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Nintendogs: Chihuahua and Friends Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Nintendogs: Chihuahua and Friends

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Several cheats for you to check out including re-using water, having puppies, and how how to get dogs and items.

More Nintendogs: Chihuahua and Friends Cheats and Tips

We have 53 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Nintendogs: Chihuahua and Friends please send them in here.

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your dogs can have puppies!

People think they can't have puppies mine did (one female one male) and (same colour and breed) the female got a really big tummy and seven days later she had a baby boy! He is so so so cute! And he is so so so small! He is about the size of half of an adult dog.
Thanks alot
Destiny Williams.

trainer points glory

Ok, to get lots and lots of trainer points this is what you do.
1st.turn on your nintendo ds system and click on the icon of nintendogs.
2nd.once the game has fully loaded use your nintendo ds stick and tap supplies.
3rd.using ypur nintendo ds stick click on care and scrool down until you see either the wire brush or the rubber brush
4th.put in your nintendo ds charger so your nintendo ds does not run out of charge.
5th.tap your dog with the wire brush or the rubber brush(which ever is suited best for your dog) and then leave your nintendo ds open and for every minute you will get a trainer point.
I have put in how many trainer points you will get.
One hour-60 trainer points
Twelve hours-720 trainer points
One day-1440 traine..

How to make your dogs breed!

First buy the dogs. Then you have to feed them milk and dry food (or natural dog food) ONLY! You cannot give them treats,or it won't work. They have to cuddle 100 times. I really don't know how long it takes; some people say it takes 4 daysbut I'm trying it and it's taking longer than 4 days. It may take up to a month just BE PATIENT! Symtoms of your female being pregnant are:
MOOD SWINGS Your female dog may have mood swings. She will tackle her "boyfriend" and she will bark at him. This happens AFTER they have bonded.
The female dog will start to get fat. You can tell because you can compare the male and female and the male will be normal.
The female dog will NOT want to play. She will sleep and lie down. She will ignore her boyfriend. Please ..

Delete Saved Data

You can delete your Nintendogs saved data by quickly pressing and holding L, are, X, Y, A and B together on the Nintendo screen (before the dog screen) while the game loads up. You will then be given the choice of deleting all data.

Trainer points!

It takes forever to to pet ur dog and get trainer points right? After a while ur hand starts to hurt from moving ur pen so much. Well now it won't all u need to do is keep ur pen in one spot and u will get trainer points while u r playing the game. The downside is that it doesn't last for that long maybe a couple of minutes so what i would do is put soap on ur dog and just leave it there overnight while u r sleeping and u get alot of points hope I helped. Please rate me good cuz This was my first time helping somebody!!!

Here are some ok hints I learned about: boxe..

Here are some ok hints I learned about:
boxes further away from the house are useuly better if you walk your dog at night you tend to get better gifts, but don't walk them to many times at night or they will end up sleeping during the day.
after you give your dog a bath brush his fur for a while and they get really shiney.
diffrent dogs are better at diffrent tasks: the Chahuahua is good at obediancs but you can only teach them about 3 tricks a day or they where out, the golden retriveers happen to be good a the disk compations take them to the park 2 or 3 times a day and they'll get really good, the boxers are good at agility just take them to the gym a few times a day and they'll get pretty good.

Dont forget to sell item..

walking etc.

When you are walking with your dog here are guides to know if it is a gift or a dog:
1 bark: a gift ( sometimes is a dog )
2 barks: a dog
When your dog gets trash or boxes get the leash and pull it a way from him/her because it can make slow motion when your walking.
Another guide is when they will eat food they will have to eat first then the water or milk ( milk works best than water but it's expensive ).
One more guide when your dog will go to bath you have to brush it first not bath first then brush you have to brush it first then bath ( works when it is filthy or dirty because the flees will go away ).
To have discount on things go to the discount shop ( long dog walkers only ).
To have long walks walk with your ..

Nintendogs: Chihuahua and Friends cheats

When you have accumulated the specified amount of Owner Points, new dogs will be added to the 'Kennel' which you can buy and take care of.
Unlock Jack Russel Terrier:
Visit the kennel when you have found the Jack Russell book whilst on a walk to get the single Jack Russell Terrier.
Unlock Welsh Corgi:
Collect 2000 Owner Points

Unlock Pug:
Collect 4000 Owner Points

Unlock Shetland Sheepdog:
Collect 8000 Owner Points
Collect 10000 Owner Points

Collect 14000 Owner Points

Unlock German Shepherd:
Collect 17000 Owner Points

Unlock Japanese Style House - from Shiba Pack:
Collect 20000 Owner Points

Unlock Toy Poodle:
Collect 25..

Super Trainer Points Gain!

