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The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask


Swamp Shooting Gallery FAQ

by MKaykitkats

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   |MAJORA'S MASK: SWAMP SHOOTING GALLERY FAQ                 >>>>>>>>>
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By: MKaykitkats



This FAQ is built for those who want a deeper look at the Swamp 
Shooting Gallery in the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. While there are
FAQs on the Town Shooting gallery and the Swamp Shooting gallery within
the larger FAQs, they do not cover as much as you may want. Although 
the Shooting Gallery is known to be easy, I think it comes down to
personal opinions, as I found the apparently difficult Town Shooting
Gallery to be easy; so it depends on the person.

There is one thing that is bugging me, and that is whether the Swamp
Shooting Gallery targets always have the same positions and
appearences. I tried it on multiple files, and multiple times, and it 
seemed to be the same pattern. I say this because if the pattern is 
different per game, then a huge part of this guide [namely; the
details on enemies per wave] will be rendered useless. However, the
general strategies should not be effected.

Well, the first user of this FAQ can confirm it for me. :) Please
contact me [see credits/contact at the end of the guide].

:) I hope you enjoy this FAQ for my favorite Zelda game.





Use Ctrl/Apple + F to skip to specific sections, simply search for the 
letters within the brackets listed below.

1.) Table of Contents [TOC]
2.) What You Need [WYN]
3.) Swamp Shooting Gallery [SSG]
4.) Swamp Enemies and their Worth [SEW]
5.) The Sets [WVS]
    -First Set [1ST]
    -Second Set [2ST]
    -Third Set [3ST]
    -Fourth Set [4ST]
    -Fifth Set [5ST]
    -Sixth Set [6ST]
    -Seventh Set [7ST]
    -Eighth Set [8ST]
    -Ninth Set [9ST]
6.) General Strategies [SRG]
7.) Prizes [PZS]
8.) Closing/Credits/Contact Information [CCC]
9.) Version Info [VIN]
10.) Authorized Websites [ADS]




Money - 100 Rupees would be nice, bring any amount above 40 to be safe.

Time - While it can be done during a run for something else, it is less
       stressing just taking your time and doing it on a separate cycle. 

The Abillity to use a Bow in Zelda: I'm sure you have this one down. :)





From Clock Town, exit south. Head to the Southern Swamp. When in the
intersection with the Dead Tree, go east, then south. It is open 
everyday until 10 P.M.


Simple! Aim and shoot. Use the B Button to shoot. You have infinite
arrows, so ammo is not an issue. There is a time limit, however, but
there is more than enough time. You have 1 minute and 40 seconds to
score a perfect score of 2120 points. 10 points are added per second


20 Rupees each game. If you come close to the "Perfect" score
(2120 points); the man will give you a free retry.


I will provide the amount of enemies in a wave, in the proper order.
I tested it three different times on three different Majora's Mask
files, and it is the same order each time. However, this is assuming
you are able to clear each wave before the time overtakes you.
(I will explain how this works later.)





-What?: The shrubby beings in front of you; I assume you already know
        what they are if you're playing this game. :)
-Entrance Sound: Bush shuffling sounds; their signature appearence
-Worth: 30 Points, 100* points
-Appear: In the five deku flowers/shrubs in front of you.
  -There are two "special" scrubs. One appears on the tree branch far
   off in the distance on the right. The other appears on the top of
   the hill/mountain on the left. You will have to pan all the way left
   to see it. Both are worth 100 Points.
-Tips: They are stationary, and the easiest targets. They pop up and
       down, shoot them while they're up and looking around. They
       stay up for about 7 to 9 seconds.
-Total Amount in Entire Round: 22 (including two exceptions)


-What?: The purple crow-like birds with yellow beaks.
-Entrance Sound: Their squaking
-Worth: 60 Points
-Appear: From either the left side or right side of the screen. They
         fly towards the middle and usually out the other side. They
         appear in threes.
-Tips: Aim slightly in front of their flight path, and you should down
       them without too much trouble.
-Total Amount in Entire Round: 12


-What?: The wolf-like creatures.
-Entrance Sound: The wolf howl.
-Worth: 100 Points
-Appear: From the left side in two places. Some appear from the back,
         and cross the area where all the Deku scrubs will appear. It
         stops for a second next to the fourth scrub (from the left)
         and then continues out the right side. The other appears in 
         the foreground, in front of the area where the scrubs appear,
         and makes it's way onto the rock located on the right side. It
         will stop on the rock for a second, and then proceed out of the
-Tips: They are easier to hit when they look. The one in the back can be
       hit easily as it crosses the first scrub, and if missed, stops at
       the fourth shrub (from the left) and poses, making an easy target.
       The wolfos in the foreground can be hit easily due to how close it
       is, and if that chance is missed, when it's on the rock. Make
       the wolfos your priority target; as they stick around the least of
       all the enemies in the gallery.




