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Follow the dark path or use the light

Nintendogs: Chihuahua and Friends



by ready_to_kupo

                           The Ultimate Nintendogs Guide
                         * Version 2.8 * Ultimacy Achieved
        /      _   _ _       _                 _                    \
       |      | \ | (_)     | |               | |                    |
       |      |  \| |_ _ __ | |_ ___ _ __   __| | ___   __ _ ___     |
       |      | . ` | | '_ \| __/ _ \ '_ \ / _` |/ _ \ / _` / __|    |
       |      | |\  | | | | | ||  __/ | | | (_| | (_) | (_| \__ \    |
       |      \_| \_/_|_| |_|\__\___|_| |_|\__,_|\___/ \__, |___/    |
       |                                                __/ |        |
       |                                               |___/         |
       |               Nintendogs : Dachshund & Friends              |
       |               Nintendogs : Chihuahua & Friends              |
       |               Nintendogs :    Lab    & Friends              |
       |               Nintendogs : Dalmatian & Friends              |
       |               Nintendogs :    Best     Friends              |
        \                                                           /

          By ready_to_kupo (Oliver Ma)   E-mail : [email protected]
          Assistant Michaele L. LePage   E-mail : [email protected]
                                 Table of Contents    
                   01.|  Foreword ................... | (AZ01)
                   02.|  Game Review ................ | (BY02)
                   03.|  Our Nintendogs ............. | (CX03)
                   04.|  Controls ................... | (DW04)
                   05.|  Getting Started ............ | (EV05)
                   06.|  Breed Information .......... | (FU06) 
                   07.|  The Basics ................. | (GT07)
                      |  a) Walking Your Pup ........ | (0001)
                      |  b) Trainer Points .......... | (0002)
                      |  c) Feed N' Groom Your Pup .. | (0003)
                      |  d) The White Record ........ | (0004)
                      |  e) Meet Your Friend's Pup .. | (0005)
                      |  f) Changing System Settings. | (0006)
                   08.|  Training Your Puppy ........ | (HS08)
                      |  a) Disk Competion .......... | (0007)
                      |  b) Agility Trial ........... | (0008)
                      |  c) Obedience Trial ......... | (0009)
                   09.|  Competitions ............... | (IR09)
                      |  a) Disk Competion .......... | (0010)
                      |  b) Agility Trial ........... | (0011)
                      |  c) Obedience Trial ......... | (0012)
                   10.|  Meet Your Neighbours ....... | (JQ10)
                      |  a) Complete List ........... | (0013)
                      |  b) What They Might Say ..... | (0014)
                   11.|  More Tips .................. | (KP11)
                   12.|  Items ...................... | (LO12)
                      |  a) Complete List ........... | (0015)
                      |  b) Exclusive ............... | (0016)
                      |  c) Unlockable .............. | (0017)
                   13.|  Trainer Points Unlockables . | (MN13)
                      |  a) Dog Breeds .............. | (0018)
                      |  b) Interior Designs ........ | (0019)
                   14.|  Rumors ..................... | (NM14)
                   15.|  FAQ ........................ | (OL15)
                   16.|  Puppy Jokes ................ | (PK16)
                   17.|  Credits and Thanks ......... | (QJ17)
                   18.|  Version History ............ | (RI18)
                   19.|  Legal Rights ............... | (SH19)

 For quick jumps Press Ctrl+F then type in the unique code that's in brackets
 after each section.


                   ()            1. Foreword         (AZ01)

Months before Nintendo DS' release, everyone was already extremely curious 
about this game. Nintendo's Nintendogs certainly didn't fail everyone's 
high expectations! Beautifully designed and programmed, you will get everything
you can get from real puppies at minimum costs. It's also at a budget price, so 
for all the puppy lovers out there... Get this game!!!

                                                        Have Fun Playing,
                                                        Oliver Ma, Author : )

ultimate  adj.

1) Final      :Coming or expected as the very last.

2) Fundamental:Existing as an underlying reality, when all other things are 
3) Greatest   :Greatest, most nearly perfect, or highest in quality (informal).

              * Thorough Walkthrough      \       ________
              * Simple, Attractive Design  > The |Ultimate| DS Series, quality
              * Entertaining Language     /  guides for quality DS games!

            |          <> TITLES IN THE ULTIMATE DS SERIES <>           |
            |             - The Ultimate Nintendogs Guide -             |
            | - The Ultimate Legend of Zelda - Phantom Hourglass Guide -|
            |      - The Ultimate Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Guide -      |
            |                      FUTURE SCHEDULES                     |
            |     - The Ultimate Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Guide -      |


                   ()           2. Game Review       (BY02)

                             System : Nintendo DS 

                     Genre : Miscellaneous > Virtual Pet   

                   Developer : Nintendo   Released in 2005 

              ESRB(US) Rating : E       OFLC(Australia) Rating : G

                       Number of Players : 1 - 2 players

                      Features : Wireless DS Multicard Play

                          Difficulty : Extremely Easy

                          Learning Curve : 5 Minutes

                                  ~ VERDICT ~
                   |                                        |
                   |     ____            VISUALS  : 09/10   |
                   |    |    |           MUSIC    : 06/10   |
                   |    |____| --        GAMEPLAY : 09/10   |
                   |    |    |           REPLAY   : 08/10   |
                   |                                ___     |
                   |                     __    / | |   |    |
                   |                    |__|  /  | |   |    |
                   |     Final Score :  |__| /   | |___|    |

                   {      SCORE CARD EXPERTLY EXPLAINED     }

VSIUALS : 09/10
All the dogs in this game were very well created and looked surprisingly real,
but what dragged the score down a bit was the occasional graphical glitches.
I'm sure many of you noticed that sometimes your dogs seemed to be flying or
perhaps ,the time when your dog's head went straight through the water dish?

MUSIC : 06/10
Very, VERY repetitive! Since this is a game you play on a daily basis, the
music seriously should be more varied. The music from the records should be
used as the background music!

GAMEPLAY : 09/10
Well, if you like playing with puppies, this game will obviously appeal to you.
Force this game into the hands of a Grand Theft Auto freak and he'll curse it
for weeks. I'd love it to get a bit "universal" so that EVERYONE will enjoy it.
Now, the game's multiplayer feature... it could've been a lot better. Why can't
you compete in a multiplayer competition? That would be fun! But sadly, the
game didn't include such an obvious multiplayer function.

REPLAY : 08/10
I thought this game's going to be a game that will accompany you through a life
time, but sadly, it did not. The experience simply wasn't "real" enough. So,
after you get enough money (if you follow this guide properly you will find
that money is REALLY easy to earn...) you purchase all the interior designs,
you buy eight dogs (the maximum number of dogs you can keep), you buy items...
In no time at all, you will soon realise that everything is just one big
repetitiive circle and as long as you are playing the game, you will NEVER walk
out of it! I don't mean to be harsh, but play the game enough and you will soon
agree with me. Besides the repetitive cycle, the competitions are also getting
repetitive. For example, the Agility Trials. There's only about two or three
courses for each rank, and it gets tiring after a while...

I hope the above review didn't destroy your spirits for the game! Nintendogs is
still a tremendously addictive and enjoyable experience that will delight and
inspire you.


                   ()         3. Our Nintendogs      (CX03)

                            <>         ME       <>

I purchased and mainly use Dalmatian & Friends, although I have all versions
(cough, cough R4...). I have 78,158 Trainer Points and have 8 dogs. Here's 
their statistics in the order of name, gender and breed:

                    1. Yuna    Female  Golden Rereiever
                    2. Tifa    Female  Pembroke Welsh Corgi
                    3. Debbie  Female  Dalmatian
                    4. Kathryn Female  Shih Tzu
                    5. Tidus   Male    Yorkshire Terrier
                    6. Vincent Male    Siberian Husky 
                    7. Justin  Male    Cavalier K C Spaniel
                    8. Travis  Male    Jack Russel Terrier    
Half of them has Final Fantasy characters' names : ) I'm a huge fan of it!
The other half are just named according to whatever came into my mind.

I donated a lot of dogs too, I hope Rikku, Cloud, Paine, Auron, Wakka, Lulu, 
Alex and Alice are having a good time with their new owners, Although they 
could be sent to a slaughter house then served in a Chinese restaurant. Yummy!

All my dogs are Agility trial champions and have won at least 70 times
consecutively. Agility Trials are my main source of income because it's easy.
About 3 of them have won the Obedience Trial championship more than 20 times 
consecutively and about 6 of them have won Disk Competition championship more
than 30 times consecutively. I collected every single item and purchased every
single style of room.

                            <>     ASSISTANT    <>

Michaele L. LePage is the author of the children's book ďI Wish I Had a TailĒ
which is available on amazon.Com, authorhouse.Com, Barnes & Noble, Borders
and Target.

Michaele and her three daughters - Elizabeth, Catherine and Theresa have all
versions of Nintendogs and they are total Nintendogs zealots!

All of her dogs are girls. Canít help it. She is a girl and she loves putting
ribbons on them!

She rotates her dogs a lot. She also has Buffy (a Daschund), Lisa (a Golden), 
and Sheba (a Jack Russell).
All dogs except for Melba are Obedience champs Duchess is champ in Disc and
Sasha is at master in Disc. She doesnít care too much for disc so she doesn't
bother too much.

           = My Trainer Card =                  = Assistant Trainer Card =
 ______________________________________  ______________________________________
 |   Name   |     Oliver Ma     |/   \|  |   Name   |     Michaele      |/   \|
 -------------------------------|\___/|  -------------------------------|\.../|
 | Birthday |      03 / 23      |/   \|  | Birthday |      09 / 28      |/   \|
 --------------------------------------  --------------------------------------
 |  Comment | I love Final            |  |  Comment | I love my dog           |
 |          | Fantasy                 |  |          | gies                    |
 --------------------------------------  --------------------------------------
 |  Trainer Points  |   Dogs at Home  |  |  Trainer Points  |   Dogs at Home  |
 -------------------|------------------  -------------------|------------------
 |      78158       |   o F Kathryn   |  |       80320      |   o F Duchess   |
 -------------------|   o F Yuna      |  -------------------|   o F Melba     |
 |    Dog Master    |   o M Vincent   |  |    Dog Master    |   o F Sasha     |
 |__________________|_________________|  |__________________|_________________|

Yep, Michaele has more trainer points than me : (

If you think this bit of statistics is impressive you don't need to admire us.
Nintendogs is actually reeeally easy. All you need is TIME.


