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Deadly Snowstorm

Murder in the Alps Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Deadly Snowstorm

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Getting Started

Warning - Does include spoilers, especially for the harder to find objects. We don't usually reveal all object locations, but will help with some of the harder to find ones.

If you have never played games like this before, basically you need to tap around the screen to discover hidden objects, to interact with other characters and to navigate through the game.

In Chapter 1 you get to the Hotel and you have your first hidden object task. Get to the reception and talk to Otto, he will tell you about a missing key that you have to find. Tap the sparkly cloud when you see it to start to look for the hidden objects.

Reception, Talk to Otto

There are a number of objects that you need to find including the Key for Otto. It would totally spoil the game if we pointed out each one, but we will say, do remember to click on things that can be opened, such as drawers, cupboard doors, boxes, bags, purses and anything that could contain more objects, as not all of them are readily visible when you first start looking. Don't forget the objects you are looking for could also be pictures on paintings for example...

First Hidden Object Task

... I think we've said too much already, but if there is anything specific that you cannot find, please ask us a question on this page, and we'll try to suggest where it could be found.

After you have found the key and all the objects (the most difficult ones are the items printed in red) tap the link at the bottom of the screen to go back to the Reception and give it to Otto.

Notice: Tapping the Screen and Using Hints uses energy! Tap wisely!

Head to Front Yard
Otto directs you to go to the Front Yard for your next task, if you are stuck, then check the map at any time to see where you are, but basically you need to go to the first floor, then you will see a link to the Front Yard.

In the post box you will find another collectible, an Italian Express Stamp.

The task is to find a hat and an umbrella outside in the front yard, Otto tells you they are covered in snow.

In the front yard you will see that everything is covered in snow, so tap away and try to reveal the umbrella and hat

Using Hints
The hint option becomes available constantly over time, use that to save some energy when looking for objects. Tapping the hint button at this point will tell you where to find either the top hap or umbrella directly.

You can then use some more hints, as they become available to help you find the second item.

After you have found the umbrella and hat, head back to Otto at the reception.

Play Solitaire

After you have given the umbrella and hat to Otto, go to the fireplace room where you can play your first mini game, Solitaire. If you are not sure how to play then I suggest that you head over to google and tap in hoe to play solitaire! There will be a ton of guides on how to play this.

If you can complete the mini game you will get an energy achievement award. Or you can choose the skip the mini game and not ged the energy award.

Cupboard - Photo Album
After Solitaire, head back to the hall and search for the missing photo album in the Cupboard.

This is the second main hidden object task, everything you need to find is listed at the top of the page, with the more hard to find items listed in red.

Tap the mirror to reveal the code for the safe, 5391. Use the dial to spin the numbers round then tap the handle to open the door. You can also tap the handle to reset the dials if you entered the numbers in incorrectly.

To find the photo album, you will need to turn on the torch, and tap the mirror and it will reveal that the red book near the mirror is the photo album.

The cufflink you can find in the red cufflink box, near the lemons.

The insect will only be revealed after you tap the amber stone that is on top of the grapes, and you will see it fossilized in the amber.

After you have completed this hidden object quest, head to floor 2, room 5. Some sparkles will appear next to the chest of drawers, tap those to tart the next part of the game.

Chest of Drawers in Room 5
Here you'll need to find the keys to open all the drawers, and also a drawer handle for the top drawer. Search the different drawers to find the items you need to complete this section of the game. Once you have the keys and handles drag them to their correct positions on the chest of drawers.

The handle for drawer 1 can be found in drawer 3.

There is a list of items that need to be found at the top of the screen.

You'll need to use the oil to open draw number 2. Drag the oil can which is the left of the chest of drawers to drawer 2 to use some oil and release the draw from being stuck. In there you will find some of the remaining objects.

Wear the Hat
Once you have found all the hidden objects in the chest of drawers, move the screen so that you are facing the mirror and put on the hat and go back to floor 1 and in to the hall for breakfast.

After some dialogue you will need to head to room 10, floor 2 to check on Professor Kinsky. Then head back downstairs and talk to Otto who tells you to go to reception to look for the spare key.

Search for the key
Tap the sparkly cloud to start the next hidden object challenge. Remember to look in all the drawers and tap anything that you think may open up, like boxes.

Because every tap action takes energy, I suggest that you take a good look around before clicking anything! Don't forget to look in the pictures too! You can tap the top of the bag cover, to close the bag in this puzzle.

