How to Use Monster Hunter Now Referral Codes

Updated: 11th Oct 2023 by Team SuperCheats

How to Use Monster Hunter Now Referal Codes

Monster Hunter Now referral codes are basically rewards for welcoming new players to the game. It is a gimmick Niantic, the makers of Monster Hunter Now have come up with for new and existing players to earn useful freebies for their hunts.

his How to Use Monster Hunter Now Referral Codes guide will tell you everything you need to know about using them in the game.

What are Monster Hunter Now Referral Codes

Referral codes in Monster Hunter Now are essentially invites that existing players of the game can send to potential new players. When the receiver of the referral code inputs it at the start of a game both the new and existing players are sent in-game rewards.

In order to claim the reward the new player must reach Hunter Rank 6 in Monster Hunter. When that requirement is met the existing player gets rewarded with:

  • 3 Paintballs
  • 5 Potions
  • 300 Zenny

While the new player gets the following rewards:

  • 2 Paintballs
  • 3 Potions
  • 1,000 Zenny

These rewards could be subject to change.

How to Enter Referral Codes

Referral codes must be entered at the start of the game. Once you have created your character and chosen your hunter's name, a menu will appear on the screen asking 'Do you have a referral code?' If you have one, select 'Yes' to bring up a new menu with a textbox.

All you need to do now is enter the referral code and select the 'Submit' button. If the referral code you have entered is valid a notification will then appear on screen, letting you know the rewards will be allocated once you reach Hunter Rank 6, and that the inviting player will receive rewards then too.

  • How to Find Your Referral Code

    Finding your referral code for your account in Monster Hunter Now is easy once you have met the requirement of reaching Hunter Rank 6. All you need to do then is simply tap on your hunter's profile in the bottom left corner of the screen followed by the 'Friends' tab. Now click the 'Add Friends' button and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will find a referral code you can send to other players.

    Keep in mind you can receive up to 20 Monster Hunter Now referral code rewards per month, so you need to constantly be adding new players to claim them all.

  • Are Redeem Codes Different?

    Monster Hunter Now redeem codes are different to referral codes. Redeem codes are released by Niantic, the makers of the game when specific milestones are reached in the game. Unlike referral codes, redeem codes don't have to be redeemed when you start a game. They can be entered at any time providing the code is still active. Take a look at our How to Redeem Monster Hunter Now Codes guide to find out more about redeem codes in Monster Hunter Now.

  • How to get More Monster Hunter Now Referral Codes

    You can get active Monster Hunter Now referral codes by browsing the official game’s community channels, such as Twitter or Reddit. Also check social media, such as Monster Hunter Now Discord Server, Facebook, X, and Instagram. Monster Hunter Now, players are sharing their codes everywhere.

    If you want to share your own referral code, you are welcome to do so in the comments below.

Monster Hunter Now Referral Codes List

Here is a list of some referral codes that we've found.






















We found these here, the list is very active and more seem to be added all the time.

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