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All Starters and dragon types Action Replay Code for Pokemon Soul Silver

Print this blass7 posted:

Aug 28th 2010, ID#6171 All Starters and dragon types

These Pokemon have wondergaurd just hold {L+R}.Im also the one who made the legendary Pokemon cheat of kanto & johto.Please give me a lots of thumbs up.

Region: US/North America

94000130 FCFF0000 B2111880 00000000 10000084 00008283 10000086 00002CA9 2000008F 0000000B E0000074 00000010 0156012B 01450151 01480152 FFFF0153 E000F710 00000088 D77FE4AC 37780000 15286E02 2BC8913F BACE9A53 B0FED7A8 2337CD59 A21FF942 6FC1E9BF 9240D0D9 79753E9A 00941FF0 969919DA D495679C 9DFE533C 75E041E8 214164D3 412BB17B B411AC77 35A3C36D 8883B7DE 72FD42CB A46646EA 65951FE0 A5A2A279 4F412CBA A87D5943 ACBAC153 E807CA9C 97B3ACFF F700F0A7 17320779 B1061B66 21452DBC E000F798 00000088 855DDDFA 4DE50000 EC4B7ABB 10871595 AC76D97F 144D914E 5BFC8296 4E0E3714 9D579A55 3A0D847B 23562197 24D20934 29ACEACE 3EBA58A1 7D0D4031 9606870D 683E7043 798C0C21 7D0E40FB 99317A0F 818CB0BE 0435CD2B 1D9D366E B14D5F4C E50F3CF8 EA94C48D B0A80845 18897992 E38C8D1D 03D3785D 8D8912C5 D017F303 097BC1CF 68783D49 E000F820 00000088 C85BE7F0 4FAD0000 9E66A404 0CC0F4FC 3FEBBDB8 6A94355F 797A0D2B E13C07D1 A2373977 41950425 00AF7AE5 0AE59A91 C003F229 7E0490B9 A2007CC0 77638810 EA1EEAA3 63A1DA90 11D26C03 8346DCA7 F9A1E2A5 B6F3D92D 005D3DC3 DC8D6F3B FBC64A86 9C594AA9 ED73B7BA 05CB84E0 75AE726A E6AE307C 3C05FF3C 25345947 4518B8E6 99332A96 E000F8A8 00000088 CD7B08F6 4E6D0000 53C66D5D A985D5FA 3A7B29E4 814F1DA1 9CF105BE 5EBF862C 9B967F18 EFF2A193 A8DE042F 8D15A33D 42AA7465 8FB227A5 7DF744C8 B1769482 10CD629E 6A0752AE BA366131 716CD487 A8960AFF 55BA07C5 550F592C 20292678 59364E1C 67756152 A2B8BE79 0759118D 4C749E82 6CC6E4BA 7B249355 A87E8A53 79DB2CA0 18AF52A6 E000F930 00000088 04E4D7F0 386D0000 5B3363A4 F7DE8823 78EE1B89 40105D90 CD108309 3B1CE9F8 8B133709 ECC07451 98F489E8 15D13551 93702986 A672FA99 1094D216 1927A7C8 155EB3FA 74446184 A7FC4676 D34211BE 6B4CC92C B9096D37 E48AF3FE 2FB282DE 45D79752 F7C02361 45F72491 81F13B57 5ED4E0CA 9FB81D93 F86CD660 88CD4885 E0E21617 0FA9470E E000F9B8 00000088 4E0962F2 50A10000 239C5758 EAC96D2F C9EF1771 4A2DC472 1270D2D5 B2069DB0 348AF965 3CA17C1B 32B1607C 95E30AFD C831F410 82B6F9BF 2A1F555E 0CA98688 C35BD094 0B8C9561 79311CB7 9D646B9F DFDF84A7 5C20FF96 63206FDA 714C5137 DB8858F5 5E47F2FA 0034E6CC 2BE37A0D 5983E71F 16B0C76A F34113BE DD9BE122 E6F1DD6C 119785A2 E000FA40 00000088 6C7887F4 52F40000 81EF36BF 083C9238 64EEE10A 9ACCAA54 1381B0A4 FF003E4B 648B6F70 186C9B63 5A84CADC D81E2675 9C09B2E0 FC7AA44D 961F214C A4B42D69 04CA3C43 87A68A08 E67E24F2 ACBD7386 5C0FB991 018C0E73 AF7160A9 50B61A74 CC075C0A 40A000D7 C3ED2322 501AB0C0 0A65016B 68B55B72 4BFC3F81 BD269127 D8BC0207 548BC321 E000FAC8 00000088 9E86E9FC 524A0000 40A2895A 1500BC6A B5E35556 7089A094 29A8B34D 0F016046 B29EA956 B50DB704 75D2ACB1 59286953 F23BEA36 27644E68 9C78E636 CA682D67 0217735C 1B0CB1D9 5885FFB2 82C4DC2E CE1472F4 E3E58EC3 2A23D2B7 80E1733E 3E2C7178 2487FCE1 D4427E1F 856DB158 46578BE9 2EB60B58 593D21FB 99593A4A CBC440B6 F845686B E000FB50 00000088 3C978FF8 50C00000 B3B34DC3 92EC7934 A39C81DF A1FDD8D1 DE01E38D 0FC66227 34ACE7ED CBBDC0DB D1246EC5 D0A7BCD0 45280594 BC42C09A B4088725 49812163 423FC123 E6214756 2B7369D2 8065DC74 0B3223F6 191C76BD E7A198CB FF93EFB5 49B966E4 49CD6F2F 6744FA2A 4EC0CB67 FE36D41C E920631C AF2A1A33 3340D44B 2970F925 5BA39027 E000FBD8 00000088 85F305F6 50890000 E2C32AA3 B649E230 1F252231 F9527024 3D195246 12C5E68F A34B47A6 49B567EA 0C600A35 AEF0684A C485A499 7CCDDBFF 2EC5133B BC86A449 795F703F FF3A97FC 8A78370C 4F6A4282 5E5409A8 301FC9A4 7BF8D448 F091399C D08637D1 C0B69B14 4CAC21BC 7568577E B17BF595 7E702460 46EEB773 3870B5B2 EBD17DCE 018DAF0B E000FC60 00000088 128CBBFC 4B9F0000 6FB9F221 C25A7451 067D0B8C 8107AC52 