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Follow the dark path or use the light
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File R-03: Mile High

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Ranked Battle #1

You're up against ten cyborgs, the last two will drop from the barricades behind you as you smash up the rest; beware of them as they have rocket launchers. As usual, make good use of the pole arm for crowd control, but don't lose track of the cyborgs with machineguns.

Ranked Battle #2

Look for a [ROCKET LAUNCHER] in the left corner of the area, then proceed down the street to battle four more cyborgs. As you continue further you'll have to fight two dumbed-down GRAD enemies; handle them the same way you handled GRAD while focusing on one target at a time.

TIP: If the GRAD's destroyed (part of) the walkway, hit restart after defeating them. This makes the next part a bit easier, since the walkway will be restored to its original status.

Intersection stealth approach.

After defeating the GRAD's, four cyborgs will start patrolling the area. From the street you came out of, head up the left stairs and proceed left, then wait at the stairs for the first cyborg guard to stand close enough for a ninja move (use AR to help pinpoint his exact position). If done correctly, this shouldn't trigger a caution, but if it does, hide behind the big concrete pillar and take out the second guard. Otherwise, simply curve around the area and approach the nearby (second) guard from behind.

The third guard is patrolling around the stairs on the other side. Head back upstairs to perform a ninja move from above (wait for him to have his back towards you). The fourth guard should pose no difficulty after this.

There are a few items you can now collect, and an optional battle can be fought:

Ranked Battle #3

- An [E M GRENADE] can be found nearby the tree on the corner of the left side of the street you initially came out of. The tree is close to the left stairs.

- You can find a dose of [REPAIR NANOPASTE] in the lower right corner of the

- There's a box with [500 BP] behind the barricade vehicle to the north.

- You can also find a [GRENADE] on this vehicle.

VR Mission #8

When facing the escalators, move to the far left of the street and look behind the barricade to find this intel.

Unlock the door of the escalators and head upstairs to reach a terrace with an [RP GRENADE] in the corner.

Data Storage #10

Jump on top of the glass coating of the escalators and walk to the end to find this data storage item.

Data Storage #10 Location
-- Video coming soon --


Make your way through the lobby and go upstairs.

VR Mission #9

After moving through the lobby and going upstairs, search for this intel in the lower left corner behind the (destroyable) glass.

Ranked Battle #4

You can find a [REPAIR NANOPASTE] nearby the plant in the corner. Smash the two Marshal vending machines to collect [ELECTROLYTE PACK x2]. Go through the door at the end of the hall to reach the offices. There's a [CARDBOARD BOX] to your immediate right; grabbing it will certainly trigger the inevitable battle with two gekkos, a cyborg and even a few dwarf gekkos. Once you've mopped the floor with them, check out the manager's office (in the corner, behind the glass) to find a [3D PHOTO FRAME] on top of one of the cabinets.

Ranked Battle #5

In the next hall, head left first and waste the MiB [MAN IN BOX]. Move through the hall and another fight commences, which includes several annoying cyborgs with RPG's. It's best to stay in the hall you came from to do some crowd control. When you get the chance, move in to kill the RPG wielding cyborgs.


Take the elevator to reach the roof of the building. There's a box with [500 BP] in the far right corner and you can proceed by carefully climbing the crane. At the top, wait for the guard below to stand still underneath you, then jump down to perform a ninja move. Move to the far right side of this roof to find an [E M GRENADE].

Stealth approach first lower roof.

To take out the remaining three guards stealthily, equip the drum can and move along the side of the platform while staying close to the wall. Wait for the guard to move around the corner, and when the other guard is looking away, quickly curve around the stairs and dispatch of the cyborg. At this point, check to see if the Slider is still far away so you can dispatch the third cyborg who is standing still on the platform, infinitely staring into the abyss. Help him from that problem, then deal with the final Slider guard by climbing the building(s). He's a
wielder, so keep that in mind. There's also a [REPAIR NANOPASTE] between the buildings.

VR Mission #10

After jumping down on the first roof guarded by enemies, climb the stairs and jump to the other side, near the sattelite dish. Drop down between these two roofs (while near the dish) to find this intel.