                   ()            4. Controls         (DW04)

                 Below are the basic controls for Nintendogs.

+ Control Pad      : Adjust the camera angle.(When your pups are in the top 
                     Also used to control remote control toys.

A, B, X, Y Buttons : Change the camera's target. Also used to control remote
                     control toys.

L, R Buttons       : Change the camera view for remote control toys.

START              : NOT USED

SELECT             : NOT USED

Touch Screen       : Access different menus and interact with puppies.

Microphone (MIC.)  : Call your puppies over and issue commands like "Sit".


                   ()        5. Getting Started      (EV05)

You don't need a guide on starting the game at all. Everything is explained in
the game and you could always read the Game Manual. If you somehow lost the
manual you can read the books under the "Care" section in your supplies. Well,
since this is a guide I'll outline the process.

Tap "Nintendogs" if your DS is in Manual Mode. After the Nintendo logo
disappears you will be taken to the kennel with an elaborate CGI opening. The
word "Knock" appears and supossedly you "knock" the touch screen a few times.
Beware, do not "knock" too hard or you will be thrown into a state of oblivion
from the possible explosions caused by the DS from which you will never, ever
be able to recover again!!! If you doubted whether you can tap softly or not
simply press "A". Anyway, It's time to choose your first doggie! Depending on
your version you will have different starter dogs. However all 20 breeds can be
unlocked in any version. 

Nintendogs is available in five different versions. Each version contains a 
different selection of 6 dog breeds. To unlock all breeds on a single version,
players can enter bark mode with other players. When they meet a dog breed they
do not have, it will then become available to buy from the Kennel. See later
sections on wireless bark moding, but for now, have some insight views into all
the possible breeds...

*-----------------------------------*  ---------------------------------------
|         Dachshund & Friends       | |                 ~ TIP ~               |
|                                   | |     GO TO CHAPTER 6 TO SEE A SECTION  |
|      - Miniature Dachshund        | |     ON BREEDS INFORMATION.            |
|      - Golden Retriever           | |                                       |
|      - Beagle                     | |     Choosing a breed that's right for |
|      - Pug                        | |     you is extremely important.       |
|      - Siberian Husky             | |                                       |
|      - Shih Tzu                   | |                                       |
*-----------------------------------*  ---------------------------------------
|         Chihuahua & Friends       |                     
|                                   |
|      - Chihuahua                  |
|      - German Shepherd Dog        |
|      - Boxer                      |           CHIHUAHUA AND FRIENDS
|      - Cavalier K C Spaniel       |
|      - Yorkshire Terrier          |
|      - Shetland Sheepdog          |
|           Lab & Friends           |
|                                   |
|      - Labrador Retriever         |
|      - Miniature Schnauzer        |
|      - Toy Poodle                 |              LAB AND FRIENDS
|      - Pembroke Welsh Corgi       |
|      - Miniature Pinscher         |
|      - Shiba Inu                  |
|         Dalmatian & Friends       |
|                                   |
|      - Dalmatian                  |
|      - Boxer                      |
|      - German Shepherd Dog        |           DALMATIAN AND FRIENDS
|      - Golden Retriever           |
|      - Yorkshire Terrier          |
|      - Beagle                     |
|            Best Friends           |
|                                   |
|      - Miniature Dachshund        |   
|      - Labrador Retriever         |
|      - Beagle                     |               BEST FRIENDS
|      - Golden Retriever           |
|      - German Shepherd            |
|      - Yorkshire Terrier          |

Alrighty! After choosing your pup it's time to name it then teach it Sit. Poke
the Hand Icon in the center of the touch screen to call your pup over. When
it's in the Touch Screen play around with it a bit. After a while you should 
get a message saying it calmed down a bit and you have to name it. Touch the
"Audio Input" button and say its new name into the Microphone. Do this a few
times and it will remember it. Later, you could just call its name and it will
come to you! Technology is sooooooooooooo good these days. Anyway, it's time to
teach it the trick "Sit".
To get your dog sit, grab its head then slide it down. He should sit. Touch the
Light Bulb Icon and say "Sit" (Or whatever you like) into the Microphone. Do
the grabbing and sliding and microphoning a few times (It depends on how smart
your pup is) it will learn how to sit. Input the tricks name with the virtual
keyboard so you won't forget. After that you will have access to the "Supplies"
and "Go Out" buttons!


                   ()       6. Breed Information     (FU06) 

To help you select the breeds that's right for you, below are the 19 possible
starter breeds and also infos on the secret unlockable, Jack Russel Terrier.

= Chihuahua =
The world's smallest dog originated in Latin America. Its sparkling pupils and
large ears give its charm.
|Verdict| Appearance : 9/10    Contests : 8/10
Being small and cuddly, this is certainly one charming dog. Get it NOW!

= Miniature Dachshund =
Originally bred in Germany, the elongated torso and short legs of this breed 
give this breed a comical air.
|Verdict| Appearance : 7/10    Contests : 9/10
It looks so funny, and cute, with those short legs and long body! I think they
are giving it some slight disadvantage in competitions though.

= Labrador Retriever =
Originating in England, this breed is highly intelligent, kind in nature and
great as assistant dogs.
|Verdict| Appearance : 7/10    Contests : 8/10
Being a breed full of love, they are the perfect companion for family life. 
They may be good in real life, but the Nintendogs version has nothing special.

= Pug =
This breed originated in ancient China. Its wrinkly face and curly tail are its
identifying features.
|Verdict| Appearance : 0/10    Contests : 7/10
Noooooo! Pugs are supposed to be CUTE, but Nintendo stuffed up its face and now
it's ugly. How disappointing.

= Yorkshire Terrier =
This English breed is commonly called a Yorkie, and is also nicknamed the 
"Walking Jewel".
|Verdict| Appearance : 8/10    Contests : 8/10
Another super cute and smart dog! An excellent choice for absolutely everyone.

= Miniature Pinscher =
This German breed has a very appealing build and gait.
|Verdict| Appearance : 3/10    Contests : 7/10
I dunno, it looks more like a mini donkey than a dog! It's UGLY. Sorry for 
being so mean.

= Shih Tzu =
This exotic breed originates in Tibet and was long favored by Chinese royalty 
for its refined posture.
|Verdict| Appearance : 11/10 yes, eleven out of ten! Contests : 9.5/10
WOW!!! This is most definately the cutest pup EVARRRR. These puppies will be
amazingly fast in Agility Trials after some careful training. In my test, its
best time for Agile Trial is 33.88 secs.

= Cavalier K C Spaniel =
Thought to be the oldest breed in all of Britain, the cavalier is a knight 
among dogs. 
|Verdict| Appearance : 8.5/10    Contests : 8.5/10
This dog is sooooo cute! You gotta love its blue eyes and furry ears!

= Toy Poodle =
French in origin, poodles are highly intelligent and physically capable. They 
make excellent show dogs.
|Verdict| Appearance : 8.5/10    Contests : 10/10
Not only they are cute, this breed does exceptionally well in Agility Trials
and Obedience Trials! HIGHLY recommended.

= Beagle =
Although small in stature, this sporting English breed boasts a densely muscled
|Verdict| Appearance : 7.5/10    Contests : 8.5/10
Beagles are ... so cute! They are quite playful and does a good job in Disk

= Shetland Sheepdog =
Bred in England as a herding dog, its elegant, long-haired coat and kind face 
make it a popular breed.
|Verdict| Appearance : 7/10    Contests : 8/10
Elegant they are, but its stuffed up eyes look as though they weren't asleep 
for years...

= Miniature Schnauzer =
Originating in Germany, this breed carries itself with dignity. Its beard and
eyebrows define the breed.
|Verdict| Appearance : 8/10    Contests : 9/10
Although they look old but they give off a very, very mysterious charm.

= Golden Retriever =
This large breed originates in England and boasts a lovely, wavy coat and fine
|Verdict| Appearance : 6.5/10    Contests : 7.5/10
This is the largest breed in Nintendogs! Big doesn't mean it's stupid, but it
means it's extremely slow in Agility Trials even after hours of training.

= Boxer =
A valiant German breed, the Boxer's muscular frame was used to its advantage as
a fighting dog.
|Verdict| Appearance : 4/10    Contests : 9.5/10
They are fierce creatures but they are also pretty ugly. I don't think you'll
want to spend time with it ...

= Pembroke Welsh Corgi =
This sheepdog hails from Britain and is beloved by English royalty. It has 
stamina on par with larger breeds.
|Verdict| Appearance : 9.5/10    Contests : 8/10
Corgis are sooo cute! Their best features are their watery eyes and cute little
tails (they are so small they can't even wag it!) Usually, small dogs aren't as
active as the larger breeds but this breed is an exception.

= Siberian Husky =
Originally bred in Russia, the husky recalls its ancestor, the wolf. Its 
trademarks are power and stamina.
|Verdict| Appearance : 10/10    Contests : 11/10 yes, it's a eleven out of ten.
Definitely the coolest "dogg" on earth! They look just like baby wolves! Wolves
are cool. With its amazing power and stamina, it's the most brilliant dog 
available. Get it NOW!!!

= German Shepherd Dog =
This herder hails from Germany. Its high intelligence make it a good rescue 
dog, among other things.
|Verdict| Appearance : 6/10    Contests : 9/10
German Shepherds do well in Obedience Trials but they aren't attractive.

