Base. She'll ask you if you'll accept a mission, say yes. After that she'll
take you into the base to give you more details on your mission. You have to
go to the temple and investigate what's going on up there. This is one of the
hardest because Rayquaza doesn't have any11 weaknesses. Looks like Silent Chris
is coming along with you.

Start by going up, you'll notice that the doors are opened, go up until you
reach a "creep" with three(3) Ekans they're not to tough, try getting them all
at once or one(1) at a time they only have five(5) hp so they're not to hard.
After that battle save, after saving try capturing Ralts, Kirlia, and Gardevoir
they're somewhere around here but they teleport so it's imposible to know their
exact positions they're not to hard to catch so don't worry, Remember though
you HAVE to capture them for your records and to continue to Rayquaza. After
catching them go back to where you placed Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon 
Capture any Raichu's on your way there too and do what you did to open up
the doors with Eevee's evolutions just tap the stones to place the pokeom
once all three(3) are upi the doors will open and they'll run away. After the
small cutsceen go down back into the chamber where Flareon was and capture
Medichan, two(2) gengar, Espeon and Umbreon you should still have a Raichu I
told you to capture before you opened the door if not go back and find one.
After that ygo out of the chamber and try catching Gardevoir again, once you 
do all this your party should look something like this; Raichu, Medichan,
Gengar, Gengar, Espeon, Umbreon, and Gardevoir, if thats your team your all set
go through the doors. 

Save and Climb all the way to the top of the pyrimid, on
your way there you'll encounter another "creep" with a solrock and a Swellow,
shouldn't be to hard to beat don't use any of the pokemon you've collected!
You'll see another one with two(2) Donphan and a Houndoom, again these aren't
to hard just try taking them down one(1) at a time and you should be okay.
use one(1) Gengar for this battle but only one!(1!) no more cuz if you use
both capturing Rayquaza will be harder just wait until they're all in a small
group then circle them and capture them.

Looks like Go-Rock squad tried to capture Rayquaza but failed, now it's your
turn to try! before you go up to the top go down and save then climb back
up. now, get ready for one(1) of the hardest captures! Rayquaza!

Climb up to him, after the small cutsceen the battle will start, his main
attack are the thunder bolts he shoots just wait for him to stop, he will
eventually once he does it's our time to strike! try using Umbreon to catch
him first if that doesn't work you'll have to use Gengar but you'll have to
work fast he has 13 HP which isn't alot but you have to work fast he also
shoots three(3) Cyclones at you that aren't so easy to dodge but Gengar will
stop him before he does with his ghosts. You better hope those Ghosts distract
rayquaza long enough for you to circle him, use Raichu if you need to heal.

After the battle you end up back at the Base, another talk about how good you
did and blah, blah, blah.

Congrats! youjust caught Rayquaza! now your ready for the Ranger Net Missions!
from here you can do two things either try capturing all of the pokemon or
start those Ranger Net Missions!

|	Ranger Net Missions		       [rnm]    |
Okay so now your ready for the Ranger Net Missions, to get to them simply
restart your game and in the main menu tap Ranger Net you will then be sent
to another screen with Minun and Plusle walking around, tap the "play a special
mission" bar to bring up a menu of special missions. from there choose a
mission you want.

|	Ranger Net Mission 1: Gain Deoxys's Trust!?   [net1]    |
after the cutsceen you start at the tip of the jungle. you quickly spot
Deoxys and he'll run into the Krokka Tunnel, capture any pokemon that will heal
you such as Magneton. Now from what Spenser said you can only catch Deoxys when
he's in his Normal Form after a few battles with him, him ending up running
away from you everytime, you will find him in his Normal form. When you find
him in his Normal Form you must attack quickly! stun him with Minun at full
power!(level 5 stun) and quickly circle him. he isn't to hard to catch.

Once in the tunnel go to the right avoiding any Pokemon, near the end you will
spot Deoxys in his Attack form again, you'll walk up to him and start battle
his attacks are; teleporting and running into your line, his HP is 13 so you
have to be quick! try stuning him with Minun if you can a level 2 stun should
be good enough. 