3E82D514 DE504FF7 D4A8039A 372D9ACE FBEFC2C9 F32FE4AF A5E3624C 15F63AB4 13AED733 FEB9EDD1 323429B4 0ECA8B65 0F151731 4E35C76D AD994433 5D8FB53B BCD4B9E3 5502643F 506C9943 BD94B0F8 D13ACF7B 6BC51713 A5573253 BE6F4476 63EBADC1 26B9D812 D45710A3 2389A95B E000FCE8 00000088 716DE4FC 39920000 1FB0ABB2 629B981D C722D864 5A3E1293 6198C706 55B2E32E 561FF994 2D19402B 04327F4C 116D1679 07F11AE3 FCD15573 A55F7FBC E3D7BADA AA7BCAE1 C0020C56 708FB13C 0D05ADA8 4B7BD2F4 C4B201F8 5CD56795 EB442D0C FC09EEB1 DB61C9D5 44737FFC 56A77AC9 28ADB6C5 4D1C4153 9287DA4B 39AFB414 94C57020 1E220D92 E000FD70 00000088 BBFBF5FE 4F0C0000 374846F0 5AA824F0 E2746D2E AC2F58D1 DA52196E F90BE5FA 7A524FCF 394FA75A 6854DDCD 167534CB A4F3D510 D22AC0A0 7B458FCB BBA2034A 3B1332F7 DBA6A166 5AB27DD5 F4AC1961 57EE86AE 48606C2A 4C5AF15E 5CFE4CDF 120A1185 9B5607A8 C19D9C52 B58F45CC CE62CA68 21EF1168 67E7512B FE6FF554 6B991868 62F18058 E000FDF8 00000088 5F572AF8 50670000 092B6ECE D2AAD283 FBE1EEAD 5DDAD54F FEDE717C A992F73F D50F0E75 9C3BA0A4 AABFD30F 95EB42A1 934A0966 10F30D3E 2E8B5216 F5AA60EC 0F3BB3A6 831C0659 3A842F7D DEC58D30 14152D84 E26D7AB1 C3D4481A 02341628 90F6CBA3 217E33E2 50473220 B8277115 54A9AEC8 DAE748C0 928728B0 CA5799DD A7B75F3C 557F69B2 E000FE80 00000088 CDD613FE 52A10000 660FE3E5 F95566C6 B5B566E8 32E761CD 99B32067 10664DAC 310945B6 25A58038 C1A382F4 57349402 AE4280B7 51E4E77A B9456236 64E68005 B847C5DC 67B50865 3424641A 33AF29A6 2A6D69E1 B31E9878 043166A7 CC7AB72E 39FBC6AB 7FB59B85 DB200A1E 9E878112 FE766281 3039C26A 61EB0290 F6BA0D35 DE3C8201 12691253 E000FF08 00000088 E364DCFA 4FF10000 53591C6F 473C173F 66531450 BDA773A5 F5F1CEBF 0ED52931 05BFC714 9C8792B1 C36BECF2 76A0E6D9 6A80B8FE D680C63B A275FF0C E9AB0156 15D77174 5BDEFDD7 AE4B7D95 5E594DBF 8DDD9AB4 710D70E8 6EA4FB03 C148A41A 8AE3BB3F DACA190B E46F90A2 7A5A5086 2B6EFC4B CCE7E696 32C8BE5A 196792ED FD46FE11 F14FB544 E000FF90 00000088 21C7BAF4 4FE80000 7A80CC2B C4631323 E1B2F1A2 42C9D5D3 9DF15E8A FAF70866 CB30314E 416F0B1E 75A66C76 C564063F DACFB020 5CDB38E7 3DF4D9BA 78472713 386B203E 77405ED0 D79144C0 C33F7CCE BC2DAD9C 60445CBF B7F5DF52 71021B40 E6C26ED1 BFB35814 231606EE 23021595 38907E8D 89DED041 CF25F573 01AB57BE 224F1A99 CB4B04CC E0010018 00000088 B78C38F8 38700000 A2692657 ECFD8838 C662FE4F E3BC5826 3FBB531B 6C4A057F D9F120D6 0B1EF6D7 5CBAB502 17852D92 5F8EB51B 3809F7D3 6EB8C503 70DDF4BF D5E118E4 15CE4131 450C056E 5D725427 5B2E16E7 024A739B 525AFF5F 97C90BD2 3739A35D AB720E5F DBC3FF43 F2354F6D 15F11D52 339172EB 0A664306 EE0CB2EB 3484F92D 71AB81E2 E00100A0 00000088 80FAA0F4 62030000 71D4AE72 792DF776 B9460F9F 3920EA7E 92B2E5E4 BBD2B240 97FC7824 83E1C6DF 558D252A 559AF5FF A8847FA5 DC92B3E5 EAF63CFB 6C92DB2F E9F79CD7 628D4704 FC7E73DE 33432CC6 D5813D6B FA95314D 3A21A31A FDD96A36 119E2F7A 3DD087D4 15F5F4E1 53FC1029 716452F4 7BAA8F9B 5B503F70 401C7796 8E2EED08 44B8086F E0010128 00000088 03E74CE8 34460000 295244D4 B5EE7DA4 92F8ADD8 4DD9EC53 EBDDDA5D 11704CE8 4CA0D474 8FF7CB46 81301871 8095BDB6 B0F94963 17946F0D D0EA6A3D 3C265A56 4E9FF0ED 87ED1FBA 2CBA1EA9 CFAF106A 96230E71 BAF03D1D ED87C2C8 0210ED4E FF0139F6 94D9E376 EF91D8C0 835B2333 47B4DB48 29848A9A 120DFE35 23F5E6AD E702E6F0 13F530F7 E00101B0 00000088 92304194 326E0000 4D85FE73 91E595D0 F4BA5F7B 0CC6D382 C82B4F69 2FD1CB25 E1637E48 9127937B DF2B8457 93D640A1 29DAAF87 DE92123E 0143B665 BECED148 BA49855E EAF7FDB2 FCB9594D CD7B114C B055C4C7 E17ED4DF 5A47CF43 1E631D0C 26D51B13 7A087816 3CE552BC 8B70A84A 98090FB1 CC5403BE BB119A5F 8036FAF7 1D3C42FF 83345F42 E0010238 00000088 10954094 34540000 CF02DC8C 9D66063F 1ACA93E8 9FC94013 1850FAB1 E15BAAE7 3146E6D4 C8572C63 6AA08A14 30A9DA18 0345AB60 B815053C E4F0FC97 0D8FD17F 886327A9 247288DE B806E6C5 D70B2580 59314856 CF0E37A4 115ADD87 F2D804EC 3A95040C 30C32C11 578176CD EC69802A 3E2740FE A9062366 DD4687AE 89C38D32 DD68A73F 87FB98CE D2000000 00000000