Now you'll need to head back to floor 2, room 10 as you would have found just about anything except for the key! Time to break the door down.

Kitchen to get knife
After going back to the room, Otto asks you to go to the kitchen to find a knife. Once you get to the kitchen search for the knife. In the kitchen, first click the door and then go through it. The knife is somewhere in there.

Look in the mirror to the right of the screen to find the kettle and the knife, but there are lots more objects that you need to find in this scene. And remember, a cider glass is not a cider glass until it has some cider in it! Open the lid to find the ladel - despite being able to see it sticking out of the big pot in the bottom right.

You can find the cuckoo by tapping the clock that is on it's side and turning the time to something o'clock, then cuckoo will then pop out.

Zoom into the green scales by tapping on it. You can then add weights on the scales to find the number 3. The coin is also in that scene. The coffee is too, but you'll have to open the draw to see it.

Return to Floor 2, room 10 once you are done.

You can now enter the room, and you'll get another achievement at this point for seeing your first corpse!

Head back to reception and use the telephone - the big box in the middle of the cupboard where all the keys are kept.

Fix the telephone

You'll now play a mini game where you have to connect all the wires to the corresponding colors without any of the wires crossing each other.

After that is done, head to the front yard, scroll to the right and head for the gate and then the road. Open the gate by moving the locks.

Take a close look at the car in the snow, and tap the door to open it. You'll find a photo. Head back to the hotel and you'll find Otto.

Check Dr Hartmans Belongings

After a mini game to put a photo back together, you'll be directed to go to Floor 1, room 2, to participate in another hidden object round. don't forget, things can be opened and look in, other items can be unlocked etc... We have some more general searching tips here:

Most things are easy to find, the left side of the cupboard can be opened by tapping. To get the key to open the globe you need to drag the lighter to the burner below the wax with the key in it. Then you can drag the key to the globe. Tap the unlocked globe to open it and reveal the handle for the right side of the cupboard. Drag the handle into place. You can now tap the cupboard to open it and grab the pyramid.

The Monocle and Poppy are harder to find.

Tap the green plant on the front side of the broken glass, that will zoom you in and you'll find the monocle. The poppy is also found in that scene, you need to just open the small box to reveal it.

Ulla is Dead

Head out of the room and upstairs to room 7 on floor 2, and welcome to your next corpse - Ulla! Don't forget to collect the extra energy if you need it from the achievements tab.

Open the cupboard to the right of the scene by tapping it and moving the feature into place,then lift over the lock. Now tap the cupboard again to look inside it to start your next hidden object challenge.

All of the items in white are pretty easy to find, but the red items are harder and usually means you have to zoom in, move or open something to reveal them. You should find all the white items before trying to discover the red ones.

Open the drawer at the bottom of the box to reveal the lighter.

Tap the locket to reveal the diamond

Drag the token near the box draw to the carousel, this will make it spin and reveal the hippo.

A Matryoshika is a Russian Doll, you need to drag the top half of it to the bottom half of it to make it whole.

You now need to head off to find Dr Hartmann. So head downstairs to room 2, he's in there. Have a chat with him, then leave and head to the fireplace room, (via the hall).

Magnifying Glass

Next head to the kitchen to find the magnifying glass, when you get to the kitchen, tap the door to start the next hidden object quest. All items in white are pretty easy to find, then you need to open or move things to find the rest.

The bun is hidden in the unit towards the right of the screen, tap the handle to open the drawer and reveal it.

Water can be found in the cylinder at the bottom right of the screen, tap the lid to open it, then tap inside it to get the water.

The flour is the sack like small bag on the middle shelf int he center of the screen.

Tap the green scales, there you find the Curry and the tea infuser - but not the number 9!

Number nine is actually IX on the clock which is on the shelf. The tin opener can also be found to the right of the clock after you have zoomed in on it.

Go back to room 7 on floor 2. You can then tap Ulla's neck as instructed. Tap her neck, then drag the magnifying glass to the mark on it.

Baking Soda
Next it is back to the kitchen to find some backing soda. Once in the kitchen tap the slightly open cupboard door to the left of the sink, the backing soda is in there.

When you have the baking soda, head back to room 7 on floor 2 and tap on the spill at the foot of the bed. Drag the baking soda on top of the spill.

Professor Kinsky - Floor 2 Room 10
Head back to floor 2, room t0 to check our Professor Kinnsky too., tap him and drag down his shirt collar to reveal the marks.