After the battle Deoxys will run away and you will recieve a
text message from Spenser. go up into the next area then up again into the next
area (if you want to save go all the way to the right then down a bit until you
see a saving machine, near the exit of the cave). In the next area you will see
Deoxys in his Defense Form. The battle will start, Deoxys's defense attacks are
a shadow ball, and also a shield when you try to capture him so you have to get
him when he's off guard, if you spin fast enough you won't need to use Minun
but if you do he at least needs a level 3 stun try getting a level 4 stun
though if you can. After this battle he will run away back up, sadly you
cannot save from now on, the machine is under coonstruction >.>

Follow him up to the next Area, in the next area go up and into the the next
area, capture the Magneton and go back out then to the left then down to the
next area where Deoxys is. In the next area go a bit to the left, you'll see
Deoxys in his Speed Form, the hardest of all, after a small cutsceen the battle
will start. 
His attacks are some kind of Air bubbles that give you quite a blow
tye giving it a level 1 stun his HP is only 3 so it's not to hard to capture
the only hard part is getting him to stop. After the battle he transforms into
his Normal Form and runs away, this is your chance to finally capturing Deoxys!
chase him to the next area below. 

Go all the way to the left avoiding the Pokemon, also watch out for Zubat's
Soundwaves, they confuse you and mess up the controlls, go up to the next area
if you want you can try to save on the machine but you'll just get another
message haha. In the next area go up you'll spot Deoxys waiting for you at the
top in his Normal Form. after a small cutsceen the final battle will start.

His attacks are Teleporting he will also ransform into other forms when he
hides in the purple ball so wait for him to transform back into his normal
form, you'll know when that is when he starts to fly around slowly and
telelport everywhere. Don't get fooled though his attack and Normal Form
look the same so becareful try giving him a level 3-5 stun after you stun him
quikly circle him his HP is 13 again so be quick. After that he gets weaker and
starts shooting big purple engery all around the field his HP is only eight(8)
so it's not to hard a level 2 stun should do it.

After that a small cutsceen plays and you go back to the Base.
After another boring talk the mission ends and your sent back to the
Ranger Net Menu. Congrats on capturing Deoxys! now your ready for Celebi!

|	Ranger Net Mission 2: Rescue Celebi!	      [net2]     |
You start off at the Base where Spenser gives you your new mission, you are to
Find and capture Celebi before the Go-Rock squad does with the help of Murph,
after that leave the base. you then start off at the Lyra Forest right infront
of Celebi! wow! but the damn Go-Rock squad had to scare it the chase
starts! follow them to the right, in the next area you'll notice their's a log
up ahead so head down and catch a Phanpy then you'll notice there's a fence
down low so go to the right, then up until you bump into a Go-Rock memeber
with three(3) hoppip the hoppip are reeeaaaalllllyyyy ssssslllloooowwww so
it shoudln't be to hard. 

After the battle go to the leftand catch the Quilava use it to burn down the
log, after you do that use Phanpy and tackle the tree right above you, a 
Beedrill should come out of it, capture it, then go to the left until you hit
another Go-Rock memeber with three(3) Spinarak, again this one isn't to hard
to beat. After that battle go down until you see a swellow and a machoke,
capture the machoke and use it to break one(1) of the rocks to the left of you.
After that walk right next to the river until you see a small rock blocking the
way, use beedrill to break it then continue going down, andm then out of
nowhere a Wartortle pops out and attacks you! capture it!. continue back then
take the left road until you see a Go-Rock memeber with three(3) beedrill again
this isn't to hard just try catching one(1) Beedrill at a time and you should be
okay. After that head down, capture the Pinsir and save. Go a bit to the left
and you'll see the fence again ahead of you, use Pinsir to cut it down then go
to the left, you'll see celebi cornered by a Go-Rock member he tries to capture
it but fails, now it's your turn! chase down that celebi and capture it!
Celebi is fast but so are you chase it down until you confront it for battle
aren't you glad you cleared those obstacles? haha.

