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File R-04: Hostile Takeover

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Walkthrough and Guide by Bkstunt & AbsoluteSteve
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File R-04: Hostile Takeover

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Ranked Battle #1

A fight will soon commence in the lobby area (either after destroying the secretary or walking past her completely), and you'll have to deal with various cyborgs and three Fenrirs (who fortunately only appear in the last phase of the battle). Use the same tactics as usual, and take out any gunmen first. You can find a [REPAIR NANOPASTE] near one of the benches on the right side of the area. There's also an item near the (destroyed) secretary.

Data Storage #14

In the lobby of Marshal building, defeat the enemies first, then go upstairs and immediately right. Jump on the pillar and from here, leap over to the large TV hanging on the wall. You can now make your way over the second TV and to another pillar, on which you'll find this data storage item.

Data Storage #14 Location

You can find a ton of items in the showcases:


VR Mission #13

The intel for this VR mission can be found in a showcase on top of the stairs in the lobby.

Move to the waypoint and various enemies spawn in the lobby. Use one of the turrets to waste most of them, then finish off the remaining ones close to you (one of them is carrier of a
) and enter the elevator.


Go around the corner and destroy the glass doors to your left. You can find [500 BP] in a box in the room to your right, as well as an [RP GRENADE] on top of the nearby cabinet.

VR Mission #14

After riding the elevator to the area where you must unlock the security gate, slash out the first doors to your left and enter the nearby room
to your right. The intel for this VR mission is in the corner to your immediate right.

Head back to the main hall and approach the security gate. Slash the two Marshal vending machines open to collect [ELECTROLYTE PACK x2], and grab the [3D PHOTO FRAME] from the desk to the left - this will come in handy soon.

Slash the doors open and wait with running down the hall until the guard in the room to the left is walking away (activate AR to see this). The first cyborg you'll want to take out is in the large room to your right. He's alone, and also a carrier of a

Stealth approach.

Inside this room you can find a [REPAIR NANOPASTE] on top of the cabinet to your immediate right when entering through the first doorway. There's a second [REPAIR NANOPASTE] in the cabinet area behind the glasses, which is also where the first of three hidden wall panels is located that you must destroy. Activating AR makes it rather easy to spot.

VR Mission #15

Destroy the doors at the end of the adjacent hall; the intel is inside this room.

Move back to the hall and throw a 3D photo frame in the doorway to the right, but only when the guard in the far back of that office area is walking away from you. With the nearby cyborg distracted you only have to be careful not to be seen by the cyborg in the other room, so you can dispatch him safely. After this, waste the other two guards (who cannot see each other). Alternatively you can also drop the 3D photo frame in front of the guard in the other room and kill him first.

Head to the end of this large office room to find [500 BP] inside a box, and a [GRENADE] on top of one of the cabinets, along with of course the hidden wall panel. Destroying it spawns some enemies. The third panel is found in the small room in the center of the area (you've already killed the guard if you've done all of the above). Make your way back to the security gate and unlock it.


Go through the hall and you'll be attacked by enemies; you can't kill them all so rush through the next rooms (in which you can still snatch [ELECTROLYTE PACKS x2] from the Marshal vending machines if you're quick) and grab the [CARDBOARD BOX] in the middle of the second one. Rush to the end of the hall and you'll reach a set of stairs; collect the [ROCKET LAUNCHER] right before going up (you have some breathing space here). There's a [REPAIR NANOPASTE] in a box on the stairs should you need to heal your wounds.

The next series of halls is essentially a ninja run-fest again, although there are a few items to be snatched along the way: [HOMING MISSILE], [E M GRENADE], [HOMING MISSILE], and in the last room (where you face a GRAD), a [REPAIR NANOPASTE]. After defeating the GRAD, use the Sliders outside as stepping stones (by pressing left stick up + RT/R2). This hurls you straight into the next area.


Ranked Battle #5

Head through the hall and you'll reach the first area of the Japanese garden, where you'll (naturally) have to fight several cyborgs. Beware of the two cyborgs with rocket launchers, who spawn in the corners to your left and right. After the battle, inspect the left side of the building to find an [E M GRENADE]. On the right side of the building, look for a box with [500 BP] inside. You can also climb the boxes in the upper right corner and make your way over the roof. This way, you can sneak behind the cyborg in building you were supposed to go through; he's got a rocket launcher and going through the front door would make things unnecessarily difficult, so simply slice him up at the back. There's a [ROCKET LAUNCHER] close to where he was standing.

In the second part of the Japanese garden are various cyborg guards and Mastiffs you'll want to take out stealthily. First head around the right corner when the guard in the main corridor is walking away from you; jump on the platform to the right of the stairs to find a box with [5000 BP]. This is also an excellent spot to take out the guard patrolling the corridor below (with a ninja move from above).