You'll know have to figure out how to open the lock. To solve the puzzle you need to drag the lock from right to left, moving the lock along the correct path. Each brass ban can change the direction of movement. You can get started by tapping on the lock to pick it up and drag it.

Unlock the Chest
This puzzle is completed by dragging the lock left, then up at the first pin, left again then all the way down then right past another lock which makes up part of a triangle, then down, and follow the triangle back up again and right to finish the puzzle.

The check will open, click the sparkly cloud to search inside.

As usual, the white text items are there for you to see, and the red ones need some kind of interaction for you to reveal them. The shell can be found by tapping the necklace, this will zoom you in to see it.

The paper screen can be tapped and it will roll up to reveal the Voodoo Doll.

Then tap the large top drawer at the bottom of the chest to reveal the turtle, the bottom drawer does not hold anything you need for now.

Tap the small drawer at the top of the chest to reveal a coin, you need to zoom in on it. Look at the rings in the drawer, you will also see the second camel there and the skull.

Tap the radio, press the on button and slide the red control until you get the Morse Code, which is a series of beeps, once you have the slider in exactly the correct place, the morse code will be collected.

Finally you should tap the magnifying glass and move it around to reveal both the horn and the water lily. The horn is particularly small but is located in the top right of the artifact.

Next Day
Head to the hall for breakfast to continue to game.You'll need to then search the cupboard for some alcohol, tap the sparkly cloud to start.

Before you can tap the cup, remember to repair it first using the piece on the left of the screen and dragging it to the rest of the cup, after you have dragged to glue to the main part of the cup.

The safe will already be opened from before, if you tap it you will find the dice and watch.

Set Tablet on Fire
First drag the alcohol bottle to the tablet, then drag the lighter to the tablet. You should have both items in your inventory. Next put the ancient coin on the tablet too. You then have to complete a small puzzle by shifting the pieces around to make the picture.

Fetch a Scarf
Head back to floor 2 room 5 to get a scarf for Anna, you'll also find a note that you have to decipher. To decipher the message look for words in the letters and drag across the letters of any word that you see.

The note says - Meet me at the backyard doctor.

Drag the scarf onto the reflection of Anna in the mirror and head to the backard, go outside, then head to the gate for a link to the backyard-

After seeing the wheelchair, head into the door right in front of it (cellar hallway), you'll then need to go back to your room to get a torch.

Get the Torch
The torch is located in the drawers to the left in your room. Open each drawer in sequence to find all the items, the rose is hidden under the flashlight.

Go back to the cellar hallway, drag the flashlght onto the screen to reveal the light switch and flick it on.

Head into the cellar by lifting the lock on the door and tapping it. There is a light switch on the left which you should tap. Drag the cable back into place, close the panel and flick the switch down to activate the lights.

In the middle drawer there is a collectible item, so click the drawer to open it then to zoom in. you will find a 3 cenesimi coin in there.

You can then leave the cellar via the door. Give cigarettes to Walter, then find a new door to enter a new part of the cellar.

Carefully examine the cellar
You'll need to light the lamp here, so first of all grab the matches and take a match the map to light a flame.

Drag the key to the padlock on the box to make it available to the found, once you have tapped the unlocked lock, you can open the box too. to find the screwdriver.

The banknote can be found by dragging the hammer to the piggy bank to smash it open.

You can leave the cellar at this point and head back to the hall in the hotel.

Go to Reception to Get Guest List

In this hidden object round, remember that Taurus is a bull. If you tap the top of the bag you will get the glasses. The pliers are in the drawer. And the bear is actually a jigsaw in the open box to the right of the screen.

Go back to the hall and hand the guest list to Walter

Go back the Cellar to search for bullet casings

The triangle is in plain sight, but then you much drag the broom to the snow to remove it and reveal everything else.

Break the ice with the hammer to get the chain.

The glasses are in the case next to the small blowtorch. The rock is also close by covered in some snow. Tap that rock to reveal some matches. For the eagle tap the open lid just above the boots..

Floor 2 Room 4 - Claudia
You'll then need to get to Floor 2 room 4 after you hear Claudia scream! Tap the cupboard in Claudia's Room to begin searching..

Use the key to open the cupboard to get the belt.

You can also turn on the light to the right by tapping it and turning the control to the right, that will reveal the heart in the middle of the open book.