= Shiba Inu =
A breed originating in ancient Japan, its small muscular body and curly tail 
are its best features.
|Verdict| Appearance : 8/10    Contests : 9/10
They are cute dogs and they do reasonably well in all competitions.

= Dalmatian =
A Croatian breed, the Dalmatian has been used for military, hunting, security 
and fire fighting purposes.
|Verdict| Appearance : 10/10    Contests : 9.5/10
Probably the most outstanding of large dogs, they are not only unique in 
appearance, they are also excellent in all three competitions! Fans of "101 
Dalmatians" will definitely adore them.

= Jack Russel Terrier =
Another breed from England, these dogs hide in their diminutive frames the 
speed and energy of a horse.
|Verdict| Appearance : 9/10    Contests : 10/10
What else can I say... it's so cute, talented and energetic... Also, you spent
all those time finding that dratted book... GET IT NOW!!!


                   ()           7. The Basics        (GT07)

First of all, what are the basics? This envolves how to care for your pooch
PROPERLY. First, you need to know how to walk your dog...

                        <>     Walking Your Pup   (0001)

Stab "Go Out" on the home screen and choose "Walk". Choose which dog you want
(in this case your only dog) and you are taken to a map. Now draw your route
with your stylus. Remember that it MUST end at your house. And if you can reach
any blue question mark boxes draw your route over them. 

When you reach a ? mark box you pooch will either find another dog or bring you
a present! If it's a dog drag your pup towards the opposite dog and try to get 
them together. It's good if your pup plays with the other dog. If it brings you
a present it will be one of the many different items in Nintendogs. 

On the bottom left corner there's a meter. That is your pup's stamina. Your pup
can walk only as far as its stamina will allow. At first it's pathetically 
short, but as you walk your dog more and more it increases until it nearly 
touches the eraser at the top left corner. By the way, if you tap that eraser
it will erase your route if you aren't happy with it. If you tap the arrow 
above the eraser you will go back to the "Go Out" menu, but this isn't what we
want so draw your route that leads back to your house and begin your walk. 

Your puppy will stop frequently to mark its territory, so if you want to be a
strict trainer give the leash a good tug to stop this territory business. 
If your dog does a poo scoop it up by touching it(Eww) with your stylus. If 
you don't you will get an angry neighbor complaining and you will lose trainer
                        <>       Trainer Points   (0002)

I will explain the importance of trainer points now. Trainer points allows you
to show off how good you are, that is the more trainer points the better you
are. Your rank will change according to your trainer points. You can check your
Trainer Points and rank by going to "Go Out" menu then tap the "Info" icon,
then tap "Trainer Information". You can also change your basic information and
avatar picture by tapping "edit". Also, as your trainer points increase you
will unlock more dog breeds and styles of rooms. You will find a section on
when you will unlock something in chapter 11 of this guide. Press Ctrl+F then
type in the unique code if you want to jump to that section right now.

                        <> Feed N' Groom Your Pup (0003)

To feed your pup you must buy food and drink for it first. You can buy them at
the Pet Supply Store under "Go Out" --> "Shopping" or you can walk your dog to
the discount stores. They are the little buildings with a dog bone on the roof.
You start off with Dry food and water and after buying them go to home and poke
"Supplies" then "Care" and tap the food/drink and your dog will eat/drink it. 
Check your pup's hunger/thirst status by tapping your dogs name on the home

If your dog's coat status is dirty or filthy it's a good idea to groom it. To 
groom your pup you must buy brushes and shampoos. Buy the shampoos and brushes
from the Pet Supply/Discount Shop and use according to the length of your dogs
hair. Check the length by going to the dogs status!

                        <>      The White Record  (0004)

The White Record is a record that you could record a short message which will 
be send to your friend during Bark Mode. You access it through the Home Screen
so poke "Supplies" then "Music" and tap the "White Record".

On the bottom left corner there's three buttons. From the top, it's the Record
Button, the Play Button and the Delete Button.

The Record Button is used to record 5 seconds of voice data.

The Play Button plays the recorded message.

The Delete Buttons erases your voice message. Once erased, messages can't be 

Our goal here is to record a message. Touch the Record Button then slide the
record needle on to the record. The right most part is the start, so it's wise
to put the needle on the right most part of the record! Say a message(Make it 
nice please...) that goes for 5 secs and you are done!

                        <> Meet Your Friend's Pup (0005)
On the Go Out Menu tap the "Bark Mode" icon to communicate wirelessly with your
friend's copy of Nintendogs. Your Trainer Info(What you've done as the trainer
of your dogs)will also be traded. Also, if your friend recorded a voice message
on his/her White Record, you will hear the message.

You will be taken to the puppy selection screen. Choose the pup you want and 
flick "Yes" if you want to give your friend a present.

Note that Bark Mode uses more power than usual, and if the battery runs out 
while playing or in Sleep Mode then you'll have to start your game from the 
last time you played!

After playing together for a while, you and your puppy will return home.

The date of your encounter with your friend will be recorded in the 
"Friend List" which is located at Go Out -> Info -> Friend List. 
                        <>Changing System Settings(0006)

At the home screen touch Go Out -> Info -> System Settings. Touch the <| and |>
icons to adjust settings then touch "Confirm" when you are done.

                           <> BATTERY SAVE SETTINGS <>
When set to "On", the system's backlight will automatically turn off after 10
minutes without any input. I recommend turning this on because although you are
highly unlikely to leave the game untouched for 10 minutes but if you do, it 
will save you tons of electricity.

                              <> MIC SENSITIVITY <>
Adjusts the built-in Microphone's sensitivity. Turn it to "High" if there's 
lots of background noise, otherwise change it to "Normal". "Low" is not 

                               <> TIME DISPLAY <> 
When your puppies are on the top screen, there's a clock on the top right 
corner. If that really bugs you then set this option to "Off".

                             <> PICTOCHAT SEARCH <>
Turn this on to search for nearby active PictoChat chatrooms. A rather useless
option, and it drains tons of electricity from your DS. However, if you do turn
this on and someone nearby is using PictoChat, the PictoChat smiley face will 
appear on screen. You can't just switch to PictoChat right away, so you'll have
to save your progress then restart your DS. Just make sure your DS is in Manual
Mode or you'll have to take your Game Card out!


                   ()       8. Training Your Puppy   (HS08)

To win competitions and win huge cash, training your puppy is extremely
important. Here's how. 

                          <> Disk Competition (0007)

Ok, are you ready to train for the second hardest comp for the lowest price 
money? I really don't recommend training for Disk comp at all. It IS a time
comsuming process and the reward is very little.

However, If you do want to try it then listen very closely...

Obviously, you need a discus of some kind. Buy one at the Discount Shop or the
Pet Supply, then go to a park while taking a walk. Don't practise at home 'cos
it's not very effective, as your other pups will stuff up your training! Also,
choose a park with NO DOGS in it. The reason is same as practising at home.

Take your disc out. Wave it and your dog will come to you. Hold the disk with 
your stylus and, from the bottom of the screen, do a linear motion upwards then
release the disk by taking the stylus off the screen. This will make sure you
throw the disk straight, which is vital for a good catch.

How to control your throwing distance? It's determined by how fast you release
the disk! At first, do the motion quite slowly to make sure its a close throw.

Your puppy will either catch it, jump catch it or completly miss it. Note that
new puppies are extremely slack at running. 

Now you've thrown the disk, but how do you bring the disk back? You could tap
the box to put it away then take it out. DON'T DO THIS! I was kidding before,
there is no such thing as a box in the real competition, so you will need to 
CALL your puppy to bring the disk to you. Keep tapping anywhere on the screen
(besides the buttons) and your pup will fetch the disk for you. When it gives 
holds the disk to your face you should pet it to PRAISE it. Remember, Praising
is the key to training puppies! You can also say its name to call the dog, but
it's risky as your puppy simply won't listen to you sometimes.

After praising gently SHAKE your the disk around a bit with your stylus and you
should get the disk.

After that throw the disk again. If your pup caught the disk before, slightly
increase your speed of throwing. Basicly, you just repeat this process over and
over and your puppy will do a superb job. 

Your puppy could become tired and ignore your throwings, if that happens simply
leave the park. Don't train too long or you'll get "banished" from the park!

                          <>   Agility Trial  (0008)

In order to win in Agility Trials, your dogs must be properly trained at the
Gym. To take your dog there, go on a walk and walk your dog to the largest
building thats got a picture of a dog jumping a hurdle on it.

Once you are there, don't panic because Agility Trial training is the easiest
training ever!

You will be presented with obstacles for you to practice with. You have plenty
of time to do your training, but stay too long and you'll be "banished" from 
the gym...

You are in charge of your dog, so you will have to guide it through. Tap 
anywhere on the field and your dog will run there.

At first there's only two types of obstacles, but as you progress through the
classes more obstacles will appear. Train before entering each new class, or 

Here's the range of obstacles in each class :

      /                                                                      /
      \                          - Beginer Class -                           \
      /                        Single Hurdle, Tunnel                         /
      \                                                                      \
      /                           - Open Class -                             /
      \             Single Hurdle, Double Hurdle, Tunnel, Seesaw             \
      /                                                                      /
      \                     - Expert Class and above -                       \
      /          Single Hurdle, Double Hurdle, Tunnel, Seesaw, Slalom        /

In order to clear Single Hurdles successfully you dog must hop over them 
without knocking down the bar rested on it. To do this, keep tapping it and 
your dog should jump over it. At first your dog will advance slowly and knock
down the bar, but keep trying and your dog will eventually jump over it every
time without failing. Make sure your dog is headed straight towards the hurdle
though, if you don't your dog will jump over it at a bad angle and it's counted
as a miss.

<> TUNNEL <>
To clear it, tap one side and your dog will run in. Watch the arrow pointing at
your dog and draw a curved line following the tube using your stylus. Your dog
should exit out the other end. Keep practising and your dog will run through 
the tunnel without having you to guide it! Further practise and your dog's 
speed will increase.

