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Pokemon Platinum Action Replay Codes
Nintendo DS


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Walls Never Collapse

Press START and the walls underground will never collapse when digging.

Region: US/North America | Class: Underground Codes
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Added 1 Mar 2013, ID #9623, by Guest

Character Modifier

The code will allow you to completely modify your character's sprite. This is how it works. First you must have the Calculator app installed on your Pokétch. Then, type in the value of the desired character. Next, hold R while entering your Bag. Once your Bag is loaded, release R. Exit your Bag, and you are now your desired character, until you change screens again. Most of these have been tested. The ones that do not work have been removed. I did not make this. These are the values:

1: Ninja boy
2: Poké kid
3: Male School kid
4: Youngster
5: Bug Catcher
6: Lass
7: Battle Girl
8: Female School kid
10: Guitarist
11: Male Ace Trainer
12: Aroma Lady
13: Beauty
14: Female Ace Trainer
15: Male Pokéfan
16: Female Pokéfan
17: Veteran
18: Female Elder
19: Collector
20: Hiker
21: Lukas Riding Bicycle
22: Reporter
23: Cameraman
24: Male Store Clerk
25: Female Store Clerk
26: Nurse
27: Union Room Clerk
29: Male Scientist
30: Female Scientist
31: Roughneck
32: Male Skiier
33: Female Skiier
34: Patrolman
35: Idol
36: Gentleman
37: Socialite
38: Male Biker
39: Female Biker
40: Worker
41: Farmer
42: Cowgirl
43: Clown
44: Artist
45: Jogger
46: Male Swimmer
47: Female Swimmer
48: Female Tuber
49: Male Tuber
50: Ruin Maniac
51: Black Belt
52: Male Camper
53: Female Camper
54: Fisherman
55: Parasol Lady
56: Sailor
59: Waiter
60: Waitress
62: Rich Boy
63: Lady
68: Male Elite Trainer
69: Female Elite Trainer
70: Male Psychic
71: Pikachu
72: Clefairy
73: Jigglypuff
74: Psyduck
78: Torchic
79: Skitty
81: Baby in a Carriage
82: Rich Man
83: Rich Woman
84: Boulder
85: Rock
86: Tree
87: Item
97: Dawn
98: Dawn on Bike
99: Professor Rowan
120: Cyrus
121: Mars
122: Saturn
123: Jupiter
124: Male Galactic Grunt
125: Female Galactic Grunt
126: Roark
127: Gardenia
128: Crasher Wake
129: Maylene
130: Fantina
131: Candice
132: Byron
133: Volkner
134: Aaron
135: Bertha
136: Flint
137: Lucian
138: Cynthia
140: Mom
141: Cheryl
142: Riley
143: Marley
144: Buck
145: Mira
148: Barry
151: Uxie
152: Mesprit
153: Azelf
154: Dialga
155: Palkia
156: Arceus
157: Darkrai
158: Shaymin
159: Cresselia
160: Giratina (Altered Form)
161: Heatran
163: Clerk
164: Butler
166: Professor Oak
167: Jasmine
168: TV Producer
169: Tower Tycoon Paulmer
173: Starly
174: Briefcase
175: Maid
176: Lukas Holding Item
177: Dawn Holding Item
178: Lucas Ducking
179: Dawn Ducking
180: Lucas Using Sprayduck
181: Dawn Using Sprayduck
182: Air Vent
183: Book
184: Regigigas
185: Drifloon
186: Lucas in Tuxedo
187: Dawn in Dress
188: Lucas Fishing
189: Dawn Fishing
193: Delivery Man
194: Gamer
195: Magikarp
196: Lukas Using Pokétch
197: Dawn Using Pokétch
198: Lucas Kneeling
199: Dawn Kneeling
204: Pachirisu
205: Shroomish
206: Buneary
207: Happiny
208: Machop Holding Rock
209: Pokémon League Door
210: Lukas
213: Looker
214: Charon
215: Factory Head Thorton
216: Hall Matron Argenta
217: Castle Valet Darach
218: Arcade Star Dahlia
219: Castle Queen Lady Caitlin
220: Turtwig
221: Grotle
222: Torterra
223: Chimchar
224: Monferno
225: Infernape
226: Piplup
227: Prinplup
228: Empoleon
229: Croagunk
230: Giratina (Origin Form)
231: Male Battle Frontier Clerk
232: Female Battle Frontier Clerk
233: Battle Frontier Attendant
234: Male Wifi Plaza Attendant
235: Female Wifi Plaza Attendant
236: Pikachu
237: Rotom (Microwave Form)
238: Rotom (Fan Form)
239: Rotom (Fridge Form)
240: Rotom (Washer Form)
241: Rotom (Mower Form)
248: Four Galactic Grunts
249: Three Galactic Grunts
250: Crumbled Wall
256: Lukas Holding VS Seeker
257: Dawn Holding VS Seeker
268: Kneeling Lucas
269: Kneeling Dawn
With every other value, the game will either freeze, or it is a repeated value, or it is not a legitimate sprite. Enjoy!