1.Make sure your game is in the cartrage slot and turn it on.
2.Touch 'Nintendogs Nintendo' icon or press 'A'.
3.Wait for it to load.
4.Buy shampoo.
5.Touch "Give a bath"
6.Put the sponge on his/her head.
7.Leave it there overnight with it charging and leave it open.
8.After 10 minutes of not 'touching' it it will go into temporary sleep mode and both screens will go black(this is good).
9.Leave for overnight.
10.Give your dog a bath and brush it.
11.You will have 2000 more points for a 10 hour bath.

Easy trainer points

Some ways to get trainer points are to:
1. Put your dog in the shower and leave soap on him and the next day you will have trainer points
2. Rub your dog's stomach or head or back to get treats and then give the treats to your dogs
3. Go on long walks with your dogs
4. Feed you dogs
5. Do compititions
Excuse any spelling errors
Please rate


Backflip - tell your dog to sit then jump backspin - make your dog lie on it's back then tell it to spin

Here are some pretty good tips:* Boxes farther a..

Here are some pretty good tips:
* Boxes farther away from your house give you better items.
* On walks, when you are done going places, before you go to your house, go to
the park and change accessories on your dog. Then it will save, you can
turn the DS off and back on and immediately go on another walk.
* When you meet another dog on a walk, play with it until the game makes you
leave. If it says your dog is in a great mood, the mext present you get
will be something good.
* Discount shops are not just for lower prices, sometimes they have special
items that you can't get at the normal shop.
* Here is a list of all the special items from discount shops:

Infinite walks

Most of you probably know this but to get infinite walks you finish your walk then bring your dog to the park. Then switch accessories. The game will save. Turn off the game and you can do another walk. BM1R

"fireman's hat"

To get the "fireman's hat" get your dogs to wear something red and go for a walk and if your lucky you might find it but get all the dogs you own in red and take them for a walk.

Dog Toys

If you get a wierd object, such as a boot, you can use that to play with your dogs, but don't really expect them to play with it at all. (Hey, I think I smell something foul on that shoe!!)
Also, if you get a new toy, but your dog never gets used to it, don't use it at all. The dog would start acting neglected and stuff.

A few random but helpful tips...

Piggy Banks and Vases - You can sell these items cheaply, but if you smash them on the floor back at your house they will give you some money. The amount varies with each vase/piggy bank.
Bark Mode Dogs - The first time you ever meet someone in Bark Mode, persuade them to bring a dog that is unavailable in your game. When you come out of Bark Mode, the dog you took will become available in their kennel, and the dog they took will become available in yours. (This only works the first time you ever meet someone. My advice is to bring the version dog with you if you meet somebody with amother version, because the version dogs are hardest to unlock. E.g. Bring a Chihuahua if you are meeting someone with Dachschund and Friends.)
Light Bulbs and Bones: When you stroke you..


You know that you only enter 3 contests a day right, well if you modify the time on yor ds a day before, and POOOF you can do three more contests !!!

Yes Nintendogs CAN BREED.

Mnay people say you can't breed in Nintendogs. LIE. You can. Dont agrue with me because I did it 3 times! On dalamition, Chichuaua and Lab.
Okay here's what you do.
1. Get a dog. Same breed (same dog)It can be different color if you want it doesnt matter.
2. Feed it only dry food and Milk.
3. Only come on for 1 hour and play with you're dogs for 5-10 mins.
4. ONLY TAKE THE MALE FOR WALKS. Do not take the FEMALE for walks or competitions only the male can do it
5. You should have a Rose for the girl and the lucky collar for the male.
1. Can you give your dog a bathe while your in a breeding process?
A: NO. You can't you can only brush them if they are dirty.
2. Q: How do you kno..

Lucky Collar!

If you are on a walk and you find something called a lucky collar, go home and then put it on one of your dogs. When you go on a walk with the dog that has the lucky collar, the presents that you find will be something really rare. Like an RC/helicopter, Bowser Cart, Mario Cart, Peach Cart, and much more!
Hope I Helped!

In the music!

When taking your dog on a walk listen to the music carfully since it can give small hints:
Normal tune: normal walking
Added drums your dog is about to go the tolet
And these for when you meet '?' markes
If the music starts going down in volume when he runs off it means your going to get a present!
If it stays normal your going to meet anouther dog.
You must listen carfully and works best on full volume.
Hope I helped!

Glowing dog treats

Okay people, now you know when you pet your dog you see a glowing dog biscuit?
Also when they understand what you are saying? DON'T LET IT DISSAPPEAR!!! You can feed it to your dog as a treat. Just call it a reward for being a good dog.
(It took me months to figure out what they were!) Hope this stupid hint helps!

Unlock Welsh Corgi Collect 2000 owner points.Unl..

Unlock Welsh Corgi Collect 2000 owner points.

