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Legit Legendary Crown Dogs For Trading In Pokemon Black/White Action Replay Code for Pokemon Platinum

lilcheater_14 posted:

Jul 13th 2010, ID#5901 Legit Legendary Crown Dogs For Trading In Pokemon Black/White

This Code Will Give You Entei, Raikou, and Suicune That Can Be Traded For Zoroark In The Upcoming Pokemon Black And White Versions They Are Compleatly Legit And From The Event They Are In Japaneese And Everything. WARNING: Will Deleet The First 3 Pres L+R To Activate

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Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes

94000130 fcff0000

b2101d40 00000000

e00000b4 000000ec

243c253d 08000000

fe803280 7c8c5872

c58c1b52 57d4747e

d221ccab 6447bc51

8b2eef6d 6bb98b31

c421e733 69804eb0

6ffc5d1b f3cbec4f

2a6e8c21 5fda4800

911c8ac6 8dcd2fad

52370ab4 aed29415

63b8e260 0559c489

2ca3f891 c9ab7346

e82fd647 a9defc96

280f903e 5fd99b45

6cf1a89b 11daf708

bf822b0e 0f8cc97b

852057b5 bdcc1288

bf2a0b22 05f1cb07

d921850a f0e6899d

6ef74a5a 146b6984

0ea78c38 0c794784

635846c7 e144f89b

5a5ef367 4ec8442d

06d618b7 86cc3e8d

90bed260 e257c7c4

c584b779 36623291

1ddac32d bfce57b1

4ccb239b da97995f

ac1312fc f84a9b1e

19aa1f0b 00000000

e00001a0 000000ec

f25ef359 1cba0000

1c1c7ac9 d8ee6e27

ea839aa8 b3774998

ce20f187 d93c8f18

e0c13bba e48c50cb

f3d19891 6a5dd9a1

3f03db6c 82c3e5db

087e1eff 3f4967ce

dbb554e0 46e2d99b

d7659d3f 2625c7b8

a661c1da 1775f758

6318a117 3590c433

b6431392 7d4a7b29

12148172 1871cc55

eea74f54 26f5f658

3c6c59f7 f00ac68c

9b8b6ba4 864dd08c

e125f069 d6b8bca3

610dc13a 66a278b2

3628b70c ff4e5516

fdc0b68c d8aa6970

dbdd4219 dd26e53b

cd9bb544 612229ab

b3b2c0ca b3209132

25710da0 b70366fe

61162a13 0078d2c6

ed5f2530 20b4bcc6

c0607c65 1b5fee07

ff973f67 36cff0e3

ad3d8e56 00000000

e000028c 000000ec

d6e0d7e5 156b0000

9b8cc31b 375c578c

9719519d 7ce5eede

8c36d30c ab1fac83

b699ec96 4008554c

1b2ae6ef 25799969

fb1ee873 35d96e4e

49c6ef0d ad576546

bf9ee16a 151a9a4f

38cb06b2 dccaa55c

cbf8bd82 349b7d8a

82f71ec9 220b13e5

fd5e95ff 61a20144

4c2ede94 ff9c620f

e508bde8 ef94a2a7

77b03ab0 1c1a1a97

0e7f63ac 154d2c72

76801fa2 f77a48d9

9492fcfe 82a321c9

e48152a2 fee93e8e

e6b1a2f5 57245ec0

418643fd be31681a

d36d8c49 80378644

61f2578f 774f719f

bfea8f99 177a2286

7c809b28 45d474d7

6f8dd714 6f0a7fb1

b72d7db7 9109a57e

fa8ea08c 2bf8a033

060b1812 00000000

d2000000 00000000


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