Climb the buildings and jump down to the next set of roofs from the red platform.


Ranked battle #6

Head left first to reach a box with [2000 BP]. This will trigger an optional battle with Sliders and cyborgs. You'll want to jump at one of the Sliders and perform five slashes, then enter Blade Mode and chop it to pieces. Quickly take care of a second Slider to make your life less troublesome.

Ranked battle #7

Continue up the stairs on the other side and drop down on the other side to find a box with a [REPAIR NANOPASTE]. Head onto the roof and a fairly tough fight commences with two heavily armored cyborgs and two Sliders. Take the Sliders out first, then focus on one cyborg at a time and parry their regular attacks. Be sure to dodge their devastating (yellow flashing) crush attack and keep at them with minor slashes. Whenever you get the chance, chop one of their arms off in Blade Mode (they light up blue when this is possible, as you know by now).

You can find some [REPAIR NANOPASTE] near the stairs. Head up to fight a cyborg and a Hammerhead; fortunately there's also a [HOMING MISSILE] on this roof, so put it to good use (or don't). Jump down to the next set of roofs and be sure to read the next paragraph on the data storage first.

Data Storage #11

When making your way over the roofs, you'll soon jump down a building that has a civilian on it. When you land on this building, a Slider will fly right over you. Either use an Rocket Launcher/Homing Missile to gun it down, or use an aerial strike (Y or Triangle) in its direction, combined with Blade Mode afterward. In any case, it is the proud keeper of this data store.

Data Storage #11 Location.
-- Video coming soon --

There's a guard patrolling the area right below you, but he can be easily taken out with a ninja move from above. Don't miss the box with [300 BP] against the wall. In the corner of the roof are two cyborgs (plus a Slider) bullying a civilian. It's somewhat tricky, but you'll need to throw an EM Grenade at the spot where the civilian is located, then quickly rush in and Blade Mode/Zandatsu the two cyborgs down. But that's not all; there's a third cyborg you'll need to down, and a Slider comes in to assist as well. Quickly take those two out and the civilian should be save.

Rescuing the hostage in R-03.

There's a [ROCKET LAUNCHER] in the corner where the civilian was located, and you can find an [ELECTROLYTE PACK] between the containers up ahead. Lastly, you can find [500 BP] inside a box on the far side of the roof. Cut the elevator cables to reach the railroad area.


Note: There's an achievement/trophy for making your way through this area without using your AR (light) even once. This is rather tricky, and you will want to play through the area at least once before attempting this, otherwise you won't have any clue where to go and what to do. It also helps significantly if you have finished the game to get access to items that make this much easier, especially dealing with enemies.

In the first room, open the box for a [REPAIR NANOPASTE], then slice up the door to reach the actual railroad. This area is guarded by Mastiffs (which you will want to avoid or kill while sneaking around). You can find an [E M GRENADE] to the right.

Proceed left until you reach a box with [500 BP] inside, then climb the carriage and drop down on the other side when the Mastiff is looking away. Continue onward (left) and hide behind the large crate until the Mastiff has passed.

Data Storage #12

Move over the crate and search the debris to the left (which is the direction you came from). The data storage can be found here, but you risk being detected by the Mastiff.

Data Storage #12 Location.

Continue down the railroad and collect the [HOMING MISSILE] from the cart where a Mastiff is patrolling (or leave it be, if you don't want to risk it). Climb the cart to the far end of the railroad and drop down on the other end. There's another Mastiff patrolling the right side of the tracks, so approach him from behind and take him out.

HUMANOID GEKKO: You can find this buddy on the far right end of the tracks.

VR Mission #11

In the underground section, after moving over the carriage to reach the next last part of the tracks, destroy the single Mastiff patrolling this area, then move to the upper right to find this intel near the debris. There's a Humanoid Dwarf Gekko here as well.

Ranked Battle #9

There's a [ROCKET LAUNCHER] nearby the humanoid gekko, and you can find a [DRUM CAN] on the left end of the tracks. An [RP GRENADE] can be found on a low cart in the middle, leading up to a platform with another Mastiff. There are also various dwarf gekkos in the area. Taking out the Mastiff from behind and then destroying the gekkos is a good idea, and the safest bet for an S-Rank. You can find an [ELECTROLYTE PACK] on a small cabinet standing against the same wall as your objective. Lastly, there's a [REPAIR NANOPASTE] in the other corner.