Return to your initial position and overlook the area. Turn left and move onto the balcony to find a [HOMING MISSILE]. Climb the roof but beware of the Mastiff patrolling here; approach him from the back whenever possible, then quickly conceal yourself so the two guards down below can't spot you. Take out the officer right below you (who has a
) when the other guy is walking away, then take that last cyborg out as well.

There's a [GRENADE] near the parasol in the middle of the main corridor, and you can find an [RP GRENADE] behind the building the Mastiff was patrolling on. Following the stairs in the back alley also leads to a balcony with [500 BP]. You can find another grenade on a bench to the west (where the last guard was patrolling, also in the direction of the remaining Mastiff). Move through the room and look for some [REPAIR NANOPASTE] to the left. Turn right to go up the roofs where the last enemy - a Mastiff - is located and waste him as well if you please. From here, make your way to the other (southwest) end of the roofs to reach the last catwalk.

Data Storage #15

This data storage item is found in the last area of the Japanese Garden, right underneath the very last catwalk. It's located in a box.

Collect the [RP GRENADE] at the end of the catwalk, then go through the doorway.


Elevator stealth approach.

Head through the door at the end of the hall and grab the [DRUM CAN] before going around the corner. Hide behind the containers and take out the heavily armored cyborg when he turns his back on you. There's another guard around the corner that you can easily take out, and the same goes for the third and last cyborg near the elevator.

There's a slashable grate above the two containers at the end of the hall you just went through; there's a handy [ENDURANCE +1] item behind it. You can also find an [E M GRENADE] on top of the containers in the elevator section, a [ROCKET LAUNCHER] on the other set of containers, and a [REPAIR NANOPASTE] on the elevator itself. Hit the elevator button and prepare for a series of battles:

- A few cyborgs and two gekkos.

Ranked Battle #6

- Two cyborgs with riot shields, two Fenrirs, a hound.

Ranked Battle #7

- Two cyborgs with rocket launchers, several other cyborgs and dwarf gekkos.

Ranked Battle #8

Data Storage #16

During the third battle on the big elevator, when dwarf gekkos are slowing your platform down, quickly defeat all cyborgs before jumping on the adjacent elevator. This data storage will appear where the last cyborg died.

Data Storage #16 Location.

- The last battle is against a heavily armored cyborg, two Sliders and two Mastiffs. This is the hardest of this battle series, and you'll definitely want to take out the Sliders first. Preferably defeat one of the Mastiffs afterward and try to make good use of Jack the Ripper mode against the heavily armored grunt, which can be a pain in the *** other wise.

When you reach the top, climb the containers and slide underneath the small opening to reach the area behind the glass. You can find a [REPAIR NANOPASTE] in a box here, and an [ELECTROLYTE PACK] on a container. There's also [MAN IN BOX #4] behind this container.

Move on top of the containers at the end, sliding underneath the opening the reach the other side.

VR Mission #16

Destroy the boxes here to reveal the intel for this VR Mission.

You can find [500 BP] in this hall. From here, simply make your way through the halls leading up to the server room, snatching a [REPAIR NANOPASTE] from the box right before going through the very last door.

Here MGR sins and recycles its bosses as enemies, so you'll have to fight (weaker versions of) Mistral and Monsoon. Use the same tactics against them and you'll definitely win the fights. Sundowner is in the next area. Listen to his ramblings, then return to the previous room where you fought AI Mistral and Monsoon to initiate an optional battle with two hounds, a few Sliders and Dwarf Gekkos.

Data Storage #17

Inside the server room, where you meet Sundowner, head upstairs and move to the far end of the walkway to the right. Climb the pipes here (with Ninja Run) to reach an otherwise inaccessible part of the walkway that contains a box with this data storage item inside.

You can find [500 BP] by going upstairs and following the left walkway.

VR Mission #17

Head through the hall north of the server room, where you met Sundowner. This intel can be found in the darkness, before going up the small stairs.

You can find an [E M GRENADE] on the upper catwalk (it's located to your left). Proceed and head outside. There's a [REPAIR NANOPASTE] in a box to the right, and you can destroy a Humanoid Dwarf Gekko on a distant platform to the left by pulling out a rocket launcher or homing missile. Proceed to the helipad to initiate the boss battle with Sundowner.

Boss Battle: SUNDOWNER

The battle with Sundowner can be surprisingly easy if you keep approaching him from his back, thus avoiding hitting his explosive shield. Sweep kicks at his back (launching him into the air) are also particularly effective. Since you know how to effectively parry by now, keep circling around Sundowner, parrying his regular slashes and trying to sweep him into the air.

EXPLOSIVE SHIELD RAM: Used from a distances, Sundowner attempts to ram Raiden with his explosive shield. Raiden will try to break the shield open (with X [Xbox360] or Square [PS3]), after which he enters Blade Mode. Be sure not to hit the shield or you'll take damage.

Analysis of the other attacks will be available very soon.

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