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ultimate game team Action Replay Code for Pokemon Soul Silver

Print this Sepulveda posted:

Aug 17th 2010, ID#6100 ultimate game team

It replaces your team with Pokemon specially disighed for every gym in the game. Oh and it changes your name to Ash and it gives you some other stuff too. The Pokemon are Luxray,ho-oh ,gallade,honchcrow,glaceon,and golem. Check your trainer card.

Region: US/North America | Class: Teams of Pokemon Codes

94000130 FCFF0000 B2111880 00000000 10000084 0000432A 00000044 13EF98E2 2000008C 00000000 E00000A8 000000EC A7DCE4F2 4F010000 D8617259 21B5A18D D6AD5C4D CCF7DCFA A08AC92D A127014C 97653CA8 1F4DC8C3 406094DC 673248F9 2EF5288E 079D51D4 376E1511 0B07EBE8 99A67782 EB54E812 6FB87210 52F8C6AC 90D0B871 472E55E7 6D1318AC C1FDB102 0D0097F9 B31EAA0B EFC4D923 BAC7FB66 8D209F59 72E850CC BAA751B3 FDDFBD35 C8D69AF5 50EC5352 E9F54BFB 462703D8 70D0D0C1 C9C381E9 D86F36BA 03313F1C 355E583C 22A8A985 B44EE11A C6FE1408 6C882E0B 2CCA65C0 3EFFBA2F FCD4BF8F F2F144B1 7ED76F77 F048263C 3489C528 3C4389AE 20D79BD9 9C557C0B 3F75AD5A 034C07B4 F0950269 ACB5CED8 00000000 E0000194 000000EC EAD7A9FE 17560000 E6D7E950 BD4A8B88 DABB51B4 2970D2DB 30CC2E71 5AB31738 89C5EB70 5F813841 47A0DD55 F556DC32 E913E4AF 62D40122 25E3A05F 3F752B00 35CE35C5 027CEF9A A4572547 9BFF0230 7947D45D 39C5CE95 8E9ED132 C3A176D7 BE327AB5 99313CE5 0B4A16A6 76725C7F 00E64F20 7F573052 18CF0255 9C45FFDD 0A16146A 68171D58 06F2AC13 E799BEFA 09563EE6 AD7D2D21 8604708A 7B8700F6 5D7C56F7 39D4A005 204605EF 1D1A83A0 63A7481E F7C10E7D 8EB07D05 74AC5B16 11EB8C8E C2C212C0 2877263D 74A9A1FC 8777BFA5 98D45E0D 9FAD061E 4DC06FCA 5561B7B4 567A97B4 52871762 00000000 E0000280 000000EC 10DF53F5 14DF0000 281CC804 0B46519C A69E0B3F CD8F474A 8FB98FCC D0DF019C 3470642B 07AE75D3 E4477398 58694C9F D977981A AE80BCA1 1D8A378A 273631C6 DD6ACCC8 F3E77EDC D29F403B 14A4C0EF DB757086 4309239A 56C8D5BA 4CDF75CE 3D4001FE 4A7E2B2E 3DF2B224 CF5CAFCD 32FC34A0 1552C0EB C372DBFE 720A936C 0E95BB80 8D141DF5 F8A35F29 D846C092 47DB1784 B43E2566 E1F745C2 0711D095 CA775CE5 73015AAF 6BD6847F 2AB00528 FD23DF2D 4406BFCE 1E13FDD1 BDEDA475 75332534 2D482F40 67F749E1 4522B71E 4012E650 AE2AEA97 52090F47 E15F54C8 F9026A7D FA072EAB 7BE1EB80 00000000 E000036C 000000EC 35DD76F0 803B0000 13A64FB1 4D37CC5F 81F2E3EF 5CED7DF1 06044DA4 795514AF 4AE2BA7E 0CA18908 49EFF2C5 72E8801F 4E1F13AE 73AE371A E654CD1D FDCA4A08 9B1EA3EB 3B08A8D0 2B0CC6E3 90424EC8 1740FB60 02315249 62F8C35B 0394234C E8829519 A2E38A5E 7CA09A3A 106540DB 0A5D4E5A 660149B0 825817E3 57DAEE5A 66F07732 2AE219D1 5EC05729 8DC91EBC 9022CAA4 015D7A30 26F5E857 D246DE79 00CCD4FD E40804DB D28DE890 BA04ED60 99D36BF7 4DB26616 1C22BBE6 22D8E2A9 6B9A6FDF 3E2D5718 B835560B E23E09AB F14C584D 36959024 FB5F9E94 3D176C34 7E158271 B9ADFB30 8E8127E9 00000000 E0000458 000000EC BDD9FEF2 68A90000 74A7FAF7 F6B43B37 43C6A03C 3C06CE8B 4F4F1E64 C824B448 524190D3 247B098B 324C1C01 A118B41F 44B6347A 488EA414 5FD09847 0B1AE998 41C6504C B6E9A35A 97B6CB95 D60D7DDF 3FB10989 F9412F5B 27ACCAAF 5EE6FC42 CD0ECB07 23EF4C19 74269068 AAD4CE42 47AEE949 12B2B835 8DED8956 4643E947 49B8D6D0 C08DEFE1 A469E2AB E8FC20C4 2F0A97B6 8A9D606B 64788C3F DB8381F2 7361C94F 071FE113 D000B4F2 E455A3B0 A2321BDA C15B8504 458CBA47 D2989C12 05EB8285 056A6EF9 79D9125D 3B22E78C 1F340BCE 3053FD21 1E1144FD 944B27A9 55DD0369 14E1F000 18C5B662 00000000 E0000544 000000EC 08D14BFA 44950000 632FF547 747581C8 DA0AE932 30204CBF 9C334B42 16A2C45B DDB6D37D 4D105953 D2ABE7BE 97BE0060 FFE27B0E 3ECCE0BD 2FCBD3FD D32AFD8F 38D124DA 5C6D64C7 98A67929 64F4974F 59C00F6C 4CF3CC17 2488D944 A469882F 28E6B624 CD11AC36 8B58A53C AE0A7937 2B45BCCE 3AF913E7 C4CEEAC9 BB67D736 6B52EE38 84A64E31 F73FC39F D0985B7B F0BBCB02 9880D0F6 36198A00 2BE24635 5820EC1A 84A82EBE 2FC4D0C2 2B7C60FA 6D01CE2A B46708E7 7AEEE159 662837F0 68B6C348 4D7CEACA B878D4D8 409F9880 386ED605 97119ECB 4A50DC5C 999D1FA6 3CFA3CAA EE962422 9C4B5BF5 00000000 200000A4 00000006 D2000000 00000000



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