I am defining a "set" as each group of monsters that appear at a time. A
whistle sound is usually heard when a set is cleared "on time." A set is 
started with the entrance noise of the monsters that are included in it.

This set guide is assuming you kill off every monster in the set before
the whistle is blown again (for example, five scrubs pop up, take them
out before the next whistle blows.)

However, if you fail to kill one in a set, that's OKAY, as you will get a 
chance to shoot them even after the whistle blows. More monsters will
come in, and may change the order, but the totals usually remain the
same. :) 

So, assuming you kill them off quickly and efficiently, these waves will
be how they come in, and leave you with 30 to 40 seconds left on average.

*****FIRST SET [1ST]*****

-Five located in front of you
-Two SPECIAL ones; located on the right tree branch, and left hilltop.
-Total: 350 POINTS.

Tips: It is easiest to aim left (starting from the left of the five
      scrubs), then tap the joystick right as you shoot them in order.
 2 4  [Shoot them in this order]
1 3 5 

      Then turn your attention to the one on the left hilltop. You will
      have to pan pretty far left and up to see it. After it, turn back
      toward the one on the right tree branch. By now, it should be in
      Set 2 (below), but you should be able to take out the Guays as
      they will be flying across your sights as you shoot at the Scrub
      on the tree branch. :)

*****SECOND SET [2ST]*****
-Come from the right, flying left.
-Total: 180 Points

Tips: You will usually be in the middle of aiming for the Scrub on the 
      right tree from the first set when they come in. They should
      cross the area you're shooting at (assuming you're aiming at the
      faraway scrub). If you happen to miss, just trail them and shoot
      in front of them to down them easily.

*****THIRD SET [3ST]******
-Deku scrubs will be located in front of you. You can see their "hats"
 when they come back.
-The Wolfos will be in the back area, where the Scrubs are, not the 
-Total: 250 Points

Tips: The Guays would normally be downed before this set. You will
      notice that the shrubs/flowers have been "occupied" again, so
      start aiming at the farthest left scrub. The wolfos will start
      running in, you should be able to down it by simply shooting the
      spot where the scrub will appear. The scrub appears right after
      (assuming you shoot the wolfos there.) If that fails, you can 
      take out the Wolfos when it stops for a second to pose slightly
      to the left of the fourth deku scrub (from the left.) Starting
      from left, tapping joystick right as you shoot is the best one

*****FOURTH SET [4ST]******
-Guays come from the left this time, flying right.
-Wolfos will be in the foreground this time, not background.
-Total: 280 Points

Tips: Aim for the Wolfos first. It will cross really closely in front
      of you, heading to the rock on the right. It is an easy target,
      but if you have trouble, the best opportunity to take it out
      would be when it pauses to pose at the top of the rock. After
      the Wolfos is taken out, shoot the Guays that are crossing,
      remember to aim slightly in front of them.

*****FIFTH SET [5ST]*****
-Scrubs will be directly in front of you, as the last two times
-Wolfos is once again in the back. This is very much like the third
-Total: 250 Points

Tips: See = THIRD SET [3ST]

*****SIXTH SET [6ST]*****
-Come in from the right, fly left.
-Total: 180 Points

Tips: See SECOND SET [2ST]

*****SEVENTH SET [7ST]*****
-Scrubs in back area.
-Wolf in back area.
-Total: 250 Points

Tips: See THIRD SET [3ST]

*****EIGHTH SET [8ST]*****
-Guays from the left, fly right.
-Wolfos in the foreground, not back area.
-Total: 280 Points

Tips: See FOURTH SET [4ST]

****NINTH SET [9ST]*****
-In the back area. No shrubs this time.
-Total: 100 Points

Tips: Just take it out. If you have trouble, wait until it stops
      moving in the same spot where it usually does.