Tap the bottle with the yellow liquid in it (far left) to spin it and reveal a picture of an octopus.

Medicine Chest
Arrange the items into their correct spaces then drag in your syringe to complete this mini game.

Weigh the bullet casings
Head back to reception to weigh the bullet casings. You have to slide the two sliders on the rules so that the red triangles align to the right of the scales. The top slider makes small adjustments, and the bottom one larger changes in weight.

Weigh the Bullet Casings

Head towards the cellar but don't go in, by the wheelchair there are some sparkles, tap them to look further in the area.

Use the pry bar to open the box at the bottom to reveal the bishop, wrench and king.

Tap the blow torch and turn the dial to open it. Drag to it the funnel then drag over the red kettle to pour in the liquid into the blow torch.

Use the lighter in the box to light up the blow torch. Use the blow torch to melt the ice at the bottom of the drain pipe. This will give you the bottle and water.

There is a small purse to the right which you can tap on to open, and tap again to look inside of., you'll find the watch and pocket mirror there.

Tap the teddy bear to find the picture which is on him.

Now head into the cellar via the cellar hallway, until you find the sparkles.

Inside the open box you will find the metal nut and chisel

Tap the open box lid to close it to reveal the brush.

The gear is on the bottom shelf but you will need to zoom in to collect it. Use the spanner to undo it first.

Use the knife on the bag to rip it open. The bag is just to the right of the knife, hanging up. This will reveal the tea.

Gear lock mini game

Completed Gear Locks

Next you have to figure out which gears go at which location in order for the lock to open and Anna to escape. Once you have figured it out turn the dial on the right. and exit to the backyard.

Some content from our guide may be missing at this point due to a possible drive save error... We continue below...

Next Day
Head back down to the Hall. After that you'll need to go to Floor 2, Room 6 to Mr Peterson's Room. Anna then needs to head to My Kinsky's room, room 10, floor. Anna wants to search his room again, so tap the open chest in that room and start another hidden object round.

As usual, a lot of the items are in plain sight, other items, you'll need to be a bit more creative to find. Here are some tips on how to find the more difficult items in this scene. First we suggest you find anything in white before opening any drawers etc...

Tap the small top drawer to find the Medusa and Frog, they will be on the rings.

Tap the magnifying glass to discover the Crown, Lion and Yin Yang on the artifact. The Tin Yang, look at the bottom left, the Lion, look at the bottom right, the Crown, look at the left about mid way up the artifact.

Anna completes the quest and finds the gun and needs to head to Room 7, Floor 2 and you'll start a spot the difference challenge game. Tap on anything that you think is different in the two photos, you can start with the purse on the floor, near the handbag, and the bottle on top of the bed. The clock face is also missing, as is one of the pillows on the bed and a small jar on the left of the image.

Join Otto outside in the backyard. Scroll a bit past him and you'll see a new link to the mountains, tap there. And welcome to your next corpse! Head back to the backyard and talk more with Otto. After the conversation, tap the sparkly cloud to start another hidden object round.

The only not so obvious one of all the white objects to find is the can, it is partially in the snow, to the left of the open crate.

Once you have found all the white items, drag the lighter to the blowtorch to light it up and drag that to the bottom of the drainpipe to melt the ice. Now you will see the Rock and the Bowl. Then tap the blue purse to look inside and you'll find the remaining two items, the Lipstick and Paper Crane.

Now return to the Hotel and enter the Hall for the story to continue. After the dialogue, head to the backyard, near the cellar. Then it' to looks back into the cellar to look for more clues. You'll see a sparkly cloud for you to tap when you are in the right room in the cellar.

This will start another hidden object round. Some of the items more difficult to find include the red comb, which is on the case on the floor. USe the rag to wipe the painting to reveal the glasses. Look in the box to find the remaining nail and dividers.

Now Head to Floor 2 Room 9, followed by Room 1. After the dialogue, head to floor 2, room 8, Giovanni's room and tap the sparkly cloud.

In the cupboard, tap the lid of the red box to reveal the button. Tap the front face of the pyramid, to reveal the metronome, tap the box in the bottom left of the cupboard to reveal the small shot glass.

Open the top drawer, and tap in side to take a closer look. You will find the guitar, dice, tickets and record pieces.

You'll then need to reconstruct the record on the gramophone by dragging all the pieces you have found onto it and moving them around until they fit. Use the glue too.

Now it's back off to the cellar.