Now that you caught up with Celebi it's time to capture it try cornering it.
it's attacks are: vines, wait until the vines disappear and attack! it only has
3 HP so it's not that hard >.>
Congrats! you gaught Celebi! after releasing it you go back to the Base and
have another long boring talk blah, blah, blah!

|	Ranger Net mission 3: Find Mew, the Mirage!	[net3]    |
This is it the last special mission! capturing Mew! you think your up for it?
well lets go!

you, as always, start off at the Base, looks like someone saw Mew! could it be
real or just a Mirage? we'll soon find out won't we?
Leave the Base. You end up at the olive Jungle as you arive a cutsceen plays,
well look who it is!! MEW!!!!!!!(Sorry, Mew is meh favorite!)
Follow it up the vines capture 2 Wurmple up there for later use.
After capturing them go to the left area, you'll hear Mew's cry as you enter,
cross the bridge ahead, catch the Electike if you want. From here on out
there's no telling where Mew will be but if you hear his cry that means you in
the same area as Mew so search around there, you'll have to search around the
whole Jungle but once you do find it the battle will begin! you have to be
quick though it will run away pretty fast! 

Mew's attacks are: Teleporting
use Minun to stun him it has to be at least a level 4 stun it would be better
if you did a level 5 stun, once it's stunned citcle Mew like crazy! if you do
this right it should be fairly easy.

if your lucky enough to stun Mew in the middle of the field and also to be fast
enough to spin around Mew. Congrats! you just beat all of the Ranger Net
Missions! now it's time to get manaphy!

|	Unlocking the Secret Mission			  [usm]    |
Before you begin the mission you must first unlock it, here are the directions
on how to do it.

1. Access Ranger net after finishing the game when you see Ranger Net on your
main menu, click on it.

2. Your screen will show "Play a special mission." Pn your Nintendo DS, press
the top Right trigger(R), the X button, and Left on your D-Pad(Directional Pad)

3. You should see a screen that says "Enter the password has been added".

4. Tap the touch screen, and wait as the game saves.

5. After the game saves, tap the screen again, and a new menu will come up that
says "Enter the Password".

6. When you click on the password menu, you'll be allowed to enter the password

7. Enter the password P8M2-9D6F-43H7

8. You'll see a special message that says the mission is active. Turn off the

9. At the menu screen, access Ranger Net and you'll see an option to play a
special mission.

10. The Mission "Recover the Precious Egg!" appears!

11. You did it! Coongratulations! Now play the mission and discover the mystery
of Manaphy - and get ready to transfer this preciousEgg into Pokemon Diamond
and Pokemon Pearl this April!

that's it! that's how you unlock the mission, now get ready to complete it!
(steps and password found on the official Pokemon website

|	Secret mission: Rescue the Precious Egg!		  [smm]    |
Camron finds the egg of manaphy in the ocean and gives it to Prof.Hastings.
and Prof.Hastings wants to go show it to all of you in Ringtown, on his way
there he gets hijacked by team Go-Rock. our mission is to retrieve the Egg from
team Go-Rock wth Solana haha. Leave the Base. 

When you leave the base you end up at the Lyra Forest, head all the way up
untill you reach the blockade of Graveler and two(2) small boulders how do are
you supposed to get past them? walk down a bit and you'll find a Politoed
happily bouncing around, battle it and capture it. After you capture him use
him to get one of the Graveler wet to awaken them, once the graveler awakes,
when it does a member of Go-Rock will come and summon his other two(2) Graveler
to attack you, capture them all and continue up the path. You'll run into the
three(3) that stole the Manaphy Egg form prof.Hastings, after the cutsceen
four(4) Ratata will attack you they're the easiest to beat! 2 HP! so don't
worry! After the battle chase after the three(3) until you bump into one(1) of
the Go-Rock member with four(4) Zubat, again these are don't worry!
Keep following them after a battle until you bump into the same member again
but this time he has different kinds of pokemon, capture the two(2) Ratata
first then capture meowth. After this battle keep on following them until
you bump into the girl again she'll attack you with a scyther, shouldn't be to
hard, after the battle go back to the big tree and
capture a Swellow and use it on the Parasect, when the Parasect wakes up
Follow Team Go-Rock again. Wait for them to go the other way when they follow
the Parasect and follow them. Haha! now you have them cornered! they can't
escape now! now's the time to take back the Manaphy Egg! uh oh what's this!?
two(2) Scyther and a Venusaur! take care of thw two(2) Scyther one(1) at a time
then take care of the Venusaur, this battle shouldn't be to hard just a little
harder than the others. Well you beat them! but what chickens! they ran away!
Follow them!!!!!! what the hell!? Gorfor's back!?!?!?!?! but haha! we got the
Manaphy Egg! that's all that really matters right? looks like Gordor is finally
nice! =D that's good =D
MISSION COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have the Manaphy Egg now! now when Pokemon Pearl and Diamond are out you
can transfer the Manaphy Egg to your Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond!