VR Mission #12

Right before going through the door to reach the streets again, look in the corner of this hall to find the intel.

Ranked Battle #10

Simply unlock the door and head outside, where you'll immediately be attacked by a GRAD (a little down the street). Rush underneath the viaduct and dispatch the three cyborgs (one of them has a
), then smash the pillars and deal with the GRAD. After the battle, backtrack down the street to find a [CARDBOARD BOX].

Stealth approach.

Continue down the street until you reach some barricades. There are three cyborgs in this area. Wait for one of them to come close to the left side and quickly take him out as he turns away. This potentially triggers caution, so hide behind the vehicle until it waves over. Next, kill the officer standing at the top of the stairs (he also has a
, mind you), and once again be careful as this could trigger caution. The third guard can now easily be approached from the bee-hind. Collect the [ROCKET LAUNCHER] and [GRENADE] from the area before heading through the next corridor.


Note: Do *NOT* destroy the vending cart to the left of the long stairs. You need it for a data storage (see below).

Ranked Battle #11

On the large square, there's a [REPAIR NANOPASTE] to your left and [500 BP] to your right. Hug the right wall as you approach the large stairs, then hide in a drum can behind the wall until the guard closest to you moves back upstairs. Once he passes the guard behind him, move behind his back and waste him, then kill the other guard as well (who has a
. Wait for one of the other guards to approach and turn his back on you; then you've done about all you can and a battle with the remaining cyborg (plus a Fenrir) is inevitable.

Data Storage #13

Before moving on to the next area, return the square at the base of the long stairs. Hop onto the vending cart to the left and from here, jump to a nearby ledge in front of you. You should be able to jump to the round/curved ledge to the right from here (perform a few aerial slashes to give that little extra boost you might need). The data storage is located on this ledge.

Data Storage #13 Location
-- Video coming soon --

As you move through the next area, you'll eventually (after some dialogue) have to fight another battle against several cyborgs.

Ranked Battle #12

Raiden will be exhausted after this, and Wolf's advice is not to fight. If you replay this chapter later, you might still want to take out all of the guards in the next area, since this does give you a battle rank. For now, proceed (collect the [REPAIR NANOPASTE] from nearby the tree to the right) and just take the blows from the cyborgs while making your way to the large building.

Boss Battle: MONSOON

Monsoon is agile and there will be periods in this battle when you cannot hit him. He'll hurl hammerheads and other junk at you once he falls below 70% of his health. While you can definitely enter Blade Mode and chop these to pieces, an alternative is to simply avoid getting hit by them with Ninja Run.

During the times when Monsoon cannot be hit, consider hurling an EM Grenade at him, entering Blade Mode, and hit his head. After this you should be good to go; alternatively continue fighting until you manage to hit him anyway.

When Monsoon drops to 40% of his health he'll perform a deadly attack where he hurls a spinning wheel of debris at you (and shout some nonsense about Lorentz). Use Ninja Run to avoid this and rush to the sides of the area.

When Monsoon is down to 10% of his health, he'll soon enough hurl a large concrete obelist at you. Hold the left stick up and press RT/R2, then perform the QTE to finish Monsoon off.

REGULAR SLASH: Monsoon performs a series of regular slashes which can all be parried/blocked.

FLYING KICK SERIES: A flurry of kicks, the last of which can give a BMI error, so be sure to block/parry these attacks.

RP SNEAK ATTACK SERIES: Monsoon throws a RP grenade in the area and leaps at you various times, from various directions. Be sure to have a parry ready every single time.

B*STARD STAB: Monsoon jumps at you and repeatedly stabs you. If he manages to get ahold of you in the first place, quickly wiggle the left analog stick to wrestle Raiden out of his grip.

LORENTZ WHEEL: Avoid this wheel of debris at all costs by running around the area with Ninja Run.

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You can also parry Monsoon's "Lorentz Wheel". Afterwards you get the chance to cut it up in blade mode.
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