You should have 2120 points; with 30 to 45 seconds of time remaining,
assuming you were on target and got all creatures before their set 
shifted. :)

Assuming you had cleared each set, they should appear in the order
above. If you miss a shot or creature, they usually carry on into the
next set. It gets a bit complicated trying to explain, as when there
is a shrub left behind, any shrub that was supposed to be in the next
set will not appear until the remaining shrub is taken out. However,
Guays will appear even if the previous Deku shrubs are not taken out,
and the order starts to get a little hard to handle.

It would work to memorize the order and appearences too, in case the
order changes, the set usually remains the same. I will provide
more clear details and examples in a later version update if I am too
hard to understand right now, no worries. :P




The above SETs are just overviews of enemies that appear. It has been the
way they arrived whenever I have played, and watched numerous videos of
other players playing "Perfect" runs, the order seems to be the same.

However, it comes down to basic strategies:

1-Do not worry if you miss a creature before the whistle, unlike the Town
Shooting Gallery, you have not missed your chance completely.

For Instance: If you miss a Deku Scrub in the first set, you can take it
out even with the Guays from the next set flying in.

2-You are against the time, but it gives more than enough time.

You have 1:40. For a "Perfect" speed, you usually have 40 seconds left
over, meaning that (once again), unlike the Town Shooting Gallery, there
is more time than enemies. It all comes down to how fast you take them

3-While you do not have to worry about missing, some enemies can be lost.

For instance: The Wolfos can leave the screen, and not come back. Much
like the Guays. This is a minor problem, as Wolfos are relatively easy
targets to take out and Guays stick around for awhile before leaving.

4-Two Tips for Shooting: What's your style?

One way: Aim and shoot. Tap joystick, shoot. Etc.
Second way: Spam arrows while constantly moving joystick.

I see most people actually do the second one. As you do have infinite 
arrows, you can guarantee hits if you keep shooting arrows while moving
the joystick to follow enemy movements.

The first way is good if you memorize positions and carry it out swiftly.
The second is safer and easier to do. Do whichever, have fun with it. :)

5-If you do miss one [goes out of the screen], keep going!

You'll get a free retry if you were close, sounds good enough for
motivation. :)

6-Be sure to get the Deku Scrub on the left hilltop!

People often miss this one, wondering why they end up with 2020 instead
of 2120. 




What good would it be without prizes? Remember: Each second of time
remaining adds 10 to the score. This is needed for the Piece of Heart.
But there should be no problem as there is usually a lot of seconds
left over. :)

First Perfect [2120 Points] = Large Quiver

Second Perfect [2200 points]: Piece of Heart

After Piece of Heart: 50 Rupees




Well, that's it! I wanted to contribute to my favorite Zelda game in some
way, and I decided there was no way I could top the wonderful guides of
MrShotgun and Zeldadungeons specfically, and so added to the one guide 
I did not see anywhere on the "In-depth" FAQ list. I checked the
Shooting Gallery FAQ (a wonderful FAQ by CaptainSyrup); but that mostly 
details the Town Shooting Gallery [the more challenging one.]

Please email me if you have any corrections to make about this guide, or
if things are off. I am bound to make mistakes! I would appreciate your
help :)

Also, cross check the set facts if you can perfect every set, and tell me
if the information is accurate. From what I gathered it is, but I can't
be perfectly sure.

This is my second guide. Any comments, tips, feedback, etc. would be
appreciated so I can improve.

Thanks again for reading, cheers!



Thanks to Nintendo for the wonderful Zelda game on the Nintendo 64! The
one that has stuck to my heart since 2000 ^-^

Thanks to gameFAQs for their simple steps to create a FAQ!

Thanks to you, the reader, for actually bothering to read through the work
I put into this guide.


Email me at: [email protected]

I read all emails, and respond if necessary. :)




Version 1.00 [1/6/10] The guide as you see it. 

Version 1.1 [1/7/10] Fixed copyright date; spelling errors, minor edits
in other areas. Added "Authorized Websites" section.

Version 1.11 [1/8/10] Added "Supercheats" to authorized websites list.




If you find this FAQ on any sites OTHER than the ones listed below, please
contact me IMMEDIATELY. [original submission]

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                   ~~~~~COPYRIGHT 2010 MKaykitkats~~~~