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17 comments, latest first.
Oct 11th 2015 Guest
How do I use an action replay code
ID #615619
Jun 3rd 2015 Guest
oh no my picachu evolve how do i stop it?
ID #565332
Nov 9th 2015 Guest
press b button so easy
ID #623654
Feb 8th 2015 Guest
wtf my name got changed to armando now my cyndaquil wont listen to me
ID #513652
May 15th 2015 Guest
lol armando? mine changed to mike 4 sum reason...
ID #556489
Nov 14th 2014 Guest
How do you add it
ID #471421
May 31st 2014 mewpower
It works
ID #391639
Jan 31st 2014 Guest
why does the name change to armando?
fix this!!!
ID #350123
Jan 10th 2014 Guest
Why was my name changed to armando
ID #342127
Jun 3rd 2012 Guest
ID #148210
Apr 27th 2012 Guest
is this code legit?
ID #137323
Nov 23rd 2011 CheatLord1996
Guys, I suggest you turn off all codes in order for your game to start up, as this is a big code.
ID #89492
Jun 4th 2011 x2xshadowzx2x
whenever i pick the code my game never boots up how do i fix?
ID #46935
May 30th 2011 Guest
it apears somewhere in the boxes
ID #45935
Mar 20th 2011 Guest
Where do the pokemon show up? Like a box in the PC? And which box? Cause that could be problematic if they appear/replace other pokemon that I have.
ID #33521
Oct 20th 2010 Metamewtwo
To me the only Pokemon worth having the wonderguard ability are the legendary Pokemon

PS I don't wanna have to play with this code to get it on my AR can you fix this up?
ID #15772
Sep 27th 2010 Guest
It is not invinsible, because if you take a rampardos or cranidos, it knows the ability mold breaker, which makes the other pokemon's ability not work.
ID #13761
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