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Ultimate Arceus Action Replay Code for Pokemon Platinum


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Feb 6th 2011, ID#6710 Ultimate Arceus

Gives you an arceus with max stats, shiny and pokerus, with the moves shadow force, judgment, spacial rend, and roar of time all 99PP

Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes

L+R to activate, takes first place in party.
Sorry, relatively long.
94000130 FCFF0000
B2101D40 00000000
E00000B4 000000EC
FCE6FCE5 5EA50000
101C357E FFD94FFC
5946A4F9 26354CD2
772C19E5 9F75D8F8
3BE9752F 19924694
C163E07B 5D9B6B7B
DF0533EE 056DB291
534D6B64 D504D4F4
DF730170 BD648F61
C27EBD5D 3D9A35A7
B919E415 05F298D3
DEEBC962 26521A5A
C6C84C3D E289C813
14BC60AA 70D3CAE0
C340797E 020DCBC9
EF41BD5C 3D9976DC
D326FAB1 EF565791
2B47CD85 643CBF2F
70D10896 B7798548
8855BC86 CC060A4E
D04112BD E17D00BC
B0F386D3 A53C307A
91B32CFE 65B81EC2
4ADF3D04 D45BE684
1F1BADC0 61777BAB
3A62B400 6376DEA3
0E5D4BB0 7D56041F
1FF72F37 F8557517
1A30E120 04E8EB0F
3A31ABFC 00000000
D2000000 00000000


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Dec 3rd 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #630687
Nov 29th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
I don't know what to do it doesn't work for me.
ID #629749
Nov 20th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
Not working
ID #626769
Oct 18th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
where do u type it
ID #617695
Apr 28th 2015 xeroinfinity Avatar xeroinfinity
as soon as i press l and r my game freezes. i know the code is right i've looked it over 6 times. what am i doing wrong
ID #549156
Nov 27th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
This happens to me, too.
ID #628918
Mar 24th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
works, thanks.
ID #532581
Jan 22nd 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #505318
Jan 6th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
GUYS JUST TYPE L+R 3 TIMES FIRST it will be bad egg poisoned then it will be normal bad egg the it will be arceus
ID #497392
Sep 10th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
For everyone wondering why Arceus doesn't listen to you, it is probably because you don't have enough badges. Also the bad egg NEVER HATCHES!!! No matter what you do or how long you walk it will not hatch.
ID #446435
Aug 17th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
My arceus freaking fell asleep and wonder guard keeps him sleeping lol
ID #599108
Aug 21st 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
What's the data for the code
ID #439087
Jul 25th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
Works perfectly !!!! Just have to keep in mind to place an unwanted pokemon in the first party. #KUDOS
ID #424831
Jul 10th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
Is there a place you have to be
ID #415613
Jul 5th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
it didnt work for me eather and i checked it 6 times
ID #412439
Jul 4th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
it didnt work for me
ID #411817
Jun 22nd 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #404646
Jun 14th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
Shoot! it took my Staraptor! Darn, It Works, but be careful, put a useless pokemon in front that you dont like. TOTALLY WORKS THANK YOU
ID #399367
Jun 9th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
The code worked, but now all wild pokemon appear as weird static with a shadow at the corner of the screen. I They also faint in one turn.
ID #396342
May 23rd 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
Works and it is may 2014. Thanks
ID #387373
May 2nd 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
That was amazing MEOW my arceus is simply stunning. I tried while in the PC so i jad no trouble. So yea that long code wasn't a totally time waster

ID #380706
Apr 29th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
my arcues is always sleeping
ID #379870
Apr 23rd 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
When I tried nothing happened I tried all the codes
ID #378136
Mar 22nd 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
How to activate

ID #366935
Mar 20th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #366140
Mar 13th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #363793
Mar 7th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
what do you have to do on an emulator for your smartphone, I wrote the code but if I push the left and Right button together nothing happens, no error in code
ID #361728
Dec 8th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
guys if you get a bad egg you typed the code wrong go back and look at it and fix any errors because it works 100%
ID #326915
Jul 22nd 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
Bruh, what's supposed to happen after u press l+r is there the pokemon in my inventory?
ID #588075
Sep 27th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
Does not work on my My Boy emulator
ID #311391
Aug 16th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
Is there a code for pokemon black 2
ID #305131
Jun 26th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
Is this for light platinum
ID #293005
Jun 24th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
Thanks man I tried it and I was surprised thanks
ID #292573
Apr 6th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
ok if your wondering how does the bad egg hatch,i have some news for NEVER hatches.when you summary it the game can never take it out of your party,never go into the union room and yeahda yeahda.i had 2 bad eggs thats how i know.
ID #271181
Mar 15th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
probably, i dont know

HOWEVER, I tried the code and it only gave me a bad egg...(furiousness)
ID #263923
Feb 18th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
Can you place it on pc
ID #255840
Jan 19th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
hey guys, answer me this, please: does the bad egg hatch at all, and if so when does it hatch? plz answer this comment as soon as ya'll can, tanks
ID #244314
Dec 4th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #215209
Oct 7th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
how long for the egg to hatch i walked 450000 steps DX
ID #192730
Sep 15th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
If the egg was hatch the pokemon will obey?or not
ID #186198
Aug 9th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #173893
Jul 29th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
how long until the egg hatches?
ID #169899
Jul 16th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
It didn't work
ID #164945
May 31st 2012 Shadow lugia2 Avatar Shadow lugia2
Can u trade me th arceus
ID #147462
May 14th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
is that true is that true for pokemon light platinum
ID #142034
Apr 16th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
it worked this code is cool
ID #134320
Mar 4th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
so when the bad egg hatch we get arceus?
ID #120355
Apr 8th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
This code is KICK ARCEUS!!!It gave me a bad egg until I tried it in the pc.
ID #36357
Apr 3rd 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #35705
Mar 26th 2011 mihneau Avatar mihneau
Thank you for your comment
ID #34298
Mar 26th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
Wonderful, just wonderful. It does work for anyone asking if it does. Just make sure it's put in correctly, I myself had to recheck and fix a line to make it to work...the whole thing i put in manually. took 20 minutes w/ corrections. Only one thing, could you please make so it changes its appearance and type with plates, cause atm it doesn't. thank you in advance
ID #34297
Mar 30th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
It's type doesn't change because this code changes Arceus' ability to Wonder Guard
ID #535380
Mar 25th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
It works! I replaced my starter right at the beginning (Turtwig) for this and let me just say! It rocks! (although it will most likely ignore you...) but, other than that! It's awesome Trainer A:"who did you choose as a starter?" Trainer B:"Turtwig..." Trainer A:"Oh well I chose Arceus..." Trainer A:"Huh!?!?!?!" Arceus:Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (used Roar Of Time)
ID #34107
Mar 11th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
dude awesome code it works you juth have to put it in right[quote][/quote]
ID #32230
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