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About FreezShock

Currently: Offline | Last seen: 16th Jun 2020Recent Status: Inactive

Hi. I study Pokemon and Fire Emblem like I study school. If only school would stick in my melon as well as they do...
I like Gen 7 the most, while Genealogy of the Holy War is my fav FE game.

I'd like to note: Please be considerate to EVERYONE in the chat! Ephesians 4:29 - look it up!

My Favorites:

Insurgence - AMAZING fangame with easily 70-100 hours of depth with tons of Deltas and unique Megas, not to speak of the dark, backstabbing, heart-stopping, blood-pumping story (OK I went overboard). But serious, do NOT get me started on the music. Ahhhh....
Moon - Best mainstream story by far, Lillie and Nebby really connected me to the game, and the plot twists stunned me. Great work, GF!
Platinum - Great game, find cheap sellers on eBay for like $5 although it takes a month to send. Well worth the time and money, refreshing to play a pixelated game too! Gotta love gen 4!
X - I don't wanna talk about it... I liked it for Xerneas and Greninja really...

Fire Emblem:
Fates - Drawn in by Corrin and then Azura, I adore this game. I've played the paths of Birthright and Revelation, with Birthright the better written story and Revelation the most fun to play, much more challenging with an undying boss. (well, he just has so many forms...)
Blazing Blade - The first English FE game and although the game noted I spent 20 hours on it, I stand by the belief I'd spent 35... due to resetting tough luck when my good units died. A good introductory game if one wants to try Fire Emblem and I recommend it!
Genealogy of the Holy War - Easily the darkest Fire Emblem game out there. It has by far the best storytelling of any Fire Emblem game and is extremely tough to beat. I have never beaten the game, as I keep restarting because I mess things up and miss important weapons or items. Maybe I'll et through this time. Haha.

Friends on SC:
-MMewtwoEXY: My best buddy, who I introduced to SC myself. We tend to argue about FE a LOT.
-Warrior13: The first kind soul I met here. We share interests and personalities.
-Matt77: I carry high respect for true Nintendo fans, and as such we get along well.
-MohNaj: A pal of mine who shares my interest in Pokemon moveset-making.
-danielroxheaps: We both post alot so we got to know each other... kinda?
-testuser: Always a friendly face when I mess something up on the forums :D

-Bowling (My average is around 150
-Writing Stories tried writing a Pokemon series with myself, my friend, Shauna, and Dawn/Platinum, but I also drabble when I need a break from that. I've written FIre Emblem fanfiction as well, but I'm working on my own novel now.
-Pokemon TCG - I battle my friends with Mega Gardevoir and Xerneas BREAK! (and now Primarina GX sometimes)

-Blue Bloods
-Your Lie in April
-Sword Art Online
-Pokemon XYZ Anime

-Guardians Vol. 2 (you have issues if you didn't die of laughter while watching this)
-Thor: Ragnarok - Thor is quite possibly my favorite Marvel hero. I appreciate his more admirable morals when compared to a certain ironclad billionaire.
-Big Hero 6 - such a good movie. A rare gem these days.

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