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File R-05: Escape from Denver

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Walkthrough and Guide by Bkstunt & AbsoluteSteve
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File R-05: Escape from Denver

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Note: If you beat this chapter in under 7 minutes, you unlock the 'Great Escape' trophy/achievement. It's advisable to play through the chapter at least once before attempting this, if only to collect all optional items and goodies. You can then rush through the streets in a second or later playthrough and find that it isn't too hard to accomplish.

Ranked Battle #1

This chapter is basically a re-usage of Chapter 3 assets, which is kind of cheap considering the game's areas are already small. In any case, you'll have to fight several cyborgs at the start of the chapter, which should pose little threat.

Gekko stealth approach.

After this, make your way through the area which is guarded by three gekkos. You can hide behind the walls first, waiting for the leftmost gekko to move away. Then hide behind the truck until one gekko comes near; as soon as it turns its back on you, swiftly down it. The gekko on the left side of the area should not be too hard to take out and after this, the third is a joke.

There are several items in this area. The directions are field-based (not map based):

- [E M GRENADE] near the police car to the right side of the area.
- [500 BP] in a box in the upper right corner of the street.
- [REPAIR NANOPASTE] in the grass in the middle of the street (on the right).
- [ROCKET LAUNCHER] in the middle of the area.
- [GRENADE] near the police car down the street.
- [ELECTROLYTE PACK] in the grass in the middle of the street (down the street).
- [CARDBOARD BOX] in the lower left part of the street.
- [500 BP] inside a box near the barricades to the far left side of the street.
- [REPAIR NANOPASTE] near a tree close to the next alley.

Data Storage #18

In the first area, there's a small green garbage can behind the carriage on the other side of the street. Slash this garbage can to make the data storage pop out.

Data Storage #18 Location
-- Video coming soon --

Head to the next square and fight several cyborgs, including a heavily armored one (wielder of a
). There's a [HOMING MISSILE] in the center of the square, but not much else.

Ranked Battle #2

Defeat some Dwarf Gekkos as you make your way through the next street, and grab another [HOMING MISSILE] near the end (standing against the buildings to your right). You can also find an [RP GRENADE] at the top of the long stairs.

Naturally, various enemies guard these stairs, including some Sliders, Dwarf Gekkos and two hounds. There's [500 BP] in a box on the square at the base of the stairs, as well as some [REPAIR NANOPASTE]. I'm not sure if you can collect data storage #13 if you previously missed it. In any case, there's an [ELECTROLYTE PACK] in a box down the street.

Rescuing the civilian hostage.

Waste the soldier overlooking the area and quickly toss an EM Grenade in the direction of the two cyborgs (and GRAD) bullying the civilian. Take them out as soon as possible to maximize the chance of survival for the civilian. You can find a [HOMING MISSILE] near where he was located, and you can get your [E M GRENADE] back by searching for another one near the stairs.

Go down the street and hide behind the armored vehicle until the Mastiff patrolling the area turns his back on you; the ideal moment to waste him. You can now collect the [3D PHOTO FRAME] nearby the tree. As you proceed down the street, an armored vehicle drops off two cyborgs. Hide behind the armored vehicle you hid behind just now (with the Mastiff). Wait until the guard closest to you is about 31 meters away; as soon as he walks back, rush over and dispatch him. Back away slightly and monitor the last guard; do the same with him.

Main street stealth approach.

Activate your AR to spot a last cyborg behind the doorway to the left (behind the armored vehicle). Aproach it and immediately move Raiden in the direction of the nearby barricades. From here, carefully approach the guard's back and dispatch him. You can now collect [500 BP] from the item box nearby.

If you head through the hall where this last cyborg was standing, you'll reach a room with a chest containing [5000 BP].

VR Mission #18

The intel for this VR Mission can also be found inside this room.

Ranked Battle #4

This also triggers a battle with three Mastiffs. When you're all done here, exit the main street to end this chapter.

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