This obstacle appears after you beat Beginer Class. In order to clear Double 
Hurdles successfully you dog must hop over them without knocking down any of 
the two bars rested on it. At first your dog will advance slowly and knock
down the bars, but keep trying and your dog will eventually jump over it every
time without failing. Make sure your dog is headed straight towards the hurdle
though, if you don't your dog will jump over it at a bad angle and it's counted
as a miss.

<> SEESAW <>
This obstacle appears after you beat Beginer Class. Tap the side touching the
ground to get your dog onto it. At first your dog will take these extremely 
slow (be patient please...). It will shake and slowly walk across. Once on the 
other side, the seesaw will begin to fall to the ground. Your dog will try to
jump off, tap behind it like crazy and this will make it stop moving and wait
for the seesaw to stop tipping. Once the see saw reaches the ground, tap ahead 
of your dog to walk it off. With more practise, your dog will get faster and 
won't fall off easily.

<> SLALOM <>
This obstacle appears after you reach Expert Class. Tap one side and look for 
the golden marker. Your dog must enter on this side or it will be counted as a
miss. For the first time you must guide your dog between the poles. Use your 
stylus to draw a zig-zag line between the poles. Your dog will move reeeally
slloooowlly. However, repeat this process for about 10 times and the speed will
increase. Don't stray too far from the poles or it will be a miss. With even 
more pracrise your dog will get faster and need less guidance. Keep practising
until all you have to do is tap the start of the slalom and your dog runs 
through without guidance at all! By the way, if your dog stops and looks at you
during the slalom, keep tapping behind your dog and it will continue. More 
practise and this will stop.

                          <>  Obedience Trial (0009)

In order to win in Obedience Trials, your dogs must know plenty of tricks. 
Voice commands are the key.

In order to ensure your voice training is successful :

-Pronounce voice commands CLEARLY and COMPLETELY.
-To avoid confusing your dog, avoid different commands that SOUND THE SAME.
-To ensure your commands are conveyed clearly use the SAME pronounciation and
 intonation every time.

If a RED ? appears during voice training, your dog couldn't understand your 
command. Make sure you pronounce the command EXACTLY the same way as your first

If a BLUE ? appear, it means your dog is confused the command with another
command it already knows. Try thinking up a command that's creative and 
different. For example, if your dog confused "sit" with "spin", try changing 
spin into "turn around"!

The TRAINING ICON is the light bulb appears on the top right corner when your
dog does a trick.

To teach your dog tricks you must first MAKE your dog to perform it. Here's a
list for how to teach your dog the basic commands required for Obedience 

<> SIT <> 
Pet your dog on the head and slide the stylus down to the bottem of the screen.
Touch the Training Icon and teach your command for "sit".

<> SHAKE <>
Hold your dog's front paw and lift it up. After lifting its front paw, touch 
the training icon and teach it your verbal command for shake.

<> LIE DOWN <>
When your dog is sitting, touch its head and quickly slide down its snout. 
Your dog should then lie down. Touch the training icon and teach it your verbal
command for lie down.

When your dog is sitting or lying down, slide sideways across your dog to make
it lie on its side. When it is, slide up its belly to get it to roll onto its 
back. Touch the training icon and teach it your verbal command for roll over.

<> SPIN <>
If you grab your dog's tail and hold it there, it will start to run in circles
chasing its tail. Touch the training icon and teach it your verbal command for 

<> JUMP <>
When your dog shakes its butt, tap the air above your dog's head at this time 
to get it to jump into the air. Touch the training icon and teach it your 
verbal command for jump.

<> BEG <>
This is an advanced trick and only the most intelligent and obedient pups could
perform it. When your dog is in the normal standing position with all four feet
on the ground, touch its belly and slide up to its neck to get your dog to do a
begging motion. Touch the training icon and teach it your command for beg.

                                            In order to achieve "Excellent!" in
  ---------------------------------------   the free performance part, normal 
 |                 ~ TIP ~               |  tricks won't do. Sometimes in 
 |    To delete a trick, tap your dog's  |  competition, your pup will perform 
 |    name. At the bottom is a button    |  an advanced trick!
 |    to go to the "Trick List". Tap on  |  
 |    it and tap on the trick to delete. |  This is a sign that tells you that
 |    Tap OK.                            |  your dog is already capable of
 |                                       |  doing it. So get to it!

Here's a list of the advanced tricks. Basicly, they are all dance moves! Note
that only the most intelligent and obedient pups could perform them.

Now, let's begin with a bit of "So you think you can dance" with puppies! Only
it's "So your puppy thinks it can dance"...

When your dog is begging, drag its front paw SLOWLY and your pup should now be 
standing. After a while it will start dancing! Touch the training button and
give the trick a voice command. 

Make sure your dog knows how to jiggy dance and jump first. Now, tell your
dog to dance then tell it to jump and it should start to hop like a bunny. 
Touch the training button and give the trick a voice command. 

For this trick your dog will need spin and roll over. Make it roll over, while
it is, tell it to spin. Touch the training button and give the trick a voice

For this trick your dog will need sit and jump. While it is sitting tell it to
jump. Touch the training button and give the trick a voice command. 

An easy way to teach a dog backflip Ė if you have a Flower Waltz record.  At 
the end, dogs do backflips. Zoom in on them on upper screen and as soon as 
desired dog does backflip, hit training icon and say command. Go to supplies,
music, Flower Waltz and put the needle towards the end of the record, go back
to your home screen, zone in on desired dog and repeat until itís learned. It
could take several tries since this is an advanced trick. 

For this trick your dog will need lie down and beg. Make it lie down, while
it is, tell it beg. Touch the training button and give the trick a voice

This trick is different to the normal jump, because itís higher and depends on
your dogís mood. Just follow the same teaching as the regular jump, if itís in
a really hyper mood it might jump until it can touch your hand or stylus! Then,
touch the training button and give the trick a voice command.

Tell your dog to roll over, then tell it to jump. If your dog is well fed and
watered then it will have a better chance of doing this trick, but be patient
as he might not feel like doing the trick.

If you had fun doing advanced tricks, here's an even harder one! To perform 
this trick you need the "keyboard" item.

A secret trick that's totally different! Zoom into the dog you want to teach 
then play a tune (under 15 notes please) on your keyboard. After playing wait
and the Training Icon will appear! Repeat this process and your dog will become
an totally rad American Idol! (or whatever idol you wish)

Sometimes, while you are in the home screen and zoomed onto a dog by tapping 
its picture, the dog will do a trick on the top screen. If this happens, the
Training Icon will appear on the top right corner of the home screen. Here's a
list on this special type of trick.

<> DIG <>
When your dog digs the ground, touch the Training Icon.

<> HOWL <>
Sometimes, when you hear a sound (eg. dog barking, police siren) while at your 
house, your dog will howl back. Touch the Training Icon when it does it.

<> LICK <>
When your dog licks itself, touch the Training Icon.

Zoom on a dog whose coat status is "Filthy" (its body should have black dots
(fleas)jumping on and off) Wait a bit and it should be scratching. Touch the 
Training Icon.

<> SHAKE <>
When you see your pup shake as if it's drying itself, touch the Training Icon.

<> SNIFF <>
When your dog sniffs the ground, touch the Training Icon.

<> YAWN <>
When your dog yawns, touch the Training Icon.

<> SNEEZE <>
When you tickle the dog's nose, it will sneeze and you can teach it the command

When your dog shakes its butt at you, all you have to do is touch the Training
Icon and teach it the command "shake butt".

Get your dog to shake its butt, then lift its hind legs slightly. Teach your
command for "reverse shake".

Practising a trick with your dog will familiarize your dog with them, allowing
it to perform the trick longer. PRAISE YOUR DOG by petting it until it sparkle.


                   ()           9. Competitions      (IR09)

After training, it's time to kick some butt and show them who you really are!

                          <> Disk Competition (0010)

Disk Competitions are sporting events in which you and your dog compete for 
points. You earn points by throwing and catching disks within a given time 
limit. Even novices can enjoy this exciting dog sport!

                                  - RULES -

* There is no limit to how many times you can throw the disk. You throw until
  the time strikes zero.

* Your final place is determined by how many TOTAL points you earn in the time

* Points are determined by the area your dog catches the disk in. The FARTHER
  away the catch, the MORE points you score as shown in the following diagram:

                      |           9 ~ 10 POINTS         |
                      |           7 ~ 8  POINTS         |
                      |           5 ~ 6  POINTS         |
                      |           3 ~ 4  POINTS         |
                      |           1 ~ 2  POINTS         |
                      |           0      POINTS         |
                      |              (DOG)              |
                                      O ()
                                        | <--YOU WITH THE DISK
                                       /\  sorry about the poor drawing

* Additionally, your dog earns one EXTRA POINT by catching in midair.

Remember that if you don't throw the disk straight, your dog will be more 
likely to drop it.

Practise at the park until you are able to throw the disk in a way that's easy
for both you and the dog! More infos see training section.
                          <>   Agility Trial  (0011)

Agility Trials are events in which dogs must make their way through an obstacle
course. This dog sport originated in England and has quickly spread around the 
world. It's difficulty rank is second and it wins you 1000 bucks for winning 
its Championship.

                                  - RULES -
* The order in which the obstacles must be cleared will be displayed on the 
  display(upper) screen.

* Guide your dog to ensure that it clears all the obstacles in the PROPER 
  ORDER. Check the display screen.

* Each time your dog fails to clear an obstacle or clears it out of order, FIVE
  points are deducted from your overall score.

* Also, ONE point will be deducted for EACH SECOND your dog exceeds the base

* Your point deductions for both obstacles and time will be added together to 
  form your final score.

* In the case of a TIE, the dog that cleared the course faster will be declared
  the winner.

That's all! Easy, no? This is the easiest competition so I expect you to do a
really good job! More infos see training section. 

                          <>  Obedience Trial (0012)

Obedience Trials are events in which trainers show off how well trained their
dogs are. It is the most difficult and challenging competition but it nets you
a whopping 2,000 bucks for winning its Championship.

