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MySims Kingdom Cheats for Nintendo DS

Cheats and Tips for MySims Kingdom

Last Updated:

We have cheats that involve essences and unlocking the Samurai costume, patchwork pants, punk top and cow headgear.

We also have cheats for this game on : Wii

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All Cheats and Tips - Latest First

All the Fish
Angler..............Trevor Island
Bass................Cowboy Junction, and Renee's Nature Preserve
Catfish.............Renee's Nature Preserve
Crab................Forest of the Elves, Cowboy Junction, and Rocket Reef
Electric Eel........Forest of the Elves, Rocket Reef, Spookane, The Royal Academy, Cowboy Junction, and Candypalooza
Gold Arowana........Forest of the Elves
Jelly Fish..........Renee's Nature Preserve and Cowboy Junction
Koi.................Forest of the Elves
Marlin..............Trevor Island
Octopus.............The Royal Academy
Piranha.............Spookane, Cowboy Junction and Rocket Reef

These are some cheats for clothes, pause the game before you do
R, X, L, Y, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN. Cow Costume.
L, R, Y, X, LEFT, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. Cow Headgear.
RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP, L, R, L, R. Patchwork Clothes.
DOWN, L, LEFT, R, UP, Y, RIGHT, X. Patchwork Pants.
LEFT, R, L, RIGHT, Y, Y, X, X. Punk Bottom.
UP, X, DOWN, Y, LEFT, L, RIGHT, R. Punk Top.
Y, X, RIGHT, LEFT, L, R, DOWN, UP. Samurai Armor.
Y, X, R, L, Y, X, R, L. Samurai Helmet.

Search the following locations to find the corresponding Essences.

Water Essence:

Heart Essence:
Lovely Trees and phone booths.

Star Essence:
Lamp posts and Lovely House 2.

Leaf Essence:
Tree stumps, your houses, and Torajiro's house.

Fire Essence:
Cool Trees and Roy's furniture store.

Diamond Essence:
Kayaking race course in the Mangrove Forest.

Bubble Essence:
The Curio Shops and the snowman from the Synth-O-Matic.

Question Mark Essence:
Garbage cans and the Gondola Summit.

Planet Essence:
The ski slope, stone pillar, and slide.

Moon Essence:
Dr. F's Laboratory and the Heliport.

Brown Diamond Ess..

Cheat Codes
Pause gameplay and enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding item.

Unlock Punk Bottom:
Press Left, R, L, Right, Y(2), X(2).

Unlock Punk Top:
Press Up, X, Down, Y, Left, L, Right, R.

Unlock Cow Costume:
Press R, X, L, Y, Up, Right, Left, Down.

Unlock Cow Headgear:
Press L, R, Y, X, Left, Down, Left, Right.

Unlock Patchwork Clothes:
Press Right, Down, Left, Up, L, R, L, R.

Unlock Patchwork Pants:
Press Down, L, Left, R, Up, Y, Right, X.

Finding Mecha Dog the First time
You find Mecha dog the first time next to the alligator pit in the zoo

Finding Mecha Dog the First time
You find Mecha dog the first time next to the alligator pit in the zoo

Unlock Samurai Costume
Press 'Pause' and enter the following codes to be able to wear the corresponding Samurai items in Mysims Kingdom.

Unlock Samurai Helmet:
Press X, Y, R, L, X, Y, R, L

Unlock Samurai Armour:
Press Y, X, Right, Left, L, R, Down, Up

Perplexing Paw
You get the Perplexing Paw by getting a bronze medal in kayaking.(I thought it was really hard.)

If the person assigns you a vague assignment, and you don't know exactly what to do, follow these directions:

1. In the bottom right corner, click the inventory button.

2. Go to the third button wiht the two people holding hands and waving.

3. Find the person who's "quest" you're having trouble with, and click.

4. Then click the button in the upper right corner.

5. You should come to a group of pages, scroll through until you find the assignment.

This should tell you how to complete the task. Smile Have Fun!!!!!!!

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