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Event Genesect Action Replay Code for Pokemon Black 2

Print this Guest posted:

Sep 16th 2012, ID#9186 Event Genesect

Press Select and it will give you a Genesect LV 50 in Your box 7. Any question or request just ask.

Region: Unspecified | Class: Event Pokemon Codes

94000130 FFFB0000
B2000024 00000000
E0006DA8 00000088
714A1511 220E0000
2681EF04 12890C0F
C748EE20 9EF9A3F5
DB64765E 7D5221CB
DB5A1A94 F03D6AF1
5EF7CF50 9ED59420
2080AD38 B45B1B61
BAF414DF D8677931
691D783C 6DFD6EB9
27B66263 8150A2DF
03A6556A 49AD01D2
A6F40D52 FC58D42A
A260109B 7EE0E034
513E9C96 7C4B8D33
271C3DBA 35B6F583
6ED7B0D8 3C7C9F5B
D2000000 00000000


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55 comments, latest first.
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Nov 30th 2015 Bobohippo
TFTC hope it is able to transfer over
ID #630039
Nov 30th 2015 Bobohippo
The code does not work do not try it it will corrupt your game
ID #630040
Jul 29th 2015 Guest
ID #591054
Jul 27th 2015 Guest
its awesome
ID #589797
Jul 26th 2015 Guest
i want genesect with move zap cannon
ID #589360
Jan 4th 2015 Guest
this screwed up my entire game crashes whenever i do anything. use at your own risk
ID #496166
Sep 29th 2014 Guest
I typed it in and now whenever i try to use it it keeps saying an error has occurred

ID #453170
Sep 20th 2014 Guest
Thanks for this code, since I missed out on this event I was not able to obtain Genesect. I enter the code and I was able to get a Genesect for myself and 5 of my friends by trading. Once again Thank you.
ID #449981
Sep 9th 2014 Guest
How can I change it to get a level 100 Shiny Event Genisect
ID #446158
Jul 21st 2014 Guest
it keeps telling me that an error has occured and to turn off the power..
ID #422883
Jul 19th 2014 Guest
can you transport genesect
ID #421740
Jul 12th 2014 Guest
Cannot make it through pokebank since it has the incorrect ribbon and has the wrong level
ID #417370
Jul 1st 2014 Guest
Is this Gene able to get transered to x/y?
ID #409899
Jun 30th 2014 Guest
Where u put the code
ID #409538
Jun 19th 2014 Guest
which is the best code
ID #402805
Jun 16th 2014 Guest
I tried it but I ended up with a Bad Egg
ID #400582
Jun 13th 2014 Guest
Holy crap it actually worked
ID #398792
May 29th 2014 Guest
will I be able to transfer it over to X & Y
ID #390920
Nov 12th 2015 Guest
It probably will. All you need is PokeBank and PokeTransfer. My friend transfered over a Event Giritina to Alpha Sapphire so it will most likely work. Smile
ID #624670
May 19th 2014 Guest
I always do it but it isn't working
ID #385667
Apr 15th 2014 Guest
it works honestly...make sure you don't have too many codes at once.. one at a time it gave me level 50. solerbeam signal beam techno blast and something else...does work thank youSmile
ID #375343
Apr 15th 2014 Guest
I type in the code correctly how it is, but the Pokemon does not appear in Box 7, any comments on why it doesn't?
ID #375303
Feb 9th 2014 Guest
Is this a rom or does it work on the ds?
ID #353571
Feb 5th 2014 Guest
How about the cheat for instant DNA-Splicer for Black 2. Can you please make one? I'd really appreciate it.
ID #352137
Feb 1st 2014 Guest
Mine freezes every time I try to do it
ID #350728
Jan 24th 2014 Guest
thank you so much
ID #347576
Jan 7th 2014 CoffeeMew012
My game is not allowing me to save after inputing the code :(
ID #340861
Jan 5th 2014 Guest
bad egg
ID #339951
Dec 26th 2013 Guest
mine freezes
ID #334154
Nov 16th 2013 Guest
ID #319895
Aug 20th 2013 Guest
Please give me a code to get all drive for genesect
ID #305877
Aug 12th 2013 Guest
Can you get a code for the shiny Extremespeed Genesect from the japan movie distribution? I would love you to death!
ID #304383
Aug 12th 2013 Guest
can u make a code for shiny zekrom
ID #304378
Jul 10th 2013 Guest
holy crap. this works
ID #296346
Mar 21st 2013 Guest
Actually, he/she can't MAKE codes. He/she can only find them. Whether the codes work or not depends on whether they find weak points in the game's code structure.
ID #265911
Mar 18th 2013 Guest

ID #264842
Mar 4th 2013 CheatWizard41198
the meloetta event from japan and can it please be a fateful encounter
ID #260660
Jan 25th 2013 transportcd
can you make a code for a shaymin in sky from please no matter what i do i can not seem to find it please help
ID #246398
Jan 14th 2013 Guest
Can u make a code that does 100% catch that actually works cuz the ones i have dont work?
ID #242772
Dec 29th 2012 Guest
I typed in the code it just gave me a bad egg
ID #231319
Dec 26th 2012 Guest
do you have to enter all of the numers and letters
ID #228854
Dec 13th 2012 Guest
i was hopeing you could make a code for event victini
i tried a bunck of liberty pass codes but they wont work so now i think i should just ask for the event victini dirrectly, if you can i was also hoping for a jolly nature and 252 speed and attack evs
ID #220758
Nov 27th 2012 Guest
Could you make an AR code for black 2 that gives me the genesect event non shiny at lvl 15? No crazy stats or anything needed. Thanks much!
ID #213089
Nov 26th 2012 Guest
I dont need to use this code. I allready have genesect. Smile
ID #212865
Nov 22nd 2012 pichugirl
is this for pokemon black 2 and white 2 or is it for pokemon black and white
ID #211132
Nov 20th 2012 PokemonBlack1
Event Genesect as a shiny and the rest of the event stuff the same (Level, OT, etc). ONLY difference is that it is a shiny.
ID #210677
Nov 20th 2012 PokemonBlack1
Event Genesect as a shiny and the rest of the event stuff the same (Level, OT, etc). ONLY difference is that it is a shiny.
ID #210676
Nov 17th 2012 tyuenkw
Tommy here! Can you please create a code that gives all event pokemon so far? The exact OT, exact name, exact level, etc? However with max IVs (Optional). Like Currently, there's the pokemon league scizor and the recently passed Genesect level 15 event and many more. Thanks!!

Also, not sure if this is possible, a code that enables pokemon to be tucked in more than once a day? Like Unlimited?

Thank you!! :D
ID #209339
Nov 14th 2012 victor122
can you make an event Shaymin code?
TY in advance
ID #208591
Nov 9th 2012 Guest
ID #206953
Oct 21st 2012 clarity2199
I'm looking for a code that gives me lucky eggs. I don't want the entire item inventory, just that. And I probably wouldn't even be asking for that if they didn't change the battles so you get less points by being stronger. Some people out there like to only use one Pokemon in their party. What's it to them how they play the game?
ID #199285
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