                                  - RULES -

* In Obedience Trials, dogs must perform specific commands within the given 
  time limit.

* The required commands are followed by a period of Free Performance.

* Rankings are determined based on how the three judges score each dog's 
  performance. The average score between the three are your dog's final score,
  with a perfect score being 10 points. Just in case you don't know :
                  |   AVERAGE= Score 1 + SCORE 2 + SCORE 3     |
                  |            ___________________________     |
                  |                          3                 |

                 Ok, no more maths for you, I'm sure you hate it!

* The judges' scores are also based on the dogs GROOMING, so make sure you wash
  and brush your dog until it's sparkling (literally) clean and the coat state 
  is in "Beautiful".

* You will be given a set of tricks to perform depending which class your dog 
  is in :
      /                                                                      /
      \                         - Beginer Class -                            \
      /              Sit, Shake, Lie Down, Free Performance                  /
      \                                                                      \
      /                           - Open Class -                             /
      \        Sit, Shake, Lie Down, Roll Over, Spin, Free Performance       \
      /                                                                      /
      \                     - Expert Class and above -                       \
      /  Sit, Shake, Lie Down, Roll Over, Spin, Jump, Beg, Free Performance  /

With all the above in mind you are totally ready to go! Enter the dog you want
in the Obedience Trial. Make sure your dog knows the above commands before 

Once you're in the competition, just look at the top of the touch screen to see
which commands you have to do, then issue these commands clearly but do not 
shout. If your dog doesn't listen to you, relax and say it again. If the time
is almost up and your dog still havn't done the trick, then you have absolutely
no chance of winning so it's a good idea to turn your DS off and back to more 

While chatting with assistant Michaele L. LePage, she told me some very good
tips for getting high marks in Obedience Trials!
When the command you are supposed to say is "Jump", tell it to do a Backflip Ė
you'll get higher marks from judges for performing an advanced trick that
contains the basic trick. Similarly, when judges tell you to "Spin",  either
have your dog "Dance" (turns around while begging) or "Break Dance" (turns
around while in roll over position). Then at the end, for free performance,
do at least three advanced tricks. And of course, have a sparkling clean
(beautiful) coat.  

This is the most difficult and frustrating competition, so keep training (make
sure you PRAISE your dog) and keep trying, then eventually, (huff, puff!) you
will be smiling with the championship trophy!


                   ()     10. Meet Your Neighbours   (JQ10)

Youíll encounter many neighbors on your constitutionals. Many are friendly but
if you neglect your dog, theyíll let you know about it! They offer advice or
share a special moment when you run into them on a walk. If you take good care
of your dog, theyíll comment about how beautiful your dog is. You encounter and
compete against these same neighbors in any contest you enter and some will 
remark on seeing you in a particular contest. They also may offer some friendly
advice or have some time to chat: Many times these are general tips to help you
perform better in the game itself. Beware of their wrath if you do not obey
doggie doo-doo laws!

                         <>    Complete List   (0013)

                    |  Owner |  Dog  |      Breed       |
                    | Alan   |Butters|     Labrador     |
                    | Ann    |Murphy |    Chihuahua     |
                    | Archie | Spot  |    Shiba Inu     |
                    | Audrey |…clair |    Shiba Inu     |
                    | Billie |Aster  |    Dachshund     |
                    | Bob    |Fido   |     Sheltie      |
                    | Carmen |Chelsea|Miniature Pinscher|
                    | Chuck  |Cole   |     Beagle       |
                    | David  |Logan  | German Shepherd  |
                    | Emily  |Coby   |   Chihuahua      |
                    | Erik   |Nugget |   Shiba Inu      |
                    | Jack   |Wanda  | C.K.C. Spaniel   |
                    | Jane   |Puffy  |       Pug        |
                    | John   |Sasha  |Pembroke W. Corgi |
                    | Maria  |Petey  |    Schnauzer     |
                    | Matthew|Rusty  |     Yorkie       |
                    | Meghan |Charlie|    Shih Tzu      |
                    | Meimei |Angel  |Miniature Pinscher|
                    | Morgan |Casey  |    Shih Tzu      |
                    | Nate   |Fathom |    Dachshund     |
                    | Pedro  |Peaches|       Pug        |
                    | Rich   |Elroy  |    Chihuahua     |
                    | Shiggy |Pik    |     Sheltie      |
                    | Shino  |Poofle | C.K.C. Spaniel   |
                    | Ted    |Sammy  |     Poodle       |
                    | Tim    |Deacon |Pembroke W. Corgi |
                    | Tom    |Poppi  |    Labrador      |
                    | Tyrone |Buster |   Toy Poodle     |

                         <> What They Might Say(0014)


Thatís an amazing coat on your dog! Itís absolutely stunning, seriously!  


That looks like a really smart (insert dog breed). You know, it just might be
championship caliber! 

You like getting yelled at? Well, neither do puppies, so donít talk too loudly
when youíre training your dog.  

Iíve found that the more I take my dog for walks, the father my dog wants to 
go!  We walk all over town now!

Any puppy can be trained. If you just keep repeating your command, it will 
learn it eventually.  Be patient!  

I always go for walks around here this time of day. Canít mess with that daily
routine, you know what I mean?

If puppies could talk, I bet they wouldn't confuse similar commands like "sit 
down" and "lie down" so much.


Smelling someoneís tush is basically the standard handshake for most dogs.
HumansÖ not so much.  

Lately, a cat in my neighborhood has been coming into my house to mark its
territoryÖ Ugh.

If your dog runs away, donít be mad at it. Be nice and give it lots of love 
when it comes back home, OK? 

This is (insert dog's name), the (insert number)-time (insert comp name) 
champion, right? Awesome! AWESOME!

I remodelled my house into a peaceful Japanese tea room just for Spot. I love
cicadas in summer...

(If you forget to scoop a poop): You know, I think people are walking their
dogs in front of my house just so they can poop there and not clean up!

Iíll bet your (insert dog breed) is a wily little rascal. You have to
be stern with a dog like that, Iím telling you. 

Itís fun to see the effect that food can have on a dog. And not just the food
either, but the TIMING of the feeding.


Oh my goodness! Itís (insert name), the current champion! Look at that tone! 
And that steely eye! 

What a fit (insert dog breed)! I bet your dog could take first in a contest


My whole life, Iíve always wanted to live in a designer condo. Itís my lifeís
dream. Shallow, yes, but hey.   

When my dogís in a bad mood, I always cheer it up by feeding it additive-free
food. It loves that stuff! 

What a gorgeous dog!  If you brush it, it will look even better, too!

Did you know that dogs get fleas more easily when theyíre out for walks or at a

(Emily only) Your dog is such a beautiful colorÖÖ You think it can be friends 
with my little Coby?  

The key to keeping your dog clean is to brush it after you bathe it, in case 
you didnít already know.  

When I first got a dog, I didnít know squat. My care books taught me all about
care and training, though. 

Has this dog won any (insert contest) trials?  Was it (insert skill class)?
I was in that contest, too! 

Each contest has a complex set of rules behind it. Itís a good idea to read up
on them in books before you enter.  

My dog has two sets of accessories, one for home and one for going out of the 
town. Isnít that precious?  


Yesterday, I met someone else in bark mode and that dog taught my Elroy/Nugget
a new trick!

My dog Elroy/Nugget loves barking along when I play the electric keyboard! Itís
his own scene!  

When youíre trying to teach one dog a new trick, itís vital to be sure that the
dog is the only one youíre looking at.  

Hey, did you know that a dogís mouth is actually cleaner than a humanís? True 
story, I swear!


When you dogís really tired, it wonít bring you presents. Instead, it might
look for trash to snack on.     

If you go too long without playing with your dog, it might try to get out of 
the house.  You donít want that! 

(insert dog name)ís so cute. Iíve got to say, everyone in the neighborhood is
really impressed with him/her.  

Just between you and me, I heard Archie Hubbs sometimes nibbles on dog treats.
What a loon! 

Wow, it seems like (dog name) has complete faith in you. Thatís amazing!

That looks like a really smart golden. You know, it just might be championship

Before you go buying toys, you should make sure you have enough food and water
for your puppy, yíknow.  

Oh, that is just adorable!  Look at how attached to you your puppy is! You must
be a pretty good trainer. 

Wow, it really seems that (insert dog name) has complete faith in you. Thatís

If you take good care of your dog and pay a lot of attention to it, itíll 
reward you with presents! 

If you didn't feed your dog, a random neighbour will say...
"Look at your poor dog! It looks hungry enough to eat mine. Don't you feed your
dog when it gets hungry?"

If your dog is parched, a random neighbour will say...
"Your pup's nose is all dried out. You'd better give it something to drink as 
soon as you get home."

If you didn't pick up the poo after your dog "goes to the toilet" then a random
neighbour(except Archie) will say...
"Hey! You're the one who's been leaving poo all over town! All you have to do 
is touch it and it goes away!"


                   ()            11. More Tips       (KP11)

Here's more tips on how to become a nice, angelic and totally awesome trainer.

Tip # 1 :
If you really want to become a good trainer, set a daily routine (eg. when to
eat and when to go for walks.) FOLLOW it. It has proven that your dog will
become more loyal to you.

Tip # 2 :
When you meet a dog on your walk, drag the leash and PUSH the dog towards the
opposite dog. If it runs away DRAG IT BACK. If they suddenly chase and hit each
other then exit by tapping the arrow. If they become friendly, then you did a
fantastic job. Keep doing this everytime you meet a dog and it teach your dog
to be more friendly.

Tip # 3 :
To train for Disk Competition and Obedience Trial, make sure you go to a park
with no other dogs in it. Reward your dog with Dog Biscuits or Jerky Treats
everytime it does a fantastic job.

Tip # 4 :
If your puppy runs to a pile of rubbish while on walk, drag it away. It's BAD
for a lovely dog to eat garbage.

