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Cool Pokemon Action Replay Code for Pokemon Diamond

Print this 4-tail Naruto posted:

Dec 6th 2007, ID#654 Cool Pokemon

This code is for pokemon diamond ONLY. It will give you a Lv.100 Ninetales,Riolu,mightyena,umbreon,and pachirisu. All of them are to represent naruto characters except jirachi. riolu is naruto, umbreon is 1-tail naruto,ninetales as you can guess is the kyuubi,sasuke is pachirisu (I know it doesn't make sense),and mightyena is akamaru.

Region: Unspecified | Class: Teams of Pokemon Codes

94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 E0000304 000000EC 56065604 8C870000 794D2295 4479D710 1CF90332 A41DB2A9 8AD5294C 5C1F035C F1453884 D9538C54 BC4D5055 278E3D5B F6B19D77 6E81CAF8 46F2EFE6 6250CA4C D04615CA B5AD27FB 80E2D563 99214E5E 4571D1BC D8AF0E87 883A7354 80913BA6 0A4A1A5C DE6ABEA0 CFF343B0 9ADB3422 FCC620B6 1B63F040 6FC1CBBA 31ADB717 3F660587 2E28AF35 785E1A00 CB07CC6E EE46999E 82E9A57B 7371F690 B4E97B2D 00A8771C 50C19F8E E1C56CE5 000027AB 041C01F9 A48ECC01 24278CC5 E077C34C E6EB21C8 95CB8385 767E7FAB 80C59E0B 62C9A893 502F2B1F CA8FBCBA E0047896 10ADEA3C 7A56EFC9 A1A3862E 00000000 E00003F0 000000EC D008D00C 8F700000 E46E8D1D F582C453 A834DF4F 4B93637A DB9B57FD F91661EF 8D28A630 A36229D1 558B1390 84091028 6FC82E9B D60B95AB ADD59635 EF359CD2 04197DEB BEC6CC56 B612C21A 930CC8C2 B0CE4773 44F162AB 49EE0F8D 3C89986D FF7E803B D98EB1DD EBEDD2D1 3C34E555 110DD289 783C8FB9 5C9C2839 FAA432E6 25CFBDE1 955A69EC 49DB386C 69C57750 E863766A 3494F1E1 7598F08E 15DBBFCB D8641097 D0FAB5E3 7777BD09 88F194BF 0D8F83FC B84C21AC 7DF99F2F C33CDAE5 6D572563 8803BB02 A2A3FCE6 9195BFAE 7473636D D07C279D C67E1F26 FDFB9BBC 5B5EAD0D 0D75B7A8 7E97007F 00000000 E00004DC 000000EC EE269A02 F8DE0000 38F42513 E6898EA8 11F822F8 6594F092 C55B15A0 FDD9020F A1DFF4C0 70DF33B5 C9986ED2 06BA72BC 1F5B431D 41C26F8E E704BF07 A1A6191C 6062D169 72FCC152 03EE6ECD C6F9B4B7 63EC6601 747C55F3 AD90167D 7B50B45C 088BBDFD 46B2EA6F D666AB2B 95492D0D B5A4FD4D 021336A2 4F568AC4 8BDF4530 810BE948 74980667 C93CC8E8 A3533FAB A780D9E0 4F50F138 477DD8C4 DB6F67AB 124A8E7E 6491A10E F21D695C 4147190F 7985E4B2 4B7B22BE C9B1251D CD559543 34A62E15 E5011433 10A81461 60B58925 5DDEE3CD 56F1A284 22342C1B FF086BA7 9F836936 8DE0521E C7EFBAAD 00000000 E00005C8 000000EC 8A0C8A08 0FAF0000 7DB295ED 49938673 9F9B56FE 809AE916 F2E470FA A5964213 24AD3780 DFEDD780 3770F1F8 2A5B307C F4087C88 0522CEDB 8FE04638 3258DB8F 05219A40 F4DD648A A2093FA6 31A252E5 7C74DA6B F5748D9C 22CC3596 E01B6FFA DD0BD68F 3BCAD608 B6144B09 AF4397E3 437C3B87 72252239 FE79388F 8B4C8130 7726FCD1 6AF31109 7CBB6395 42D788F0 A12022FE C379DD8B F896FD5B 50A50034 51D4D921 BA8E946E 622F36F7 FDFE798A 67E9FC8E F89E759F 87D4C4AD E3FC2D58 9AB5F2A1 CDB3962B 1C03D199 6DCA57D1 40EF5531 FF59D0F1 7BA44F4B FF72B31E EECF2F25 F63E6A03 95619DA8 00000000 E00006B4 000000EC 64E11B0E 0F240000 CFCBDFE8 0C0CC22E 96F0474F A021A021 074B1DC0 F1CB6AA5 C2A17420 0BAB37E2 EC08E011 E7CC22FA C4C1C279 1BE44008 2EEE3DBB 8CE33192 8151DB02 62D83E51 C7FA6322 ED253069 641CB810 62A755CA 17C02F69 968C6742 BD62ABD6 0B374E46 2FF8BB77 4F84EAB3 226EEC74 F6685EA3 FCE46046 55A68D7B F31FA269 58BAC0D7 6EF504EB 34842B29 481EC6A8 2F60B431 98FC8A04 A2B878B6 3FAA1B77 2CE4E669 4C1030F7 FA3A0719 793655E0 F634BC30 B025C3EF E4D7552E 89F0241A FF397BBB E9D16AC3 D443CCFF 1592432B 71B8B431 F02EBE24 19755A6E 3AB7380A 06F9BFCB FF7AA9F3 00000000 E00007A0 000000EC 2F15F8E6 DF160000 46CA6468 4FC4E59D 096C4D26 8A4B789F 31F6D133 9626F17A D72E162F 7D2082AB 4EEB77C9 F0A2F1BE B79DE0FA 8A672D6E E7D41C9F 8C36E675 B7A72AEA 36FB8EB6 A0D1E28E D91AC923 6106FE2A BEB13482 024B06EC 32C4EFEA 29D45831 03CA7DD8 63753F94 8BBAC098 C26CC3FC F66035A1 42D6D154 3ABCBCC8 174AEF2C 3A0580D0 3EC7A615 E2054810 9E699F24 760F8483 267B3482 327750C8 A8DE5EE5 0AD80E4E 3E26DC19 AC6607EA 9E7C8CF1 1B7AC2EB 24C5BE7D A54C4D6B E003D278 2A021DE7 56FBFB03 02E95812 E218FD98 09018AE5 BF8E3138 7FBE3BFA 45C22BE7 E80CD41A D7E9D359 00000000 D2000000 00000000



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