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Kanto starters + Arceus Action Replay Code for Pokemon Soul Silver

Print this ilide18 posted:

Nov 12th 2010, ID#6402 Kanto starters + Arceus

Gives you all of the Kanto starters and an Arceus.

Region: US/North America

94000130 fcff0000
b2111880 00000000
10000086 00004732
2000008f 0000000b
00000088 000f423f
2000008c 00000000
e0000654 00000294
03e30044 03e30045
03e30046 03e30047
03e30048 03e30049
03e3004a 03e3004b
03e3004c 03e3004d
03e3004e 03e3004f
03e30050 03e30051
03e30052 03e30053
03e30054 03e30055
03e30056 03e30057
03e30058 03e30059
03e3005a 03e3005b
03e3005c 03e3005d
03e3005e 03e3005f
03e30060 03e30061
03e30062 03e30063
03e30064 03e30065
03e30066 03e30067
03e30068 03e30069
03e3006a 03e3006b
03e3006c 03e3006d
03e3006e 03e3006f
03e30070 03e30087
03e30088 03e300d5
03e300d6 03e300d7
03e300d8 03e300d9
03e300da 03e300db
03e300dc 03e300dd
03e300de 03e300df
03e300e0 03e300e1
03e300e2 03e300e3
03e300e4 03e300e5
03e300e6 03e300e7
03e300e8 03e300e9
03e300ea 03e300eb
03e300ec 03e300ed
03e300ee 03e300ef
03e300f0 03e300f1
03e300f2 03e300f3
03e300f4 03e300f5
03e300f6 03e300f7
03e300f8 03e300f9
03e300fa 03e300fb
03e300fc 03e300fd
03e300fe 03e300ff
03e30100 03e30101
03e30102 03e30103
03e30104 03e30105
03e30106 03e30107
03e30108 03e30109
03e3010a 03e3010b
03e3010c 03e3010d
03e3010e 03e3010f
03e30110 03e30111
03e30112 03e30113
03e30114 03e30115
03e30116 03e30117
03e30118 03e30119
03e3011a 03e3011b
03e3011c 03e3011d
03e3011e 03e3011f
03e30120 03e30121
03e30122 03e30123
03e30124 03e30125
03e30126 03e30127
03e30128 03e30129
03e3012a 03e3012b
03e3012c 03e3012d
03e3012e 03e3012f
03e30130 03e30131
03e30132 03e30133
03e30134 03e30135
03e30136 03e30137
03e30138 03e30139
03e3013a 03e3013b
03e3013c 03e3013d
03e3013e 03e3013f
03e30140 03e30141
03e30142 03e30143
03e30144 03e30145
03e30146 03e30147
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
e0000b74 000000a0
03e30011 03e30017
03e30018 03e30019
03e3001a 03e3001e
03e3001f 03e30020
03e30021 03e30022
03e30023 03e3002b
03e3002c 03e30026
03e30027 03e30028
03e30029 03e30012
03e30013 03e30014
03e30015 03e30016
03e3001b 03e30024
03e3002a 03e3001c
03e3001d 03e30025
03e3002d 03e3002e
03e3002f 03e30030
03e30031 03e30032
03e30033 03e30034
03e30035 03e30036
00000000 00000000
e0000d14 0000003c
03e30001 03e30002
03e30003 03e30004
03e30006 03e30007
03e30008 03e30009
03e3000a 03e3000b
03e3000c 03e3000d
03e3000e 03e3000f
03e30010 00000000
e00009b0 00000190
005f0148 005f0149
005f014a 005f014b
005f014c 005f014d
005f014e 005f014f
005f0150 005f0151
005f0152 005f0153
005f0154 005f0155
005f0156 005f0157
005f0158 005f0159
005f015a 005f015b
005f015c 005f015d
005f015e 005f015f
005f0160 005f0161
005f0162 005f0163
005f0164 005f0165
005f0166 005f0167
005f0168 005f0169
005f016a 005f016b
005f016c 005f016d
005f016e 005f016f
005f0170 005f0171
005f0172 005f0173
005f0174 005f0175
005f0176 005f0177
005f0178 005f0179
005f017a 005f017b
005f017c 005f017d
005f017e 005f017f
005f0180 005f0181
005f0182 005f0183
005f0184 005f0185
005f0186 005f0187
005f0188 005f0189