Tip # 5 :
While on a walk, tug the leash firmly to your right to get your dog run beside
you. It sppeds up the time and makes your pooch more active!

Tip # 6 :
While on a walk, watch the top screen. If the dog icon suddenly stops and your
dog is still running, give the leash a firm tug to your left and stop this
running madness. A present or garbage is up ahead!

Tip # 7 :
What do you do when your dog did a craptastic job when doing competitions?
Turn off your DS! As long as you don't advance into the contest results
part your progress is not saved.

Tip # 8 :
You do NOT need to save manualy after you win a competition! Your new results,
money and trainer points is saved automatically. This saves you heaps of time!

Tip # 9 :
While at the kennel choosing a dog, tap the breed you want. You are given three
different looking choices of dogs. If you don't see the color, appearance, 
gender or personality that you like from these dogs, tap the back arrow and tap
on your breed again. Keep doing this until you found the one you like.

Tip # 10 :
The best way to get trainer points??? Compete in competitions! About 100 points
is awarded to you everytime you go on a comp. Get 8 dogs and you could score
more than 2400 trainer points everyday! If you are lazy you could cheat by
shampooing a dog and leave the brush on your dog. Leave your DS on over a few
days and see your t.p. sky rocketing! It's a complete waste of electricity
though and remember to leave the charging cable on.

Tip # 11 :
If you want to refill a food or drink tap the empty box on your left and tap it
again. It is unnecessary to refill, though.

Tip # 12 :
The more your dog does a trick, and the more it gets to do several in a row, 
the more it does all new tricks.

Tip # 13 :
If there's anything you don't understand try reading the books in the "Care" 
section of your supplies.

Tip # 14 : (By Jessica Mo) 
While socialising with another dog (and if the sound is on)and you hear bongos 
it means that they don't like each other. if you hear xylophone then they like
each other.

Tip # 15 : (By Michaele L. LePage)
If you are really, really good with your dogs, theyíll run away and bring back
presents. But one day, I was playing with my dogs.  I had the music on, I had
played about three records in a row and was zooming in and out with them and 
using the cursor on the left so it looks like Iím  ďrunningĒ. They were all 
running with me and we were just having a wonderful time. (the things that 
amuse usÖ.)  After the third record, they showed me the back of one of them as
she was running away. She came back three seconds later with a nice gift. 
My Duchess ran away and brought me a stuffed bear Ė pretty nice!

Tip # 16 : (By Walter King)
When it gets near the end hold off on throwing, then when the timer has 2 
seconds left go for a long throw, even though the timer may hit zero, if the 
dog catches the disc you'll still get points for the throw.


                   ()            12. Items           (LO12)

How to get items : 
 -From the pet supply or discount shop.
 -From question mark boxes on your walk.
 -While on a walk you could walk past items in the form of a gift box.
 -When your puppy runs away from home it could return with one.
 -Trade with another owner in Bark Mode. Make sure your partner's dog is
  holding a present. 

Here's a list of all items categorised by type then by alphabetical order with
its selling price :

                          <>   Complete List  (0015)

? Block                   $6.00       Note : It's from Super Maro Bros!
Bark Ball                 $3.00
Bicolor Rubber Bone       $1.60
Blue Camo Disc            $4.00
Blue Flying Disc          $2.40
Blue Rubber Bone          $1.60
Broken Clock              $2.00       Note : No, it's not a clock section item!
Dartboard                 $10.00
Dice Cushion              $5.00
Green Sponsor Disc        $5.00
Khaki Camo Disc           $4.00
Pink Aerodisc             $6.00
Pizza Disc                $10.00
Red Flying Disc           $2.40
Red Rubber Bone           $1.60
Rubber Mushroom           $4.00       Note : It's from Super Maro Bros!
Soccer Ball               $6.00
Tennis Ball               $2.00
Terry Cloth Cube          $4.00
White Aerodisc            $6.00
White Rubber Bone         $1.60
Yellow Flying Disc        $2.40
Yellow Sponsor Disc       $5.00
UFO                       $10.00

Balloon                   $0.10       Note : Blow into the MIC to inflate
Bowser Kart               $100.00     Note : Control with D-pad A, B and L
Bubble Blower             $1.00
Combat Copter             $300.00     Note : Control with D-pad A, B and L
Jump Rope                 $4.00 
Mario Kart                $100.00     Note : Control with D-pad A, B and L
Peach Kart                $100.00     Note : Control with D-pad A, B and L
Pull Rope                 $3.20 
RC Helicopter             $200.00     Note : Control with D-pad A, B and L
Talking Bird              $16.00      Note : He mimicks your voice in a high
Teddy Bear                $60.00      pitched and fast tone, so speak slowly.
Windup Toy                $12.00      
Beret                     $10.00
Black Leather Collar      $4.00
Blue Leather Collar       $4.00
Blue Polka-Dot Ribbon     $7.00
Camo Collar               $10.00
Checked Ribbon            $4.00
Crown                     $30.00
Denim Collar              $10.00
Dot Collar                $10.00
Firemanís Hat             $30.00      Note : Unlocks the Dalmatian
Flower Collar             $10.00
Graduation Cap            $18.00
Green Hat                 $20.00      Note : It's a Luigiís Hat!
Green Leather Collar      $4.00
Green Pearl Ribbon        $18.00
Hibiscus Flower           $10.00
Japanese Print Collar     $10.00      Note : Unlocks the Shiba Inu in Dalmatian
Knit Hat                  $10.00      & Friends.
Lily                      $10.00
Lionís Mane               $20.00
Lucky Collar              $10.00
New Year Tiara            $12.00
Newsboy Hat               $16.00
Pair of 3-D Glasses       $9.00
Pair of Business Glasses  $12.00
Pair of Huge Sunglasses   $15.00
Pair of Party Glasses     $7.00
Pair of Scholar Glasses   $9.00
Pair of Sport Sunglasses  $19.00
Pair of Star Sunglasses   $9.00
Party Hat                 $10.00 
Pearl Necklace            $10.00
Pirate Hat                $24.00
Platinum Collar           $10.00
Pumpkin Leather Collar    $4.00
Purple Leather Collar     $4.00
Purple Pearl Ribbon       $18.00
Rack of Deer Antlers      $30.00
Rainbow Collar            $10.00
Rainbow Wig               $20.00
Red & Blue Cap            $8.00
Red Hat                   $20.00      Note : It's a Marioís Hat!
Red Leather Collar        $4.00
Red Polka-Dot Ribbon      $7.00
Red Ribbon                $2.40
Rhinestone Collar         $10.00
Rose                      $10.00
Santaís Hat               $18.00
Shower Cap                $2.00
Silk Hat                  $18.00 
Sombrero                  $10.00
Spiked Collar             $10.00
Straw Hat                 $9.00
Striped Ribbon            $4.00
Ten-Gallon Hat            $14.00
Tiara                     $30.00
Top Hat                   $18.00
Tricolor Ribbon           $10.00
Viking Hat                $40.00
Woven Collar              $10.00
Yellow Cap                $8.00
Yellow Ribbon             $2.40

Care Items
Agility Trial Book        Cannot be sold
Bark Mode Book            Cannot be sold
Disc Competition Book     Cannot be sold
Dog Biscuit               $0.10
Dog Care Book             Cannot be sold
Dog Food Can              $1.20
Dog Training Book         Cannot be sold
Dry Food                  $0.60
Jerky Treat               $0.20
Long-Hair Shampoo         $0.70, $1.10
Milk Carton               $0.40
Natural Dog Food Bag      $2.50, $3.00, $3.50, $4.00, $4.50
Obedience Trial Book      Cannot be sold
Rubber Brush              $12.00 
Short-Hair Shampoo        $0.50, $1.60
Water Bottle              $0.20
Wire Brush                $16.00 

Music Items

Keyboard                  $80.00, $100.00, $140.00, $160.00 
White Record              Cannot be sold  

Music Boxes : 
"Dictionary" Box          $6.00      Note : Plays what's on the White Record
"Dog's Theme" Box         $6.00
"Mario's Theme" Box       $6.00
"Puppy Waltz" Box         $6.00

~Nintendogs "Movie" Soundtrack~      Note : There's no real movie though, I
"Chow"                    $5.00      wish there is! XD
"Friendly Whiff"          $5.00
"Growler"                 $5.00
"Smiliní Dog"             $5.00
"Street Marker"           $5.00

      ~Mystical Records~
"Colonel Bogey"           $9.00
"Waltz of the Flowers"    $9.00
"Naptime"                 $9.00
"Nintendogs"              $9.00             
"Surprise Symphony"       $9.00
"El Toreador"             $9.00

    ~Archies Secret Records~
"Giant Socks"             $10.00
"Modest Decor"            $10.00 
"Shredded Fur"            $10.00 
"Waves"                   $10.00 

Clock Items
Clover Clock              $16.00
Cube Clock                $16.00 
Marble Clock              $16.00
Marine Clock              $16.00
Modern Clock              Cannot be sold
Silver Clock              $16.00
Smart Clock               $16.00 
Wall Clock                $16.00 

Etc Items
Black Boot                $9.00
Disposable Camera         $2.40
Dog Photo                 $2.00
Fine Vase                 $100.00    Note : DO NOT shatter this, SELL it
Globe                     $30.00
Gold Bar                  $2,000.00
High Heel                 $6.00
Jack Russell Book         $3.60      Note : Unlocks the Jack Russell Terrier
Juice Bottle              $0.80
Leather Shoe              $6.00
Life Ring                 $2.00
Lisa Doll                 $30.00
Meteorite                 $150.00
Moai Statue               $100.00
Piggy Bank                $2.00      Note : Throw it to get money 
Promise Ring              $1,000.00
Pump                      $6.00
Shuttle Model             $50.00
Stick                     $0.50
Stuffed Bear              $60.00
Stuffed Dog               $50.00
Tissue Box                $1.00
Vase                      $20.00     Note : Throw it to get money
Very Fine Vase            $200.00    Note : DO NOT shatter this, SELL it
Weird Alien               $600.00
White Boot                $9.00

                          <>      Exclusive   (0016)

Dachshund & Friends
Dartboard                 $10.00 
"Dog's Theme" Box         $6.00
Graduation Cap            $18.00
Leather Shoe              $6.00
Mario Kart                $100.00 
Red Rubber Bone           $1.60
Shower Cap                $2.00
Smart Clock               $16.00
Tiara                     $30.00
Waves                     $10.00

Chihuahua & Friends
Blue Rubber Bone          $1.60
Bowser Kart               $100.00 
Broken Clock              $2.00
Crown                     $30.00
Cube Clock                $16.00
"Mario's Theme" Box       $6.00
Modest Decor              $10.00     
Party Hat                 $10.00  
Pizza Disc                $10.00
Pump                      $6.00

  Lab & Friends
Bicolor Rubber Bone       $1.60
High Heel                 $6.00
Life Ring                 $2.00
Peach Kart                $100.00
"Puppy Waltz" Box         $6.00
Rack of Deer Antlers      $30.00
Shredded Fur              $10.00      
Silk Hat                  $18.00  
UFO                       $10.00
Wall Clock                $16.00

Dalmatian & Friends
Follows Chihuahua & Friends.