Region: US/North America | Class: In-game Cheats
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Added 26 Feb 2013, ID #9618, by Guest


Walk into the grass and you will see a charmander lvl.4. I don't know it's stats but it is awesome. L&R&select&A to activate

Region: US/North America | Class: Encounter Codes
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Added 22 Feb 2013, ID #9607, by Charizard87

Roaming Mew

151 Mew

Roaming Mew Event:
Press L+R in game to unlock a roaming Mew. This Mew is level 50 and may be shiny. Use the following short code to unlock this event.

Please note: This code was cretaed by me, but has not yet been tested to
Perfection. Please use at your own risk until it has been perfected.

Game requirement ID's:
Made for: Pokemon plati
Gameid: cpue d074d1b3

Tec Specs:
Sub-enc: 893ry97edyt vaul: 834e8sdf
Generated: POKESAV ig-tu: Oy5G7h
Creator id: uTY77p creator: kambel serle
Lang: jpn-eng event id: 9087324
Event code: 7 lines created: 5:31 PM 08/02/2013
Original source coding: utf-8

Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes
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Added 8 Feb 2013, ID #9589, by Serlkamb

Special Flying/Water Pikachu

Special Pikachu

This is a Special Flying and Water type Pikachu code. Use this code to UNLOCK a SPECIAL Pikachu with the following attributes.
Press L+R to obtain this Pokemon in PCBox 18 Slot 1 .

025 Pikachu
Ability: Wtaer Absorb
Caught in: Premier Ball
ID: 19034
PokeRus: Cured

Moveset: Volt Tackle
Aqua Ring
Met at: Lv.100
Ribbon: Classic Ribbon
Contest Ribbons: none
Met in: Pokemon Event
Language: Francais
OT Gender: Female
Shiny: no
Fateful Encounter: no
Date met: 2013-01-22

**This code was made using PokeSAV for Windows XP. The Action Replay code was created and tested to perfection by: Kambel Serle (Serlkamb).
This code is only valid for Pokemon Platinum USA/Canada.

Code created on: January 22nd, 2013 - Tuesday at 17:30-36 (5:30-36p)
Game: Pokemon Platinum
Game ID: CPUE d074d1b3

Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes
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Added 22 Jan 2013, ID #9556, by Serlkamb

Mew + Old Charm

When you use this AR code, you will receive a Mew in box 18 slot 3 with the following attributes.

Name: Mew
Lv: 27
Details: NORMAL
Held item: OLD CHARM
Ability: Ice Body
EXP.: 15244

Move: Type PP
Aurasphere 62
Aurora Beam 62
Fly Flying 62
Dark Void Dark 62

Contest Stats:
Beauty: 255
Sheen: 255
Cool: 255
Smart: 255
Cute: 255
Tough: 255

Contest Ribbons acquired: 20/20
Other Ribbons acquired: 60/60
Total Ribbons acquired: 80/80

POKERUS Infected: yes

ID No.: 00950

Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes
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Added 17 Jan 2013, ID #9547, by Serlkamb

Deoxys Egg

Allows you to receive Deoxys via hatching an egg. I created and tested this AR Code to perfection.

To unlock a Deoxys egg using this code in Pokemon Platinum, Press L+R. Because this is a Legendary Pokemon egg, it will take twice as long to hatch. But don't worry... It's worth the wait. Once the egg hatches, you will have obtained a Shiny Deoxys with ultimate moves learned.

Region: US/North America
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Added 17 Jan 2013, ID #9546, by Serlkamb

secret key

All you have to do is go to the eterna city team galastic building and then you go to the left corner wall at the first floor next to a machine push a and then it's sais use the secret say "yes" then the screen goes white and you see this big gap and then theres an entrance you go in it and you see the motors and all types of machines and you need rotom for this so rotom can go in the machines IMPORTANT IMFORMATION:you might not see the gap until you use the key because the entrance looks like a wall if there are any problem tell me

Region: US/North America | Class: Event Items Codes
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Added 7 Dec 2012, ID #9357, by Snake4483

Oaks letter

This is how to get oaks letter.Press l+b at the same time when you enter a pokemart ,you will see a person dressed in green talk to him and he will give you oaks letter then you go to victory road and when you get a little close to the end of the victory road you will see a guy in overalls he will stop you if you don't have oaks letter but If you do have it he won't be their so you go near a bridge that leads the way out of victory road but don't go that way there is a different entrence by the bridge go in there and this girl will ask to go with you and you get out of victory road and the girl wants to see shaymin and when you get to a stone with words you see professor oak and he will talk to you and he will say who will you give thanks to say SHAYMIN and then he sais are you sure and you say yes and everything will turn white and you see shaymin he goes on this big path and waits for you so go across the long path and you will find shaymin and you will battle him and once you return professor oak will be gone and the girl and that's about it. Important information:you need the national pokedex in order to do this event thx and if there is any problems tell me I know that this works I done this event tons of times. Oh and it works!!