005f018a 005f018b
005f018c 005f018d
005f018e 005f018f
005f0190 005f0191
005f0192 005f0193
005f0194 005f0195
005f0196 005f0197
005f0198 005f0199
005f019a 005f019b
005f019c 005f019d
005f019e 005f019f
005f01a0 005f01a1
005f01a2 005f01a3
005f01a4 005f01a5
005f01a6 005f01a7
005f01a8 005f01a9
005f01aa 005f01ab
e0000c14 00000100
03e30095 03e30096
03e30097 03e30098
03e30099 03e3009a
03e3009b 03e3009c
03e3009d 03e3009e
03e3009f 03e300a0
03e300a1 03e300a2
03e300a3 03e300a4
03e300a5 03e300a6
03e300a7 03e300a8
03e300a9 03e300aa
03e300ab 03e300ac
03e300ad 03e300ae
03e300af 03e300b0
03e300b1 03e300b2
03e300b3 03e300b4
03e300b5 03e300b6
03e300b7 03e300b8
03e300b9 03e300ba
03e300bb 03e300bc
03e300bd 03e300be
03e300bf 03e300c0
03e300c1 03e300c2
03e300c3 03e300c4
03e300c5 03e300c6
03e300c7 03e300c8
03e300c9 03e300ca
03e300cb 03e300cc
03e300cd 03e300ce
03e300cf 03e300d0
03e300d1 03e300d2
03e300d3 03e300d4
e0000b44 00000030
03e30089 03e3008a
03e3008b 03e3008c
03e3008d 03e3008e
03e3008f 03e30090
03e30091 03e30092
03e30093 03e30094
e0000d74 00000034
03e30037 03e30038
03e30039 03e3003a
03e3003b 03e3003c
03e3003d 03e3003e
03e3003f 03e30040
03e30041 03e30042
03e30043 00000000
e00008e8 000000c8
000101b2 000101b3
000101b5 000101bc
000101bd 000101be
000101bf 000101c2
000101c8 000101d0
000101d1 000101d2
000101d4 000101d5
000101d6 000101d7
000101d8 000101d9
000101da 000101db
000101dc 000101dd
000101de 000101df
000101e0 000101e1
000101e2 000101e3
000101e4 000101f5
000101f6 000101f7
000101f8 00010214
00010215 00010216
00010217 00010218
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000
e00000a8 000000ec
83fc5a22 5daf0000
08be01f7 444ad5f2
c2712a10 1a96069d
4e164064 c1ba7295
64676580 5f9d77f6
b49933b9 b0982933
edebe93e 6af8f272
fa9a3b38 ab9eb152
8520a13e ff1cea1e
48b53893 1b9b24fc
9c48656e c0906d26
6047cecd 3ed92863
961e1feb 53798319
f1f0f663 cce84a95
bb379776 9c02eb6c
62aa6562 e461d09e
851c8675 8af27ff8
a7bb6e35 df55f8c3
807ee1bf 8bbb52e1
d59e7d21 e3bfd724
1872c393 e9e7d494
c789ce37 bac6847a
c276589b 5046b0ae
7f37c435 12b249c3
1fc444f8 fe793958
d774adc5 623205ad
429f9021 78e01a78
9483a329 6476caf9
bf6ba5c2 4c9c614b
fb0d3013 00000000
e0000194 000000ec
874861c1 2d590000
292ab943 16491853
45cdc1d7 ae372a18
f3588138 9bf576d4
1574f970 760d7786
1ba8843b 260c3b55
9fd13c57 1c0313ec
e45d3ac1 9c8efbdb
ae35ea74 005059e8
5748fa26 c2680d85
b5e368bb 1ac77173
3dc141dc 3c309d65
b6fe0a5b bc01fcd3
00c48941 6f274617
65324620 228a7076
821c5ec6 e0a9aa51
5f2dba35 4a87fa5a
0f1e43e0 cfc65bc1
2683ca22 5715e338
c9d3dead 8367ab7b
dc79e63b d11fb0be
6a31bca6 95c5c641
36269f9e f99dfeaa
b399b404 b6fa4c62
ea8c74ba 4bf45999
2298b441 9357dc8c
66fd14a3 f8ddec0a
37fa1993 bc9f1833
fd5f38d1 f9c94b82
0e5f8cd3 00000000
20006919 000000ff
d2000000 00000000



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2 comments, latest first.
Jul 15th 2017 Lanoira
This just gave me a Ho-oh with a strange name who knows fly...? Not complaining, but kind of complaining....
ID #730879
Sep 9th 2012 Guest
where do they show up
ID #184859
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