   Best Friends
Follows Dachshund & Friends.

                          <>     Unlockable   (0017)

Balloon                   $0.10     Appears at 300 Trainer Points    *
Dog Biscuit               $0.10     Appears at 300 Trainer Points    *
Dog Food Can              $1.20     Appears at 300 Trainer Points 
Jerky Treat               $0.20     Appears at 300 Trainer Points    *
Jump Rope                 $4.00     Appears at 300 Trainer Points    *
Keyboard                  $80.00, $100.00, $140.00, $160.00    
                                    Appears at 2,000 Trainer Points  *
Milk Carton               $0.40     Appears at 300 Trainer Points
Natural Dog Food Bag      $2.50, $3.00, $3.50, $4.00, $4.50
                                    Appears at 10,000 Trainer Points
Pull Rope                 $3.20     Appears at 300 Trainer Points    *
Talking Bird              $16.00    Appears at 10,000 Trainer Points *
Windup Toy                $12.00    Appears at 10,000 Trainer Points *

* = Randomly appears at discount shops


                   () 13. Trainer Points Unlockables (MN13)

Just as each version has different starting breeds, the unlockables are also 
different. Another way of unlocking dog breeds is by meeting a dog you don't
have in Bark Mode. You can only do this once per friend, but if you delete
each other from the friend list then you could do it again! Here's a list :

                          <>     Dog Breeds   (0018)

                             Chihuahua & Friends

              Miniature Pinscher            2,000  Trainer Points
              Siberian Husky                4,000  Trainer Points
              Toy Poodle                    8,000  Trainer Points
              Golden Retriever              10,000 Trainer Points
              Miniature Schnauzer           14,000 Trainer Points
              Beagle                        16,000 Trainer Points
              Pembroke Welsh Corgi          20,000 Trainer Points
              Shih Tzu                      22,000 Trainer Points
              Shiba Inu                     30,000 Trainer Points
              Pug                           35,000 Trainer Points
              Labrador Retriever            45,000 Trainer Points
              Miniature Dachshund           50,000 Trainer Points

                             Dachshund & Friends

              Yorkshire Terrier             2,000  Trainer Points
              Shiba Inu                     4,000  Trainer Points
              Cavalier K C  Spaniel         8,000  Trainer Points
              Pembroke Welsh Corgi          10,000 Trainer Points
              Shetland Sheepdog             14,000 Trainer Points
              Miniature Schnauzer           16,000 Trainer Points
              Boxer                         20,000 Trainer Points
              Toy Poodle                    22,000 Trainer Points
              German Shepherd               30,000 Trainer Points
              Miniature Pinscher            35,000 Trainer Points
              Chihuahua                     45,000 Trainer Points
              Labrador Retriever            50,000 Trainer Points

                                Lab & Friends

              Pug                           2,000  Trainer Points
              German Shepherd               4,000  Trainer Points
              Shih Tzu                      8,000  Trainer Points
              Boxer                         10,000 Trainer Points
              Beagle                        14,000 Trainer Points
              Shetland Sheepdog             16,000 Trainer Points
              Golden Retriever              20,000 Trainer Points
              Cavalier K C Spaniel          22,000 Trainer Points
              Siberian Husky                30,000 Trainer Points
              Yorkshire Terrier             35,000 Trainer Points
              Miniature Dachshund           45,000 Trainer Points
              Chihuahua                     50,000 Trainer Points

                             Dalmatian & Friends

              Cavalier K C Spaniel          2,000 Trainer Points
              Shetland Sheepdog             4,000 Trainer Points
              Chihuahua                     8,000 Trainer Points
              Pembroke Welsh Corgi          10,000 Trainer Points
              Toy Poodle                    14,000 Trainer Points
              Pug                           16,000 Trainer Points
              Miniature Schnauzer           20,000 Trainer Points
              Siberian Husky                22,000 Trainer Points
              Miniature Pinscher            30,000 Trainer Points
              Shih Tzu                      35,000 Trainer Points
              Labrador Retriver             45,000 Trainer Points
              Miniature Dachshund           50,000 Trainer Points

                                  Best Friends

              Shih Tzu                      2,000  Trainer Points
              Shetland Sheepdog             4,000  Trainer Points
              Toy Poodle                    8,000  Trainer Points
              Boxer                         10,000 Trainer Points
              Pug                           14,000 Trainer Points
              Miniature Schnauzer           16,000 Trainer Points
              Siberian Husky                20,000 Trainer Points
              Pembroke Welsh Corgi          22,000 Trainer Points
              Miniature Pinscher            30,000 Trainer Points
              Cavalier K C Spaniel          35,000 Trainer Points
              Shiba Inu                     45,000 Trainer Points
              Chihuahua                     50,000 Trainer Points

                          <> Interior Designs (0019)


                               Dachshund & Friends

          Ranch House                   Default                 $0
          Desktop	                6,000  Trainer Points   $20,000
          Seaside	                12,000 Trainer Points   $50,000
          Outer Space                   18,000 Trainer Points   $100,000
          Northern European             25,000 Trainer Points   $5,000
          Urban Living                  40,000 Trainer Points   $5,000

                               Chihuahua & Friends

          Northern European             Default                 $0
          Desktop	                6,000  Trainer Points   $20,000
          Seaside	                12,000 Trainer Points   $50,000
          Outer Space                   18,000 Trainer Points   $100,000
          Urban Living                  25,000 Trainer Points   $5,000
          Ranch House                   40,000 Trainer Points   $5,000

                                   Lab & Friends

          Urban Living                  Default                 $0
          Desktop	                6,000  Trainer Points   $20,000
          Seaside	                12,000 Trainer Points   $50,000
          Outer Space                   18,000 Trainer Points   $100,000
          Ranch House                   25,000 Trainer Points   $5,000
          Northern European             40,000 Trainer Points   $5,000

                               Dalmatian & Friends

          Early American                Default                 $0
          Desktop	                6,000  Trainer Points   $20,000
          Seaside	                12,000 Trainer Points   $50,000
          Outer Space                   18,000 Trainer Points   $100,000
          Urban Living                  25,000 Trainer Points   $5,000
          Ranch House                   40,000 Trainer Points   $5,000

                                    Best Friends

          Northern European             Default                 $0
          Desktop	                6,000  Trainer Points   $20,000
          Seaside	                12,000 Trainer Points   $50,000
          Outer Space                   18,000 Trainer Points   $100,000
          Urban Living                  25,000 Trainer Points   $5,000
          Ranch House                   40,000 Trainer Points   $5,000


                   ()             14. Rumors         (NM14)

This section contains some rumors and my point of views. Remember that ALL
might be true!
Rumor # 1: Lucky Items
The so called lucky items like the Lucky Collar and Clover Clock does not 
actually increase your chance of finding rare items. It's totally true!
Rumor # 2: Meteorite Mystery
The Meteorite item can be found at anytime of the day, not at night.
Rumor # 3: Santa don't always come on Christmas!
There's a talk that the Santa Hat can only be found on 25th or 26th of Dec. It
is totally not true.
Rumor # 4: New Year Tiara
Just like the previous two, the Tiara is not found on the New Year's Eve!
Rumor # 5: Dogs can have sex and give birth!!? (Provided by Austin Osula)
No, all the dogs are PUPPIES. They haven't gone through puberty yet, so how do
they have sex? LOL!
Rumor # 6: Cruel Mother? (Provided by Austin Osula)
When your dogs have a puppy the mom eats it 3 days later? That is so stupid.
See rumor number 5 for answer.
Rumor # 7: Sick rumor! (Provided by Austin Osula)
There's a totally sick rumor that goes like this...
When you go on a walk with a Knit Hat you find a dildo and if you bring it out
for the other dogs one will take it and shove it up the other ones thingo.
Rumor # 8: Money Tree? (Provided by Austin Osula)
Ha ha ha! There's money falling off a tree! No, Money Tree does not exist.
Rumor # 9: When you donate a dog... (Provided by Austin Osula)
Remember, at the start of this guide I said when you donate a dog it could be
sent to a slaughter house and then served in Chinese restaurant? Well... That
was just a guess, there's no telling what they will do with the puppies...
Rumor # 10: Siren = Luck? (Provided by Michaele L. LePage)
The rumor goes that if you go for a walk when you hear a siren, you have a 
better chance of finding the Fireman Hat. I bet 99.99% chances that this is 
just another made up rumor. Remember that ALL RUMORS ARE FALSE. THEY WERE
CREATED TO AMUSE PEOPLE. But who knows, it could be true.
Rumor # 11: Remote Control Flying Disk (Provided by Kirby Deal)
Does it even SOUND like it's real? No, it doesn't!!!
Rumor # 12: Cat during midnight (Provided by Kirby Deal)
Nope, there's no cat during midnight.
Rumor # 13: The Knife of Death (By Katie)
I heard that if your dog is ready to die you will find a knife and when you get
home you can stab your dog to its death. Soooooo not true! Who would want to 
stab their dog any way!