|	Transfering Manaphy to D/P	      [tmdp]    |
when you start up pokemon d/p go to the start screen where you push enter.
after that the info of your save file, new game and wifi settings menu comes up
this the place where you recieve manaphy's egg. what you do is have rangers
broadcast the messege before you go to that screen once your there wait a
second and a screen will pop up prompting you to press A to be able to recieve
manaphy. press A then you'll see a new bar below the new game option it says
recieve manaphy egg. select that one then follow the instructions on both
rangers and pearl. The manaphy egg will no longer be on the rangers game but it
will be in the D/P game in any pokemart just talk to a guy wearing a green suit
to the right of the counter and he'll give you the Manaphy egg be warned
manaphy won't breed into another manaphy with any pokemon, even Ditto but you
can breed it with a Ditto and make it's baby form, Phion, and it takes over
3000 steps to hatch. thankfully the poketch in the game comes with a step
counter. have fun manaphy is not easy to train it, doesn't learn alot of
good moves for a while.

|	Manaphy				      [mnpy]    |
Manaphy is a powerful pokemon if it learns the right moves

 |#490 Manaphy						  |
 |English Name: Manaphy/Japanese Name: Manaphy            |
 |Ability: Hydration					  |
 |When Rain Dance is in effect, All Status Effect on      |
 |Phione(Fione) are cured.                                |
 |Gender Ratio: Manaphy is Genderless                     |
 |Classification: Seafaring Pokemon                       |
 |Type: Water. Height: 1'00". Weight:3.1lbs               |
 |Base EXP 1,250,000 slow exp gain .Base Happinness: 70.  |
 |Colour Category: Blue					  |
 |Flavour Text(Diamond): Born on a cold seafloor, it will |
 |swim great distances to return to its birthplace.       |
 |Falvour Text(Pearl):Wated makes up 80% of its body. This|
 |Pokemon is easily affected by its environment.          |
Info obtained from

|	Phione				      [phne]    |
Phione is a pretty cool pokemon; here's it's stats after it hatches.
 |#489 Phione						  |
 |English Name: Phione/Japanese Name: Fione               |
 |Ability: Hydration					  |
 |When Rain Dance is in effect, All Status Effect on      |
 |Phione(Fione) are cured.                                |
 |Gender Ratio: Phione(Fione) is Genderless               |
 |Classification: Sea Drifter Pokemon                     |
 |Type: Water. Height: 1'04". weight: 6.8lbs              |
 |Base EXP 1,250,000 slow exp gain .Base Happinness: 70.  |
 |Colour Category: Blue					  |
 |Flavour Text: A pokemon that lives in warm seas. It     |
 |inflates the flotation sac on its head to drift and     |
 |search for good.                                        |
 | Attacks: Bubble and Water Sport                        |
Phione(Fione) does not evolve into Manaphy but is the result of breeding
info obtained from

|	Ending and Credits		       [eac]    |
Thanks cartoonii for telling me how to get Manaphy! ^^,
Congrats! you finished all the special missions and even captured Manaphy
now you can exchange him into Pearl or Diamond and train him up! the good thing
is that Manaphy has a special power that no other Pokemon but him knows!
the whole Walkthrough was made by me, if you would like to host this in your
own website send me and e-mail to [email protected] asking me, I will most
likely say yes as long as I have a link to the site and you give credits to me.
If any of you have any questions or you just wanna talk to me E-mail me too!
I'll be happy to talk to you, especially those of you who are getting
Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond!
Thank You again for Reading this guide have a nice day Ranger!!!!!!!!