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Animal Crossing: Wild World

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Full Catalog Code Action Replay Code for Animal Crossing: Wild World


Print this Unknown-XYZ posted:

Sep 16th 2007, ID#2076 Full Catalog Code

Okay, Metallicaisgreater, I created an evilly evil code that is so evil, it will give you full catalog items!!! Just so you know, it is safe, as I tested it myself, and I didn't find any side effects; however, Tom Nook in my game is always booked up with items, even before I started hacking, so I don't know if this will work, but it doesn't break you game. If my other post gets in, you can use the alternative method to post massive codes in the AR DS if you would like....

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Region: Unspecified

NOTE: This code is permanent, so you don't have to have the AR DS in. However, it is so big, it will slow down your game while you have it active, so, activate it, save, and turn the Cheat off. You should still have the catalog full when you resume.

Name: Full Catalog
Controls to Activate: Up+L
94000130 000001BF

121d8924 0000ffff

121d8926 0000ffff

121d8928 0000ffff

121d892a 0000ffff

121d892c 0000ffff

121d892e 0000ffff

121d8930 0000ffff

121d8932 0000ffff

121d8934 0000ffff

121d8936 0000ffff

121d8938 0000ffff

121d893a 0000ffff

121d893c 0000ffff

121d893e 0000ffff

121d8940 0000ffff

121d8942 0000ffff

121d8944 0000ffff

121d8946 0000ffff

121d8948 0000ffff

121d894a 0000ffff

121d894c 0000ffff

121d894e 0000ffff

121d8950 0000ffff

121d8952 0000ffff

121d8954 0000ffff

121d8956 0000ffff

121d8958 0000ffff

121d895a 0000ffff

121d895c 0000ffff

121d895e 0000ffff

121d8960 0000ffff

121d8962 0000ffff

121d8964 0000ffff

121d8966 0000ffff

121d8968 0000ffff

121d896a 000001ff

121d8970 0000fffe

121d8972 0000ffff

121d8974 0000ffff

121d8976 0000ffff

121d8978 0000ffff

121d897a 0000ffff

121d897c 0000ffff

121d897e 0000ffff

121d8980 0000ffff

121d8982 0000ffff

121d8984 0000ffff

121d8986 0000ffff

121d8988 0000ffff

121d898a 0000ffff

121d898c 0000ffff

121d898e 0000ffff

121d8990 00000001

121d8994 0000fe00

121d8996 0000ffff

121d8998 000001ff

121d89a0 0000fe00

121d89a2 0000ffff

121d89a4 0000ffff

121d89a6 0000ffff

121d89a8 0000ffff

121d89aa 0000ffff

121d89ac 0000ffff

121d89ae 0000ffff

121d89b0 00007fff

121d89b8 0000fe00

121d89ba 0000ffff

121d89bc 0000ffff

121d89be 0000ffff

121d89c0 0000ffff

121d89c2 0000ffff

121d89c4 0000ffff

121d89c6 000001ff

121d89cc 0000fff8

121d89ce 0000ffff

121d89d0 0000ffff

121d89d2 0000ffff

121d89d4 0000ffff

121d89d6 0000ffff

121d89d8 0000ffff

121d89da 0000ffff

121d89dc 0000ffff

121d89de 0000ffff

121d89e0 0000ffff

121d89e2 0000003f

121d8a24 0000ffff

121d8a26 0000ffff

121d8a28 0000ffff

121d8a2a 00007fff

121d8a2c 0000ff00

121d8a2e 0000ffff

121d8a30 0000ffff

121d8a32 0000ffff

121d8a34 0000007f

121d8a3e 0000ff00

121d8a40 0000ffff

121d8a42 0000ffff

121d8a44 0000ffff

121d8a46 000000ff

D2000000 00000000

That's all for now!


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