Region: US/North America | Class: Event Items Codes
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Added 6 Dec 2012, ID #9355, by Snake4483

Mystery Gifts

The code below can be changed. Change the * to any of the following numbers or letters to change the effect of the code to any of the mystery gifts:

A-Azure Flute
7-Egg Containing Manaphy
8-Member's Card
9-Professor Oak's Letter
C-Secret key

Then press SELECT and according to the number of letter that you picked, the mystery gift will change. All you have to do is press SELECT then go to the Pokemart and talk to the Delivery man, and he will give you the present. For the egg containing Manaphy, you must not have a full party when you talk to the Delivery man. Every code is tested and they all work. I did not make this code. Also, Jirachi and Regigigas are there as well, but they do not follow the same outline as these five, so they are seperate codes.

Region: US/North America | Class: Event Items Codes
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Added 23 Nov 2012, ID #9328, by Guest

999 Repel Steps Remain

When you are using this code, after you press Down and A at the same time, you will never encounter a wild Pokemon for the next 999 steps.

Region: US/North America
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Added 23 Nov 2012, ID #9327, by Guest

Complete Pokedex

This code will complete your Pokedex, it will say that every Pokemon has been caught at some point even though they actually haven't been. Every Pokemon has been seen. This does not include Pokemon whose National Pokedex number is 494-649. You have to Press START to activate it. This has been tested and it does work.

Region: US/North America | Class: Pokedex Codes
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Added 23 Nov 2012, ID #9326, by Guest

Great Codes

Here are some awesome codes!

Region: US/North America
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Added 20 Nov 2012, ID #9322, by Guest

Deoxys Box 2

Press L + R in-game to activate, places a Speed-Forme Deoxys in Box 2, Slot 1. Platinum code only. This Deoxys has maxed-out stats, No Guard ability, and Gastro Acid, Sheer Cold, Fissure, and Guillotine. Can take down Shedinja, Wondereye, Wondertomb, and Pokemon with Sturdy in two turns, everything else can be taken down in one. Obviously, is not legit, but fun to use.

Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes
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Added 13 Nov 2012, ID #9310, by Guest

Wild Pokemon Modifier

This is a relitively short ar code. Enjoy!IT IS TRULY WORTH IT(100% TESTED AND WORKING)yes I know of the two 940000whatever things it is not a mistake.

Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes
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Added 10 Nov 2012, ID #9302, by Guest


5 of every fashion case acssesorrie tested and works

Region: US/North America | Class: Item Codes
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Added 10 Nov 2012, ID #9300, by Guest


Gives you a lvl 100 machamp in party slot 1. Knows fly and sheercold surf and hyper beam. L+r to activate.
Pokesav generated

Region: US/North America
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Added 8 Nov 2012, ID #9294, by ilide18

Awesome Legendaries

Gives you a rayquaza and ho-oh as your first two party pokemon

Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes
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Added 13 Oct 2012, ID #9248, by samposs

Platinum Flag

This gives you a Platinum Flag and because of that a Star on your Trainer Card. Press R+Right+B to activate.

Region: US/North America | Class: Underground Codes
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Added 18 Aug 2012, ID #9129, by Guest

Weather Modifier

This code can change the weather in a certain area. Just input the code, turn it on, type in the number of the weather listed below into the calculator, and hold R while going into your Bag. Once you get out the weather has changed!


01 - Dark
02 - Rain
03 - Rain 2
04 - Rain 3
05 - Snow
06 - Snow 2
07 - Snow 3
09 - Ash Rain
10 - Ash Rain 2
11 - Diamond Rain
12 - Sandstorm
14 - Fog
15 - Fog 2
16 - Dark Cave
17 - Thunderstorm
18 - Mist
19 - Mist 2
21 - Snow 4
22 - Ash Rain 3
24 - Dark Cave 2
25 - Dark Cave 3
26 - Smoke
27 - Morning
28 - Sunset
29 - Dusk
30 - Night
31 - Day

Region: US/North America
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Added 18 Aug 2012, ID #9128, by Guest
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