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Pokemon Diamond

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ultimate party Action Replay Code for Pokemon Diamond


Print this frog-e-man posted:

Aug 16th 2010, ID#6091 ultimate party

This code gives you Deoxys, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Lugia,and Gible. Deoxys, Dialga, Giratina, Lugia,and Gible will be in eggs, Plakia will be level 1 and not in an egg. All Pokemon have wonderguard and 50 pp for each move. The moves are Aura Sphere, Roar of Time, Superpower, and Zen Headbutt. Your party has to be full and you will lose those pokemon.

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Region: Unspecified | Class: Teams of Pokemon Codes

94000130 fcff0000
b21c4d28 00000000
b0000004 00000000
e0000304 000000ec
821a821f 98fa0000
8715fadb 7f9975a4
9cd46c45 dcfcebc1
49020f55 b161f24f
5265403a 30c43071
2f87d86c 10f9e0a2
8683b792 49daea1e
020302f0 36f0e3ae
07a6eeb4 645602e7
d61a7b88 9fc8cc0a
a2f17693 39b8067c
15da0591 594205a2
621a2c05 36021e46
c04debe2 f4ec6fe7
22cabaa5 81d9776b
998e6527 7d61ddb1
554d0bfa 354474f3
0e42fbe9 dabbcfe1
d0714daa aa6287e5
77870871 ce6baa4f
4c19e94b c18111ae
7d8eea5d 3f76be00
dc159c29 5252599b
3dd8cf14 1cae2850
03715122 f541c4cd
6f9cc404 a7bb5042
c62ecf54 eed1f847
6645331f 7b98f6fd
53c17ea3 1e167172
e3f26f59 00000000
e00003f0 000000ec
bbc3bbc1 88150000
42dcbf0d 2bbaa901
529c90dd 5198a6bf
6146dc4a 976dd0cc
18ea3e3a 8568242f
6a29b456 e331e687
c2628443 0f03684f
0bff058b 3531ee84
3f04d6f3 02d50e57
a26b3891 21ae952a
11366150 e2e8f86d
fc6a9d38 62a7dc52
c115ecca ef1e8c04
ca2acd4d 709c237b
01ad6eec 37e0cf2b
42079173 b1bac355
aa23e669 a056da80
bddacdd2 985afef2
75d89814 41418a6c
01f9a69e 9de411bc
2851e2cb 9025f72b
3cbc7690 484f937c
57ede353 e444c176
ebc7a317 cdf99d9f
48ebb7db 8d247e4a
e991cd44 003367d4
959bd079 307f8129
b3e7224d 35c14c8d
5ce4c7a3 dcc4a898
02673c0e 00000000
e00004dc 000000ec
b08eb08f 50f60000
c1ff2d11 f3a4163d
540661d0 7cca7ef4
91fa7b31 2b05c767
b4f4ea6a ee50ee4a
a699711f 54feea12
aca46bae 59d691fd
a0728d7f 0230cf0b
dcb32ebe 41d90178
3ffeb1cd 3037b5d4
16d3aa3e 0e0a41ae
2079492c eb3724d2
227a63ac ec54f4f5
f76a39e1 5afc379d
bc1df73b b1179b18
a140e364 365a8c91
14b5be15 30454d02
42b88427 ca1aa6d1
b37a10d8 82808868
a1011c70 3badbd06
8bd1da45 2756c1fa
eb2f5477 a1c32337
f61bb036 65e36335
077c723d eea77d18
119d879f 998d6511
d4d716c7 5e7b2b04
cd905cb9 30cda36a
0d631a9d 5db0ba79
73a0577e 7bb1d581
f8f67a4e 00000000
e00005c8 000000ec
22ab22ad 9a960000
c5a8d4b8 91ef3fa2
92d3a437 ae16ad0a
e5553a3a 1c3eda13
306f388c dfb9ca3f
6e071625 c2ea476f
b35900f9 f3008321
d79b549a 81ef9545
3afc81a1 627fab74
b88e7eeb dc1a690b
052283ba 7ca9c09e
95010bd5 c8978f9b
de9545b2 4ae3f158
b5d583f3 fce55304
ab71ee4d b5f24273
21013b05 d83e597c
f5e29530 1dedae29
2005a63c 0b4ef161
27b69096 c578c62c
a16ac5de 947e3ce3
bdff58e4 6a1ad9c9
ffe6208c 8d179d76
e2f48a69 f7491222
2d75f3a4 9ebde922
3e86ac22 1e31ecb2
eda407e5 70c649f4
cf7f22b2 b4f37738
f41339f4 2abd3a7e
71f9c0e0 e1249438
52fa92d8 00000000
e00006b4 000000ec
070a070d 960d0000
13068830 174a8454
3f7604ed f6ddd01f
b30250b7 f99c285c
868662f5 e8e3e4ec
e316893f 39b47334
6d3f9206 1e03357d
b7b9e744 d97ac8cc
9e2acac2 2e8489a6
7890e5e5 998f4a3c
4be523b6 77cb9f51
7935ee86 aaaf6658
d9223708 ab694ad5
8687e55f 1086a286
fa9c206d 95ada6e1
9deed579 233d83fa
af4ff4e8 f610c123
2513ce79 e3299b0f
ea1e6bcf a58367f1
4a8d93d1 949ac39d
9dd34482 b1ab542f
6055c4d2 c5687c02
b13fe541 83e984e9
d995a6c7 fbe33bb8
30886bf7 c51ac009
f10a1862 a2138c3c
d4a4c239 890ef9be
8786da35 4833c58e
49dfedba 390b58fd
526e673a 00000000
e00007a0 000000ec
e403e403 96070000
83a1feb5 83fe8367
fb6c4dcd 25981eed
67a80f24 bd97f8b3
50934cc5 ac28dfdf
5a4d35cd 80108b39
b92dfb3e 146a6827
0bff32e1 3a8d7043
3c54cefe e49035b2
3dbe6ba6 86e5c099
6ce18497 153079c4
0d00f85d 752193c0
601d5141 3d32df31
5b8d3252 2d557bd6
a1a99de1 02d7e69c
b21d5d53 2845a33a
27f0f531 320e4b7c
56266273 66233a1b
68a62232 73916c64
204fa2b0 eede1a69
a1d1a6dc 18c9f23c
3e35c7d6 5e5f9899
010e4b6f f4470d05
edeedeea d35b2c33
a11b3a04 ea79f4a9
4782ee33 999b71a3
21ece631 ca257037
076e59bb 387e62b9
9b263995 c2e11660
292357d2 00000000
d2000000 00000000


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