You'll find a slightly tipsy Giovanni an another corpse! Head into the cellar to look around and tap the sparkly cloud when you find it.

It should be simple enough to find all the white named objects, for the others, here are some tips.

If the lid of the box already open, tap inside it for a closer look and you should see the pencil.

Close the lid of the box by tapping it to reveal the beer opener.

It's not just money found in piggy banks... And there just happens to be a broken one on the shelf... Take a closer look there for another item.

Take Anna back to the hall in the Hotel and hand the bow tie to Giovanni. After Giovannia is teied up head back to Floor 2 Room 8 and search the open cupboard.

The sea horse is pretty hard to find, it is etched onto one of the glass bottles. You will find all the other red items in the open drawer, tap it to take a closer look.

After that hand the gun case to Otto, tap it to open it and then place the gun inside it.

Dr Hatmann's room next, floor 1, room 2 and tap the sparkly cloud.

Now head back to the cellar and drag the shoe to the collection of prints to the right of the woman. After you have completed the mini game head back to the Hall.

The next day, head back to the Hall and you'll get your 5th corpse.

Head to the kitchen and talk with Otto, he'll tell you to go the reception and get a key, it's by lamp on the reception desk. You'll need to drag the gloves onto the green liquid in order to get it. Then take the keys back to the door inside the kitchen and drag them to the lock to go through the door and start another hidden object task.

Everything in white is relatively easy to find.

Use the knife to cut the pumpkin to get the seeds and the axe.

Drag the mirror down to reveal the hourglass.

Tap the clock on the shelf to take a closer look at it and find the horse and the king (card next to clock).

Tap the green scales to find the coin in the close up scene.

Check the Cabin near the Hotel

There is a link to the cabin when you come out of the hotel - Path to Cabin. When you get there however you will need to go back to the backyward to get the shovel. You'll find it in the backyard scene, next to a tree. Grab it and head back to the cabin and drag the shovel onto the show pile in front of the cabin.

Remember that axe you found - well now you need to use it on the front door to open it. Once inside tap the sparkly cloud to search for more stuff.

First of all you will need some light in the room, so drag the pick ax over to the window to unhook the wood from the bottom. Everything labelled in white is relatively easy to find. Remember sometimes to not look for actual objects, but images of them instead.

Tap the bottom drawer on the cupboard to find the shoes.

Use the big set of pliers in the same drawer to break the chain holding the cupboard doors together. Then tap the doors to open them up. Here you will find the stripes.

Tap the brown cylinder holdall to open it up, it contains the telescope.

On the inside of the cupboard door, tap the rolled up paper to reveal South America.

Tap the thing that looks like a safe, to open it and tap it again to take a closer look in there you will find the blade and bullet.

For the star, tap the top corner of the red rug to look under it, it will reveal a trap door, tap that to open it, then tap inside to take a closer look and you will find the star.

Attach Planks to Ladder
In he next part of the game, drag the planks over to the ladder, then drag over the nails, then drag over the hammer to fix the ladder. You can the reach the attic.

Tap the telescope holder in the attic, then drag the rag to the window to wipe it clean. you can now drag the telescope into place.

Using the Telescope
Now place the mirror onto the book near the telsecope and tap it to open it up.

Tap the eyepiece of the telescope and turn the slider to bring it into focus, then open and close the mirror.

Someone sends you a light signal back, so head back to the hotel and find Otto, you can find him in the Hall.

Head now to room 4 and look for the hidden objects.

Most things are pretty easy to find, but here are some tips for the harder objects:

Use the tweezers to take the Pearl out of the eye of the bird statue.

Zoom in on the books to find the names, which are probably those things you are wondering about... What is a Zollinger... Well in this case it's a Surname!

Anubis you can just about see behind the map.

Once done, head again to room 2 to find more things.

Zoom in on the aquarium to find a pencil and ear. Tap the used paint tube on the right of the open cupboard to find the flags.

Now back again to Otto and the gang in the Hall.

Fireplace Room
Add a log to the fire and return to the hall and give father Lenz the letter.
Give Clauda the Postcard.
Head to reception and answer the telephone.
Now go back to the Hall.
Hand the passport to Professor Clarke.

Next Day after the Arrest
The next day Anna needs to go outside of the hotel and speak with Otto. Tap the car to leave the hotel and go to town. and that completed Chapter 1.

Hope we were able to help with some of the more difficult to find items in the game.
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