This section is so disgustingly stupid I sometimes wondered why I even bothered
putting it in?


                   ()              15. FAQ           (OL15)

FAQ stands for "Frequently Asked Questions" and I didn't plan to create this 
section at all. However, people emailed me the same question over and over 
and I thought it IS a good idea to have this section after all...

Q:How do I get the Jack Russel Book/ Fireman's hat?
A:Go on a walk, find a present and hope it's the item.

Q:I have a Japanese Collar, how come it didn't unlock the Shiba Inu?
A:This item only unlockes the Shiba Inu in Dalmatian & Friends, in order to 
keep up with having two item unlockable breeds in every game.

Q:Could you tell me how much trainer points and what item your dog is wearing
when you found the Jack Russel book?
A:I had about 45,000 trainer points and wearing Knit Hat when I found the book.
BUT, trainer points and items have nothing to do with the chance of finding the

Q:Will setting my clock forward allow me to take more walks and enter more 
A:No. The only way is to set your clock to 23:59 then enter Nintendogs and wait
for the clock to strike 00:00! Correction : This trick only *sometimes* work,
it definitely worked for me at least once, my memory is NOT failing me (...)

Q:How many dogs can I have?
A:Eight! Three at your house, the rest goes to the Dog Hotel. 

Q:When I see presents on my walk I can't pick them up! What~Do~I~Dooooooooo???
A:Ok... Watch the top screen for your pup's icon, and when it stops and your 
pup is still going, then pull your leash backwards as fast as possible. If your
puppy finds a piece of garbage drag it away, if it's a present... It's obvious,
Drag it TOWARDS it!

Q:How do you erase my game file?
A:Unlesss you bought a pre-owned copy, it's totally pointless to erase a file. 
Hold down A, B, X, Y, L, and R simultaneously when the Nintendo logo displays
when you start the game.

Q:Is this a real time game?
A:Yes! It's pretty obvious. 

Q:Do Best Friends come with extra goodies?
A:The Best Friends version can only be purchased with a Pearl Pink or Pearl 
Blue DS. Inside the pack there's a Bone Shaped Screen Cleaner, Wrist Strap and
Nintendogs DS skin! Thanks Krysten Devers for the correction.

Q:My puppy vanished! What happened???
A:Relax...Wait a while and it will come back!

Q:I LOVED YOUR GUIDE!!! What other guides are you working on now?
A:I'm working on a guide on Zelda - Phantom Hourglass. It's now published on


                   ()          16. Puppy Jokes       (PK16)

Take a break and have some laugh with this fine selection of puppy jokes!
                                       |                                      |
Which city is puppies' favorite?       |    Where do you find a Toy Poodle?   |
New Yorkie!                            |    In a toy store, of course!        |
Who was the puppies' all time          |    What's a puppy's favorite fruit?  |
favourite comedian?                    |    Paw-Paws!                         |
Growlcho Marx!                         |                                      |
How do you catch a runaway puppy?      |    What is the all-time favorite     |
Hide behind a tree and make a noise    |    Broadway musical in Puppyland?    |
like a bone!                           |    My Fair Laddie!                   |
What puppy loves to take bubble baths? |    What puppy is always good for a   |
A Shampoodle!                          |    laugh?                            |
                                       |    A Chihaha!                        |
What puppy stands the best chance of   |   What do puppies like to eat for    |
winning the heavy weight title?        |   breakfast?                         |
A Boxer, of course!                    |   Pooched eggs and barcon!           |
Which dog is a member of English       |   What conuntry do puppies love to   |
royalty?                               |   visit?                             |
The Duke of Yorkie!                    |   Mongrolia!                         |
Where do puppies keep their cars?      |   Can two three-month-old dogs fall  |
In a barking lot!                      |   for each other?                    |
                                       |   Sure, but it's puppy love!         |
"Doctor, Doctor, my puppy swallowed a  |   Why did the puppy keep chasing its |
pen!"                                  |   tail?                              |
"I'll be right there, but what are you |   It wanted to see if he could make  |
doing in the meantime?"                |   ends meet!                         |
"I'm using a pencil!"                  |                                      |
Which puppies come from Spain?         |   Where do dogs love to go on        |
Cocker Spaniards!                      |   vacation?                          |
                                       |   Kenneltucky!                       |
What do puppies sing and play?            Which dog runs through everybody's  |
BINGO!                                    veins?                              |
                                          The Bloodhound! (By Blake Autumns)  |
Why are Dalmatians no good at "Hide and   What's black and white and red all  |
Seek"?                                    Over?                               |
They're always spotted!                   An embarrassed Dalmatian!           |
                                          (By Emily McCarthy)                 |
What happened when Tim's Poodle          A dog called May was sleeping bed    |
swallowed a roll of film?                on the 31st of May. But the next     |
Nothing serious developed!               morning she died. Why?               |
                                         Because that was the end of May!     |
                                         (By Tyler Swifter)                   |


                   ()      17. Credits and Thanks    (QJ17)

I'd like to thank...

You, for reading my guide, when you could be having fun outside! ; )

Me, who sacrificed hours typing instead of having fun outside. I hate typing.

Michaele L. LePage for giving so much helpful advices, tips and the help with 
the Neighbours Chart. 

Also, her three daughters - Elizabeth, Catherine and Theresa!

My friends, for their support and Bark Moding!

My parents, for everything.

Nintendo, for creating this wonderful game, although I expect a lot more from

                        <>       Our contributors!      <>

                  I thank the following people for contributing!

- Blake Cook for some new Obedience Trial tricks! Fantasic job, Blake!
- K. Johnson for infos on Best Friends starter breeds
- Joey (Jessie) for providing infos on Best Friends Rooms
- Austin Osula for some rumors  - An Di Liu for a trick
- Blake Autumns for a few Jokes!  - Kirby Deal for some rumors
- Stefanie S for the Best Friends infos  - Tyler Swifter for some cool jokes
- Emily McCarthy for a few jokes  - Walter King for a tip
- Mousey Mouse for some vital information on the collar
- Krysten Devers for some infos about the Best Friends pack
- CJ for some important price corrections

                        <>        Our Supporters!       <>

 I thank the following people for emailing me and giving me positive comments!

- Austin Deane   - Mo   - James Webster   - Bruce Haak   - TINA   - Troy Valle
- Sandy Pham   - Josh Manzo   - Sarah Hand   - Annie   - Mitchel O'Rourke
- Obi Wan Konobi   - Kiana Manon   - Ali Lyons   - Bart M. Dyer   - Molly S
- Mirva Alvarez   - Garrett Hardy   - Alena Kitty   - Ashley Welch


                   ()       18. Version History      (RI18)

* Version 0.0 *  (20/01/2007)
Started typing this guide. I had a whole excercise book full of notes awating 
to be typed up!

BETA * Version 1.0 *  (26/01/2007)
After hours of typing the prototype version of the guide is finally uploaded
onto GameFAQ! More Sections are coming soon.

* Version 1.1 *  (29/01/2007)
Added a few infos, corrected a few grammar mistakes and gave permission to
a few sites. This update is small but expect a HUGE update next.

* Version 1.2 *  (03/02/2007)
Tips section, training and competing in Obedience Trials completed! Breed Infos
is also half complete!

* Version 1.3 *  (18/02/2007)
A totally gi-normous update! Added new section "Puppy Jokes"! Completed Breed 
Infos!(two breeds are still under testing though.) Also added a few tricks, 
corrected some errors and completed Training for Agility Trials! Also, major
layout change!

* Version 1.4 *  (26/02/2007)
Added three sections under Basics section and solved a few Rumor mysteries.
More infos on Best Friends and a few more jokes.

* Version 1.5 *  (05/03/2007)
Completed training for Disk Competition. Added "FAQ" section.

* Version 1.6 *  (11/03/2007)
Completed Competing in Disk Competitions. Added "Game Information" section.
Minor changes.

* Version 1.7 *  (18/03/2007)
Completed breed infos, competing in Agility Trials and a few changes. The guide
is about to be complete!

* Version 1.8 *  (23/03/2007)
Corrected a few mistakes, and added my very own Trainer Card. Today's my 
birthday too! I'm so happy!

* Version 1.9 *  (03/04/2007)
Added some additional infos.

* Version 2.0 *  (09/04/2007)
A big welcome to my new assistant! Tons of new infos added! Also, a new "Meet 
Your Neighbours" section.

* Version 2.1 *  (16/04/2007)
More infos in the neighbours section. Minor changes to the start.

* Version 2.2 *  (21/04/2007)
More infos in the neighbours section.

* Version 2.3 *  (07/07/2007)
Minor layout change. Minor corrections.

* Version 2.4 *  (01/10/2007)
Minor Corrections and a few more jokes. Minor layout change for joke section.
Verdict scores in Breed Information now have Appearance and Contest ratings.

* Version 2.5 *  (25/10/2007)
Modifications, banner change.

* Version 2.6 *  (18/12/2007)
Corrected some errors. Corrected rumors.

* Version 2.7 *  (03/01/2008)
Huge update! More detailed Obedience Trial tricks. Explained the scorecard.

FINAL * Version 2.8 *  (06/01/2008)
Some closing modifications for the Final Edition : )


                   ()         19. Legal rights       (SH19)

I really do hope you liked my guide, heaps of support please! This will 
help me in writing further guides. *_* Anyway here's the legals stuff...

      |This guide is a copyright property of Oliver Ma, 2007-2008|
      |      Only the following websites may post my guide :     |
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If you see this guide on ANY website that's not listed above please notify me

This document is for personal home use only. Any un-authorised selling of this
document is prohibited.

Got any comments, questions or suggestions? Email me at [email protected] or
my assistant Michaele at [email protected] Just make sure you put...........
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