Unlock Schnauzer Collect 10000 owner points.
Unlock Pug Collect 4000 owner points.
Unlock Pinscher Collect 14000 owner points.
Unlock Jack Russel Terrier
While on a walk, your dog may come across an Item called the Jack Russel Book. If you visit the kennel, you can now buy the single Jack Russel Terrier.
Unlock German Shepherd Collect 17000 owner points.
Shiba Link to a Nintendo DS with Nintendogs: Shiba And Friends.
Other treats
When a bone or light bulb appears when you are training your dog, use the stylus to drag it over it's mouth; your dog will eat it.
Finding items
When you are walking on the sidewalk, tap the floor and your dog..

Infant walks

Infant walks;
First you have to have atleast 2 accesaries,then put 1 on any dog and then take it on a walk then got to as many ?s as possible but make sure you go to the park and when you get to the park put any accserraries on then it will save then turn it off you will b able to walk again and keep the items you find

Rare Items

It's better to get items far away from your home because even I got a mario kart at the edge of town!

How to Breed

To breed is Very easy. You would need patience.
First what you need to do is buy a dog the same breed it doesnt matter what color.
5. Play with them for 5-10 mins then get off
6. HAVE Pateince.
When breeding can you bathe the fenale?
No you can't you can only brush her.
Q: Do you need a ros eand lucky collar?
No you don't but it is..

An easy was to teach your dogs tricks

A good way of teaching your dogs tricks is by finding the record, "Flower Waltz". When it is played your dogs will dance along to it performing lots of new tricks, and all you have to do is zoom in on the dog you want to teach them to and touch the lightbulbs as they come along. Some of the tricks they do are jumps, bouncing, twirling and even a backflip at the very end!

No hands free trainer points

To get free trainer points what you got to do is go into where you give your dog a bath and just leave your dog in the bathroom.
You will gain one trainer point for every minute your dog is in there.
It's free trainer points. This works for all nintendog games.

When you go to a contest, save your game, go to ..

When you go to a contest, save your game, go to the contest, if you know your dog is going to get left back, turn off the DS, go back to the game, you'll be at the same class and you can keep doing this until you win 1st. This is good for when your in a championship

Feeding Time

When you feed your dog you should give it food first then give it water because when you give food to your dog it gets thirstier so when you give your dog water first then food it will be thirsty again

Unlock dogs for free!

If you have a friend who has a different version (Labrador and friends eg.) meet eachothers dog on Bark mode and when you go you should visit the kennel. The dog breed they own is unlocked for you and your breed for them!

You can breed!

Get two dogs of the same breed. Example-Beagle. Both have to have a different (gender, sex)sex means gender sooo *awkward* lol anyways girl and boy.they do NOT have to be the same color, but the same breed is required. Don't worry about having to have 99999 trainer points, it doesn't matter. You at least have to have 1000 points if you want it to go by faster. Feed them dry food and milk ONLY. Mojo Say No Water!!! In other words. DO NOT GIVE THEM WATER! Just milk and dry food. (for faster success, give a lucky collar to the boy and a rose to a girl) oh and this is also important, when you are looking for a dog, click on the dog you want. It will tell it's attitude underneath the pic of the dog make sure it is nice and doesn't get into things.. I hope this helps and be patient. It might t..

Shower Hint

If one of the dogs you own has a "coat" status of "Dirty" or "Filthy" you might want to wash it. So if you shampoo it, the colour of the bubbles are black.( this will only happen if it's status is dirty or fiithy) If you spray it before shampooing it, the bubbles will come up white, saving you from having to shampoo it twice. Smile

This works for all versions of nintendogs

Ever wonderd when something will happen on a walk, i.e. When you pass an item. Well it's simple realy, make your dog run by pulling foward, keep your eye on the top screen, when the dog icon stops, something is about to come past. So get ready to pull back if there is an item.


If you win first place on the championships on the agility trial you will get 1,000 dollars!

Infinate Walks

When you go on a walk, go to the park and change your dog's collar. This saves the game. After that, turn your game off. You will have everything you got before saving at the park, and get to go on a walk again.

Teaching your dog to sit.

Pat your dog's head and then quickly slide down it's chest. Then when you see the little light bulb in the top right corner on the touch screen, press that and then say sit down. It will take a few tries but it's worth it because after that, you can walk it and lots more! You can even feed it.

Do a handstand

To make your dog do a handstand, tell it to lie dow, then straight after tell it to beg. Your dog will do a handstand!

How to delete data

When you first turn on your DS it says nintendogs on the front well before it goes of you have to hold l,r,x,y,b and a at the same time then it will say
Do you realy want to delete your data

yes no

Get alot of Trainer Points

First you need the right brush for your dog the when your brushing your dog leave the brush on the dog and put your DS on it's charger and leave it open and on over night and when you wake up the next morning you'll have more trainer points than you did before.


When you want a breed from other Nintendogs just find somebody from Bark Mode with other breeds (not from your game)
Well this is for all Nintendogs game I MEAN IT
-Cheat 101

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